''Happy Birthday, Nyx'' is a fanfiction by Jus Sonic, taking place in his version of the ''My Little Pony Friendship is Magic'' universe.

Following on from ''Curse of The Demon Pony'' and ''Ben's First Day'', Twilight decides to throw Nyx a birthday party. However, she decides on a date that is only a few days away, which puts pressure on everyone. Elsewhere, a mysterious creature crash lands in Fluttershy's garden...

* ActorAllusion: Jus Sonic's "cast list" features Matt Smith playing Doctor Whooves. Matt Smith, at the time of the fanfic's writing, was the then-current actor to play the Doctor in ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* BirthdayEpisode: The fic centres around organising and celebrating Nyx's birthday.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Pinkie Pie mentions that they are getting a third season.
* CharacterExaggeration: Pinkie's fouth wall breaking behaviour. While she has demonstrated cartoonish behaviour in the television series, she has never directly [[MediumAwareness referenced the fact thay they are in a television programme divided into seasons]].
* ContinuityNod:
** Diamond Tiara is still grounded following the events of ''BensFirstDay''.
** Big Mac mentions the events of "Read it and Weep" when the Cutie Mark Crusaders spread gossip about everyone in Ponyville and consequently earnt the ire of everyone.
* DeusExMachina: Derpy wrecks Nyx's party inside Applejack's barn, only for everything to be restored thanks to an instant party potion she was taking from Zecora.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Shining Armor is seen to possess a book on "Crystal Ponies", a reference to the then-upcoming third season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
* EasilyForgiven: The Cutie Mark Crusaders break and enter and are told off by Applejack, only for her to be told off by Big Mac saying that is acting no better than when she was giving the CMC the cold shoulder in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac forgives the CMC for ''breaking and entering''.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Big Mac compares Applejack telling off the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the way she acted toward them after they spread rumours about everyone in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac has no right to call her out for this as he too wanted nothing to do with the CMC after their behaviour in that episode.
* ShoutOut:
** The pony authors who decide to write Nyx's life story for her birthday were named after a pair of fanfic writers on Deviantart.
** Nyx comments that "Past Sins" would be a good name for a book. ''Past Sins'' was the fanfic where Nyx originated from, and she also gets a book entitled "Past Sins" for her birthday.
** At one point, the mysterious creature Fluttershy takes in looks at a storybook of ''The Ugly Duckling''. This is based on a similar scene in ''Lilo and Stitch''. It also does not help that the creature, like Stitch, is from outer space.
** Rainbow Dash's present to Nyx is a pair of "Dasheresque" sunglasses, a reference to the another of the author's fanfics.

* Series/TwoTwoSeven

* VideoGame/XCOM2
* VideoGame/{{XCOM 2}}
* VideoGame/XCom2
* VideoGame/Xcom2

* IfYouKnowWhatIMean

-->[[VideoGame/HardTime "That may not be a 'long' time, but it will be HARD time! You'll be lucky if you survive!"]]

Something something about [[DarthWiki/WikiSandbox "We need to talk about parallel universes."]]

''[[Film/TheManWhoSavesTheWorld Turkish Star Wars]]''

Trying my hand with WikiWord please don't mind me.
* [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]]

Testing [[note]]tenuously related or humourous aside[[/note]]

* Film/ApogeeOfFear
* VideoGame/KrisisReinaDeArgenzuela
* NiceMeanAndInbetween
* NiceMeanAndInBetween
%% *ZeroContextExample
Mahō Shōjō

* Film/TheSurvivalist



[A good number of these names are subject to change. I'm terrible at naming characters.]


!! Main Characters


[[caption-width-right:200:So this is where the next mission is? Cool... but... a little unnerving...]]

A cell-genic (basically picture a very mild form of [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard]]-styled vampires) woman who [[CatchPhrase actually has no idea what she's doing.]]



[[caption-width-right:200:Love! By anyone, and for everyone!]]

A "whispbot" legally considered sapient enough to marry, and part of an infinite line of which.

