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''From Far Away'' (Japanese name ''Kanata Kara'') is a Shojo series about an OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent named Noriko, who is whisked into a magical world filled with dragons, deerlike horses and a world populace in fear of a being called the Awakening. The Awakening is foretold to awaken a destructive being known as the Sky Demon. All of the nations of this world are racing to find the Awakening and to use its powers to control the Sky Demon.

Noriko, shortly after falling into this world, is quickly found by a man named Izark, who, initially against his wishes, takes up arms to protect the young girl. The story takes off from there, focusing on Noriko's troubles of learning about this dangerous world, its language and why her unwilling protector ''really'' doesn't like being around people.
!! ''From Far Away'' contains examples of:

* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Whilst Noriko is kidnapped by the {{Mooks}} of Lord Silent Mask, she takes a looksie into Izark's mind when he's trying to rescue her (sic) "What is this feeling? Such a swirl of emotions! Sorrow... Anxiety... Anger... Hatred... Irritation.."
* BarrierWarrior: With a few moonstones, Noriko graduates into this in the final battle.
* BigBad: Rachef. [[spoiler: He's actually just TheDragon to The Source of Evil.]]
* {{Bishonen}}: We have Izark, Banadam, Agol, Rachef, Irk/Irktule, Keimos... before he becomes an EldritchAbomination.
* ChasteHero: Izark, who, as far as we can see, has no interest in anyone [[SingleTargetSexuality other than Noriko]].
* ChastityCouple: The farthest Noriko and Izark have gone (onscreen at least) is kissing, of which the number of times you can count on one hand, and despite the various amounts of alone time they have had. Could be justified with the fact that they were basically on the run for 90% of the series. Having Noriko pregnant could cause a lot of complications. Izark is also evidently new to the whole relationship thing.
%%* CoolOldLady: Gaya il Baska
* DamselOutOfDistress: Noriko may lack physical prowess due to being an OrdinaryHighschoolStudent and a non-athletic one at that, but she's a quick thinker, savvy enough to know that she has to learn the language of the world she was thrown in, and when [[DistressedDamsel in distress]], proceeds to try her best to escape, or at least make everyone feel she's [[PluckyGirl still willing to fight her way out]]. At least twice she escaped on her own out of really dangerous situations.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: Izark. Being told from birth that you're going to be TheAntichrist and treated accordingly by your own family surely counts. Rachef had a pretty troubled youth as well.
* DarkIsNotEvil: Izark, who's prophesied to be the [[TheAntichrist Darkness]], is actually a pretty nice guy [[spoiler: as long as he doesn't transform into [[TheBerserker the Sky Demon]]. He ultimately learns to control that power, summon it without losing his mind, and augment it with the power of Light.]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Barago.
* DefrostingIceQueen: Izark is a genderbent example. From all that glaring to teasing and laughing at (and with) Noriko, he comes a long way.
* DragonsAreDinosaurs: Even though they look like the typical wyvern, there is a species of flying creatures called [[http://www.tower.com/from-far-away-vol-4-kyoko-hikawa-paperback/wapi/100911261 winged dinosaurs]].
* EldritchAbomination: The Source of Evil. Keimos as well, after being influenced by the Source of Evil's malicious power. There's also Mokunen, an amalgamation of hatred and negative energy who served as mid-boss.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Rachef was visibly upset when Goriya was killed, and [[spoiler: in the ending, specifically sought out Goriya's soul to accompany him on his journey of redemption.]]
* FireForgedFriends: The main cast of protagonists.
* FiveBadBand:
** BigBad: The "Source of Evil".
** TheDragon: Rachef, though he has the qualities and motives of a BigBad.
** TheBrute: Keimos. Could also qualify as TheDragon to Rachef's BigBad.
** TheEvilGenius: Gorya the Seer. Like Keimos, he could also qualify as TheDragon to Rachef.
** TheDarkChick: Tazasheena, though she likes to think of herself as TheDragon to Rachef's BigBad.
* FreudianExcuse: Rachef has some serious mommy issues and so does Izark...
%%* FriendToAllLivingThings: Doros.
* GuardianEntity: Irk and the spirits of the White Wood who guard Noriko and Izark, and by extension their allies. They're also useful for information gathering and setting up protective barriers.
