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So you like a television show which features a male character named Bob [[HomoeroticSubtext who has]] [[HoYay (or seems to have)]] subtle sexual tension with another male character, Charlie. Bob's a [[TheBigGuy Big Guy]] who takes no guff from anyone and will pull a gun on anyone who deserves it. You like the show, so you idly open up a FanFic by some author named {{Yaoi| Fan Girl}}[[MostFanFicWritersAreGirls Grrl33]] and--huh? The ass-kicking character you liked so much has consummated his sexual attraction with Charlie, but in the process he has somehow become a submissive NonActionGuy. Bob is now prone to {{Luminescent Blush}}es and shaky sighs whenever Charlie so much as looks at him, gives hesitant and protracted confessions about past traumas, and, when he finally does shoot someone -- to save Charlie's life -- [[BleedEmAndWeep drops his gun and breaks down crying]].

[[FlatWhat What.]]

Congratulations: you've just seen Wimpification at work.

Similar to {{Chickification}}, this is the trope in which a FanFic writer depicts a character as more vulnerable (physically and emotionally) than he is in canon, usually in order to [[{{shipping}} facilitate a sexual relationship]] with another character of the same sex. Unlike the HurtComfortFic, where the writer [[BreakTheCutie breaks]] Bob with trauma so that Charlie can comfort him, these fics give no justification for Bob's drastic [[CharacterizationTropes personality]] change, except perhaps a HandWave. Further, these fics omit or downplay the 'comfort' upward-trend of the Hurt-Comfort plot -- Bob never fully regains his independence and will always need Charlie to be his dominant, assertive {{Seme}}.

TropesAreTools and this may be done well (or at least subtly enough so as not to jar the reader). One way is to explore a character's existing, {{canon}}ically established flaws and foibles. Another way is to put Bob ''and'' Charlie through the emotional wringer, letting them build their relationship on more or less equal footing while keeping the vulnerability which drives this trope. Unfortunately, most fics which deploy this trope play it similarly to {{Chickification}}: they get the desired relationship by making Bob inexplicably ''need'' Charlie instead of taking the time to put them together plausibly.

While some see this trope as a comment on how two men can't form a couple without one becoming the "woman," {{Wimpification}} in a same-sex pairing shows up about as frequently as {{Chickification}} does in fics where the central relationship is heterosexual. This suggests that the trope's prevalence has less to do with UnfortunateImplications regarding gay relationships and more to do with fetishistic fantasy-fulfillment centered around the sexual exploitation of a vulnerable character. ([[SarcasmMode Because that makes things SO much better]]).

In drawn fanworks, comics or doujinshi where the artist depicts the characters using a different[=/=]stylized art style than what is used canonically or in most other fanworks - particularly one you have never seen before or where all the characters look different from what you are familiar with - this trope is not present unless the character in question is either acting OutOfCharacter in a {{Wimpification}} manner and[=/=]or is drawn much smaller and more feminine than the other characters. A drawing style where everyone is similarly different ''is not this trope.'' Please keep this in mind.

Anime fans refer to this process as ukefication (see {{Uke}}).

Subtrope of OutOfCharacter. See AdaptationalWimp for non SlashFic or gender related version of this. Compare BadassDecay, for when a character becomes a wimp within a single work. Compare AggressiveSubmissive.


* Any even slightly feminine (or even just less masculine/shorter than the designated partner) character is almost guaranteed to be put through this repeatedly. Heck, even the [[TestosteronePoisoning super manly]] characters will probably be subject to this at least once as part of a subversion or gag, this trope is just that common.
* While a lot of {{Yaoi}} manga are written clearly for [[PornWithoutPlot PWP]] and/or [[{{Lemon}} Smut]] purposes with wildly typical (and ridiculous) stereotypes amongst the characters, some generally well-written or at least intriguing [[BoysLove BL]] manga might, in a clumsy stroke of depiction, mismanage the personality of the character designated as the "uke/neko/bottom," transforming him from a strong/quirky/interesting independent character to a weepy generic {{Moe}}-blob in (and worse, ''out'') of bed once he and his love interest get together.
* ''Minotaur's Sex Tips For Slash Writers'' has this to say about it:
--> One thing to be wary of is writing one partner as the "[[{{Uke}} wife]]". Men, even gay men, are trained to be less emotionally open, less demonstrative. Yes, we do feel, and even occasionally cry, but gay men are every bit as emotionally closeted as their straight counterparts. Think of all the troubles you have in your relationships with men, and then double them. Instead of just one partner being distant, uncommunicative and emotionally stunted, both are.
* Fics set in an "Omegaverse" pretty much do this by default -- make Bob an Omega to Charlie's Alpha and he'll not only be smaller and more vulnerable but he'll periodically go into heat (yes, really) and ''need'' Charlie to fix his problem. For bonus points, [[MisterSeahorse he can even get pregnant]] from the experience.

