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[[caption-width-right:307:Yeah, wrestling pays well.]]

ProfessionalWrestling, as a vocation, apparently doesn't pay very well. How else can one explain the various wrestlers who apparently work a second job in their downtime? Stranger still, they bring the attire and mannerisms of their second job to the wrestling ring.

This trope has long been a part of the wrestling landscape as it makes for easy gimmicks, but it was especially common in the [[Wrestling/{{WWE}} WWF]] in the early-to-mid-'90s. Some fans think it was a twisted sort of LampshadeHanging, as the WWF was in the process of going bankrupt at the time.

These wrestlers are more likely than any others to be a StevenUlyssesPerhero.

This is a case of TruthInTelevision, as any indy wrestler will tell you. In the case of amateur wrestlers, they have limited opportunities after leaving college (or rather, limited athletic opportunities) such as attempting to:
* join a military wrestling team (like UFC fighters Creator/RandyCouture, who wrestled in the U.S. Army; or Brandon Vera, who wrestled for the U.S. Air Force)
* make the Olympic level team (like WWE/TNA star and gold medalist Wrestling/KurtAngle, gold medalist Rulon Gardner, and Olympic team member and current [=StrikeForce=] fighter Dan Henderson)
* make the transition to either professional wrestling or mixed martial arts.
* do several of the above, in the cases of Wrestling/BrockLesnar and Wrestling/BobbyLashley.

Conversely, within the landscape of the WWE, wrestlers earn in the six figure range for even low level performers while top tier stars can reach high seven figures plus perks. WWE wrestlers also tend to work too busy a schedule for a second job to actually be logistically possible... except the ones whose second job is as a movie actor, in which case conveniently-timed {{kayfabe}} injuries will allow them time to film their movie.

Several of these gimmicks were the wrestlers' second jobs before they got to the big 2. Wrestling/ShaneDouglas really was the dean of an elementary school, and Duke "The Dumpster" Droese was a garbage man.

This trope can apply to situations well outside of wrestling too, such as when a GangOfHats actually have a line of work that [[BadJobWorseUniform requires them to wear their silly costumes]].


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Done with a twist in ''Manga/TigerMask'': Tiger Mask's wrestling career ''does'' pay (even when he had to pay Tiger's Cave half his wages he made a lot of money), it's just that it's never enough to help children, leading to him using the money he owed Tiger's Cave to [[SavingTheOrphanage pay an orphanage's debt to the]] {{Yakuza}} (and thus getting Tiger's Cave on his case for this rebellion), entering the Maskmen World Tournament (actually a Tiger's Cave trap with all other contestants being Tiger's Cave wrestlers) to pay for a little girl's operation while spending as little as possible on himself.

* Used rather tragically in ''Film/TheWrestler'', where Randy "The Ram" Robinson is a former star from the 1980's who has descended into poverty as his star power has dwindled. By the beginning of the film, he is living in a trailer park, works a menial job in a supermarket and he is implied to now spend more money on his wrestling career than he earns from it. The Ram's actor, Mickey Rourke, would later dedicate the movie to the real professional wrestlers who don't make much.
* Despite being a satire of wrestling, ''Film/KayfabeAFakeRealMovieAboutAFakeRealSport'' delivers some BrutalHonesty about the pay for each and every wrestler.
-->'''Randy:''' The thing you've got to remember... is that [[WrestlingDoesntPay these guys, they don't do it for the money]]. There ''is'' no money. [[DoingItForTheArt They do it because they love to entertain]]. They love to go out there and make the people boo and make people cheer... they risk their necks and bust their ass, week after week. It's a shame, because... a couple of them... a couple of them work really hard, and they all get to the show. [[ShaggyDogStory But for most of them, most of them, it's... back to carrying a lunch pail]].
** The following shot shows Randy on his lunch break, hammering the point home.

* Parodied by ''Magazine/{{Mad}}'' with their [[http://www.wrestlecrap.com/sbt/someone-bought-this-mad-magazines-wwf-magazine-cover-parody-from-1987-manages-to-predict-the-wwf-future-correctly/ back cover in 1987]], featuring "Harold the Killer Accountant".]] (Who coincidentally, looks very much like Wrestling/MikeRotunda Irwin R. Schyster identity, [[StrangeMindsThinkAlike which came later.]]

