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''Freezing'' is a {{manga}} from the team of [[Creator/LimDallYoung Dal-young Im]] (author) and KIM Kwang Hyun (artist). It is published by Comic Valkyrie in Japan and by Haksan Pub in Booking magazine in South Korea.

Beings from a different dimension, called Novas, have started a war with mankind. To counter this threat, mankind has manufactured tissue called "Stigmata" and fuses it into the bodies of young women to create [[AmazonBrigade female warriors called "Pandoras,"]] who can wield special weaponry and armor. [[BattleCouple Taking younger boys called "limiters" as partners,]] these warriors fight in two-person teams, which can be expanded into small squadrons. "Pandoras" are also the only power on Earth that have the power to resist the Nova's freezing effect.

Kazuya Aoi decided to enroll in West Genetics Academy, a top school for training Pandoras and Limiters because of a [[ThePromise promise]] with Kazuha, his sister, an outstanding alumnus who died in battle. On the first day at school, he meets [[SugarAndIcePersonality Satellizer el Bridget]], nicknamed "The Untouchable Queen" due to her solitary demeanor but also the [[TheAce top student of the academy whose battle simulation streak was undefeated]], until he came... and slowly [[DefrostingIceQueen changed her]].

The official site (in Japanese) can be found [[http://www.comic-valkyrie.com/main/contents/freezing.htm HERE]].

An anime adaptation began airing in January 2011, and is [[http://www4.funimation.com/video/?page=show&b=345 simulcasted by FUNimation]] as well as licensed. A second season titled ''Freezing: Vibration" aired as a part of the Fall2013Anime season.

There are two prequel manga to accompany the main story line. One is called ''Freezing: First Chronicle'', a short, completed work starring School Council President Chiffon Fairchild and showcasing her history with her friend Ticy during Chiffon's first year at the academy. The second one, titled ''Freezing: Zero,'' is currently ongoing and chronicles the backstories of various Pandoras before they entered Genetics. A third spin-off, ''Freezing: Pair Love Stories'', details how some of the Pandoras and Limiters met each other.

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Not to be confused with the Disney film ''Disney/{{Frozen}}''.

!!''Freezing'' provides examples of:


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* AboveTheInfluence: In one chapter, Satellizer gets into a DrinkingContest with Elizabeth. After Kazuya takes her back to her room, she drunkenly tells him to strip some of her clothing off, which he does with great difficulty. In the morning, she wonders if Kazuya took advantage of her, but then concludes that he didn't since she still had most of her clothing on, as well as her makeup.
* ACupAngst:
** Attia in episode 8 is visibly shocked when she sees Satellizer and Rana's busts.
** This is taken a step further in the second and third specials. In the former, Elizabeth recalls Attia being embarrassed when her limiter found out she padded her bra and in the latter Attia is notably upset when Chiffon tells Attia her bust size is [[spoiler:a mere 73cm]].
%%* TheAce
%%* ActionGirl
%%** WorldOfActionGirls
%%** ActionGirlfriend: To a certain extent.
* ActionPrologue: The first episode shows several Pandora fighting each other in a combat simulation event. It also gives you a preview of how brutal the fights get.
* AdultsAreUseless: Where the hell were the members of the faculty when the 3rd years were waging their war on Satellizer? In the one instance they ''did'' intervene, they wound up [[CantGetAwayWithNuthin punishing Satellizer for the fight]].
* AllGirlsWantBadBoys: {{Subverted}}. Satellizer's first limiter was a womanizer and she put him in the hospital. Kazuya is sweet, polite and keeps his hands to himself when he's asked to, and Satellizer is much happier for it. Not [[{{Tsundere}} that she'll admit this]]. Though in her defense, she has a phobia about being touched which--given that they go into combat together--her partners should know and respect.
%%* AllOfTheOtherReindeer
* AllPlanetsAreEarthLike: [[spoiler:Wherever Kazuya ended in Nova's dimension, it looks like Earth, has perfectly breathable atmosphere and local food is perfectly edible.]]
%%* AlwaysChaoticEvil: The Novas. [[WildMassGuessing We think.]]
%%* AmazonBrigade: The Pandoras.
* AnArmAndALeg: Most fights get to this point. Bonus points to Cathy for having lost her arms [[GoodThingYouCanHeal twice already]].
* AristocratsAreEvil: Satellizer's noble half-brother Louis is one ''nasty'' piece of work until his Pandora, Holly, nearly kills him. Both his sister Violet and the Mably family avert this; the former is kind and polite, and the latter, particularly Elizabeth (though it's not apparent [[AlphaBitch at first]]) and her father, firmly believe in using their status to help those in need.
* ArmorPiercingSlap:
** In a flashback, Violet angrily gives her little brother one when she finds him in Satellizer's bedroom. [[KarmaHoudini Too bad it looks like this was the only punishment he ever received for it]].
** Chiffon receives one from Elizabeth in chapter 69 after she tries to stop Elizabeth from assisting the rebelling E-Pandoras, and as a direct result of selling her out to Chevalier, [[ColdBloodedTorture and everything that resulted from it.]]
* ArrangedMarriage: Between Kazuya and his cousin Ouka by their grandfather. Kazuya told Ouka -- to her face, in front of Satellizer, Rana, and Ouka's teammates (who think she's being too intense)! -- that he doesn't love her, won't be Grandpa's toy, and wants her to be happy. Ouka declares that she's really in love with him but more importantly that Grandpa's rule is law.
* ArtisticLicenseLaw: A minor one in the Bali arc. In the real-life Bali province, there's a height limit on the construction of buildings that roughly equates to the height of nearby vegetation, but the el Bridget hotel (villa in anime) is way bigger than would be allowed.
* ArtisticLicenseMilitary:
** West Genetics is stated to be a military academy, but there are a number of issues about how it functions that completely ignore military protocols. Unsanctioned fighting between Pandora occurs constantly, but there is little or no administrative regulation of this behavior, leaving it mostly to the students to resolve between themselves with rare faculty intervention. General regulations of military organizations are non-existent outside of actual combat situations, so third-years are allowed to treat their juniors very cruelly and without proper justification for their actions, and discipline is lax.
** The Pandoras and Limiters have deadly powers that could cause just as much damage as the Novas themselves, if not more. Since the Pandora have demonstrated emotional instability (caused by either personal conflict between Pandora or unwilling mind control from the Nova), one would think that there would be some degree of oversight in order to make sure that rogue Pandora and Limiters can be controlled. No such system exists, and it takes outright murder for a Pandora to be placed on the "Failure List." Even '''that''' doesn't really guarantee that they face any kind of harsh punishment or are removed from service, as proven by Raddox Phantomine, the former Chevalier that oversees the covert operations "Busters" team.
* ArtisticLicensePhysics: The so-called Plasma Weapons that the Valkyries and the Busters have aren't Plasma weapons at all. Their in-story description makes them basically Chemical Lasers, as no magnetic accelerators are involved.
* AsskickingEqualsAuthority: Chiffon is both the Rank 1 amongst the third-year students and the president of the Student Council, with the epithet of "The Unmatched Smiling Monster." Good thing that she's one of [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure the few sane people around]]. Satellizer is in a similar position of strength, but the second year students are outright afraid of her as opposed to deferring to her judgement.
* AscendedExtra: Although appearing rather infrequently when first introduced, Gengo and Suna have become much more involved with the story in recent times. In fact, the current arc focuses solely on the bad guys sending a group of AxCrazy assassins to off the good doctor, one of which happens to be an old UnknownRival of Suna's.
* TheAssimilator: Appears to happen to some of the Pandora when the Nova pull them in.
%%* AsYouKnow: Quite often in the anime.
* AttackItsWeakPoint: The Nova have cores in the center of their bodies, and the Pandora have developed a routine of one team immobilizing the Nova, a second team exposing the core, and a third team destroying it.
* AuthorAppeal: Like Lim's other works, the female characters are almost all [[HourglassHottie Hourglass Hotties]]. Also, the main male hero has a female romantic interest who's older than himself. Then there's the older sister/younger brother dynamic that seems to be a bit [[BrotherSisterIncest too close]].
* AxeCrazy: A majority of the Pandora are this, especially when pissed off.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Several examples, though inconsistent:
** Happens to Ganessa in episode 2 of the anime, or her super-sexy kneeling-defeated pose sans-clothing would have gotten this anime slapped with an R-18+ sticker. In the manga chapter where Ganessa is defeated, the anatomy is more detailed, though.
** In chapter 63, Chiffon and Elizabeth are in the shower and their nipples seem to appear and disappear at random.
** In chapter 134, in the battle against the [[spoiler:humanoid Nova with antlers]] Roxanne gets stripped and her nipples are clearly defined, but her genitals are blank (even though it's implied that [[spoiler:her [[BrainwashedAndCrazy Nova conversion]] is triggered via penetrating her with its finger]]).
** In chapter 163, not only are the nipples shown in great detail, they're emphasized: one of the school's invaders lowers the top of her dress to expose her breasts and very obviously alludes to the young man [[AttemptedRape captive under her]] orally stimulating them.
%%* BareYourMidriff: The E-Pandora attire.
* BarrierWarrior: The Limiters have the defensive shielding and debuffing powers, mostly by applying their own Freezing fields in combat.
* BatmanGambit: A pretty plausible one coming from Attia Simmons. Tell [[HotBlooded Rana]] [[VillainsNeverLie what she wants to hear]], that Kazuya hasn't been baptized and thus isn't officially [[BattleCouple Satellizer's limiter]]. Since [[SugarAndIcePersonality Satellizer's]] [[NoSocialSkills social skills]] consist of [[TheStoic icy silence]] and [[CurbStompBattle excessive violence]], [[LetsYouAndHimFight the two of them proceed to beat the snot out of each other]].
* BattleCouple: This is the main premise of the story, an ActionGirl with a younger male partner who provides support but never does actual combat. Romantic relationships often develop once the Pandora is retired (or even before), as implied by Satellizer's sister Violet, but in wartime situations, the downside to such a close relationship becomes apparent when a Limiter dies and the Pandora must re-baptize with another limiter.
* BeautyIsNeverTarnished: Subverted. Fights are ''brutal'', and Pandoras, being MadeOfIron, can survive horrendous injuries. Faces get cut, bruised, and dirty, while bodies get slashed, gouged, pummeled, [[ClothingDamage exposed]], and occasionally dismembered. However, no one ever seems to lose teeth or wind up with misshapen noses... albeit the level of healing available to them means these wouldn't be an issue.
* BerserkButton:
** Harming a Pandora's Limiter is usually enough provocation for a vicious beatdown. Other Pandora regard each other as close friends and will fight to the bitter end for them, regardless of consequences.
** Satellizer ''really'' doesn't like to be touched, and has badly hurt people that have touched her. Hurt Kazuya, or try to take him away, and she'll do ''even worse.''
* BetterThanSex: Heavily implied by Elizabeth and Arnett in chapter 197 regarding Kazuya using her and Arnett as PeoplePuppets against the Nova.
---> '''Arnett:'''"You may be fine because you like this guy. You...You're the man who..."
---> '''Elizabeth:'''Played with us... It felt so good..."
---> '''Arnett:''' "It's as if..."
%%* BettyAndVeronica: Rana and Satellizer for Kazuya.
* BewareTheNiceOnes:
** Satellizer is actually a nice, if shy, girl but if anyone threatens to hurt Kazuya (and vice versa), you'll learn why she's called the "Untouchable Queen".
** Rana can act this way as well towards Kazuya, as seen in episodes 5-7.
** And if you ignore Chiffon's repeated warnings to stop fighting, or you antagonize a fellow Pandora mercilessly, you've dug your own grave - [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast there's a reason she's dubbed "The Unparalleled Monster"]]
* BigDamnHeroes:
** Cathy Lockharte steps in to fight Julia Munberk, #3 in the world overall, so that Satellizer and the others can help the E-Pandora.
** Elizabeth and Andre return to Genetics just in time to save Ticy from being killed by a Nova during the Valkyrie-Pandora joint exercise.
* BigEater: In chapter 24, Kazuya, Satellizer, Ganessa, and Arthur are the last competitors standing at a couples eating challenge made up of 5 bowls of ramen, 10 sets of 10 takoyaki, 5 large steamed meat buns, and 5 hamburgers. Satellizer pulls though at the end when her TrademarkFavoriteFood comes up, and she manages to stack, cram, and take down all 5 burgers at once.
* BigScrewedUpFamily: Oof, the Aois... where to begin? Much of their issues are fallout from Gengo's plans to [[spoiler:prevent the Transcendental Will from destroying humanity through the Nova, for a thus-far unknown reason]]. Aoi Ryuuki happens to be the son of Gengo and [[spoiler:HumanoidAbomination Maria Lancelot]], making him fated to be the linchpin in his dad's plans. Unfortunately, his attempts to ScrewDestiny and live a peaceful life with his wife and family backfire horrifically. His wife Orei is already on edge, as she believes [[spoiler:her daughter Kazuha feels nothing towards her (which is true, since Kazuha's being influenced by the Transcendental Will as a result of being Maria's granddaughter)]]. They try to have a second child (Kazuya) to fix things, but after [[spoiler:the strain of the pregnancy almost kills Orei, Kazuya is transferred to the womb of Cassandra, a biological clone of Maria Lancelot (making her Ryuuki's sister)]]. After Kazuya is born, [[spoiler:Orei loses her sanity entirely when the baby appears to reject her too, in favor of Cassandra. She tries to smother him with a pillow, and is killed by her own daughter]]. Ryuuki falls into the depths of despair, [[spoiler:rapes Cassandra (impregnating her with another child), and kills himself]]. Phew.
* BishounenLine: The most powerful Novas seen so far are the Pandora-type, which have humanoid bodies. [[spoiler:Maria Lancelot, the first Pandora, was actually a Pandora-type Nova, hence why all Pandora who use Stigmata, fragments of her body, run the risk of turning into Novas themselves. The most powerful Pandora in the series are all descended from her.]]
* BlackAndGreyMorality:
** On one side, we have the [[EldritchAbomination Nova]]; on the other we have a corrupt government willing to sacrifice children in unethical experiments and torture anyone who speaks out against it.
** This is later seen again in the Gengo vs. Chevalier civil war, with Gengo being better than the Chevalier but not by much.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: [[spoiler:The Nova have their reasons for attacking humanity, though just what they are is unclear. What is known is that the Nova have no real understanding of human feelings, families, etc. This even applies to humananoid nova. However, they can learn to understand humans to a degree, bit by bit, and in the case of Maria it was enough for her to turn against the Nova.]]
* BlandNameProduct: Burger Queen for Burger King and Mably for Maybelline.
* BloodKnight: Most of the Pandora take a little too much pleasure in violence, but for Satellizer fighting and winning is a psychological compulsion. Ingrid and Arnett are also particularly bloodthirsty when they get in the mood for it.
* BloodFromTheMouth: Happens to Rana in episode 7 due to using a special ability.
* BodyHorror: Stigma Corruption. Any fight with Nova leads to a battlefield strewn with ripped apart corpses, shattered limbs and lots of blood. Some types of Nova rip their targets to pieces and ''eat them alive.''
* BodyguardCrush: Although she finds emotions difficult to understand and classify, Suna appears to have fallen head over heels for her boss Gengo.
* BoobsOfSteel: Generally prevalent among the stronger and strongest cast members, particularly Satellizer and later, Cassandra, but some characters such as Charles Bonaparte are extremely skilled and very petite in build.
* BoundAndGagged: Rana does this to Kazuya in Chapter 113 so she can pull a prank on Satellizer by imitating his voice while the lights are off.
* {{Bowdlerise}}: Like many recent shows, the TV broadcast censors not only some of the nudity, but the blood and violence as well by literally blacking or whiting out parts of the screen, using CensorShadow in both black and white. The uncut version of the anime completely avoids this.
%%* BreakTheCutie: Satellizer's backstory is fairly traumatizing even as far as manga go.
* BreakTheHaughty: A mild one for Attia Simmons when her limiter [[TakingTheBullet prevents her from dying at the cost of his own life.]]
* BrainwashedAndCrazy: During the 9th Nova Clash, the Nova turn a group of Pandora into a group of zombielike Pandora/Nova hybrids. They're single minded, almost brainless, and blindly slaughter anything that moves.
* BreatherEpisode: Episode 8, which is really needed after the nearly non-stop fighting in every previous episode. Enjoy it while you can, because it really goes downhill from there as the plot really begins to kick in.
* [[BroodingBoyGentleGirl Brooding Girl, Gentle Boy]]: Satellizer is the Brooding Girl to Kazuya's Gentle Boy. [[spoiler:Their dynamic is later inverted when Kazuya starts brooding over some disturbing revelations about [[BigScrewedUpFamily his family]]]].
* BullyingADragon: One would wonder why people ''keep'' taunting Satellizer while knowing how powerful she is.
* CallingYourAttacks: Pandoras do this when they form their Volt Weapons, do Accelerating Turns, or use special techniques. Limiters have a tendency to shout "Freezing" when they are about to use it, though not always.
* TheCakeIsALie: After being transformed into a Nova by the MARK IV drug, Gina Papelton reveals the truth to her horrified comrades before she is eventually killed.
* CanNotSpitItOut: Satellizer. She knows that Kazuya is pretty much her only friend but the whole childhood abuse thing makes it difficult to tell him this.
* CatFight: Zig-zagged. While it's only girls doing all the fighting and there are a lot of {{Panty Shot}}s, there's not much FanService as the fights are downright ''brutal''. And aside from the opening chapters, the fanservice shots in combat usually disappear. The anime, in contrast, plays these tropes completely straight, showing off more half-naked women fighting in ''the first episode'' than the entire first few volumes of the manga.
* ChildSoldiers: Even though active duty Pandora and their Limiters are normally out of school, if a Nova attack happens and they're trained enough, even students are expected to fight.
%%* ClassRepresentative: Kaho Hiiragi.
* ClingyJealousGirl:
** Satellizer to Kazuya. Justified as she has no one else to be her limiter or even her friend. [[BatmanGambit One of the upperclassmen uses this against her]].
** Rana hilariously invokes this trope at the end of episode 12, thinking that Satellizer was stripping to lure Kazuya in her room. So she responds by stripping her clothes, which then causes Satelliza to strip even more off...
** After hearing Kazuya simply call her Rana, Satellizer is pretty upset by it, especially when Rana mentions that in their relationship, they don't need honorifics. Satellizer then forces Kazuya to call her Stella. The kiss Rana gives to Kazuya on the cheek in episode 8 also bothers her, and [[{{Tsundere}} claims she could do that as well if she wanted to, not that she wants to.]]
** Holly towards Louis. She hates how much Louis adores Satellizer.
** Ouka Honda is convinced [[SingleTargetSexuality she's the only one for Kazuya]] because she really loves him and because their grandfather arranged a marriage between them when they were still children. Kazuya disagrees.
* ClothingDamage:
** This ''always'' happens in any fight, even during events such as casual soccer matches. Fortunately, the school uniforms repair themselves. Pretty convenient.
** The anime ramps this up even further, taking every possible opportunity to display nipples.
* ColdBloodedTorture: To punish her for leaking the information about the Mark-IV, the Alaska Institute--with orders from the Chevalier--[[ElectricTorture tortured Elizabeth]] until she could not even be touched by ''her partner'' without shaking in fear.
* CombatPragmatist: The battle simulations are explicitly intended to teach this attitude to the Pandora.
* CombatTentacles: A Nova's main weapon, WaveMotionGun aside. Not only are they incredibly effective at slicing their victims into ribbons, they're also able to corrupt Pandora, turning them into Novas themselves.
* CoolBigSis: Violet, Satellizer's older step-sister. She forgives what Louis did as a child because he was a 'child', and asked for Satellizer to do the same. Satellizer shows clear respect for Violet and maintains a friendly relationship with her, as does Kazuya.
* CooldownHug: Kazuya gives one to Satellizer to keep her from killing Cathy after she reverts back. [[spoiler:Satellizer returns the favor in chapter 202 when Kazuya ''really'' needs one.]]
* CorruptCorporateExecutive:
** Marks Spencer, the leader of the Chevalier, who willingly subjects the E-Pandoras to a [[WeHaveReserves doomed experiment]] for the sake of politics, and crushes anyone who opposes his aims, like [[LovableAlphaBitch Elizabeth Mably]].
** The Chevalier frames Elizabeth's father as one to punish her for interfering in the E-Pandora project.
* TheCorruption: Stigmata is essentially Nova tissue. As a result, every Pandora has a chance of turning into a new Nova. This is what was starting to happen to Kazuya's dead sister Kazuha during her last battle, and what happens to Amelia Evans at the climax of the E-Pandora arc. Worse, the Nova can force the transformation by absorbing Pandoras. The absorption-type conversion is reversible, but requires extreme precision; the first and only successful reversal of a Stigmata-induced change (Amelia's) is much more difficult, and costs Chiffon her life. It's also possible for Limiters to activate their Stigmata, which gives them extra power but can cause permanent bodily damage since the Limiters can't control their Stigmata like a Pandora can.
* TheCoup: One plot-line of the series that begins near the end of Part II and spills over into Part III is the outbreak of armed conflict between the Chevalier and Gengo Aoi after the latter goes rogue.
* CowardlyLion: Cathy Lockharte has a [[TheAce top ranked simulation record]], but a fight with [[AxCrazy Satellizer]] [[BloodKnight el]] [[{{Determinator}} Bridget]] left her questioning whether she's fit for combat.
* CrapsackWorld: Only infecting humans with the tissue of [[EldritchAbomination Eldritch Abominations ]] gives mankind any hope of fighting the Nova, and the organization that's funding these front line soldiers trains them through free-for-all gladiatorial tournaments. The student 'rankings' determined through these tournaments are mostly immutable and enforced through rampant vigilantism on part of the students--in the name of keeping [[{{Irony}} unit cohesion]]. In a world that's already effectively reached the GodzillaThreshold, the people setting up things make the world a perfect place for many gratuitous LetsYouAndHimFight moments among its best and last line of defense. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. And the people in charge of the Pandora ''still'' care more about politics than about the monsters hellbent on wiping out humanity. The first episode implies the system in place is ''actually the most effective'' in training Pandora to fight the Nova, as other systems have been tried, and failed miserably.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Chiffon Fairchild basically embodies this trope, pulling it off repeatedly over the course of the series. At first, she's just the somewhat-goofy EyesAlwaysShut Student Council President who, in defiance of [[AbsurdlyPowerfulStudentCouncil the usual tropes]], is entirely incapable of keeping her peers under control--she's clearly just as terrified of Satellizer as everyone else. Then, several episodes later, she steps in to stop a fight and casually [=KOs=] an (admittedly somewhat battered) third-year while quietly menacing the rest into retreating, and we find out that she's actually the 1st-ranked third-year in the school. Then, during the E-Pandora arc, we learn that she's not just the best in that particular school--she's considered the strongest Pandora outside of Chevallier itself, respected by the rest of the 'Top Five' Pandoras. At the same time, however, she displays an attitude of [[MyCountryRightOrWrong Chevallier, Right or Wrong]], accepting them as NecessarilyEvil '[[TheNeedsOfTheMany for the greater good of humanity]]' while the heroes rebel against their [[PlayingWithSyringes inhuman experiments]]... only to completely steal the spotlight from Sattelizer and her friends, revealing herself as a 'True Pandora' with incredible powers, turning into a MessianicArchetype and sacrificing herself to stop the total destruction of the Alaska base and neveryone in it.
* CurbStompBattle:
** The few battles we see against Nova are brutal affairs with crippling injuries and deaths being a given. It gives some justification for the [[LawfulStupid absolute insistence on discipline]]: everyone works together or [[EverybodysDeadDave everyone dies]]. But beating Satellizer into submission is still [[IdiotBall a stupid, stupid decision.]]
** The mock battles which pitted three of the best of the traditionally trained Genetics Pandoras against the E-Pandoras, who were regular human beings with low aptitude for traditional Pandora training. The E-Pandoras never stood a chance.
** Satellizer and Rana vs Chiffon in the E-Pandora arc. Nothing they do to Chiffon injures her in the slightest, and the duo end up utterly destroyed within a couple of chapters. Rana even loses both of her arms.
** Ticy gives one to Arnett in the fight for Student Council President [[spoiler:after Chiffon's death]].
** Rana, during her introduction fight in episode 5, effortlessly defeats 3 sophomore girls.
** In ''First Chronicle'', Chiffon single-handedly massacres 50 other Pandora in her year during her first Carnival. In comparison, the highest ever kill streak in the history of the battle royales was (according to a bystander) 5 takedowns.
%%* {{Cute Bruiser}}s: The entire Pandora student body.