[[folder: FanFic based on AnimeAndManga]]
* Bound to happen to anyone in ''Manga/BattleRoyale'' when they're paired with Kiriyama. Even [[TheBigGuy Mitsuru]] and [[HandsomeLech Shinji]] become Ukes somehow.
* Canon example: At the beginning of the ''{{Manga/Gravitation}}'' manga, Shuichi is much more masculine than he is at the end. His [[ArtEvolution character design]] even became more feminine over time until he became virtually indistinguishable from a girl by the start of the ''Gravitation EX'' sequel.
** Even then, far too many ''Gravitation'' fanfics ukefy Shuichi even ''further'' until he becomes a 100% weepy uke, completely ignoring that he's been shown capable of standing up for himself when needed in canon even when Yuki is being a prick to him.
** The anime basically bypasses this and goes right to making Shuichi extremely feminine from the get-go, right down to his voice. It's entirely possible to just imagine that his gender is different under his clothes with no further change needed to make the series hetero...
* Eren Jaeger, the main character of ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'', is a constant victim of this, especially by [[YaoiFangirl Fujoshi]] who latch on to the fact that he's cried multiple times during the series--conviniently ignoring that they are almost always BerserkerTears. Just to be clear, [[http://attackontitan.wikia.com/wiki/File:Eren_vows_to_kill_the_Titans.png this is a canon image of Eren crying]]. [[http://www.entravity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/shingeki-4-10-eren-jaeger.jpg Here's another canon image of Eren.]] [[http://static.tumblr.com/8e21b23971f82a85a45e1581357aabd4/5awtufo/1Y7ms84ih/tumblr_static_tumblr_static_eren_jaeger_5.gif Here's a rare instance of him smiling]]. [[https://24.media.tumblr.com/340c10ad0b9aedb0216340a7264e1684/tumblr_mxr3xz3gR51sg146vo1_500.jpg This]] [[https://31.media.tumblr.com/1d54a1a745b082cb88c9c4207645b297/tumblr_inline_myltkkuF7i1sp70cb.png and this]] are fan art.
** Levi also gets the same treatment. In the anime, he's the stoic, dead-eyed squad leader with the moniker "Humanity's Strongest". In fanart, his less than imposing height is often exaggerated and he's often pictured clinging to Eren or Erwin.
** Bertolt Hoover gets this as well, sure he is a quiet and cowardly guy who has horrible self esteem, but this goes UpToEleven in fanfiction that pairs him with Reiner, and sometimes [[MasculineGirlFeminineBoy Annie]].
** Erwin Smith sometimes gets this. In the anime and manga he is a badass and [[PragmaticHero pragmatic]] commander who is willing to sacrifice everything for humanity, [[IDidWhatIHadToDo even his principles]]. Though he does [[AFatherToHisMen care about and respect his men greatly]]. In slash fic he turns into an affectionate cuddlebear who dotes on his LoveInterest (most often a likewise ukefied Levi)
* Ishida Yamato from Anime/DigimonAdventure gets this a lot. Though if they swap roles Yagami Taichi also has serious history of this.
** Ken and Daisuke also got their own moment each in fandom.
** Writers tend to forget [[Anime/DigimonTamers Takato's]] CharacterDevelopment and make him a total, weeping pansy.
** Masaru and Touma.
* Sanji from ''Manga/OnePiece'' is often made into a weepy uke because of his {{Bishonen}} looks and attempts to be sensitive to women, regardless of the fact that Sanji is frequently a {{jerkass}} to his male crewmates and is nowhere near unable to stand up for himself.
** This is also likely why many fan girls were upset with [[spoiler: his design after the time skip. Frequently, in fan art, his chin hair would be omitted, but now in the manga canon, he has an undeniable goatee]].
** Once upon a time, Sir Crocodile was quite a formidable opponent for Luffy. Now, if you google search Crocodile X Donquixote Doflamingo and you'd be shocked to see Crocodile on the submissive end of the pairing.
** Now comes Trafalgar Law, especially when he's with Kid or even Doflamingo. Law/Luffy tends to play him as a DefrostingIceKing, rather than TroubledButCute.
** Luffy himself is an example -- fan art tends to play up his cute looks to unbelievable levels, emphasizing the adorableness of his wide, {{Moe}} eyes and his childish nature. This is completely ignoring the fact that Luffy in canon is childish in a selfish way and rarely acted like anything even remotely resembling ''adorable'' outside of flashbacks to his childhood.
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'' has Duo Maxwell, aka the "braided baka", who maybe one of the most infamous victims of this in ''all'' of manga/anime, going from a DeadpanSnarker BrokenHero who [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold snarks at his friends yet helps them out when needed]], into a brainless {{Keet}} who needs Heero's cock to be whole and is raped/abused/etc. by every single person he encounters.
** In fact, ''all'' of the ''Gundam'' pilots have been victims of this at one time or another, and sometimes with two or more of them in the same story. If it's not Duo, it's usually Quatre. Sometimes, it's all of them at once. ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'' fanfiction can read like poorly characterized lesbian drama [-[[RecycledInSpace WITH PENISES]]-].
** Zechs can get this treatment when Treize doesn't show him enough love.
* ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'':
** Battler Ushiromiya, in both Japanese and American fanart. Usually the result of being turned into Beatrice's furniture and getting tortured.
** [[AmbiguousGender Lion Ushiromiya]] often gets this treatment from the Japanese fandom, being reduced to a weepy DamselInDistress.
* In ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', there are many [[http://suigetsuei.deviantart.com/art/Rawr-105376677 irate fans]] that did ''not'' like how Hidan was made the designated {{Uke}} in slash fiction pairing him with Kakuzu. The argument being that just because he looks slightly less muscular (and more like... a human?) than Kakuzu doesn't suddenly make him a weepy uke.
** Naruto, in large part because of his {{Keet}} appearance, is often made into a blushing uke for Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Iruka, [[http://NikoH.deviantart.com/art/NxH-01-Poor-Naruto-55072788 Hinata]]... This is in stark contrast to his canon personality; it's hard to imagine someone as bombastic and headstrong as Naruto ever acting the way he does in fanfics.
*** Even more puzzling are the fanfics that do this to Naruto while also promoting him to Hokage, a status that should carry with it a certain amount of dignity and respect. The strange result is a supposedly badass ruler of an entire nation of ninjas who in practice spends his days failing at his job, crying about how he's not loved enough, and being molested by his subordinates. One has to wonder if his people are okay with having a leader like that...
** Gaara is often hit with this as well even though his abilities are no laughing matter, not to mention that being the fifth Kazekage, this causes the same problem mentioned in regards to Naruto, above.
** [[TheAce Neji]] has been turned into a weepy blushing uke for Shikamaru and others many times. And Kiba, maybe the most HotBlooded character in the series, getting the same treatment with numerous characters.
** Umino Iruka might as well be named Uke Iruka. When paired with anyone, but especially Kakashi, he is ridiculously ukefied to the point that he's less Naruto's big brother figure and more like a DistressedDude for badass Kakashi to save from the cruel shinobi world. Granted, we haven't actually seen enough of Iruka's personality to entirely call this characterization bullcrap, but stats released would at least support that he's stronger than most of the special jounin out there, despite being a chunin. Give the guy some credit, he's a ninja, he's not helpless. Even if he's less powerful than other shinobi, he still took a ''huge'' shuriken to protect Naruto without hesitation, and also questioned Kakashi and others openly for Naruto's sake.
*** Mocked ''ruthlessly'' by [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7427510/86/The_Greatest_Thing_Youll_Ever_Learn this fanfiction]].
** [[MadBomber Deidara]]. Sure, he's got long blonde hair and is Sasori's partner, but he's ''not'' the caricature of a woman, yet the way he carries on in some fanfics you'd think he was about to give birth. This also happens to Itachi and Sasori sometimes.
** Sasuke usually gets hit with this in fanfic as well, going from a vengeful loner to a wimpy uke for Naruto, [[{{Squick}} Itachi]], Gaara, Kakashi, etc.
* Done occasionally with Sousuke from ''LightNovel/FullMetalPanic'' -- most prevalently in certain slash fanfiction. Granted, his being an {{Uke}} ''was'' {{Canon}} and pretty much confirmed by [[WordOfGod Shouji Gatou]] (Sousuke's status as a "receiver" if he were to be in a homosexual relationship was outright stated in one of the side stories that Gatou wrote). However, some fanfiction takes this UpToEleven, where Sousuke becomes ''much'' more emotional and... [[{{OOC}} PMS-y]] (very unlike TheStoic he is) -- to the point where he actually seems to be depicted as a [[{{Tsundere}} male version of Kaname]].
* Many ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' Vegeta/Goku fics have Goku go from a badass IdiotHero, to a {{Keet}}, sensitive Uke who stays on the bottom.
** [[BigBad Frieza]] is usually also stripped of his [[SmugSuper smug]], arrogant personality and becomes more of a boyfriend to Cell, most likely becoming [[MisterSeahorse pregnant]] sometime in the process.
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'' slash likes to do this to Hiei. Nevermind that it's not only severely out of character for him, but that Kurama, his most common partner, is a ''[[DudeLooksLikeALady far]]'' more obvious subject for it. It must be his height.
** Kurama gets his fair share of this, often involving Karasu and/or Yomi.
* In ''Manga/HunterXHunter'', Kurapika is most often the target of this trope. 99% of the doujinshi found is pre-timeskip and completely ignores Kurapika's CharacterDevelopment, thus making him perpetually the motherly uke type to [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Leorio]]. In fanfiction, however, they give more attention to his development, but making him seduced/kidnapped by [[FoeYay his mortal enemy, Kuroro]], and in most of them ''he ends up joining the Spiders''. This being when they don't turn him into a woman.
** Also tends to hit Gon, whoever he's paired with. Also affects Hisoka, bizarrely, in fics where he acts a lot, well, ''gentler'' than he could reasonably be expected to act, even if he's the {{Seme}}.
* ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' has many, MANY examples.
** Germania gets wimpified just because he happens to look a bit like [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings Legolas]] and because he had to fight off the Roman Empire.
** Italy isn't exactly a paragon of masculinity, especially when compared to [[DrillSergeantNasty Germany]], and according to some of his conversations with Germany and Japan, he's still a virgin who has yet to reach third base. But considering that Germany, in spite of being OneHeadTaller and more muscular than Italy, has been shown to be so clueless about romance and sex that he had to ''consult a guidebook'' to figure out how to court Italy, their relationship is actually less stereotypical (and more {{Adorkable}}) than the plain lazy "uber-knowledgeable {{seme}} Germany has to teach uber-naive {{uke}} Italy how to have sex" depiction seen in some Germany/Italy fanworks would have you believe.
** England often goes from the snarky, yet also sensitive {{Tsundere}} he is in canon, to becoming a weepy, emotionally-needy mess who pines endlessly for [insert: America, France, Canada, etc]. and is more than once the target of [insert: Russia, France]'s violations/torture/etc. so [insert: America, France, Canada, etc]. can literally pull a BigDamnHeroes to save him and let the [[HurtComfortFic Hurt/Comfort]] start. Either that, or America is a BastardBoyfriend to him and England becomes a weepy LoveMartyr, while the artist expects everyone to believe that theirs is as completely healthy and cute relationship. When it comes to sex, England is also often made a virgin and awkward or even oblivious about sex, when in canon he's [[CovertPervert so much of a pervert]] that it puts France to shame. Also, some fanartists tend to draw him with extremely feminine hips...
** America himself gets this treatment more often than you'd probably expect, with a number of fics conveniently forgetting that he's capable of [[SuperStrength effortlessly swinging a full-grown buffalo around]] (and that was when he was just a ''[[BadassAdorable child]]'', mind you) so that he can be tortured by England or Russia (or, in one notorious series of fics, gangbanged by the entire cast) without being able to lift a single finger against them. Maybe some certain fans just find the idea of the strong, self-assured "hero" becoming TheWoobie fetishy. Or maybe it's a case of UsefulNotes/MisplacedNationalism demanding revenge upon {{Eagleland}}-- for instance, in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis, the ''Hetalia'' KinkMeme suddenly became filled with "Financial Crisis Gang Bang" fics, which were ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. YouFailEconomicsForever ''barely describes'' these works.
** As for Japan... let's just say that while he isn't exactly the most assertive or masculine-looking nation-tan in canon, there are several fics that surgically remove any hint of the [[YamatoNadeshiko 'subtle, but definitely present, touch of iron']] behind his JapanesePoliteness or the fact that he ''does'' [[CuteBruiser know how to handle a katana]] (and successfully fought off the ''Manga/HetaliaBloodbath2010'' kidnapper, that had been able to [[TheWorfEffect overpower Russia and General Winter]], with a ''[[ImprovisedWeapon rolled-up poster]]'') to turn him into a completely helpless {{Moe}}blob [[DistressedDude utterly unable to defend or stand up for himself]]. More than one of these fics even go so far as to have him be abused by America or claimed/possessed by [[BastardBoyfriend bastardpirateboyfriend]]!England and either being a weepy LoveMartyr or needing to be rescued by someone else. Mind you, this only happens to Japan about as often as he gets "semeified"/[[RonTheDeathEater bastardized]] instead. On the other hand, if ''China'' is the seme in their relationship...\\
The fact that canon ''does'' establish him as sexually inexperienced compared to Greece, who happens to be OneHeadTaller than him, doesn't help. The better Greece/Japan fanwriters recognize that, sexual disparities aside, the two actually have a pretty equal relationship in canon with Japan actually being [[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld technically]] ''older'' than Greece (if you consider that Greece represents only the Hellenic Republic due to his mother literally being Ancient Greece), and that even if Japan's {{Moe}} traits tend to be enhanced when he's with Greece, he'd still have a touch of InscrutableOriental or at least a 'far more likely to quietly hide his emotions than become a blushy, weepy mess over them' vibe to him; the poorer fanwriters...don't.
** While Canada is [[NiceGuy quite the sweetheart]] ([[BewareTheNiceOnes unless you TRULY piss him off]]), some fangirls take his canon [[ButtMonkey bad luck]], [[ShrinkingViolet soft-spoken behavior]] and {{Woobie}}ness to make him a stereotypical uke in more than one France/Canada, Prussia/Canada, America/Canada and/or Cuba/Canada fic. Fanart that pairs Canada with a more 'assertive' male typically makes Canada shorter than the other male, even when this actually wouldn't be true due to his official height being the same as America's (which means that he'd be just as tall as his brother and ''taller'' than France or England).
** Lithuania is so often made into Russia's StockholmSyndrome victim or Poland's weepy DistressedDude that the phrase [[RapeAsDrama "I'm damaged goods, Feliks"]] (which comes from a very bad Poland/Liet fic where Lithuania was raped by BastardBoyfriend!Russia and needed RelationshipSue!Poland's Healing Cock) has reached MemeticMutation in some circles. The panel where he was shown in a maid dress and getting whipped by Russia certainly didn't help matters...
*** ''Poland'' frequently, provided Lithuania isn't ukefied instead. Apparently, if someone has cross-dresssed ever, at all, under any circumstances, they will never be able to do anything except be a super-girly little uke for other guys.
*** However, a lot of fanworks TakeAThirdOption and make Lithuania a meek, submissive ''top'' to Poland. (And sometimes Russia, which a famous doujin circle liked to do.)
** China ''is'' very cute [[DudeLooksLikeALady and feminine-looking]] in some canon illustrations/strips, but it still doesn't justify the ''massive'' ukefication he gets in fanwork. Particularly Russia/China and Japan/China ones (though the fanbase for this one seems to be leaning towards seme!China these days). And we are talking about the same China who fought and ''defeated'' Germany and Japan with only a [[NoodleImplements ladle and wok]]. Not to mention, he beat off a ''dragon'' with a Hello Kitty doll. That's impressive. Apparently, long hair means that you're doomed for eternal bottoming.
** Hong Kong sometimes is hit with the ukefication paddle as well, more often when his {{seme}} is either England (and double if Hong Kong is still his colony), Japan, or South Korea. Fortunately for him, in the case of Macau this isn't as frequent; even when he more often than not ends up bottoming, HK will most likely keep his spine.
*** In regards to the other Asians, Korea tends to top his "partners" but sometimes becomes a victim of this if he's paired up with America, and occasionally with HK. Thailand is lucky enough to dodge this treatment unless he is the love interest of UsefulNotes/ImperialJapan, and Macau is almost exclusively paired with Hong Kong so he tends to be the top one instead. Though in the case of Korea and Thailand, it's a bit weird considering that both of them [[TheBigGuy are pretty tall]] (Korea is about 179 cm, or at least tall enough to be at eye-to-eye level with ''America'', and Thailand is just a little shorter so he should be at least 177-178 cm).
** And there's [[CuteBruiser Finland]], too. While his partner and most fan-popular LoveInterest [[{{Kuudere}} Sweden]] ''is'' quite taller than him, it doesn't explain why doujinshi and fanwork twist Finland into a little weepy {{Keet}} who may look even younger than ''Sealand'', when Finland's character profile states that he has the look and the attitude of a 20 year old, while Sweden is 21. The way they're drawn in some doujinshis, you'd think they're something closer to [[{{Squick}} 12 and 26]], respectively. Yes, the pair invoke so many Boys Love tropes as is that it's that much easier for fans to {{flanderize}} Finland's {{uke}} role along those lines. That's still not an excuse, as the charm of the pairing is seeing a huge guy like Sweden fitting the HouseHusband archetype ''far'' more than the slightly waifish Finland.
** Ironically, ''Sweden'' is hit by the trope more than once as well. While he's still the tallest of the Nordics, one wonders how come {{Yandere}}!Denmark can rape and beat him as easily as he often does in doujinshii and fanart: if they're about the past dealings and wars of both nations, Sweden ''will'' get whipped/tortured/raped/etc. by Denmark, running away with Finland to "escape" from his torturer/rapist (and sometimes {{wangst}}ing about that).
*** Iceland sometimes gets hit with this as well, specially in regards to [[MayDecemberRomance him and Turkey]]. While he ''is'' younger than the standard nation, this doesn't mean he's a pre-pubescent boy (he's mentioned to look at least 17), and while Turkey is depicted as being quite older than he is, it doesn't necessarily mean Iceland would submit to him completely. (Curiously, even with this factor, Turkey/Iceland ends up one of the few Turkey pairings in which he's '''not''' depicted as a BastardBoyfriend.)
** Greece actually isn't hit as hard by this trope in Turkey/Greece works as he could have been, as many of them depict him as a {{Tsundere}} capable of standing up and talking back to Turkey as an integral part of their BelligerentSexualTension. Nonetheless, just as many of them can leave you wondering why Greece acts like he's [=PMSing=] all the time or why he never seems to be able to hinder [[BastardBoyfriend Turkey]] from belittling/abusing/raping him in spite of all his defiant words.
** On the other hand, '''Germany''' is often placed in a similar situation when he's paired up [[IncestSubtext with his older brother]] [[HotBlooded Prussia]] instead of Italy. Yeah, as mentioned above the guy looks ultra-super manly yet is ''really'' clueless about romance but that doesn't mean that he will become a super ultra submissive and mushy mess as soon as he and Prussia are romantically/sexually involved either. Germany may be clueless about romance, but ''not'' in regards to the mechanics of sex.
*** Bizarrely, Germany also tends to receive this when paired with ''England'', of all characters.
** Prussia is subjected to this treatment as well when paired with Germany or Russia (the latter tending towards StockholmSyndrome more often than not).
** And on the other ''other'' hand, Italy's brother Romano is portrayed as a bitchy and whiny {{uke}} caricature who still gets sexed up by "Boss Spain" whether he wants it or not. That is, unless Spain is the one subjected to this [[RonTheDeathEater and Romano becomes a]] DomesticAbuser instead.
** Switzerland, when paired with Austria. Probably the result of OneHeadTaller and one too many {{tsundere}} traits.
** On that note, Austria is a victim of this. A lot. He's skinny, too uptight about the aristocrat act, spends a little too much time on the piano, and doesn't really have a hardcore history of fighting to back him up. This somehow completely overshadows his nation's history as a great power run by ''very'' shrewd diplomats. Sure, most of his land and power came through arranging marriage, but he still had it. Yet he gets slammed with a sudden case of ukeism when paired with nations more action-oriented like Hungary or Prussia.
** Even Russia can get this. Now, it's ''way'' more common for him to get the complete opposite; he is constantly derailed into [[MemeticMolester a rapist]] or if not, a snarky, smug and experienced seme with no childlike traits. Then there's a few fans who exaggerate his {{manchild}} traits instead, making him clueless about sex and weepy, emotional and screaming. One of Russia's key traits in canon is that he almost always keeps [[StepfordSmiler a calm smile]], even when in extreme pain (such as, you know, his heart falling out or stopping a tank with his body). And while he is childish and not much of a sexual type, he knows enough to play immature sexual boasting contests with America.
*** Though still not extremely common, some Russia/China fanworks make Russia act practically ''infantile'' to play up China's [[TeamDad parental traits]].
** Hilariously, ''Turkey'' gets hit hard with this in much of the [[FanDisservice erotic fan art and doujin]] of him. Though it's all just for porn purposes and usually very tongue-in-cheek. That's {{bara}} for you.
** Certain fans like to paint Hungary as a submissive FauxActionGirl unable to actually stand up for herself [[StayInTheKitchen without a real man to rule her]]. Never mind that she happens to be both feminine and one of the ''manlier'' characters in the series, shown as capable of [[OneManArmy beating Prussia by herself]] or that other fans like to show her as being "on top" when paired with Austria.
* Oh, [[Anime/YuGiOh Yugi]]. How are you ukefied? Too many ways to name. In canon, he started out as a loser who was picked on a lot but still had enough backbone to stand up when people he considers friends are being attacked and [[CharacterDevelopment over time]] grew more confident thanks to his [[ShadowArchetype darker]] [[BigBrotherMentor Pharaoh]] [[TricksterMentor friend]]. Also probably a [[ChessMaster master strategist]] able to rival Napoleon and Lee ([[FridgeLogic if you take into account that all he does is play strategy games]]). But if you read fanfiction, he's a spineless little wimp who's always being raped or abused by everyone near him until "[[FanNickname Yami]]" comes along and saves him. Or Yami kidnaps him and does the raping, torturing and abusing himself until [[StockholmSyndrome Yugi falls in love with him]] and then he turns good and Yugi defends his actions to others saying that Yami's "misunderstood". Or when [[spoiler:the Pharaoh leaves]], Yugi becomes so emotionally unbalanced that he kills himself ''despite saying in the manga and anime that he didn't need him anymore''. That unfortunately sums up pretty much 99.9% of ''Anime/YuGiOh'' fanfiction, 99.99% if you substitute Ryou Bakura and the Spirit of the Ring for Yugi and the Pharaoh.
** Bakura gets this the worst in fanfiction. Granted, he ''was'' continually emotionally abused and manipulated by the Spirit of the Ring in canon, but there was no indication that he was ever physically abused (which makes sense when you consider that, contrary to what 90% of fanfics would have you believe, the Spirit ''doesn't have a physical form outside of Bakura's body'' and wouldn't be very likely to harm the one body he can inhabit) and he was able to stand up to the Spirit on several occasions when his friends' lives were on the line, two things that fans completely ignore in favor of turning him into a frail, weepy guy who exists only to be horribly abused by "Yami Bakura" and possibly redeem him with the power of true love.\\
The assumption of physical abuse probably stems from the fact that the spirit isn't exactly careful with Bakura's body (stabs him with the spikes of his ring, stabs his hand on a tower, stabs himself with a knife...) However, once Bakura's life actually was in danger (at the end of his duel against Yugi), he gave up victory and promised to protect him because he needed the body. In addition, while he was quite careless, he never really "punished" Bakura, or hurt him out of pure sadism, as fanfiction would like to make you believe. And given that Bakura got over it quite quickly and didn't turn into a shaking mess at the end of the series, it can be assumed that most of the time, he was rather "asleep in his subconscious", instead of being forced to witness the spirit's deeds. Also, his other character traits (that weird Deck full of all the creepy demons and Ouija boards? [[NightmareFetishist The Spirit didn't have a thing to do with that; that's his regular Deck]]) get dialed down to nothing.
** Jonouchi, who in most fanfics is a defenseless "puppy" whom the mighty [[DracoInLeatherPants Seto Kaiba]] has to rescue from the clutches of his evil [[AbusiveParents abusive father]].
** Marik, the resident DarkSkinnedBlonde, is one of the fandom's greatest ukes and lends himself well to an angsty rape-y story involving either his father or his own dark side. Said dark side also regularly gets turned up from SplitPersonality to SuperpoweredEvilSide, to facilitate the removal of all his character traits besides being a quivering bottom. The actual Marik was a brutal crimelord who had no problem with ordering attempted murder if it meant accomplishing his goals, and only turned over a new leaf when he learned who was really responsible for his father's death.
* ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'': Almost any male character could be given as an example, but it's seen most frequently in the case of Juudai, the guy who saved the world four times over before he's graduated high school. In fanfic, if he can walk and chew bubblegum at the same time it's amazing, much less survive a dangerous situation without Johan or Manjoume or whoever the seme of the fanfic is around.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'' has Yusei. While the above two were at least submissive or had {{Keet}} traits, Yusei is, straight-up, one of the most intelligent, mature, stoic, and strong-willed characters of the series. In the average fanfic, he is instead living for the love of whichever character the fangirls ship him with.
* Poor, poor [[Manga/DGrayMan Allen Walker]]. He's {{Moe}}, yes. He grows up into a {{bishonen}} prettier than most of the female cast, yes. But he's also a BadassAdorable who will [[{{Determinator}} keep fighting]] [[YouCanBarelyStand even when he literally can't stand]] and a CircusBrat who [[TheCharmer can charm almost anyone into doing what he wants]] when he feels it's necessary. Yes, he's TheWoobie, but he's [[IronWoobie the iron variety]] and a BrokenHero extraordinaire. Guess which parts slash writers leave out.
** Especially noticeable in doujinshi, where he's typically shown {{wangst}}ing about things that he ''hardly even angsts about in-series''. Which results in him needing comfort sex from Lavi or Kanda. And if that doesn't happen, he'll normally be shown being rendered into an emotional wreck that's subsequently raped by Tyki. And then having comfort sex with someone.
* Both Ichigo and Ishida in ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' {{Slash Fic}}s.
** Kira and Yumichika, two snarky long-term professional army officers, are almost always written as helpless damsels-in-distress who ''literally'' could not raise a hand to save themselves, let alone use any kind of weapon.
** Jushiro Ukitake has been portrayed as this, due to his IllBoy status and his close relationship with Kyouraku.
** [[BattleButler Tesla]] evokes this trope when paired with Nnoitra to a point that's almost painful to even think about. Granted, he already clings to the Espada like a drowning man clings to a piece of driftwood, but he's still a decent fighter and fairly self-confident in canon, and the way he's written and drawn in some fan works you'd think... well...
* Tsuna of ''Manga/KatekyoHitmanReborn''.
** And Gokudera. And Squalo. And even Hibari and Mukuro; they trade off on uke-ness when paired with each other.
* Daisuke of ''Manga/DNAngel'', when paired with his alter ego Dark or [[FoeYay obsessed rival]] Satoshi.
* Ciel of ''Manga/BlackButler''. Way too many people make him seem very uke, most likely due to his age and the fact that he is often paired with his demon BattleButler Sebastian. When you look at Ciel's actual personality traits, it's very clear that while he has a small amount of inexperience/naïveté, he'd never be the blushy/weepy/submissive uke he's often portrayed as in fan works.
* [[OlderThanTheyLook Shinichi/Conan]] of ''Manga/DetectiveConan'' is not ''that'' feminine, but if he is in a yaoi fic, he is ''always'' the {{uke}}. In some fanworks he's (as Conan, natch) even bottom to a [[IllBoy ill]] shouta.
** [[ThePrankster Kaito]] / [[PhantomThief Kaitou Kid]], Shinichi's WorthyOpponent who is the most popular person to slash with him, gets this too sometimes, though usually in stories where he's slashed with his other detective rival Hakuba Saguru. At least he gets to be a {{Tsundere}} with Hakuba most of the time though (Unless the writer is Flanderizing Hakuba's obsession with Kaitou Kid to StalkerWithACrush levels anyway). On the rare occasion Kaito is uke to Shinichi instead of the other way around they remove the JerkWithAHeartOfGold DeadpanSnarker traits and make him a straight up {{Keet}}/MoeBlob, sometimes taking advantage of his apparent preference for disguising himself as women to make him into a WholesomeCrossdresser to boot (Okay, so it is almost canon and it does happen when he's {{Seme}} too, and even sometimes when he's straight, where it's PlayedForLaughs, but it's worse when he's being Ukefied).
* Name any male character in ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'', they'll probably have received this treatment. Ironically enough, the top two targets for Ukefication seem to be HotBlooded badasses Kamina and Kittan, the latter most often being portrayed as this complete teary-eyed moeblob.
* In [[SturgeonsLaw 90%]] of all ''Manga/DeathNote'' {{Slash Fic}}s... who the hell is this {{Emo}} whiny prima donna that's replaced Light Yagami?
** "I am just a poor little orphan boy and... Oh noes! There's a jam-eating SerialKiller after me! [[HypocriticalHumor Saves me, Kira!]]" -- L in FanFiction
** Mello, the badass mafia crimeboss. Matt, the cool computer geek. Near, the manipulative, cheating detective. Teru Mikami, the badass, [[BullyHunter bully-hunting]] SerialKillerKiller. CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass rookie cop Matsuda. All of these characters tend to get turned into delicate, feminine ukes.
* This has a disturbing tendency to happen to Chrono from ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'', even in Het fic. In a lot of the fics that use the more extreme forms of this trope, Chrono ends up being a rape victim at the hands of [[BigBad Aion]], [[PsychopathicManchild Joshua]] and even [[SexyPriest Father Remington]], or at least involved in scenes with dubious consent.
* [[{{Keet}} Masaomi]] from ''LightNovel/{{Durarara}}'' is hit by this trope the most especially when paired with [[ManipulativeBastard Izaya]] or Mikado [[spoiler:when he's the boss]]. Izaya and Mikado get hit with this a lot more than one would expect with Izaya becoming a weepy, crying uke to Shizuo in most [[PortmanteauCoupleName Shizaya]] fics and Mikado being turned into a super innocent moeblob to be ravished by any one of the male cast. The problem here is that in canon, [[{{Jerkass}} Izaya is Izaya]] and Mikado [[spoiler:is not the nice guy everyone sees him as]].
* Gilbert from ''Manga/PandoraHearts''. Vincent sometimes.
* Death the Kid from ''Manga/SoulEater''. A majority of fanfics featuring him has him yearning or being the bottom.
* ''Anime/CodeGeass'': Despite having the personality traits of a seme (and being taller than Suzaku), Lelouch is almost always ukefied because he positively sucks at physical education, especially compared to Suzaku. And he looks pretty in a dress. People seem to forget that Lelouch hates dressing up like a girl and his upper body strength isn't bad: [[spoiler: lugging around Nunnally up the Kururugi Shrine's stairs without any help and holding onto Shirley while they're both dangling off a building]] is very impressive. Admittedly, Suzaku was [[spoiler: holding onto Lelouch's weight]] with the latter but still.
** Although to be fair...most of the official fan-servicey stuff '''does''' have Lelouch as the one in dresses more. Let's also not forget that this is CLAMP, who is notorious for their angsty 'opposites attract tragically' pairings...usually with pretty clear 'semes' and 'ukes'. Actually in most fics that might have Lelouch in a dress, he's probably written to '''not''' enjoy it...or only doing so for the sake of some further goal. The debate of whether or not Lelouch or Suzaku 'seems' more seme is probably up to personal choice and not as clear cut as CLAMP's other pairs, but CLAMP seems to see Lelouch in the more feminine role. At least, enough to put him in a [[http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire3/5e1536ec7e9746d3480f52ccd9c44cbd1225458160_full.png wedding dress]]. Granted, both have worn dresses at points, but only Lelouch has been the bride.
* ''Manga/SaintSeiya'' has a ''massive'' non-English speaking fanbase and this happens a lot, particularly with some of the prettier men-[[RealMenWearPink Shun]], often, [[AnIcePerson Hyoga]] and [[BlindSeer Shaka]] are the most glaring examples (Camus and Mu too). Considering how Badass these guys are in the series, and that some of them really have NO feminine qualities at all, it's extremely jarring to have Shaka killing Spectres in cold blood one minute and moaning like a whore under Aiolia the next. That being said, there are plenty of fanworks out there that avert this and write the characters extremely well.
** It doesn't stop there. Due to its more "feminine" character design, ''Anime/SaintSeiyaOmega'' is more prone to this. The most common example would probably be Shiryu's son Ryuhou, an IllBoy [[DudeLooksLikeALady who takes more after his mother in term of looks]]. Despite this, he's a competent, skilled fighter, but {{yaoi}} fanworks (in which 95% of the time he's paired with Haruto) tend to crank his fragility UpToEleven.
* Alviss of ''Manga/{{MAR}}'' suffers from this A LOT in fanfiction though it became in universe and literally almost canon when he was captured by Phantom.
* RareFemaleExample: H-Doujinshi with an ActionGirl or a BastardGirlfriend are likely to have her [[AggressiveSubmissive suddenly become weak or sweet just so the man can be in control]].
* Shion in ''LightNovel/{{No 6}}'' when paired with Nezumi. In canon he's a sweet {{Bishonen}} NiceGuy who's shown to be able to protect himself when needed and he also has a lot of HoYay with the more taller and aggressive Nezumi. In fanworks he sometimes undergoes this.
* Zeref, the alleged UltimateEvil of ''Manga/FairyTail'', tends to undergo this when paired with men (and sometimes when he's not paired with anyone.) The reason being that his first significant appearance gave him a CryCute moment, something in stark contrast with the Voldemort-esque treatment the characters all gave him up until that point. Basically, even though he wasn't all that uke like in that scene (he nearly killed three people without even trying) he fell far enough from expectations that people saw him that way anyways. Even his acting much calmer, cooler, and deliberately murderous later on hasn't stopped fan art of Natsu comforting him, or him being the victim of MrSeahorse.
* Many ''Manga/FruitsBasket'' fanfics that feature [[DefrostingIceKing Yuki]] [[FoeYay and]] [[FieryRedhead Kyo]]. Most will wimpify Yuki, the stronger of the two, though some will wimpify Kyo.
** When paired with a male character, [[StoicWoobie Hatori]] will almost always get the MrSeahorse treatment (because he can actually turn into one) [[note]]Because his zodiac animal is the dragon, but the Zodiac Curse has changed over many generations and there is a Japanese legend about [[SeahorsesAreDragons seahorses being baby dragons]], this is seen as a sign of the curse being weakened[[/note]] in addition to the regular wimpification.
* Having a large Yaoi fanbase, Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure is not immune to this.
** The infamous doujinshi made by Creator/{{CLAMP}} ([[{{Expy}} and by extension]], Manga/{{Wish}}) does this to Kakyoin. While a pretty mild case compared to most of the other examples on this article due to being parody, it's still pretty cringe-inducing for many [=JoJo=] fans to see such a badass and strong-willed character acting so OutOfCharacter, to the point of being referred to as Jotaro's "wife" and even getting hit with a case of MrSeahorse.
*** Even if the Doujinshi is meant to be a parody, it doesn't stop CLAMP from [[http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3866726006 producing a number of fanarts]] where Kakyoin's feminine appearance go UpToEleven to the point he's almost unrecognizable.
*** Kakyoin gets this ''worse'' when he's shipped with [[FoeYay DIO]]; fanworks will likely contain him being [[UpToEleven even more submissive]], and sometimes even developing StockholmSyndrome.
*** In general, Kakyoin gets this a lot in fandom when paired with Jotaro ([[LauncherOfAThousandShips or any guy]]) because he's usually the [[OneHeadTaller shorter]] and [[{{Bishonen}} prettier]] of the two.
** Rohan Kishibe is an arrogant {{Jerkass}} who hates Josuke in Canon; in fanart and doujinshi, he's a blushing {{Tsundere}} who almost never tops. This is likely the result from [[OneHeadTaller being shorter]] than Josuke and falling into a DistressedDude role in the Highway Star arc, having to be saved by Josuke, no less.
** Even the ''villains'' get this treatment too! Out of all of the villains, Yoshikage Kira and Diavolo are the most common targets, probably due to the fact that they're the least buff of them all and have a more {{Bishounen}} appearance.
** Either Joseph or Caesar will get this when they're paired with each other. Caesar very likely will become a Uke-ish {{Tsundere}} and Joseph becomes a Naive ManChild when they're the one bottoming.
** Poor Jonathan gets this bad with Dio. Doesn't help that he's a NiceGuy in canon.
** Even Speedwagon is an uke!
** Josuke also isn't exempt from this. Though he is submissive and passive in his first scene, he gets his BerserkButton breached and shows his temper and how strong his Stand is. Likewise, he did also need rescuing at one point but so did Koichi and his mother, and not only does he have the [[AndIMustScream final shot against his kidnapper]], but saves his saviour as well. Throughout the story, he becomes more confident and assertive. Still, works where he's the uke tend to up his submissiveness and make him quite meek and shy. Sometimes he's even delegated as a [[DistressedDude damsel who needs saving]] or, in [[TheAntagonist Kira's]] case, a helpless damsel. His case is also like Jonathan in that he's canonically the [[NiceGuy second nicest]] [=JoJo=] after [[TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth Jonathan]].
* Good luck finding a ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' fanfic featuring Roy/Ed that ''doesn't'' do this (to at least some degree) to one or both of them.
* Giroro from ''Manga/SgtFrog'' gets hit by this trope a lot, with almost 90% of doujinshis featuring him getting raped/tortured by Kululu, Vipers, his brother, etc.
* Jadeite from ''Anime/SailorMoon'' usually gets hit with this hard when paired with Nephrite in fanfics or doujinshi. (Or with Queen Beryl, but that isn't ''quite'' so OutOfCharacter considering how submissive he was to her in canon.) And while Zoisite ''is'' canonically submissive to Kunzite, some fics tend to forget just how dangerous he is despite his feminine looks and mannerisms in order to put him at the mercy of Nephrite, who inexplicably becomes a rapist.
* This is bound to happens in any series made by Creator/{{CLAMP}}.
** [[Manga/TokyoBabylon Subaru Sumeragi]] is an omyouji and his twin sister, Hokuto, admits that he's more powerful than her. And in his battles against Seishirou most especially in ''Manga/{{X1999}}'', he managed to hold on his own. Even though CLAMP made a lot of subtle HoYay and FoeYay between Subaru and Seishirou, this is heavily exaggerated in fanfics where Subaru became wangsty and being sexually abused by Seishirou. Ironically when being paired to Kamui, it's the other way around.
** This happens to Kamui as well. At first, he's a {{Jerkass}} who is cold to Kotori and Fuuma and is irritated at Hinoto's meddling for getting him to choose his destiny. Until he became a Dragon of Heaven with Fuuma being the Dragon of Earth, this goes downward where his ass gets constantly hit by Fuuma. Though in the manga and anime the only enemies that he actually defeated are TheMenInBlack [[spoiler:that dark!Hinoto sent to him]] and in the movie, he managed to hold off against two Dragons of Earth. So, he's not exactly weak considering that he's the MessianicArchetype. But he gets to always be molested to Fuuma.
** [[Manga/TsubasaReservoirChronicle Fai D. Flourite]] gets this whenever he's paired to Kurogane. Of course, he's the TeamMom of the group, a great fighter with or without his magic and has a DarkAndTroubledPast. And at some point, most fanfics would tend to make use of this past as an excuse to make a HurtComfortFic with Kurogane.
* Looking at some of the fanworks for ''Anime/{{Free}}'', you'd think that they are way more obsessed with each other than they are in canon:
** Makoto is affectionate with Haru, and ''Anime/HighSpeedFreeStartingDays'' does play up his closeness to the boy, but fanfic exaggerates this trait to the point where his whole life and well being is devoted to Haru. His niceness and submissiveness is turned up too, no matter what pairing he's a part of.
** Haru is barely able to function without Makoto in fic. If he doesn't talk about swimming, water, or mackerel, expect him to be talking about or to Makoto instead. He also tends to blush or be more openly affectionate here.
** In any Rei/Nagisa setting, expect Rei to be subjected to acting as Nagisa's bottom bitch. This usually doesn't happen to Nagisa though.
* ''Manga/MyHeroAcademia'':
** There was no way protagonist Izuku Midoriya wouldn't go through this, due to him being a NerdActionHero with confidence issues. Whether he is paired up with [[TheBully Bakugou]], [[TheAce Todoroki]], [[ClassRepresentative Iida]] or even [[BigBad Shigaraki]], his strength, competence and determination get downgraded to pitiful levels. He also tends to lose all the muscle mass he attains in the third chapter of the series.
** Todoroki gets this too (despite being one of the strongest characters in the series), whenever he is paired with Bakugou. Hell, anyone who gets paired with [[HotBlooded Bakugou]] will suffer this (Kirishima, Kaminari, Tokoyami, etc.).
** Interestingly enough, this is inverted in the Eastern fandom. Bakugou, a headstrong and brutal guy, tends to be portrayed as a rude but easily subdued {{Tsundere}}; this is particularly true with Midoriya, who turns into an [[RatedMForManly incredibly macho mountain of muscles]] (an inverse wimpification) in some Japanese doujins.
** Shota Aizawa sometimes goes through this as well, in particular when paired with All Might (in his skinny form, strangely enough).
* Cinnabar of ''Manga/LandOfTheLustrous'' is a lonely, isolated person a lot of the time (and for justified reasons), but in fanart you would think he does nothing but cry mercury, act tsundere, and wait for Phos to save him.

