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[[caption-width-right:250:Since homosexual males are called "gay," homosexual females should be called "ecstatic".]]

''Yuri'' is the Japanese word for "lily", and also refers to a [[QueerRomance sapphic romance]] genre in Japanese media. It can focus either on the sexual or emotional aspects of the relationship. Occasionally, some fans will use the term ''[[FangirlJapanese shoujo-ai]]'' ("girl's love") to distinguish the less explicit works that focus on romance and/or emotions between the characters. Note however that in Japan, ''shoujo-ai'' refers to [[{{Lolicon}} liking little girls]].

Yuri is a genre (or a collection of overlapping genres) distinguished by the use of a set of common tropes and stereotypes. The term "yuri" is sufficiently strongly associated with those tropes and stereotypes that some Japanese lesbian manga fans use a different term, like "bian" (short for lesbian), "Onna x Onna" ("women x women"), or "Onna-doushi" ("women together") for works which are actually by/for lesbian women. Yuri is often an idealized and unrealistic portrayal of lesbian relationships, and is not representative of actual LGBTQ+[[note]]Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+[[/note]] culture and people due to its {{Fluff}} content.

In Japan, yuri is also known as "Girls' Love" ([[GratuitousEnglish in English]]), or GL, a term created in common with the male version, "[[YaoiGenre Boys' Love]]" or BL.

See this [[http://okazu.yuricon.com/2008/03/02/okazu-glossary-of-terms/ short glossary of yuri terms]], as well as Matt Thorn's [[http://www.matt-thorn.com/shoujo_manga/jaws/index.php "What Japanese Girls Do With Manga, and Why"]] essay and the Wikipedia's [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_(genre) "Yuri Genre"]] page, for a bit more context.

There are a few different types of yuri, depending in part on the target audience:

* Yuri for men, "{{seinen}} yuri", tends to emphasize sweetness, femininity, girlishness, innocence, purity, and {{Moe}} generally. It usually has a very romanticized view of what it's like to be a teenage girl. This is in contrast to the standard GirlOnGirlIsHot scenarios (lustful women making out with each other for the viewer's delectation, often mixed with heterosexual content in {{fanservice}}-driven shows) which are usually not considered yuri. Men's yuri typically fetishizes femininity and youthfulness and rarely focuses on long-standing relationships or adult characters, much less LGBTQ culture and social issues.
* Yuri for girls, "{{shoujo}} yuri", may also be hyperfeminine and "pure" but can feature some degree of genderbending or crossdressing, with the {{bifauxnen}} in a more traditionally male role. In either case, it's usually focused on fantasies of female solidarity, idealized femininity and gender transgression, not with lesbian identity, culture or actual life in Japan. [[http://www.japanesestudies.org.uk/articles/2010/Nagaike.html Here's]] an academic essay that discusses the history and looks at some modern stories (warning: one of the images near the end is {{NSFW}})
* Yuri for adult women, "{{josei}} yuri", is usually less stereotyped and fairly realistic, like most fiction aimed at adults. Yuri for lesbians is the most likely to be realistic, and to deal with LGBTQ culture and social issues, but is a very small portion of all yuri produced. As previously noted, some readers use a separate term for "yuri by/for lesbians" to distinguish it from the more common types.

In the past, a disproportionate amount of yuri stories have [[BuryYourGays ended tragically]] or [[HideYourLesbians inconclusively]], but this is changing as more fictional couples are allowed to have happy, committed, and {{canon}} endings.

In yuri, you'll most likely find relationships that play on TomboyAndGirlyGirl or SempaiKouhai dynamics. The first usually emulates a heterosexual couple, while the latter emphasises the difference in maturity between the girls. TeacherStudentRomance is also found, but less commonly than the other two.

This is the genre; couple-specific examples should only be listed below if they're the focus of the series. For yuri-style couples (and unrequited crushes) in other genres, see TokenYuriGirls. Note also that RomanticTwoGirlFriendship (that is, when the yuri relationship doesn't last and the girls involved end up with boys) is a completely different trope. Also see: SlashFic, EveryoneIsGay, and SchoolgirlLesbians.

The [[DistaffCounterpart Spear Counterpart]] of this genre are: {{Yaoi}} (the explicit version of BL) or Shounen-ai/Shonen-ai (the pg-13 version) both targeted towards women, and the BaraGenre, which is targeted towards gay men.

