[[caption-width-right:170: Mako [[spoiler: is more than just a girl]].]]
'''''Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa''''' is a manga by Yui Toshiki.

Hiromi is very excited that her cousin Makoto is coming to stay with her and her mother. Hiromi remembers playing with Mako when they were little and is hoping “he” has grown into a handsome young man. However, when Makoto shows up as a very buxom young woman [[HilarityEnsues it starts of a chain of misunderstandings, secrets and cover-ups]].

This is an {{Ecchi}} manga and features adult situations, explicit sex scenes, and nudity. Some of this is played up as fanservice, but there is a lot of sex tied into the plot as well.
!!The manga includes examples of:

* ADateWithRosiePalms: Mako-chan, which often leads to...
** CaughtWithYourPantsDown: As Hiromi frequently walks in on her.
*** CovertPervert: And then assertively proceeds her molestations of Mako, with contrived reasons like "if you let it build up and have a wet dream, you could...get YOURSELF pregnant! Seems I'll just gave to overcome myself and help you, for your own good," and flustered explanations that she couldn't possibly be doing it out of interests (all to appease her own confusion over her attraction, oblivious of how the constant rejection - in the most intimate of moments, no less - hurts Mako, and makes her already highly unusual view of sexuality progressively more skewed)
* AccidentalDefloration: Hiromi's overly eager molestations in the bathroom lead to a one-in-a-million slip and fall on Hiromi's part. [[spoiler: Hiromi, shocked, stops things from continuing naturally, to the disappointment of the bemused and mostly delighted Mako. This becomes a turning point in their relationship for both, though, unfortunately, of turning away when it comes to Hiromi. Mako, having discovered sex, develops an interest in Hiromi, but in the face of numerous signals of rejection, eventually goes off to seek it elsewhere]].
* ActionGirl: Mako can kick much butt when the need arises.
* AllMenArePerverts: Averted with Hisamatsu, but played straight with his friend Keigo...and Mako.
* AmazonChaser: Keigo suddenly becomes interested in Mako after she beats up a group of muggers trying to steal her mobile telephone.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Runs on the standard Rule of {{Ecchi}} -- nipples are fair game, genitals aren't drawn.
* BerserkButton: Don't call Mako-chan a monster.
* BiTheWay: Both Makoto and the resident Casanova, though the former eventually settles on women, and the latter is basically [[AnythingThatMoves not all that choosy to begin with.]]
* BizarreAlienBiology: [[spoiler:Mako-chan and her "father".]]
* BoldlyComing: Inverted. Here, it is the aliens who initiate "first contact", and not because MarsNeedsWomen.
* BookEnds: It starts and ends with Hiromi opening the door, expecting somebody else, and [[spoiler:being surprised when Mako arrives. The panel layouts and character movements are the exact same as well.]]
* BuxomIsBetter: Most of the guys, [[SchoolgirlLesbians and a few of the girls]] are impressed with Mako-chan's ample chest, which is an F-cup.
* EverybodyWantsTheHermaphrodite: [[spoiler:Mako herself]] seems to prefer girls: she has the thought that the only people who really accepted her as she was were girls. (The two guys she dates don't exactly leave her a great impression of men.)
* GainaxEnding: More of a highly rushed ending, but it does resolve the plot in an almost lightning speed manner that is a little confusing to follow.
** The majority of the series is spent being a kind of SliceOfLife RomanticComedy revolving around how to keep the fact that Mako is a [[spoiler:hermaphrodite]] a secret with a mysterious force in the background. The last few chapters kick in with it being revealed that [[spoiler:Mako is actually an alien, people want her to hold for ransom so they can get alien technology from her father, she then goes back to her father's homeworld, seemingly disillusioned with Earth and gone for good... and suddenly appears, months later, on Hiromi's doorstep in the last few pages, sheepishly but nonchalantly stating she reconsidered just because she realizes that she absolutely ''must'' screw Hiromi properly, no matter what, and nothing else matters.]]
* TheBusCameBack: With a quintessentially alien profession of love. In an oddly fitting, and to her, supremely romantic way.
