* Steven Universe isn't drawn on computer; it's actually ''hand drawn and inked on paper, and there are about '''10,000''' drawings per episode.'' [[http://charlesoberonn.tumblr.com/post/144701924827/land-of-deserts-and-metronomes-oh-shit Check it]].
* The show managed to parody everything related to pop culture, from ''Manga/InitialD'' to ''WesternAnimation/WileECoyoteAndTheRoadrunner''. And it makes them ''work''. Very few other shows are able to do this without being completely self-aware, and no others could do this and hold on to a deep, coherent plot.
* That an ''WesternAnimation/UncleGrandpa'' and ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' crossover even ''exists''. Despite it being vehemently hated against by ''SU'' fans the moment it was announced, or that ''UG'' creators were trolled incessantly about its creation, the fact remains that it still got made. And because both ''UG'' and ''SU'' teams have such a respect for each others work, the episode seamlessly blended the two universes together for a hilarious non-canon enjoyment.
** And despite the backlash, there ''are'' fans of both shows that enjoyed the crossover and had genuine fun in watching it and making fanart about it (or shipping certain characters like Lion and Tiger).
** And the fact that now there's a Kickstarter to revive ''WesternAnimation/SwatKats'' [[https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1820796125/swat-kats-revolution from the creators themselves]]- after having been referenced in "Say Uncle"- it's likely that reference opened the floodgates for the fans of that show to start the ball rolling.
* The 30-second promo for the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgoyUxo61Vg "In Too Deep"]] event manages to combine this with NightmareFuel, by completely avoiding any hint of lightheartedness that ''Steven Universe'' commercials usually portray, including a really well-done DarkReprise of Pearl's lines "If you could only know, what we really are" from the extended theme. It also shows [[BehemothBattle Alexandrite fighting Malachite]], as well as Peridot and Steven using the drill to tunnel into the earth to confront The Cluster. All in all, it does its job of getting the viewer pumped for May 12th, and then some!
* The entire creation of Mystery Girl, which accomplished the seemingly impossible task of more or less killing all extant ships for Pearl, because everyone instantly fell in love with her new canon love interest. And keep in mind, this is for a character that has not had a single line of dialogue as of her introductory episode.



[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheReveal The Reveal]]
[[TheReveal The Reveal]]

[Film/{{Bug}} Bug ]]
[[Literature/HalfLife Half Life ]]

[[spoiler:Accordion Dave is a cockslut]]






* VideoGame/PAYDAY2
* VideoGame/{{PAYDAY 2}}
* VideoGame/Payday2
* Webcomic/AskTheWorldFaringMikoto

* WordOfGod
[[folder: Placeholder]]
This link should send you to the BigBad page if I understood this rightly. You do know that this is the page with the most links right?
Far more than {{The Hero}} since VillainsActHeroesReact. (Real nightmare trying to edit that link in). When I first found that link it was called [[{{Villains Act Heroes React}} The Bad Guys Make the Plot]] Either that or EvilIsCool. Both could explain the popularity of the Big Bad page.

-->''Imagine a world of endless expansion. Endless possibilities. Endless joy.\\
Imagine a world where adventurous danger with great reward lies in all direction, yet warm safety is still always within reach.\\
Imagine a world of freedom, where ideas and items are easily made, but never truly destroyed.\\
Emazh In.''
->--The opening to the original text story, the game, and the preview at the end of ''run:gifocalypse''.

''Emazh In''[[note]]"Emazh" is pronounced "Ee-mazh," almost as it looks like it should be. "In" should be self-explanatory[[/note]] is the third and by ''far'' largest game by [=NeedsMoreDeepWater=]. It can be immediately summed up as a "payed army simulator" action game (The fact that "payed" is part of the quotes is important -- you're spending in-game money. Once you buy the game, no further purchases are necessary, and all updates are 100% free.) crossed with something of a BulletHell.

Carlson and Lizzen are a couple that have a work and enjoy jobs most other people would find tedious and dull. Carlson builds gears at the Gear Factory for use of machines, and Lizzen makes wrenches at the Wrench Factory to fix similar machines. They hear of news to

Heavily inspired by ''VideoGame/{{Pikmin}}'', ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', [[BreadEggsMilkSquick and]] ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'', ''Emazh In'' has a high emphasis on building a custom army -- you are given the option to Recruit any single Emazh that you come across, although bosses will require an additional

The game is noteworthy, almost to DancingBear levels, for the way it handles casual nudity by making it the ''only'' "controversal" element within -- there is absolutely no swearing or graphic violence in the game[[note]]To be technical, "meat" ''is'' one of the major elements, so there is a bit of visceral imagry, but nothing worse than, say, ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}''. [[AlienBlood And most of it is violet-colored anyway.]] Nothing really happens to the player characters as they stand[[/note]], and the most ''sexual'' the game ever gets is some very mild verbal advances from the (usually fully-clothed) BigBad. Additionally, there is no ClothingDamage or really ''any'' sort of {{fanservice}} based on subjecting the targets to something. It's made a point that the Emazhes dress their respective way because they want to. And yet the respective The ''Gravity Falls'' fan fic that this is based on is edgier than it, something Water is actually embarassed to admit (not because ''Emazh In'' is less edgy than something, but because he wrote an "edgy"[[note]]In some ways, it's tamer than canon itself, and absolutely nothing compared to a lot of DarkFic in the fandom[[/note]] fan fic of a Disney cartoon to begin with), but it actually serves as a colossal middle finger to

Actually, it's a large middle finger to a number of other things as well. It turns out, under the surface of what seems like an army-management game with boobs in it lies a number of mean bones. Going in to detail would be rather pointless, but a summary would be that it's a SpiritualAntithesis

[[folder: Lion, Part 1]]
[[WMG: The lion was a familiar or friend to Rose Quartz.]]
When she died, the lion wandered alone for a while until it ran into Steven and the Gems. Knowing they must be connected with Rose Quartz, it felt the need to follow them and protect them from the Desert Glass.

[[WMG: Lion '''is''' Rose Quartz]]
* Somehow, even though part of her became Steven, she was reincarnated to become Lion. It explains it's color and the fact that it has strange Gem-like powers and is overly attached to Steven.

[[WMG: Lion is a member of a domesticated species used by Gems to help in their missions.]]
With most of the Gems presumably gone, there was no one left to help maintain the species, but some feral ones did survive, like Lion. Lion appears to have had some natural drive to destroy the dangerous desert glass, but is also very good with people, even somewhat annoying kids who poke and prod him. In addition, his domestication would explain why he seemed to feel a desire to protect Steven. It's also possible that Lion is very old (after all, the Gems are a functionally immortal race, so they'd probably want any pets or working animals to at least be long-lived) and had a Gem owner many decades ago. The owner died, but Lion continued to travel the world doing the job he was bred and raised to do. He decided to stay with the Crystal Gems out of his natural affinity for the race.
* Maybe his owner was Rose Quartz, who had to leave him behind at some point prior to her joining the Crystal Gems. Lion could sense Rose's gem in Steven, hence why he was so gentle.

[[WMG: The lion is a manifestation of magic that appeared when Steven was born.]]
He's obviously connected to Rose somehow, but if he was her pet, it's weird that the other Gems wouldn't know. When a Gem has a child, part of their magic breaks off and forms an animal guide. The Crystal Gems don't know about this because Steven is the first Gem child.
* Unlikely, given that Lion is strongly implied if not stated to have existed before Steven was born.

[[WMG: Lion is one of Rose's plant creatures.]]
In Watermelon Steven, it's revealed that Rose had the ability to turn plants into sentient creatures. Lion's mane and coloration look similar to the moss flowers from Lars and the Cool Kids. Maybe she brought one of them to life to watch over Steven before she died.

[[WMG: Lion is Pink Diamond]]
We are lead to assume Lion is just some familiar of Rose's but to date have yet to see or hear of any other implications that creatures that are as gem-like as Lion (magic powers and unusual abilities, a consistent but unnatural color scheme that matches gemstones, looks like a species that it clearly can't be, and the gem's trademark pocket space which most likely comes from a gem hidden inside his mane since so far we have seen only the gemstones themselves have this ability) but aren't simply gems in an animal form, like what we've seen Amethyst do multiple times, or a corrupted gem, which doesn't seem to be the case here though his mane is similar to Centipeetle's, exist at all.

We have seen enough implications that there was once a "Pink Diamond", but they are no longer a part of the White, Blue, and Yellow Diamond's order and Rose has a pink triangle like the colored triangles of the supposed diamonds in the center of her rose symbol indicating that at the very least she is affiliated with him, just as Pearl is by the pink Diamond on her suit. But while some point to her gem not being a proper color for a Rose Quartz to have her skin's tone clearly is while lion's primary color is far closer to the intensity found in the Pink Diamonds they are comparing her to.