See also our guide on how to SoYouWantTo/WriteAYuriManga.
!!(Sub-)Tropes frequently associated with the genre

* AloofDarkhairedGirl
* BaitAndSwitchLesbians
* {{Bifauxnen}}
* {{Bishoujo}}
* BuryYourGays
* ButchLesbian
* CastFullOfGay
* DiscountLesbians
* DownerEnding
* ElaborateUniversityHigh
* EvenTheGirlsWantHer
* EveryoneIsBi
* FeministFantasy
* FlowerMotifs
* FlowersOfRomance: Specifically, white lilies.
* {{Gayngst}}
* HairContrastDuo
* HasTwoMommies
* HideYourLesbians
* HomoeroticDream
* IfItsYouItsOkay
* ImprobablyFemaleCast
* IntertwinedFingers
* JustFriends
* [[HoYay Les Yay]]
* LipstickLesbian
* LovelyAngels
* MasterOfTheMixedMessage
* {{Moe}}
* OneHeadTaller
* OneeSama
* OneGenderRace
* OneGenderSchool
* PsychoLesbian
* RomanticTwoGirlFriendship
* SchoolgirlLesbians
* SecretRelationship
* SempaiKohai
* SingleTargetSexuality
* SituationalSexuality
* {{Subtext}}
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl
* WholesomeCrossdresser
!!This is a East Asian-only genre. Please limit examples to East Asian and {{Animesque}} media only.


[[folder:Prolific Creators]]
* Shuninta Amano:
** ''The Structural Formula of First Love'' [[index]]
** ''Manga/SweetGuiltyLoveBites''[[/index]]
** ''Yukemuri Sanctuary''
* Eiki Eiki and Taishi Zaou are best known for their BoysLove mangas, so their rare yuri projects show strong influence by yaoi conventions:[[index]]
** ''Manga/HaruNatsuAkiFuyu''
** ''Manga/LoveGeneXX''
* Creator/MiyabiFujieda:
** ''Manga/AmeIroKouchakanKandan''
** ''Manga/IonoTheFanatics''
** ''Manga/TheMikosWordsAndTheWitchesIncantations''
** ''Manga/OtomeiroStayTune''[[/index]]
* Shizuru Hayashiya: [[index]]
** ''Manga/HayateCrossBlade'' plays the girls love up for comedy.
** ''Manga/StrawberryShakeSweet'', a Girls' Love comedy manga about teen idols.[[/index]]
* Shoko Iwami: [[index]]
** ''Manga/{{Kanamemo}}'' is an {{anime}} and a {{Yonkoma}} {{manga}} where the majority of the [[ImprobablyFemaleCast all-female main cast]] are [[CastFullOfGay romantically inclined towards females]].
** ''Manga/FlowerFlower''. A [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses princess]] arrives in a foreign land to marry into their royal family, but rejects her betrothed as soon as he enters the room [[CrossDresser because he's dressed like a woman]]. She instead goes for the other [[{{Bifauxnen}} alleged]] [[SweetPollyOliver prince]]. [[{{Tsundere}} Issues]] [[CultureClash come up]] and HilarityEnsues.
* Creator/MilkMorinaga:
** ''Manga/GirlFriends'' is a modern classic of the genre with loads of {{Gayngst}} and WillTheyOrWontThey for its central pairing.
** ''Manga/KissesSighsAndCherryBlossomPink'' is a collection of stories about the romantic entanglements of the students at a OneGenderSchool.
** ''Manga/TheSecretRecipe'' is of a more comedic bent.
* Creator/AkikoMorishima:
** ''Manga/TheConditionsForParadise'', about a LongDistanceRelationship.
** ''Manga/HanjukuJoshi'', an erotic {{manga}} about a TomboyAndGirlyGirl who explore their first real relationship together.
** ''Manga/TwentyYearOldGirlXThirtyYearOldMaiden'', about a MayDecemberRomance.
* Creator/GoNagai. While not known mainly for it, has proven himself partial to yuri.
** ''Anime/CuteyHoney'' is often very heavy on LesYay. The ''Re: Cutey Honey'' [[OriginalVideoAnimation OVAs]] having the highest amount of LesYay, [[JustFriends almost]] crossing over into the GL zone.
** ''Manga/DevilmanLady'' has a lot of implied and overt yuri dynamics.
* {{Natsuneko}}. Has only written one-shots so far (see full list on her page).
* Kaoru Sudoo. Sadly, seems to have quietly slipped off the radar after ''OKG'' was cancelled.
** ''08.04 AM Daydream''[[index]]
** ''Manga/OtomeKikanGretel'' is an {{ecchi}} series set in an all-girls WizardingSchool.[[/index]]
* Akihito Yoshitomi. Is well-known for his contributions to the genre, though he tends to take weird approaches:[[index]]
** ''Manga/BlueDrop'', although the anime is much less explicit with its Girls' Love than the first and third manga of the series. The second manga ''Tenshi no Bokura'' moves away from Girls' Love, as the focus is on a heterosexual pair.
** ''Sisterism'' is a GL manga about two childhood friends falling in love with each other's little sisters. [[{{Lolicon}} Who are both 12]].[[/index]]
** ''Two and Two'' is a slightly different take on a similar setup, with two schoolgirl roommates discovering their attraction to each other only after they independently start dating older women. Both of whom are childhood friends, so [[LoveDodecahedron it's complicated]]. Also, at least one pairing is into [[PropertyOfLove domination/submission play]].