* MechanicallyUnusualFighter: Keeps Fan/Water's fighting-"set" tradition of having at least one fighter heavily based on summoners. She has a seperate gauge of
* MsFanservice: Especially if harems and CuteMonsterGirl[=s=] are your thing -- she has an ''infinite'' line of them[[note]]Unlike the Emazhes, the HRT's expies, the HRT line's story is less grounded in "reality," so they are allowed to be at an ''actual'' infinite amount instead of a "expands so often it might as well be infinite" as [Skyyandere from EI, still terrible with names] proposes[[/note]], and is otherwise an over-the-top and ridiculous parody example. Her fighting style involves panty shots galore[[note]]In her default palette[[/note]] -- hell, her whole skirt flips over completely for several attacks and stays that way until flipped back. Her [[CatGirl "werecat"]] costume is just her naked with cat ears, a tail, and fur ''barely'' over her chest (not present in the uncensored option) and between her legs, and the [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar latter flat-out resembles pubic hair for her female self and has a suggestive lenthy "growth" for the male option.]] Also, Like Lizzeel, she's a WalkingShirtlessScene in the uncensored vesion.
* PaletteSwap: Averted, likely due to issues with her other HRT units given how they are ''close'' to being palette swaps of her. She's the only character whose alternate schemes are not recolors of herself or her outfit -- she has different costumes entirely, though each costume ''does'' have a different primary color, so they're still color-coded in a way.
* PurelyAestheticGender: Her male and female forms are barely any different, and this goes for the other [=HRT=] units. Their outfits are absolutely identical, they show the exact same amount of skin, and even have pretty similar builds. They play identically
* SexShifting: She can do this, which is why she's the only non-guest fighter who can pick an alternate gender form.
* WholesomeCrossdresser: Her male option also goes around in skirts, or whatevr given outfit was picked.



[[caption-width-right:200:Listen, trying to fight me is like trying to go on a river with a waterfall. You're going to hit the ground. Hard.]]

* GeniusBruiser: He's probably the smartest of the main four, yet clearly has the most muscle and
* LastOfHisKind: One of the few remaining members of his species.



[[caption-width-right:200:At your doorstep, seconds after you call! ...Not in the creepy stalker way.]]

* BadassNormal: Has no magic at all, and his "magic" meter is really just weapon energy. Every tool and "power" he has is from his utility belt, which he made ''completely'' by himself.
* TokenHuman: Of his group. He does not appear to be such at a first glance, as the rest of his party members are humanoid. However, they actually are -- in order of appearance -- a sort of ghoul-like regenerative being, a nature robot (try not to think too hard about this seeming oxymoron), and a water spirit.


[[folder:Other HRT Units]]

* StoryBreakerPower: The fact that there is an ''infinite'' amount of them would normally trivialize the plot. Which is why they can only really be out swapping between one body at a time. (Two counting Ninthee's permanent body.)


!! The Group

[[folder:In General]]

* ShoutOut:
** Their "color names" are also named after the "boss areas" in ''VideoGame/PaperMarioColorSplash''[[note]]"Violet" is used in place of the purple one as everything after "Violet Passage" in the purple sector is named after something related to an island, and not a color[[/note]].


[[folder:Useless Bob]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The Sunset Annoyance]]

A guard that tries to aim for BoringButPractical yet fails at even that. He's considered a massive annoyance to all fellow Group members, to the point where Handzzzz actually considers a normal conversation with him to be torture to use on the enemy.

* WarmupBoss: The boss of World 1.


[[folder: Hello Biscuit!]]
* Biscuits
** With gravy!

[[folder:Jib Rebecchi]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The Crimson Heel]]

A man who had single-handedly discovered the art of Rage Mode/Ticked the Heck Off (latter abbreviated TTHO, pronounced the same as "though") Mode. He passed this move on to his brother Tomward. Not long after, however, he ended up over-exerting it in order to help save a burning bus of orphans surrounded by a tornado of sharks (if you're having trouble picturing this, his Arcade mode cutscenes do a pretty good job at showing exactly how this is possible), which ended up burning away most of his arms. Meh. He was training to use his legs for everything anyway.

