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[-[[caption-width-right:350: [[ComicallyMissingThePoint What's wrong with bringing]] [[AxCrazy death and destruction?]]]]-]

->'''Kingpin:''' You're a madman.
->'''Bullseye''': ''I kill people for a living. What did you expect?''
-->-- ''[[ComicBook/ThePunisherMAX Punisher MAX]]''

A stock phrase typically spoken at the climax of a story.

The hero confronts the villain, especially one they [[TheMole used to trust]] before their [[FaceHeelTurn true colours]] were revealed about their actions. During the confrontation, the villain [[IDidWhatIHadToDo eagerly justifies]] the evil acts they've done with [[InsaneTrollLogic repugnantly twisted logic]] that is [[KickTheDog devoid of any trace of humanity or ethics]] and is often about to commit his [[MoralEventHorizon supreme atrocity]] with a [[SlasherSmile wild grin]]. The [[HeroicResolve hero reacts with outrage]] at this depraved justification with "You're insane!" and instantly [[ShutUpHannibal attacks]] to stop him.

Sometimes "mad," "crazy,", "out of your mind", or "sick in the head" may be substituted for "insane," but the nature of the trope is the same.

Another heroic staple is this being one hero's response to another's proposal of a ZanyScheme - in which case the counterpoint is obviously, "CrazyEnoughToWork!"

A villainous [[TheMadHatter lunatic]] may well [[InsultBackfire agree with you]]. A MadScientist will often retort that "TheyCalledMeMad" Sometimes you can even say this to the villain when he's suffering a VillainousBreakdown. Some characters might throw back "I prefer the term..." followed by an adjective that they think best describes them. As a matter of fact, some {{Smug Snake}}s, {{Villain Sue}}s, or even {{Magnificent Bastard}}s can go so crazy during their breakdowns that other characters love hitting them with this. Sometimes the character will have indicated that he's considered the accusation against himself already, and deciding it really doesn't matter, often with an "Am I?" statement.

If a villain's henchman is giving the "You're Insane!" speech, it's often because what the villain is planning was [[NotWhatISignedOnFor not what he or she signed on for]].

Contrast AfterActionVillainAnalysis for when the hero psychoanalyzes a villain after the fact.

See YouMonster for when a hero is outraged less at the sanity of the villain and more at the vileness of them, or ThisIsUnforgivable when a hero is outraged at the terribleness of the villain's atrocities.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In ''Anime/CodeGeass'', at the end of the second series, Cornelia says this to Schneizel after he announces his plan to [[spoiler:nuke all of his enemies, not just Lelouch, into submission and calls himself a god.]]
** Schniezel says this to Charles in Manga/CodeGeassNightmareOfNunnally as Charles [[spoiler:has him arrested as part of his plan to bring about his AssimilationPlot]]. Charles responds that in his view, the world is insane.
* Some mooks from ''Anime/GunXSword'' do this to The Claw. Ironically, their reasons for doing this are wrong.
* ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' has this, with a [[ChurchMilitant Catholic fundamentalist]] (who isn't much better himself) saying it to the Nazi BigBad. His response? "If your God would allow my insanity to spread across the globe, then, wouldn't it seem you to that any God like that would be just as insane?"
* Sasuke says this to Itachi in ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''.
** As does Naruto himself to Gaara.
** In the english dub during their battle at the Valley of the End Naruto says "You're crazy, Sasuke!"
** Kin said it first to Shikamaru. He replies with "makes it kinda interesting, doesn't it?"
** Everyone at the Kage Summit says this to [[spoiler:Tobi]] after he told them [[AssimilationPlot his plan]], then ''he'' says it to [[spoiler:Kabuto after he revives the real Madara]].
* ''Manga/PokemonSpecial'': The current page image. "LANCE, IT'S INSANE!!" *sigh* Oh, Lance. You've pissed off [[SuperweaponSurprise Yellow]]. ''[[BewareTheNiceOnes Probably]]'' [[SuperEmpowering not a great idea]].
* In ''Lightnovel/FullMetalPanic!'' (especially notable in the novels), Sousuke is shown to get incredibly confused as to ''why'' Gauron [[AxCrazy acts the way he does]]. His bewilderment is shown to increase as Gauron's [[InterplayOfSexAndViolence blood lust]] and [[StalkerWithACrush incredibly gay flirting]] get more and more [[{{Anvilicious}} blaring and overt]]. And at the end of each time he wonders this, he repeatedly comes to this conclusion: Gauron is insane. There is no rational explanation for why he does what he does. And then he proceeds to [[ShutUpHannibal beat the shit out of him]].
* Koji says this to Cherubimon in the dub of ''Anime/DigimonFrontier''. Cherubimon replies, "Yes, perhaps I am."
* ''Manga/FutureDiary'': Yukki to Yuno in chapter 54.
* ''Anime/SonicX'': Knuckles tells Sonic to use the emeralds, but Sonic doesn't have the emeralds anymore, saying he was forced to send them away to get the Metarex that attacked him to go away. Knuckles screams at Sonic, "ARE YOU CRAZY!?!? WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO!?!?".
* Edward calls Kimblee insane in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' when the latter explains his worldview to him.
* Kazuya from ''Manga/{{Freezing}}'' gives one to [[spoiler: Louis when Louis claims Satellizer as his property.]]
* From the Streamline dub of ''Anime/TheCastleOfCagliostro'':
-->'''Lupin''': We have to go back now and pick up the princess.\\
'''Zenigata''': WHAT?! Are you out of your mind!\\
'''Lupin''': I thought you knew that!
* From ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' when Piccolo calls out Cell for absorbing many people before getting into Androids 17 and 18.
-->'''Piccolo''': What do you mean? It's not your power! You stole it by taking the lives of innocent people!\\
'''Cell''': What? Fool. Stole it? They're part of greatness now. I've given them all a purpose.\\
'''Piccolo''': You're ''nuts''.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', Renji screams this to Ichigo when he decides the best way to deliver Rukia down to him is to throw her down a great height. After he barely manages to catch her, he screams to Ichigo that he's an idiot.
* The title character of ''Anime/SpeedRacer'' has this reaction to Mr. Fastbucks' plan to destroy the world's entire oil supply so that humanity would have to rely on this train lines for transport.
-->'''Speed:''' You're the most dangerous man I've ever met and you're wacky!
* From ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'', [[PsychoForHire Ladd Russo]] gets this from his uncle, after killing two of said uncle's men [[ForTheEvulz for no reason]]. Humorously, given the fact that Ladd [[ButForMeItWasTuesday does this stuff all the time]] and his uncle is [[TheDon also a criminal]], it comes off less as a shocked reaction and more as an exasperated observation.
-->'''Placido Russo:''' You're a freak! [[EvenEvilHasStandards Homicidal lunatics think you're a nutcase!]]\\
'''Ladd Russo:''' [[InsultBackfire Your attempts at flattery are so ham-handed!]]

