'''''DNA[[superscript:2]]''''': In the future, the world's overpopulation problem is traced back to [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Junta Momonari]] and his [[ThePornomancer supernatural ability to seduce women]], which gains him the title of "Mega Playboy". Though you'd never know it, since currently Junta's powers have not woken up, and he's just your typical UnluckyEverydude with a ''literal'' allergy to women... that causes him to throw up whenever he sees a naked girl that isn't his mother. Which happens in front of Tomoko Saeki, the most beautiful girl at his school.

Right after this hilariously horrible incident, an ActionGirl named Karin Aoi [[SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong travels back in time]] to "assassinate" his ability by [[AwesomeButImpractical shooting him]] (non-lethally) with a special bullet that alters his [[TitleDrop DNA]] before his powers as Mega Playboy come to the surface... Unfortunately, she accidentally used a bullet she personally customized to create a "perfect husband" - causing Junta's powers to not only awaken, but be exponentially stronger.

Now [[HilarityEnsues Karin has to find him another way to control Junta's powers, or face the death penalty]]. While waiting for new orders from her superiors, she stays at Junta's home to keep a watch on him and learn about his environment (and the girls who could be affected, like Tomoko), and then she meets Ami Kurimoto, Junta's UnluckyChildhoodFriend who is the ''only'' girl who is immune to the Mega Playboy's charm. Now she has to see what to do before Junta breaks havoc among the female populace!

Originally a short-lived early 1990s manga by MasakazuKatsura (the same author as ''Manga/VideoGirlAi''), later adapted into a TwelveEpisodeAnime. Its plot and characters also formed the basis of a famous {{Newgrounds}} DatingSim called ''[[http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/50364 SimGirls]]''.
!!''DNA[[superscript:2]]'' provides examples of the following tropes:

* ActionGirl: Karin; Rurara
* AnimeHair: Junta, to the ridiculous level of spiky hair.
* BlindIdiotTranslation: A very odd and annoying one happens in the Mexican Spanish translation of the manga, and also overlaps with ViewersAreMorons, since unlike other examples, this is ''enforced'' by the publishers: Basically, any character with name who use the letter "J" (Junta, Ryuji, etc) is written with "Y" (Yunta, Ryuyi, etc) since the publishers thought the Mexican readers could not be able to pronounce those names right.[[note]]This is sort of justified, as ''Junta'' pronounced phonetically in Spanish (Hoon-tah) sounds the same as the Spanish word for "council" or "reunion".[[/note]] The European Spanish translation, who was translated a few years previously before the Mexican one, avoids this.
* BitchInSheepsClothing: Tomoko initially comes off as this, but she's actually [[ParentalAbandonment incredibly]] [[LonelyRichKid lonely]] to the point of being a Woobie.
* EasilyForgiven: Tomoko, to her {{Jerkass}} boyfriend Ryuuji.
* DisappearedDad: Junta's father died when he was young, so he was raised only by his ApronMatron mother Chiyo. Tomoko's dad works outside of Japan.
* {{Fartillery}}: Kotomi's... biggest problem, shall we say. She farts when she gets nervous, and since she's a gym practitioner... It should be noted that her farts in the manga seem to venture more toward {{Fartillery}} territory than the anime; in the anime, her farts are average sounding but in the manga they're often ''drawn like explosions'' to emphasize their volume.
* GassHole: As mentioned above, poor Kotomi's disorder turns her into this when she gets nervous (which happens quite frequently) making her one of the [[RareFemaleExample rare female]] [[GassHole gassholes]] in fiction.
* {{Jerkass}}: Ryuuji. Even ''more'' after [[spoiler: he gets shot by Karin by mistake, too, and gains powers from that.]]
* ImportantHaircut: Kotomi has GirlishPigtails, which she later trades for a cute pageboy style.
* KarmaHoudini: Okay, so [[spoiler:Ryuuji ends up in the hospital and then gets BrainwashedAndCrazy]]... but what about [[spoiler:the several cases of attempted murder along with attempted rape?!]]
* LonelyRichKid: Tomoko's FreudianExcuse. Not only her dad is a very rich businessman who spends more time abroads than with his only daughter, but her mom is dead.
* NoBadassToHisValet: Why Ami is the only known female actually immune to Junta's Mega Playboy persona.
* TheOjou: Tomoko
* OperationJealousy: Tomoko once asked Junta to go out with her to make Ryuuji jealous after a big fight. And it's right after the horrible (and hilarious) consequences that Karin comes in...
* PlotHole: Rurara's existence is both this and a time paradox. [[spoiler:First, Karin tells Junta that Mega Playboy only fathered sons and the trend continued down the line of only sons. Then, after the Mega Playboy gene is removed from Junta, Rurara doesn't disappear. The only logical explanation for this is that she was either his descendant through Ami or that being descended from Mega Playboy was a bluff.]]
* ThePornomancer: Junta is supposed to grow into this.
* SexyShirtSwitch: Subverted. When Junta wakes up at morning, he finds Karin sleeping on a ''futon'' wearing one of his shirts and her panties... but since Junta is ''literally'' allergic to girls, there is NO way something could've happened. Karin was wearing his shirt just because Junta's mother Chiyo put it on her when she was passed out.
* ShipTease / WillTheyOrWontThey: Junta falls for Karin pretty early on, and her wacky inner monologue reveals that she likes him even [[SingleWomanSeeksGoodMan when he's not radiating distilled sexuality.]]
** [[spoiler:Either DownerEnding or BittersweetEnding]]: [[spoiler:In the manga, Karin seriously considers staying in the present with Junta, but when she realizes he's started to truly like [[VictoriousChildhoodFriend Ami]] after all, she tells him she [[MarriedToTheJob doesn't love him enough to give up being a professional badass]], and says goodbye.]]
** The anime omits all of this. [[GeckoEnding Instead]], [[spoiler:she just tells Junta to be happy with Ami, and departs with a smile, leaving him fairly heartbroken.]] The [=OAVs=] give a little more closure: [[spoiler:after Mori is captured and Rurara is "defused", Karin again shoots Junta... but with a bullet that will both undo the MPB traits ''and erase his memories''. Ami ''does'' beg her to reconsider it, asking Karin if that's really the best course of action, and Karin replies that it can't be really helped since she's from the future, [[ButNowIMustGo her mission is fully complete]], and [[StarCrossedLovers there wouldn't be a way for them to really get together]]. [[CryCute She even cries as she explains this to Ami]], who then accepts it and promises to make Junta happy; then Karin, Rurara, and the other people from the future return home.]]. Still Gecko, but makes a little more sense.
* ShoutOut: Mega Playboy mode Junta is very obviously based on the hair Gohan sported in ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' once he hit Super Saiyan level 2. Justified, as Masakazu Katsura is a personal friend of Akira Toriyama and both authors loves to throw jabs at each other on their respective works.
* {{Tsundere}}: ''Both'' Karin (Type B) and Ami (Type A).
* VomitDiscretionShot: Even in the opening credits!