->''Kintaro Oe, age 25. He withdrew from Tokyo University law school, but only after he had already completed the requirements for graduation. Ever since, he has traveled the highways and byways of Japan, trying out new jobs and positions and learning about life to the fullest. In tip-top physical condition and sparkling mental health, his hobby is studying the world around him. And perhaps someday, he may be destined to save Japan, or even the world! (...or then again, maybe not.)''
-->-- ''Ending narration for most episodes of the series''

''Golden Boy'' is a manga series by Tatsuya Egawa, later turned into a short anime series.

Kintaro Oe, the series' protagonist, is a freeter (low income freelancer) pervert who rides through Japan on his trusty bicycle, looking for his purpose in life. Having left Tokyo University without graduating (while ''at the top of his class'', mind you), he decides to try every job he can to find something he likes. During his travels, he comes in contact with beautiful women whose lives he changes in different ways - and always for the better. However, before that change, he makes rather poor first impressions on them due to his perverted traits and general clumsiness. In the end, Kintaro rides off into the sunset, having won new experiences - and the hearts of the women he leaves behind.

In 2010, Tatsuya came back with ''Golden Boy II - Sasurai no Obenkyou Yarou Geinoukai Ooabare-hen''. As the name implies it's a sequel of the original series, but it remains fairly unknown, in contrast to the original boom.

!!This anime/manga provides examples of

* ActualPacifist - Kintaro has Kenpo training, but he only reveals it once, after getting beaten up several times.
** Actually, he uses his combat skills several times in the manga, but only if someone else will get hurt besides himself. He once attacked the woman of the volume to save Yakuza, who had been beating him up, from her. Now he just used pressure points to incapacitate her then run away while carrying her.
* AllLovingHero: Even if he is a pervert, you won't find a more sensitive and kind-hearted anime guy outside ''RurouniKenshin'' or ''FistOfTheNorthStar.''
* AlmightyJanitor: Kintaro. And he [[{{Fetish}} loves]] cleaning toilets, too.
* ArtEvolution: Golden Boy II is this in all aspects, considering it began serialization more than ''a decade'' after the original Golden Boy's ending, Tatsuya really evolved his artstyle.
* BackForTheFinale: In the last episode of the OVA, all of the girls Kintaro met throughout the series return to help Chie and the animation studio she works at meet a deadline: the computer company from the first episode aids helps make computer animation, Naoko and her friend cover for a voice actress who drops out, Noriko provides meals for the crew, Ayuko provides swimming footage for reference, and Reiko uses her motorbike to quickly deliver film reels.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Pissing Kintaro off is not a good idea.
* CargoShip: InUniverse, Kintaro's toilet fetish. There's also that woman who basically masturbates with her motorcycle.
* TheCasanova: Kintaro
* CatchPhrase: "Study!" This goes to SurvivalMantra levels during the bike-versus-motorbike race.
** He also loves to mention when things are "very educational".
* CerebusSyndrome: Only in the manga. It starts with the known formula - then at one point, a bizarre techno-sex cult run by a former friend comes up, Kintaro gets relegated to a side character, and the manga gets more and more involved with lengthy and confusing arguments about the ills of society, mind control, etc.
* ChekhovsArmoury: The skills Kintaro learns and the girls he meets in the first five episodes of the anime all help him in the final episode.
* ChekhovsGun: "I think I'll change these brake pads."
* ChivalrousPervert
* ColourFailure: In Episode three. After taking part in the "Kogure [[CallingYourAttacks Special]] [[MindScrew Corkscrew]] [[BrainBleach Kiss]]," he's left grayscale for ''hours.''
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass
* ADateWithRosiePalms - The woman with the motorcycle fetish mentioned below.
* DesperatelyLookingForAPurposeInLife
* {{Determinator}}: Kintaro Oe is one of the more extreme examples of this.
* DrillSergeantNasty: The swimming instructor from episode 4 runs her swimming lessons like this.
* {{Ecchi}}
* TheElectricSlide: Kintaro invokes this trope to win a race against a motorcycle.
* {{Fanservice}}
* ForgotICouldntSwim: PlayedForLaughs when Kintaro tries to show his swimming technique while applying to be a swim coach. Michael Phelps, he most certainly is not.
* {{Gainaxing}}: The boss of the software company. The mere act of ''standing up'' is enough to get her chest swaying.
* GeniusDitz: Kintaro always acts like an idiot for most of the episode, before amazing the woman he was chasing (as well as the audience).
* GondorCallsForAid: The final episode. [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Awww.]]
* GratuitousEnglish: The boss of the software company. "Don't worry, our company have never fail delivery date!"
* TheImmodestOrgasm: Reiko using her motorcycle to get off.
* JackOfAllTrades: Again Kintaro.
* LargeHam: Kintaro "Life is STUDDDYYYY!"
** Tatsuya Egawa and the director in Episode 6, as well.
--> '''Egawa''': "But you better make this gripping! '''I WANNA GRAB THE AUDIENCE BY THE BALLS!!'''"\\
'''Kintaro''': "'''EXCUSE ME!! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!!'''"
* LovableSexManiac
* MeaningfulName: "Kintaro" means "Golden Boy"; it is the name of a hero from Japanese folklore.
* {{Meta}}: The last episode of the OAV centers on an animation studio working for Tatsuya Egawa.
* NoFourthWall: When Kintaro gets fired in the fifth episode, he yells, "You can't do this! We haven't even developed the subplot yet!"
* ObfuscatingStupidity: The basic premise of the series is that even though Kintaro might seem like a real dumbass at first glance, he's actually incredibly smart and athletic.
** The best example of this comes in the second episode when he becomes enamored with Naoko, a BitchInSheepsClothing teenage daughter of a local politician who has a habit of acting sweet and intimate around men but just enjoys playing with them. However, when she steals Kintaro's notebook, the following night she discovers from his notes that Kintaro ''saw right through her'' from the start. He considered her teasing amateurish and felt she's really a very sad and bitter young girl who might be lashing out due to DaddyIssues.
* OhCrap: Kintaro, in episode 1, with a matching facial expression.
* PrettyInMink: Has a run in with a lady wearing a white fox fur coat. Kintaro doesn't go after her because he's busy trying to win another girl.
* RagingStiffie: Kintaro gets one right [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AQYP2BW8sE&t=0m43s here]].
* RunningGag: Kintaro hugging a toilet bowl when imagining that a beautiful woman sat on it. During his fantasizing, said woman will surprise him. HilarityEnsues.
** Hilariously averted in the last episode when Kintaro is interrupted by his male boss rather than the original woman; let's just say the use of a butcher knife is involved.
* TheSoCalledCoward: Kintaro is beaten up several times without fighting back - except for once, where he wins handily.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Especially notable with the outfit of the woman in the first episode of the anime. And she's the boss of a successful software company.
* TooKinkyToTorture
* WalkingTheEarth: Condensed to walking just Japan, but the principle is the same.
* WhyDoYouKeepChangingJobs: Kintaro always has a different job in a new story, though he is a JackOfAllTrades so it helps explain a bit.