[[folder: FanFic based on ComicBooks]]
* As screwy as it sounds, [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Rorschach]] often gets the raw end of the deal because of the [[OneHeadTaller "yaoi rule of height"]], with contributing factors such as traits like his fondness of sugar [[note]] [[ForgetsToEat because it's all he consumes aside from beans for energy for durations of time]][[/note]], [[{{Kuudere}} social and sexual reclusiveness]] [[note]] [[AbusiveParents because of his abusive prostitute mother]][[/note]], and [[GutturalGrowler tendency to make inhuman growls]] [[note]]because he does that while jumping out of a window on the fifth floor of a building[[/note]].
* Although every one of the ComicBook/XMen has had this happen to them at some point or other, losing all identity in the face of the sheer, unmitigated studliness of {{Wolverine}}, probably the worst victim is [[GentlemanThief Gambit]]. 60-70% of all X-Men slash is Logan/Remy, painting the latter as submissive, cringing, or all-around pathetic. While he canonically has moments of {{Angst}}, the slash fanbase enjoys cranking that UpToEleven in fiction. And it's ''not'' limited to slash.
** Even Wolverine isn't exempt from ukefication at times. Take, for instance, a fanfic of Beast/Wolverine, which eventually renders Wolverine's inner animal totally submissive towards his pack alpha. Beast, resident GentleGiant GeniusBruiser, is now of course willing to [[AnatomicallyImpossibleSex jam it into Wolverine without using any lube]] in order to put him in his place.
** Even ''[[AxCrazy Sabretooth]]'' gets this.
** Nightcrawler, for reasons as obvious as Legolas from LOTR, tends to fall victim of this in fan fiction. While Kurt has shown that he's capable of being a badass in canon, in the land of fan fiction, especially when shipped with Wolverine, he plays the role of a damsel in distress who has to depend on Logan to get him out of a jam.
** ComicBook/{{Cyclops}} too, especially when paired with Wolverine, but it is also a big theme in the growing number of fanworks that pair him with Captain America. Although to the writers' credit they do mix it up with him; they tend to expand on the traits he shows in canon (read: AmbiguousDisorder) to try to make him seem more innocent, especially in the realm of sex, which normally takes the form of him not understanding that provoking the homophobic mutant haters by flirting is a bad idea. This stops making sense when in the narrative of the story he is outright mentioned as having slept with other men.
* Franchise/{{Superman}} in megamatt09 fanfic "Girl of Steel" is turned into a mopey ball of angst who becomes useless when he loses his powers and whose whining gets on [[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Kara]], [[ComicBook/LoisLane Lois]] and [[Series/{{Smallville}} Chloe]]'s nerves.
* [[ComicBook/IronMan Tony Stark]] whenever he's paired with [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Steve Rogers]]. People seem to forget that though he may be something of a {{Woobie}}, he's a JerkassWoobie and a JerkWithAHeartOfGold. It doesn't help that in the AlternateUniverse, where they do end up canonically together, Tony was [[GenderFlip Natasha Stark]].\\
It's pretty easy to tell which side a Steve/Tony slashfic falls on by figuring out whether the fic's implication is a) Tony briefly dropping his canon control-freak persona is a huge, jaw-dropping deal that shows how special Steve is to him, or the fic's implication is that b) Tony ''must'' have a natural Uke-ish personality all the time (inexplicably [[HandWave hand-waving]] his canon control freak tendencies). Choice b) obviously requires a lot of canon warping.
** The opposite also happens, (mostly in the movie fandom) with Steve being portrayed as a shy, sexually inexperienced boy scout who needs Tony to teach him how to [[MemeticMutation 'fondue']].
*** To be fair, for movie continuity at least the "virginal" portion of that is probably true ...
* In [[{{Franchise/Batman}} Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson]] fics, Dick gets hit by this trope fairly frequently. This phenomena is unique in that it manages to be both a pretty justified-by-canon characterization ''and'' full-fledged FridgeHorror at the same time. You see, Dick ''did'' have this sort of personality and this sort of emotional dynamic with Bruce. In fact, he's had it for most of his existence (since 1940!). The problem? The period in his lifetime where Dick had this sort of dynamic with Bruce ''was when he was Robin, i.e. '''underage'''''. Cue {{Squick}}.
** Just about every single male member of the Bat-Family has fallen victim of this. Even Red Hood.