[[folder: Tropes D to F]]
* DangerouslyShortSkirt: Seems to be the standard outfit for most Pandora, with the exception of Satellizer.
* DeathGlare: Chiffon and Satellizer DeathGlare each other, although in actuality Chiffon was hiding behind an equally-terrified Ticy.
* DebutQueue: The early episodes of the anime essentially introduce one or two new girls, who then usually get beaten into a bloody pulp by Satellizer.
* DeclarationOfProtection: Kazuya towards Satellizer. Satellizer reciprocates, and will kick the crap out of anyone who hurts, or threatens to hurt him.
* DefconFive: The anime gets it right, going to Defcon 1 when the Novas directly assault the academy.
* DefeatByModesty: Attia attempts to do this with Satellizer in Episode 8, challenging her to a duel not by combat, but by competing in the Pandora Queen contest, believing that she might back down. [[{{Determinator}} Suffice to say, she does not]] - [[spoiler:in fact, the disparity between her typical IceQueen persona and the [[{{Moe}} uncertainty on the stage]] winds up ''winning'' the competition with 568 votes, 370 more than the second-place entrant got.]]
* DefeatMeansFriendship: Ganessa, while not exactly on friendly terms with Satellizer after being beaten by her in episode 2, does help her out at least twice.
%%* DefrostingIceQueen: Elizabeth and Satellizer both go through this to some degree.
* DemotedToExtra: During the E-Pandora Arc, Elizabeth, some of the higher-ranking Pandora, and the E-Pandora take the stage for a good part of the story, mostly due to the political nature of the conflict (which mostly leaves Kazuya, Satellizer, and Rana out of the action) up until things get complicated. To the annoyance of some fans, this trope has extended all the way into the Busters Arc, with characters such as Gengo, Suna, the Legendary Pandora, and the Busters being the main focus of arcs instead of the main protagonists.
* DespotismJustifiesTheMeans: This is Chevalier's shtick in a nutshell. While they ''publicly'' proclaim that their purpose is leading the fight with the Nova to protect humanity, the truth is that they just like the power and control, especially over the Pandora, whom they fully expect to be LawfulStupid, despite their well documented emotional instability. After Chevalier's actions are directly responsible for triggering a Nova clash, twice, and Gengo Aoi '''peacefully''' withdraws, taking his research with him to work on his own project, Valkyrie, they commission Raddox Phantomine to kill him and "legally inherit" both Gengo's research, and the Legendary Pandora, [[spoiler:Gengo's own daughters]]! The fact that his preferred method for doing so is utilizing four psychotically murderous Pandora equipped with experimental Stigma that even Raddox doesn't fully understand is irrelevant. [[spoiler:And after the attempt not only fails but triggers another clash, this time with '''five''' Nova simultaneously, the Chevalier puts Raddox in charge, and calls Gengo a traitor for forming his own group (in their view putting himself in a position where he could declare war on the world).]]
* DirtyBusiness: Taken to heartbreaking heights with Professor Oohara, who puts on the facade of a heartless scientist and lectures Amelia about the necessity of her cruel actions in the course of overseeing the E-Pandora project. Then she [[TearsOfRemorse breaks down crying in her office.]]
* TheDeterminator: Satellizer, who refuses to lose to anyone, to the point that she will fight even after her internal organs have been crushed and her ribs have been cracked. In general, this is her attitude in any situation that could be considered a competition, including drinking and eating contests.
* DidntSeeThatComing: Dr. Aoi honestly didn't foresee Roxanne Elipton's true power being what it was as the Americans kept it well hidden from him.
* DisproportionateRetribution:
** The third year students are experts at dishing this out, mostly for the purpose of SerialEscalation levels of ego tripping. For what they consider "disrespect" and "insubordination" on Satellizer's part, they had one of their toughest members try to beat Satellizer back into compliance. When that didn't work, Attia, one of the third years, tricked Lana into fighting with Satellizer, and had two reinforcements on standby to tag team her just in case she beat Lana. Satellizer brought this whole vendetta on by defending herself and Kazuya from being assaulted by a group of third years. At least some of the extremely violent retribution Pandora are known for comes about due to influence from the Nova, as well as the knowledge that most physical damage means little to Pandora.
** Louis' abuse of Satellizer came about when she rejected his uncomfortably awkward advances on her.
** Marks Spencer tortures Elizabeth for three solid days, and with Chevalier's help, completely destroys her company because she dared to ask (through proper chain of command no less) why the Mark-IV drug wasn't given a proper clinical trial ''before'' it was used on one of the E-Pandora, whereupon it turned the subject into a Nova after a few days.
** Charles Bonaparte beats Attia Simmons to a pulp because she challenged Charles to a fight over Elizabeth's ideals, and cuts off her breasts because she insulted Charles' father.
** Chevalier tries to destroy West Genetics, and everyone in it, because Gengo Aoi withdrew from the organization. This triggers another Nova Clash, coming hot on the heels of two other Nova Clashes that they too were partially responsible for (the events of the E-Pandora Arc, and malfunctioning dummy Nova drones at West Genetics). Its more understandable when one considers that Gengo controls the most powerful fighting force in the world and most of Chevalier has no idea what he really wants to do with them (those that simply hate Gengo are in the minority).
* DoggedNiceGirl: Satellizer returns the favor to Kazuya in the latest chapters, completely willing to deal with ''his'' many, many issues.
* DoggedNiceGuy: Unlike most examples of the trope Kazuya respects Satellizer's boundaries, but is otherwise [[{{Determinator}} completely willing]] to deal with Satellizer's [[DarkAndTroubledPast considerable emotional baggage]], [[HeroWithBadPublicity long list of enemies]], and [[{{Tsundere}} poor communication skills]] to try to be her friend and limiter.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: The baptism is played up as a very important event, with implications of it being similar to, or involving, sex. In reality, the Pandora just implants a matured Stigmata from her body into her Limiter's body, allowing the Limiter to use Freezing. Albeit, considering the level of intimacy required for the mental link (the sharing of physical sensations and such) the comparison to sex is still justified.
%%* DoppelgangerReplacementLoveInterest: Holly Rose for Louis.
* DrinkingContest: Satellizer and Elizabeth get into one at one point. It keeps going until they're both completely plastered.
* DoubleStandard: Satellizer's bad reputation as the "Untouchable Queen" sets her up for a lot of this at the start of the story. When defending herself from Ganessa Roland and Miyabi Kannazuki, she's harshly punished for using her Pandora Mode against Ganessa, and is punished again for nearly killing Miyabi, despite the fact that her physical safety (and possibly her life) were both in danger. Her third year "seniors" wage outright war upon her and Kazuya for what happened to Miyabi, and the staff completely ignores it. Chiffon and Ticy have to intercede on Satellizer and Kazuya's part in order to shut down the third years.
* DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale:
** Very much subverted when [[spoiler:Buster Isabella tries to force herself on Ticy's Limiter Abel to add insult to Ticy's injury. Abel is NOT okay with it... luckily, Satellizer and Cassandra intervene.]]
** Played somewhat straight (rape isn't involved) when Satellizer, who suffered quite a bit from her way-too-intimate half-brother, tries to drug Kazuya and put him in a compromising position with her by the time he wakes up. The situation is played off for comedy because of [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Satellizer's pathetic attempt to hide her intentions]] with the drink she offers to Kazuya, but neither she, nor Elizabeth, who gave her the idea, are ever criticized for it.
%%* EarnYourHappyEnding: Episode 12 really puts the main characters through the fire.
* EasilyForgiven: After he molested and abused her for years on end, Louis gets saved by Satellizer, and she forgives him for his cruel deeds.
* ElaborateUniversityHigh: West Genetics is treated like a standard high school, but due to its status as a military school, has way more facilities than the average high school and is a sprawling, open campus.
* EldritchAbomination: The Nova. After more than twenty chapters we finally see why everyone is so [[BodyHorror desperately afraid]] of the [[HeroKiller things]].
%%* EmotionlessGirl: Satellizer, until Kazuya shows up.
* EveryoneHasStandards: Many Pandora are all too happy to mutilate each other while knowing that all the damage can be regenerated. Arnett slashes Satellizer's neck when she [[{{Determinator}} refuses to surrender]], but she and Creo are taken aback when Attia suggests that they remove Satellizer's Stigmata and crush them so she can never be a Pandora again.
* ExpositoryHairstyleChange: After Chiffon dies, her appointed successor Ticy cuts and styles her hair to resemble Chiffon's; she also goes from a very unconfident girl to an ice queen who curb-stomps "Mad Dog" Arnett, declares that she'll enforce a ''stricter'' sempai/kouhai code, and warns Satellizer she won't go easy on her like Chiffon used to.
* EyeCatch: The anime presents statistics ([[FanService and pinups]]) of one or two of the Pandora featured in that episode.
%%* EyesAlwaysShut: Student President Chiffon.
%%** Now with SlasherSmile: Enjoy.
%%** She does open her eyes on a few rare occasions when she's in extreme shock, [[http://i.imgur.com/OycInQ3.png normally for comedic relief.]]
* FaceDeathWithDignity: The E-Pandora stage a coup in order to escape the Alaska facilities, even if they'll most likely get killed in the process, rather than staying and be subjected to more questionable experiments. Gets upgraded to TakingYouWithMe when Marks Spencer orders them killed to keep the failure of the Mark IV drug a secret, and Amelia retaliates.
-->'''Amelia''':'' And if we can't avoid death, at least how we die will be our decision.
* FaceFault: Oftentimes these occur thanks to Chiffon and Kazuha saying something silly.
* FailureKnight: Ingrid first and foremost, but she's not alone. Almost all of the Pandora have watched a friend die.
%%* {{Fanservice}}: [[SarcasmMode Juuuuust a bit]]. Even more so in the anime.
* FanDisservice: After attempting to protect Kazuya from Miyabi and failing, Satellizer is partially stripped, forced into an extremely compromising position, and nearly raped by Miyabi's three Limiters. Once Kazuya is able to level the playing field with his Freezing, she [[CurbStompBattle expresses her]] [[DisproportionateRetribution extreme]] [[UnstoppableRage displeasure]] with the situation.
%%* FauxAffablyEvil: Louis
* FlashStep: the Accel and its more advanced forms. Chiffon Fairchild's Illusion Turn is the truest example thus far, leaving an afterimage that can be hit without actually harming her--no one has developed anything similar to it yet.
* FluffyTamer: Kazuya, from the perspective of his school mates. Satellizer is treated like an unstable nutcase but he follows her around and insists, with a straight face, that she is [[DracoInLeatherPants more misunderstood than dangerous]]. [[CassandraTruth He's right, of course]], but he gets funny looks from the students who don't know the full story.
* FreudianExcuse:
** You wanna know why Satellizer is so messed up? Her step-brother, Louis, treated her as a toy and sexually abused her on a seemingly regular basis from age 8 up. When she told her mother, she was told to bear it quietly. Only her half-sister Violet's intervention saved her. Only when Satellizer's mother was on her deathbed did she tell Satellizer to [[ThePromise never lose to anyone ever again.]]
%%** BrotherSisterIncest: Played for full horror effect.
** Cathy's backstory has a similar pattern of self-denial for the sake of a selfish parent and becoming a Pandora without really wanting to be one. They both have an insane drive to win in battle, but for opposite reasons, making Cathy a ShadowArchetype of Satellizer.
* FromBadToWorse: Okay, so the Earth is getting invaded by monsters. We can deal with that. Unfortunately, it turns out that our only means of defense against them, the Pandora, can be ''brainwashed'' by them. Not only do the brainwashed Pandora keep all their powers and gain a few more (like resisting Freezing fields), a whole squad of them are converted and sent to attack the least defended part of the campus where more Pandora are being trained. And things just keep on getting worse and worse as the story progresses, like Novas suddenly gaining the ability to fire {{Wave Motion Gun}}s, the reveal that Pandoras whose Stigmata go sufficiently berserk can ''become'' actual Novas, or that Novas can potentially cause an enormous resonance effect to spread TheCorruption over a wide area, or [[UpToEleven pretty much]] '''[[DiabolusExMachina EVERYTHING]]''' that's happened since the joint Pandora-Valkyrie exercise began.