[[folder:Original Manga]]
* ''Manga/AnoKoNiKisuToShirayuriWo'' ("A Kiss and a White Lily for Her"), a SliceOfLife, light-hearted series following the blooming romances of several couples in an all-girl high school, with the {{Tsundere}} model student Shiramine Ayaka and the BrilliantButLazy Kurosawa Yurine as the main one.
* ''Manga/AoiHana'' is a Girls' Love series that combines SliceOfLife and a LoveDodecahedron.
* ''Manga/BloomerBlueManiacs'', a oneshot comedy yuri work.
* ''Manga/{{Chirality}}'' is a {{seinen}} Girls' Love manga with a {{postapocalyptic}} soft-ScienceFiction setting.
* ''Manga/{{Citrus}}'' is a drama yuri manga of a lover/sister relationship between 2 [[NotBloodSiblings not blood sisters]], one's a gyaru adapting to her new conservative all-girls school looking for a het partner at first, the other an ice queen YamatoNadeshiko with daddy issues.
* ''Manga/CreoTheCrimsonCrises'', a supernatural {{shoujo}}esque Girls' Love manga with a slight cynical edge.
* ''Manga/EbisuSanAndHoteiSan'', a WillTheyOrWontThey story about two [[OfficeLady office ladies]], one of whom is a {{workaholic}} perfectionist and the other a jealous {{tsundere}}.
* ''Manga/FirstLoveSisters'', a {{shojo}} GL manga fairly typical to the genre but still a quality work in its own right.
* ''Manga/GirlXGirlXBoy'', a {{manga}} dealing with a [[TriangRelations type 2]] {{love triangle}} between two girls and a boy.
* ''Manga/GokujouDrops'' is for people who don't think Girls' Love uses {{Seme}}/{{Uke}} enough. Mixed with UnwantedHarem.
* ''Manga/{{Gokujo}}'', that adds comedy and ecchi to the mix.
* ''Manga/{{Gunjo}}'' is a dark and twisted take on the genre.
* ''Manga/HoneyCrush'' is a comedic take on the genre mixed with the supernatural.
* ''Hoshikawa Ginza District 4'', is a TeacherStudentRomance yuri work.
* ''Manga/HuskyAndMedley'' chronicles the budding romance between the eponymous pair of high school students who attend an all girls school, and is supposedly BasedOnATrueStory.
* ''Manga/InugamisanToNekoyamasan'' a manga where people have very good names.
* ''Manga/JunsuiAdolescence'', a {{manga}} that deals mainly with a relationship between a student and [[HotForStudent her school nurse]].
* ''Manga/KannazukiNoMiko'' intertwines a Girls' Love romance with a HumongousMecha + MagicalGirl plot. After [[DemotedToExtra demoting]] Chikane and Himeko to [[SchoolgirlLesbians extras]] in ''Anime/KyoshiroToTowaNoSora'', Kaishaku once again have given them the main role in ''Manga/ZettaiShoujoSeiikiAmnesian'', throwing an AncientConspiracy into the pot.
* ''Manga/KaseSan'' is a fluffy SchoolgirlLesbians manga with a slightly more realistic edge about a TomboyAndGirlyGirl becoming friends and then, slowly, awkwardly, lovers.
* ''Manga/KashimashiGirlMeetsGirl'' has a LoveTriangle involving three SchoolgirlLesbians with the added complication that the main character [[GenderBender used to be a boy]].
* ''Manga/KimochiNoKatachi'', a {{manga}} that mixes self-discovery, young love, and {{gayngst}} with much attention paid to realism.
* ''Manga/KuroganePukapukaTai'' is a love comedy set on a WorldWarTwo-era {{Imperial Japan}}ese warship.
* ''Manga/TheLastUniform''
* ''Manga/{{Lemonade}}''
* ''Manga/LonelyWolfLonelySheep'' is a short story about two girls who happen to have the same name and some serious self-esteem issues.
* ''Manga/LoveMyLife'' is a gentle SliceOfLife story that delves into the gay culture of Japan as it follows the life of a young lesbian who had just come out of the closet.
* ''Maka Maka'' is a yuri {{hentai}} {{manga}} about two college aged girls.
* ''Manga/MangaNoTsukurikata''.
* ''Manga/MayasFuneralProcession'' is another one from the same era as ''Manga/ShiroiHeyaNoFutari''.
* ''Manga/MiyukiChanInWonderland'', basically a LesYay {{Fanservice}} fest.
* ''Manga/{{Murcielago}}'''s protagonist tries to romance just about every girl she meets. Despite having a girlfriend.
* ''Manga/{{Octave}}'', a fairly realistic and mature Girls' Love manga.
* ''Manga/OhanaHoloholo'', another more realistic manga about two adult bisexual women.
* ''Manga/OniisamaE'' is one of the oldest and most influential yuri mangas.
* ''Oniyuri-san and Himeyuri-san'' is about a StudentCouncilPresident [[TomboyAndGirlyGirl and her treasurer]] (who both happen to be school idols) in a secret romantic relationship. [[RedOniBlueOni The title]] [[FlowerMotifs says]] [[HimeCut it]] [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses all]].
* ''Manga/{{Pieta}}'': A {{josei}} {{manga}} that contains a dark psychologic yuri story.
* ''Manga/PoorPoorLips'': A GagSeries YonKoma with surprising depth about the lives of a rich, lesbian employer and her poor employee.
* ''Manga/{{Plica}}'' is a slice-of-life four-panel comic about adult lesbians (so it's not really ''girls''' love, but...)
* ''Manga/{{Prism}}''
* ''Manga/{{Saki}}'' is a yuri {{subtext}} {{Mahjong}} anime that holds the record as the series with the most yuri themed [[LuminescentBlush blushing]]. One interesting note is that the anime plays its Girls' Love up more than the manga.
** ''Manga/SakiAchigaHen''
** ''Manga/SakiShinohayuDawnOfAge''
* ''Manga/SakuraTrick'' Two girls try to keep their friendship unique and special.
* ''Manga/SasamekiKoto'' happily marries relationship angst with school life comedy.
* ''Manga/SatouKashiNoDanganWaUchinukenai'', a [[{{shojo}} shojo manga]] that follows the relationship between a schoolgirl who wishes to rely on no one but herself, and a self-proclaimed mermaid who must find true friendship in one month's time or she will fade away forever.
* ''Manga/ShinozakisanKiWoOtaShikaNi'' About a girl who is in the closet... about being an otaku. And sure, she may have some weird fantasies about her friend Kaede, but that's just because she's so cute it's a crime that she should be an otaku. So Akina must save Kaede from that terrible lifestyle... and maybe get a special thank you when they're alone.
* ''Shiro''
* ''Manga/ShiroiHeyaNoFutari'' is possibly ''the'' first girls' love manga.
* ''Manga/StrayLittleDevil''
* ''Manga/{{Stretch}}'' is a SliceOfLife series about two women living together. After the first few chapters, it becomes clear that their feelings for each other run deep. It's never explicitly stated if they're lovers, but that may only be a matter of time.
* ''Manga/SweetMagicSyndrome''
* ''Manga/TetragrammatonLabyrinth'' where the main couple are [[DemonSlaying demon slayers]] in 20th century UsefulNotes/{{London}}.
* ''Manga/TokimekiMononokeJogakkou'': A highly {{ecchi}} series.
* ''Manga/UnderOneRoof''
* ''Manga/WifeAndWife'' is the {{slice of life}} story of a young lesbian couple who have recently moved in together, serialized in ''[[Magazine/YuriHime Yuri Hime S]]''.
* ''Manga/YokohamaKaidashiKikou'': A main plot element falls into this.
* ''ComicBook/YuriMonogatari'' is not a single manga but an annual anthology of indie yuri works. Also notable for containing yuri manga-style comics produced all over the world (so it's not "manga" in the strictest sense of the word).