* ''[[WebComic/BotchedSpot Over Like Olav]]'' has a pair of wrestlers who works part time as dishwashers at a diner just to keep their wrestling ring going.

[[folder: WWF/WWE]]
* [[Wrestling/MikeRotunda Mike "Irwin R. Schyster" Rotunda]], the [[IntimidatingRevenueService wrestling IRS tax agent]]. It only makes sense because he was brought in as the IRS consultant to [[Wrestling/TedDiBiase Ted DiBiase]]. Of course, it led to him "auditing" random people backstage, or wrestlers he faced, including one [[DudeNotFunny rather disrespectful]] instance where he repossessed a ceremonial headdress gifted to Tatanka from an ''actual'' Native American tribe.
* When Mike Rotundo was in WCW, and was given a gimmick where he suddenly inherited a lot of money and changed his name to Michael (later V.K.) Wallstreet. When he moved back to WWE, the "money persona" went with him, before he later reassumed the I.R.S. gimmick.
* Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwinn, wrestling hog farmers. Notice the way the WWE put [[FunWithAcronyms acronyms]] to [[SarcasmMode clever]] use.
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker started out as a wrestling... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin well, undertaker]], but eventually evolved into a wrestling AnthropomorphicPersonification of death, going through phases as a zombie, a cult leader, and, rather idiosyncratically, a ''biker'' along the way. This last was an example of RealLifeWritesThePlot, as Mark "Undertaker" Calaway is an avid biker in real life. He currently uses the zombie gimmick.
* Val Venis, a wrestling porn star, and his brief tag team partner, The Godfather, a wrestling pimp. Their team was [[FanNickname unofficially]] known as "Supply and Demand".
* [[Wrestling/TripleH Hunter Hearst Helmsley]] as a gimmick was originally a Connecticut Blueblood who was obviously rich before he ever entered a wrestling ring. Eventually he averted this trope when he joined Wrestling/ShawnMichaels to form [[Wrestling/DGenerationX DX]] and shortened his name to the well-known Triple H.
* The Hurricane, a wrestling {{Superhero}}.
* The Wrestling/HonkyTonkMan, a wrestling singer[=/=]ElvisImpersonator.
* The Wrestling/BigBossman, a wrestling prison guard. Nailz, his one-time rival, was a wrestling former prisoner, complete with orange jumpsuit, who claimed that The Boss Man and other guards abused him. Nailz (Kevin Wacholz) had never been in prison, but the Boss Man (Ray Traylor) [[RealLifeWritesThePlot actually was a prison guard in Georgia]] before becoming a pro wrestler. During later runs with the company, Bossman was dressed more like police S.W.A.T. personnel but still the same character.
* [[Wrestling/BrutusBeefcake Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake]]. He inherited a gimmick of making every match he had a hair-vs-hair match, but only the ones he won. He was originally a male stripper (hence the name Beefcake) but that was eventually dropped around the time he joined Johnny V's Dream Team.
* Repo Man, a, well, wrestling repo man, complete with skits in which he "repossessed" a kid's bike (he originally wanted his father's car but he was late so he took the kid's bicycle).
* Before he was Wrestling/{{Kane}}, Glenn Jacobs went through a string of these: Isaac Yankem, DDS, a wrestling dentist; Diesel (after Kevin Nash jumped to WCW); and "the Christmas Creature". When being the cartoonishly evil brother of a wrestling zombie makes your character ''less'' ridiculous, you really should look at your contract.
** While it's never been part of his gimmick, in real life Jacobs is the owner of an insurance agency.
** Even as Kane, he sometimes was this, having his stint as [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Corporate Kane]], and at one point he got kayfabe fired and had to work at the concessions stand.
* Tony Anthony was TL Hopper, the [[MeaningfulName wrestling plumber]] who stuck a plunger on the head of his jobber victims. And when that didn't work out, he became a hog farmer as Uncle Cletus, manager of the heel version of the Godwinns.
* Wrestling/JeffJarrett (Which is spelled J-E-haha-DOUBLE F J-A-DOUBLE R-haha-E-DOUBLE T), in his early days in WWF, the wrestling country singer who planned to use wrestling as a stepping stone to break into Nashville. His guitar still featured prominently for most of the rest of his career, usually by way of cracking it over the head of his opponents.