[[folder: FanFic based on {{Film}}]]
* Happens to [[Film/StarTrek Kirk]], though it's not unexpected. Chekov gets this constantly, no matter who he's shipped with.
* In ''Film/{{District 9}}'' SlashFic (what little there is), Wikus is generally turned from a mentally unstable and violent HalfHumanHybrid to a scared little kitten who quickly abandons his smoking-hot wife for a seven foot tall grasshopper, and may or may not mother its children.
* Sometimes in Film/TheDarkKnightSaga fanfiction, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow -- who is most pleased while torturing mental patients or verbally stomping everyone else in the room -- becomes weirdly effeminate. And wimpy. And willing to lick dirt off his partner's shoes. Huge insult to him and to women. Really, just because the guy's scrawny doesn't mean he's not a power-hungry, self-respecting villain. Probably has to do with Batman pulling his hair in ''Film/BatmanBegins''. Fic writers liked the imagery so much, they decided that Scarecrow liked it too. Well, that and the fact that Creator/CillianMurphy is a very good-looking person.
** Fortunately, a more enlightened individual documented a [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6357074/ rather creative response]].
* Fans of [[Film/TheATeam The A-Team]] seem to forget that the members of the titular team are all highly trained Army Rangers, especially when there’s a change for some [[HurtComfortFic hurt/comfort]] in a story. Face and Murdock are usually the ones who suffer the worst of this. Both [[ConvenientlyAnOrphan Face]] and [[CrazyAwesome Murdock]] have canon [[{{Backstory}} backgrounds]] that render them especially vulnerable to this trope. Face is almost always portrayed in these situations as a young soldier in order to avoid accusations of being OutOfCharacter, while Murdock is often seen at the mercy of his [[{{Canon}} unspecified]] mental illness, and some iterations of this are actually accepted as {{Fanon}}. However, some highly dedicated [[{{Fangirl}} fanfic writers]] have even been witnessed making Hannibal their preferred target for {{Wimpification}}.
* Professor Charles Xavier, thanks to being played by the [[PrettyBoy very pretty]] Creator/JamesMcAvoy in ''Film/XMenFirstClass'', more often than not plays {{Uke}} to [[TallDarkAndHandsome Erik Lehnsherr]].
* ''Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse'':
** Similar to his comic book counterpart, after ''Film/CaptainAmericaTheFirstAvenger'' premiered, it's become fairly common nowadays in Marvel movie fics to depict Steve Rogers -- who in movie canon tells bullies to shut up in theaters, gets into fights all the time, talks back to Nazi super soldiers like ComicBook/RedSkull, risks a court martial to do the right thing, immediately assumes a word shared between his LoveInterest and another guy is a dirty sexual innuendo, leads [[BadassCrew the Howling Commandos]] in WWII, and vows a RoaringRampageOfRevenge against those who hurt his friends -- as some kind of adorable harmless, innocent, [[VirginityMakesYouStupid naive]] overgrown puppy who's ripe for the picking by either Tony Stark/Iron Man, Howard Stark, Black Widow, Darcy from ''Thor'', Thor himself, Loki, Bucky (!) -- hell, practically every Marvel movie character.
** Tony Stark frequently suffers from this as seen under the Comics entries, as well as being on the short side of the Slashfic Height Rule.
** This is done ''constantly'' to Loki, with whom it is especially absurd. Far from being the superhumanly strong and superhumanly robust life-long warrior and powerful sorcerer he is in the films, he's written as fragile and passive, unable to defend himself and in constant need of protection. Going hand-in-hand with this is the extreme physical modification he undergoes: he's invariably described and illustrated as tiny and dainty in spite of the fact that he actually towers over most of the Avengers and only Thor and Hulk can take him in a fight. The popular pairing of Tony Stark/Loki nearly always makes Loki the uke and, hilariously, tends to draw Tony (5'8") as the big manly man looming over a delicate, helpless Loki (6'2"). Keep in mind that Loki in the MCU has not only given the Avengers a run for their money but also came close to killing Thor. The guy even succeeded in taking the throne of Asgard. Yet in fics relating to him you'd swear that he's some fragile piece of glass who'd shatter at the slightest physical contact.
** Bruce Banner seems to be hit with this a lot when being paired with Tony Stark. Fanfics will treat him as an emotionally fragile, delicate man who would never hurt a fly and needs Tony as an emotional crutch. Bizarrely, these fics will also give this treatment to Hulk as well, by playing up his innocent, child-like traits.
* The eponymous ''Film/SherlockHolmes2009'' gets this all the time. For everyone. Men, women, villains, heroes, Watson, alternate versions of himself and Watson, [[Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective mice...]]
* Most {{Film/Inception}} fics are Arthur/Eames. Most of those have Arthur being consistently sexually submissive, but his characterization can vary.
* In ''Film/LesMiserables2012'', Inspector Javert frequently gets this thanks to [[IronWoobie his past]] and one certain scene where Javert wants Monseiur Madeleine (who is Jean Valjean actually) to reprimand him for accusing Madeleine of being Valjean with these lines, "Press charges against me, sir". Never mind that in [[Literature/LesMiserables the novel]] and in [[Theatre/LesMiserables the musical]], he doesn't angst much on his past and still suspects that Madeleine is Valjean.


[[folder: FanFic based on Literature]]
* A lot of [[Literature/HarryPotter Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy]] fic contains this, in one way or another.
** And Remus Lupin/Sirius Black and occasionally Harry/Ron.
** Both Harry and Draco in ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'', despite not even being slash.
** Also, anything Harry/Snape-related will have Harry end up being ukefied. Unless it's ''Fanfic/{{Deserving}}'', where both get ukefied but Snape gets the worse of it.
** Snape/Sirius fics sometimes involve Snape being ukefied due to Sirius' canon history of bullying Snape as a teen. Some fics even take this into BastardBoyfriend and DomesticAbuse proportions.
** In Snape/Lupin fanfictions Lupin tends to get this, apparently because in Prisoner of Azkaban he acted friendly towards Snape, however this is no excuse for the amount of abuse he allows Snape to put him through in fics.
* ''Literature/WickedLovely'': Quite a bit of Irial/Niall does this with Niall. And Seth gets this with pretty much everyone, even more than Niall. He might be pretty quiet and stuff in canon, but he most likely could stand up for himself if he needed to. Fanfic... disagrees.
* Despite the fact that [[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings Legolas]] is a badass archer who can rival Gimli in terms of badassery, he finds himself the damsel in distress in fics that involve him and Aragorn.
** Applies to many, many elves, most disturbingly seen with Glorfindel.
*** [[{{Elfeminate}} They're ELVES. There is a whole trope about it.]]
** Aragorn too, especially if Sauron or Legolas is on top.
** Frodo, all the time. With anyone.
* While [[Literature/{{Wicked}} Elphaba]] is still the {{Seme}} in most fics, she's often considerably more sensitive and emotional than in even the musical.
* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', one of Jon Snow's subordinates is a handsome young man known as Satin, who was previously a prostitute, having been pimped out by his mother as a boy. Fan perception is that Satin is a CampGay PrettyBoy who is always swooning over Jon. However, in-text, there's no indication of Satin's sexual preference (a different issue than the gender(s) he was forced to sleep with), and while Satin certainly likes and respects Jon (as a HeroicBastard, Jon defends fellow "outcasts"), there is not much evidence of this being anything but platonic.
* Despite Diana Gabaldon's [[FanworkBan stance on fanfic]], there are still a few existing ''Literature/{{Outlander}}'' fics on the net and some of them usually portray [[BadassGay Lord John Grey]] as submissive because of his height, long blond hair and the death of his first lover, Hector, which most writers used to level up his angst.

