'''''Dracula Everlasting''''' is an [[OELManga original English language manga]] by Nunzio [=DeFilippis=] and Christina Weir (creators of ''Manga/AmazingAgentLuna''), with art by Rhea Silvan. It tells the story of teen-aged Nicholas Harker, who after losing his parents to a car accident, learns he’s the heir to a vast family fortune. But this comes with a price as he learns the hard way that {{Dracula}} was based on a true story, and he’s descended from the Harkers of the story.

The series spans three volumes. Thought it can be read [[http://www.draculaeverlasting.com here]].

!! ''Dracula Everlasting'' contains examples of:

* AmazonBrigade: Late in the story, Dracula begins making brides [[spoiler: including [[http://www.draculaeverlasting.com/strips-de/assault_on_police_hq_4 Hecate's mother]].]]
* AnyoneCanDie: [[spoiler:Poor Detective [=McAllister=].]]
* BadBoss: Surprisingly subverted, Dracula gives the Reinfields more then enough chances on their servitude [[spoiler: before ultimately offing them (save Mason) when they prove unreliable]] and is shown showing concern for his brides.
* {{Bishonen}}: Nicholas and Mason definitely qualify.
* CatapultNightmare: [[http://www.draculaeverlasting.com/strips-de/waking_state_1 Cate has one]] at the beginning of Volume 2.
* ClingyJealousGirl: Vanessa, a hooker who became the first of the modern day brides. She becomes a bit defensive when more women are turned to serve Dracula.
* CuteWitch: Hecate, or Cate for short.
* DeadlineNews: [[http://www.draculaeverlasting.com/strips-de/new_bride_2 A reporter investigating the murders picks a wrong night to do a report in front of Dracula's house.]] [[http://www.draculaeverlasting.com/strips-de/something_in_the_window_2 She's later seen]] among Dracula's recent brides (the girl on the right in the fourth panel. The scarf she wore as a human being a giveaway).
* GrandTheftMe: The curse functions by having Dracula attempting to take over Nicholas.
* GypsyCurse: Dracula’s gypsy allies bound his defeated spirit to the family lines of those who defeated him.
* HippieParents: Rayne Ambrose
* IKnowYouAreInThereSomewhereFight: Cate has to do this [[spoiler: to her vamprizied mother. She manages to get through and she turns on Dracula and the Renfields.]]
* LastSecondChance: In the climax, Cate offers this to Manson as he dangling from a second story window. [[spoiler: He refuses and winds up falling to his death while trying to shoot her.]]
* LiteraryAgentHypothesis: Bran Stoker based the book on ‘actual events’, but had to change the ending at the behest of his publisher, leaving out the GypsyCurse.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: For a teenager, Cate sure seems to have a wide range of spells for every occasion that comes up.
* TheRenfield: Karl Renfield is the direct descendent of the original, along with his sons. Compared to the older three boys, Karl is almost normal looking. His youngest son, though, is a handsome young man, for which he gets harassed for by his brothers.
* ShoujoDemographic: Has a definite shojo look, though it does get DarkerAndEdgier than most examples.
* StakingTheLovedOne: [[spoiler: Cate to her mother, though it's helped that she's not in Dracula's control and content with dying. Even telling her daughter she loves her.]]
* SpiritAdvisor: [[spoiler: [=McAllister=] becomes one for Cate after his death. Even after he's unbound from her. He decides to stick around to see the case through to the end.]]
* YouHaveFailedMe: [[spoiler: After one blunder too many. Dracula ultimately kills Karl and he and his brides feed on the sons save Mason who turns out to be the most trustworthy.]]
* WhiteSheep: How the Renfields view the youngest brother, Mason, who is normal looking. On the other hand, ‘the runt’ may be the darkest and most devious of the boys.