** "Road Dogg" Jesse James debuted in WWF as Jarrett's roadie, and became a wrestling country singer himself as "The Real Double J" Jesse [[MyNaymeIs Jammes]] after being revealed as the real voice behind Jarrett's song "With My Baby Tonight". Yes, that was actually Brian "BG" James singing, and unlike a couple WCW examples mentioned below, he could carry a tune.
* The Body Donnas, [[Wrestling/ChrisCandido Skip]] and [[Wrestling/TammyLynnSytch Sunny]], were wrestling fitness trainers. ''Evil'' wrestling fitness trainers.
* The Wrestling/{{Boogeyman}} actually used Wrestling Doesn't Pay as a LampshadeHanging for his "[[WrestlingMonster monster]]" character; his backstory states that he was originally an actor who was going to be the star/villain of a horror series titled "Boogeyman", but suffered a psychotic break during the shooting of the pilot and started believing he really was the character. ({{Kayfabe}}) Creator/{{UPN}} executive Palmer Cannon figured that, since they couldn't use him for acting anymore, and he was still under contract, they might as well throw him WWE's way and see what happens. Beyond that, his motives/goals were never explained and, leading up to his official TV in-ring debut on the December 2, 2005, ''[=SmackDown!=]''. He would show up randomly in unlikely places to scare/confuse people. However, while Kane and the original heel Wrestling/DoinkTheClown (there's another possibility for this page) also met this description, in that they would randomly attack people and explain it later, it was absolutely ''necessary'' for the Boogeyman to be presented this way, since the ''last'' thing Boogey should have been expected to do was "explain" himself.
* The Mountie combined this trope with ForeignWrestlingHeel, much to the disgust of the real-life RCMP, who threatened to sue the WWF and in fact prevented the character from being used in Canada. Eventually they teamed him with Pierre Carl Ouelette and named the team "The Quebecers", and changed their theme song to sing "We're ''not'' the Mounties" even though they still dressed as mounties.
** Ouelette later became the wrestling pirate, Jean Pierre Lafitte.
* [[Wrestling/SteveLombardi Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz]], a wrestling baseball star sometimes known as MVP (possibly a rib at Randy Savage who both wrestled (as The Spider) and played baseball in his early days). He was also a big TakeThat against Major League Baseball, as his character debuted about a month after the baseball strike cancelled the 1994 World Series. He eventually went on strike from wrestling, too, and started walking around with a picket sign during other people's matches. He quietly disappeared from the WWF soon after; guess Vince broke the strike.
* [[Wrestling/BobHolly Bob "Spark Plug" Holly]] (nee Thurman "Sparky" Plugg),a wrestling racecar driver. He eventually evolved into Hardcore Holly. However, he did continue to race in RealLife even after changing gimmicks.
* [[Wrestling/TedDiBiase Ted [=DiBiase=]]]'s entire "Million Dollar Man" character.
* Single storyline example: In December 2008, [[Wrestling/JohnBradshawLayfield JBL]] offered Wrestling/ShawnMichaels a job at his company to make up for Michaels's recent stock market losses. Not a completely impossible storyline, but still fairly unbelievable due to Michaels' undoubtedly astronomical salary as a WWE veteran. JBL himself has done this three times: first as Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw (later Blackjack Bradshaw, while teaming with Wrestling/BarryWindham as the [[LegacyCharacter New Blackjacks]]), a wrestling cowboy; then as one of the Acolytes/APA (with [[Wrestling/RonSimmons Faarooq]], who were [[Wrestling/MinistryOfDarkness Undertaker cultists]] at first and then mercenaries after the Ministry of Darkness broke up; and then as JBL, a wrestling stock analyst - which is an example of the best gimmicks being those where you take the real man and turn the volume up. JBL wisely saved his money and invested it, instead of blowing it like too many others in his profession, and made himself a legitimate multi-millionaire.
* Wrestling/{{Rico|Constantino}}, the wrestling stylist, who combined this trope with GorgeousGeorge and CampGay.
* There was an entirely too meta example where Paul Burchill, in tracing his family tree, discovered that an ancestor served as Blackbeard's first mate, and decided to become a wrestling pirate. He came up with the idea after the aforementioned UPN exec, Palmer Cannon, showed up and basically asked how he could make himself more interesting to viewers. Burchill pitched it as "Swashbuckling on [=SmackDown=]!" and Cannon was crazy about the idea. This led to a whole storyline where his former mentor, Wrestling/WilliamRegal, tried to convince him to give up the gimmick and just focus on wrestling, while Burchill retorted that he was having fun and the fans loved it. Vince had never even ''heard'' of ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' and [[ItWillNeverCatchOn didn't think that pirates were marketable anymore]]. The gimmick was scrapped and Burchill was (temporarily) fired for becoming too popular.
