Keito is an aspiring mangaka who runs away from home after a heated argument with her mother and ends up moving in with an elderly artist named Rui. Rui and her favorite artist's model, Sumihiko, form a makeshift family for Keito as she starts to put her life back together. She gets a job at a record store, falls in love with one of their frequent customers, a funk trumpeter named Niki, and in the meantime, struggles to complete her manga about a free-spirited lesbian singer named Angie.

''Free Soul'' is a GirlsLove {{Josei}} manga by Ebine Yamaji concentrating on the realities of lesbian life in Japan.

!!This manga contains examples of:

%% * CoolOldLady: Rui
%% * [[OedipusComplex Electra Complex]]: [[spoiler: Niki]]
* EroticDream: Keito gets rather confused when she has one about [[spoiler: Niki's roommate.]]
%% * GirlsLove
%% * GoodBadGirl: Niki
* ItMeantSomethingToMe: [[spoiler: After Niki and Keito first have sex, Niki treats it as a one-time casual thing, but for Keito, it meant a lot more than that.]]
%% * LoveHurts
* MostWritersAreWriters: Keito is an aspiring mangaka.
%% * TheMuse: Angie for Keito.
* RealMenWearPink: Sumihiko is a fairly ordinary heterosexual man who also happens to be a good cook.
%% * SliceOfLife
* WhyCouldntYouBeDifferent: Keito's mother is very unhappy that her daughter turned out to be a lesbian.