* ComicBook/TheJoker is not immune to this, or averse to employing InsultBackfire:
-->'''Robin:''' You're out of your mind, Joker!\\
'''Joker:''' Gloriously so. Isn't it wonderful?
** Another ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' example:
--->'''Batman:''' You're insane.\\
'''Joker:''' Has it really taken you this long to notice?
* The current page quote comes from ComicBook/ThePunisherMAX where Wilson Fisk utters this to newly hired hitman Bullseye. More or less summing up his first impressions of him.
* In ''ComicBook/RedRobin'' Tam Fox accuses Tim of being crazy after she's kidnapped by the League of Assassins and his infiltration of the group makes her think he's an assassin as well. He doesn't really correct her about his mental state but he does make it clear he's not a killer or on the League's side.
* In the Franchise/SpiderMan novel trilogy ''[[Literature/SinisterSixTrilogy Revenge of the Sinister Six]]'', Spider-Man calls [[BigBad The Gentleman]], a novel-only villain, insane. [[CardCarryingVillain The Gentleman retorts that he's not insane at all -- "just evil."]]
* In Franchise/{{Superman}} story arc ''Comicbook/KryptonNoMore'', super-villain Radion gets this reaction from Superman when he explains his master plan: he wants to cause a meltdown in all the world's nuclear reactors because he thinks the resulting Armageddon will lead man to the next level of evolution. Many will die. Many will become twisted mutations, but some will become supermen. And he will rule them. Superman's reaction is understandable:
-->'''Superman:''' Great Galaxies... The man's '''INSANE!'''
* In ''Comicbook/SupermanVsTheAmazingSpiderMan'', When Comicbook/DoctorOctopus finally discovers Comicbook/LexLuthor's real goal [[spoiler:-destroying the world-]] he blurts out: "Dear Lord — He's mad!"
* In ''ComicBook/SinCity: A Dame to Kill For'' Dwight calls Ava insane after [[spoiler:she reveals her having manipulated him into murdering her husband for her]]. Ava's retort sums up very well where this trope can fall flat.
-->'''Dwight:''' You're insane!\\
'''Ava:''' Insane? HA! That's so easy, so convenient -- and so wrong. Crazy people push shopping carts down the streets and talk nonsense. Crazy people sit in padded cells and soil their pants. A madwoman couldn't have pulled this off. No. There's a word for what I am, but nobody uses it anymore. Nobody wants to see the simple truth. If they did, they'd kill people like me as soon as we revealed ourselves. But they don't. They close their eyes and blather about psychology and say nobody is truly evil. That's why I've won. That's why I always win.
* The ''Film/{{Transformers}}'' live-action movie follow-up comic ''Reign of Starscream'' had this chilling exchange [[spoiler:right before Starscream murders her]]:
-->'''Elita-One:''' You're insane!\\
'''Starscream:''' No... I'm ''in charge''.
* Used in ''ComicBook/{{Nextwave}}'', but the BigBad's logic doesn't even try to make sense.
* In an issue of "ComicBook/TheTick" comic, the art-themed villain The Impressionist is called crazy by his roommate. (At the time, the Impressionist was trying to eat a paint omelet.) Impressionist's restort?
-->"I am not crazy! I am an artist! Was Michelangelo crazy? Was Renior crazy? ''Was Van Gogh crazy?'' OK, bad example, but still.."
* From ''ComicBook/XMen'', in a side-story to the ''ComicBook/AvengersVsXMen'' crossover, in response to a MotiveRant:
-->'''Colossus:''' You're insane.\\
[[spoiler:'''[[ComicBook/IllyanaRasputin Illyana]]:''' Oh, thank you! Thank you! I knew eventually you'd understand.]]
* From ''ComicBook/SonicTheComic'' Robotnik's right hand man Grimer says this to Robotnik after Chaos absorbs the Chaos Emeralds;
-->'''Robotnik''': I keep on telling you, Grimer, my faithful fool... I don't have a plan. This is the end for us all!
-->'''Grimer''': You're... you're mad...
-->'''Robotnik''': So what?
* ''ComicBook/JudgeDredd'':
** In "The Day the Law Died", the mad-as-a-nuthouse [[TheCaligula Chief Judge Cal]] is called out on being an insane dictator numerous times. He was liberal with the death sentence to anyone who brought this up.
** When the formerly-human Judge Death [[SelfMadeOrphan executed his own mother]] by hurling her off a cliff, she shrieked that he'd gone completely mad. When he carried out the deed, she changed her accusation to YouMonster.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries''
** Yami uses a variant of this line completely deadpan when faced with Melvin.
-->'''Yami:''' Look, we're not intimidated by your silly behavio--\\
'''Melvin:''' I AM THE KING!\\
'''Yami:''' ... [[Film/MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail You're a loony.]]
** [[TheChick Téa]] says this to [[EverythingsBetterWithPenguins Crump]] after finding out that [[TakeThat he created]] ''VideoGame/VivaPinata.''
** In one of the Marik's Evil Council Videos:
---> "What! No card games?!? YOU'RE INSANE! . . . I mean, more insane than the rest of us . . ."
** Also spoofed in the related music video ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NacuNgwu9I4 Villain]]'', which is a spoof on the song ''Hero'':
--->'''Melvin:''' Am I insane? Have I crossed the line? Well, that's a good question! Let me ask your friends... ''Oh wait, I murdered them!''
* ''FanFic/JewelOfDarkness'': Robin says this to Midnight when she unveils the Chronoton Detonator at the end of the first arc. [[InsultBackfire She doesn't care]] [[spoiler: mostly because the thing's a fake.]]
* In the Nanoha fanfic Infinity, this is Amaterasu's reaction when she realizes that Nanoha is about to detonate a few tons of magic-laced rock and debris.
-->'''Amaterasu:''' Young lady, are you completely insane?
* Socrates says this to [[MadScientist Dr.]] [[HarmlessVillain Brainstorm]] in ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesTheSeries'', though in a more exasperated manner than shocked.
* Applejack shouts this at Twilight in ''Fanfic/PagesOfHarmony'' before she is put under ElectricTorture when she learns that Twilight's killing her friends to extract their Elements and preserve harmony.
* In chapter 2 of ''FanFic/WizardOfShips'', [[WebAnimation/{{RWBY}} Jaune]] accuses Ozpin of this. (Ozpin's response can be simplified as: "Perhaps, but ''I'm right.''")
* In ''Fanfic/FriendshipIsMagicalGirls'', this is the general reaction from all parties when it's discovered that Sunset Shimmer has [[spoiler: absorbed the magic of one of the Lunar Seals, thus increasing her own power at the cost of weakening [[SealedEvilInACan Luna's prison]].]]
** This is also Twilight's reaction when she realizes that Gilda is planning [[HereWeGoAgain to do basically the same thing.]]
* ''Fanfic/MegamiNoHanabira:'' [[{{Ojou}} Yuuna's]] reaction to [[TheSocialDarwinist Naito's]] ultimate plan: to distribute the Demon Summoning Program to every man, woman and child and turn everything into a giant, violent free-for-all with the world itself as the prize is to gawk in dumbstruck horror before..
-->'''Yuuna:''' [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness You're mad. You're stark raving mad, that's what you are! You're INSANE!]]
* In ''Fanfic/TheUltimateEvil'', a variation of this trope is included when Shendu comments to Valerie that she seems well when they first meet after his [[NotQuiteDead supposed death]].
-->'''Valerie''': Considering I was kidnapped by an evil and insane demon, I think I'm recovering well.
-->'''Shendu''': I may be spiteful and vindictive, but far from insane.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Antz}}'', when Princess Bala learns that the true purpose of General Mandible's Mega-Tunnel project is [[spoiler:to [[DepopulationBomb wipe out the worker ants, along with the current queen]], so that he can rebuild a new warrior-based colony, with Bala as the queen]]:
-->'''Princess Bala:''' You're crazy!\\
'''General Mandible:''' ''(smiles and replies calmly)'' I believe [[WrittenByTheWinners history will see things differently]].
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie'' gives us this:
-->'''EPA Agent:''' Sir, I think you've gone mad with power.\\
'''Russ Cargill:''' Of course I have. Have you ever gone mad ''without'' power? It's boring, no one listens to you!
* In ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueCrisisOnTwoEarths'', we have Batman saying it to [[EvilTwin Owlman]]. His response?
-->"[[StrawNihilist Does it really matter?]] [[ExpendableAlternateUniverse There are alternate versions of me that you would find quite charming.]]"
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheHobbit'' (animated), Bilbo gives a KirkSummation to Thorin who is possessed by GoldFever.
-->'''Bilbo:''' This is madness! 14 against 10,000?\\
'''Thorin:''' Your kind will never understand... [[PunctuatedForEmphasis This is WAR! WAAAAAR!]]
* In ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'', Ratigan gets this from a crutch-using old man who is not happy with the fact that one of the most notorious criminals in the country has been announced as the queen's royal consort and has announced a tax on the elderly and infirm, among other things. Ratigan responds by [[KickTheDog snatching the old man's crutch, saying "I have the power!" and breaking it in half]].
* In ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'', the villains strangely love using this. They think Maurice is crazy just because he's a genius, and when he rants about a hideous, monstrous beast having "captured" his daughter Belle, they think he's just raving like a lunatic. Later, when Belle proves her father sane by showing everybody what the Beast looks like and telling them that he's changed to a kind and gentle soul, Gaston ponders how Belle could possibly fall in love with such a monster. Belle responds that the Beast isn't the one who's the monster - [[YouMonster the real monster, as Belle points out, is none other than Gaston himself]]. Upon hearing that response, Gaston just [[VillainousBreakdown snaps]]. His response? "She's as crazy as her father!" Cue his resolve for everybody to kill the Beast and [[VillainSong The Mob Song]] being played after that.
* Jenny says this to Martin in ''WesternAnimation/TheSecretOfNIMH 2''. His response? "Ah, thank you."
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBraveLittleToaster'': Kirby the vacuum cleaner says this to Toaster after he announces his plans to venture into the city to find their human master. He says it moments later to the rest of the appliances (prompted by a bizarre remark from Radio; ItMakesSenseInContext but the context isn't quite there yet).
-->'''Toaster:''' We're going out to find The Master!
-->'''Blankey and Lampy:''' WHAT?!
-->'''Kirby:''' Oh, come off it. Be serious.
-->'''Toaster:''' I am serious!
-->'''Kirby:''' You're insane!
-->'''Radio:''' Why, if only we were all wiener dogs, our problems would be solved!
-->(Everyone turns to stare at him)
-->'''Toaster:''' ...What?
-->'''Radio:''' Or maybe it was a basset hound...
-->'''Kirby:''' ''(Backs up in fear)'' You're ALL insane!
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Hoodwinked}}'', Red Puckett retorts "You're crazy!" to Boingo as his right hand henchman [[TheAhnold Dolph]] is tying her up with ropes. He replies, "Maybe, but I'm top of the woods now, baby!" Cue "[[VillainSong Top of the Woods]]".
* In ''WesternAnimation/QuestForCamelot'', this happens after Ruber reveals his plan to coerce Juliana into sneaking his band of marauders into Camelot.
-->'''Juliana:''' You're mad!\\
'''Ruber:''' I'm '''so''' glad you noticed. I've been working at it for years! ''(cue VillainSong)''
* In ''Disney/TheRescuers'', when Bernard and Bianca overhear Medusa's plan to use Penny (the orphan girl they're trying to rescue) to get the Devil's Eye (a valuable jewel), Bianca whispers to Bernard that "she's insane; utterly mad!".
* In ''Rockin' with Judy'' ''[[WesternAnimation/TheJetsons Jetson]]'', Judy does this when Felonia Funk tells her about her plan to destroy all [[CensorshipBySpelling "M-U-S-I-C"]].
-->'''Judy''': You're mad!
-->'''Felonia''': [[InsultBackfire Thank you]].
* [[Disney/RobinHood Disney's Robin Hood]] has a variation in which Sir Hiss does this during Prince John's VillainousBreakdown, but isn't directed at John himself:
-->'''Sir Hiss''': He's gone stark raving '''''MAD!!!!!'''''

