->'''Roger''': Your smile reminded me of…\\
'''Mimi''': I always "remind people of". Who is she?
-->-- "Light My Candle," ''Theatre/{{Rent}}''

Old and often used stock phrase with several different variations. Compare and contrast JuniorCounterpart, DistaffCounterpart, LegacyCharacter, GenerationXerox.



The first and most commonly used variant is someone telling another person that the other person reminds them of themselves, especially if they add, [[JuniorCounterpart "When I was younger,"]] to the end of it. In particular TheHero may say it to a character like a {{sidekick}}, a HeroWorshipper or a NonActionGuy who just showed some pluck and [[LetsGetDangerous Got Dangerous]], an InnocentBystander who actually helped out, etc. Most commonly used to show that even if a character is outside the CompetenceZone currently, they have potential they may yet fulfill, or that they may grow up to be just like the hero and [[CallToAdventure take up the call]].

This is often used to set up a NotSoDifferent scenario, and often either SympathyForTheDevil (from the hero to the villain) or SympathyForTheHero (from the villain to hero). It's also a good way to show a possibility for a villain finding redemption.

It's worth noting that this variant often tends to be parodied or subverted. For example an AntiHero or DeadpanSnarker may wind up telling someone that it's the bad parts of themselves or the bits about themselves that they loathe that the person is bringing to mind. There are also times when it's said with the implication that the person they're saying it to is a NaiveNewcomer who is overly idealistic just like they were at that age, but will have to learn cynicism, just like the person speaking. Many a BrokenPedestal has said it this way.

* ''Literature/AStormOfSwords'': When Ser Jaime Lannister talks to Ser Loras Tyrell, he realizes that the young man is basically a mirror image of himself when he was at that age.
* Miranda Priestly tells this to Andy at the end of ''Literature/TheDevilWearsPrada'', which only reinforces [[spoiler:Andy's decision to quit]].
* Michael implies this to a teenage client he helped on an episode of ''Series/BurnNotice'', complete with the show ending with the two of them leaning against his car in the exact same pose.
* Both Evan Edrok and Ha Jinsung from ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' are reminded of themselves when they first meet protagonist Baam. Evan sees the innocent, naive hopeful child he used to be who knew exactly what he wanted; Jinsung sees someone who lost everything he wished for.
* Doc Holiday did the AntiHero version in ''Film/{{Tombstone}}'', saying that Johnny Ringo reminds me him of him, which just means that now Doc ''really'' hates Ringo.
* Parodied/subverted in an episode of ''WebVideo/ImAMarvelAndImADC'', when {{Wolverine}} tells [[Comicbook/{{Watchmen}} the Comedian]] how the Comedian reminds him of himself, then immediately remembers all the things that are different about them and it turns into a NotSoSimilar moment instead.
-->'''Wolverine:''' Maybe you ain't so bad after all, Blake. In fact, you kinda remind me of myself at your age. Except, y'know, I'm a mutant. And I've got ethics. And I'm not a psychopath… (or a rapist…) You know what, maybe you remind me of [[EvilCounterpart someone else…]]
* Sarevok uses this line in ''Franchise/BaldursGate'', during his appearance in ''[[VideoGame/BaldursGateIIThroneOfBhaal Throne of Bhaal]]'':
-->'''Sarevok:''' You remind me of myself… before I was slaughtered and cast into the Abyss. Think of that before you burn your bridges.
* When Green Lantern, Black Canary and Arsenal teamed up in the events leading to the post-''ComicBook/InfiniteCrisis''. pre-ComicBook/{{New 52}} JLA, Green Lantern thinks how Black Canary thinks it's because Arsenal reminds him of a younger Green Arrow--and that, the reality of it is, that Arsenal reminds him of his own younger self.
* ''Film/RealGenius'':
-->'''Chris:''' You see, Mitch, I used to be you. And lately I've been missing me, so I asked Dr. Hathaway if I could room with me again and he said sure.
* An inversion of the trope shows up in ''Film/RoadToPerdition'', when Sullivan admits to one of his sons that it was the son that ''didn't'' remind him of himself that he loved more.
* In Chris Roberson's TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} Literature/BloodRavens novel ''Dawn of War II'', the [[CryingLittleKid two boys]] they find in the hive remind Thaddeus of himself at that age--partly because he came from the same sort of hive, and partly because they fit the aspirant profile. (When he suggests that they might become Blood Ravens and [[{{Revenge}} kill xenos such as killed]] [[MissingMom their mother]], they are quite eager to be like him.)