* GlowingEyesOfDoom: When [[spoiler: Makoto's alien powers kick in.]]
* {{Hermaphrodite}}: [[spoiler:Mako]] has both male and female genitalia.
* [[spoiler:[[HumanMomNonHumanDad Human Mom, Non-human Mom/Dad]]: Mako and her parents.]]
* IfItsYouItsOkay: [[spoiler: aggressively lesbian Kanna's reaction to being deflowered by Mako, commencing an unexpectedly heterosexual-style affair, where Mako consistently boinks her lesbian lover using the ''boy parts'']] and also straight with [[spoiler:Keigo]]. Averted with [[spoiler:Hisamatsu]] who says they're okay with it but when it came down to it... it didn't go as planned.
** On a meta level, Mako's [[spoiler:hermaphroditism]]. Everyone who learns of it accepts it; none of them ever try to out her to the world at large. The ones who struggle most with the concept are, strangely (or perhaps tellingly?) Mako and Hiromi.
*** Complete understanding and eager full mutual acceptance of each other as the curtain falls.
* InterspeciesRomance: [[spoiler:Makoto's parents]]. And to some extent, every romance involving their daughter is that.
* LethalChef: Eating all of Makoto's bentou is a [[DontTryThisAtHome very bad idea]].
* LoveTriangle - subverted: both Hiromi and Mako separately engage in meaningless sex with Hiromi's womanizing ex to push each other away at the worst possible moment and unwittingly hurt each other
* Love Triangle: played straight, though Mako has no clue that it's also serious for poor Kanna.
* AmbiguousInnocence / KidsAreCruel: various bungled attempts to figure out their sexualities inflict pain generously all around, mostly obliviously so, especially coming from the utterly naive Mako (whose unique situation and alien views hardly help), but nearly as much so from Hiromi, whose meticulously constructed wall of denial makes her about as clueless
* [[spoiler: LaserGuidedAmnesia deployed on Mako's decision to leave for her father's world]] makes it all better for everyone except Hiromi, who alone remembers everything. And is deeply traumatized by the experience, having finally started to figure out what was going on and how she felt about it all. [[spoiler: until Mako, who surprisingly understood it all too - albeit in her own way - swaggers onto the final page to blatantly announce that she's back because she realized she left behind something too important for her to be anywhere but her (what else? ...the opportunity to instead be having sex with Hiromi, of course!)]]
* [[spoiler:LukeIAmYourFather: Hiromi's adoptive mother is actually Mako's mother.]]
* MakingLoveInAllTheWrongPlaces: Both Makoto and Hiromi use the nurse's office (not with each other), and Mako also makes use of various other locations around the school with Kanna.
* NotBloodSiblings: Hiromi reminds Makoto that she is adopted -- meaning they are not blood cousins -- but not until after some (accidental) incestuous behavior.
** Though the reveal makes them adoptive ''siblings''... and thus, what, unwitting blood cousins, no? Not that this actually presents any sort of barrier in context of Japanese law or social mores. And all the other extenuating circumstances and unforeseen complications make the whole point highly moot.
* OlderThanTheyLook: Ayame looks like she's about twelve.
* PlayingDoctor: Mako-chan and Hiromi as kids, leading to some amusing misconceptions.
* PornWithPlot
* SchoolgirlLesbians: Kanna, Tamami and [[spoiler:Hiromi, sort of.]]
* [[BrotherSisterIncest Sister Sister Incest]]: [[spoiler: Mako and Hiromi at the very end]], although they are NotBloodSiblings. Or, rather, kinda-blood-related yet siblings by adoption, who couldn't ''exactly'' be sisters anyway. The way it is brought is a bit... [[AssPull sudden]] though.
* TeacherStudentRomance: Mako catches Keigo cheating on Hiromi with one of the school's teachers.
* {{Transsexual}}: [[spoiler:Tomoki, who describes herself as "a girl trapped in a boy's body".]]
* YuriGenre: A good part, if not most of the romances are between girls. Although [[spoiler:Mako]] is [[spoiler:a hermaphrodite]], her female side is clearly predominant [[spoiler:(except during sex)...there's a reason "she" uses 'boku']].