[[folder:Tropes G to I]]
* GenderRestrictedAbility: Only women can use stigmata, and only men can use freezing.
** Recently, female Pandora have been able to use Freezing, and it is implied that they were always able but never meant to, as horrific consequences ensue as a direct result. [[spoiler:Five Nova capable of controlling and actually defeating the Legendary Pandora appear.]]
%%* GenkiGirl: Rana is quite cheerful, particularly around Kazuya.
* GetAHoldOfYourselfMan: Cathy's Limiter Kyouichi gets this moment following her apparent death in the Yokohama battle, from his Limiter senpai Alex. The moment has added punch (very literally) because Alex knows what the junior Limiter is feeling--his Pandora is Mileena (Cathy's senpai), who was also apparently killed by a Nova in the same battle.
* [[GirlWithPsychoWeapon Girls With Psycho Weapons]]: There are a few, such as Arnett and her [[SinisterScythe Scythe Machina]].
* GirlishPigtails: A few Pandora sport this hairstyle, most notably Ganessa and Cathy.
* GlassCannon: Despite having [[LightningBruiser super strength and speed]], Pandora can be killed with one blow if a Nova hits them right. Also, the majority of their defensive strength is based on their Volt Texture uniforms; without them, they appear to be roughly as durable as an average human being.
* TheGlassesComeOff: Satellizer doesn't wear her glasses during fights. We witness her taking them off in episode 2 when she squares off with Ganessa and again in episode 3, right before her fight with Miyabi. The anime and manga both imply that the Volt Textures Pandora use for their uniforms and weapons enhances their senses through the "Ereinbar Set".
* {{Glomp}}: Kazuya gives one to Satellizer when he mistakes her for his dead sister.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: Rana [[CurbStompBattle curb stomps]] three second year Pandoras without a weapon.
* GoodThingYouCanHeal: And '''''HOW!!!''''' Pandoras' have their arms regularly torn off. Special mention goes to Ganessa, who loses about a third of her body and half of her face by shielding Satellizer with her body, and survives. Pandora themselves are self-aware of their healing abilities to the point that experienced Pandora tend to see seemingly major injuries as not that big a deal, provided they are ones that can be fixed. The idea of inflicting permanent injury to a fellow Pandora can give even otherwise sadistic ones pause.
* {{Gorn}}: Throughout the series. Dismemberment is fairly common, as is some form of decapitation or other horrific injuries like entire bodies nearly being burnt apart.
* GoryDiscretionShot: {{Subverted}}. We are treated to shots of Pandora and Limiters being bodily ripped to pieces in every Nova battle. One story arc shows students being ripped to pieces and eaten.
* GovernmentConspiracy: Chevalier openly displays the E-Pandora project in order to buy time and keep their position of power when in reality the project is a failure from the start. As unknown to the Chevalier, the head scientist for the E-Pandora project is secretly working on the Type-Maria project behind their backs. Then there's another big one that the Nova aren't all beings from another dimension, but rather, some were created on Earth by humans. It isn't clear yet if it was simple multiple creations which alerted the Nova to Earth's existence or if the Nova were originally created on Earth as a whole.
* GretzkyHasTheBall: During a soccer game, Ganessa tackles Satellizer and is surprised when she gets a foul, claiming to have seen the same thing done on TV. Arnett is shocked that an Englishwoman like Ganessa could be so incompetent about soccer, particularly when the also English Satellizer had boasted to Rana that her heritage would give her an advantage.
%%* HairAntennae: Satellizer's half-sister Violet.
* HalfHumanHybrid: [[spoiler:Kazuya and his sister Kazuha are the grandchildren of Gengo Aoi and Maria Lancelot, the Mother of All Pandora.]]
* HartmanHips: If the female's bust disqualifies her for an ImpossibleHourGlassFigure, she will inevitably wind up as this.
* HealingFactor:
** The Pandora girls have enhanced healing, although its mentioned that [[CastFromLifeSpan getting hurt too often shortens their lifespan]]. Note that this doesn't make them immortal, and they can still die if severely damaged enough, such as from a Nova attack. This may explain why the school has such fancy food, and why Satellizer [[BigEater loves burgers]]. Special mention goes to Roxanne, whose special ability his high-speed regeneration of limbs,while in the middle of battle.
** Suna, Gengo's right-hand woman, later gains high-speed regeneration thanks to a new upgrade.
* HeroicRROD:
** The "Nova Form" that Satellizer and Rana utilize, wherein their bodies gain crystal protrusions and their skin fractures, is basically a result of deliberately pushing their stigmata to the point where they begin transforming into Nova. Their power rockets up, but they are susceptible to control from a sufficiently powerful Nova, and if they push themselves for too long, there is a very good chance that they could go too far and become Novas themselves.
** Andre forces one on himself by constantly forcing and reinforcing his Freezing in the battle between Charles Bonaparte and Elizabeth. He pushes himself so hard to keep Charles immobilized that his Stigmata damage and corrupt his eyes. Even more clearly seen in the anime; not only did he display TronLines usually seen in Nova Form Pandoras, the lines also turned red and he shed TearsOfBlood.
* HeroicSacrifice: Several.
** In the backstory, Kazuya's sister Kazuha ends the 9th Nova Clash at the cost of her life.
** In Ingrid's backstory, her close friend Milena [[YouShallNotPass stays behind to make sure that the other trainee Pandoras and Limiters can get away from the Nova that assault them during a training exercise.]]
** In Chapter 91, Chiffon absorbs the force of Nova!Amelia's self-destruct attack to protect everyone else in the vicinity. The effort causes Chiffon's body to break down and completely crystallize.
* HeroicSecondWind: Satellizer gets these a lot, and Rana gets one as well in episode 7.
* HeroKiller: The Nova. Able to take [[MadeOfIron incredible amounts of damage]] and kill entire squads of Pandora without much damage.
* HeroicBastard: Satellizer is the child of Howard el Bridget, a member of the politically-powerful Chevalier, and his mistress Noelle Alongrutch.
* HiddenDepths:
** Elizabeth Mably, who is actually relatively noble and self-effacing once she is willing to put aside her pride.
** In a darker example, [[spoiler:Suna]] is revealed to be a cold-blooded killer beneath the facade of a smiling young woman who likes to cook for her boss when off work.
* HighPressureBlood: Whenever someone gets cut up badly enough, blood goes flying in a spray.
* HonorBeforeReason:
** Many of the fights between the students could be avoided if they ''would'' just talk about what's bothering them first.
** Lampshaded when Kazuya breaks up a fight between Rana and Satellizer by telling Rana that she was misinformed about his relation to Satellizer.
* HopelessSuitor:
** Rana towards Kazuya. But she seems to see this more as a challenge to overcome.
** Ouka to Kazuya: she claims to love him, but backs up their inevitable pairing with the fact that Gengo said so.
* HopeSpot: During the climax of the Alaska arc, Gengo Aoi sees Chiffon as this as she may be their only hope to win. And she does save the day, [[HeroicSacrifice but only at the cost of her life.]]
* HourOfPower: "Pandora Mode" only lasts for three minutes and enables a Pandora to move through Freezing fields in addition to giving them a major power boost. Once the mode ends, the Pandora can no longer fight for quite some time, meaning that this should be a last resort only.
* HumanoidAbomination: The corrupted Pandoras are essentially humanoid Novas. Since Kazuya has a "Stigma Body" similar to his sister's, who transformed into a Nova on her own, Yumi is concerned that Kazuya might become a Nova as well.
* HumanWeapon: Pandora, Limiters, E-Pandora, Valkyries, and Legendary Pandora all stemmed from Gengo Aoi's notion that in order for humanity to overcome the Nova Threat, a "weapon in the form of a human" was needed.
* IfICantHaveYou: Holly Rose stabs Louis after he confirms beyond any doubt that he doesn't love her. And proceeds to [[TakingYouWithMe run the two of them over a cliff immediately afterwards.]]
* IJustWantToBeNormal:
** Cathy tells Kazuya this in episode 9 when she mentions wanting to be a writer. Turns out that she was there when Satellizer first attacked the guy who wanted to be her Limiter when she was at East Genetics. Her refusal to lose caused Cathy to question her own resolve in being a Pandora.
** Ryuuichi, Kazuya's father, simply wanted to live a peaceful life with his family and not get involved in his own father's war against the Nova. [[spoiler:Gengo didn't give a damn about this and tried to get Ryuuichi involved anyway, which broke the Aoi family irreparably.]]
* IKnowYoureInThereSomewhereFight:
** Amelia tried to do this with Gina. It doesn't work.
** Succeeds with Satellizer when she very nearly killed Cathy. But Kazuya gives her a CoolDownHug, and she ultimately misses her fatal attack on purpose.
** The anime has Kazuya delivering one to Cathy when she's under the control of the Nova - [[spoiler:it works, but not for long]].
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice:
** And early on Satellizer makes Miyabi regret trying to take Kazuya as a partner by force with this.
** And now Kazuya too, courtesy of a berserking Satellizer. He gets better, but boy was it a close call.
%%* InfinityPlusOneSword: Kazuha Aoi's Stigmata.
* IOweYouMyLife: Why Cathy intervenes in favor of Satellizer and Lana in their fight against Julia.
* ItsNotYouItsMyEnemies: Satellizer doesn't want Kazuya getting hurt and frequently tries to push him away.