* In the Literature/CiaphasCain novel ''Cain's Last Stand'', one of Cain's students reminds him of himself. Amusingly (and not at all surprisingly, given [[ManipulativeBastard his own character]]), this leads him to view absolutely everything Donal says and does with considerable suspicion.
** Interestingly enough, said student turns out to be quite the model commissar, offering to stay behind (and certainly die) in order to buy time for the others to escape. When he does survive (but is brainwashed), he prefers to commit suicide after being temporarily freed rather than lose his free will again. Should Cain's assessment be on the mark, it would seem to shine a light on Cain's own character.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', Zapp Brannigan, king of {{Metaphorgotten}}, says this of Fry: "You remind me of a younger me. Not much younger, mind you. Perhaps even a little older."
* [[spoiler:The G-Man to Adrian Shepard]] at the end of ''VideoGame/HalfLife1: Opposing Force''.
-->I admit I have a fascination with those who adapt and survive against all odds--they rather remind me of myself.
* Agent 47 cites this as a reason for taking [[ChildSoldier Victoria]] away from the [[MurderInc ICA]] in ''VideoGame/HitmanAbsolution''. Despite (apparently) being a sociopath, 47 went up against his employers because he didn't want the girl to end up like him.
* ''Film/TheThreeMusketeers1993''. "You, boy, are arrogant, hot-tempered, and entirely too bold. I like that, you remind me of me."
* In the first episode of ''Series/{{Community}}'', Pierce means it as a compliment when he tells Jeff that Jeff reminds him of younger version of himself, but since Pierce is, putting it gently, a complete tool, Jeff [[YourApprovalFillsMeWithShame doesn't take it as one]].
* Subverted on ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' when Homer gets a job writing fortune cookie fortunes and presents his work to the other writers, one of whom is (for some reason) Creator/WoodyAllen.
-->'''Woody Allen:''' My god, he's like a young me!\\
'''Fortune Cookie Writer:''' Are you crazy? Yung Mi was a hack compared to this guy.
* In ''Theatre/NextToNormal'', Natalie tells Henry "you remind me of me… and how fucked up I can be" to explain why their relationship is struggling.
* ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' ("Tapestry")
-->'''Picard:''' [''about his time as an ensign''] I was a different person in those days--arrogant, undisciplined; with far too much ego, but too little wisdom. ''[pause]'' I was more like you.
-->'''Q:''' Then you must have been far more interesting. Pity you had to change.
* ''Film/WallStreet''
-->'''Gordon Gekko:''' You could've been one of the great ones Buddy. I looked at you and saw myself. Why?\\
'''Bud Fox:''' [getting up] I don't know. I guess I realized that I'm just Bud Fox.
* In ''VideoGame/AdvanceWars 2: Black Hole Rising'', Flak of Black Hole says to Max of Orange Star:
-->'''Flak:''' You remind me of me. Except… I'm me.
* In ''Film/PearlHarbor'', Alec Baldwin's character (Col. James Doolittle) tells Creator/BenAffleck's character (Rafe [=McCawley=]) that [=McCawley=] reminded him of a younger version of himself (Doolittle). Crosses over to ActorAllusion, since Affleck played a younger version of the same character as Baldwin (Literature/JackRyan).
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'', Auron states indirectly to Tidus that he reminds him of himself. "I was just a boy. A boy about your age actually. I wanted to change the world too, but I changed nothing." See also below ("You remind me of him").
* In the original ''Literature/TheMysteriousBenedictSociety'' book, Mr. Curtain tells Reynie that he reminds him of himself as a child. This can hardly be pleasing for Reynie, as Mr. Curtain is the BigBad of the series.
* In ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'', when Ezio comes home after spending the night at his girlfriend's place (and getting chased out by her angry father), his father Giovanni initially appears to berate him for this… before bursting into laughter and mentioning this variant of the trope.
* Referenced in ''Series/TheITCrowd''
** "God I miss Jen. She reminded me of me at her age. (beat) I mean, when I was her age, she reminded me of her age. (beat) She reminded me of my age at her age. (beat) When I was her age, she was reminded of me?"