[[folder: FanFic based on LiveActionTV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer:'' Xander will always and forever be this trope. Especially whenever he is being paired with Spike. Despite the constant times that Xander has had his moments of being quite the badass normal when he's not being the ButtMonkey.
** Even Buffy falls victim of this whenever she is paired with Faith. In some fics involving her and Faith she's usually the innocent, submissive, to the domineering Faith.
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'' Kirk/Spock SlashFic can go either way DependingOnTheWriter. There's a reason for uke!Spock (well, it's good enough for fangirls, anyway) -- in "Amok Time", Spock complains that he didn't think ''pon farr'' would apply to him as a half-Vulcan. This implies he hasn't experienced it before, which, in turn, implies he is a virgin. However, Kirk is far more frequently ukefied than Spock, especially in pon farr fics, where Spock is usually shown going into a feral predatory mating frenzy. Apparently, this somehow affects Kirk's personality too.
* ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' has a fan series called [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3415226/1/ The Zedd Chronicles]] in which Tommy Oliver gets a bit of this. He's mainly very sensible, but you can easily see how he's the 'woman' in the relationship.
* Very popular with Jack/Ianto authors in the ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' fandom, despite the fact that in canon Ianto gets more and more [[TookALevelInBadass badass]] as the show goes on. That is, until his sister questions him about his relationship with Jack in ''[[Series/TorchwoodChildrenOfEarth Children of Earth]]''.
* Calling all ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' writers. Yes, Sam, Dean, and Castiel might be [[TheWoobie woobies]], but that's because they have [[CrapsackWorld more than enough reasons to]]. None of them would get weepy over a cut and need tender "brotherly love" because of that.
** Castiel warrants special mention. To wit: fandom likes to portray a Castiel that cries at the drop of a hat, is slightly more vulnerable -- emotionally and physically -- than a thirteen year old girl, and is prone to descriptions more befitting of a puppy or kitten. Mind you, this is the same angel who, in the actual show, barely changes his facial expressions, takes stabbings, beatings, and explosions without batting an eye, and beats up his angelic brothers -- and the occasional Winchester -- with some regularity.
* Iolaus in ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys''. In canon, he's an extremely skilled warrior, fast enough to keep up with his demi god partner, smart enough to come up with intricate plans that work well, and has made a career on mouthing off to the bad guys. In fanfic? All the bad guys have to do is look at him and he falls down; all Hercules has to do is not laugh at a joke and he's worked himself into thinking Hercules just let's him hang around out of pity, and so on.
* Simon Tam from ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' tends to get this treatment, especially if he's paired with [[TheBigGuy Jayne]]. The fandom seems to forget that he's an [[BadassBookworm extremely gifted trauma surgeon]], [[TheStrategist cunning planner]], [[{{Determinator}} and essentially took]] [[NervesOfSteel on the entire Alliance]] [[BigBrotherInstinct to protect his little sister]].
* Happens to the Doctor (especially [[Creator/DavidTennant the Tenth]]) of ''Series/DoctorWho'' far too often. Okay, so [[AmbiguousGender they]] often seem to be a ChasteHero, but they're also, in general, emotionally stunted and repressed (see: Ten's definition of "all right" in "Forest of the Dead") ''and'' MinoredInAsskicking. Ukefication is generally brought on by the Master, [[Series/{{Torchwood}} Jack Harkness]], or Donna Noble. The [[Creator/ChristopherEccleston Ninth Doctor]] tends to get the reverse of this in het fics: there's a highly visible element of Nine/Rose shippers who write him as ludicrously sexually dominant, sometimes to the point of being a BastardBoyfriend, despite the lack of any canon hint of it (in fact, the very few moments Nine gets that even hint at romance seem to depict him as passive going on outright submissive).
* If you think ''Series/{{Glee}}'' fandom can't Ukeify Kurt Hummel, you haven't ventured into enough Puck/Kurt fics. While a good portion is actually good -- keeping Kurt snarky, bitchy, and confident even while showing his soft and/or hurt side -- a roughly equal percentage turn him into a weepy, whiny, clingy ''thing'' with less self-esteem than a mosquito bite and absolutely no spine.
* In the majority of ''Series/BigTimeRush'' fics, Logan is frantic, uptight and skeptic with [[OnlySaneMan good]] [[TheSmartGuy reason]], but typically he's portrayed as a whiny wimp who reluctantly gives in (sometimes very reluctantly). The others are susceptible to this as well. There's a sorting algorithm of dominance which almost directly correlates to height; Kendall tops James tops Carlos tops Logan (results may vary). Kendall can even retain some of his natural seme qualities while biting pillows.
* ''Series/{{Merlin}}''. Far too many authors seem to forget that he is actually a man and a pretty badass one at that. Which is doubly odd when you remember that, in this show, his HeterosexualLifePartner Arthur is the one who [[DistressedDude always needs rescuing]] and winds up in chains a lot.
* Greg from ''Series/{{CSI}}'' gets this a lot. Despite the fact that the only time he's shed a tear on the show was when he had [[BreakTheCutie accidentally killed a teenager, got the crap kicked out of him, and had to tell the truth to his mother who he had been lying to for years]]. The fact that he's often the victim of this when he's paired with Nick, who's been [[ManlyTears reduced to tears]] at least three times to date, only rubs salt in the wounds.
* Dr. Spencer Reid of ''Series/CriminalMinds'' is practically the perfect uke--with rare exceptions, whenever he is paired in a slash ship, Reid is always on the bottom, even when he is sexually confident. It doesn't help that his actor, Matthew Gray Gubler [[{{Bishonen}} really does look kind of feminine]], and that Reid already checks off most of Uke qualities. All fan fic writers don't really need to ukificate any further other than just putting in a slash ship.
* Wilson and Chase from ''Series/{{House}}''. Or occasionally even House himself.
* Matt, Mohinder, and specially Peter, from ''Series/{{Heroes}}''.
* Barney Stinson in ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' fics. In canon, he's hyper-masculine, pushy, forceful, extremely insensitive, loud-mouthed, aggressively seductive, personal-space-invading, and specializes in actively getting women into bed, not the other way around, hates losing control, and is repelled by intimacy. With Robin, the nature of his canon feelings for her might excuse an exception, but most slash involving him is with Ted, which makes his ukefication even stranger, since nearly all his HoYay-ish moments with Ted involve Barney as the forward, demanding, overbearing instigator (which slashers can interpret as 'seductive') while Ted is either resistant or passive. In fics, of course, Barney's often a weepy, delicate, emotional, clingy thing with virginal vibes who's so hurt by any standoffish-ness from nasty old Ted/Robin/[[LauncherOfAThousandShips whoever's screwing him today]]. Perhaps fic writers think Creator/NeilPatrickHarris is just too good-looking to be in the "man's" position.
* ''Series/BlakesSeven'' Blake/Avon slash is notorious for doing this to Avon, despite the fact that in canon he's the colder, more ruthless, less emotional and more violent one of the pair. Just because he's thinner and TheLancer to Blake's leader. Avon/Vila slash also does this to Vila, which isn't quite as implausible as with Avon, but which still seriously undervalues how courageous and pragmatic Vila can be.
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' fandom is usually pretty good about characterisation, but there are still some fanworks (usually fanart or fancomic rather than fanfics) in which this trope happens, and John is usually the victim. Yes, he's not as tall and intimidating as Sherlock and looks cute and cuddly in jumpers, but he's an army veteran and can kill people in cold blood if they're not nice.
** If Sherlock is paired with any man other than John, it will be done to him instead.
* Blair in ''Series/TheSentinel''; Canon!Blair is younger and smaller than Jim, and has long hair; he's also a scholar with no military or police training. He's also fairly well muscled, quick witted, good with improvised weapons (vending machines, toilet stall doors, basballs, firehoses) and can hold his own in a fight. Many slashwriters turn him into a girl, and a girly-girl at that.
* In ''Series/BreakingBad'' slash fanfiction this tends to happen to Jesse, who goes from a HotBlooded drug dealer who [[TookALevelInBadass took several levels in badass]] over the course of the series and had a love/hate relationship with his former teacher to a meek, weepy man child whose reliance on Walt borders on submissive codependency and even [[EasilyForgiven forgives him]] after everything Walt put him through. All because Jesse is one of the few criminals in the show who has a moral compass and shows remorse for his actions.

[[folder:FanFic based on Music]]
* Fan art of Music/PinkFloyd features this fairly commonly.
* Music/TheBeatles fandom often gives this treatment to Music/RingoStarr and Music/PaulMcCartney.
* Music/LedZeppelin fics often hit Robert Plant with this treatment.
* A lot of artists get this in Japanese rock music RPS. Ukefication and {{Wangst}} are often double-teamed on anyone who is written as the second half of a pairing in a lot of said fanfiction, never mind how the person might be. Some VisualKei artists make {{Uke}} traits part of their stage persona to [[ExploitedTrope encourage this]].
** It happens to almost any VisualKei artist who happens to look feminine or androgynous. Pretty much the only people in VisualKei who ''haven't'' been given stereotypical uke traits in SlashFic are Music/TaijiSawada (because he was a MemeticBadass and anyone trying to make him otherwise got laughed out of the fandom) and Music/AtsushiSakurai of Music/BuckTick and because both of their bands' fandoms don't tend to attract the fangirls more prone to using this trope. Unfortunately, ''bad'' writers writing either of these, when they do appear, tend to make both of them ''rapists'' or the MemeticMolester of whomever gets the "uke" treatment, in a form of BlackAndWhiteInsanity and UnfortunateImplications combined. ''The entire Taiji/Yoshiki pairing'' tended to be this in most posted fic before RealLife sunk the ship.
** Music/{{Shinya}} of Music/DirEnGrey is one of the most favored targets. If there is a fic featuring Shinya, 99.9 percent of the time he will be both a ManChild and a stereotyped uke. It's especially jarring as most real-life accounts refer to him as a NightmareFetishist dominant.
* For a long time, it was quite bad to be Pete Wentz, as all of Music/FallOutBoy had a habit of effing you up the butt in RealPersonFic. For a relatively longer time, it was quite bad to be Patrick Stump as Pete Wentz (and sometimes the rest of Fall Out Boy, but mainly Pete) had a habit of effing you up the butt in RealPersonFic. Humourously, in what little hetfic exists featuring female musicians and the occasional non-self insert OC, Patrick gets nonwimped ''and'' shipped with a considerable amount of women ''including Pete's ex-wife, Music/AshleeSimpson''.
* Slash fics for Music/TheWho tend to do this with Roger Daltrey.