[[folder:Tropes J to L]]
%%* {{Jerkass}}: Louis el Bridget.
* JerkWithAHeartOfGold: A lot of the initially antagonistic Pandora (in particular, the leading third years like Elizabeth) somewhat shift towards this characterization as time goes on.
%%* {{Joshikousei}}: Pretty much all the Pandora are this.
* JustFollowingOrders:
** When Dr. Gengo Aoi assigns some work to a group who secretly wants to take him down, they discover he had been keeping a big secret from not just the world but the secret Chevalier organization tasked with defending the world from Novas. They plan on exploiting this and destroying him while just claiming they were following his orders and couldn't have known about this secret either.
** A lot of Pandora use this excuse to justify killing the rebelling E-Pandora. Even the generally kind Chiffon coldly tells Satellizer to obey her orders and stop associating with the rebels.
* JustThinkOfThePotential: Scarlette O'Hara tells this to Amelia regarding Type-Maria clones.
* KarmaHoudini:
** Louis fits the bill here, and is a particularly egregious example, as Satellizer saves his life and forgives him for years of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. On top of that, he gets to stay with his Pandora Holly, who reaffirms her love for him despite also having been abused rather horrifically by him.
** There's also Olivia el Bridget (Louis' mother), the one who influenced Louis to mistreat Satellizer--a mistake she now regrets, as it turned Louis into a monster until his near-death experience changed him.
* KickTheSonOfABitch: [[SmugSnake Miyabi]] tried to take Kazuya as a limiter by force and, oh, holy shit did Satellizer make sure that will never happen again.
* KissingCousins: One-sided: Ouka Honda/Tenjouin is Kazuya's cousin/fiancee who really loves him. Kazuya told her flatly that he doesn't feel the same way, but she won't listen.
* LargeHam: Second-year's second-best student, Ganessa Roland, starts ''monologuing'' about how amazing she is. Shortly before Satellizer beats her silly.
* LastEpisodeNewCharacter: Eugene and Abel, limiters of Chiffon and Ticy, appear only in the last episode of the first anime season.
* LawfulStupid: Ingrid, who really ''insists'' on enforcing the regulations and class hierarchy due to her friend Milena's HeroicSacrifice. It later becomes clear that the Chevalier government ''expects'' the Pandoras to be lawful stupid [[ColdBloodedTorture with appropriate consequences for those that are insubordinate.]]
%%* LetsYouAndHimFight: The Gladiatorial Carnivals to determine ranking, among other things.
* LightningBruiser: Pretty much every female character is a combination of this and GlassCannon.
* LightningGlare: Satellizer and Rana do this to each other in episode 8.
* LikesOlderWomen: Limiters are usually a year or so younger than their Pandoras, so if a romantic relationship develops, this trope comes into play.
* LonersAreFreaks: Satellizer is treated like this by most of the students.
* LoveConfession: Cathy's limiter confessed his love to her and told her that he would wait for her answer the following day. The following day is a massively bloody and epic battle, and it is not until she gets back some time later that she is able to respond.
* LoveTriangle:
** Type 4 TriangRelations. Rana (A) to Kazuya (B) and Satellizer (C). Not that it stops Rana from trying.
** Satellizer is not happy when Rana explicitly tells her that Kazuya is her soulmate in episode 6, and seems [[ClingyJealousGirl quite bothered by it.]] Now with Ouka Honda, who's not only Kazuya's betrothed but his cousin as well.
* LuminescentBlush: Kazuya's the only one who gets to see it on Satellizer.