Even while not in TTHO Mode, Jib still demonstrates super strength, although he isn't as bothered with a sand grain in his shoe so, unlike Tomward, he has no intermediate form. As the newest to join The Group, he's stuck with the misfortune of being with Useless Bob as a partner.

* {{Expy}}: [[SarcasmMode Believe it or not, of...]] [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Jib.]] Specifically, an old plan from a scrapped intentionally-poorly made comic titled ''Ed, Edd n Eddy's Awesome Edventures'', which was cut when Water decided to put his ''major'' StylisticSuck works to a close. He even shares his first name. The last name actually comes from Toadfish and Stonefish of ''Series/{{Neighbours}}'', which has something to do with ''FanFic/BartTheGeneral''.
* GlassCannon: He has pretty terrible defense and health, but he's damage-by-damage one of the strongest characters on the roster.
* HandicappedBadass: Lost his arms through power overuse, but he can still easily ''kick'' your ass.
* HeelFaceRevolvingDoor: Good guy in the flashbacks, slowly turned sour... then gets sense knocked into him at his boss fight in World 2. This is taken to parody levels the further the game gets into his backstory, as he's apparently been flip-flopping for most of his recent-life.
* HeroicRROD: Overuse of TTHO basically caused his arms to burn away to stumps.
* OneHitPointWonder: What he quickly becomes after entering TTHO mode, which is based on how the ''Naruto Clash of Ninja'' games handled the Eight Gates system. His health drains until he only has one hit point left, and it stays at that. The whole time, however, he gets a ''massive'' boost in power. Both of these happen at a much quicker rate than Tomward's version.
* SmokeOut: He has trained himself since a young age to be able to see through the smoke left by his... well, smoke bombs, so he's a master at using this in battle. However, given that it's pretty hard to repliace one person being able to see clearly while the other isn't in a fighting game, in-game all players involved in the smoke appear as hazy sillhouettes while the person hit by him is stunned due to coughing.


[[folder:Vote for the Free Ice Cream for Everybody Man (Born Dimminwood Smallink)]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The Cobalt Lumberjack]]

Yes, he got his name legally changed to the former. An ex-presidential nominee (he never bothered to change his name back)

* {{Expy}}: Of VideoGame/DinkSmallwood -- or, rather, his ''VideoGame/{{MUGEN}}'' portrayal courtesy of The_None. He also takes cues from [[WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}} Joel's]] presidential avatar, Fuck Freedom Cheeseburger Man (AKA Cheeseburger Freedom Man).
* NonstandardCharacterDesign: He looks like ''considerably'' less effort was put into his design than anyone else's, reflecting the Most_Mysterious-era MS Paint-looking creations of The_None. (Given how the game's graphics ''already'' kind of look like stylized MS Paint, this was a given.)



[[caption-width-right:200:The Emerald Playboy]]

A demon from Hell with a triad of winged skeletons that practically worship him.

* FanDisservice: He's basically a green Homer Simpson in a speedo. His "portal" move leaves him lying in a ReadyForLovemaking pose asking if you're jealous that you're not sleeping with him.
* LargeHam: Skeleton #2. "WE'RE DEMONS FROM HELLLLLLL..."
* MrFanservice: Parodied in a sort-of opposite manner from Ninthee. He's considered an absolute sex-god (er, demon) by everyone in-universe, except that he's clearly given a gross design and an obnoxious personality to match.
* ShoutOut: Another ''Vinesauce'' reference -- to a video e-mailed to Joel that he talks about during his ''Super Mario 64 Genesis'' bootleg stream.



[[caption-width-right:200:The Violet Fortune]]


[[folder:Hendricks Billiam "Bill" Banks AKA "Bank Bill"]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The Golden Monarch]]

* {{Expy}}: Dear lord, he's so [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]] it hurts. [...] He's even the "monarch of a rise in land" -- a ''literal'' king of the hill.


[[folder:Dr. Handzzzz]]

[[caption-width-right:200:The Cosmic Fist]]

A quantum scientist that aims to take over the world, just in a "subtle," "elegant" manner. He has pretty loose standards for either of those two quoted words.