* IShouldWriteABookAboutThis: Noriko sends a couple of diaries of her travels to her family on Earth, and encourages her fantasy novelist father to write a book based on them, which is implied to be the manga that the audience is reading.
%%* LightIsGood and DarkIsEvil
* LadyAndKnight: Noriko and Izark are a classic Bright Lady and White Knight couple, complete with a loyalty oath. The twist being that Noriko is not a noble or royalty, and Izark's power would suit a DarkKnight better [[spoiler: until the final moments of the manga.]]
* LoveRedeems: Noriko's love for Izark, definitely, but also [[spoiler: ''RACHEF'', redeemed by both Noriko and Izark, showing him he was always loved. This starts him and Goriya on a long road to redemption in the afterlife.]]
* MamaBear: Gaya's friendship with Izark starts out because of her protective instincts.
* ManlyTears: Izark when looking at Noriko, who has been hurt after trying to teleport a long distance by herself to escape Rachef.
* MysticalWhiteHair: Irktule. He's a magic tree spirit.
* NiceJobFixingItVillain: When Tazasheena [[spoiler: brings the Chimos into the room where Noriko is being held captive, [[WhatAnIdiot thus giving the girl the means to escape]] from a place where not even telepathy with Izark can reach her.]]
* OfficialCouple: Banadam didn't stand a chance.
* OneWingedAngel:
** [[spoiler: Izark's Sky Demon form. After he gets control of it later, the Sky Demon's scaly bat wings become feathery angel wings.]]
** [[spoiler: Keimos' form in the finale could count too... MoreTeethThanTheOsmondFamily, check. Mouths in inappropriate places, check. Powered by an EldritchAbomination, check. LongNeck, check.]]
* OverlyLongGag: The whole Noriko-is-a-princess ruse exasperates said fake princess.
* PluckyGirl: Noriko doesn't let space displacement into a strange world get her down.
* PowerOfLove: Any time [[spoiler: Izark turns into the Sky Demon]] Noriko is always able to [[spoiler: change him back]] through this method. Also earlier, when the two gain a telepathic connection with each other. Heck, the series runs on a combination of this and the PowerOfFriendship.
* RagtagBunchOfMisfits: Two mercenaries(Izark and Agol), a former gladiator(Barago), a former master swordswoman(Garya), a nobleman and his two sons, their bodyguard(Banadam), a BlindSeer(Gina), and an island girl(Noriko).
* TheRival: Keimos Lee Goda. [[spoiler: His quest to defeat Izark basically drives him mad. In the end, what finally lets Izark defeat him is for him to acknowledge Keimos as his strongest foe ever as he kills him, allowing him to accept his fate and die in peace.]]
* ShirtlessScene: Izark gets several, thanks to ClothingDamage. [[http://www.mangapanda.com/kanata-kara/8/39 Here's one of particular note.]]
* ThoseTwoGuys: Duke Jeida's sons, Rontarna and Koriki, whose names we don't really get to find out until Volume 6.
** ThoseTwoGirls Anita and Rottenina, Miss Zena's assistants.
%%* TokenMiniMoe: Geena Haas.
* TranslationConvention: Done with talk bubbles. Noriko's would be in a double outline, whereas everyone else had normal bubbles. The exact opposite applied when Noriko first fell into the alt world.
* TrueCompanions: The main cast. Duke Jeida also seems to be trying to build this dynamic with the good leaders of other nations.
* SayMyName: Noriko's constant calling of Izark. It's the first "word" she learns in the new world she's been thrown into.
* {{Seers}}: Miss Zena and [[BlindSeer blind girl]] Geena Haas on the protagonist side. Gorya and Tazasheena on the antagonist side.
* SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism: Waaay over on the idealistic side. For instance, mundane love can reverse demonic transformations. It doesn't come across as being hammy, surprisingly enough.
* WalkingTheEarth: All the good guys are doing this.
* WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue: Every nation that Noriko and Izark have stopped by in gets to tie up loose ends with the help of the same band of protagonists. The lesser antagonists who have survived up to this point get what's coming to them, too. Even the family and friends that Noriko leaves behind in the real world get their own montage.
%%* WholesomeCrossdresser: Wei of the Gray Bird Tribe.