* Inverted in the case of William "Wrestling/PaulBearer" Moody, who actually was a certified real-life mortician. He had retired from the wrestling business by the 2000s, (though he made occasional appearances to participate in various [=Undertaker/Kane=] feuds) and ran a funeral home in Mobile, AL until his death.
* Also inverted in the case of Ken "Slick" Johnson during his "Reverend Slick" days, as he actually is an ordained minister.
* Phantasio, a wrestling magician, who performed tricks such as stealing the opponent's (and referee Earl Hebner's [[GoofyPrintUnderwear referee striped]]) underwear. His best magic trick: disappearing from the WWE.
* Steve Regal, the 'Real Man's Man'. He was a construction worker or a lumberjack or something, it was kind of vague. Later, Regal changed his name to "Lord Steven Regal" and later "Wrestling/WilliamRegal", and became 'the United Kingdom's Goodwill Ambassador'.
* Papa Shango, a wrestling Voodoo priest who would often put curses on his opponents prior to the match, resulting in a no-contest when their shoes caught fire and they started projectile vomiting in the ring. Bonus points for the fact that the same wrestler was recycled into the above-mentioned Godfather.
* Friar Ferguson was a wrestling monk. Who danced.
* The Goon, a wrestler-slash-hockey player. Came to the ring in hockey gear, and when the bell rang, he'd throw off his gloves and attack his opponent!
* Wrestling/JeffHardy, to a fan's extrapolation, a wrestling rave dancer.
* Matt Striker, as a heel, embraced his teaching background and held "panels" to educate the viewers. He had previously used his sick days while working on campus to train in wrestling.
* Wrestling/MichelleMcCool was first a personal trainer, a sexy teacher[[note]]Her team, the Teacher's Pets, [[BreakupBreakout produced]] [[[Wrestling/DamienSandow Aaron "The Idol" Stevens, known today as "The Intellectual Savior of the Unwashed Masses" Damien Sandow]][[/note]], an AllAmericanFace, a badass powerhouse and then finally an AmbiguouslyGay ValleyGirl. She actually was a teacher before her time in WWE but hated the gimmick, terrified her old co-workers would see it. A rare case of a female wrestler not only having a gimmick, but evolving as a character a great deal over time.
* After a gimmick switch, David Otunga went from celebrity hanger-on to a wrestling lawyer. The former is based on being engaged to Jennifer Hudson (they've since married); the latter due to graduating from Harvard Law School and working at a firm before becoming a wrestler.
* Wrestling/JillianHall was initially a "fixer" publicist brought in to help [[Wrestling/{{Melina}} M]][[Wrestling/JohnMorrison N]]M out and later worked as JBL's image consultant before becoming a HollywoodToneDeaf DreadfulMusician. With a twist, she got a real life album that sold well.
* [[Wrestling/MikeBucci Simon Dean]] was a wrestling infomercial salesmen who was in several straight, if obnoxious, televised adds before being brought up to the Raw Roster selling the weight loss "Simon System" which were really paint overs of real products like Muscle Milk. His brief tag team partner Maven later became a real life wrestling infomercial salesmen. He combined this trope with NoCelebritiesWereHarmed, as the character was based in part on real-life fitness guru Richard Simmons.
* Lest anyone assume this trope went out of fashion with the end of the Rock & Wrestling era, 2013 saw the introduction of Wrestling/{{Fandango}}, a wrestling flamenco dancer whose gimmick revolved around refusing to fight unless the ring personnel could [[ItIsPronouncedTROPAY pronounce his name correctly - it's "Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN-goooooooooooooooooo".]]
* Wrestling/BrayWyatt is a wrestling leader of [[Wrestling/TheWyattFamily a rural cult based in a commune]].
* Primo and Epico Colón were once positioned as Los Matadores, wrestling bullfighters. Now they're using their usual ring names again, and competing as The Shining Stars, wrestling timeshare salesmen.