* GiantHandsOfDoom: Specifically, he's an AffectionateParody of Nintendo's habit of using boss battles with this gimmick. Namely, his final form is... just a massive hand. And that's it.


!! Allies

[[folder:Tomward Rebecchi]]

* DoesNotLikeShoes: Well, he does... unless there's a grain of sand in them. Then, when entering his flat-out TTHO mode, he makes his shoes ''explode'' out from the initial blast.
* {{Expy}}:
** Of [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Ed.]] Both are large {{Cloudcuckoolander}} with an "invisible" friend named Jib and can get ''really'' pissed off when there's something in his shoe.
** Again, TTHO involves the skin turning red, have buldging veins, and the eyes becoming blank white. It's also a DangerousForbiddenTechnique. Much like opening the [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Eight Gates.]]


!! Guest Fighters

[[folder:The Liberator]]



[[FanFic/BartTheGeneral "Hey Homer, I'm your fucking nightmare if you don't like Toadfish."]]

[[folder:Possible "Chapter" Split]]

I liked the idea of both visiting the more "nature-based" environment regions in the area based on visible light -- and, you know, ''run:gifocalypse''-reimagining and all. But I also did not want the other continents to go to waste. Nor try to think of saving each and every continent for a "sequel." So... each sector can be its own "level," and each continent would be a sort of "chapter" -- '''except''' Vista ('''v'''isible light), which is visited in chunks throughout.

If I already have the names of the major locations memorized, I'll put them after a slash of the general color area. Otherwise, it's just the color area. (Vista) indicates a return to that continent, if it doesn't say that in parenthesis, then the area is obviously... part of the continent mentioned.

This is just a loose example. Generally, of the Vista locations, I'd want the green sector first for a number of reasons. (Most of them have to do with ''run:gifocalypse''/''Gravity Falls''.) Because of the supernature backdrop, the yellow area feels more suited to being near the end. The chartreuse area should probably be near the end because the "floating islands associated with the element of light" felt like an endgame-ish region. The white and black should be near the end because of being neutral colors, being the last two non-final areas in RG, and generally feeling right. (A "not-Heaven" area and a tough, hardcore weapons factory.) The rest... no idea.

* Dekstop (Vista)

Chapter 1 -- Infrared Continent:
* Green Sector/Force Forest (Vista)
* Red & White Sector (Red Portion)/Cutie-in Mountains (Vista)
* Blue Sector/Myuda (Vista) -- Olivia and Carlson get sails, and thus can go through the Open Ocean to the "Infrared" continent
* I. Area 1
* I. Area 2
* I. Area 3
* I. Area 4 (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 1)

Chapter 2 -- Microwave Continent:
* Spring Green Sector/Ausoon (Vista)
* Orange Sector (Vista) -- Olivia and Carlson get... something heat-related maybe, for the "Microwave" continent
* M. Area 1
* M. Area 2
* M. Area 3
* M. Area 4
* M. Area 5 (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 2)

Chapter 3 -- Radio Continent:
* Magenta Sector (Vista)
* Azure Sector (Vista) -- Upgrade here involves sound and radio wave... conversions, or something like that, in order to get a key code to opening the main dock for the planet's largest continent
* R. Area 1
* R. Area 2
* R. Area 3
* R. Area 4
* R. Area 5
* R. Area 6/Center (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 3)

Chapter 4 -- Ultraviolet Continent:
* Violet Sector (Vista)
* Rose Sector (Vista) -- Upgrade involving using colors to see the invisible, making the safest path for U. Continent more obvious?
* U. Area 1
* U. Area 2
* U. Area 3 (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 4)

Chapter 5 -- X-Ray Continent:
* Cyan Sector (Vista)
* Yellow Sector (Vista) -- "Supernatural-busting" rewards Olivia and Carlson with pass to X. Continenet?
* X. Area 1
* X. Area 2
* X. Area 3
* X. Area 4 (more vertical travel is involved, explaining the larger size) (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 5)