* A variant appears in ''Film/AntMan'' between BigBad Darren Cross and his mentor, Hank Pym:
-->'''Cross''': All those years ago, you picked me. What did you see in me?\\
'''Pym''': I saw myself.\\
'''Cross''': Then why did you push me away?\\
'''Pym''': Because I saw too much of myself.
* In ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'', during the match between Team 5D's and Team Taiyo, Yusei realises that he is now the reigning champ and his opponent is the scrappy underdog of an outsider using scavenged, cobbled-together equipment.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/ReadyJetGo'' episode "The Grandest Canyon", Sean remarks that Mindy reminds him of a young him, but Sydney tells Sean that "you are still young you."
* Variant in the Harry Potter one-shot "[[https://m.fanfiction.net/s/2565609/130/Odd-Ideas Ambition]]" (part of ''Odd Ideas'' by Rorschach's Blot): After some of Harry's actions, Dumbledore says this about Harry, but to someone who is ''not'' Harry:
-->"I'm reminded of another student that began building up his network of contacts and his store of favors when he went to this school," Dumbledore said softly. "Only he didn't do things nearly so well, nor was he so thorough."
-->"Albus," Minerva gasped. "You can't be comparing him to . . . to . . ."
-->"Voldemort?" Dumbledore asked with a raised eyebrow. "No. I was comparing him to me."



!!''Your father/mother/mentor''
The other variant is the speaker saying that someone reminds them of X, with X possibly being anything from their father or mother, their mentor, a legendary hero, etc. A frequently response to TellMeAboutMyFather, which is practically guaranteed to provoke a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming. A nastier, more villainish version may include pushing the RelativeButton with this, or to turn it into a way to [[ReminiscingAboutYourVictims Reminisce About Your Victims]] or ask the ever popular question "WouldYouLikeToKnowHowTheyDied".

* Literature/HarryPotter has been told multiple times how much he reminds everyone of his father.
** And has his mother's eyes.
** Disturbingly, Harry also notes the similarities between himself, Severus Snape, and Tom Riddle--the "lost boys".
* ''Literature/HannibalRising'': Lady Muraski tells her nephew Hannibal Lecter that he looks just like his uncle. Since the young man is physically reminiscent of her late husband, she appears to be projecting some of the feelings she had for Count Robert Lecter on to Hannibal.
* In ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'', JD is told by Jordan (the ex-wife of his reluctant mentor Dr. Cox) how he kind of reminds her of Dr. Cox when Cox was that young.
* Auron from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' tells Tidus that he reminds him of Tidus' father Jecht. The latter isn't happy about the comparison, considering that [[ArchnemesisDad Jecht]] was an [[AlcoholicParent alcoholic]] and sometimes [[AbusiveParents abusive]] father who could only express affection through ToughLove. That said, part of Tidus' CharacterDevelopment is coming to accept that Jecht wasn't always ''quite'' as bad as he believed, and that Jecht did [[TheApocalypseBringsOutTheBestInPeople genuinely reform himself and become a legitimate hero]] over the course of his pilgrimage with Braska, much as Tidus becomes a hero during Yuna's pilgrimage.
** Wakka also initially goes out of his way to help Tidus and act as something of a big brother to him because Tidus reminds him of [[CynicismCatalyst his dead little brother]].
* In the Creator/StephenKing novella ''Low Men in Yellow Coats'' (part of the ''Literature/HeartsInAtlantis'' book), Bobby gets told by a waitress how much he reminds her of his long-dead and barely remembered father. Sure enough, at one point when she's totally petrified she [[WrongNameOutburst calls Bobby by his father's name]].
* ''Series/{{House}}'': In the first-season episode "Poison", an 82-year-old woman goes to the clinic because she's acting unexpectedly "frisky". She flirts with House while he examines her, saying, "You remind me of [Ashton Kutcher]. Same bedroom eyes."
* Slappy Squirrel does this OnceAnEpisode in ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'', whenever another character reminds her of "a very young ". For example, to a bulldog: "You remind me of a very young Scooby-Doo." [[DeadpanSnarker It is difficult to tell at times whether she is being complimentary or insulting with these comparisons.]]
* Negi of ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' constantly reminds people of his father. During the end of his tournament bout with Jack Rakan, Jack reminisces that it's almost like fighting with Nagi again.