There is something about Lion that Rose thought was so important she felt she could never allow any of her fellow gems to even know that he existed at all, which would be very odd if he was "merely" a familiar to their only leader Rose Quartz, and according to Rose's video to Steven him being a part of Rose Quartz herself made after her passing sounds incredibly unlikely so what else could make him so important? Word of God is "Gems are gems" so the theory that Diamond is only a title that gets associated with a color based on who "earns" it also sounds odd as that would indicate that no gems are actually the gems they seem to be made from and goes directly against the heavy implications that all gems are made with specific purposes in mind.

But what if the Rose surrounding the Pink Diamond's triangle, protecting and ''hiding'' it at it's core, is showing her status of being something akin to a bodyguard or knight (which her shielding abilities and healing tears make her a better candidate for being "made" for either role than leading a race as leaders rarely need to be in the battlefield) to Pink Diamond instead, and Pink Diamond supported Rose's rebellion (as Lion cares enough for Rose he is helping Steven in his own way and his keeping some of her precious belongings safe long after her "death") if not secretly played a bigger part in it's creation himself with Rose making herself the primary figurehead to protect him as is her duty?

What better form for a former leader of a race that leans towards feminine humanoid forms to take when trying to lay low for whatever reason, possibly to wait for his dear protector to be to become of age again which is why he is helping Steven recover Rose's legacy so they can continue some grand plan he made with her ages ago, than an apparently male animal which has the benefit of literally hiding his gem from view if other unwitting gems come across him before the time comes?

Maybe Pearl wasn't wrong in saying Rose never had a lion, since we saw with Lapis Lazuli not all gems can identify each other on sight unless the gems make it obviously known, and maybe Lion does have a proper gem name after all with a rank well suited for "the king of beasts".
* Unless there's something we're missing, this seems to be Jossed, as [[spoiler: Pink Diamond was shattered]].

[[WMG: Alternate to the above, Lion is basically the lion equivalent to Steven.]]
Gems are vastly different than humans in many variety of ways. Would it be that odd if one fell in love with a "King of Beasts"?

[[WMG: Lion is related to the magic moss seen in [[Recap/StevenUniverseS1E14LarsAndTheCoolKids "Lars and the Cool Kids"]]]]
I don't mean this literally of course, what I mean is that the magic moss was simply the precursor to Lion. Rose simply found a way to create a magical lion by studying the moss or at the very least some other magical plant.

[[WMG: Lion used to belong to Pink Diamond.]]
Rose took him because Pink Diamond died or she was mistreating him.

[[WMG: Lion isn't an alien. He's from Earth and was there when Rose Quartz first arrived.]]
He's just as old as her, if not older. Lion is actually the very first true lion in all of existence, with all lions in the world being his descendants. He has powers and is pink because that's the true form of a lion, which just got diluted over the years. Lion is the anomaly that actually first brought Gemkind to Earth, but they kept it a secret. Rose kept him secret too.

[[WMG: Lion was once Greg's cat]]
This theory came from a YouTube comment. When Greg's cat died, Rose cried her healing tears on him and he was revived as Lion. This would explain why the rest of the Crystal Gems didn't know about Lion: he probably lived with Greg initially. Lion is drawn to Steven and wants to protect him because Steven has Rose's gem and Lion is loyal to the Gem that brought him back from the dead. Evidence includes all of the cat supplies in Greg's storage unit. The flaw in this theory is how Lion got away from Greg and wound up in the desert.

[[WMG: Lion is a corrupted Gem.]]
But a successfully-rehabilitated one. Rose ''did'' have the ability to heal a corrupted gem through her hybridization experiments, but it cost the gem its full sapience and made him (her?) into a more utilitarian animal than a Gem; sort of like an idealized pack mule.

[[WMG: Lion was spawned off of Rose, similar to how Gem Monsters create miniature versions of themselves.]]
Several of the different Gem monsters seen so far have had the ability to create miniature versions of themselves for combat. This would suggest that the ability might be innate to certain types of Gems. Lion was created through this method for Steven.

[[WMG: Lion was the first organic/Gem creature hybrid.]]
While not a true Gem, he was created through similar methods of creating Gem lifeforms, while also being organic. Rose created him to see if Gem/organic hybrid life was possible.

[[WMG:Lion was created by Rose from Pink Diamond...on accident. At least partially.]]

It's made abundantly clear that Rose didn't ''want'' to shatter Pink Diamond...so it's not outside the realm of possibility she was crying when she did it.

Rose's tears are shown to not be able to fix shattered Gems...but like Steven, her powers were tied to her emotions. So her SINCERE desire for there to be another way that didn't entail Pink Diamond's death caused something strange to happen, possibly combined with Pink Diamond being...well, a DIAMOND.

Somehow, some way, her tears were altered by her emotions and resulted in Pink Diamond's shards becoming something more than just a pile of lifeless shards. That something was what, either by accident or Rose realizing it and doing something on her own, ultimately resulted in Lion's existence and Pink Diamond, in some capacity, living on. So in a sense, Lion could be seen as Pink Diamond's {{Reincarnation}}.

This is also why he doesn't have a visible Gem: he was born from either Pink Diamond's data directly or from her shards, and thus not her whole complete Gem.

[[WMG: Lion was Pink Pearl.]]
Pearls are considered high-quality gems with no citizenship, acting as decoration and servants to high ranking gems. Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond are shown to possess their own Pearls (apply named "Yellow Pearl" and "Blue Pearl"). Each of the Pearls presented in the show (including the Crystal Gems Pearl should she belong to White Diamond) are tinted the color of their owner, have hair and clothes mildly resemble the shape of their master's clothes and have the placements of their gems on the same spot as their owners. According to Peridot, Pearls are meant for "holding [their] stuff for [them]", which could possibly allude to Pearl's ability to store objects inside a pocket dimension in her gem, thus it is assumed that all Pearls have this ability. Who else has such an ability?

This theory presents the idea that Lion was - in fact - a Pink colored pearl lost on earth and loyal to Rose Quartz. So why a Lion? Odds are, nearly all other gems shown on the show were originally humanoid and coherent, but somehow became corrupted and started turning into monsters. In "Monster Buddies" Garnet claimed that Rose tried to repair these corrupted gems, so it is fairly possible that at some point between the end of the war and Steven's birth, Rose found Lion and was able to tame "him" much like how Steven was able to befriend the Centipeetle Mother. She would then use Lion's ability to store objects in "his" mane and keep some of her more precious items safely.


As a side note, we really should look at the fics on this page more often so this doesn't happen again, as several of them were dormant, one was dead, and three (four if you count "The Wrath Of Topaz") were deleted! And [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking "Yellow Diamond's Invincible Adventure" went almost]] ''[[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking a year]]'' [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking with "Invincible" as "Invincable"!]]

Teen Boat baby, oh yeah! Teen Boat honey, that's right! Teen Boat, Teen Boat, oh what a Dream Boat!

Not related to VideoGame/{{Portal 2}} or VideoGame/Portal2Repercussions.

[[MindScrew I am not at all sure what is going on here.]] But Roleplay/{{Glowfic}} is awesome and needs more eyes on it because the tvtropes entry is kind of weird because most of the people editing it are inexperienced. Or have bad English.


I think the No Mercy path might qualify as SpringtimeForHitler (it tries to be unsatisfying and is practically littered with neon signs telling you to abort it and spare something yet it ended up being one of the most well-known and well-liked aspects of the game), gonna draft a possible trope entry here:
* The No Mercy path in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}''. It serves mostly as a deconstruction of grinding in [=RPGs=] and is made to be very unsatisfying both emotionally and in terms of gameplay. It's a bleak tragety-horror where you're the monster causing the misery of others with the goal to KillEmAll, and the game gives you several very explicit signs that you should at least boot yourself to a neutral run. It also punishes you with two difficult bosses, one of which intentionally relies on FakeDifficulty. Despite this, the path ended up getting roughly just as much, if not ''more'' attention as the pacifist and especially various neutral paths. Not helping matters is that the final boss of the run is also highly popular largely ''because'' of the boss fight itself,

[[ShallowParody Then there's... this... thing...]]
* "Racist Mario," (NSFW) a ''VideoGame/MarioKart'' parody about Mario going insane and killing everybody in gory fashions because he's racist against all of the third-party characters added. If you asked "What third-party characters?" then you've just made the trope's point. ''Mario Kart 8'' had a few downloadable crossover characters, but they were all from Nintendo, while the extras here are just from other random companies. It's also pretty unlikely that it's referring to the arcade-only installments, which ''do'' have crossover (with Namco Bandai). It hardly seems like a ''Mario Kart'' parody so much an excuse to try to cram in violence for humor and throw some digs towards Nintendo.

[[quoteblock]] Text that you want to quote [[/quoteblock]].

