'''''CUTE×GUY''''' is a manga (not yet [[{{Scanlation}} officially]] translated) by Makoto Tateno.

Sumi Takaoka is a [[GenericCuteness generically cute]] girl with a problem, she has a crush on guy -- Mitsuru Sudou -- who [[BuxomIsBetter rumour says prefers buxom]] and [[AloofDarkHairedGirl mature and sexy]] types... everything she isn't. However, she thinks may just be in luck as her MadScientist father has just invented a medicine that he has promised will give her the mature and sexy attributes she desires. So, heart pounding as it it always does when she's near Misturu she downs the formula in one gulp...

...and it transforms her into a [[{{Bishonen}} mature looking, tall, and sexy]]... [[GenderBender man!]] And it will do so now every time her heart races as that was her condition when she drank the medicine and she'll stay male each time she does until the effects have worn off two hours later. On top of all this, her father is not only out of the country but also deeply unhelpful whenever she contacts him as he's more interested in using her as a lab rat for his new medicine (designed to replace sex change operations) and her mother who is a stylist just wants to use her as male model. Also she finds herself aggressively lusted after by [[TheVamp the vampish]] [[HotForStudent school nurse]]. On the plus side Misturu looks up to her male self (who seems to present a more confident front as than she does as herself) and wants to be friends, [[GenderBenderFriendship figuring she'll get to know him better this way]] she decides to become his mentor, acquiring the name Jun Tadano by accident.

Soon other gender benders show up, mostly male-to-female, who have either been similarly conned by her father, or in one case are related to his biggest rival -- all of them with different triggers and one of whom who develops a crush on Sumi.

!!''CUTE×GUY'' provides examples of of the following tropes:

* AbusiveParents: Sumi and Shizuka's fathers force gender dysphoria on their children just to use them as lab rats, and Sumi's mother is more interested in making her daughter dress up as a male model as she wanted a boy anyway.
* AttractiveBentGender: Sumi is your cute but averagely-so-looking shojo lead. Jun on the other hand is tall, toned, and looks older than his years in a good way. Sumi also carries herself better as Jun and seems effortless cool and charming -- then you cut to a (still male) Jun freaking out and wondering why just as he's running off somewhere.
* GenderBender
* GenderBenderFriendship: The main premise for the plot, at least until other gender benders show up.
* [[spoiler:FirstGuyWins]]
* FirstLawOfGenderBending: Despite the main lead being a rare example of a female-to-male gender-bent character who has it as a recurring problem rather than a one-off, most of the other gender-bent people she meets are male to female. The only other female-to-male she meets is cured fairly quickly and [[LaserGuidedAmnesia forgets it ever happened to her]].
* HospitalHottie: Kyoko-sensei, blonde, buxom, sultry and a (in this case school) nurse.
* HotForStudent: Kyoko-sensei, the school nurse, comes on very heavily to Jun even though she initially thinks he is a (older-looking) student. [[spoiler:She soon notices he isn't on the school register, though.]]
* HotForTeacher: Kyoko-sensei is very popular amongst the male students at Sumi's school.
* MadScientist: Sumi's father, and his rival the father of Nishizawa Shizuka.
* MistakenForGay: Whenever Jun is out with Mitsuru giving him "manliness tips" due to the fact that they look like the archetypical {{Seme}} and {{Uke}}, they keep attracting crowds of [[YaoiFangirl fujoshi]].
* SueDonym: This how Jun ends up with his surname. The name Jun is a different reading of the same Kanji as Sumi, but "Tadano" came into play when Kyoko-sensei asked for Jun's full name again and got "Ta da no Jun!" or "It's just Jun!" -- and misheard it as "[[UsefulNotes/NamesInJapanese Tadano Jun]]".
* TheVamp: Kyoko-sensei the school nurse, not only is beloved by the schools male population (most of them anyway) but almost forces herself of Jun/male Sumi until she gets the brush off.
* YaoiFangirl: Small crowds of them flock to Jun and Mitsuru whenever they are out together as the two really look (and act) the part of a {{seme}} and {{uke}}.