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Captain Jack Sparrow in the ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' films gets this a lot.
** One time was when he attempts to escape from Lord Beckett's ship in ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd'' by [[spoiler:blasting its mast down with a cannon and riding its rigging]] back to the ''Black Pearl''. When Beckett sees this, he tells Jack ''"You're mad."'' To which Jack replies "Thank goodness for that, because if I wasn't, this would probably never work."[[note]]In classic Sparrow fashion, it ''does'' work... and as revealed moments later, it worked without a drop of rum in his system.[[/note]]
** His madness is not always considered a bad thing, as seen in this exchange between Anamaria and Gibbs in ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanTheCurseOfTheBlackPearl'' after Gibbs and Elizabeth have agreed on an unconventional battle plan:
--> '''Anamaria:''' "You're daft, lady! You both are!"
--> '''Gibbs:''' "Aye, daft like Jack."
* ''Film/{{Constantine}}'' says this to the BigBad of the movie verbatim after hearing their plan.
--> '''Constantine:''' (out of breath) [[spoiler: Gabriel...]] you're insane.
* A lot of people say this to Dr. Putrid T. Gangrene in ''Film/AttackOfTheKillerTomatoes'', but he does [[BerserkButton NOT like being called mad.]] HE IS NOT MAD. A little angry sometimes, yes, but ''not'' mad!
* In the movie ''Film/{{Sneakers}}'', Cosmo explains his plan to crash the entire world's monetary record-keeping systems to his old friend Martin. Bemused, Martin asks him, "You haven't gone crazy on me, have you?" Cosmo smiles: "Who else is gonna save the world, Marty? Greenpeace?" Disappointed and somewhat spooked, Martin concludes, "You ''are'' crazy." (This turns out to be the Wrong Thing to say.)
* ''Film/{{Speed}}'' has a pretty good comeback to this, after the villain gets his hands on the million dollar ransom.
-->'''Jack:''' You're crazy. You're fucking crazy!\\
'''Payne:''' No! ''Poor'' people are crazy, Jack! I'm ''eccentric''!
* Creator/JohnWoo's ''[[Film/BrokenArrow1996 Broken Arrow]]'' does it as well.
-->'''Hale:''' You're out of your mind.\\
'''Deakins:''' Yeah. Ain't it cool?
* Inverted in ''Film/FightClub''. The Narrator says this to Tyler Durden, who corrects him: "No, YOU'RE insane." [[spoiler:It's pretty accurate, seeing as Tyler is the Narrator's split personality, and his physical presence in the movie is a hallucination.]]
* ''Film/ThreeHundred'':
** A minor villain uses a variant of this on the protagonist.
** "Madman... you're a madman!"
--->'''Messenger:''' This is blasphemy! '''This is madness!'''\\
'''Leonidas:''' Madness? '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis THIS! IS! SPARTA!!!]]'''
* Film/JamesBond is fond of this, using cutting but accurate remarks to [[ShutUpHannibal shut villains down]] and chew them out on their insanity whenever they give {{Hannibal Lecture}}s about his flaws. Being Bond, he is witty enough to have a number of variations:
** ''Film/DrNo'':
--->'''Bond:''' World domination. Same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who [[NapoleonDelusion think they're Napoleon]]. [[AGodAmI Or God]].
** ''Film/FromRussiaWithLove'':
--->'''Bond:''' (to Red Grant) Tell me, which lunatic asylum did they get you out of?
** ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}'':
--->'''Bond:''' Beautiful place Goldfinger has here.
--->'''[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Pussy Galore]]:''' Yes, I'm glad you're enjoying it.
--->'''Bond:''' Too bad it all has to end tomorrow morning (turns and looks at her). He's quite mad, you know.
** ''Film/GoldenEye'': Bond gives a KirkSummation to Janus/[[spoiler:Alec Trevelyan aka 006]] on his plot to ruin the world, though [[spoiler:006]] [[ShutUpKirk chews him out]] on his FailureHero tendency to lose allies on missions, his FatalFlaw for women, and clinging on to outdated ideals.
--->'''Bond''': A worldwide financial meltdown... and all so mad little [[spoiler:Alec]] can settle a score with the world 50 years on.
--->[[spoiler:'''Trevelyan''']]: Oh ''please'' James, spare me the Freud! I might as well ask if all those vodka martinis silenced the screams of all the men you've killed... [[TheCasanova or if you find solace in the arms of those willing women]], [[CartwrightCurse for all the dead ones you failed to protect.]]
** When Bond accuses media mogul Elliot Carver of insanity in ''Film/TomorrowNeverDies'', he replies: "The distance between insanity, and genius, is measured only by success."
** ''Film/{{Spectre}}'': Using PsychologicalProjection, Franz Oberhauser/[[spoiler:Ernst Stavro Blofeld]] claims that he and [[spoiler:C]] are "visionaries", alongside giving a NotSoDifferent HannibalLecture to 007. But Bond, aware that he and [[spoiler:C]] are nothing more than insane loons, [[ShutUpHannibal retorts that both of them are deranged]], in an homage to Bond's quote to Film/DrNo regarding world domination. "Psychiatric wards are full of them."
** In the book ''Literature/{{Moonraker}}'', Hugo Drax has Bond tied up at the base of his rocket to be incinerated during its launch. Bond takes the opportunity to recount Drax's life as he's gathered the info, in all its ugly, humiliating detail, to conclude how it's made him such a mental case. Bond's intent is to enrage Drax enough to overlook what Bond needs to escape.
** Creator/WoodyAllen disavowed himself heavily from the 1967 ''Film/CasinoRoyale1967'', but this exchange with captive 007 (The Detainer played by Daliah Lavi) sure has his stamp:
-->'''007:''' You're crazy -- you're actually crazy!\\
'''Jimmy Bond:''' They called Einstein crazy!\\
'''007:''' That's not true; no-one ever called Einstein crazy!\\
'''Jimmy Bond:''' ... well, they would have if he'd carried on like this.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
** In ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier'', Kirk tells the ostensible villain, Sybok: "You are mad." Sybok looks genuinely uncertain when he replies "Am I?"
** In ''Film/StarTrekFirstContact'', Data tells the Borg Queen "To believe oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind."
* ''Film/TheWickerMan1973''
-->'''May Morrison:''' Can I do anything for you, Sergeant?\\
'''Sgt. Neil Howie:''' No, I doubt it, seeing as [[TownWithADarkSecret you're all]] ''raving'' mad!
* From 1989's ''Film/{{Batman}}'', as ComicBook/TheJoker menaces Vicki Vale:
-->'''Vicki:''' You're insane!\\
'''ComicBook/TheJoker:''' ''(smoothly)'' I thought I was a Pisces...
** Even Batman gets a watered down version of this when speaking to Vale about the Joker:
--->'''Vicki:''' I might have some trouble with that. A lot of people think you're as dangerous as the Joker.
--->'''Batman:''' He's psychotic.
--->'''Vicki:''' A lot of people say the same thing about you.
--->'''Batman:''' What people?
--->'''Vicki:''' I mean, let's face it. You're not exactly normal, are you?
--->(DeathGlare from Batman.)
--->'''Batman:''' It's not exactly a normal world, is it?
** Earlier in the same film, one of the Mob Bosses, Vinnie Ricorsco, denounced Jack Napier as such after the latter [[ElectricJoybuzzer lethally electrocuted]] Antoine Rotellei as his gang entered, and joking about his demise.
-->'''Jack Napier / ComicBook/TheJoker:''' ({{laughing|Mad}}) Antoine got a little hot under the collar. ({{laugh|ingMad}}s)
-->'''Vinnie Ricorsco:''' You're crazy.
-->'''Jack Napier/The Joker:''' Haven't you heard of the healing power of laughter? ([[LaughingMad laughs]] while wiping his "skin" off to reveal a pale, clownlike skin underneath the forehead.) NOW GET OUTTA HERE!!
** Then there's the Joker, before TheReveal, screaming at his boss Carl Grissom: "You set me up over a woman. '''''A WOMAN!''''' ''(darkly)'' You must be insane." However, Grissom actually seemed crazier than pre-Joker Jack.
* ComicBook/TheJoker gets this again in ''Film/TheDarkKnight''. This time his reply is a very firm "No. I'm ''not''.", as this version of the Joker has a very clear and focused objective. Towards the end he more or less concedes that he might be crazy, but only as crazy as [[NotSoDifferent Batman himself]]. And Dent. And the army of lunatics [[{{Foreshadowing}} he predicts will be joining them in the mad house]].
* Lampshaded a bit in ''Film/SupermanReturns'':
-->'''ComicBook/LexLuthor:''' C'mon, let me hear you say it, just once.\\
'''Lois Lane:''' You're insane.\\
'''Luthor:''' NO! Haha, no, not that, the ''other'' thing.\\
'''Lois:''' Superman will never--\\
'''Luthor:''' [[MemeticMutation WRONG!!!]]
* ''Film/BatmanVSupermanDawnOfJustice'':
-->'''Lois Lane:''' You're psychotic.\\
'''Lex Luthor:''' That is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds.
* ''Film/StreetFighter'': This is M. Bison's BerserkButton. Twice, other people make the mistake of openly questioning his sanity, but for different reasons, Bison can't afford to kill either of them (in Dhalsim's case, he was [[CantKillYouStillNeedYou still needed alive]] to finish the Blanka project, while Sagat had too many of his own lackeys with him).
* In ''Film/{{Bedazzled 1967}}'', Stanley is initially skeptical that George is the Devil as he claims to be.
-->'''Stanley''': You're a nut case, you're a bleeding nut case!
-->'''George''': They said the same of Jesus Christ, Freud, and Galileo.
-->'''Stanley''': They said it of a lot of nut cases too!
* In ''Film/{{Enchanted}}'', when Narissa in dragon form [[spoiler: grabs Robert and takes him to the top of the tower - erm, Woolworth Building,]] he shouts, "You're crazy!"
--> '''Narissa''': No; spiteful, vindictive, very large, but NEVER crazy.
* In the documentary ''My Best Fiend'', director Werner Herzog recalls one incident with actor Creator/KlausKinski:
-->'''Kinski:''' "You've become a megalomaniac!"
-->'''Herzog:''' "Then now there are two of us."
* In the American dub of ''Film/CurseOfTheGoldenFlower'', this line is said verbatim by the emperor to his youngest son who just stabbed the crown prince.
-->'''Prince:''' Give the throne to me now! I want it all! He can rot in hell!
-->'''Emperor:''' You're insane!
* In the film version of ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'', Gandalf has a rather snappy reply to Saruman suggesting that they join Sauron:
--> "Tell me, ''[[IronicEcho friend]]''.... when did Saruman the Wise abandon reason for ''madness''?"
* Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse
** ''Film/{{Thor}}'' mentions this to Loki as the latter is attempting genocide.
--->'''Thor''': This is madness!
--->'''Loki''': Is it madness? Is it? '''''IS IT??!'''''
** ''Film/ThorTheDarkWorld''. Thor's reaction to Loki's [[RidiculouslyDifficultRoute secret back door]] from Asgard.
--->'''Thor''': ''Are you mad?!''\\
'''Loki''': Possibly.
** In ''Film/IronMan3'', Tony Stark says a varient of this to [[spoiler: [[TheManBehindTheMan Aldrich Killian]] ]] after [[spoiler: he murders Maya Hansen just to put more misery on him]].
--->'''Tony Stark:''' You are a maniac...!
--->'''[[spoiler: Killian]]:''' No, I'm a visionary. But I do own a maniac. And he takes the stage tonight.
** ''Film/AvengersAgeOfUltron'': When the Maximoffs realize that [[BigBad Ultron]] is less the DarkMessiah he presents himself as and more of an OmnicidalManiac, Wanda calls him a madman.
* Mary's BerserkButton in ''Film/{{Hancock}}'' is being called crazy.
* In ''Film/GIJoeRetaliation''[[spoiler:The real president says this to Zartan. That's after he used a combat knife to slash his face, only for the {{nanomachines}} to heal it up. And for added bonus, Zartan has a "Yes, I am batshit insane" face afterwards, with him being a SmugSmiler to boot.]]
** Same stated by the world leaders during the nuclear arms summit [[spoiler:when he launched all U.S.'s nuclear missiles at the other countries and resulting in them firing their missiles as well]].
* Played with in ''Film/LawAbidingCitizen''. When the villain deliberately blows his chance at getting bail with a MotiveRant at the judge, the prosecutor asks him later if he's trying for an insanity plea.
* In ''Film/LawrenceOfArabia'', when Lawrence suggests a rather foolhardy course of action, Ali's response is "you are mad!"
* In ''Film/ScannersIITheNewOrder'', David dismisses Peter Drak's claims about Forrester's evil plans with this retort.
* ''Film/CabinByTheLake''. When Stanley prepares to drown his two last victims, one of them calls him out as an insane maniac. [[InsultBackfire He calmly responds that she's finally got it]].
* Spoken by the [[CaptainObvious Final Girl]] to the family in Film/TheTexasChainsawMassacre1974.
* ''Film/TheWolverine'': Mariko to her father [[spoiler:when he's about to kill her.]]
* Creator/CliveBarker's ''Film/{{Nightbreed}}'': When the psychotic Dr. Decker explains to an old man whom he's torturing for information that he believes it is his mission to wipe out the Nightbreed, the man calls him crazy. Decker's retort: "No, [[CardCarryingVillain I'm Death, plain and simple]]".
* This exchange in ''Film/HardCandy'':
-->'''Jeff''': You're Insane!\\
'''Hayley''': Which I told you when we first met, remember? Four out of five doctors agree.
* ''Film/IndianaJonesAndTheTempleOfDoom'': Indy is about the cut the rope bridge with everyone still on it.[[note]]Just before, he told Short Round (in Chinese) to wrap his wrist with one of the ropes, with Short Round telling Willie that they're "going for a ride".[[/note]]
-->'''Willie''': [[BigOMG Oh my God!]] Oh my God. Oh my God, oh my God, is he nuts?!
-->'''Short Round (AKA: "Shorty")''': [[YouNoTakeCandle He no nuts.]] [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment He's crazy!]]
* In ''Film/Scream1996'', after [[FinalGirl Sidney]] finds out that [[spoiler: her boyfriend Billy and his friend Stu]] are the killers.
-->'''Sidney:''' You're crazy, both of you.\\
'''[[spoiler:Stu]]:''' Actually, [[InsistentTerminology we prefer the term "psychotic"]].
* ''Film/KingsmanTheSecretService'':
** The Swedish princess says this to Valentine when he first reveals his plans to her.
** Michelle to Roxy [[spoiler:when she's told to lock her daughter in the bathroom and throw away the key.]]
* ''Film/{{Cyberjack}}'': In the climax there's this back-and-forth between the villain and the female lead after he explains his plans to [[AGodAmI become a godlike techno-organic virus]].
-->'''Alexandra:''' You're insane!\\
'''Nassim:''' Perhaps. I choose to think of it as 'acute awareness'.
* In ''Film/{{Beauty and the Beast|2017}}'', this is Belle's [[RealityEnsues rather realistic]] reaction to Beast asking her out for dinner ''after'' locking her up in her father's place.
-->'''Belle''': You take me as your prisoner, and now you want to ''have dinner with me? '''Are you insane?'''''