[[folder:I Am Blue]]
If I was green I would die.

[[folder:Me Being a Dick]]

* {{Anvilicious}}:
** ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' tries to give a ''genuine'' aesop (as it's the StylisticSuck ''SBIG'', this is rather rare) about being more aware of what you're ''actually'' doing versus what you ''say'' you're doing, never be quick to lump up anyone you disagree with as a sort-of hive mind enemy, and don't shelter yourself off from criticism. (And also not to let yourself get brainwashed by social media.) It does this by having Gravity Falls tear itself into two extreme opposing sides, both of which are ultimately shown to be in the wrong. The problem with this is that it ''roughly takes up half the story'', and the in-universe controversy of the Stan vs Melody election has to share screentime with... well, an action-themed storyline about ''preventing evil robot knockoffs of the main characters from causing the apocalypse'', so it feels rather forced in and a huge momentum killer.
** Fan admitted that ''361 Striking Degrees'' piled on the "don't automatically hate change" message a little too blatantly, and kind of over-promoted The Power of Teamwork as well.
* CanonDiscontinuity: Well, fan fic discontinuity. Of his "linked" continuities.
** Fan explicitely stated that ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'' does not take place in the same verse as any other stories he wrote as of him saying that, and the chances of it getting any future CanonWelding are extremely slim. While it references a lot of his other stories (mostly to urge readers to read ''them'' instead), most of the time it gets references is through a joke on how terrible it is. Particularly the old version, which he became [[OldShame ashamed]] of for its bashing-like nature and a ridiculous UnwantedHarem subplot where ''Harold'' suddenly had ''eight'' of the female contestants crushing after him. And the rewrite mostly exists to ''also'' make fun of the old version. According to him, his own regret towards that story even ended up turning him off of harems and [[LauncherOfAThousandShips Thousand Ship-Launchers]] in general -- hence why ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' portrays Naruto's "harem takeover" as a bad thing, and why ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' seems to be set up to kill as many Dipper ships as possible.
** GPF is even harsher towards ''496 Reasons Why Multidating is More Complicated than it Seems''. It is one of the very few stories that he had outright discontinued -- although he did write a half-hearted ending that involved traveling around GPF's other works leading up to the finale and gathering all the characters together to get the BigBad. Despite the ContinuityCavalcade in said joke ending, ''496'' itself isn't referenced at all and Fan even outright stated that he tries to even mention it as little as possible. (His reasoning is that ''at least'' he feels comfortable enough with TDWTR to make fun of it.) It even reached the point where he said that ''Bl:oo** The remake of ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' was ret-conned into being the fic's definitive version. The original webcomic ''was'' going to be part of the ''SBIG'' continuity, but this was eventually retconned as Fan felt ashamed of several aspects of it. Another reason is that he thought it became way too ''pointlessly'' complicated to search, and had a very unfocused plot that jumped around a lot and had too many unnecessary characters.
* ContinuityLockout:
** Even his more complex stories tend to only have one recap each ''if you're lucky'' (with the original ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'', with a total of five recaps (although he only ever finished the first and final ones), and ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'', with one recap per season, being the only fics with more) and
** Getting into his ''Gravity Falls'' works? You should probably read ''run:gifocalypse'' first. What's that? You're not interested? Well... don't say we didn't warn you when he throws on over fourteen new characters roughly within one chapter. RG introduces the copies at a much slower, more reasonable pace.
* DeconstructionFic: While he says he's more fond of reconstructions, that does not stop him from getting more deconstructive from time to time.
** ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' staddles between this and a full-blown TakeThat at harem WishFulfillment "powerful [lead character]" fics ([[SelfDeprecation mostly due to Fan's own Old Shame]]) by portraying someone (in this case Naruto, a common subject of these types of stories) gaining some extreme power, a large amount of women, and control over the village as a bad thing. Naruto becomes a childish dictator thanks to the sheer overpowered abilities he's simply born with, and the focus is on a number of survivors trying to ([[spoiler:and eventually succeeding with]]) taking him down and restoring order to the world. The fic also goes over that if such stories try to play HardWordHardlyWorks straight... well, let's just say that Fan mentions hard work a lot ''for a reason''.
** ''Escape From Fanservice Island'' does this twofold, one towards the beginning and a different one towards the end. Interestingly, when one is at work, the other is handled in more of a reconstruction-y manner. Neither of which are exactly exclusive to ''Gravity Falls'', but fandoms in general.
*** The first is at the DracoInLeatherPants trope. In short, [...] The story does, however, end with some kind of middle ground: Fan doesn't think there's anything inherantly wrong with redemption in of itself, so long as there is an actual development towards it and the character doesn't just jump from an asshole to a sobbing, regretful wreck in the span between canon's events and the fic's events.
*** The second is towards contrived "Embarassed Naked Female (or Male)" stories, or any general fanservice that focuses on humiliation of being exposed in public. While the cast is on the island, it's at AffectionateParody levels -- Soos lampshades that he was not expecting a story where ''both'' the men and women end up in the buff, pointing out how American sitcoms (particularly animated ones like ''Family Guy'') tend to do the former more while anime tends to do the latter. After some jokes about how overly-contrived it is, the nudity immediately takes a backseat and the characters quickly just lose all shame completely. Then they leave the island and end up in public where they have to avoid cops, things change. The fic spends that first bit of them trying to make it to Piedmont going over how a NakedPeopleTrappedOutside situation would ''not'' be fun, not be sexy, and instead a horribly painful and scarring experience. While this only really applies for chapter 9, the rest of the story does not bother trying to reconstruct it. GPF reportedly did this because he had a preference towards ShamelessFanserviceGirl[=s=], but he got the idea that the ReluctantFanserviceGirl was ''far'' more popular. He wanted to write something where the readers are supposed to ''genuinely sympathize'' with the character(s, in this case six) being forced in the situation instead of oggling them.
* RatedMForMoney:
** ''Escape From Fanservice Island'' fell under this. Once upon a time, when first drafting the very basics of its plan, it ''may'' have started as a parody of AuthorAppeal fic with the specific goal to "make a deliberately shitty excuse to have as much naked [=.GIFfany=] butt as possible (and Melody, Darlene, and Pyronica because why not; throw in Soos, Stan, and Ford too)," by the time he so much as started writing the first chapter he had a clear focus on the actual plot. And the plot is surprisingly complex for a fic just meant to jab at fics that only serve as SelfFanservice -- no less than two fakeout villains before the ''real'' final BigBad is revealed, a lot of playing with AnachronicOrder (as part of leaving Fan's comfort zone, the main seven characters also split up a lot), ChekhovsArmory all over the place, every thing is foreshadowed, an overarching mystery, a number of somewhat obscure references to canon, and a sudden explosion in character count once the main group finally leaves the island. This trope comes in with the end result -- take out the forced in nudity jokes and EFFI could actually be something remotely teen-friendly, if not kid-friendly if you remove [=.GIFfany=]'s intentionally jarring and out-of-place swearing. Hell, near the beginning the summary mentioned that the story ''could'' have passed for a T-rating if Fan reviewed it again and changed his mind, although the "massage" in chapter 2 made him put his foot down on M. The trope comes into play in that EFFI mostly just crams in ass- and breast-related humor to justify having an M rating, and only has that rating to try to see if he can bait people into reading something that just comes off as pure fanservice.
* ShipSinking:
** He openly confessed that one of the side-goals to the StylisticSuck ''The Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' was to eventually kill off '''all''' of the remotely popular Dipper pairings, just to see if he could. The epilogue implies that he finds love in the form of a new roommate in a ''Big Bang Theory''-esque scenario when he moves to an apartment ten years in the future, but when it comes to the canon characters he has no such luck. In rough chronological order:
*** Bill/Dipper is not only sunk, but mocked in the third chapter when Gideon tries to give Bill a physical form without any sort of riftway. He fails horribly, and instead makes a teenage human clone of Bill explicitely called "Not-Bill" that quickly goes {{yandere}} for Dipper for no reason. This pisses the ''real'' Bill off -- he sees Not-Bill as a mockery of him, and once he (through possessing Gideon) takes care of Not-Bill, he states that he finds the idea of being paired with Dipper ridiculous. A later chapter says that he doesn't even consider Dipper that much of an important enemy, and that if he got his goals, he'd just leave two of his mooks to eat him -- which is exactly what he does near the end of canon.
*** Not only are Dipper and Pacifica [[spoiler:revealed to be biological brother and sister in this universe]], even if ''[[SurpriseIncest that]]'' was ignored chapter 6 has a scenario where the BigBad threatens to cause an apocalypse if they don't kiss. They first hesitate because of aformentioned [[spoiler:biological relation]], but this eventually leads to a full-blown argument when Pacifica comes to the realization that she does ''[[IJustWantToBeNormal not]]'' like the idea of seeking out dangerous supernatural threats at all, and wouldn't want Dipper to do the same if they became closer. (It helps that, in this fic's timeline, the last supernatural adventure she went on was the 1,000-room hellhouse of ''VideoGame/SpookysJumpScareMansion''.) Dipper strongly disagrees and sees a future for himself where he's ghost hunting. This escalates -- especially when Mabel is dragged along -- until [[spoiler:they unknowingly run out of time before the "kiss" (in their defense, said Big Bad never told them they were on a time limit), and thus causing the Typomonster to bring forth the Mechanical Bosses]].
*** And any chances of him ending up with Candy is taken care of in chapter 8,
*** The very last part before the epilogue randomly sinks Dipper/Wendy when the former confesses to the latter, only to find out that she's already started a relationship with Tambry out of nowhere. Wendy laughs off the idea of being together anyway and calls him out for the levels in jerkass he took during the second half of ''Journals''. (And he ''does'' take a level in jerkass during chapters 6-10.)
** Another, more effort-given ''Gravity Falls'' fanwork -- ''Escape From Fanservice Island'' -- has GPF intentionally break his rules about not trying to overly glorify certain villainous characters and wanted to see if he could pull an AlternativeCharacterInterpretation out of his ass for some villains. Chapters 2-4 can be read in any order. Those that read them in numberical order would find that the chapters go out of their way to imply mending relationships and setting up [[ThreesomeSubtext Soos/.GIFfany/Melody]] and Stan/Darlene. [[spoiler:From the fifth chapter, the story kind of laughs off these ideas, but leaves them ambiguous by the end anyway.]] You'd think that the fourth chapter, focused on Ford and Pyronica, would follow as well, right? Hell no. [[spoiler:Pyronica remains an active, major villain without much of an excuse backstory, down to the point where she almost manages to hijack the plot from the real Big Bad.]]
** ''Total Zeksmit'' completely sinks Bridgette/Ezekiel when it's revealed that this verse's Bridgette is only into other women, and slowly sinks Ezekiel/Izzy when it becomes clearer that neither of them see each-other in that way, and Ezekiel even sort of roots for her to end up with Bridgette.
** Both versions of ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' are ship massacres,
* SpringtimeForHitler:
** ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'' spent several years as his most-reviewed story (not saying that much, it was at 20 while nothing else even broke 8), despite him regretting the original version. He remade it, first to tone down on Harold and Ezekiel's Gary Stu-ishness while also toning down on the bashing... then he got the idea to make everything after the first Aftermath as shitty and full of ShockingSwerve[=s=] as possible that people would be turned off of it, hopefully redirecting them another story he wrote.
** ''Bobby Hill's Minecraft Harem Adventure'' was supposed to be another shitty
* TakeThat:
** Fan says that his all-time biggest fan fiction pet-peeve is TheStationsOfTheCanon, '''especially''' if the author resorts to reusing the same dialogue word-for-word. He's been relatively quiet about that in-story for the most part because he could not exactly figure out ''how'' to make fun of it, but he eventually found a few ways:
*** His short MS Paint ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' comic ''JUST DO SOMETHING NEW ALREADY!'' starts out in some hypothetical "final battle" between Steven and White Diamond where the former is sent back to the events of "Gem Glow" just as the latter is about to shatter him, and he's explicitely told by the same "excuse plot force" that did so that this is distinct from the way his previous time-travelling device worked and he ''can'' alter events without them happening again anyway. So what does Steven do? Nothing different. For the whole series. And when it seems like he ''finally'' has a chance to change an even (IE taking Peridot early and keeping her limb enhancers), contrivance gets in the way of it anyway (he tries to KO her with his shield, but his shield misses and ). The story's "attempts" at being "original" just amounts to constantly going into Steven's thoughts as he basically keeps saying something along the lines of "I ''could'' change [X event], but [reason] so I won't."