* On top of being '''the''' most patriotic American wrestler in ''existence'', Wrestling/HacksawJimDuggan downplayed this trope, as he spent almost his entire career as a wrestling carpenter... minus the carpenter. His nickname is "Hacksaw" and his WeaponOfChoice was a 2x4. He wasn't afraid to use that 2x4 on his opponents. Beyond those two connections to woodworking, he didn't really have a job gimmick, though during his brief time with the WCW, he was told by the [[Wrestling/VinceRusso Powers That Be]] that he wasn't marketable, and was demoted to a janitor.
* Wrestling/SgtSlaughter's entire gimmick was a wrestling DrillSergeantNasty.
* Despite not being Japanese, Wrestling/{{Yokozuna}}'s gimmick was a former champion Sumo Wrestler-- a respectable career in and of itself (one in which John "Earthquake" Tenta actually competed).
* After breaking up Wrestling/TheDudleyBoys, D-Von became "Reverend Devon", a wrestling minister. This one ''really'' didn't pay because he often appeared with [[Wrestling/{{Batista}} his deacon]], who would attempt to collect "offerings" from the ringside audience.
* The animated version of The Junkyard Dog in ''HulkHogansRockNWrestling'' ran his own junkyard outside of the ring.
* KENNY! JOHNNY! MITCH! [[Wrestling/DolphZiggler NICKY!]] MIKEY! They're the Spirit Squad, and they were a stable of male cheerleaders.
** Before that, the future Dolph Ziggler was plain old Nick Nemeth (his real name), golf caddy to Kerwin White.
* What about the midcard male models? From the late '80s to the early '90s, it was Rick "The Model" Martel. Now, it's Wrestling/TylerBreeze.
* WebVideo/SouthpawRegionalWrestling pokes fun at this, with [[Wrestling/{{Rusev}} Big Bartholomew]] the farmer, [[Wrestling/TylerBreeze Mr. Mackelroy]] the banker[[note]]Who bought Big Bart's farm without his permission[[/note]], and The Butchers, a tag team made up of [[Wrestling/SethRollins "Dry Rub" Doug]] and [[Wrestling/{{Rhyno}} Frantic Frank]], who are butchers both in terms of [[TheButcher personality]] and in terms of secondary occupation(their promo is recorded in the backroom of a butcher shop, with the belts hung up on meat hooks, and they wear the proper uniforms). Apparently, this ''isn't'' just a gimmick, as they [[spoiler:end up having to vacate the tag titles after being linked to an E. Coli outbreak]].

* Arachnaman, another wrestling {{Superhero}} (and CaptainErsatz of ''Franchise/SpiderMan'', which Marvel didn't take kindly to).
* The Maestro, a wrestling pianist.
* V. K. Wallstreet, a wrestling stock trader. Played, amusingly enough, by Mike Rotundo, who's also on this list as Irwin R. Schyster. The "V.K." initials were a sideways dig at [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Vincent Kennedy [=McMahon=]]], owner of the WWF, though he debuted under this name in late 1995, about four years before WWE's IPO. And while we're giving Rotundo a big career boost, let's not forget that he was Captain Mike Rotundo, a wrestling varsity-team coach who became a wrestling ''ship captain'' after leaving the [[JerkJock Varsity Club]] stable... just so they didn't have to change his name.
* Bob Holly would probably have gotten along well with Dale Torborg, the wrestling member of the WCW Racing Team's pit crew, and later on the Music/{{KISS}} Demon. (For those baseball fans in the audience, yes, this is the same Dale Torborg who is the current strength and conditioning trainer for the White Sox (and son of Jeff Torborg, their former manager) -- and ''this'' day job was taken advantage of in an appearance with Wrestling/{{TNA}}.)
* The Gambler (not to be confused with TheGambler), a wrestling TabletopGame/{{poker}} player. Probably [[JustifiedTrope justified]], as [[{{Jobber}} he wasn't making too many trips to the pay window]].
** Wrestling/KevinNash was Vinnie Vegas for a short stint in WCW.
* Kwee Wee was a wrestling stylist, much like Rico mentioned above. Except he had a split-personality called 'Awesome Angry Alan'.
* [[Wrestling/DevonStorm Crowbar]] was a gas station attendant, although that was forgotten after about a month or so.
* MI Smooth was a wrestling limo driver.
* Trucker Norm was... well, take a guess. He was Mike Shaw, who was also Friar Ferguson above.