* A wonderful example in ''Literature/{{Mistborn}}'', as Breeze finally realizes that Kelsier didn't in fact bribe Lord Renaux, but instead simply had him killed and replaced with a [[FaceStealer kandra]].
-->'''Breeze''': You genius! You bloody insane genius! You had him killed, didn't you?\\
'''Kelsier''': Both compliments are appreciated, and yes.
** Everybody is ''constantly'' calling Kelsier insane. His plans generally take CrazyEnoughToWork UpToEleven. Another great example: quoth Yeden, "You're going to visit the Lord Ruler? Are you insa... right. I forgot."
* Observe this delightful exchange from ''Literature/RedDragon'' and both its film versions, when Graham is explaining how he caught such a criminal genius as Lecter:
-->'''Will Graham:''' You had disadvantages.\\
'''Hannibal Lecter:''' [[SanityHasAdvantages What disadvantages]]?\\
'''Will Graham:''' You're insane.
* In the Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse novel ''Shatterpoint'',
** Depa insists she hasn't gone insane but has instead "gone sane".
** Mace Windu, is often called insane by his allies, no less. Finally he snaps and delivers a paragraph-long speech, saying that others call him insane so they don't have to face up to their own immorality.
** More amusingly Nick, after exclaiming such whenever Windu proposes or does something that seems insane/crazy eventually just tells him to assume he's said it whenever he (Windu) says anything'
* Creator/DashiellHammett's ''Literature/TheDainCurse'' concludes with one of the most effective "You're insane"s in literature.
* ''Literature/AlexRider'':
** Alex Rider says this to Herod Sayle, Dr. Grief, Sarov, Damian Cray, Julia Rothman, Nikolei Drevin and Winston Yu.
** ''Scorpia Rising'': A captured french agent says this to Razim when he explains his plans to create a unit for measuring pain. Razim [[InsultBackfire calmly states that a little bit of madness is important for scientific research]].
** ''Russian Roulette'': Yassen Gregorovich breaks into Vladimar Sharkovsky's house, and plays the title game with himself to decide if he should live or die. When Sharkovsky calls him mad, Yassen tells that he is what Sharkovsky made him, and then guns him down.
* In the ''Literature/ArtemisFowl'' short story "[=LEPrecon=]" Julius Root is tricked into a human settlement (which is magically forbidden by Fairy law) by his [[CainAndAbel evil brother Turnball]], he calls him insane. Turnball's reply is "No. What I am is tired. Tired of being chased across the globe by my own brother. [[LampshadeHanging The whole thing is too melodramatic]]."
* ''Literature/HarryPotter''
** In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheGobletOfFire'', Harry comes out of the maze and Mad-Eye Moody [[spoiler:who was actually Barty Crouch Jr, who up until then Harry had respected and sought advice from, drags Harry off to his office so he can gleefully tell him how he had orchestrated the entire scheme and would now have the honor of killing Harry for Voldemort.]] Harry sums this up by telling him that he's crazy.
** A more mild example in ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix'' when Hermione says, ''"'Are - you - insane?'"'' in response to hearing that Harry's half-thought out plan for talking to Sirius involves breaking into Umbridge's office to use her fireplace.
* In ''Literature/TheFountainhead'', Ellsworth Toohey beats his victim to the punch:
-->'''Keating:''' Ellsworth... you're...\\
'''Toohey:''' Insane? Afraid to say it? There you sit and the word's written all over you, your last hope. Insane? Look around you. Pick up any newspaper and read the headlines. Isn't it coming? Isn't it here? Every single thing I told you?
* In ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' novel ''Literature/DeadBeat'' Dresden calls [[BigBad Cowl]] insane after learning of his plan to [[AscendToAHigherPlaneOfExistence become a dark god]]. This causes Cowl to briefly pause to consider the question, noting that if he ''were'' insane, than he might be unable to tell. [[NotSoDifferent This provides a parallel to when the question of whether Dresden would know if he was insane came up]].
* In ''Literature/ThePictureOfDorianGray'', Alan Campbell calls Dorian Gray mad after [[spoiler:having been asked by Dorian to help dispose of Basil Hallward's body]].
* "You Don't Have To Be Mad...", a short story from the Literature/DiogenesClub series by Creator/KimNewman. Psychic detective Richard Jeperson investigates a clinic run by [[MeaningfulName Dr. I. M. Ballance]] which is turning people into functioning psychopaths (some of whom are implied to be infamous politicians and entrepreneurs of TheEighties). Dr. Ballance gives a MotiveRant over how Britain has always used mad people to achieve greatness, and how one day his madness will [[TakeOverTheWorld spread across the world]].
-->"I suppose it would be redundant to call ''you'' mad?" Richard ventured.
-->Dr. Ballance giggled.
* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'', Crookedstar calls Mapleshade insane after she explains how she tried to get revenge on him, while pretending to be his mentor, all along.
* ''Literature/JourneyToChaos'': [[Literature/LoomingShadow Mr.15 explains his]] EvilPlan to Eric, which involves brainwashing, cloning, familicide, and Eric realizes that he is at the mercy of a madman. [[spoiler: He uses this as part of his IShallTauntYou.]]