* ShallowParody:
** ''naruto the guy with the ninja'' crosses this with CluelessAesop, oddly. The fic is supposed to be a large jab at WishFulfillment "smart powerful etc etc Naruto" harem fics, except it's a bit limited by virtue of Fan keeping it a "T" rating. The result is that Naruto is indirectly not allowed to be too explicit. He swears and yells in practically every sentence and acts ''considerably'' less mature than most fics usually portray Naruto, as if he's supposed to represent the ''authors'' of those kind of works rather than their writing of Naruto. (And said "authors" are apparently [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Caliborn]] expies.) Also, the story tries to enforce that he's doing a bad thing by explicitely making the "harem" part of his brainwashing, when a few of the works just write the girls being in to him. Fan outright admits that his ''Naruto'' research isn't even up-to-date -- he's massively behind on the series aside from the results of him [[SpoilerHound spoilering himself]], so he focuses mainly on the early arcs.
** Whenever he parodies creepypasta, it usually comes off closer to this. ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'' has "Creepypasta Sonic," who is a weak joke
** Professor Wendy in ''run:gifocalypse'' and her whole domain is some kind of parody of "large internet fandom" movements (''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'', for example), namely by having her and her students treat ''King of the Hill'' like a masterpiece and obsess over it. Thanks to the way the story is structured, this isn't really explored beyond mentions of there being a lot of [=AUs=] and the like. Professor Wendy's gimmick isn't really like anything you'd see in a large fandom -- she cites episodes by specifying the season number, episode number, and saying the title, as though she's using them as some sort of source in an article.


* Ezekiel is ''Total Drama''[='=]s first-ever contestant to get kicked off. His next major role after that was to pick on his fanbase by making him annoying, kicking him off first again, and having him become feral. He's the main antagonist of ''Total Drama World Tour Rewrite'' and hosts his own really fucking bizarre AU of ''Total Zeksmit''. (Although he's an idiot there.) Meanwhile, I specifically set it as a rule to try not to have any previous main villains also act as the villains of my fan-competitions.
* Rip Van Winkle, a one-off villain from ''Hellsing'' that Alucard pretty easily beats, is one of the most important characters in ''Hecksing Ulumate Crconikals'', and purposefully overpowered. Meanwhile, the actual main antagonist -- the Major -- is overshadowed by the Overseer (although granted, in HUC he gets one hell of a final fight while Overseer's battle is the shortest chapter in ''SBIG'' history).
* Nepeta Leijon jokingly has "her importance" switched with Vriska in the ''Homestuck'' works in general, ''Sweet Jade and Hella John'' and ''Housestuck Hurrcain Crconikals'' specifically. She's also immortal in ''SBIG'' thanks to the events of ''Spooky's''. This all kind of started as a joke and exploded until it's practically a garuntee that she has some kind of "behind-the-scenes manipulation" in whatever. In the original comic she spends like 90% of it being canon fodder.

This is absolutely not anything new and not anything soley restricted to [=.GIFfany=]. ''run:gifocalypse'' just happened to be the first that A: I finished ''and'' B: isn't intentionally poorly written. (HUC and HHC fit A, but not B.)

Peridot is "too major" to fit the criteria. Also I just don't really like her that much.


!! We're starting to leave the dickishness...

* SupermanStaysOutOfGotham:
** ''Crconikals'' verse:
*** While they ''do'' quickly get the likes of several trolls with psychic powers and some pretty high technology on their side, the Rainbow Crew is still usually outclassed by Hecksing in every way. [[spoiler:Especially while Alucard's alive... and even ''moreso'' once Rip permanently joins.]] None of the main humans have any kind of abilities to help them out, and when John and Jade ''do'' learn fire and ice powers it comes from scrolls they bought from Dracula. Hecksing would likely completely mop the floor with the various enemies that the Rainbow Crew encounters, including the Troll Empress and the Felt, except that they're off in the [[CriticalResearchFailure United Kingdoms of London]] dealing with the Millennium while the Crew does most of their work in Chicago. The chapter focused on the two groups crossing over and meeting (as Hecksing took a vacation to Chicago at the moment and happened to find the Rainbow Crew while they were fighting pirates) also hangs a note that Hecksing could have just blown through a lot of the various enemies the Crew faces against.
*** The Spartan time travelers could absolutely steamroll any problem and could even make a utopia timeline, given that time travel in this verse just allows for limitless alternate universe creations whenever a StableTimeLoop is violated and has no real downsides whatsoever. They just have strict rules against intentionally making a split timeline -- they do not want their units to become mad with the idea of making a perfect timeline.
** The verse of ''The Eds' [=EDventure=]'' justifies why, say, Isaac and co never find out about the evil shit the Kanker sisters had been doing and just go over there, espeically as Isaac is actually biologically related to Ed. Most of these stories in the world span different decades -- the ''Ed, Edd n Eddy''-related stuff takes place in the 1980s. While Isaac's story and LiteralSplitPersonality begins some time between ''[=EDventure=]'' and its direct StealthSequel ''Zombie Attack!'', they don't become established demon hunters until they enter their late twenties, which occurs in the 2000s. ''Another'' ten years later, the ''Homestuck'' cast gets involved with the events of ''Kids Fit the Trolls''. And further in the future still, the "Six Sages" get together to start researching. However, by the last group, they have time travel -- the trope comes in to play when how they ''only'' use that time travel to help the ''Homestuck'' crew, and conveniently only when the HS cast gets overwhelmed by the Crossover Crystal. Edd is forced to fight the Kankers' ZombieApocalypse on his own, as is the Isaac family with Satan attacking the beach.

