''Young Samurai'' is a series of children's/Young Adult novels by Chris Bradford about a boy named Jack Fletcher, who travels across the sea with his father, who is a ship's Navigator, and their crew, in the 17th century to explore "the Japans". Once they arrive, an accident alongside the shore bogs down their ship, leaving them vulnerable to attack from the Wako, a band of Ninja-Pirates, including the infamous Dokugan Ryu, or "Dragon Eye", who murders Jack's father and all those on board, leaving Jack for dead. The boy is saved by Dragon Eye's ArchEnemy, a Samurai Warrior called Masamoto. Believing it to be fate, Masamoto adopts Jack as his own son and eventually decides to have Jack trained at his Samurai school, the Niten Ichi Ryu, in Kyoto.

The first trilogy covers Jack's training as a Samurai, his on-going battle against Dragon Eye, and his struggle to fit in with a society that tries multiple times to reject him and is run by Lords who want to banish all foreigners from Japan completely. The last five books concern Jack's perilous journey across Japan to find a way back home to England and his younger sister Jess with the help of friends both old and new. What follows is a whole host of interesting adventures with well-written characters and a breathtaking love note of both life in Japan during this era and kick-ass martial arts.