[[folder:Tropes M to O]]
* MachiavelliWasWrong: Satellizer is feared by everyone, and it causes her no end of trouble because her methods of self-defense are what constantly cause that fear of her.
* MamaBear: Averted. Satellizer's mother Noelle was aware of the abuse her daughter was suffering and ignored it. Noelle's final advice to Satellizer, intended to empower Satellizer, only made things ''worse'', as it gave Satellizer a reason to never, ''ever'' back down even when it would be better for her physical health and safety to do so.
* ManipulativeBastard: Atria Simmons with the nickname of [[MeaningfulName "The Manipulative Schemer"]].
* MeaningfulName: The Pandoras are named in honor of PandorasBox because of the unpredictable results that come from such a quick access to incredible power. The Valkyries in Part II are named for the Norse mythological beings of the same name and are seen a means to empower anyone to becoming a warrior against the Nova.
%%* MedievalStasis: [[spoiler:Nova dimension appears to be stuck in one.]]
* {{Meganekko}}: Satellizer sometimes wears glasses when not fighting. One chapter of the manga states that it's pretty much just for show.
%%* MegaTwintails: Attia. Also Christine Evora in Part II.
* MenAreTheExpendableGender: Averted; if anything, the majority of casualties leans slightly more toward women, if not keeping it even.
* MightyWhitey: Averted somewhat. Whereas '''every''' one of the ''current'' champions of East or West Genetics of Japan are westerners, it is worth noting that the late Kazuha Aoi, ''the'' single greatest Pandora who has ever lived, is an Asian. And though the search of potential Pandoras seems to run by Europeans, the only culture mentioned to have individuals literally born to be Pandora is in Tibet, where they have tied the presence of stigma to their very religion. The currently most powerful Pandora of the Chevalier is Suna Yi, a Korean.
* MildlyMilitary:
** Though Genetics has direct ties to the military and is by proxy a military school, the environment puts less emphasis on military and more on school. Though there are punishments for Pandoras breaking the rules, the infractions are more along the lines of a detention than a court-martial, and rankings are (particularly in the case of the third year's top students) less about proper authority, and more about forming cliques or enforcing the idea that MightMakesRight.
** ''Freezing Zero'' expands on this by showing that Elizabeth Mably's drill instructor was [[TheNeidermeyer a real hardass]], up to the point of physically and emotionally abusing the trainees to a level that would probably not be considered acceptable in the modern military.
* MinorInjuryOverreaction: Admittedly, it was a cut to the face on someone who prides their looks, but is attempted rape really the right response to that, Miyabi?
* MissingMom:
** Satellizer's mother took ill while she was still young, and died.
** In ''Freezing Zero'', Arnett's mom also apparently died when she was young, and she's been taking care of her dad ever since (he's not sick, just terrible with money).
%%* ModestyBedsheet
* MomentKiller: It would seem one is bound to happen whenever Kazuya and Satellizer try to consummate their relationship.
* MoralEventHorizon: InUniverse, invoked and inverted. Chevalier acts as if West Genetics, as a whole, has crossed it, and must be exterminated in its entirety, at all costs, because Gengo withdrew ''peacefully'' '''after''' Chevalier directly or indirectly triggered Nova Clashes twice by negligence or deliberate sabotage, and then goes and triggers a ''third'' clash while trying to assassinate Gengo Aoi, and killing every Pandora and Limiter the Busters came across.
%%* MoralityChain: Kazuya to Satellizer. Not always successfully.
%%* MoodWhiplash: Chapter 25
* MultinationalTeam: The entire cast.
** Kazuya, Kazuha, Kaho, Aika, Kyoichi and Miyabi are Japanese.
** Satellizer, Ganessa, Elizabeth and Holly are British.
** Cleo, Ingrid, Elize and Julia are German.
** Cathy, Roxanne and Tris are American.
** Audrey and Charles are French.
** Lana is Tibetan.
** Yumi and Suna are Korean.
** Chiffon is Canadian.
** Ticy is Finnish.
** Arnett is Swiss, though Freezing:Zero reveals that she spent much of her childhood in America.
** Attia is Romanian.
** The Valkyries are [[VehicularThemeNaming French (Renault), Italian (Ferrari), British (Evora), German (Porsche), and Japanese (Honda).]]
* NamedWeapons: All Pandoras have named weapons. Satellizer's weapon, for example, is named Nova Blood.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast:
** "The Smiling Unmatched Monster" of West Genetics, aka StudentCouncilPresident Chiffon Fairchild [[note]]and her weapon is called ''Anti-Nova'' Trial version[[/note]], full stop.
** Along with Numbers, Godspeed, Untouchable Queen, Academy Reigning Enforcer, Hitman, Slashing Trickster, Lightning Hammer, Tempest Phoenix....
%%* NewTransferStudent:
%%** Rana, from Tibet.
%%** The five Valkyries.
* NoGuyWantsAnAmazon: Averted. The entire female student body is made up of a bunch of superpowered {{Blood Knight}}s [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg and]] [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Student President]] [[OnlySaneMan Chiffon]]. If a male student at Genetics minds having a super-powered girlfriend, then he won't be dating anytime soon.
%%* NoblewomansLaugh: Ganessa
* NonActionGuy: The Limiters, outside of combat. In combat, their role is less neutral but focused completely on support.
* NoodleIncident: Kazuya would prefer if nobody ever found out about things he's done when he was nine.
* NoseBleed: Kazuya suffers one at the end of episode 12 after a nearly topless Satellizer falls on top of him.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: Satellizer both gives and receives quite a few of these in the series. When she's delivering them, quite often her opponent brought it on themselves.
* NoSenseOfPersonalSpace: Rana does this to Kazuya in episode 6. While in a lunchroom with a lot of other students. Satellizer is [[ClingyJealousGirl not happy to see that]] when she walks in a few moments later.
* NotGoodWithPeople: Satellizer's backstory and lone-wolf nature make it difficult for her to relate to other people properly.
%%* NotSoAboveItAll: The soccer game in Chapter 52. Elizabeth. That is all.
%%* NotSoDifferent: Cathy and Satellizer.
* OhCrap:
** Happens multiple times in each episode, usually when Satellizer gets a HeroicSecondWind and beats her opponents. Also played straight in episode 9 when 4 Nova show up simultaneously, and just about everyone, including senior students and teachers mention how bad that is.
** There's also the "Does he have a death wish?" reactions early on when Kazuya touches Satellizer.
** Chiffon entering the fray against Satellizer.
** Suna standing up despite her injuries to teach Sawatari what happens to someone who touches her [[BodyguardCrush lover]]....eh I mean employer.
%%* OminousLatinChanting: The Nova themselves.
* OmniscientMoralityLicense: Chevelier claims to have this, as does anyone who believes they are working to better fight the Nova. After all, they are doing so for the [[TheNeedsOfTheMany survival of humanity]]. So who cares about a little thing like human rights or the Geneva Convention?
* OneGenderRace: The "humans" in the Nova home dimension all seem to be women.
** Males do exist there, but they are extremely rare and are more or less confined to specialized sanctums.
* OneShotCharacter: In the soccer chapter of the manga, there's one scene showing the team layout which features around 12 named Pandora in addition to the main cast. We never see them again.

[[folder:Tropes P to R]]
* PantyShot: Several of the girls. Rana in particular during episode 6.
* PeopleJars: Maria Lancelot's body, the source of Stigmata, is secured in a chamber at Western Genetics, along with clones at the E-Pandora Facility in Alaska. After retaking human form, Amelia is seen in one of these.
* PluckyGirl: Satellizer will not lose to bullies. So do Rana, she also gets back up even when badly beaten, and don't even lose that cheerfulness.
* PoorCommunicationKills: Aside from the many misunderstandings that pop up from people just not talking to each other, it's implied that this may be part of why the Nova are trying so hard to exterminate humanity.
--> Lucy to Kazuya: By the way... I wonder if you know why the Nova appear as giant beings... why humans are fighting intelligent beings from another dimension... it's because you refused to listen to them... you refused to use the medium named Maria to listen to what they were trying to say to humans...
* [[TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget The Power and Position Will Make You Forget]]: In the chapter 65.5 short story, Elizabeth clearly dislikes the unsaid rules on how the junior Pandoras must follow the orders of upperclassmen, and wants to become #1 so that she can better understand the rules and remake them. Once she takes her position as the "leader" of the third-year clique, her behavior towards Satellizer is exactly the same as her upperclassmen's behavior towards the underclassmen.
* PowerPerversionPotential: Early on, it was implied that Ereinbar Set (which enables a Pandora and her Limiter to share their five senses) could have a perverted use. Much later Sawatari Isuzu confirms that she indeed has used it during sex.
%%* PreMeeting: How Kazuya meets Satellizer and Rana.
* PowersAsPrograms: The Stigmata are removable and transferrable, though the Pandora vary in how well they can synchronize to them. Pandora Mode seems to be a literal case early on, as while Satellizer is fighting Ingrid, Ingrid theorizes that Satellizer isn't using Pandora Mode because her "Pandora Chip" was confiscated after she [[ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice tried to kill]] Miyabi.
* PowerDyesYourHair: In the anime, Pandora Mode causes the Pandora's hair to turn white. In the manga, Pandora Mode takes the form of what appears to be PoweredArmour, though a "second version" of Pandora Mode is made to match the anime's depiction.
* RageBreakingPoint: In episode 12 of the anime, [[spoiler:Ganessa TakingTheBullet for Satellizer causes Satellizer to unilaterally go into Nova-mode and deliver a NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on the BrainwashedAndCrazy Cathy, finishing by tearing out the Nova-gem with her bare hands]].
%%* RankInflation: How Genetics categorize the Nova.
* RapeDiscretionShot: [[{{Subverted}} Subverted]]. There are clear shots of a Nova using one of its fingers to ''violate'' a Pandora in chapter 134, with [[BrainwashedAndCrazy very bad results.]]
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: President Chiffon Fairchild; she's one of the few 3rd year students not at all interested in putting Satellizer in her place and she asserts her authority to get Elizabeth to stop, in a very kindly worded and nervous plea. This is, to some degree, a facade, as she can be extremely violent when she feels it's appropriate.
* RedShirtArmy:
** When the Nova attack, they cut a [[HeroKiller bloody path]] through an entire squad of Pandora. [[RedShirt Cathy's]] apparent death is particularly horrifying.
** Don't forget the rest of the military; [[LeeroyJenkins they just engage]] [[FiveRoundsRapid and attack the Novas]] even though they are [[ImmuneToBullets impervious to conventional weapons.]]
* ReflectionlessUselessEyes: Nova eyes, if they have humanoid eyes at all, glow so much that they overwhelm the light reflection. Pandoras get the same eyes if the Nova tissue in their body affects them too much.
* ReplacementGoldfish: Kazuya initially mistakes Satellizer for his sister, and is initially attracted to her for that fact, though he later comes to understand Satellizer as herself.
* TheRevolutionWillNotBeCivilized:
** In Chapter 68, the E-Pandoras, faced with extermination, gamble their lives in an all or nothing attempt to escape the laboratory and reveal Chevalier's actions to the world, smashing up tons of stuff in the process.
** Later inverted when Gengo launches his own rebellion against the Chevalier. Instead of immediately deploying his vastly superior army, Gengo peacefully detains all powerful foreign Pandora to his base, while at the same time gathering resources and the most skilled scientists in the world. The Chevalier are so afraid of Gengo non-violently rendering them obsolete that they dispatch a team of insane assassins to take the doctor down.
* RightBehindMe: Happened to Hiiragi while she was badmouthing Satellizer.
* RivalScienceTeams: In creating the Pandoras, there is the work of Dr. Gengo Aoi, who was the first to make Pandoras as they are today and the E-Pandora Project led by Dr. Oohara. The big difference between them is Dr. Aoi used only girls who could naturally handle stigmata. Dr. Oohara wants to make any human capable, no matter the risk. It becomes a bit messier when Amelia finds out that the E-Pandora program was actually just a facade to buy time for Oohara's Maria-cloning project.
* RuleThirtyFour: The Cross Make doujin series. What is unique about these doujins is that the author Lim Dall-young himself, under the penname Moonzero, created it.