[[folder: FanFic based on VideoGames]]
* ''Franchise/FireEmblem'' has this in ''spades'', the most common victims being [[NiceGuy Eli]][[TheHero wood]], Guy, Wil, [[ChivalrousPervert Sain]] and [[DudeLooksLikeALady Lucius]] of ''The Blazing Sword'' and Marth of the Archanea series (particularly in fics from the Super Smash Bros. fandom). It doesn't help Marth ''does'' display more vulnerable traits in the [=OAVs=], that he went from a boyish looking moderate {{Bishounen}} to an [[ViewerGenderConfusion infamously feminine looking]] one in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros'', and is canonically somewhat of a a bleeding heart and/or childish in every game except the Shadow Dragon remake.
** In the Tellius verse, Soren gets this with almost no exception. Physically, [[ViewerGenderConfusion he may look somewhat like one]], but many yaoi fans tend to forget about [[DeadpanSnarker his]] [[{{Jerkass}} pers]][[TheSpock onality]]. The justification they have for it, though, isn't present unless you get an A level [[RelationshipValues Support]] between [[TheHero Ike]] and Soren, so it's a case of {{Flanderization}} as well.
*** Reyson, Naesala, and Zihark also get this in varying degrees.
** Poor [[VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening Inigo]] is doomed when he's paired with Gerome. Whether Laurent gets hit with this or not whenever paired up with Gerome, it depends heavily on the work.
*** Chrom, too. Oddly, this shows up more in Chrom x ''female'' Avatar fanworks... The kind, stubborn and brave Prince of Ylisse? He's only seen getting either super romantic or super melodramatic with his more often than not perfectly [[{{Chickification}} chickified]] Avatar ~waifu~.
*** [[SociopathicHero Henry's]] gotten this a few times as well, taking [[PleaseDontLeaveMe his canon abandonment issues]] and turning them into [[CrazyJealousGuy total]] [[LivingEmotionalCrutch co-dependency]]; to the point where, in two particularly egriguous examples [[SpurnedIntoSuicide he'd fling himself off a cliff over Ricken not loving him back]] (and this is after Henry has spent the whole fic [[UnrequitedTragicMaiden secretly and wangstily]] pining after an ObliviousToLove Ricken); or [[LoveMakesyouCrazy going mad and self-harming]] for ''at least a year'' over Robin's disappearance [[spoiler: after slaying Grima and being temporarily erased from existence]]... [[spoiler: and commiting suicide ''in front of the returning Robin''.]]
*** In a rare non-romantic example, [[spoiler: a Female Avatar]]'s son Morgan [[http://feanons.dreamwidth.org/1266.html?thread=957682#cmt957682 is also subjected to this]] via being reduced solely to [[MommasBoy his close relationship with his mother]]. Apparently, the boy's only real personality trait is his thoughts on the mother he adores and idolizes; therefore, rabid [[spoiler: Female Avatar]] fans kinda "shape" him into some sort of bland "accessory" for his mother without any personality of his own.
** The male Avatar in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' is subject to this now and then due to his canon displays of vulnerability, especially during the ''Conquest'' path.
** Takumi gets this quite a bit, especially in fics that pair him with Leo or Hinata, due to his nightmares and horrifically low self-esteem.
** Leo gets this in post-''Birthright'' fan works, portrayed as an angst-filled, weeping mess over [[spoiler:the loss of two siblings plus the possibility of Odin going back to his own lands as well as Camilla leaving Nohr to find herself. While some of his anxieties and grief are plausible, a lot of the portrayals of them run a direct contrast to canon, in which he's ''quite'' confident in his upcoming reign as King and shows no objection to Camilla's decision.]]
*** Leo in general is starting to get this a ''lot''. Two specific examples are him being abused by Garon so Takumi can comfort him, or alpha/beta/omega universe fics where he presents late as an Omega so the boyfriend of choice can comfort him through his humiliating first heat with a good dicking.
* The ''VideoGame/SengokuBasara'' fandom does this with frightening frequency to both Sanada Yukimura and Mori Motonari. In the anime series, Yukimura regularly survives [[MegatonPunch discipline]] from his mentor that creates new land formations, sets people on fire with his fists, fought [[HumongousMecha Honda Tadakatsu]] to a standstill, and deals with a young lady being preyed on by {{Eldritch Abomination}}s in a polite but [[KillItWithFire very emphatic way]]. Most doujinshi and fanfic has him whimpering and crying while [[TheRival Date Masamune]] takes his innocence. As for Motonari...the [[EvilGenius less]] [[WeHaveReserves said]] [[TheChessmaster about]] his [[YouHaveFailedMe disposition]], the [[BadBoss better]]. Anybody attempting to top this guy would do well to watch out for a razor hoop in the ribs, if not a strategically-placed bear trap.
** Yukimura is a curious case, as people often have him crying and whimpering when it's ''him'' taking ''Masamune's'' innocence (or what remained of it anyway), or at least until they get around to doing the nasty. It's probably the effect of his youthful naivete combined with an emotional and open personality.
** Also Ishida Mitsunari, an extremely [[AxeCrazy disturbed]] and [[BloodKnight violent]] man with a frightening temper that snaps at any given opportunity; the fans make a point of playing him as a TroubledButCute {{Tsundere}} in desperate need of a good lay from his nemesis Ieyasu (whose death is Mitsunari's sole desire), to put him in his place and turn him into a blushing, fluffy kitten.
* [[VideoGame/KidIcarus Pit]], ever since he was re-introduced to the gaming community in ''VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Brawl'', has been getting this treatment - while he was revealed to indeed be an {{Adorkable}} {{Keet}} in canon in ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'', with the voice and appearance of a 13-year-old boy no less, often he's {{Flanderized}} into being a downright girly wuss with little sign of his {{Hotblooded}} nature. Especially when in Super Smash Bros. fanfiction.
* Happens to [[GeniusBruiser Damon]] [[DeadpanSnarker Baird]] in ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' [[SlashFic slash fics]]. After all, who cares about being in character when it gets in the way of hot sex?
* Pretty much every yaoi fic ever written involving ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'' does this to either Cloud or Vincent. Yaoi writers seem to love taking the Iron out of IronWoobie.
** Pairing a character with [[BigBad Sephiroth]] is pretty much a guarantee that the character will be Ukefied out the wazoo. In less frequent Sephiroth/female character pairings, she is usually reduced to a weepy, [[TheLoad ineffectual]] DistressedDamsel regardless of any canon [[ActionGirl badassery]] on her part. One exception is when Sephiroth is paired with Genesis. Then it's usually ''Sephiroth'' who undergoes the Ukefication.
* It was bound to happen with ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'', given that the main party is a CastFullOfPrettyBoys with HoYay.
** Prompto gets it the worst of the lot, being that he's a short blond {{Keet}} {{Bishonen}} who kinda looks like Cloud Strife. He does [[StepfordSmiler have genuine self-confidence issues beneath his extroverted persona]], but eventually overcomes them with a little pushing from his friends, only ever cries in the main game ''once'' (during a time when literally everyone else is too),can take and dish snark with the best of them, and is quite chipper about killing his enemies. And while the game states he's the poorest fighter of the team, it's only because he's inexperienced, not because he's physically weak. He's actually more muscular than [[MusclesAreMeaningless Noctis]], and is strong and skilled enough to beat enemy soldiers to death with his bare hands. However fangirls frequently gloss over this and exaggerate him into a spineless frail weepy mess and literal DamselInDistress or an infantile [[TheIngenue Ingenue]] who can't even hurt a fly and falls apart without Noctis's constant validation, leading to hot steamy sex which frequently ends in Prompto [[MisterSeahorse becoming pregnant]]. They forget it's ''his'' job to protect Noctis, not the other way around.
*** Not that Noctis gets it so great in these fics either. His own canonical issues with inadequacy and shyness are ignored in favor of turning him into a bland PrinceCharming RelationshipSue to compliment Prompto's self-insert status. Or to contrast with how Prompto is often bastardized into a PuritySue or SympathySue by fandom, Noctis is frequently taken in the opposite direction and turned into a BastardBoyfriend who is abusive and controlling towards Prompto for fetish appeal reasons.
** Ignis also gets a lot of it. In game he's the resident chef whose job is to be Noctis's adviser and caretaker, and does so with gusto. Likewise it's popular to interpret him as the TeamMom to Gladio's TeamDad. However in fanfiction this is warped into him becoming a ''literal'' housewife or mother figure to the other characters (despite being no more than two years older than Noctis and Prompto) who is in constant need of protection [[spoiler:especially after he's blinded]], even though he's portrayed as a highly trained and headstrong fighter who is quite assertive with the others when they step out of line, their own feelings be damned.
* VisualNovel/ApolloJustice to just about every male.
** Edgeworth could get this one a ''lot'' in the heyday of ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' fandom, especially fics pairing him with Phoenix, and it was as easy as trapping him in an earthquake. Some of these could make for compelling HurtComfortFic, but others found it too easy to take away his spine and turn him into a quivering mess of tears and DaddyIssues.
* Sora and Roxas, in ''VideoGame/KingdomHearts'' end up on the wrong side of this trope when they're paried up with Riku and Axel, respectively. NagaEyes is a particularly infamous case.
** Several of the [[CastFullOfPrettyBoys Organization XIII]] members get this too. Here's a list of the worst examples;
** [[MakingASplash Demyx]] and [[BadassBookworm Zexion]] seem to be the biggest targets. they both get [[LauncherOfAThousandShips paired with all the other members]], and almost always end up as the ukes. Zexion seems to be the bigger victim of this, seeing as how when he gets paired with Demyx he usually gets portrayed as the uke.
** Marluxia is an unusual example of this, most FanFic that he's in portrays him as CampGay, even if it isn't Slash. It seems to be because of his pink hair and control over [[GreenThumb flowers]].
** Even Saix isn't immune! While most slash fics about him have him as the Seme, when he gets paired with [[MinionShipping Xemnas]] he becomes little more than a pet. [[spoiler: Thanks to the discovery that both of them are possessed by [[BigBad Master Xehanort]], the idea of any kind of sexual relationship between them becomes [[NoYay very creepy]], regardless of who's on top.]]
** Commented on, with other fanfic tropes, in ''Fanfic/ThoseLackingSpines''. There is an Ukenator 3000, and ukefication is mentioned by name. Quoteth Vexen as if it was a biological disease:
--> This state wipes the personality and demeanor of a victim completely clean, replacing it with one of complete and utter submission. This causes the victim to become weak, fluffy, emotional and utterly incapable of standing up for themselves, wanting only to be in contact with others to further spread the epidemic. It is quite frankly disgusting.
** In a fair number of [[PortmanteauCoupleName Cleon]] fics, Cloud tends to be written as the more vulnerable, gentle, ukeriffic partner, despite the fact that in the actual games, he's kind of a grim hardass; if anything, ''Leon'' has shown more emotion (occasional smiles, one or two open displays of worry, heartfelt proclamations of friendship that get mocked by the main character in a later game) in canon than him.
* A significant amount of ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' SlashFic tends to do this to either Otacon or [[{{Bishonen}} Raiden]]. To be fair, both characters are {{audience surrogate}}s, and since MostFanficWritersAreGirls and the {{Uke}} is meant to be the AudienceSurrogate for a female audience, this ''was'' a predictable occurrence. However, that doesn't make it any less cringe-worthy.
** Solid Snake gets it a lot too, but since this is mostly a backlash against the idea above it's usually handled with a little more style with him -- used more for {{Woobie}} appeal than UnfortunateImplications. Not always, though.
* ''Any'' remotely feminine looking guy will get this in the numerous yaoi fanfiction within the ''VideoGame/InazumaEleven'' fandom. Particulaty common victims however are TheHero [[HotBlooded Mamoru Endou]], his successor in the sequel series [[{{Keet}} Tenma Matsukaze]], [[TheWoobie Shirou Fubuki]], Gazel (particularly when shipped with Burn), [[AscendedFanboy Yuuki Tachimikai, Toramaru Utsunomiya]], Hikaru Kageyama, Takuto Shindou, and [[DudeLooksLikeALady Ranmaru Kirino]]. It isn't restricted to shipping either.
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia'' fandom, this seems to have become the standard portrayal for Yuan, particularly when paired with Kratos. Never mind that Kratos is [[spoiler:canonically submissive to the BigBad for most of the game -- his outfit during that time is even modeled off Japanese bondage gear]] or that Yuan is a [[RebelLeader defiant]] ManipulativeBastard with what looks like they might be control issues: Yuan is prettier, so he gets to be uke.
** In many ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia'' yaoi fics, Yuri, who literally has 14 Badass tropes applied to him, has a tendency to get this treatment, especially if paired with Raven or Flynn. Then again, this could be partially due to his appearance, which is even lampshaded in-game.
** While not as bad as the previous two in ''VideoGame/TalesOfZestiria'' fan works Mikleo does get hit with this despite his canonical refusal to be TheLoad and is shown to be TheDeterminator several times. And again it has to do with appearance as the most effeminate looking male character in the game and Sorey [[HoYay considering him to be attractive]]. However this is more of a case in Japanese fan works as western fan works will either downplay this or avert it entirely.
* You'd think that ''VideoGame/ArmyOfTwo'', a game that centers on teaming-up between two equally badass, equally competent, equally [[RatedMForManly manly]] ex-Army Rangers who are now PrivateMilitaryContractors would be able to avert this trope. Unfortunately, what little ''Army of Two'' SlashFic there exists happens to have a significant bias towards making Salem (the slightly smaller member of the duo) the receptive partner in any sexual encounter. In all fairness, Salem's characterization is rarely derailed into attitudinal submissiveness, but he's still made the "bottom" in sexual encounters more often than not because [[OneHeadTaller he's shorter than Rios]]. Because in real life, the taller dude always tops, [[UnfortunateImplications and because the taller you are the more "alpha" you are, and sex is really about establishing a social pecking order rather than something that happens between two people that like each other]]. Not to mention the FanArt which makes Salem into a {{Bishonen}}.
* ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2'': Oh poor, poor Ellis... What has being paired with a narcissistic, shady conman done to you?
** The Hunter goes from snarling and tearing out peoples' intestines in-game to being downright cuddly in many fan portrayals.
* ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed'' has a lot of this:
** There's Ezio/Leonardo, where the distinguished artist/inventor suddenly becomes an uke.
** Strangely enough, it can be either in Altaïr/Malik fics.
** Connor, whether paired with [[HistoricalDomainCharacter George Washington]], [[ParentalIncest Haytham]], or [[ActionGirl Aveline]].
* ''Everyone'' in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2''. In canon they're AffablyEvil ProfessionalKillers; [[spoiler: up to and including the sweet-natured, BloodKnight, AmbiguousGender Pyro.]] In fanon? [[CastFullOfGay Not so much...]]
** Although there's a funny variant in which ''both'' participants get Ukefied -- Heavy/Medic. Heavy goes from being [[TheBrute a big shaved bear that hates people]] to [[GentleGiant a cuddly teddy bear]], and the Medic gets downgraded from [[MadDoctor a sadistic, bloodthirsty]] BackAlleyDoctor to [[TheChick a warm and caring lover]]. Of the two, Medic definitely gets it worse, though; canon Heavy actually ''is'' a stable person after he clocks out.
** The Scout's small and thin stature, lack of facial hair and generally [[BrattyHalfPint childish behavior]] mean that he's often characterized as a cute, helpless and even innocent teenage boy in fan-work rather than the HotBlooded, [[BatterUp baseball bat-wielding]] scrapper he is in canon.
** Sniper and Spy's bitter, bilious, urine-soaked rivalry is assumed to be a product of BelligerentSexualTension.
** Hello, ''Webcomic/CuantaVida''. Our main character [[ProfessionalKiller Assassin]] [[PrivateMilitaryContractors PMCs]] have way too many reservations about killing, and our lead Spy, Jordi, is a self-described coward who has never committed murder before arriving at Teufort. Not exactly justified, either, since lampshades get hung on the HomoeroticSubtext between the [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 canon Team Members]], [[PsychoForHire bloodthirsty psychopaths]], FireForgedFriends, and TrueCompanions to a man, ''all the time.'' Just listen to this DummiedOut line:
--> '''Demoknight:''' ''(to a fallen soldier)'' "DOMINATED! (sotto voce) But yer a good man and I love you."
* There are several fan works where [[SociopathicHero Alex]] [[HumanoidAbomination Mercer]] from ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'' gets this treatment.
** Unless he is paired with Desmond Miles from ''Franchise/AssassinsCreed'', where "Desu" gets the treatment while Alex becomes a violently jealous {{Tsundere}} no truer to canon than his uke version. Don't expect the female characters or indeed, anything at all from either series to get referred to, even obliquely, if they get in the way of the sex. That includes Alex's body being composed top to toe of an insanely deadly disease.
* Link from ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' franchise gets this rather often, a major factor likely being his nature as a SilentProtagonist and Bishounen on top of it. Must be a Hylian thing.
* Lucas from ''VideoGame/{{Mother 3}}'' suffers a bit of this, especially when paired up [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros with]] [[VideoGame/EarthBound Ness]].
** Or [[{{Twincest}} his brother Claus]].
* When it comes to shipping [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Sonic and Shadow]], Sonic is almost always the uke despite the character emphasis on his love for freedom. Compare straight examples from ''Sonic Remix'' to deconstructive example ''He Is My Master''.
** Tails gets this treatment as well, despite his CharacterDevelopment in VideoGame/SonicAdventure2.
** There's a comic/series of comics on [=deviantART=] (pre-"My time here is ogre" edit) that turns Shadow from a quietly brooding badass into a constantly sobbing wreck [[ItMakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext when speaking with]] [[{{Crossover}} his friend]] Franchise/{{Shrek}}. The artist insists that they aren't meant to be in a relationship, though.
* While the ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' fandom is far from being free of this — usually with some poor [[{{Bishonen}} blood]] [[AcceptableTargets elf]] as the victim — [[VitriolicBestBuds the bickering ex-cops]] Asric and Jadaar seem to [[AvertedTrope dodge the bullet]] quite neatly. (Then again, this may be due to their personalities: Jadaar—who's a huge, hulking draenei—is usually presumed, by virtue of being the (literally) [[RedOniBlueOni blue oni]], to be the more vulnerable of the two.)
* In the Pokémon fandom, oddly enough, the MemeticBadass that is [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red]] often gets this when paired with [[TheRival Blue]], as well as the female [[FieryRedhead Misty]] and [[DistaffCounterpart Leaf]]. The almost ubiquitous SelfFanservice treatment he gets in the fandom doesn't help, though this is mitigated somewhat by his lack of much of an established personality. However, this started to mostly taper out when he and Blue [[TheBusCameBack returned]] in ''VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon'' as adults, with Red growing up into a budding {{Hunk}}; and instead, ''Blue'' became widely seen as the uke instead due to being the {{bishounen}} and more emotional of the two, though surprisingly enough he doesn't get it as bad as most other examples due to his established reputation... ''mostly''.
** Red's TV show counterpart, [[Anime/{{Pokemon}} Ash Ketchum]], is not safe from this either. Considering he's a borderline {{Keet}} in canon in contrast to the more hard-headed or stoic characters, it sort of makes sense, though he is still HotBlooded, passionate and quite strong in canon as well. In fact, a common joke in the fandom, especially the Japanese one, is pointing out how how this supposed 10 year old is MadeOfIron, can leap giant chasms InASingleBound, lift huge objects, take ''direct Pokemon attacks'', and do other ludicrous physical feats out of sheer determination.
** [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Both Hilbert (aka Touya or Black) and N]] have been hit with this. The latter's {{Bishonen}} looks and status as a major Woobie don't help; no matter the gender he's paired with, it isn't uncommon for some to {{Flanderize}} him into behaving [[ManChild even more like a child than he already did]], to the point he's less just a mysterious, emotionally stunted, sheltered young man with NoSocialSkills and more of a whiny {{Keet}} who [[CloudCuckoolandersMinder needs to be watched constantly by whoever's his love interest in the story]]. This can especially be seen in earlier stories pairing him with Hilda.
** In fact, most {{Bishonen}} characters - particularly Steven, Wallace, Morty, Falkner, and Volkner, but also others - are given the uke treatment quite frequently. The first two get it due to the popularity of shipping, and Falkner and Morty get it when paired with each other on when fans interpret Morty's friendship with Eusine as more than just friends.
** [[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Silver]] tends to get this and/or be written as an AggressiveSubmissive, in spades, in fanworks [[NoYay pairing him with Lance]], and even [[ToyShip with the player characters]] (including Lyra and Kris), albeit being somewhat less common. His actions often being interpreted as that of a Tsundere, being one of the {{Woobie}}s of the franchise, and [[TookALevelInKindness majorly taking several levels in kindness]] towards the end of the main story, especially in the remakes, only fuels this.
** Professor Sycamore is also a target for this when he's paired with [[BigBad Lysandre]]. Calem also sometimes gets characterized with an uke-fied personality when paired with Sycamore, Lysandre, or sometimes even [[TheRival Serena]] or [[GenkiGirl Shauna]] due to his {{Bishonen}} looks. Granted, he doesn't exactly have a set personality, but not anyone can [[spoiler:just charge into the HQ of a psychotic man who basically wants to nuke the Earth...]]
* Despite the ImprobablyFemaleCast, ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fandom is swimming in this trope, the numerous {{Badass Adorable}}s afflicted with anything from immobilising stuttering to complete submission and helplessness when faced with the character with whom the writer has decided to pair them. Turning Remilia (an ancient terror of the night with a habit of eating people) into a child with a PrecociousCrush, or turning Alice (an antisocial hermit that prefers [[MarionetteMaster her dolls]] over people and possesses enough snark to challenge [[{{Jerkass}} Marisa]]) into either a sterotypical {{Tsundere}} or a lovesick puppy are the most common, though enough searching reveals examples for nearly every character. ''Night Sparrow Love'' is probably the most famous example, and while well-written as an independent work it's difficult to remember that Mystia and Mokou are a con-artist and a borderline-DeathSeeker respectively, not the blushing, CannotSpitItOut sufferers that are depicted.
* Garrus Vakarian and Thane Krios of ''Franchise/MassEffect'' are often subjected to this in a semi-rare ''het'' invocation of this trope whenever they're paired with a Female Shepard. But due to FanPreferredCouple status, Garrus gets it worse than Thane does.
** Kaidan often gets uke'd in fics with a Male Shepard. Despite the fact that he's a veteran Marine and one of the more badass biotics in the Alliance, writers will focus on his childhood issues and use his recurring migraines as an excuse for HurtComfortFic. That said, there's still no shortage of fics that wimpify Shepard himself. The majority [[spoiler: take place after the Destroy ending naturally, but there are some that take place before.]]
* [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Luigi]]. Yes, ''that'' Luigi. His canon personality may be soft and gentle and he may be a coward, but plenty of slashers have a nasty habit of removing the spine he ''does'' have.
* Akechi Mitsuhide of ''VideoGame/SamuraiWarriors'' frequently gets affected by this, especially when paired with Oda Nobunaga. While he ''is'' emotionally vulnerable, some writers seem to ignore his courage and determined defense of his beliefs in order to make him a spineless follower and devoted slave of the Demon King.
* Akira of ''VisualNovel/TogainuNoChi''. Debatable and may or may not be justified or even exist depending on which route is taken. He starts off as a strong and confident fighter, with no need to rely on anyone else. When he encounters certain sex scenes, he becomes like a typical {{Uke}}. This is justified through excessive guilt from the death of [[spoiler: Keisuke]] in Shiki's route.
* In ''VideoGame/DissidiaFinalFantasy'', the character [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyII Firion]] is a [[TheBigGuy large]] HotBlooded WalkingArmory of a badass. He is ''also'', especially in Japanese fandom, the LauncherOfAThousandShips in a CastFullOfPrettyBoys, and he almost always bottoms. The end result is that Firion is very frequently transformed into a weepy uke. Now, what makes this interesting is that while all of the above is definitely true of Firion, he is also at the same time rather in touch with his feminine side--he's sensitive, fond of flowers, and displays more emotional vulnerability than most of the other guys. It's just also intensely exaggerated for {{Shipping}} purposes. It doesn't help that in Japan, surprisingly, despite his deep English dub voice, he is voiced by Creator/HikaruMidorikawa. About the ''only'' one of his multitudinous common pairings where you can't expect ukefication is with [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX Tidus]], being that the latter's {{Keet}} is turned UpToEleven and Firion becomes a sort of romantic OnlySaneMan.
* This happens to three characters in particular in ''Videogame/{{Bully}}''
** Kirby Olsen is a Jock who plays wide receiver on the football team and is the youngest student in the school to receive a varsity letter. He also has a foot fetish. He regularly gets derailed into a whiny priss who'd rather go shoe shopping than tackle a nerd.
** Derby Harrington is the leader of the Preppies clique and a very competent boxer. However since he doesn't like to get his hands dirty, he usually has his friend and [[TheDragon dragon]] Bif Taylor do the fighting. This gets twisted until Derby's entirely helpless and relies on Bif for ''everything''.
** Larry "Peanut" Romano is Johnny Vincent's best friend and is actually hinted to have a gay crush on him. However, Peanut's no less willing to fight than the rest of the Greasers, and he has a chip on his shoulder over his nickname. In fanfic, he spends a lot of time being beaten up by Preppies and running to Johnny for comfort.
* It's almost a RunningGag to subject [[VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters Kyo Kusanagi]] to this trope when he's featured in yaoi doujinshii, particularly if Kyo's love interest is [[AntiHero Iori Yagami]]. Even if we don't take [[OfficialCouple Kyo's girlfriend]] Yuki in consideration (which, to be fair, [[BrotherChuck isn't that hard to do]]), Kyo is actually HotBlooded and very proud, so he'd likely either be the one topping his HoYay partner or [[BelligerentSexualTension would do his best to get to top]]; seeing him twisted into an {{uke}} of the passive-aggressive kind is ''extremely'' OOC in itself.
** Ash Crimson, too. He ''does'' have [[DudeLooksLikeALady extremely girlish looks]] and [[AgentPeacock is proud of them]], but he ''also'' is a ManipulativeBastard of the highest degree, so...
* In VideoGame/MegaManX, the title character X goes through this a lot due to his pacifist leanings. X7 actually serves as something of a canon example when X, after nearly losing Zero in a previous game, actually refuses to fight at all for the entire first half of the game. This, incidentally, is one of many reasons why X7 is to this day considered the worst game in the series.
* ''{{VideoGame/Persona 3}}'': Poor, ''poor'' MC/Minato/Makoto...it's his [[{{Bishonen}} feminine looks]] (he's the most feminine looking of P3's heroes, arguably) that turn SEES' leader of quiet strength and sarcasm into a simpering, danger-prone moeblob that rivals Soren's portrayals in ''Fire Emblem'' fics. More often than not, the seme is Akihiko, courtesy of him being [[CannotTalkToWomen incapable of talking to girls]] due to having NoSocialSkills, and he, normally affable and [[BigBrotherMentor reliable]], will be similarly warped into a domineering gaylord of a sex god. On the other hand, ''Akihiko'' can just as easily become a whiny, desperate little uke in fics where he's paired with his childhood friend Shinjiro. Blame that on his persistent attempts to get Shinji back into SEES, and his reactions to both finding out Shinji had been doing drugs, [[spoiler:and when he died.]] There's actually a pretty even mix of which is the seme and which is the uke, but Shinjiro's usually the more aggressive one in fics.
** Yosuke Hanamura of ''{{VideoGame/Persona 4}}'' may have some self-worth issues, but they're nothing compared to the whimpering, spineless heap of ''"OMIGOSH PARTNER SAVE ME!!"'' that many bad fanfic writers make him out to be. This mostly happens when he is paired with the game's protagonist, though it does crop up in some other ships as well. Which is amazing, because he's usually portrayed as fairly dominant when put into a heterosexual relationship, even when the other party is [[ActionGirl Chie Satonaka]] (In which cases said other party is often ironically subjected to {{Chickification}}...)
* For a while, ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'' was in this mode in doujins until her creator spoke up against this. Since then, she has now taken the power back.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Outlast}}'', Waylon Park is a BadassNormal software engineer who breaks out of an asylum filled with rampaging killer mutants, narrowly escaping death and dismemberment multiple times. However his NiceGuy persona and the fact that [[spoiler: at one point he gets stripped naked and strapped to a table so [[GroinAttack he can be made into a woman courtesy of a buzz saw to the genitals]]]] means the fandom turns him into the {{Uke}} for pretty much every other male in the game, often subjecting him to mental, physical, and sexual abuse. The most popular ship pairs him up with [[SerialKiller Eddie Gluskin]] (aka [[spoiler: THE GUY WHO STRIPPED HIM NAKED, STRAPPED HIM TO A TABLE, AND ATTEMPTED TO CUT HIS JUNK OFF WITH A BUZZ SAW.]])
* The wimpification of [[BadassGay Dorian]] from ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'' has reached such a degree that some circles go as far as to claim that his [[PairTheSpares relationship]] with the Iron Bull is abusive based on Bull's significantly greater size, the fact that that their relationship contains at least some elements of BDSM, and because Bull responds to Dorian's smartassery by being a smartass back. This all apparently means that Dorian is a helpless wallflower that needs to be protected from the big bad Iron Bull, as opposed to the canon Necromancer {{Tsundere}} who wasn't afraid to tell off his father and his entire country.
** This is bound to happen to the Inquisitor, particularly if they're not Qunari. Though the point of the relationship is that Iron Bull made it SafeSaneAndConsensual with a {{Safeword}} and does not extend outside the bedroom, some bad fics tend to make it very wangsty as if having sex with Iron Bull makes the Inquisitor feel better.
** [[VideoGame/DragonAgeII Fenris]] is often drawn or written as a {{Tsundere}}, if not submissive and weepy, when paired up with a male Hawke or sometimes, [[FoeYay Anders]]. His [[PrettyBoy looks]] and tragic backstory are common contributes. But it gets reinforced with him telling Hawke "I am yours", how he tends to look at him with ''"sad puppy eyes"'', Uncle Gamlen commenting how he doesn't even need to guess which one of them is "the girl" in the relationship, and a Snarky!Hawke having the option to tell him how [[BiggerIsBetterInBed "it can be a lot to take in"]] after they had their first time.
** Anders is also frequently turned into a weepy, clingy mess when paired with male Hawke, often using his past in the Circle of Magi as an excuse. While Anders is [[ByronicHero hardly the picture of mental health]], this is the same man who is sharing his body with a demon and [[spoiler:blew up a cathedral because he was fed up with the status quo]]. Quite a few players seem to have missed the conversation where Anders explicitly stated that he was not abused physically or sexually while he was in the Circle.
* The downplaying of Link's one-man army abilities in ''FanFic/ZeldasHonor'' could be seen as wimpification by many readers, despite the fact the story was trying to portray a more realistic view of the Zeldaverse where such gaming mechanics would hold little sway.
* [[Franchise/DanganRonpa Kiyotaka Ishimaru]] is a HotBlooded and Brash person who isn't afraid to put himself as a leader, but in fanworks pairing him with [[LauncherOfAThousandShips pretty much any guy]], he's submissive and can't hold off for himself.
* VideoGame/SoulSeries: You'd think a hairy, ultra-muscular bearded guy like Rock wouldn't go through this. But since it's canon that he was beaten up and almost killed by Astaroth - he's become a DamselInDistress uke for Soulcalibur doujin. Even his adopted son Bangoo, gets to top him.
* You would be surprised about how much of this goes on in ''VideoGame/ToukenRanbu''.
** In most cases, the hot-blooded and somewhat impulsive Izuminokami Kanesada becomes Horikawa Kunihiro's bratty, needy charge or is a complete submissive in the sheets to either him or other Touken Danshi. It has a lot to do with his relative youth in comparison to many of the other swords (he's technically the youngest character in the game [[YoungerThanTheyLook despite having the appearance of an adult]]), and his less mature personality mutating into a spoiled persona.
** Conversely, Horikawa Kunihiro is extraordinarily devoted to Izuminokami, to the point where even the character designer says he has many housewife tendencies, but he's not above tricking him into doing his own work, and he does have a mouth on him. Not that you'd get that from the fanworks, where he agrees with everything his dear Kane-san says and swoons over him at every turn.
** This is generally the case for any type of Saniwa (males especially), but Kashuu Kiyomitsu's affection for them goes beyond what you'd expect. It gets to the point where he follows him like a lost puppy, slavishly desperate for affection.
** Yamatonokami has never been able to get over [[UsefulNotes/TheShinsengumi Okita Souji]] even with his new master, but this is usually exaggerated into a strange obsession with him that goes beyond mere admiration. You'll never hear him saying anything else but "Okita" in some works, or he'll just be angsting for the upteenth time about him.
** Yamanbagiri Kunihiro gets a lot of it in fanworks. While he has many hangups about being seen as a copy of a real sword, making him a gloomy person, he still has some sense of pride in himself as seen in his Awakening portrait. He's just downright pitiful in fanon, being not only a pushover but an even bigger sad sack that gets "emotional healing" or gets taken advantage of for his supposed submissiveness.
%%* Hanzo from ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' gets this a lot when he's shipped with [=McCree=] and sometimes, [[IncestYayShipping Genji]].
* Makoto Naegi, TheHero of ''VisualNovel/DanganRonpa'', gets this quite a lot in fanworks. In the game, he wears his emotions on his sleeves and then a fairly popular spinoff AlternateUniverse Light Novel, ''if'', cast him in the role of DistressedDude. This, combined with the fact that both of his most [[FanPreferredCouple popular love interests]] are TheStoic, resulted in the fandom taking this interpretation and running with it.
* Within the ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' community, this is a trend with any pairing that involves characters who are canonically [[FoeYayShipping supposed to hate each other]]. It doesn't help that the lore's [[ArcFatigue staunch refusal to advance]] has enabled a status quo in which the villains have claimed most of the victories and hold all the advantages. Jack Morrison, who was the leader of the [[HeroesRUs titular organization]] for a [[TheAce reason]], will sometimes be reduced to a doe-eyed lamb whose only role is to be dommed by a pre-Reaper Gabriel Reyes. Likewise, in a female instance of this trope, poor Tracer also got hit by this pretty badly. While she is a [[TheCutie sweetie]], she is also an exceptional [[AcePilot pilot]] and one of Overwatch's [[BadassAdorable most capable agents]], but her loss to Widowmaker in an early story cinematic apparently gave some people the impression that she's outright helpless and would happily play the innocent and submissive role to a domineering Widow in a borderline abusive relationship, allow herself to be belittled and mistreated around her, or -- most humiliatingly -- be her ''pet'', thoughts which would all probably make the canon Tracer's blood boil.
** This is especially glaring with the pairing of Zarya and Sombra, which frequently portrays the latter as aggressively having her way with the former however she wants, regardless of consent. Note that Sombra is one of the game's smallest characters, and her entire style of fighting both in gameplay and in lore revolves around her being a weaselly little minx who relies on [[InvisibilityCloak stealth]] and [[PowerNullifier cheating.]] Meanwhile, Zarya is literally a ''[[AmazonianBeauty professional body builder]]'' and a frontline soldier who acquired her main weapon by ''ripping it off a tank.''
** With any pairing of Junkrat and Roadhog, this trope swings both ways. Junkrat is usually some vulnerable little angel who needs to be cuddled, and Roadhog is usually a big, snuggly bear who's happy to provide for his buddy. In canon, Junkrat is a [[AxCrazy violently insane]] [[MadBomber explosives expert]] who doesn't really ''[[TheFriendNobodyLikes do]]'' the whole "friendship" thing, and Roadhog is a self-centered nihilist who doesn't even seem to like his partner as anything more than a client.

