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A Wikipedia Syntaxer either is someone who hasn't realised that [[TV Tropes]]... [[SelfDemonstratingArticle 'scuse me]], {{TV Tropes}}, which uses a somewhat distant relative of [=PmWiki=], has [[Administrivia/TextFormattingRules different syntax]] (aka codes or formatting) from [[Wikipedia]]... sigh... Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} and the many other [=MediaWiki=] wikis; or is someone who has been spending his time updating both (literally, if he has two windows or tabs open) and has momentarily forgotten which one he's currently editing.

This means he mixes up the syntax, leaving a page full of broken {{Wick}}s (that look [[like this]] or [[other example|like this]]) and all manner of other formatting problems that either he or another troper must unpick and fix.

Not to be confused with a [[Wikipedia Updater]]... [[RunningGag er]]... WikipediaUpdater, but the two ''may'' sometimes overlap. It's quite possible to go the other way and accidentally use TV Tropes syntax on a [[http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/MediaWiki Media Wiki]] wiki too.

In 2013, the "classic" Wikipedia method appears en route to becoming a DiscreditedTrope, as Wikipedia has begun to beta-test the [[Wikia]] (sorry, Website/{{Wikia}}) format on its own site ... which, coincidentally enough, Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales had a hand in as well. People who prefer the traditional format can use the "Edit Source" function on any given article to keep using the GoodOldWays.

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