[[folder:Original Anime]]
* ''Anime/BattleAthletes'', with the manga being more upfront with its Girls Love than the two anime series.
* ''Anime/CandyBoy'' is a SliceOfLife series revolving around the relationship between [[{{Twincest}} fraternal twin sisters]].
* ''Anime/{{ICE}}'' depicts a {{dystopia}} in which all men have become extinct.
* ''VisualNovel/KoihimeMusou''. Although it started off as a VN with few yuri elements, the anime adaptation turned them UpToEleven and [[AdaptationDisplacement became famous for it]].
* ''Anime/{{Kuttsukiboshi}}'': A drama {{ecchi}} [[OriginalVideoAnimation two-episode-OVA]] about a schoolgirl with [[MindOverMatter telekinetic powers]], who has a [[SchoolgirlLesbians crush]] on her new SecretKeeper friend.
* ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena'' is possibly the most famous Girls' Love series, even though the series itself [[HideYourLesbians never goes beyond hints]]; TheMovie is less ambiguous...[[MindScrew well, at least about its Girls' Love]].
* ''Anime/{{Simoun}}'' is set InAWorld where everyone younger than 17 is female.
* ''Anime/SteelAngelKurumi2'', a HaremAnime with a female harem lead and a small entirely female harem.
* ''VisualNovel/YamiToBoushiToHonNoTabibito''. Originally a VisualNovel, but it was the anime that brought the yuri subplot to the forefront. The VN has since suffered AdaptationDisplacement.
* ''Anime/YuriKumaArashi'', an anime by KunihikoIkuhara about bears who have risen up to eat humans and two bears who infiltrate as schoolgirls and are very keen to [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything eat girls]]. Has ''very'' strong yuri elements - the first minutes of the show involve the protagonist declaring her love for her girlfriend, and the OP is filled with images of happy girls hugging while naked.