** Subverted somewhat as many people who knew Nagi consider [[spoiler:Negi to be the opposite of his father. Nagi being a [[BoringInvincibleHero totally unstoppable]], [[TheParagon totally good]], self taught pure talent, IdiotHero, and Negi being a pessimistic, ambitious {{Determinator}} who flirts with TheDarkSide. While none the less still very much a good guy, he is a VERY different kind of good guy than his dad]].
* In ''City of Glass'', Luke tells Jace that he reminds him of someone. Jace assumes he means his father[[spoiler:, the antagonist Valentine]]. However, Luke actually meant another shadowhunter,[[spoiler:Stephen Herondale, Jace's biological father]].
* [[Film/TheDarkKnight "You know, you remind me of my father… I HATED my father!"]]
* In one episode of ''Series/StargateSG1'', Teal'c informs informs the New Guy Cameron Mitchell that he reminds him of Jack O'Neill, SG-1's former team leader whom Mitchell replaced. Mitchell thinks this is a compliment. Teal'c doesn't seem so sure.
* ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}''
-->''You remind me of the babe…\\
What babe?\\
The babe with the power…\\
What power?\\
[[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedComedyFandubSpoofSeriesShow What babe?]]\\
The power of Voodoo…\\
Who do?\\
You do.\\
Do what?\\
You remind me of the babe…''
** See also ''Cary Grant in Film/TheBachelorAndTheBobbySoxer (1947)'' [[http://youtu.be/Lfv1Jx3_PRs here]].
* From ''Literature/{{Percy Jackson|and the Olympians}}'', his mother points out how much Percy is like his father.
* In ''Literature/LuckyStarr and the Pirates of the Asteroids'', the hermit Hansen recognizes Lucky when they first meet because when Lucky gets angry, he reminds Hansen of his father, Lawrence Starr. [[spoiler:Lawrence Starr was generally a cheerful man, and the fact that Hansen vividly remembers him being angry is one clue that he is actually the pirate who murdered Lucky's parents.]]
* In ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'', Mido meets Link after his seven-year absence. He doesn't exactly recognize Link (due to Link having grown into an adult while Kokiri such as Mido stay children forever), but does say that for some reason, seeing Link makes him remember.
* In episode 4.08 of ''Series/SonsOfAnarchy'', Piney says to Jax "I'm not going to tell you how much you just sounded like your old man."
* ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' draws on this trope in a slightly unexpected way, where [[spoiler:Kratos, Lloyd's father, remarks about how Lloyd reminds him of Mithos. Not that this breaks with the trope in any way, but considering the father's more commonly the one the comparison's drawn TO, it's a neat twist for the father to be the one drawing the comparison.]]
* In ''VideoGame/RadiantHistoria'' Eruca claims that Stocke reminds her of her brother. [[spoiler:Turns out, that's because he ''is'' her brother.]]
* In ''VideoGame/EternalSonata'', Frederic tells Polka she reminds him of his deceased younger sister. There [[AllJustADream may be a very good reason for that]], or it could just be a coincidence.
* In the Jonathan Winters episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheNewScoobyDooMovies'', Maude Frickert tells Fred that he reminds her of her favorite country singer--Glen Campbell.
* ''Manga/ElementalGelade'' has Ren helping a young boy named Eugene, who looks and acts almost exactly like her partner, Coud. Different from most examples on this page in that Coud is just fine, and was only apart from her for an episode or two.
* In ''{{Anime/Noein}}'', Atori is pissed off by Yuu, who has the same defiant eyes as Karasu, who he despises. [[spoiler:Which makes sense, considering Karasu is an older, post-apocalyptic Yuu.]]
* Dante in the ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry'' series reminds about half the bosses he fights of his father, Sparda. Oddly, Nero reminds Berial of ''Dante'' in the fourth game's novelization.
** In the graphic novel ''[=DMC4=]'', ''Deadly Fortune'' Dante muses about Nero having the same look in his eyes as Vergil did.
* Series/{{CSI NY}} Mac tells Reed that Reed reminds him (Mac) of his mother, Mac's late wife Claire. It's *mostly* two, but also has elements of 3, the only difference being he already knew who Reed was at the time, likely making it a 2.
* Miranda Hillard tells ''Mrs. Doubtfire'' that she reminds her of her ex-husband Daniel; [[DramaticIrony ironically enough]], Mrs. Doubtfire of course happens to be one of Daniel's fictional impersonations.