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* From the ''Series/BattlestarGalactica2003'', Kara "Starbuck" Thrace says this to the Cylon Leoben "Number Two" Conoy when he keeps her locked up in his New Caprica apartment for months, [[StalkerWithACrush insisting that she'll eventually fall in love with him]] because he has "[[{{Seers}} foreseen]]" it.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS29E12TheSoundOfDrums The Sound of Drums]]", the Prime Minister (actually TheMaster) [[BoardToDeath kills the entire Cabinet by flooding the room with gas]]; as they fall down and die, one gasps "You're insane!" and he responds with a grin and a dual thumbs-up. It can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMew38zTXHQ here.]]
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS9E5TheTimeMonster The Time Monster]]", the Third Doctor calls him "mad, paranoid!" -- the Master takes this as a compliment and replies "[[AtLeastIAdmitIt I'm just a little more honest than the rest!]]"
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS9E4TheMutants The Mutants]]", the Doctor gives this trope to the Marshal of Solos who retorts, [[WrittenByTheWinners "Only if I lose."]]
** "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS22E3TheMarkOfTheRani The Mark of the Rani]]" has this rather hilarious understatement:
--->'''The Master:''' You underestimate me. Certainly I want to destroy him, see him suffer, but that is just an exquisite first step. [[BlatantLies I have a greater concept]], one that will encompass the whole human race!
---> '''The Rani:''' You're unbalanced. No wonder the Doctor always outwits you.
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS12E4GenesisOfTheDaleks Genesis of the Daleks]]", Davros reacts thus to being outvoted:
--->'''Davros:''' Do you believe that I would let a lifetime's work be ended by the will of spineless fools like you? You have won nothing! I allowed this charade to be played out for one reason only: To find those men who were truly loyal to me and to discover those WHO WOULD BE-TRAY ME! WE-- [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I! WILL! GO! ON!]]
--->'''Gharman:''' You are ''insane'', Davros!
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS5E1TheTombOfTheCybermen The Tomb of the Cybermen]]", the Second Doctor has faked out Klieg and gotten him to blab the entire plan.
--->'''Doctor:''' Now I ''know'' you're mad. I just wanted to make sure.
** "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS13E5TheBrainOfMorbius The Brain Of Morbius]]", as Mehendri Solon is about to begin his gruesome experiment, Sarah Jane cries, "You're insane, Solon, you're mad!" Adding even more Awesomeness, this trope is then followed by a TheyCalledMeMad rant from this MadScientist, all in his MadScientistLaboratory.
** The Doctor gets this a few times themself. In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS25E4TheGreatestShowInTheGalaxy The Greatest Show in the Galaxy]]", when Ace accused the Seventh Doctor of being mad, he answers, "Anybody remotely interesting is mad, in some way or another."
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS29E1SmithAndJones Smith and Jones]]", the Doctor absorbs a lethal dose of radiation and then expels it through his foot. This results in him doing a one-legged dance across the room, complaining about how much it itches, before binning his shoe - all while Martha watches.
--->'''Martha:''' You're ''completely'' mad.\\
'''Doctor:''' You're right. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint I look daft with one shoe.]] ''(bins the other one)'' Barefoot on the moon!
** This dialogue between the Doctor and Amy Pond in "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E1TheEleventhHour The Eleventh Hour]]" set the tone for their future relationship:
--->'''Amy Pond''': I thought...well, I started to think you were just a mad man with a box.\\
'''The Doctor''': Amy Pond, there's something you better understand about me 'cause it's important and one day your life may depend on it...I am definitely a mad man with a box.
** Played for laughs again in "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E11TheLodger The Lodger]]". Craig, already weirded out by his new housemate's behaviour, is left completely stumped when, having been sick all morning, he finds the Doctor filling in for him at work.
--->'''Doctor:''' Had some time to kill, I was curious. Never worked in an office; never worked in anywhere!\\
'''Craig:''' You're ''insane.''
** And again in "[[Recap/DoctorWho2016CSTheReturnOfDoctorMysteriou The Return of Doctor Mysterio]]". After two thousand years of adventuring, the Doctor points out that it's hardly an original observation.
-->'''Nardole:''' You are completely out of your mind!\\
'''Doctor:''' How is that news to anyone?!
** "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS33E11TheCrimsonHorror The Crimson Horror]]". "I'm the Doctor, ''you're nuts'', and I'm going to stop you."
* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'': This is Ronon's response in "Reunion", after a few of his old friends from Sateda relate their story of how they became Wraith worshippers.
** Also used by Teyla in "The Kindred (Part 1)" when Michael the Wraith-human hybrid gives her a NotSoDifferent speech.
* In ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', as protagonist John Crichton became increasingly unhinged, it was more typical for the ''villains'' to question the sanity of the ''heroes''. Often with good reason. This is perhaps most memorably demonstrated in ''The Peacekeeper Wars'' with this exchange:
-->'''Scorpius:''' This is insane, Crichton.\\
'''Crichton:''' God! Four years on and you're finally getting that.
** Another variation is used earlier. One of the bad guys says to Aeryn "He's ''crazy''!" She replies adoringly "Isn't it fun?" Also, when he plays chicken with a nuclear bomb Ahkna uses the line verbatim, and Aeryn concurs.
* A variant is used in the ''Series/{{Star Trek|TheOriginalSeries}}'' episode "[[{{Recap/StarTrekS1E7WhatAreLittleGirlsMadeOf}} What Are Little Girls Made of?]]", where a scientist tries to convince Capt. Kirk to participate in a twisted scheme to take over a planet of the Federation. Kirk responds, "You've convinced me; You've convinced me that you're dangerous!"
* Said by Kira in the ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' episode "[[{{Recap/StarTrekDeepSpaceNineS01E19Duet}} Duet]]" when a Cardassian war criminal starts gleefully boasting about his horrific crimes. [[spoiler: Only he's invoked the trope; he's intentionally behaving over-the-top in the hopes of forcing the Cardassian atrocities into the open. He isn't even the actual criminal; he's a file clerk who is impersonating the real criminal, with the intent of being ''executed'' for the man's crimes, because of his own traumatic memories of witnessing what happened and his guilt at being unable to stop it.]]
** PlayedForLaughs in "[[{{Recap/StarTrekDeepSpaceNineS05E19TiesOfBloodAndWater}} Ties of Blood and Water]]" when Weyoun 5 drinks a shot of poisoned ''kanar'' just to demonstrate how Vorta can't be killed with poison.
---> '''Weyoun:''' ''(shudders)'' Oh my. That is ''quite'' toxic, isn't it?\\
'''Dukat:''' Are you ''insane''?
* Said word-for-word by Harry Kim in an episode of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager''. He and Tom Paris are in a HellholePrison and Kim at first befriends the one inmate who seems rational. It turns out that while he's not violent the way the other prisoners are, he's a whole other kind of insane.
-->'''Inmate:''' You've got a chance to make something of your life in here, but as long as that carcass [[note]] a badly injured Tom Paris [[/note]] is in my hut, we'll never be able to go on to more important things.\\
'''Kim:''' What the hell are you talking about?\\
'''Inmate:''' We've got to disseminate the manifesto. Gather our followers. Train them.\\
'''Kim:''' You're insane.
* ''{{Averted|Trope}}'' in the ''Series/LawAndOrderCriminalIntent'' episode "Gemini", where the perp manipulated his schizophrenic brother into murdering people. The final interrogation included this memorable exchange:
-->'''Spencer Anderson''': "None of this is true. You said so yourself. He's crazy."
-->'''Detective Goren''': "Yeah, he may be crazy, but you're ''evil''."
** Goren tends to have a more nuanced perspective on the mentally ill in general, likely in large part because of his mother's schizophrenia.
* Jack has said this to Locke a bunch of times on ''Series/{{Lost}}'', usually when Locke is talking about things like moving the island, or how [[FanNickname Taller Ghost Walt]] told him to kill Naomi.
* Spoofed in ''Series/TheGoodies'' (naturally) when Tim tells the villainous Music Master he's a raving loony. The Music Master simply responds "Thank you."
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', it's said to an invisible girl in "[[Recap/BuffyTheVampireSlayerS1E11OutOfMindOutOfSight Out of Mind, Out of Sight]]":
-->'''Buffy:''' There's one thing I didn't factor into all of this. You're a raving loony!
** When Series/{{Angel}} turns evil again in his spin-off series.
-->'''Rebecca:''' You’re crazy.\\
'''Angelus:''' Oh, no. I’m a vampire.
* From ''Series/{{Firefly}}'':
-->'''Simon:''' You're out of your mind.\\
'''[[BountyHunter Early]]:''' That's between me and my mind.
* ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}''
** When [[spoiler: Boyd (who is actually the head of Rossum)]] reveals his grand plan to protect only the privileged few from mindwiped slavery and tells his now ex-allies [[WeCanRuleTogether their only choice is "to be the destroyed or the destroyers"]]:
-->'''Adelle:''' You are ''spectacularly'' insane.
** A more low-key version is in "Echoes"
-->'''Echo:''' You're insane.
-->'''Sam:''' Nobody's perfect.
* In another example of people saying this to the protagonist(s), this is a common response to ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'''s Dean and Sam when they tell people about the [[MonsterOfTheWeek ghosts, vampires, zombies, and demons they hunt.]] Dean often offers a casual acknowledgement:
-->'''Bobby:''' You are nine kinds of crazy, boy.\\
'''Dean:''' It's been said.
* Sylar gets this a lot on ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', what with the whole brain-stealing supervillain thing he's got going. He usually just brushes it off without responding directly to the accusation.
* Bartlet says this to his wife in the fourth season opener of ''Series/TheWestWing'' after she [[spoiler:cuts off his tie just before he walks into a presidential debate. Considering he'd been kvetching about how he wouldn't win without his lucky tie, she may have helped him win the debate, as the mad panic that ensued made Bartlet grab Josh's tie, which is very similar to how he ended up getting his first lucky tie.]]
* In ''Series/GetSmart'', Smart and Agent 99 are captives of MadDoctor Tom Poston:
-->'''99:''' You're mad!\\
'''Doc:''' Mad, am I??? MAAAD AM I??? [[LaughingMad MWAHAHAHAAA!!!]]\\
'''99:''' ''(anxiously)'' Don't ''do'' that!\\
'''Doc:''' ''(utterly straightfaced)'' Don't do what?
* In a parody of ''Series/TheMcLaughlinGroup'' on ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'', one of the panel members, annoyed by [=McLaughlin's=] continued interruptions and overly long nicknames, invoked this trope. [=McLaughlin=] just responded with another "WRONG!"
* ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'', Season 2: In Green No More, [[TheDragon Goldar]] has forced the de-powered Tommy to kneel, [[KneelBeforeZod demanding that Tommy acknowledge him as his superior]], leading to the following: [[note]] Here it's also a way of saying, "Shove it up your ass"[[/note]]
-->'''Tommy:''' Goldar...
-->'''Goldar:''' Say it.
-->'''Tommy:''' ...You are...
-->'''Goldar:''' Yes, go on.
-->'''Tommy:''' ...[[PreAssKickingOneLiner Out of your mind]]! [[{{Kiai}} Oo-ah]]! *[[Awesome/MightyMorphinPowerRangers springs up in the air to land a flying punch on Goldar's chest and then kick his sword away, before proceeding to kick ass all over Goldar]]*
** Tommy gets a subtler one in Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder (with a little YouMonster thrown in) when [[BigBad Mesogog]] tells him of his master plan to '''turn the entire human population into dinosaurs''':
--->'''Tommy:''' Why can't you just want to rule the Earth like all the other sickos?
** Hunter in ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm'', when Motodrone (a robotic "perfect rider" built by a perfectly ordinary Muggle) announces he's going to finish his perfect bike by adding Hunter's life energy to it. Motodrone's response is "Yes, but that's the fun of it." Talk about AIIsACrapshoot...
* What Barry Allen in ''Series/TheFlash1990'' says to Nicolas Pike after he's seen what his nemesis has done to Central City during his ten-year absence through accidental time travel.
* ''Series/BabylonFive'' has several examples. One notable between Londo and G'kar.
-->'''Londo:''' You're ''insane''!\\
'''G'kar:''' And ''that'' is why we'll win.
** Played with when Londo accepts a DuelToTheDeath challenge, despite being (at that point in the series) more known for his hedonism than physical courage.
-->'''Vir Cotto:''' Londo, this is insane!
-->'''Londo Mollari:''' Insanity is part of the times! You must learn to embrace the madness. Let it fire you.
* Except in early seasons, this exchange happens OnceAnEpisode in ''Series/WinBenSteinsMoney'', after he has explained the premise of putting his money on the line:
--> '''Ben:''' Now, why would I do this? Well, call me crazy.
--> '''Audience:''' You're crazy!
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}''
** In "[[Recap/SherlockS01E01AStudyInPink A Study in Pink]]", Sherlock himself gets called a psychopath:
-->'''Sherlock:''' I'm not a psychopath, Anderson, [[InsistentTerminology I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research.]]
** In the "[[Recap/SherlockS02E03TheReichenbachFall The Reichenbach Fall]]" episode, when Holmes and Moriarty confront one another:
-->'''Sherlock''': You're insane!\\
'''Moriarty''': You're just getting that ''now''?
** Again in "[[Recap/SherlockS03E02TheSignOfThree The Sign of Three]]":
-->'''David:''' They were right about you. You're a...bloody psychopath!\\
'''Sherlock:''' [[InsistentTerminology High-functioning sociopath]]...''with'' your number!
* ''Series/HouseOfAnubis'' in the Season 1 finale-
--> '''Jason''': You're insane...
--> '''[[BigBad Rufus]]''': Very Observant.
** Also, earlier in the season, there was this exchange, after Rufus kidnapped Patricia.
--> '''Mr. Sweet''': What? Have you gone mad?
--> '''Rufus''': Yes, quite possibly.
* A very low-key one occurs in ''Series/OnceUponATime''.
-->'''Zelena''': You're insane.
-->'''Rumpelstiltskin''': (Dismissively) Beside the point.
* ''Series/LukeCage2016'': Diamondback crashes a secret meeting of Harlem's crime bosses, and kills all of them except for Domingo, Shades, and Mariah. Domingo tells Diamondback "You're crazy". Diamondback throws it right back at him, and then turns to Mariah and uses the phrase as a ''compliment'' on her [[NervesOfSteel not flinching at the sight of four people being brutally killed in front of her]].
-->'''Willis "Diamondback" Stryker:''' [[InsultBackfire "Crazy" would be leaving you alive to run a very profitable drug business.]] [[PragmaticVillainy But I've got no beef with]] [[TheCartel your cousins down south of the border.]] [[YouWillBeSpared So today is your lucky day.]]
* In one episode of ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'', Kramer meets Jerry's GirlOfTheWeek and after hearing her voice is completely convinced that she is the same phone sex operator that he often calls. [[spoiler:At the end of the episode he is proven right]].
-->'''Jerry:''' Aww, you're crazy.\\
'''Kramer:''' ''Am'' I?! Or am I ''so sane'' that you just ''blew your mind''?!\\
'''Jerry:''' It's impossible!\\
'''Kramer:''' ''Is'' it?! Or is it ''so possible'' that your head is ''spinning like a top''?!\\
'''Jerry:''' It can't be!\\
'''Kramer:''' ''Can'' it?! Or is your ''entire world'' just ''crashing down all around you''?!\\
'''Jerry:''' All right, that's enough.\\
'''Kramer:''' '''''YEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH'''''!!
* ''Series/{{MASH}}''. In "The Light That Failed", the characters argue over who committed the murder in a mystery novel with the last page missing. They're no wiser by the end of the episode, so Hawkeye confesses to the murders. When BJ responds with this trope, he pretends to go LaughingMad and hauls off a willing nurse to have his wicked way with her.

* Music/NickiMinaj's "Roman's Revenge ends with her Martha alter ego saying "You've gone mad! Mad I tell you mad! They'll lock you away"
* Music/GunsNRoses employ the phrase in a BreakupSong manner in the self-explaining "You're Crazy".
* Music/{{Metallica}}: "Fortune, fame! Mirror vain! Gone insane, but the memory remains!"

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In a ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' strip where Calvin's pediatrician diagnoses him with chicken pox, he seems to doubt the good doctor's sanity.
-->'''Calvin:''' ''Chicken'' pox?! Mom, what ''is'' this guy? A veterinarian? He's mad! '''Mad''' I say! I'll bet the ''real'' doctor is tied up and gagged in the other exam room!
* In one ''ComicStrip/{{Peanuts}}'' storyline, Linus convinced Marcie to wait with him for the Great Pumpkin. But her parents came and got her and took her to be "deprogrammed". Which led to this interaction later:
-->'''Marcie:''' They said you were a false prophet.
-->'''Linus:''' What else?
-->'''Marcie:''' That's it, nothing else.
-->'''Linus:''' What else?
-->'''Marcie:''' [[BrutalHonesty Well, they also said you were crazy...]]
* In ''{{Series/Gotham}}'' Jim uses this no less than three times, on three different enemies and phrases it in a different way each time. The most original one was addressed to Dr. Strange who was notably annoyed by the remark.
-->'''Jim:''' You belong in your own asylum Strange!\\
''''Strange:''' And you Jim Gordon belong in the past.

* Calderon's play ''Life is a Dream'':
-->'''Clotaldo:''' Why, this is madness!\\
'''Rosaura:''' [[InsultBackfire Yes it is.]]
* From ''Theatre/PokemonLive'', after Team Rocket's boss explains his world domination plans to his prisoners:
-->'''Delia:''' You're mad!\\
'''Giovanni:''' Not mad. Maybe a little angry.
* In ''Theatre/TheOddCouple'', after Oscar snatches the plate of linguini and senselessly throws it against the kitchen wall:
-->'''Felix''': You are crazy! I'm a neurotic nut but ''you are crazy!''\\
'''Oscar''': ''I'm'' crazy, heh? That's really funny coming from a fruitcake like you.
* ''Theatre/{{Assassins}}'':
-->'''Booth''': You should kill the President of the United States.
-->'''Oswald''': You're nuts.
-->'''Booth''': Maybe I am. So what?

* There's this little gem from ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'':
-->'''Hahli:''' You’re insane!
-->'''Karzahni:''' I prefer the term 'creative.' Though I suppose there is not much difference between the two in the end, is there?

