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A female character is approached on the street, usually by an older man. He tells her that she would make a great model and he conveniently [[BlatantLies happens to be a professional photographer]]. He gives her his card and tells her to meet him at his studio, preferably alone or with an equally attractive female friend, and she sees [[TooDumbToLive absolutely nothing wrong with this]]. Unfortunately, his 'studio' turns out to be a rundown apartment, or worse, an empty warehouse. And now that she's [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty alone...]]

Variations also include a female character who wants to dance or act being offered a chance for an audition. Another character often arrives at the last second to save her, [[RapeAsDrama but not always]]. The scammer may also intend to exploit the victim for money or other gain with nothing sexual involved, which is much closer to TruthInTelevision. See also CastingCouch, where there actually is a job opening available, but [[SexualExtortion not for free]].

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