[[folder:Tropes S to U]]
* SatelliteLoveInterest: Most of the Limiters don't get that much characterization beyond their relationship with their Pandora.
* SchoolOfHardKnocks: Interestingly, the student council president or teachers only seem to step in when Satellizer has beaten down her opponent to within an inch of their lives. But they [[DoubleStandard don't do anything while she's getting beat down...]]
* SempaiKouhai: '''SeriousBusiness'''. It's both built into the typical Pandora[=/=]Limiter relationship, and it's the entire reasoning behind the outrageous, criminal abuse the third years pile upon the heroine.
* ShamelessFanserviceGirl:
** Elizabeth. In "Freezing", she swims naked, but only at a private pool with her close friends. In "Freezing: Vibration", however, she shows no reservations about being naked at a poolside among relative strangers. Everyone else is wearing swimsuits, but [[NotDistractedByTheSexy nobody seems to think]] [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight this is at all unusual]].
** ([[OutOfCharacter Non-canon]]) In the sixth OVA of Freezing: Vibration, Elizabeth [[NudeNatureDance dances naked]] during the girls' march through the snow, after becoming delirious from the cold... [[ImplausibleDeniability all after shrugging off allegations of being a nudist.]]
** ([[OutOfCharacter Non-canon]]) In the short manga "Elizabeth's Splendid Holiday", she walks around Mably manor naked (her nipples are on full display but her crotch is [[BarbiedollAnatomy suspiciously blank]]), with only her brother Thomas [[PleasePutSomeClothesOn protesting]].
** In the prequel manga Freezing: Zero, her arc starts with her standing naked in front of a window in her room in Mably manor, perhaps after just waking up, so this may be closer to canon than it first seems.
* ShipTease: The Pandora/Limiter pairs are pretty much automatically assumed to be dating, to the point that when they're away from school, they're usually put in the same room. There's also an offhand mention that a very high percentage end up married.
* ShoutOut: The Nova's appearances seem to be a shout out to the Peacemakers from ''Manga/ScrappedPrincess''.
%%* ShowerScene: Satellizer has had two so far.
* ShroudedInMyth: Satellizer is called "The Untouchable Queen" and is given a wide berth by the rest of the student body, much to the detriment of her mental health.
* SilverFox: Despite his age, Gengo has quite a number of female admirers, some of which are even younger than his granddaughter would be.
* SingleTargetSexuality: Ouka (Kazuya's cousin) has this for Kazuya. He tells her he doesn't love her, wants her to be happy, and doesn't need to follow their grandpa's orders. She says she ''does'' love him, he ''will'' make her happy, and Grandpa's word is law. Her multinational teammates think she's a bit nuts.
* SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan: Kazuya is ''very'' unlike the guys whom Satellizer dealt with, so she's very drawn to him.
* SkinshipGrope: In ''First Chronicle'' Ticy offers Chiffon a massage; when she touches Chiffon's breasts it turns out Chiffon's there. Chiffon decides that it's no fair for Ticy to have all her clothes on. So, she forcibly strips Ticy and decides to aggressively "compare" their busts over [[BigNo Ticy's objections]].
* SleepCute: When Kazuya was in the sick bay, Satellizer visited him and fell asleep next to him until morning. Also, Arthur and Ganessa in a flashback (with his face on her breasts).
* SlippingAMickey: Satellizer of all people, tries to do this to Kazuya.
* SmugSuper: Every named Pandora (protagonists, antagonists, all of them) seems to have a massive superiority complex. Maybe it goes with the Stigmata. They continue to display this obnoxious attitude right up until they get their shit kicked in so hard that it comes out their ears.
* SoLastSeason: Virtually every power-up is rendered useless by the next arc. Pandora Mode stopped being relevant before Alaska, Awakened Stigmata became useless against the Novas compared to Valkyrie System, [[spoiler:which is then overtaken by the Legendary Pandoras and Transcendence, which are outdone by the Plasma Stigmata owned by the Busters not forty chapters later.]]
* SpellMyNameWithAnS: Early translations would spell Chiffon's name as "Shiffon" (WordOfGod states that she's named after the dessert), and Cleo as "Creo" or "Clio".
* SpiritAdvisor: Kazuha appeared briefly in Sattelizer's mind and gave her the strength to fight the Nova's mind control.
%%* {{Stripperific}}: The Pandora Queen outfits.
%%* TheStoic: Satellizer and Elizabeth
* StoicSpectacles: Satellizer, in her less deredere moments.
* StoryBreakerPower:
** The Aoi siblings, both of them. Normally a Pandora is supposed to be only capable of holding up to six Stigmata at a time-- Kazuha had ''twenty''. Kazuya's body is explicitly stated to be over 30% Stigmata tissue, such that he doesn't even ''need'' to partner with a Pandora to use Freezing. However, Kazuya [[PowerIncontinence only displays Freezing]] without a partner when he's [[BerserkButton sufficiently]] [[UnstoppableRage enraged]], and Kazuha's high Stigmata count began to turn her into a Nova during her last fight. [[spoiler:Kazuya later gains the power to give other Pandoras a StatusBuff and physically control their bodies.]]
** The Legendary Pandora. Each of their bodies is 80% Stigmata tissue, more than double the amount in Kazuya's body. Gengo Aoi even states they're over 100 times stronger than ordinary Pandora, which they demonstrated by curb-stomping the same Humanoid-type Novas that were curb-stomping the main characters and their fellow West Genetics classmates.
* StraightForTheCommander: This is the Chevalier's strategy after it becomes apparent that Gengo Aoi has revolted against them. Terrified that he will replace them, the committee immediately call for Gengo's death and send a team of assassins to take him out. The assassins fail, but it was a close thing for a while.
* StudentCouncilPresident: Chiffon, and later, Ticy, after Chiffon's death.
* StupidGood: Violet thinks that Louis and Satellizer can get along happily.
* SugarAndIcePersonality: Satellizer starts in this territory, but rapidly approaches {{Tsundere}}, especially after [[TheRival Lana]] makes her objectives known.
%%* SuperMode: Pandora Mode.
* SuperPrototype: The Legendary Pandoras were the first and strongest Pandoras ever created from Maria Lancelot and Gengo Aoi's genetic material. Even the top Pandoras from the latest generation pale before them. [[FlawedPrototype Unfortunately]], their bodies could not withstand the power of their own Stigmata, so they had to be put into [[SealedBadassInACan suspended animation]] for decades until the problem could be solved.
* SuperSoldiers: The Pandoras, of the BioAugmentation variety, considering that their powers come from the Stigmata.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial:
** Happens in episode 9.
-->'''Rana:''' (after catching Satellizer gazing out the window) Are you thinking about Kazuya-kun?
-->'''Satellizer:''' W-why would I be spacing out thinking about him?
-->'''Rana:''' (moves in closer) So you were.
** Also happens in Chapter 158. What's that, Kazuya? You think your sempai gave only you a drink because she wanted to drug you and put you in a compromising position when you wake up? Where could you have possibly gotten that idea from?
* {{Synchronization}}: Partially occurs as a side-effect of the Ereinbar Set which allows a Limiter to use Freezing. It's implied that the Pandora and Limiter either share or bolster each other's senses.
* TakingTheBullet: ''Ganessa'' takes a huge laser blast for Satellizer during the 10th Nova Clash, and loses most of her upper body in the process, including severe facial burns. She barely manages to survive thanks to her Pandora regeneration; earlier, Attia's limiter does the same thing for her and doesn't survive, leading her into a RoaringRampageOfRevenge. Doesn't turn out so hot.
* TearsOfBlood: Shed by Cathy while struggling against the Nova infection.
* TeensAreMonsters:
** Early on, every third year ''epitomizes'' this trope. They abuse the underclassmen, try to impose the 'order' on the first and second years, and often use deadly force on Satella or Rana. It's telling that most of them have to be revamped to seem like different people by the later arcs to seem remotely sympathetic (compare Elizabeth pre-Alaska to her current incarnation).
** Taken UpToEleven with the introduction of The Busters, specifically Petty Liner, and Jessica.
* TemptingFate: After the Legendary Pandora arrive to help the protagonists against the [[PsychoForHire Busters]], Elizabeth comments on how fortunate it is for Cassandra to be on their side. [[spoiler:Then, the Busters' Anti-Freezing turns all of them except Lucy into Nova.]]
%%* ThanksForTheMammary: Happens to Kazuya with Satellizer a couple of times.
* ThemeNaming: The Valkyries' last names are Evora, Ferrari, Porsche, Renault, and Honda. These are all code names; Honda's real last name is actually Tenjouin, and she is Kazuya's cousin. Similarly, Evora's real last name is Barnett, and Ferrari's real last name is Caldani. Porsche's last name is an alias, too, but it's a little more intricate; her real last name, Franca, is used as her fake first name. Finally, everyone continues to use Renault as Lucy's last name after it's revealed that [[spoiler:she's a Legendary Pandora; as a clone of Maria Lancelot, she has no real last name]].
* ThereAreNoTherapists:
** Satellizer and Ingrid both display severe emotional damage from their experiences; Ingrid in particular has at least some form of PTSD, and neither of them had it seriously addressed until Kazuya got involved.
** Ticy's joined the "no therapy club" now that she's displaying severe SurvivorsGuilt and is in charge of a student body of everyone's favorite superhuman ChildSoldiers. WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong?
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: [[spoiler:Chevalier's second attempt at removing Gengo from the picture certainly looks like this... Until you remember just who is on Gengo's side in this conflict.]]
* TheyJustDontGetIt: Two notable groups suffer from this.
** At first, it was the third years in regards to Sattelizer. Miyabi, a third-year, attempts to sexually assault her and her partner, forcing Sattelizer to fight back, and ''after'' Chevalier officially punishes Sattelizer for it, they decide antagonizing, provoking and trying to beat her down is the best idea, and keep getting enraged when she fights back and wins, making them want to beat her down even more, until Chiffon and Ticy step in to make them stop.
** In addition to DystopiaJustifiesTheMeans, this is also Chevalier's most glaring trait. When they realize there aren't enough Pandora being produced to meet the escalating Nova threat, they greenlight the "E-Pandora" project, over Gengo's objections, because, as the expert, he can see it's an experiment doomed to failure, and makes his views quite public in that regard. When Marks Spencer actually implements the experiment, fudges the results, and ''tries to kill the remaining test subjects'' because the Mark IV drug's results don't fit with the propaganda that "Chevalier is right and Gengo is wrong," he triggers a Nova clash due to the test subjects becoming Nova of a type never seen before, out for well-justified revenge at their mistreatment. So how does Chevalier react to Gengo going in and cleaning up their mess? They sabotage the Nova mockups during the joint training exercise so they become actual Nova, and start killing off the very Pandora that they can not spare. When Gengo ''peacefully'' withdraws as a direct result, they commission Raddox Phantomime to try to kill him, ulimately triggering yet ''another'' clash with even stronger Nova than ever thought possible by anyone, including Gengo, and when West Genetics, and Gengo survive that, they put the failure, Raddox Phantomime in charge and continue to insist upon pursuing the death of Gengo, and every last Pandora and Limiter at West Genetics, at all costs.
* ThisIsUnforgivable: Satellizer is [[UnstoppableRage PISSED upon discovering how the Chevalier knowingly sacrificed the E-Pandoras for propaganda and tried to dispose of them.]]
* ToBeLawfulOrGood:
** Kazuya. When your partner is someone that half the school is afraid of and the other half actively wants to destroy, this kind of dilemma will pop up. He ultimately chooses Good, seeing that Satellizer has her own soft side despite all evidence to the contrary.
** Elizabeth Mably, normally a stickler for rules, decided to help the E-Pandora, especially after finding out the kind of experiments they were planning for them. In contrast, Chiffon, who presented herself as being much more reasonable than Elizabeth, puts her loyalty with the Chevalier despite the unethical nature of the E-Pandora project, and the direct threat Marks Spencer put on her classmates and herself.
** Cathy Lockharte, another stickler for rules, simply chose to side with Satellizer and Lana because they had saved her life in the past.
** Charles Bonaparte, like Chiffon, chooses to side with Chevalier, insisting that whatever grievances the protagonists have with the Mark IV drug aren't worth losing any potential method of fighting the Nova. It's later revealed that her convictions are more directly focused on Marks Spencer, who is her adoptive father.
* TooDumbToLive: Abuse is Louis' answer to everything, even when the question is, "How do you treat a superwoman that habitually stabs the source of her ire?" Said woman even gives him the option to lie to her face and make her feel better. Her response to Louis' cruelty is to [[IfICantHaveYou stab him in the chest]] with a sword [[TakingYouWithMe and dive over the nearest cliffside with him still stuck on it.]]
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Satellizer loves burgers to the point that she can stack 5 ''jumbo'' burgers and eat 'em all in one go.
* TranslationConvention:
** ''Freezing'' stars a ''multinational'' cast, and though no specific universal tongue is specified as the one spoken in East Genetics, everyone (with the exception of Rana) speaks said-unspecified tongue so fluently that no loss of understanding occurs between the nationalities whatsoever.
** In chapter 206, Kazuya and the natives of the Nova's home dimension are clearly speaking different languages and can't understand each other, but the reader only sees them speaking the same language.
* {{Understatement}}: "There's dirt on your face." Said to Ganessa after she took a hit that left her with a large part of her torso and one arm completely blown off, and half her face badly burnt.
* UndyingLoyalty: Ticy for Chiffon, Arnett for Elizabeth, Suna for Gengo, and Gengo for Maria.
* ThickerThanWater: Despite the emotional scarring and physical abuse that Louis inflicted on her that has distanced her from immediate society, Stella still saves him from falling to his death, and even forgives him for what he's done to her, because he is her brother.
* TheUnfairSex: Inverted. The girls have [[LightningBruiser extreme speed and strength]] while the boys are [[NonActionGuy non-combatant]] [[BarrierWarrior forcefield generators]]. The boys are rather sedate, but the girls are damn bloodthirsty. Even the nicest of girls have a vicious streak that kicks in when they're threatened.

