Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator of LevelE, YuYuHakusho, and HunterXHunter. Married to Creator/NaokoTakeuchi, with whom he has recently had his second child. Has recently been taking several long hiatuses for undisclosed reasons, but [[IllBoy poor health]], {{Creator Breakdown}} mixed with editor attempts at ExecutiveMeddling and/or a focus on home life are the most frequent guesses. His art has also become very crude and OffModel, usually corrected by the time it releases into a compiled Tankoubon.

Strangely Togashi is the highest-paid mangaka in Jump's payroll, and has the ability to take the hiatuses which he's famous for without consequence. This has been referred to as "Togashi-ism", and the only other person employed by Shueisha who has such favorable contract conditions is KyosukeUsuta, author of ''Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar''.

The ''other'' thing Togashi is famous for is his gratuitous amounts of HoYay in his work- and not [[PanderingToTheBase because he sells more manga that way]]; [[AuthorAppeal GLBT topics are one of his personal interests]].

The artist he is most inspired by is Creator/HRGiger, which should tell you something about [[NightmareFetishist his own predilections]].