[[caption-width-right:316:Zeljko Ivanek]]
->''Imagine the lawyer/prosecutor/accountant you'd most dread seeing across the table from you. Okay, got it? It's this guy, isn't it? I know-freaky, right?''

Željko Ivanek is a Slovenian-American actor and graduate of Yale who’s usually the best thing in whatever he’s in. He initially started off typecast as a nice guy, most notably Ed Danvers in HomicideLifeOnTheStreet. Tired of playing good guys, he asked his agent to get him more villainous roles. The agent was more than obliging.

A familiar face on television due to his long-term portrayals of characters such as Governor James Devlin in Oz and Andre Drazen in the first season of Series/TwentyFour, he’s enjoyed a recent profile boost after winning an Emmy for his portrayal of Ray Fiske on the critically acclaimed ''{{Series/Damages}}''. He tends to make even the smallest role somehow memorable, and has had recurring stints on ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', ''TrueBlood'', and ''Series/BigLove'', not to mention his role as a regular on TheEvent. Although the show suffered from many problems, Ivanek was a compelling presence.
* HomicideLifeOnTheStreet as [[NiceGuy Ed Danvers]]
* TheXFiles as [[IdiotSavant Roland Fuller]]
* {{Oz}} as [[SleazyPolitician Governor James Devlin]]
* {{Frasier}} as Dr Arnold Shaw, the pet psychiatrist
* {{Hannibal}} as [[TheDogBitesBack Dr Cordell Doemling]]
* Series/TwentyFour as [[OverlordJr Andre Drazen]]
* Series/ColdCase as [[WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds John Doe]]
* {{Series/Damages}} as [[AmoralAttorney Ray]] [[JerkassWoobie Fiske]]
* Series/JohnAdams as John Dickenson
* Series/{{Heroes}} as [[TheUnfettered Emile Danko]]
* TrueBlood as [[KnightTemplar The Magister]]
* Series/BigLove as [[SmugSnake JJ Percy Walker]]
* TheEvent as [[BadAss Blake]] [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking Sterling]]
* {{Lost}} as [[WorkingWithTheEx Edmund Burke]]
* InBruges as A Canadian Guy
* LawAndOrder as [[MagnificentBastard Philip Swann]]
* MasterHaroldAndTheBoys as Hally (originated the role)
* SevenPsychopaths as [[TheDragon Paulo]]
* BaldOfAwesome
* FakeAmerican: He was born in Slovenia (when it was part of {{Yugoslavia}}), and spent many of his early years there before his family settled in the US and became a citizen.
* HeReallyCanAct: His bigger roles tend to elicit this reaction.
* HeyItsThatGuy: A patron saint of this trope. IMDB lists him in 94 roles, about half of them are brief stints in high-end TV-Series.
* MeanCharacterNiceActor
* OneSceneWonder
* PlayingAgainstType: In [[Series:Heroes]]. Its very rare to see him playing an action heavy role and he played it extremely well.
* SmugSnake: One of the smuggest around and all the better for it.