Chapter 6 -- Gamma Continent:
* Chartreuse Sector -- Olivia and Carlson get the highest radiation suits, enabling them to go to the "Gamma" continent to fix the radiation leak
* G. Area 1
* G. Area 2
* G. Area 3
* G. Area 4
* G. Area 5 (Even more vertical travel to explain the major areas) (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 6)

Chapter 7 -- Ocean Depths:
* Red & White Sector (White Portion)/Cutie-in Mountains (Vista) -- Cryptic ice-Charge gives you stuff for dealing with the whirlpools in the Open Ocean
* First Depth Layer
* Second Depth Layer
* Third Depth Layer
* Fourth Depth Layer
* Fifth Depth Layer
* Seabed/Seagrave (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 7)

Chapter 8 -- Thermosphere:
* Black Sector (Vista) -- Not-Dove gives you tools needed to head up to the sky
* Thermosphere Area Entrance
* Infinity Amusement Park, Outer Shell
* Infinity Amusement Park, Inner Maintenance
* Amusement Park Core -- Come Across Not-Gifs, but she runs off to Labostoep after her fight
* Labostoep (Vista) -- Battle against Kristie (Technically classed as Non-Emazh Monster Boss 8)
* Core of the planet (Vista? Not the Thermosphere, at least) -- Final boss against Golden if certain conditions are met (Non-Emazh Monster Boss 9?)
* OR stay in Labostoep and go against some other final boss, I don't know (N-E MB 9? 10?)

Labostoep itself is basically full of extremely tall buildings that are decorated with neon-outline lights at night and overall should have an atmosphere that screams "You're almost at the end, but not quite." The area Kristie is fought is the highest explorable area in the entire game -- it even steps into the borders of the thermosphere "continenet."


* After beating Myunda, you get a sail boat and access to the Open Ocean, which -- in complete contrast to the entire rest of the game, mind you[[note]]Even the "other proper water areas" are brimming with life and variety both above and below water, in an attempt to avert AdlantisIsBoring[[/note]] -- is absolutely empty aside from an occasional Emazh here and there. Early in the game, you actually find out that the lower depths are considered their own sort-of "continenet" and quite populated with a warm atmosphere, but you'd have to go ''really'' deep down to actually find that. (And you do not until the second-to-last "chapter" in the game, not counting visiting the areas out of order.) Just about every single one of the enemies save for pirate Emazhes and Camera Snappers are absolutely gigantic, but those are horrible in their own ways.
** And ''god help you'' if you set sail at night, or night falls while sailing. Not only are your characters almost pitch-black despite the night sky, the enemy spawn rate goes up,
** Mammoliths[[labelnote:OOC]]After doing a quick Google search before saving the edit, I should probably change the name of this...[[/labelnote]]. Remember ''Wind Waker''-styled Big Octos? Well, take that, change it from a GiantSquid to a bizarre sea mammoth-monolith hybrid, and make them roughly four-five times bigger. These things are screen-filling monsters and the absolute second biggest animal-like organism in the game[[note]]To get smartass-y, technically some plants and fungi encountered are larger[[/note]], only behind '''the Golden'''. They come out
** Fake Islands. Basically, you see an island, try to sail to it, and then find that it's actually a giant head that rises partway from the water and attempts to suck you in. If you kill it, the head part does drop down and it becomes a "real island," but still.

* MostWonderfulSound:
** Out of context, the jingle for the Ocean Shop would actually be pretty annoying. However, given that you're smack-dab in the middle of empty, ocean DaylightHorror (or plain ol' night horror if you don't want to wait for day, just ran out of time, or some other reason) and said shop often contains ''really'' powerful items or recruits, then... well...
** The wave crash-like sound of a recruited Emazh becoming Charged, especially if it's a major character. Especially if it's Olivia -- congrats, through various level grinding and brutal bonus zones, you effectively derailed her character arc and now you're off on an adventure for entirely different reasons.