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2'', Nagito Komeada gets this treatment after his true motivations are revealed in the first trial, and it lasts for the rest of the game. Also was said about Byakuya Togami in ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa'' during the second trial.
* In the story campaign of ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}} III: The Frozen Throne'', Illidan Stormrage is confronted by his jailer of ten thousand years with a self-righteous "You're insane!" His calm reply? [[GoMadFromTheIsolation "Isolation can do that to the mind."]]
** During its predecessor, ''Reign of Chaos'', Grom is thoroughly reprimanded by Thrall for attacking the humans unprovoked during the third Orc mission.
---> '''Thrall''': With these zeppelins we can fly above the canyon.\\
'''Grom''': A true warrior would have simply taken it from the humans.\\
'''Thrall''': ''Have you lost what's left of your mind, Grom? I gave you a direct order to leave the humans alone! What the hell is wrong with you?!''
* From ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'':
-->'''Seymour:''' With death on our side, we will save Spira, and for this... I will take from you your strength, Yuna, your life, and become the next Sin. I will destroy Spira! I will save it!\\
'''Tidus:''' You're totally nuts!
* Said to [[spoiler:Sephiran]] near the end of ''VideoGame/FireEmblemRadiantDawn'' when it becomes apparent [[spoiler:he engineered two world wars for the sake of eradicating mankind]].
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'', This is said in Brady's B support with Female Morgan if they're siblings, when she wants her sibling to use the tome and yell at her to try to shake some memories loose (to which the sibling normally says, "Good night Morgan.").
-->'''Brady''': You're insane! I'm outta here.
* In ''VideoGame/LaPucelle Tactics'', the villain Noir [[AntiVillain seems sympathetic]] because of his [[FreudianExcuse tragic backstory]] and frequent statements about [[UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans creating a Utopia]]. At the end of the game, the main character (as well as the player) finally discover exactly what his Utopia consists of: a world that is without suffering [[OmnicidalManiac because there's nobody left alive to suffer]]. Cue the relevant StockPhrase.
* In ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil'' (or at least, in the UpdatedRerelease), after [[spoiler:Wesker has started waking the Tyrant so that it can fight Chris and Wesker can get the battle data]], Chris laughs derisively and responds with, "[[spoiler:Wesker]], you've become senile!"
* ''VideoGame/SilentHill2''. After [[spoiler:Eddie]]'s rant about how he'll kill anyone who makes fun of him, James asks "[[spoiler:Eddie]], have you gone nuts?" His response is less calm than the typical villain.
* ''Neo VideoGame/{{Contra}}'' has many moments of these in spades:
-->'''Animal Contra:''' This ship is about to self destruct! You will die, a moth drawn to my flames!\\
'''Bill Rizer:''' You [[{{Pun}} dog]]! You're gonna sacrifice you own men!
** and:
--->'''Master Contra:''' If we had society's foolish morals, we could never become ultimate soldiers.\\
'''Jaguar:''' '''You're crazy!'''\\
'''Master Contra:''' Muahahaha! ''Far from it!''
* Zero says this flat out to [[spoiler:Redips]] in ''VideoGame/MegaManXCommandMission''. X also hits him with a YouMonster: "You... You... Maverick!"
-->"Epsilon's ideas were dangerous. He knew all along that use of Supra-Force Metal involved the possibility of becoming Maverick. But at least he... was better than you. At least he wasn't a Maverick from the start. [[spoiler:Redips,]] you're crazy!"
** Mega Man Maverick Hunter X: "You think you have potential? You're insane, Sigma!"
*** In the opening flashback cutscene for Vile mode in the same game, ''Vile'' actually says this phrase to Sigma when Sigma mentions that he plans on going Maverick to draw out X's power, and this is coming from a character who is quite a SociopathicSoldier.
** X calls out Sigma again in X5 after Sigma talks about awakening Zero using the Maverick Virus.
--->''"You almost destroyed the earth for that?! You're sick!"''
** X to Copy Sigma in Mega Man X8: "You plan to take revenge on every Reploid... Every human... In the entire world? You're completely mad! I'm putting a stop to this right now!"
* Shows up several times in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins''.
** During the conclusion of the Broken Circle tower, Uldred will rant about the glorious power of the setting's version of DemonicPossession. [[NeverMessWithGranny Wynne]] will reply "You're mad! There's nothing glorious about what you've become, Uldred!"
** When Leliana confronts [[TreacherousAdvisor Marjolaine]] after an assassination attempt, the latter assumes that Leliana left the Chantry to take revenge on her. Leliana will be taken aback, to say the least.
-->You think I left because of you? You think I still have some plan for ... for revenge? You are insane! Paranoid!
** Used in reference to the ''player character'' near the beginning of the game, if you chose to kill the AlmostDeadGuy yourself.
-->'''[[TheLancer Alistair]]:''' Does the word "''insane''" mean anything to you?\\
'''[[TheHero The Warden]]:''' I prefer the term "ruthless," myself.\\
'''Alistair:''' [[DeadpanSnarker Remind me not to get injured anywhere near you.]]
** Used by [[LadyofBlackMagic Morrigan]] when [[JeanneDArchetype Leliana]] [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments threatens to take her shopping]].
* Used by Snarky!Hawke in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' when speaking to Tarohne the maleficar, referring to her plan of infiltrating the templar ranks with abomination-infested recruits. (If the [[UncannyValleyMakeup make-up job]] doesn't make her look crazy enough.)
-->'''Hawke:''' Good to know you're barking mad! That makes things a bit easier!
* VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker: Zelda says this to Ganondorf shortly after [[spoiler:he goes LaughingMad at the wish the king gives to the Triforce]]:
-->'''Princess Zelda:''' What are you laughing at, Ganondorf?! You're insane!
* VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker: Miller, while Coldman [[spoiler:is bragging about activating Peace Walker, leaking the false data to NORAD, and declaring retaliation to be inevitable]], declares him to be such:
-->Miller: Are you insane?! Do you think this will end here?! You're about to unleash all-out nuclear war!
** Huey also indirectly asks if Coldman is out of his mind when he realizes that Coldman is intending to launch Peace Walker's nuke into the Carribbean Sea [specifically at Mother Base] so that the nuclear fallout will travel through the trade winds and poison Central America's fish and crop market, allowing for "free hands" by forcing the natives to participate in Peace Walker's mass production.
** Snake also exclaims that [[spoiler:Paz, who has stolen Metal Gear Zeke,]] is insane when he learns that they intend to launch a nuke at the East Coast.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2'' has Raiden stating this to Vamp when the latter reveals their plans to essentially nuke New York City to take down the Patriots because not only do they desire to annihilate the Patriots, but because the public believed every word that the Patriots' KangarooCourt spoon-fed them about Dead Cell's (framed) terrorist attacks despite Dead Cell's explainations about their being framed, they felt the world of deceit they created should be annihilated with them.
** He's been working on this, apparently. After the FinalBoss of ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance'' reveals his KnightTemplar rationale for [[spoiler:starting a war with Pakistan to provoke the American government's collapse and rebirth]], Raiden replies with the ultimate BaitAndSwitchComment:
--> ''*takes [[WeCanRuleTogether outstretched hand]]*'' I was wrong...you're not greedy...'''YOU'RE BATSHIT INSANE!!!''' ''*uses point of contact to throw boss off ledge*''
* Travis says this to Bad Girl in ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', and since Travis is a few cards short of a deck himself, you ''know'' she's messed up.
* ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia'' has Shanoa say this to [[spoiler:Barlowe when, #1, she finds out that he's actually a TreacherousAdvisor, and #2, when she refuses to use Dominus, he threatens to kill her and rip it right out of her bloody corpse.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Barlowe''': You give such a burden, young child... to give the life that man might realize his dreams... do you not see how wonderful that is?]]\\
[[spoiler:'''Shanoa''': You're mad...]]
** Soma points out a similar trope to Graham in ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaAriaOfSorrow''.
--->'''Graham''': You're guilty of grand theft. Therefore, I sentence you to death!\\
'''Soma''': You're insane!\\
'''Graham''': And as a special treat, I'll be the one to deliver that punishment!
** And again in ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaDawnOfSorrow''...
--->'''Dario''': Can you imagine how crazy it would be with even more power?!\\
'''Soma''': You're insane...\\
'''Dario''': And you talk way too much! C'mon, punk! I'll roast ya to a cinder!
* ''{{VideoGame/Rosenkreuzstilette}}'':
** Spiritia and Lilli confront [[spoiler:Iris]] in the final stage in the main game. Tia tells her that she's not getting away this time, and that's when [[spoiler:Iris]] starts LaughingMad as she finally figures out where Tia got all her energy. Lilli begins wondering what is wrong with her as [[spoiler:Iris]] continues her maniacal laughter. Tia then says to her, "[[spoiler:Iris]], have you lost your mind!?"
** In the opening cutscene of Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert, Grolla has this reaction when she overhears [[spoiler:Iris' plot to have RKS fight against the Empire just for her own personal amusement.]]
--->'''Grolla''': What do you think you're doing!? [[spoiler:Iris]], have you gone mad!?
* Ragna the Bloodedge of ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'' says such a phrase to Rachel in her ''[[VideoGame/BlazBlueContinuumShift Continuum Shift]]'' Gag Reel when Luna begins coming to love him due to the effects of the Spectacles of Eros and Rachel admits that Ragna is head-over-heels in love with her.
-->'''Ragna''': You twisted, evil, blood-sucking rabbit! What the hell do you think you're doing?!\\
'''Rachel''': Oh come now, Ragna! No need to be shy. Just admit your feelings... Admit that you are my devoted servant!\\
'''Ragna''': Who are you calling a servant?!
** He does the same thing to her, Nu, and Tager after they allow Jin and the rest of the H.M.S. Nirvana crew to take him leaving the three of his fellow U.S.S. Ragna crew members to enjoy their Ikaruga Tuna without him in - you guessed it - his own gag ending.
--->'''Ragna''': I'm seriously gonna kill all of you guys! You guys are insaaaaaaaane!
** During ''Slight Hope'', Makoto questions Hazama's sanity when the former tried to kill Jin in front of her. His answer cements her suspicions that he was never trustworthy on top of cuing an armed response from her.
--->'''Makoto''': Have you lost your mind?! Why are you attacking him?\\
'''Hazama''': To kill him! Duh! Did you need to ask that, or were you being rhetorical and melodramatic?\\
'''Jin''': Get out of here, Makoto! I'm the one he's after!\\
'''Makoto''': The hell I will! You know, Hazama, I always figured there was something suspicious about you... I'm dedicating my first punch to women's intuition!
* In the final cutscene of the Giant Tale questline of ''VideoGame/AdventureQuestWorlds'', Andre the Giant thinks that everything the hero did up to the point of claiming the key from his Giant Necklace is insane (he even thinks the hero poisoned his giant son Andre Jr.), but the hero and Crychek tell him not to worry as his son is fine and just taking a nap in his soup.
-->'''Hero''': Next time, [[PickOnSomeoneYourOwnSize pick on somebody your own size]], Andre.\\
'''Andre''': Pick on someb- THIS IS INSANE! I'm just farming, trying to grow enough food for my family... then you tiny people show up, start infesting my yard, beat up my cat and then you '''POISON MY SON!!!'''\\
'''Hero''': Relax, your son is fine. He's just taking a nap.\\
'''Crychek''': ...In yer soup.
** Also, there's that moment in Nythera's wedding event where Ryuuji says this to Nythera because [[spoiler:when she says that the third and final challenge for the Test of the Suitor was to defeat a Void Giant she magically awakened and summoned to the Void Temple, Ryuuji realizes that the Void Giant is out of control and therefore needs to be stopped before it destroys the temple.]]
--->'''Ryuuji''': [[spoiler: A VOID GIANT?! Are you '''INSANE?!''' We have to stop it before it destroys the temple!]]\\
'''Nythera''': [[spoiler: You mean '''I''' have to stop it.]]\\
'''Ryuuji''': [[spoiler:No, Nythera. '''WE''' have to stop. Neither of us can do this alone.]]
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', Tali'Zorah says this verbatim to Admiral Xen while on the Migrant Fleet.
** Happens to Renegade Shepard during Thane's loyalty mission.
--> '''Shepard:''' (Pulls out HandCannon) If I chose to, I could kill everyone in this room and walk out unscathed.
--> '''Lawyer:''' You're ''insane!''
--> '''Shepard:''' Our suits have kinetic barriers. Your legal briefs don't. And ''I'm in a hurry''.
* One of the topics in ''VideoGame/TalesOfMonkeyIsland Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay'' has this [[spoiler:when [=McGillicutty=] plans to destroy La Esponja Grande in order for him to remain Poxed along with his crew forever]]:
-->'''Guybrush:''' You're mad! Mad, I say!
** Before that, there is also a part in ''VideoGame/TheCurseOfMonkeyIsland'' when smuggler King André believes that the Goodsoup Family Diamond and its energy flowing though it is the key to his power, and you can choose this:
--->'''Guybrush:''' You're a madman! \\
'''André:''' Am I mad? Am I? [[LaughingMad HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!]] Is it madness to sit in a cave at the top of a deserted island, accumulating vast amounts of gold and jewels and stuffed animals, stockpiling plunder from across the Caribbean and passing the savings on to you? Is that madness? Or GENIUS?!?\\
'''Guybrush:''' ''[shrugs]'' Good point. I take it back.\\
'''André:''' I'm not crazy -- my prices are!
* The Riddler gets this from Franchise/{{Batman}} in VideoGame/BatmanArkhamCity upon entering the first Riddler Room:
-->'''Batman:''' You're insane.
-->'''Riddler:''' [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial No, that would imply either mental illness or derangement. I suffer from neither.]]
* Shows up in VideoGame/BatmanTheTelltaleSeries:
-->'''Rumi:''' [As The Riddler straps him into a Death Trap] ”You’re insane!” \\
'''Riddler:''' [calmy and thoughtfully, as if he has been given this a lot of thought] ”...no, I don’t think that’s it.”
* ''VideoGame/BatmanVengeance'' is one example where it's not said to a villain:
-->'''Batman''': Any evidence that Mary could come up with five million dollars?
-->'''Batgirl''': No way. That's insane.
-->'''Batman''': Joker's insane, but not stupid.
* ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9'' has another example of a non villainous version.
--->'''[[spoiler: Raiden]]''' I know what we must do. He must win refers to [[spoiler: Shao Kahn]] He must be allowed to [[spoiler: Merge the realms]]
--->'''Liu Kang:''' I prayed that I was wrong but you have gone mad [[spoiler: Raiden.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Hatred}}'''s VillainProtagonist gets one directed at him when [[spoiler:he gets to the control room of the nuclear power plant at the end of the game]].
-->'''Not Important:''' How do I [[spoiler:overload the reactors]]?
-->'''Technician:''' What?! No! Never! It'll [[spoiler:cause a massive explosion]]! Are you insane?!
* Gillian Seed to Chin Shu Oh in ''VisualNovel/{{Snatcher}}'': "You're insane! [[PatrickStewartSpeech Humanity won't be so easily dominated! You underestimate the strength of the human spirit!]]"

