William Faulkner (1897-1962) was a writer from Mississippi. Faulkner won the NobelPrizeInLiterature and is generally considered one of the greatest American authors. Most of his stories are set in his [[{{Mythopoeia}} mythical Yoknapatawphna County]], based on the real Lafayette County, where Faulkner was born. Faulkner overdose remains the number one cause of death in the GrammarNazi community.


[[folder: His works include: ]]

* ''Literature/AbsalomAbsalom''
* ''Literature/AsILayDying''
* ''Literature/LightInAugust''
* ''Literature/TheSoundAndTheFury''
* "Literature/ARoseForEmily"
!! Faulkner's works contain examples of:

* CorruptHick: The Snopes trilogy (and many works set in Yoknapawtapha County) has these in abundance. Flem Snopes steals from everyone, gets his own relatives arrested (intentionally), and also basically controls the entire county - everyone owes him money.
* CrapsackWorld
* DeepSouth
* DownerEnding
* ManipulativeBastard: At least one per novel.
* MindScrew: Attempting to even parse what is going on in Faulkner's books is a challenge, to say the least.
* TheRashomon
* SouthernGothic