[[NightmareFuel/{{Pikmin}} Spooks/Pikmin:]]
** Most enemies in the game leave ghosts behind when they die. The Waterwraith does ''not''. The chances of this being unintentional are very slim.
* Consider that throughout the series, practically every enemy that's beaten is killed. Complete with a little ghost coming from them in most cases. Granted, creatures like Honeywisps and their expies, Nectarous Dandelflies, simply leave after being hit. But this is a hostile entity that can actually take a beating... and it is unambiguously the ''only'' such hostile creature that ''can not'' be killed. There's some very off about a game where most powerful beasts still end up dead having a final boss that is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.

Inspired by: Akron from ''Epic Battle Fantasy 3'', Photoshop Flowey from ''Undertale'', the Granzeboma from ''Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'', various works of Paul Robertson ([=.GIFfany=]'s designer), and Tabuu from ''Super Smash Bros''.

[[folder:Bad Time]]

...The key difference is that ntgwtn-Naruto basically brainwashes everyone he comes across into being his servants, while TJOWPAC-Soos actually talks things through -- his murderous enemies down -- and their relationship is shown to be a bit more equal-sided than Naruto basically using magic to turn everyone into trophy girlfriends? The metaphor isn't so much "there's a good harem fic and a bad harem fic" -- hell, even in Kyu's "judgement" to Soos, she flat-out says that there might not be a way to handle it correctly at all. But that a harem/polygamy-fic where the parties involved at least have some development and aren't clearly just arm-candy to a definite "center" is Less Bad (TM) than one that... is. I mean, yeah, it's not like ''Journals'' gives a bunch of development to every last one of those zillions of [=.GIFfany=] copies, but still.

"But Fan, Dipper's involved more in shipping! Why didn't you make him the example?"

I actually have a lot of reasons for that:
# ''SBIG'' is largely about not giving readers what they want. Readers would, on average(?),
# I didn't just make Pacifica blood-related to the Pines in the ''Journals'' verse to be a dick (though that was one of the reasons), I also did it because it actually rounds off Nyzvo's role in the story nicely the more I thought about it. I'd be less predictable in general for her "long lost relative" to be... hell, ''anyone'' that's not

"But Fan! If you didn't mind Naruto because he was depicted as the flat-out bad guy, why not make Dipper the bad guy?"

Because if I did, ''Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' would basically be a rehash of ''guy with the ninja'' in a ''Gravity Falls'' skin, which is something I do not want to do. Plus, I felt that if ''guy with the ninja'' is a "bad harem fic example," ''something'' else in the ''SBIG'' series should be a "Less Bad (TM) harem fic example" to "balance" it out. Two "bad harem fic examples" just doesn't make any sense. I felt ''guy with the ninja'' not only already got the point out on its own, but it did it in a sledgehammer-y way. So another fic with the exact same



{{Cold Cereal}}

[[folder:Testing, Testing, 1,2,3]]
Testing, Testing, 1,2,3
* TextFormatingRules

* ''Race For the White House'':
** His character is Fuck Freedom Cheeseburger Man. "Fuck" is his first name, "Freedom Cheeseburger Man" is his last name. He is running for the [=McDonalds=] party (complete with the actual logo from [=McDonalds=]), his background is Hulk Hogan crying, and his slogan is "Vote for me and chop off your balls."
** His comments when looking through a list of topics. As "environment" is represented by a tree that looks slightly like a piece of broccoli, he talks about how the country should ban broccoli because it's disguisting. He says that for nationalism, everyone should eat a cheeseburger. And he suggests outright [[NukeEm nuking]] a large number of things from the list.
** He tries to answer as many issues as possible with [[StonersAreFunny "legalizing marijuana."]] He also envisions Fuck Freedom Cheeseburger Man as being something of a pimp always getting high.
** The Democratic candidate is Jack ''Ohama''[[note]]The game is based on the 2012 election[[/note]]. However, one of the issues in the game is about ''Obama''care. Joel quickly notices this, and ponders if this is supposed to mean that the two of them are completely different people.

* [...] The heat of the truck gets to them. Dale suggests squeezing the moisture out of the food they brought with them... and he finds chips, barbecue chips, vinegar-flavored chips, extra spicey-flavored chips, and saltines. [[DidntThinkThisThought Shoulda had hydration on your mind for the trip through the desert, Dale.]]