* TheEndingChangesEverything:
** The end of ''run:gifocalypse''. [[spoiler:[=.GIFfany=] isn't nearly as Love Makes You Stupid-struck as the fic had been implying and was actually something of a chessmaster. She faked having actually redeemed herself to some degree and her whole act near the end was just to finally get closer to Soos without being glitched up and without being in the debt of her other copies.]]


* BaseBreakingCharacter:
** Ninthee is either an interesting, original antagonist with a surprising amount of depth or a walking "piss off the player" button that adds little to what is already a complete story, and should have been the ''actual'' final boss instead of the DiscOneFinalBoss. And someone to just repeatedly mash her head in. There really is no middle ground -- players either love her or hate her.
** Singularity, not because of anything about his overall character but the fact that he's the final boss. He either fits well both story-wise (game theme-wise) and gameplay-wise (as he's something of a unique take on a FinalExamBoss) or he doesn't do either -- a major boss that ''isn't'' an Emazh in general, let alone ''the final boss'', comes off as jarring. And the frustrating was it plays out in gameplay. Like his creator Ninthee, there's no middle ground -- you either like him or hate him.
** Alexia has a ''little'' more middle ground than the above two, but that's not saying much. She
* ComplacentGamingSyndrome:
** [Might not RNG the positions of each biome, or the shade/tint/whatever.] Going to your nearest designated green biome (or even trying to brave some of the others to get to the Neutral Green one far away, if your "initial ring" happens to contain a Dark Green or Light Green) is only really recommended to new players just getting their footing and haven't really had a run where they gotten far yet. After being even slightly familiar with the game, it's generally agreed to save the three forests for ''last'', if doing an "every single biome" run, and just stick with the other places first, as they go by much faster.
** When Ninthee is beaten and you're given the options between the four starting weapons for the Second Half, most people generally pick the Shade start to get the ElementalRockPaperScissors with these "Extremes." From there, follow the direct "one is the weakness to another" ''Megaman''-esque chain: Beat the Tint path, then the Tone path, then the Pure path, then the Shade path. This order is so common, ''especially'' among speedrunners, that seeing something else ''not'' done out of a noob move is almost completely bizarre.
** Runners also tend to ''only'' start with the "main rainbow twelve" of biomes in order to get the Rainbow Soulbound as much as possible, because it makes all those other biomes, Ninthee, the Second Half revisiting of the old biomes, Lilith, ''and'' the Four Extremes (both the initial part and the "deep" counterparts) anywhere ranging from "a hell of a lot easier" to "effortless." Finding a "recruit every single Emazh in the entire game" run that doesn't do this is very rare and tends to be limited to a SelfImposedChallenge. It's only after getting the post-Extremes materials to make even better weapons that players switch, as the endgame from Fatephinal onwards is a considerable spike in difficulty.
* DemonicSpiders:
** Slime-type Emazhes. Fitting with Water's tradition, "slime"-like opponenets are actually Metroid-esque life-suckers that latch on to your head and targets your nerves. The game represents this by ''hurting like hell''.
* ThatOneBoss:
** Ninthee. Want to give that smug little {{yandere}} that's been belittling you throughout the entire First Half some karma? You're gonna have to actually try. Much like [[VideoGame/{{Terraria}} the Wall of Flesh]] from one of the game's inspirations, beating Ninthee would mark a point where that run permanently becomes harder. So Water ''really'' doesn't want unprepared players to trigger it and proceed to get stuck being surrounded by and out-commanded by overpowered [=HRTs=]. So, Ninthee's stats are absolute bullshit by First Half standards (granded, many Second Half [=HRTs=] and monsters completely dwarf her, but by that point ''you'' have ''exponentially'' higher stats and an exponentially bigger army than you use to, so it balances out more in a weird way) and her possession-mechanics play out in a completely bizarre way where she moves around through four different walls and you have to fight her with a different gimmick for each wall. However, it all makes everything sweeter when you return with [[spoiler:Kristie herself recruited]] via the Battle Memory Card and give an absolute curb-stomp that leaves you wondering why she gave you trouble in the first place... until you start up a new run and see ''exactly'' why. Much like the Wall of Flesh, you're either ridiculously overprepared or you die -- there is ''no'' middle ground.
** Fatephinal is the closest of the bosses that is an expy of one of the ''Binding of Isaac'' bosses, in this case Hush. It shows. She has a truckload of health compared to all of the previous enemies faced and
** Kristie. In a way, it makes sense given that you are basically fighting the '''god''' of EI's universe. But even with that in mind, she's absolutely ridiculous. She has absolutely every single Ability in the game turned UpToEleven (as that sort-of ''is'' her Ability -- to immediately hold and master the Ability of every single other HRT created) ''and'' she completely boxes you in to her arena (in the form of a debuff literally called Boxed In, as a rainbow barrier appears around the house that absolutely cannot be broken unless she or you loses -- this is distinct from the initial Fatephinal and Ninthee bosses simply forcing you to be in some place to ''start'' a battle, ) so that you can't just teleport to your warm, cozy healing station set up and cheese the fight.
** Singularity, [[spoiler:Ninthee's rogue machine that goes around trying to assimilate the HRT units in some Blue and Orange Morality type of deal]] and the TrueFinalBoss of the whole game. The boss's main gimmick is the fact that [[spoiler:the entire army you've been amassing is suddenly turned against ''you'', and you practically have to start all over. Keep in mind that this game loosely goes by ''Binding of Isaac'' rules, where death boots you to the main menu and you have to start all over again.]]


!! As you can tell from these sheets and alternate selves, I love complexity. Ideally these splits should ALL be necessary

RG and "expansions:"
* [[Characters/RunGifocalypseMysteryShack Mystery Shack]][[note]]Dipper, Mabel, Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy[[/note]]
* [=.GIFfany=] Copies:
** [[Characters/RunGifocalypseProfessors Professors/Main Copies]][[note]]Rose, Kathody, Searah, Sandy, Cardia, Bubbles, Leona, Sonia, Dian, Wendy, Shannon, Burnda, Burrda, Dove, Eve[[/note]]
*** [[Characters/RunGifocalypseGiffany Canonical .GIFfany/The Risen One/The Lightning Goddess/Copy #9]]
** Other Copies:
*** [[Characters/RunGifocalypseOtherCopies1 Arcs 1 and 2: Rose's Domain-Dian's Domain]][[note]]Various "Copy Categories" of the first nine biomes, Audrey 02, Ectoladies, Swimmers, Ritual Gemstones, Butcherers (includes Hato from the original), The Bath-orcycle Gang, Artist Ninjas (includes Michelle, Donna, and Rafaela from the original), The Notes, the Four Hijackers (Daminna, Sizzcorra, Peachaulinsalinaisy, Alma), the Duel of 100 (Wire Untangler, End Bras)[[/note]]
*** [[Characters/RunGifocalypseOtherCopies2 Arc 3 and Misc: Wendy's Domain Onward]][[note]]Other "Copy Categories," Alley Gang, Area Watchovers, Funky Fighters, "Angels," Audrey 01, "Counterparts" (Dark, Light, Desaturated, X), Various Next-Gen Copies including professors (Courtlyn, Violetta), Copy Fusions (Blenda, Assimilation Endgame)[[/note]]
* [[Characters/RunGifocalypseCreatures Creatures and Other Oddities Not Related to .GIFfany]]
* [[Characters/RunGifocalypseOther Human Allies and Enemies]]

* Rainbow Crew:
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsRainbowCrew1 Second-Generation Humans]][[note]]John, Jade, Rose, Dave, Jane, Jake, Roxy, Dirk[[/note]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsRainbowCrew2 Second-Generation "Zodiac" Trolls]][[note]]Aradia, Tavros, Sollux, Karkat, Kanaya, Terezi, Vriska, Equius, Gamzee, Eridan, Feferi[[/note]]
*** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsNepeta Nepeta]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsRainbowCrew3 Second-Generation "Alpha" Trolls]][[note]]Damara, Rufioh, Mituna, Kankri, Meulin, Porrim, Latula, Aranea, Horuss, Kurloz, Cronus, Meenah[[/note]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsRainbowCrew4 First-Generation (Guardians and "Ancestors")]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsRainbowCrew5 Counterparts (Both Generations)]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsRainbowCrew6 Other Rainbow Crew Members]][[note]]Geno, Pikmin Units, Calliope[[/note]]
* Villains:
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsFelt The Felt]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsTrollEmpress The Troll Empress and Associates]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsPrismCrew The Prism Crew]]
** Other ''Hurrcain Crconikals'' Threats:
*** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsVillains1 Seasons 1-3]]
*** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsVillains2 Seasons 4-7]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsVillainsSplit Other]] ''The Split'' Threats
* [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsAllies Other Allies and Neutral Characters]]
** [[Characters/HousestuckHurrcainCrconikalsHank Hank Hill/Homer Simpson/The Sage of Forest]]


The character sheet for [some dumb parody thing]. '''Do note''' that this not only not mark any spoilers for canonical ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' whatsoever, some important events and details might be given away in this sheet itself!