* In ''Manga/DeathNote'' Naomi Misora tells [[VillainProtagonist Light]] "You remind me of [[HeroAntagonist L]]. [[NotSoDifferent There's something about you that's just like him.]]"
* In ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'', [[http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/archive_page.php?comicID=1026 Antimony anticipiates being told she resembles one of her parents. Mr. Donlan surprises her by saying that would be what to say, except that she's her own person.]]
* In ''Film/BackToTheFuturePartIII'', there is a somber instance of this. Marty [=McFly=] encounters his ancestors Seamus and Maggie [=McFly=], under the pseudonym "Creator/ClintEastwood." After "Clint" accepts a challenge to a gun fight for being called chicken, Seamus and Maggie tell "Clint" he reminds them of Seamus' brother ''Martin'' who let people talk him into fights and ended up dying from one such encounter.
* In ''Manga/OnePiece'', Luffy frequently reminds others of Gold Roger, especially when he almost gets executed by Buggy in Loguetown and [[GoOutWithASmile smiles even when he thinks all hope is lost]], just like Roger had in his execution.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', there appear to be some comparisons between Ichigo and Kaien Shiba, particularly in their appearance and determination to [[ScrewTheRulesImDoingWhatsRight do what's right even if it's against the rules]]. Byakuya in particular makes note of the similarity between the two, and Rukia remembers that Ichigo's fight with Grand Fisher is quite similar to Kaien's fight with Metastacia in that [[ItsPersonal it's personal to them]], [[spoiler:although Ichigo, unlike Kaien, made it out of his fight alive]].
* A subversion in ''Arthur 2: On the Rocks''. Arthur, referring to Hobson, says to his new valet "you know, you remind me of him… in absolutely no way whatsoever".
* ''{{Naruto}}'' reminds other characters of certain people quite often. The most commonly mentioned are [[GenerationXerox his father]], [[ItWasHisSled the fourth Hokage]], as well as his mentor, Jiraiya (with Sakura and Sasuke bearing similarities to Tsunade and Orochimaru, respectively). He also reminds Tsunade of her dead little brother and boyfriend in his goal of becoming Hokage, and while she initially shrugs it off as something that will get him killed, [[CharacterDevelopment she comes to see him as someone who inherited both their hopes]], and gives him the necklace she gave to the two of them shortly before their deaths, with the hope that he will succeed where they failed.
* In ''VideoGame/Persona4Arena'', ''VideoGame/Persona4'' protagonist Yu Narukami has this effect on the ''VideoGame/Persona3'' characters, who note his similarity with ''3''[='s=] main character.
* Gender-neutral, but it's not romantic: In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', some returning characters occasionally mention how the new PlayerCharacter reminds them of the first one.
--> '''Anders:''' ''(fondly)'' I had a friend like you once; got in all kinds of trouble. [[MagneticHero Dragged me along.]] Didn't think I'd be doing that again.
** In the same game, Bethany tells Anders that he reminds her of her apostate father.
* In the Eddie Murphy comedy ''TheDistinguishedGentleman'', when Elijah Hawkins calls Tom Johnson out on his con-artist ways, Tom is about to make typical snarky remark, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness but stops.]]
--> '''Tom:''' You know, just then you reminded me of my father… he used to say I was a scumbag, too.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'', when you befriend Undyne in the Pacifist route, you have to hit her with an absurdly weak fake attack. When you do, she tells you that you remind her of [[spoiler:her mentor, King Asgore]].
* In ''The Golem's Eye'' from ''Literature/TheBartimaeusTrilogy'', Bartimaeus realizes fairly early on that John Mandrake (Nathaniel) has adopted certain mannerisms that remind him of someone, though he can't quite figure out who. When he finally does figure it out, he doesn't hesitate to tell Nathaniel that his fiddling with his hair, etc., reminds him of Nathaniel's old master, Arthur Underwood. This does not please Nathaniel at all, as he loathed his old master, who never did anything to protect him and treated him like an idiot incapable of learning or doing much.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'', on a visit to the past, Fry accidentally causes his grandfather's death and ends up sleeping with his grandfather's girlfriend because she says that "You remind me of Ennis." [[spoiler:Said girlfriend was, in fact, Fry's grandmother, the result being that he becomes his own grandfather. This has odd repercussions later in the series.]]