* Sgt. Craig Pittman was a wrestling soldier. At one point, another soldier that he left for dead in Vietnam came back for revenge under the name Cobra.
* Three Count consisted of [[Wrestling/GregoryHelms Shane Helms (better known to WWE fans as Gregory Helms aka The Hurricane)]], Shannon Moore (later known as the Prince of Punk) and Evan Karagias. Their gimmick? A wrestling boy band who, in all fairness, sang their own theme song.
** The bad-ass UFC fighter Tank Abbott, for some time, worked as their enforcer/groupie, and the less said about his dancing and singing, the better.
* There was also the West Texas Rednecks, three wrestlers, led by Wrestling/CurtHennig, who decided to form a country band and record anti-rap songs when Master P started coming around WCW. The WTR were supposed to be heels, but because country was way more popular with WCW's audience than rap, and the WTR were rather badly outnumbered by Master P's No Limit Soldiers, and they were just genuinely charismatic and funny, the crowd treated them like faces anyway. And like Three Count, they performed their own song, "Rap is Crap".
* Prince Iaukea was repackaged as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince Iaukea, a wrestling musician parodying Music/{{Prince}}.
* Remember Repo Man from WWF? When he joined WCW, Barry Darsow (AKA: "Smash" of Wrestling/{{Demolition}}) became wrestling golfer Stewart Pain. Due to the untimely death of real-life golfer Payne Stewart, where the name was taken, he became Barry "Hole in One" Darsow not long after.
** He was also the Blacktop Bully, a wrestling truck driver.

* [[{{Wrestling/CHIKARA}} CHIKARA Pro]] has one of the funnier examples of this trope: Lance Steele, a knight who got time-warped to the present day and decided to become a wrestler. He later formed a tag team with... another version of himself, who he went back in time and picked up a week before he originally went forward in time. Try not to think about the logistics of them performing a double-team move too hard.
* Chikara also has Retail Dragon, a wrestling UsefulNotes/{{Walmart}} clerk in a dragon mask. Although he turned heel when he took a job at UsefulNotes/{{Kmart}}.
* Sugar Dunkerton, who has also wrestled for Chikara, is a straighter example as a wrestling basketball player. WOW Wrestler "Slam Dunk" was an {{inver|ted trope}}sion though, her gimmick being a basketball player who took to wrestling after being kicked out of the league for being too violent.
* Not really a second job, but Xtreme Pro Wrestling had Homeless Jimmy, who was living proof that Wrestling Doesn't Pay.
* Ohio area wrestler Hobo Joe, to the point where he's interviewed at his dumpster home. Temporarily subverted in a storyline where he won $25,000, but reverted shortly afterward.
* And in the Music/InsaneClownPosse's Wrestling/JuggaloChampionshipWrestling, there was a wrestling dead guy, Evil Dead, who was a case where wrestling didn't ''need'' to pay. Not an [[OurZombiesAreDifferent immortal being]] like Wrestling/TheUndertaker, he was billed from [[PartsUnknown "The Knapp Cemetery"]]. His introduction came with copious amounts of LampshadeHanging, as the bookers denied speculation that Evil Dead was just Violent J's brother Music/{{Jumpsteady}} [[RunningGag in a stupid rubber mask]].
* Inter Species Wrestling gives all sorts of examples:
** Stinky the Homeless Guy panhandles around the ring and is billed from 'Outside'.
** Flip D. Berger (say it out loud) worked for [=McDonald's=], before being brainwashed by Moohammed the Terrorist Cow.
** All the animals - Moohammed, his brother Moostafa the Misunderstood Cow, El Hijo Del Bamboo (panda), the Bear (bear), etc - and the zombies - Izzy Deadyet, Zombefied, Gorelust - are cases where wrestling doesn't need to pay.
** There have also been numerous examples of Beef Wellington crowing about his $20 payday.
* Truth in Television example: UWA fighter Nick Watts actually does (or did) work at a power company. And really, with a name like "Watts", how could he NOT work at a power company?
* Parodied in a [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad e-mail "yes, wrestling"]], with characters like Garden Boy and Il Cartographer.