[[folder:Original Light Novels]]
* ''LightNovel/MariaSamaGaMiteru'' is about {{Romantic Two Girl Friendship}}s between students in an all-girls high school. Though none of the relationships go past {{subtext}} (with one exception in the backstory), it is nevertheless iconic of the yuri genre.
* ''LightNovel/StrawberryPanic'' is set at a cluster of three girls' schools populated [[strike:largely]] entirely by SchoolgirlLesbians.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/EmbricOfWulfhammersCastle'', a rare EasternRPG example.
* Not necessarily one but ''VideoGame/{{Neptunia}}'' is what happens when [[BishoujoGenre all your]] [[WorldOfActionGirls party members are female]]. The subtext between Neptune and Noire is a good starting point. As of the second game (where, case in point, Nepgear obliviously acquires an UnwantedHarem), they've started referring to your party's RelationshipValues as Lily Points.
** ''VideoGame/HyperdevotionNoireGoddessBlackHeart'' trades in subtlety for power-up kisses between your all-female units. (Called Lily Boost.)

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* ''VisualNovel/AkaiIto'' is a Girls' Love VisualNovel with a heavy fetish for [[LesbianVampire vampirism]] and also goes very deep into Japanese mythology.
* ''VisualNovel/{{Amaranto}}'' is also all about vampires (and schoolgirl lesbians).
* ''VisualNovel/AoiShiro'': The semi-sequel to ''AkaiIto'' which takes place in the same universe.
* ''VisualNovel/AtlachNacha''
* ''VisualNovel/LimitPanic''
* ''VisualNovel/MaidenPanic''
* ''Solfege: Sweet Harmony''
* ''Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo'' (pictured above) is presently considered the definitive Girls' Love {{Eroge}} series and the series has had a {{hentai}} {{OVA}} based on it released.

* The manga ''Manga/{{Claudine}}'', written by OniisamaE's author RiyokoIkeda, is often classified as YuriGenre. However, [[AvertedTrope this is a mistake]]. The main character, Claudine de Montesse, is actually {{Transsexual}}: he is female-bodied but identifies as a man, and searches for female love interests. (And is referred to as such by other characters: for instance his UnluckyChildhoodFriend Rosemarie says that Claudine is "a true man, given a woman's body"). Therefore, it'd be technically incorrect to classify ''this'' particular manga as yuri; although homosexuality and transsexuality are both LGBTQ issues, they are very different ones and, whilst they ''can'' overlap, it's not always the case.
* ''Manga/StellarRangerDarkStar'' has the main romance and love triangle in the story fall between three {{Magical Girl}}s.