* In ''LightNovel/FateApocrypha'', Mordred says Semiramis reminds her of her mother, Morgan Le Fay.
* In ''VisualNovel/FateHollowAtaraxia'', Rider, aka Medusa, says Shinji Matou reminds her of Perseus, the man who killed her in her original life. She says they are both losers and spoiled brats; the only difference was that Perseus got lucky.
* In ''LightNovel/FateZero'', Gilgamesh says Saber reminds him of his best and OnlyFriend Enkidu. This is only in the light novel version and was not included in the anime.
* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'': When Ruby tries to get Raven to switch sides and help the others take down [[BigBad Salem]], Raven bitterly says she reminds her of Summer (Ruby's mother and Raven's former teammate), before opening a portal to let the other villains into the room.
* ''Film/ThorRagnarok'': A variation occurs when Hela meets Loki; after he attempts to negotiate with her ("Perhaps we can come to an arrangement"), she replies, "You sound like [Odin]." While Loki is mainly [[JuniorCounterpart his mother's son]], Hela's observation reveals that his knack for diplomacy comes from his father.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', Hawke's manservant Bodahn remarks that Hawke's mother Leandra reminds him of his own mother in many ways. [[spoiler:He makes this observation after Leandra dies, in a choked voice, showing the player just how fond he was of "Mistress Amell."]]


!!''Love interest''
A character with a deceased {{Love Interest|s}} or failed romance runs into someone who causes a FlashbackEcho of their former love. The character will often look startled, then say "Sorry, for a moment you reminded me of someone I once knew." The two easily form a connection, [[ReplacementLoveInterest foreshadowing a possible future relationship]], though one haunted by the [[TheFirstCutIsTheDeepest tragic end of the previous romance]].

You get extra points if you do a WrongNameOutburst.

* ''Manga/GunslingerGirl''. Victor Hilshire has an immediate flashback to his former {{Love Interest|s}} Rachelle Belleut (the doctor who died saving Triela's life) when he meets Roberta Guellfi, a prosecutor his fratello has been assigned to bodyguard. Triela too feels a compunction to protect Roberta, who subconsciously reminds her of the woman in her dreams whom she mistakenly assumes is her mother.
* ''Film/TheAdventuresOfBuckarooBanzaiAcrossThe8thDimension''. Buckaroo Banzai goes to see Penny Priddy while she's in jail.
-->'''Penny Priddy:''' What do you want from me?\\
'''Buckaroo:''' Oh, you remind me of someone I once knew long ago.[[note]](his wife, who died before the movie started)[[/note]]
* ''Literature/{{Abarat}}''. Candy reminds [[spoiler:Carion]] of [[spoiler:Princess Bon]]. '''A lot.'''
* ''Series/{{Borgia}}'': Cesare's new wife Charlotte reminds him of his [[BrotherSisterIncest sister]], Lucrezia.
-->'''Cesare''': a You remind me of my sister.\\
'''Charlotte''': And you remind me of no one else.
* Inverted in ''Series/{{JAG}}'' as a way of dealing with YouLookFamiliar; Mac is the one asking Harm if she really reminds him so much of Diane.
* Arkraptor from ''Webcomic/TowerOfGod'' says this about Miseng, who reminded him of his daughter.
* ''Theatre/{{Rent}}'', as per the page quote.
* After she blows away a sentry drone, John Connor tells Kate that she reminds him of [[ActionMom his mother]] in ''Film/Terminator3RiseOfTheMachines''. The Podcast/RiffTrax commentary identifies this as one of the worst ways to compliment a woman, second only to "You remind me of my dad."
* In ''Anime/WitchHunterRobin'', Robin reminds several characters of her mother.
* ''VideoGame/{{Gatekeepers}}'': Feiling's [[ADayInTheLimelight Day in the Limelight]] has her helping out a JerkWithAHeartOfGold old man. You later learn that he has a granddaughter who looks exactly like her.
* Several characters suspect that Nagi's initial attraction to Manga/{{Hayate|TheCombatButler}} is that he reminds her of her mother, who died when she was still young.
* ''Anime/LuckyStar'': Konata's dad makes an, ah, [[ParentalIncest disturbing]] comment regarding how similar she is to her mother.
--> '''Soujirou:''' But you know, you feel more and more like Kanata when I hold you. It makes my heart race!\\
'''Kanata and Konata:''' Don't just blurt out risque statements!
