-> "An Aries, born on April 18th, blood type A. Popular with girls and a member of the cooking club. I wonder if he has a crush on anyone? This is Minami Hasaki. He's 15 years old... and my younger brother."
-->-- '''Otome Hisaki'''

''Cherry Juice'' is a {{shojo}} manga written and illustrated by Haruka Fukushima (''Manga/InstantTeenJustAddNuts''). Originally published in Japan by Kodansha, the series ran from 2004-2006 in the {{manga}} magazine Nakayoshi. It has been licensed for release in English and German by {{Creator/Tokyopop}}.

Teenaged [[NotBloodRelated siblings by marriage]] Minami and Otome Hasaki spend a lot of time together: they attend the same junior high, are nearly the same age, and even recently have been forced to share a bedroom. Though the pair didn't get along very well when their parents first married five years ago, their relationship has since developed into a strong bond, despite their moments of friendly antagonism. In fact, one could say that they are as close as any brother and sister could hope to be.

However, when Otome begins to date her long-time crush Amane, Minami is forced to realize something that was already quite obvious to some of their friends: that his feelings for his sister run far stronger than familial affection. And as [[LoveTriangle Minami's rivalry with Amane]] heats up, Otome is soon forced to question whether or not she feels the same. Together, the step-siblings must figure out the true nature of their relationship, all the while dealing with the pressures of a jealous boyfriend, meddling relatives and classmates, and societal taboos.
!!Tropes in ''Cherry Juice'' include:

* AlmostKiss: This happens quite often throughout the series, and the kiss is usually interrupted by the sudden unwanted appearance of a friend, relative, or Minami or Otome's conscience.
* BecomingTheMask: Imai get close to Otome to annoy Minami, it gets complicated very quickly.
** [[spoiler:Amane and Naru]] become a BetaCouple to end the LoveTriangle Drama, they remains like that to the end.
* {{Beta Couple}}/{{Lonely Together}}: After feeling heartbroken by Otome, Amane ended up [[IJustWantMyBelovedToBeHappy pulling some string]] [[spoiler:with Naru, it works.]]
** Aiko WANT to be this with Imai, HilarityEnsues. [[spoiler:TheyDo, and Otome is surprised about it.]]
* CensorSteam: A mixture of censor steam and BarbieDollAnatomy is used to cover Minami and Otome in their bath scenes.
* DirtyOldWoman: Otome's grand-mother, who seems to make it her mission to get Minami and Otome together romantically. She also seems to be quite eager to catch her step-grandson in "compromising" situations.
* EmotionlessGirl: Naru, she could even say 'being lovey dovey' with a straight face.
* MrFanservice: Being a shoujo series, the {{fanservice}} is just as likely to center around the male characters as anyone else. In fact, one chapter introduces Minami [[ShirtlessScene half naked]] while eating a popsicle with the line:
--> "''A stylish man... dripping with sweat!''"
* FauxYay: Minami REALLY like to kiss Amane, if only to annoy both Amane and Otome.
* FlirtyStepsiblings: As the series progresses, Minami and Otome often switch between sharing flirtatious romantic moments and BelligerentSexualTension.
* Foreshadowing: In the graduation ceremony[[spoiler:, the one girl that receive the sacred button is Naru.]]
* GenkiGirl: Aiko, in contrast with Naru.
* GratuitousEnglish: Shows up quite frequently, as often a character's clothing will have what looks like random sections of news articles written on it.
* IronicEcho: The Nun said to Otome and Minami to come back next year as a couple, guess what. [[spoiler:[[SubvertedTrope Minami left early and the Nun gave Otome the scarf he forgot to bring]]]].
* JerkassFacade: Minami often uses casual rudeness to mask his true feelings for Otome.
** Amane act uncaring and cold[[spoiler:, and even having an 'affair' with Naru so there's no chance of his relationship with Otome being rebuilt, and he could left her without burden.]]
* LuminescentBlush: Otome sports one of these in the opening pages of the manga, after she awakens to find that she's fallen out of bed on top of her half-naked step-brother.
* MiniatureSeniorCitizens: Otome and Minami's grandmother.
* SailorFuku: The author admits in various {{omake}} that one of the main reasons she wanted to write a school romance manga was that she was obsessed with seeing and drawing school uniforms.
* ShirtlessScene: These happen frequently with Minami, including on the very first page of the manga. See MrFanservice above.
* ThisIsMySide: When grandma's hip injury causes her to move into the household, Minami is forced to sleep on a futon in Otome's room. Their "sides" are differentiated by a thin hanging curtain.
* UnmovingPlaid: Unmoving plaid and polka dot outfits show up quite frequently on the main characters.
* UnresolvedSexualTension: Otome and Minami, in a nutshell.