!! Main Seven

[[folder:The Humans in General]]


[[folder:The "Creatures" in General]]

* AscendedExtra: [=.GIFfany=] and Darlene were originally one-offs, and the latter didn't even re-appear in ''Journal 3''. Pyronica isn't exactly a one-off, but she was just one of Bill's several background monsters and only had a few lines for all her appearances. They're all main characters here. [[spoiler:One of them's even the ''true'' Big Bad.]]







* ComicallyMissingThePoint: A RunningGag is that the highly sexual nature of ''Romance Academy 7'' completely flies over his head. He just thinks of the game as being about "talking," and believes



* DivergentCharacterEvolution: As Fan... "elegantly" puts:
-->"Maybe some people might call the canon Melody a 'Female Soos' or something, those same people would sure as hell not call this Melody one."
* {{Flanderization}}: What's bad is that this is compared to ''Journals of Wisdom, Power, and Courage'', an intentionally poorly-written story by the same author. In this case, her perversion from that fic is exaggerated -- . [[spoiler:Seeing as EFFI was intentionally written without much care or effort place in to it compared to Fan's other stories, this is completely intentional.]]


[[folder:[=.GIFfany=] ]]

* BatmanGambit: Her plan in chapter 2 when Soos and Melody try to run away from her is to do absolutely nothing, assuming they'll just return to the spot right away. (The fact that this was at night helped.) After they fail at finding either Stan and have a nasty run-in with the centipede-like monsters, they do in fact return towards her.
* GoodThingYouCanHeal: As her "physical form" is really not so much a complete "body" as it is a large "shell" of hardened mass that she made, she's practically unkillable. Of course she's the one that gets subjected to things that would normally kill someone else, and always with a MajorInjuryUnderreaction.
* MsFanservice: Even compared to Melody and Darlene. She's the only one of the main seven with an actual redesign (which is justified, as EFFI's plot would be a hell of a lot harder if she was a [=2D=] sprite limited to computer programs -- what isn't is her inexplicable ''high height'' and larger bust),
* ObligatorySwearing: Fan enforced this -- she and her copies are the only characters in EFFI allowed to actually swear, simply because GPF thought it would be funny that ''she'' of all people was foul-mouthed. Melody lampshades this the first time she cusses.





* JerkWithAHeartOfJerk: [=.GIFfany=] and Darlene get HeelFaceTurn[=s=]. However, everything about her mostly serves to paint her as worse and worse of a person. Parodied in chapter 4 when she first appears to be breaking down crying, but this is really because of something that amounts to "I was trying to take over the world and you wouldn't let me!"
* WalkingSpoiler: The fact that, unlike [=.GIFfany=] and Darlene, she's ''genuinely'' evil from beginning to end


!! Antagonists

[[folder:Island Inhabitants]]

While Fanservice Island has a number of regular creatures, there are four native species (Six counting each color variation of the Boundry Guardians) in particular that... ''aren't''.

!! In General

* OurMonstersAreWeird: Centipedes where each eye has their own lids! Snakes with four legs that each branch out to two hooves! Flying pig-faced rabbit beasts! And then, of course, killer giant domes with lines of eyes out in the middle of the ocean! Fan swears he's a teetotaler, but creatures like that could make one question his drug use anyway.

!! Boundry Guardians

A trio of ''massive'' hemisphere-shaped... [[EldritchAbomination things]] that border Fanservice Island in a triangle pattern far out in the ocean. They're okay with anything coming in, but will flip their lid at anything "weird" trying to come out.

!! Toxipedes

A species of red insect-like beings that can poison others. They lurk in the woods.

!! Stomp Snakes

A species of green quadruped snakes (where each leg also branches in to two hooved feet) that can launch homing, somewhat robotic spikes at others. They lurk in the caves.

!! Arcpigsker

A species of blue pig-bird-rabbit hybrid things that lurk in the volcanic part of the island.

* MythologyGag: Basically, they're (''much'' smaller in Pigman's case) hybrids of the three villains from ''Simpsons Meet Brandy and Mr. Whiskers''.


[[folder:[=.GIFfany=] Copies]]

!! In General

[[caption-width-right:300:'''WELCOME TO THE BASEMENT!''']]

!! Copy #9/"Dove"

[[caption-width-right:300:FUUUUCK YEAH! I bet when you found out [=.GIFfany=]'s dad was an octopus you were thinking "Oh man that's a hentai joke!" WELL GUESS WHAT, MOTHERFUCKERS! THINK LESS TENTABANG AND MORE '''MOTHERFUCKING CTHULHU!''']]

A copy of note with gray skin, black hair, and a foul mouth. She is an expert at legal analysis and encourages the other copies to challenge [=.GIFfany=] #1's leadership position. It's never stated outright, but it's implied that she's something of an expy of Professor Dove from GPF's earlier ''run:gifocalypse'', who shares an appearance and personality. The only change is that, for plot reasons, Dove and [=.GIFfany=] "Prime's" numbers have swapped.



!! Zeskit the Troll

* AttentionWhore: He basically did most of his trollish pranks to the main characters just so that they would be focused on him. He knew about the Cultist ahead of time, he just wanted them to focus on him more than her. It worked, at the cost of basically slashing nearly all of his life expectancy.
* WarmupBoss: He's the first ''real'' threat that isn't just some sort of island animal.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''']]

!! Zephieye Smith/The Lightning Cultist

A woman who claimed to have heard the voice of a god after being struck by lightning during a storm. Since this incident, she founded her own cult built around looking for electronics to find the key to divinity through them. After looking through Gravity Falls, she believes she finally found two potential key candidates...

* AwesomeMcCoolName: Her birth name is, in fact, a derivative of "zephyr," although her last name is considerably more mundane.
* ChekhovsMIA: [=.GIFfany=] talks about her a lot, and other characters mention people that turn out to be her all along. She later shows up at chapter 6 -- in person. She's "appeared" in chapters 2, 3, and 4, but was obscured by the ball of light she was using to fight Zeskit.
* TheChessmaster: She's basically the reason why the main seven ended up in the island in the first place. Zeskit, of all people, ended up being the SpannerInTheWorks, and his "trolling" was basically the only reason why she didn't end up taking over the world.
* ClimaxBoss: She's faced nearly halfway through the fic, and her battle marks a turning point where the main characters actually ''leave the island while there's still a good five chapters left to go.''
* ContraltoOfDanger: Averted with her normal voice, which is apparently "borderline kind of squeaky," but she gains a '''very''' deep VoiceOfTheLegion when powering up for her battle.
* EmpoweredBadassNormal: A human who knows how to give herself freaky cult/technology themed powers, to the point where [=.GIFfany=] remarks that ''she'' should be worshipping Zephieye instead of the other way around.
* ExpressiveAccessory: Her mask inexplicably changes its eye hole shape to look more like it's glaring angrilly when she's ready to battle.
* {{Expy}}: Of the Lunatic Cultist from ''VideoGame/{{Terraria}}'', given how both of them gain power from a tablet, wear similar outfits, and summon things after their defeat. She even uses a clone-related attack similar to, but distinct from, the Cultist's move.
* KnightOfCerebus: In her appearance on chapter 6, ''Escape From Fanservice Island'' turns from a lighthearted ass-fest with an ExcusePlot to a much more focused, serious story.
* TheNapoleon: WordOfGod is that she's the shortest of the main cast (composed of herself, Zeskit, the Stan twins, Soos, Melody, [=.GIFfany=], Darlene, and Pyronica), but barely. She's still
* WithMyDyingBreathISummonYou: Summons expies of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse after the finishing blow is dealt to her.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character''']]

!! The Skeltaur Knights

!! Faminehorse, Destroyer of Food

!! Pestilencehorse, Destroyer of Health

!! Warhorse, Destroyer of Piece

!! Deathhorse, Destroyer of Life


!! Other

[[folder:''Heavensong: Ultimate Cronicles'' Cast]]



A man often talked about by Soos, but never seen in-story. According to Soos, very few people actually like this guy.