* Also parodied on a skit of ''Series/TheManShow'', where Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel tried their hand at pro wrestling. At one point, Adam appears as a character called "The Calligrapher," complete with a Renaissance-themed costume. I can only assume that one of the Calligrapher's signature moves involves poking opponents in the eye with his quill pen. Other gimmicks demonstrated included "The Rabbi", "The Alcoholic Step-Father", and "The Pope". That last one, by the way, is HilariousInHindsight now that Elijah Burke had a gimmick in Wresling/{{TNA}} where he was billed "Pope D'Angelo Dinero." (It's a NonindicativeName, however, as he wasn't Catholic at all but a Protestant street preacher from Harlem.)
* In its early days, TNA played host to a group called The Flying Elvises, a trio of high-risk wrestlers who were also Elvis impersonators. Mind you, the Flying Elvises used the gimmick in the indies as well.
* Parodied in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/GoofTroop'' where the local wrestling champ was secretly also a short-order cook named Melvin. He actually wanted to just be a cook, but for some reason he couldn't quit while he was still undefeated (and couldn't bring himself to throw a match). Goofy somehow managed to get him pinned by Pete, resulting in Melvin being able to give up wrestling and Pete the new champ (and facing a long list of other people who had signed up to challenge the champ).
* [[http://mightygodking.com/index.php/2009/10/31/weekend-amigo-mail-mailbag/ El Tyrano Magnifico]], lucha lawyer of the firm of Magnifico, Gomez, and El Terror.
* Bruce Tharpe, the real life lawyer of the Wrestling/NationalWrestlingAlliance and thorn in the side of Japanese baby {{face}}s everywhere. Veda Scott also practices law (but doesn't antagonize Joshis... as much). A more local example is Jeff G Bailey, [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed whose similarity to a certain someone banned in multiple states for misconduct is purely incidental.]]
* For one match, Wrestling/{{ECW}} had Mass Transit, a wrestling bus driver. Then Wrestling/NewJack bladed him at the November 23, 1996 show. Then it turned out he was only 17, and wasn't actually trained by Killer Kowalski as he claimed. Then it went to court. New Jack was later acquitted of all charges due to the kid lying to the promoters.
* Wrestling/{{ECW}} briefly featured the Musketeer, who, on the September 16, 2000 episode of ''ECW Hardcore TV'', [[TooDumbToLive threw out an open challenge to anyone]]...and got his [[SquashMatch ass kicked]] by [[Wrestling/CarleneMoore "The Female Fighting Phenom" Jazz]] in 49 seconds. After the match, Wrestling/JoeyStyles mocked him by saying, "Good night, [[Literature/TheThreeMusketeers d'Artagnan!"]]
* Wrestling/{{A|merican Wrestling Association}}WA during its later years had [[Wrestling/ScottNorton "Flapjack" Scott Norton]] and [[Wrestling/JohnNord "Yukon" John Nord]] wrestling lumberjacks. At the same time, they also had [[Wrestling/DelWilkes The Trooper]], who would write tickets and stick them to his opponents' chests after pinning them.
* EMLL veteran Blue Panther runs an acupuncture clinic when not wrestling.
* Heartwarmingly inverted by Father Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez, who raised money for the orphanage where he worked by becoming the MaskedLuchador Fray Tormenta (Friar Storm) by night.
* Gateway Championship Wrestling and later many others including TNA, had wrestling shirt salesman Wrestling/MattSydal, who turned out to be a natural partner to wrestling seamstress Wrestling/DaizeeHaze.
* Storyline example from TNA. [[Wrestling/LisaMarieVaron Lisa Marie Varon (WWE's Victoria, TNA's Tara)]] lost her career in a match and disappeared for a few months before returning as the sidekick of Madison Rayne, who retired her. The storyline explanation was that Madison pulled some strings to get Tara reinstated but had a contract that stated she would have to be Madison's right hand woman. Madison would regularly point out that she could "fire" Tara and send her "back to the lipstick counter with minimum wage". Likely a bit of RealitySubtext since the reason Tara left TNA in the first place was low pay. Ironically behind the scenes she was still being paid more than Madison.
* This trope is actually the root of the late Wrestling/RingOfHonor[=/=]Wrestling/{{CHIKARA}} wrestler [[Wrestling/LarrySweeney "Sweet 'n' Sour" Larry Sweeney]]'s CatchPhrase "12 Large, brother." He had been on a show with the Patriot (Tom Brandi). Sweeney had asked the Patriot how much he had made selling his merchandise at his gimmick table. The Patriot told him, "I'm up 12 Large, brother," which meant that he had made ''$12''.
