''A Bright Blue Sky'' (original title 晴れゆく空) is a one-shot manga by [[Creator/JiroTaniguchi Taniguchi Jiro]].

A traffic accident takes place at night on a Tokyo expressway: a young man riding a motorcycle collides into a van. The young man, Onodera Takuya, is critically injured and falls into a vegetative state, while the van's driver, Kubota Kazuhiro, dies. Takuya, incredibly, begins to recover, and after a while emerges from what should have been clinical death. Except that he isn't Takuya: in his body now resides the soul of 42-year-old Kazuhiro.

!!Contains examples of:

* FightingFromTheInside: After a while, Takuya's own soul begins to manifest itself again, and struggles with Kazuhiro's for the control of his body.
* GirlNextDoor
* MagicalRealism
* ReincarnationRomance: Kazuhiro, though reincarnated in the body of Takuya, is still in love with his wife.