[[folder: Tropes V to Z]]
%%* TheVamp: Miyabi Kannazuki
* VerbalTic: Rana ends her sentences with "de arimasu" or variations thereof.
* VillainousRescue: What stops Raddox's invasion of West Genetics? '''An army of Nova''' show up and target the "plasma stigma" Raddox has equipped all his Pandora soldiers with. [[NiceJobBreakingItRivals OOPS!]]
* ViolentlyProtectiveGirlfriend: Don't even think about trying to insult or hurt Kazuya, or Satellizer will kill you until your body [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown is broken into its component atoms.]] No matter what it takes for her to do it.
%%* VitriolicBestBuds: Satellizer and Rana gradually become this.
%%* WaveMotionGun: One of the Novas' attacks, complete with SuckingInLines.
* WeaksauceWeakness: Sorta. The Legendary Pandora, who are able to curbstomp most enemies, use area-of-effect regeneration on other Pandoras and as such [[spoiler:are the most affected by the Busters' Anti-Freezing. Whereas regular Pandora might get stopped in their tracks by a strong Freezing, and strong-willed ones might be able to barely move, One of the Legendary Pandora completely collapses and goes into a seemingly catatonic state. Two others go berserk and pretty much become Nova, forcing Gengo to order their elimination]].
* WeHaveReserves:
** It isn't an actual battle, but Chevalier sees the E-Pandora in this light. Their lives have less worth than seeing the project succeed by any means. Which is bad since the project is nothing but a facade to buy time for Scarlet's ''real'' pet project. The E-Pandora recruits are sacrificing themselves for ''nothing''.
** What's worse, is that Chevalier, under Raddox Phantomime, has now taken on this mindset for the Pandora, as a whole, thinking that if they can kill Gengo, and seize control of all his research, the fact that they actually ''don't'' have reserves, and in fact, don't have anywhere near enough Pandora to go around will become a non-issue. [[GloryHound All for the sake of their good press and legacy.]]
* WhamEpisode:
** Chapter 149: Gengo confirms that Maria Lancelot is still alive. [[spoiler:What's more, Kazuya's own father is a direct 'offspring' of both Maria and Gengo, possibly the other Legendary Pandora as well.]]
** [[spoiler:Chapter 206 ends implying that Chevalier and the population of the Nova's home dimension have been using Nova against each other in warfare.]]
* WhatTheHellHero: Satellizer's penchant for DisproportionateRetribution when she is wronged tends to get this reaction from people who are ignorant of or ignore [[BullyingADragon the circumstances]] that drove her to fight.
* WhatCouldPossiblyGoWrong?:
** In the Busters arc, disgraced military commander Raddox recruits and equips a group of four former Pandora to assassinate Gengo Aoi. There are three main issues with this group: they're all violent psychopaths who have killed at least one person (and two of them could qualify as serial killers), they've been given highly-experimental and extremely dangerous military technology to compete with Gengo's larger and all-around superior army, and they have permission to kill whoever they want/have to for the sake of completing the mission. To say that things go off the rails is a gross understatement.
** When Raddox Phatomime sees an army of Nova show up between him and West Genetics, he is terrified at first, until he sees them merely holding their position, so he orders his Pandora to prepare for an attack on West Genetics anyway, figuring the Nova won't bother him and his army unless directly attacked, and even then believes his "plasma stigmata" could easily handle them if need be... Unfortunately, his aggressive actions draw the Nova's attention, and they start tearing through his army like the Pandora are all MadeOfPlasticine.
* WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity: Satellizer already had issues before she gained Pandora powers. Getting those powers just made her problems ''worse''.
** [[spoiler:It is eventually revealed that all Pandora are vulnerable to this. Because Stigmata come from Nova tissue, the more powerful a Pandora becomes the more their minds are connected to the "Transcendent Will" the Novas emanate. Said "will" has one overriding command, to kill every human being they encounter. Knowing this, it is little surprise that many Pandora display AxCrazy tendencies, though they usually can keep themselves from going utterly insane. Those few who have managed to have their powers "transcend" appear to be immune to the Nova's call for destruction.]]
* WorldOfBuxom: Just about all females shown in the series have large breasts.
* WorthyOpponent: Elizabeth Mably to Amelia Evans, the leader of the E-Pandoras. Elizabeth's respect for Amelia's struggle is one of the reasons why she took it upon herself to challenge the Chevalier for the sake of the E-Pandoras.
* WouldntHitAGirl: [[GenderInvertedTrope Gender inverted]] as the boys are {{Squishy Wizard}}s. Also averted since the Pandoras have no problem [[ShootTheMedicFirst beating Kazuya into unconsciousness]].
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Though there is a trend towards more realistic hair colors, there are still one or two characters that have shades of lavender or other unnatural colors.
* YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness: The E-Pandoras, all of them.
* ZettaiRyouiki:
** This is pretty much a standard feature of the girls' school uniforms. Satellizer's uniform is rather modest when compared to the others.
** Ganessa Roland is ''Grade S''.