* Diana La Cazadora (de Noticias) was on tv for both Wrestling/{{CMLL}} and for traffic reporting.
* Smash has Wrestling/{{Kana|koUrai}}, a wrestling video game journalist who makes designs for mobile platforms and wears the X-box logo on her tights.
* UWA's {{masked luchador}}a Nurse Betty.
* Ring Of Honor/Chikara (and others) wrestler Wrestling/BrodieLee was a wrestling Truck Driver. Shaka El Truckero of the Dominican revolution (in Puerto Rican IWA) was also one, obviously.
* In Wrestling/{{FMW}} Gedo and Jado tried to end Chocoball Mukai's second career by targeting his [[GroinAttack groin with a ladder]]. He was a wrestling porn star.
* Also played for drama in FMW when Kodo Fuyuki stole the Hayabusa gimmick, gave it to Mr. Gannosuke and then cast Gannosuke in several pornographic films in order to taint the Hayabusa's name.
* While Wrestling/{{Jacqueline}} had long since accused them of being whores, dialog from Wrestling/AngelinaLove on an episode of Impact implied Wrestling/TheBeautifulPeople had the second jobs of being porn stars. Unlike with Val Venis, this lead all sorts of {{fridge horror}} and TNA decided to live up its acronym and prove those fears with bullied recruit Wrestling/MadisonRayne being whored out to referee Slick Johnson. Ironically, this was more obvious when they were still the baby face tag team Wrestling/{{Velvet|Sky}}-Love Entertainment.
* RPW, AWS, TNA and Ring of Honor star Kenny King, a wrestling erotic dancer who toured with the Chippendale troupe. Eric Young wanted to make jokes about his second job but said he couldn't tell them on television.
* As stated earlier, Elijah Burke became "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero in TNA, who was another swing at the "wrestling minister" gimmick. However his kind of made sense since he was played up as an inner-city street preacher, meaning his place in the wrestling business was just another venue for him to expand his flock for all the evils and debauchery that made up the wrestling industry.
* The Wrestling Football player is pretty common, going back to Big Daddy Lipscomb and "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, who incidentally really did play both sports, wrestling during the National Football League's off season. In fact, the trope is OlderThanTelevision; Pro Football Hall of Famer Bronko Nagurski launched a successful wrestling career while playing in the NFL in the '30s. Modern successors include the tag team D-line. The All-Stars Chandler [=McClure=] and Cru Jones took it a step further, bringing their "Waterboy" Mike Horning and "Cheerleader" Bryce Benjamin along with them.
* LuchaUnderground has El Mariachi Loco a Mariachi player who works in a Mexican restaurant.
* Played completely straight, with a twist, by ECW mainstay the Sandman, who can and has competed in events for next to nothing. He owns a successful contracting firm, and is quite well off because of it -he just loves wrestling.
* Very much TruthInTelevision for old-time British Wrestling stars: only a relative minority could make a living at the game as their only form of income. Even the superstar Big Daddy, at least in his early days, had to do shifts as a coal-miner and as a part-time player for the local UsefulNotes/RugbyLeague club to guarantee himself a living wage.
** This caused a lot of hullabaloo when Wrestling/TaylorWilde of TNA was discovered working at a Sunglasses Hut just to pay the bills since, despite being a personality on a primetime TV series and holding (at the time) the TNA Knockouts Championship, TNA didn't cover her living expenses. Wrestling these days, especially at that level (being nationally televised), is usually regarded as a genuine occupation and having to pull odd jobs like that is seen as fairly shady on TNA's part (other wrestlers on TNA's roster also said they weren't making a solid income from wrestling either and had to do other work to get by).
* Ryu Gouma of Wrestling/DramaticDreamTeam offshoot BASARA is a wrestling lawyer who wrestles in his dress shirt and tie. FUMA is a wrestling heavy metal guitarist.
* This trope is discussed in LetsPlay/ChipCheezum and General Ironicus' LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes2DesperateStruggle''. When the UAA starts setting up, of all things, a Battle Royale-type event between its members, Ironicus notes how the UAA has essentially turned from the organization of assassins it was in [[VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes the first game]] to a [[BloodSport more fatal knockoff]] of the WWE, and as such assumes that actual assassination has gone from the primary purpose of the organization to just the "second job" all of its members ''pretend'' they do when they're not fighting and killing each other to climb the ranks.
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