[[caption-width-right:250:[[RidiculouslyCuteCritter Ain't she just so cute?]]]]

Originally a ({{seinen}}!) manga series written by Konami Kanata, Chi's Sweet Home is the story of a lost kitten who tries to return home to her mother and littermates, only to be adopted by a couple (the Yamadas) and their young son. However, the apartment complex in which the family lives doesn't allow pets, so a lot of time is spent preventing the landlady and the other tenants from seeing Chi.

The anime is produced by Creator/{{Madhouse}}, and each episode is three minutes long. The episodes correspond to one chapter from the manga. Chi is voiced by Creator/SatomiKoorogi, better known as Menchi of ''Anime/ExcelSaga'' and Umagon/Ponygon from ''Manga/ZatchBell''.

The manga is currently licensed by Vertical, with its first volume released July 2010. Both seasons of the anime were licensed by DiscotekMedia in April 2014.
!!Povides examples of:
* ArtEvolution: Chi's design in the first and second volume looked a little realistic compared to her Anime design which would also be showing up in later volumes starting around volume four.
* AllJustADream: "Cat, Taken Away"
* AnimalReactionShot
* AnimalsHateHim: [[spoiler:Youhei's friend (and the pet store clerk's brother!) Ryu, but he gets better once he gets Chi down from a tree.]]
* BabyTalk: 'Chi-go' ("Chi language"), which is kept in the English manga.
* BattleAura: [[spoiler:Kurono, when his territory is intruded on.]]
* BlandNameProduct: "Nams" cat food for "Iams".
* ButtMonkey: Mr. Yamada.
* CatsAreMean: ''Definitely'' subverted, since Chi's annoyances are presented from her point of view.
* {{Cat Smile}}: From Chi, naturally.
* CatStereotype: Chi fits the "hyperactive" and "friendly" tabby stereotypes, but Kuroino/Blackie doesn't really fit the "black cat" ones. His are [[SubvertedTrope more of a cross between the "orange" and "gray" stereotypes]].
** Also, [[spoiler: Cocchi is very much a black-and-white cat stereotype.]]
* CheerfulChild: Chi and Youhei.
* ChekhovsGunman: In ''New Address'', [[spoiler:Tama sometimes reflected on her little sister, who was separated from her. Chi runs into said sister, Hana, in episode 97 when she's trying to find a way back home. She's living with a couple and is a mother now.]]
* CoolBigSis: [[spoiler:Tama]]
* CuteLittleFangs: Chi has a prominent pair.
* DogsAreDumb: [[spoiler:Eventually subverted with David.]]
* [[FestivalEpisode Festival Arc]]: Episodes 70 to 72 of ''New Address''
* FunSize: [[http://static.minitokyo.net/downloads/21/34/391721.jpg Huge eyes on a tiny kitten.]] [[http://ilarge.listal.com/image/336382/936full-chi%27s-sweet-home-screenshot.jpg Almost creepy when she's excited, as the pupils dilate.]]
* GoodParents: Youhei's parents.
* ImTakingHerHomeWithMe: The pet store clerk towards Chi ''constantly'', even after she learns she has an owner.
* {{Kawaiiko}}: Chi. [[JustifiedTrope She's a kitten.]]
* KindlyVet
* LicensedGame: [[http://www.shopncsx.com/images1/products/detail/chi_sweet_home.jpg Yes, there is a video game based on Chi's Sweet Home which is available for the Nintendo DS.]] [[NoExportForYou But only in Japan]].
* MeaningfulEcho: Chi's statement of [[spoiler: "I can't see him, but he's there!"]] is repeated towards the end of ''New Address''.
* NeverWorkWithChildrenOrAnimals: Chi and Youhei (the Yamadas' son) provide most of the humor.
* NoNameGiven: The pet store clerk.
** A number of the neighborhood cats also remain nameless, despite apparently becoming good friends with Chi.
* NotSoAboveItAll: Alice
* TheObiWan [[spoiler: Kuroino/"Blacky".]]
** [[spoiler:Tama's friends think this of Fuji-san, but he's very much retired.]]
* TheOjou: [[spoiler: Alice]]
* PottyEmergency: Chi doesn't get that her litter box is, well, her ''litter box''. Also, a few instances with Youhei.
** It's interesting to note that the events surrounding this trope is the reason for Chi's name.
* PottyFailure: Youhei around the same time Chi's being litter-trained.
* [[spoiler: PutOnABus: Kuroino/"Blackie". He comes back for a short time as of Episode 100 of ''New Address''.]]
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: The driving focus of the series.
* ScaryShinyGlasses: The landlady, [[spoiler:when referring to the "bear cat" (see Episode 87)]]
* ShoutOut: One of the dolls to camouflage Chi was that of [[PowerpuffGirls Blossom]].
* SmallNameBigEgo [[spoiler: Cocchi, the black-and-white kitten from the manga and OVA.]]
* SugarWiki/SweetDreamsFuel: Little episode length, big time cute.
* TalkingAnimal: Similar to {{Garfield}} in that the cats' mouths don't actually move, except for typical cat noises.
* TallDarkAndSnarky: [[spoiler:Kuroino/"Blacky", who is this in stray tomcat form.]]
* TeamMom [[spoiler: Mike]]
* {{Tsundere}}: [[spoiler:Alice seems like a dignified show cat, but loves chasing after things all the same.]]
* UrineTrouble: Goes with PottyEmergency above.
* ZanyScheme: What Chi's owners have to go through to keep her in their apartment. However, [[spoiler:before they finally decided to keep her, they put out advertisements in the newspaper for a kitten. [[StatusQuoIsGod They don't succeed, though]].]]