[[folder: FanFic based on {{Webcomics}}]]
* There are quite a few pieces of fanart where Gamzee from ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' is the uke to Equius' seme. While it's true that Equius is canonically TheBigGuy among the trolls, it is absolutely ''bizarre'' considering that [[spoiler: Gamzee, while he's initially a lovable dope, is the one who eventually ''kills'' Equius.]] Not to mention that Equius is instinctively subservient to Gamzee due to his blood. If Gamzee actually encouraged a relationship, Equius would insist on being the uke.
** Tavros is also a common victim of this. In canon, he's a ShrinkingViolet, but also quite passive-aggressive when [[CowardlyLion pushed]] and one of the most emotionally stable ([[TheBeastmaster and powerful]]) trolls. (After CharacterDevelopment takes place, he [[spoiler:stands up to [[StalkerWithACrush Vriska]] and abandons her in the afterlife]]) However, in [[SturgeonsLaw a lot]] of Tavros/Gamzee fanfiction, he's reduced to a spineless crybaby who can't do anything for himself.
** John Egbert and both Striders are majorly subjected to this. While John can be a pushover, when he puts his foot down, he can [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown really put his foot down]]. He's been shown to have incredible emotional fortitude, and has gone through the death of his father and his friends without shedding a tear, though it usually comes out in a serious amount of anger if it's brought up. Dirk is majorly subjected to this as well, being reduced to a Romeo-esque figure who constantly pines over Jake. In reality, he is a ruthless survivor who's main motivation is to get out of the [[BadFuture world he was born in]], and his idea of courting was playing aggressive mindgames and sending a robot to beat Jake up. On top of that, he displays symptoms of TheUnfettered, and his neurotic tendencies cause him to barely let Jake have any time to himself. Dave is actually fairly passive, but he's by no means crying over "John never loving him", he usually stews in it and pretends it's just not there when it gets down to it.