* Scottie in ''Film/{{Vertigo}}'' utters the line: "Because you remind me of somebody." (Of course, as it happens, [[spoiler:she is that somebody]].)
* The only reason Oskar's grandparents got together in ''Literature/ExtremelyLoudAndIncrediblyClose'' is because his grandmother reminded his grandfather of Anna, her sister and his first love.
* ''Series/{{CSI NY}}'' : Mac tells Reed that he reminds him of his mother, Mac's late wife Claire.
* This causes the tragic events of ''Literature/{{Lolita}}'', when Humbert Humbert becomes instantly smitten with 11-year-old Dolores Haze because she reminds him of his first love, 12-year-old Annabell, who was killed by typhus before they had a chance to consummate their relationship.
* In ''Film/SnowWhiteAndTheHuntsman'', the Huntsman remarks that Snow White reminds him of his deceased wife, being just as brave, just as compassionate, etc.
* In ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'': ''Xrd'', [[TheAtoner Sol Badguy]] at first doesn't trust [[TheCutie Elphelt Valentine]] one bit, because she looks exactly like [[spoiler:Sol's late lover Aria. As it turns out, Elphelt is a clone of Aria down to her appearance, kindness and personality traits. Sol is eventually moved to save her from being BrainwashedAndCrazy near the end of the game due to this reason--as much as he despises her, he doesn't want to lose "Aria" again]].
* At the beginning of ''Film/TheNextKarateKid'', Julie's grandmother inadvertently addresses her by her deceased mother's name, implying that this trope is in play.
* '''Inverted''': A song called "U remind me" by Music/{{Usher}} is an inversion of this trope because he doesn't want to get with the girl because she reminds him of his former lover. [-"See, the thing about you that caught my eye is the same thing that makes me change my mind."-]
* In ''VideoGame/NightTrap'', when Tony Martin (cousin of Jeff and Sarah Martin) meets up with Ashley before she leaves with the other slumber party guests in getting ready for bed, he tells Jeff that Ashley looks exactly like his former girlfriend named Madeline, but they both shrug it off. Later, when Tony tries warning her about the Augers before Kelly interrupts to stop him, he warns them to leave the winery. He then tells Ashley, "You remind me of a person I knew and loved long ago... but that could never be," before exiting the room.


!!Examples (Other)
* ''Film/ANightAtTheOpera'': "Everything about you reminds me of you. Except you."
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' Tarquin describes the relationship between Malack and a [[spoiler:newly-vampirized Durkon]] as reminding him of his relationship with his own son, who has a more cynical view on it, though it's possible that was what Tarquin meant in the first place.
-->'''Tarquin:''' You know, Malack and [[spoiler:his new spawn]] are a lot like you and me when you were young.\\
[[spoiler:'''Nale''']]: A shriveled heartless snake too stupid to know he should have been buried years ago--\\
'''Tarquin:''' --and an easily controlled leech whose parasitic existence evokes a once-cherished relationship that died painfully.\\
'''Kilkil:''' Oh that reminds me, sir: Your Father of the Year plaque came in the mail last week.
* ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'': Steven often gets a mix of Type 2 and 3 in regards to his mother. Especially from Pearl, who was in love with her.
* ''Webcomic/ZebraGirl'': Viv says that Sandra reminds her of [[spoiler:Lilith. In Jewish lore, Lilith was Adam's first wife, instead of Eve; Lilith left the Garden of Eden because she didn't want to be subservient to Adam, and may be the mother of all demons, which makes sense why Sandra now has her eyes.]]
* From ''VideoGame/PokerNight2'':
-->'''Sam:''' You remind me of someone.\\
'''Max:''' Everyone reminds you of someone, Sam.\\
'''Sam:''' That's it! You remind me of everyone! And no one. Weird.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'' has a subtle version in "The Pilot." The Doctor tells future companion [[TomboyishName Bill Potts]] he's going to give her private tutor lessons, when she's not even a student (she works in the university canteen). Bill naturally asks why. The Doctor glances at a photograph on his desk of his granddaughter, Susan. "Well, I noticed you."
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', Anders remarks to Hawke that "I had a friend like you once. Got into all kinds of trouble, dragged me along." It's implied, though not stated, that this friend is the [[VideoGame/DragonAgeOriginsAwakening Warden-Commander]].