[[folder:Great Pikmin Fan]]

The AuthorAvatar of the guy who wrote the story. He's first found in the middle of the ocean, drowning.

* {{Expy}}: The start of his cameo plays out similar to the introduction of [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Kankri Vantas.]] Just swap out "troll social issues" with "can't stop talking about his own fan fiction and original stories to save his life."
* SelfDeprecation:
** As usual, his dialet is an exaggeration of Fan's online typing style. He overuses commas and words like "although," "basically," and "technically." And if he just learned a new word, he's quick to try to cram that wherever he can -- even if it's used incorrectly.
** His main role is to poke fun at how convoluted and bizarre his works are. And his tendency to constantly talk about them rather than himself or even his interests.
** The gag about [=.GIFfany=] being left completely speechless and actively wanting to get away from him is basically Fan's way of saying that even a machine literally coded to be interested in whatever its player does wouldn't like what he writes.
* WallOfText: What he usually speaks in. Well, if you ask him about his KudzuPlot-filled, [[DoorStopper Door-Stopping]] stories.


[[folder:Bank Bill, Guardian of the Jungle]]

The villain of an extra "bonus chapter."




[[AllTheWorldsAreAStage All The Games Are A Stage]]



[[quoteblock]] Jo wanted to yell, but she didnít get the chance because, at that moment, the Tallest Boy in the Entire World walked in and Joís jaw hit the floor.
Reddish-blond hair like springs. Arms and legs like a stork. Blue eyes the size of dinner plates, a comparison Jo was especially proud of as it let her imagine the freckles sprinkled liberally over his nose as the result of someone going crazy with a pepper shaker, and wasnít that a brilliant image right there. [[/quoteblock]]

''So I Guess We're All Stuck Here'' (pending title) is a fanfic by C-E, which, strangely enough, is something of a crossover between ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents,'' ''VideoGame/TheGreatGianaSisters,'' ''VideoGame/MegaManClassic,'' ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse,'' ''WesternAnimation/{{Supernoobs}},'' and ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}.''

(Also, ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'')


** The announcement of the ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' figures, to an extent. Many people are excited for it, but others are exclaiming that it's way too soon for the show to receive a set (ignoring that the show is already in its fourth season and that ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo'' and ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls2016'', two shows that are either only a few months older or ''are'' a few months old, respectively, are already confirmed for them). Others are fine with the show receiving one, but worry that the figs will ignore the characters' body diversities, or that the level pack will take the ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' route and be based on an episode from the beginning of the show, or that Garnet [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking won't have any new lines due to Estelle being too busy to voice her.]]

[[purple: What did you expact? Sportaflop?]]

''Film/{{Dirty Grandpa}}''

''So, you guys like Minecraft?''

'''Compare''' {{Terraria}}. Not to be confused with [[AccidentalMisnaming Minceraft]].

Administrivia/{{Renamed Trope|s}}

BioPic BookEnds

''Happy Birthday, Nyx'' is a fanfiction by Jus Sonic, taking place in his version of the ''My Little Pony Friendship is Magic'' universe.

Following on from ''Curse of The Demon Pony'' and ''Ben's First Day'', Twilight decides to throw Nyx a birthday party and takes her to Canterlot while everyone else in Ponyville prepares her birthday party. While this is happening, a mysterious creature crash lands in Fluttershy's garden...

* ActorAllusion: Jus Sonic's "cast list" features Matt Smith playing Doctor Whooves. Matt Smith, at the time of the fanfic's writing, was the then-current actor to play the Doctor in ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* BirthdayEpisode: The fic centres around organising and celebrating Nyx's birthday.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Pinkie Pie mentions that they are getting a third season.
* CharacterExaggeration: Pinkie's fouth wall breaking behaviour. While she has demonstrated cartoonish behaviour in the television series, she has never directly [[MediumAwareness referenced the fact thay they are in a television programme divided into seasons]].
* ContinuityNod:
** Diamond Tiara is still grounded following the events of ''BensFirstDay''.
** Big Mac mentions the events of "Read it and Weep" when the Cutie Mark Crusaders spread gossip about everyone in Ponyville and consequently earnt the ire of everyone.
* DeusExMachina: Derpy crash lands in the Apples' barn and smashes a vial containing a potion which instantly restores the barn's party decorations. It just so happens the potion was an instant party potion.
* EarlyBirdCameo: Shining Armor is seen to possess a book on "Crystal Ponies", a reference to the then-upcoming third season of ''My Little Pony Friendship is Magic''.
* EasilyForgiven: The Cutie Mark Crusaders break and enter and are told off by Applejack, only for her to be told off by Big Mac saying that is acting no better than when she was giving the CMC the cold shoulder in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac forgives the CMC for ''breaking and entering''.
* {{Hypocrite}}: Big Mac compares Applejack telling off the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the way she acted toward them after they spread rumours about everyone in "Read it and Weep". Big Mac has no right to call her out for this as he too wanted nothing to do with the CMC after their behaviour in that episode.
* IdiotPlot: It is pointed out that Nyx was not born biologically, so Twilight picks a date of Nyx's birthday that is only a few days away. The stress Twilight put on everyone else could have been avoided if Twilight had picked a later date.
* ShoutOut:
** The pony authors who decide to write Nyx's life story for her birthday were named after a pair of fanfic writers on Deviantart.
** Nyx comments that "Past Sins" would be a good name for a book. ''Fanfic/PastSins'' was the fanfic where Nyx originated from, and she also gets a book entitled "Past Sins" for her birthday.
** At one point, Phobos the Moon Dragon (the mysterious creature Fluttershy takes in) looks at a storybook of ''The Ugly Duckling''. This is based on a similar scene in ''Lilo and Stitch''. It also does not help that the creature, like Stitch, is from outer space. Or that a fanartist who did a [http://www.deviantart.com/art/Equestria-Girls-Remake-437695285 poster] for one of [=JusSonic's=] later stories based Phobos's appearance on Stitch.
** Rainbow Dash's present to Nyx is a pair of "Dasheresque" sunglasses, a reference to the another of the author's fanfics.

* Series/TwoTwoSeven

* VideoGame/XCOM2
* VideoGame/{{XCOM 2}}
* VideoGame/XCom2
* VideoGame/Xcom2

* IfYouKnowWhatIMean

-->[[VideoGame/HardTime "That may not be a 'long' time, but it will be HARD time! You'll be lucky if you survive!"]]

Something something about [[DarthWiki/WikiSandbox "We need to talk about parallel universes."]]


''[[Film/TheManWhoSavesTheWorld Turkish Star Wars]]''


Trying my hand with WikiWord please don't mind me.
* [[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2]]

Testing [[note]]tenuously related or humourous aside[[/note]]

* Film/ApogeeOfFear
* VideoGame/KrisisReinaDeArgenzuela
* NiceMeanAndInbetween
* NiceMeanAndInBetween
%% *ZeroContextExample
Mahō Shōjō

* Film/TheSurvivalist



[[folder: Hello Biscuit!]]
* Biscuits
** With gravy!



[[folder:I Shit You Not, THIS Game is Real]]

''Wild Woody'' is a 1995 Sega CD platformer

A rare coincidental event causes an ancient totem pole to come to life, with five of its six heads going in to different worlds to cause chaos. Lowman, the bottom of the pole and the TokenGoodTeammate, decides to bring a pencil to life to act as a soldier to save the day -- enter Woody ('''WIIIIILLLLLD''' Woody), a living pencil with the ability to bring his drawings to life. Woody


* ArtInitiatesLife: Woody has the ability to draw something, which comes to life.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: In the end, Woody lampshades that there will only be another adventure for him if the game sells "a zillion units."
* GangplankGalleon: The first world.
* GettingCrapPastTheRadar:
** The entire game appears to be part of a contest to see how many penis-related jokes can be slipped past the radar.
** A ''very'' hidden EasterEgg will replace the mermaid drawing


[[folder:I Shit You Not, The YMMV]]

* BestKnownForTheFanservice: Topless mermaid easter egg. In a game aimed at kids. This overshadows just about everything else in the game. Said game would have otherwise just been brushed off as another mediocre-to-bad platformer otherwise.
* SoBadItsGood: The cutscenes have ''not'' aged well, but they are... ''greatly enhanced'' by the bizarre, exaggeration motions Woody makes.
-->'''Woody:''' Call me Woody. '''''WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLD WOODY!'''''