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' has a rather [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20040326 chilling variation]] (the guy is fully conscious of his actions and their implications, but [[PuppeteerParasite doesn't have even a bad choice]]):
-->'''Dr. VG:''' Are you insane?!\\
'''Mr. Rovainen:''' Alas. That comfort is denied me.
** And a [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20080314 funny one]]:
-->'''Moloch''': ''What?'' But that's ''insane!'' ([[BeatPanel realizes what he just said]]) Wow. [[InTheBlood Maybe]] you ''are'' [[MadScientist the real thing]].
* Another similar variation from ''Webcomic/{{Narbonic}}'':
-->"This is '''madness'''! '''[[BoldInflation MADNESS!]]'''"\\
"No. Not at all. Our plan is a pragmatic response to the problems we've observed..."\\
"This is '''sanity'''! '''Sanity'''!"
* There was this exchange in ''Webcomic/GastroPhobia'', during the "Lord Night-Sorrow" story arc... before it was changed by a {{Retcon}}:
-->'''Night-Sorrow:''' Sorcery can accomplish what science cannot.\\
'''Filby: ''You're insane!'''''\\
'''Phobia:''' Figured that out all by yourself, did you?
* ''Webcomic/MagickChicks'': Tiffany thought Faith was crazy when she [[spoiler: [[BullyingADragon bloodlusted Layla]]]] and tried to to fight her without her powers, [[http://www.magickchicks.com/strips-mc/hands-on_training for the sake of gaining experience against a cryptid.]] Though it's {{subverted}} since the comic's editor said Faith likely would have won, regardless, had she ''not'' forgotten they were fighting indoors and [[HoistByHisOwnPetard hit her own head]] [[http://www.magickchicks.com/strips-mc/my_life_is_in_your_hands on the ceiling.]] Making it a case of Tiffany UnderestimatingBadassery.
-->'''Creator/TCampbell:''' "Layla's not exactly a pushover, but she's had relatively easy life, and never before even faced a slayer who ''consistently wanted to kill her.'' Even if Layla were well-trained for combat, [[http://www.pixietrixcomix.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=358370#p358370 the odds would heavily favor Faith.]] As it is, anything resembling a fair fight was going to more or less end like this."
* A version appeared in the MegaCrossover FanWebcomic ''Webcomic/{{Roommates}}'' when [[Literature/LesMiserables Javert]] called out [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Dark!]][[Film/{{Labyrinth}} Jareth]] on why he's been [[InvokedTrope forcing]] CharacterRerailment on the others:
-->'''[[Literature/LesMiserables Javert]]''': "Generous?! ''We are tragedies'', you ass! There is nothing generous in making us repeat the same mistakes that cost us everything the first time!"
** Also after the Erlkönig, who by the way considered stealing the soul of his son's best friend a reasonable idea, saw what Jareth planed for the hunt, he is [[TranquilFury quite restrained but visibly pissed]]:
-->'''Erlkönig''': Do you think this was wise?
-->'''Jareth''': [[MagicallyBindingContract You did not specify]] [[LiteralistSnarking 'wise']].
* ''Webcomic/DarthsAndDroids'' has an unusual variant after Darth Vader's [[PurpleProse florid]], [[MoralMyopia self-righteous]] monologue justifying the destruction of Alderaan:
--> '''Tarquin:''' You are one sick [[UnusualEuphemism croque-monsieur]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic and WebVideo/BumReviews did this in one of [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara's]] videos:
-->'''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic:''' My God. You're mad.\\
'''Bum:''' Am I? Am I?\\
'''Nostalgia Critic:''' Yes. Very mad.\\
'''Bum:''' Maybe it's you, who are mad?\\
'''Nostalgia Critic:''' No, I'm pretty sure it you.\\
'''Bum:''' You know what? You're just rude.
** And then he [[spoiler:[[EarthShatteringKaboom starts destroying the world]].]] In fact, the experience is probably one of the most creepy things that That Guy With The Glasses has ever done.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic was on the other end of this during his review of ''Film/TheRoom''. Other reviewers kept showing up to try and talk him out of it: when he refused to listen to [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]]...
-->"You're mad, Critic! [[LargeHam MAD!]]"\\
"[[MoodWhiplash Okay.]]"
* [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment "What is it about the name]] ''[[MadScientist Dr. Insano]]'' that eludes you people?!"
* "[[http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1823766 You're insane!]] [[TakeThat Nobody uses]] [[{{Microsoft}} Microsoft Works]]!"
* This was the reaction the rest of the Creator/AchievementHunter team had in ''[[LetsPlay/AchievementHunterMinecraftSeries Let's Play Minecraft]]'' when they found out not only did Ryan had a cow in a hole in his home in Achievement City, he went out of his way to get another one to foil Michael's rescue attempt with the declaration of "Edgar's the one in the hole." His reigns as "King" have turned into "Mad King" and this was even shown in ''WebAnimation/XRayAndVav'' with his character the Mad King.
* In WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}, Weiss has this reaction to Ruby's decision to jump down to the forest temple.
-->'''Ruby''': Well, why don't we just jump?!\\
'''Weiss''': What are you, insane?!\\
(Ruby is no longer there)\\
* ''WebAnimation/DSBTInsaniT'': In 'The Camping Webisode', Bill tells Koden he is crazy for wanting to talk to Killer Monster rather than attack him.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'', the episode that introduces Vlad Plasmius has this dialogue:
-->'''Danny:''' Let me outta here!\\
'''Vlad:''' Why? So you can go back to stumbling through your adolescence desperately trying to get control of your powers?! Powers, by the way, that I've had for twenty years. I have experience, my child, and the money and power attained through using those powers for personal gain, you see! I could train you, teach you everything I know! And all you have to do is renounce your idiot father!\\
'''Danny:''' Dude. You are one ''seriously'' crazed-up fruit loop. That is ''never'' going to happen.
* ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales'':
** In "Too Much of a Gold Thing", the finale of the FiveEpisodePilot, El Capitán claims to have been waiting "four hundred years" for another chance to find the Treasure of the Golden Suns.
--->'''Mrs. Beakley:''' Four hundred years?! You're ''mad''!\\
'''El Capitán:''' Mad? Of ''course'' I'm mad! [[GoldFever I'm mad for GOLD!]]
** In the episode "[[Recap/DuckTalesS1E4WhereNoDuckHasGoneBefore Where No Duck Has Gone Before]]", Launchpad asks Courage, "Are you crazy?" when he insists on fist-fighting the alien leader. The episode proves enlightening for Courage.
* PlayedForLaughs (Like every other trope in the show) in ''WesternAnimation/TheTick''. As El Seed is raising his army of corn soldiers, we get ''this'' exchange:
-->'''El Seed:''' You are the glorious army of El Seed! I am on a big power trip, and you are coming with me!!! My assistants, the lovely Bee Twins, will hand out medical waiver forms and ball-point pens. [[LargeHam PLEASE... PRIIIINT... CLEEEEEARRRRLYYYYYYYY!!!]]
--> '''The Tick:''' He's a madman!
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' episode "Temptation", Brooklyn, disillusioned by the problems of humanity, is manipulated by Demona to steal a spellbook in order to help his leader, Goliath, "see the truth of the world". Brooklyn cooperates, but when Demona attacks Goliath with a spell from the book that makes him a mind-controlled slave, the young gargoyle protests that he only wanted to Goliath to see the truth. Demona intones with flashing eyes, "You wanted him to know the truth. Now, our truth will the only truth he ever knows!" At that brazenly evil pronouncement, Brooklyn yells to Demona, "You're insane!" and attacks her to get the book back.
* Done frequently in ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'', particularly because of Zim's megalomaniacal personality.
* ''WesternAnimation/XMen'':
** A curious example occurs in the episode "Courage" between Professor Xavier and Master Mold:
--->'''Xavier:''' You're mad, Master Mold!\\
'''Master Mold:''' A machine cannot be mad, Professor. That is a ''human'' failing.
** In "Come the Apocalypse", Rogue recalls Xavier's earlier words and calls Apocalypse insane for turning mutants into mindless slaves and using them to destroy the world.
** EvilutionaryBiologist Nathaniel Essex's SocialDarwinist rhetoric elicits a "Good heavens! You're ... you're quite mad!" from UsefulNotes/CharlesDarwin himself.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'' episode "Stolen Memories", Superman meets Brainiac, the surviving major computer consciousness from Krypton. Although Superman is pleased to meet someone from his native planet, he later learns of Brainiac's true reason for coming to Earth. The intelligence has been ravaging the cosmos, gathering all the knowledge of worlds and then destroying them so he is the sole possessor of that information, and now wants to do the same with Earth. At this smug justification of serial omnicide, Superman yells, "You're insane!" and leaps into battle.
* A cousin to InsultBackfire happens in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' where Superman is sent far into the future, AfterTheEnd:
-->'''Vandal Savage:''' The earth belongs to the cockroaches now... Oh, and me.\\
'''Superman:''' You're ''insane''.\\
'''Vandal Savage:''' ... [[TheMadHatter True]]. But that doesn't mean I'm not good company. [[FoeYay Say, you wanna come over to my house]]?\\
'''Superman:''' ...\\
'''Vandal Savage:''' Like you've got something ''better'' to do.
** Another one, in an episode of ''Justice League''
-->'''Solomon Grundy:''' ''(to Luthor)'' You're crazy!\\
'''The Joker:''' ''[[WalkInChimeIn (bursts into the room)]]'' And what's wrong with that? It's done ''wonders'' for me!
* ''TheSimpsons'' spoofed this with their famous line (in thick scottish accent): "Scorpio, you're mad!"