[[folder: FanFic based on WebOriginal]]
* ''Opposites Attract'', a ''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'' slashfic, rather infamously does this to [[BrainBleach Strong Bad, of all people]].
** Not to mention that in the Sbemail "fan club," ''Strong Sad'' does this to Strong Bad in canon.
--> '''Strong Sad:''' ...said Strong Bad, putting on a bonnet and giving Homestar a deep-tissue massage...
--> '''Homestar:''' Oh, this gon' be ''good.''
* Flippy of ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'' sometimes gets this treatment, despite being an AxCrazy badass.
* Having shown weepy and childish tendencies in canon, WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic gets hit with this when paired with WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick, [[WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses Ask That Guy]], [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony]]... really ''anyone'' [[LauncherOfAThousandShips he's ever paired with]]. Except [[WebVideo/BadMovieBeatdown Film Brain]] most of the time (also a victim of this, especially in early post-WebVideo/{{Kickassia}} fics and, minus the pairing part, Kickassia itself).
** In the worst case scenario, Critic is usually reduced to getting raped/having to give blowjobs or playing the DistressedDude. Partly because the authors find it [[ButtMonkey funny]] or hot to crush him completely and leave him like that, so it's not quite as horrible as some other examples.
** In [=RPs=], Doug gets his fair share of this. Or gets made the InnocentFanserviceBoy.
* Jaune Arc, from WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}, is a frequent target for this trope when paired with male characters, especially his bully Cardin. This is in spite of the fact that Jaune is portrayed as one of the most [[MagikarpPower competent]] members of the male cast that isn't a veteran.

[[folder: FanFic based on WesternAnimation]]
* Robin from ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' will fall victim of this whenever paired with Superboy. While in canon he can be quite calculating.
** Wally West falls victim whenever he is the star of a hurt/comfort fic. Despite the fact that he has moments of being a CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass.
* Poor, ''poor'' [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender Prince Zuko]]. Some fics take the "Zuko never tops" meme and amp it UpToEleven, mostly Jet/Zuko fics in which Zuko is Jet's submissive little butt-boy... or worse, ''[[MisterSeahorse babymama]]''. The really bizarre thing about this is that before Zuko and Jet actually met in canon, Zuko usually topped.
** Aang himself gets this too.
** Interestingly enough, Mako gets this treatment in ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' fics when paired with Korra. Korra being dominant in their relationship became such a trend that some fanfics would even specify which one of them was dominant in the fic, which is a first for fiction about a heterosexual pairing.
* [[BadassAdorable Perry The Platypus]] from ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'' gets this occasionally [[FoeYay when paired with Doofenshmirtz]]. This tends to come from people noticing that if Perry were human, he'd probably [[CuteMute not have the ability to talk]] and only be about 28 years old in contrast to Doofenshmirtz being somewhere in his forties.
* [[TheConscience Kyle]] [[TheSmartGuy Broflovski]], [[TheDitz Butters]] [[ButtMonkey Stotch]] and [[ProperlyParanoid Tweek]] [[MustHaveCaffeine Tweak]] from ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''. [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Especially Kyle]].
** Opinions easily fly, but Kyle is given the "uke" title mostly due to [[FieryRedhead his fiery personality]] [[TheConscience and his tendency to nag his friends and others with his morally straight code]] ([[DoubleStandard something commonly associated with females]]). Ukefication can, however, set in when fans make him either a DamselInDistress (mostly when paired with [[DatingCatwoman Mysterion]] or [[TheHero Stan]]), or a completely unlikable DeadpanSnarker who does nothing but bitch at whoever he's paired with. The entire Stan/Kyle dominance thing is also a tad strange, given it is true that, taking their personalities into account (Stan as the sensetive push-over and Kyle the blunt and stubborn smart guy), the two seemingly managed to switch roles in the eyes of the fandom. While some notice this and switch it around, they are in the small minority of the shipping community.
** Butters is as such because of his [[TheDitz ditziness]] and purity, but can quite easily be made into a weak little girl or an adorable yet clueless uke. He is usually derailed into being extremely CampGay when he is paired with [[BastardBoyfriend Kenny the pervert or Cartman the sadist]].
** Kyle is however not a sobbing, stereotypical {{Tsundere}} to an odd AlternativeCharacterInterpretation of Stan (who is more like a uke then Kyle, even in het. relationships).
** Cartman/Kyle shippers, however, seems to be subverting this by keeping the two enemies on a balanced playing field (most of the time, anyway) even with Cartman almost always topping, which is ironic, [[FoeYay given]] [[InterplayOfSexAndViolence how]] [[SlapSlapKiss unhealthy]] [[StalkerWithACrush the pairing]] [[MindGameShip would likely be]] [[BastardBoyfriend in]] [[TheMasochismTango real]] [[BelligerentSexualTension life]].
** Sometimes, even Kenny[[spoiler:, AKA the badass Batman Expy known as Mysterion,]] gets this treatment. His pervertedness, shameless prostitution, muffled voice, covered face, and perpetual gruesome deaths don't exactly help, especially with certain [[AlternateCharacterInterpretations interpretations]] [[IronWoobie of his]] [[BreakTheCutie character]].
* Happens not infrequently to [[TheStarscream Starscream]], of all 'bots, in ''{{Transformers}}'' fic. A natural consequence of being frequently shipped with [[BigBad Megatron]]...
** Also in the Transformers universe, Rattrap from ''WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' suffers horribly from this.
* 2D from ''{{Music/Gorillaz}}'' has this fate due to the fact that he's described as a [[BrainlessBeauty pretty, dumb, naive boy]]. Since he's most commonly shipped with [[VillainProtagonist Murdoc]], well, he definitely gets to be the bottom.
* [[HeroAntagonist Dib]] from ''WesternAnimation/InvaderZim'' got this so much someone on Website/DeviantArt responded by making a club dedicated to making him the seme, with a corresponding club for the more traditional Zim-seme.
** Purple also gets this in [[IdiosyncraticShipNaming RAPR]] works, which [[{{Flanderization}} Flanderize]] the fact that he's somewhat goofier than Red to ridiculous extremes.
* Happens often to [[DeadpanSnarker Noah]] from ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama''. Cody sometimes too, although he's fairly uke in canon to begin with.
* Poor, poor, [[WesternAnimation/ToyStory Woody...]]
* The title character of ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben 10}}'' gets a lot of this. Any fanart featuring him and arch-nemesis Kevin 11 will recieve a "Ben looks so seme!" comment. To say nothing of the countless Fanfics where he gets pregnant, although to be fair he actually has gotten pregnant in canon.
** [[DracoInLeatherPants Albedo]] and [[TroubledButCute Kevin]] get their share, too...
* Rex of ''WesternAnimation/GeneratorRex'', mostly when paired with [[BigBad Van Kleiss]] or Agent Six.
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Metalocalypse}} Toki and Skwisgaar]]. Despite the brutal nature of the show, it's extremely rare to find a fic that doesn't write either or both of them as weeping, self-harming schoolgirls who only need the healing light of cock. Charles and Pickles occasionally suffer from this, though it's usually Pickles and his family problems that turn him into a submissive, spineless, crying uke, bonus points if there's incest with his scumbag brother, Seth.
* Edd from ''WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy'' gets hit with this. He gets turned from a sensitive guy to an all-around stereotypical uke; often with an exaggerated Edd, Eddy, or Kevin as the seme. Eddy gets this to, sometimes even when Edd is the {{Seme}}; though typically when he's paired with Kevin or sometimes Ed. He gets turned from his brash normal self into a blushing {{Tsundere}}. Occasionally Jimmy will also turned into a uke, though he's similar to the Butter's examples, even with [[FieryRedhead Sara]], listed above and has become more masculine (or at least aggressive) over the series.
* Oh WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom, why are you so ukefied?
* Robin from ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' often gets this when paired with Slade. Canonically, he's a serious, if somewhat HotBlooded, and capable leader. In {{slash}} fic, he's often written as naive and submissive.
* Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) from ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution''. True, he is a lot more feminine, and also fits the stereotype of the traditional uke more than his usual slash partner Lance (Avalanche). But that doesn't mean he needs to turn into a weepy teenage girl in so many Lance and Pietro fanfics.
%%* The fandom’s take on Lincoln Loud from TheLoudHouse is pretty much the textbook definition of this trope.

[[folder: FanFic based on RealLife]]
* UsefulNotes/NickClegg gets this a lot. Disturbingly enough, it's the ''mainstream media'' that's most guilty of this; RealPersonFic written by actual {{Yaoi Fangirl}}s (yes, it exists) tend to put him in an equal or even dominant position to UsefulNotes/DavidCameron or [[LauncherOfAThousandShips whoever he's paired up with]], which shows that RealityIsUnrealistic.
* Being [[PrettyBoy too damn pretty]] for his own good means you don't wanna be Creator/OrlandoBloom in RealPersonFic. Or Creator/JensenAckles, who's gone through a lot of the woobie-fication [[Series/{{Supernatural}} Dean]] has to deal with.
* Creator/JaredLeto. Weird considering he's normally pegged as either TheCasanova or a ChivalrousPervert in both fanfic AND real life.
* This is extremely common in UsefulNotes/FormulaOne fanfiction, mostly for the younger racers.
* Featured in almost all of the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan [[ParodyFic Parody Fics]] that came out during the 2012 U.S. presidential election. Most were as much about mocking common SlashFic tropes as the candidates themselves.