** And the equally memorable reply: "Hah, I wouldn't point fingers, you jerk!"
** [[ParodiedTrope Parodied]] in another episode, when Sideshow Bob is released from prison for the umpteenth time. Bart protests, calling Bob a maniac, and Mayor Quimby, who authorized Bob's release, replies, "Bob is no maniac. He explained his reasons for trying to kill us all, and I assure you they were perfectly sane."
** In "Three Men and a Comic Book", Milhouse calls Bart crazy when he accuses him of planning to kill him in his sleep to get the comic.
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'': In the episode ''Sozin's Comet, Part 1'', when Team Avatar learns about [[BigBad Fire Lord Ozai's]] plans to use Sozin's comet to [[FinalSolution launch genocidal campaigns against the entire Earth Kingdom]], which will result in the deaths of countless innocents, they can only react with horror and shock. Sokka even lampshades on this.
-->'''Sokka:''' I always knew the Fire Lord was a bad guy, but his plan is just pure evil.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'':
** Near the end of the 2-part episode ''The Demon's Quest'', Ra's al Ghul [[JustBetweenYouAndMe lets Batman in on his master plan]] which will [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt result in the deaths of billions]], leading to the following exchange:
-->'''Ra's:''' A most impressive plan, wouldn't you agree?\\
'''Batman:''' Yes... I can see it clearly now for the first time. ''(DramaticPause, giving Ra's the impression he's succeeding in recruiting Batman as his successor)'' [[BaitAndSwitchComment You are completely out of your mind.]]
** In a later episode, Mr. Freeze has this response to [[MrAltDisney Grant Walker's]] plan to freeze the entire world except for his own island. When a ''supervillain'' is the one doubting your sanity, you know you have problems. Better yet, an ''ice-obsessed'' villain saying this about a plan to ''freeze the world''. (Of course, this has a great deal of FridgeBrilliance, pardon the pun. Freeze considers his condition a FateWorseThanDeath, but Walker actually ''wants'' it, causing Freeze to regard him as mad. As Freeze himself tells him:
-->'''Freeze:''' You want to be like ''this''? Trapped in a world you can see but never touch? Old and infirm as you are, I would trade a thousand of my frozen years for your worst day.
** Freeze was on the other end of the line in his DCAU [[WesternAnimation/BatmanAndMisterFreezeSubZero movie]].
** ''The Joker'' of all people delivers this line regarding the Creeper:
-->'''Joker:''' "He's a ''lunatic''!"
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' example. [[LoudOfWar Shriek]] is blackmailing Commissioner Gordon in exchange for Batman's life.
-->'''Barbara:''' You're out of your mind.\\
'''Shriek:''' ''Duh''.
** When Xander outlines his plan to wipe out the world through triggered volcanic eruptions, while his followers will survive by turning themselves into dinosaurs and thriving off the excess heat.
-->'''Max''': I think I finally get it now.\\
[Xander smiles]\\
'''Max''': You're crazy! All of you! Certifiable, in need of medication!
* From the Ruby-Spears ''WesternAnimation/MegaMan'' cartoon, in the episode "Ice Age" (sound clip available about a third of the way down [[http://www.mmhp.net/Marketing/ShowList.html this page]]):
-->'''Mr. Zero:''' You're m-m-mad!\\
'''Dr. Wily:''' No, I'm ha-ha-happy!
* Even ''WesternAnimation/VeggieTales'' has a variant in a recent ''Indiana Jones'' parody.
-->'''Larry:''' ... He's loopy!\\
'''Bob:''' No, he's eccentric.\\
'''Larry:''' What's the difference?\\
'''Bob:''' Eccentric is loopy, ''with money''.
* ''{{Transformers}}: WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' has [[MadScientist Tarantulas]] happily shrug this one off with a casual "So they say," and a particularly indulgent and spittle-y EvilLaugh.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Wakfu}}'': During his fight against Nox in episode 17, Grougaloragran repeatedly calls him a madman, but Nox pays this no heed. Later, both Yugo and Adamaï give him a "You're insane!" speech at the end of the final fight in episode 26. [[spoiler:However, since it is after Nox's whole plan is crumbling around him - with his giant clock mecha - this time the Xelor may actually be listening.]]
** To specify, [[spoiler: the first time Yugo calls him out on his mental instability, he just shrugs it off. Later, he's surrounded by the total ruination of his plans, only to have Yugo scream that his insanity killed entire countries for nothing. This time, he actually starts ''weeping.'']]
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius'', Carl, Sheen and Jimmy travel to the [[BlandNameProduct Bahama Quadrangle]] so Jimmy can prove that nothing suspicious happens there. They end up trapped by a algae obsessed scientist named Dr. Moist:
--> '''Dr. Moist:''' I'd be happy to... Right after your transformation.
--> '''Jimmy:''' Transformation?
--> '''Dr. Moist:''' Into Algae-Men, just like all the other fools who've passed this way to spy on me!
--> '''Jimmy:''' Huh?!
--> '''Dr. Moist:''' That's right--your food was chock-full of mutant algae seeds,
--> '''Jimmy:''' Huh?!
--> '''Dr. Moist:''' Which even as we ''speak'' are infusing your every cell with kelpy goodness!
--> '''Jimmy:''' [[RuleofThree Huh?!]]
--> '''Carl:''' Guys... I'm turning green!
--> '''Jimmy:''' But you ate it too; we saw you!
--> '''Dr. Moist:''' Yes, but I have the antidote! ''(drinks some of said antidote)'' Ahh, that is ''good'' antidote!
--> '''Jimmy:''' You're completely nuts!
--> '''Sheen:''' Oh gee, ya think?
--> '''Carl:''' What was your first clue?
* ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]: Fast Forward'' Episode 22 (Head of State):
-->'''Bishop''': Stockman, this is madness!\\
'''Stockman''': No, Bishop. This is logic.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/RegularShow'' episode "Go Viral", Rigby says this to the Warden of the Internet. Considering she's been capturing anyone who makes a viral video and imprisoning them in a FateWorseThanDeath, he's probably right.
** Mordecai says the same thing to Rigby when he asks for that last solid.
* In the "Life of Crime" episode of ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants,'' Patrick and [=SpongeBob=] run away from home because they think they're going to get "locked up forever" for stealing a balloon. The two set up camp and share two candybars. Patrick eats his candybar and being the short-term-memory starfish that he is, forgets he just ate it and thinks that [=SpongeBob=] took it. The end result is [=SpongeBob=] eating his own candy bar while Patrick looks on in horror at the thought of his "only food" being eaten by his best friend and proceeds to freak out.
-->'''[=SpongeBob=]''': (eats candy bar) Mmmmm mmmm mhhmmm!!\\
'''Patrick:''' YOU'RE A CRAZY PERSON!!
* A non-villainous example occurs in ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' when an old herbalist hermit with only her ancient cat as a friend tells Aang to make his friends suck on frozen frogs to cure their illness.
--> '''Aang:''' You're insane, aren't you?
--> '''The Herbalist:''' Thaaat's right!
** Occurs in the fourth season of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'', when Varrick turns out to have [[spoiler:built a bomb ([[CrazyPrepared with both a timer and a manual switch]]) to destroy himself, Bolin and the spirit vine samples rather than let Kuvira and Baatar Jr. get their hands on [[GoneHorriblyRight the accidental fruits of his research]]. Thanks to some quick thinking from Bolin, they escape.]]
--> '''Baatar Jr.:''' You're insane!
--> '''Varrick:''' You knew that when you hired me!
* In the series finale of ''WesternAnimation/ActionMan2000'', Alex retorts this to Dr. X after the latter's offer of WeCanRuleTogether.
-->'''Alex:''' X... you're nuts.
* In ''WesternAnimation/IronManArmoredAdventures'' Tony tells a variation of this to Rhona in "All the Best People Are Mad". Which results in a TitleDrop of the episode.
-->'''Tony:''' "You're completely mad Rhona!
-->'''Rhona:''' "Mad? ''All the best people are mad.'' Lewis Carol."
* In one part of the FiveEpisodePilot to ''WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers'', Detective Drake accuses [[BigBad Aldrin Klordane]] of being mad. Klordane's response is, "Actually, I'm quite happy." (In case you didn't "get" the joke there, he was sarcastically telling Drake that he was not angry, although that was clearly not what Drake meant when he said "mad".)
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'': Bionic Barry explains his EvilPlan to Nikolai Jakov.
-->'''Jakov''': You're crazy.
-->'''Barry''': ''[[MoodSwinger AM I?!]]''
* The title quote. In ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', this is Gideon's reaction when he meets [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Bill Cipher:]]
-->'''Gideon:''' You're insane!
-->'''Bill Cipher:''' ''[[TheMadHatter SURE I AM, WHAT'S YOUR POINT?]]''
** Then again in the finale:
-->'''Stanford:''' You're insane if you think I'll help you!
* In ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'', Jeremie has an AngerBornOfWorry example to Aelita, his sweetheart:
-->'''Jeremie:''' ''(Upon waking Aelita up)'' You're insane! Why did you do that?!
-->'''Aelita:''' [[HeroicSacrifice To save the world, to save you all.]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/BewareTheBatman'':
-->'''Lady Shiva:''' Are you mad?
-->'''Anarky:''' Without question.
* In the ''Franchise/{{Peanuts}}'' TV special ''Snoopy: the Musical'' (a RecursiveAdaptation[[note]]It had previously been a Broadway play.[[/note]]), when Linus tries to tell Sally about the Great Pumpkin ([[WesternAnimation/ItsTheGreatPumpkinCharlieBrown "a]][[NegativeContinuity gain"]]), this is her response:
-->'''Sally''': I think you have really nice eyes, Linus, but you are completely out of your mind!
* In ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'', Steven encourages Peridot to write a song to express herself. She ends up singing about being stuck on Earth with the Crystal Gems and how she has slowly bonded with them.
-->''I think you're all '''insane!'''\\
[[NotSoDifferent But I guess I am too.]]\\
[[HumanityIsInfectious Anybody would be]],\\
If they were stuck on Earth with you!''