[[NightmareFuel/{{Pikmin}} Spooks/Pikmin:]]
** Most enemies in the game leave ghosts behind when they die. The Waterwraith does ''not''. The chances of this being unintentional are very slim.
* Consider that throughout the series, practically every enemy that's beaten is killed. Complete with a little ghost coming from them in most cases. Granted, creatures like Honeywisps and their expies, Nectarous Dandelflies, simply leave after being hit. But this is a hostile entity that can actually take a beating... and it is unambiguously the ''only'' such hostile creature that ''can not'' be killed. There's some very off about a game where most powerful beasts still end up dead having a final boss that is, for all intents and purposes, immortal.


{{Cold Cereal}}

[[folder:Testing, Testing, 1,2,3]]
Testing, Testing, 1,2,3
* TextFormatingRules



[[caption-width-right:350:Just a few of Hell Universe's creations.]]
->''"The Hell Universe, a place where realities and worlds combine in an otherworldly dance of comedy, memes and references. And then there's Steven..."''
-->-- '''Hell Universe Channel Description'''

''[[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW6voH15xjAj69Ck-F_LwGQ/featured Hell Universe]]'' is a youtuber whose channel with diverse content, including song covers, let's plays, and a radio play.

Their most popular content, however, is by far the Hell Universe videos, anthologies of edited clips from [[{{WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse}} Steven Universe]] referencing a wide range of other media, from movies to songs to other cartoons and more. Other of these Hell Universe videos, called "Transmissions," have expanded into [[{{WesternAnimation/GravityFalls}} Gravity Falls]] and [[{{WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall}} Over the Garden Wall]].

As of December 2016, Hell Universe has released 17 complete Hell Universe "Transmissions":

!!Welcome to the Hell Universe
!!Return to the Hell Universe: Electric Boogaloo
!!Hell Universe: Pocket Dimensions Malebolge
!!Hell Universe: Omega Fury Ruby
!!Hell Universe: Space/Time Curvature (Gravity Falls)
!!Hell Universe: Graviton (Gravity Falls)
!!Hell Universe: Orchard of the Beast (Over the Garden Wall)
!!Hell Universe: Alpha Patience Sapphire
!!Hell Universe Special: They Might Be Giant Women
!!Hell Universe: Clodhopper
!!Hell Universe Special: A Hell of Your Own Creation
!!Hell Universe: Electronic Japery
!!Hell Universe Special: Steven Falls Over (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Over the Garden Wall)
!!Hell Universe: Cannibal Culture
!!Hell Universe: Memeuphoria
!!Hell Universe: Hellbent
!!Hell Universe Special: Hell is Other People


** Morton's battle theme is called [[Music/{{Queen}} "ME WILL ROCK ME."]]


** The human side-characters as a whole, with the exceptions of the Scrappies mentioned in their entry as well as Greg and Connie. (The latter two are generally more liked.) While a section of fans would wish that the show focused more on the Crystal Gems dealing with the Homeworld forces and thus tone down on the episodes where few if any Gems appear and Steven instead helps them with their more mundane issues. Others feel that these side-storylines make up a good portion of the show's heart,

[[Funny/VinesauceJoel This guy again:]]
* "Shitty Wrestling Games:"
** The first game he plays is ''WCW Nitro'', a game with an... ''interesting'' list of secret characters, ranging from simple AuthorAvatar[=s=] of THQ employees to a T-rex to Santa Claus (or, rather, Santa ''Claws''). There's a skeleton named "Bones," an alien in a wrestling speedo named "Greyling," a ghost named "Ecto," a snowman named "Whitey," and an {{Animesque}} girl named... Annie Mae. Oh yeah, and then there's [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking John.]] Before there was John Cena, there was just John.
** He sets up a match where he plays as Greyling and goes up against Annie Mae, where he tries to "make anime great again." Specifically, he targets {{moe}}[=-=]SliceOfLife, and when he wins, he claims that all anime is now ''Anime/MDGeist''.
* [Blahblahblah ''Mario 64'' Genesis]:
** He begins by talking about an e-mail sent to him with porn involving Satan and a skeleton with wings. The skeleton says that the viewer should be jealous, and goes "WE'RE DEMONS FROM HELLLLLLL..." Joel's impersonation of the skeleton and his following comment about how it's made him a bigger man (but ''not'' "in the pants") is what really sells it.
** The SlippySlideyIceWorld's music is a 16-bit remix of... ''the Jeopardy theme''. [[spoiler:This also plays for the end screen.]]
** As pointed out in the comments, as unfair as the ice level was, it seems unlikely that the final area could top it, right? Cue the cave level killing Mario at the start if he doesn't move right. And pipes that lead back to the beginning. It also has "EXIT?" trollishly spelt out in coins, with coin-arrows pointing to various paths. It's almost as if the bootleggers were trying to make a Kaizo-esque game on purpose.
** The final (and only) boss has to be seen to be believed: [[spoiler:a black ball with the ''weirdest'' smile imaginable, that turns to the side and shoots out bullet bills while looking like Pac-Man.]] Also, fitting in line with the game's growing FakeDifficulty, the boss is unbelievable: You have to hit it in a frame-perfect way ''ten times''.
** For the ending, Joel edits the "THE END" and replaces it with "YOU FUCKING IDIOT." He later splices Luigi's head over Mario's and Peach's.
[[Funny/VinesauceVinny One of the Other Guys:]]
* ''Logan Kart 8'': [I think this one might already be on that page...]
** He notes that he loves how the controls of the game ''actually work''... [[TemptingFate just seconds before his controller becomes unresponsive.]]
** The sheer absurdity of the game itself -- Logan, [[SdrawkcabName Nagol]], regular Wario and Waluigi, a Sonic knockoff named "Speedy," Bob (a R.O.B. knockoff), "Jimmy," and... someone named ''Bike-Obber'' race in, among other things, a shopping cart, a cement mixer, and
* Shit Show, Part 7:
** Vinny's reaction to coming across a game that plasters a certain... odd ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddysSisterLocation'' fanart is a simple "...Abort. Abort, abort, abort, abort!" until he successfully closes the game.
* He plays a hacked ''Super Smash Bros. Melee'' [Or was it ''Brawl'', I can't remember] where everyone is given extremely overpowered moves. He, at one point, has a giant Pikachu hit the opponent from anywhere on the screen with its jab attack. Because of the... hip movements Pikachu is making, Vinny dubs this attack "The Booty Blast."



* "Revenge of Edzilla" from ''VideoGame/EdEddNEddyTheMisEdventures''. The fact that you're playing as, for all intents and purposes (it's all part of Ed's imagination), a {{kaiju}} with the goal to destroy as many buildings as you can? Check. The ImagineSpot setting that is completely unlike anything related to ''Ed, Edd n' Eddy'', being set in a series of islands with increasingly large cities? Check. A surprising amount of detail, down to a train on the final island that will fall off if you break its tracks? Check. A boss fight against a three-way fusion monster version of the Kanker Sisters? Check. The way the level throws the game's team-switching on its head and you're just playing as a solo Ed for the entire journey? Check. Definitely one of the neatest parts of the game.

[[folder:Too Many Biomes]]

|| || Light || Neutral(/"Bright") || Dark || Grayed ||
|| Orange || Echo Cliffs || Canyon || Shifting Stone || ||
|| Yellow || Arcade Sands || Desert || Storm Sands || ||
|| Chartreuse || Mystic Islands || Floating Islands || Blacklight Islands || ||
|| Green || Bloomwoods || Forest || Darkwoods || ||
|| Spring Green || Refreshing Rises || Wind Valley || Howling Hills || ||
|| Cyan || Cleansers || Springs || Boilers || ||
|| Azure || Musical Puddles || Swampland || Grim Wetlands || ||
|| Blue || Sparkle Lake || Lake || Vortex || ||
|| Violet || Animal Land || Meat Garden || Spreading Flesh || ||
|| Magenta || Fume Crystals || Toxic Caves || Venomous Caverns || ||
|| Rose Red || Flower Rainforest || Jungle || Wild Petaltraps || ||
|| Red || Dancing Fires || Volcanic Lands || Hellflame Wasteland || ||
|| White || Heavensnow Taiga || Tundra || Eternal Blizzard || ||
|| Black || Medical Zone || Defense Depot || Weapons Factory || ||

The starting point of each world is Dekstop, which is initially surrounded by a random ring of the "rainbow" elemental twelve biomes. Of these, ten of them are their Neutral type by default, but one of them will be their Dark-colored counterpart, and another will be their Light-colored counterpart. The forest, as it is the tamest of the main-rainbow twelve, has a larger chance of being Neutral than the others: it is set to have 1/3 of the chance to be Dark as the others and 1/9 of the chance to be Light. The initial snow-themed "white" biome will always be located near the fire-themed "red" biome of the rainbow twelve (although independant, other red- and white-marked biomes can and often will spawn at other points farther out on the map), and the weapons-themed "black" biome will always be on the other end of the forest from Dekstop. (Although more black biomes can spawn at distant points.) The white and black biomes can also be Light or Dark counterparts; the determination of this is independant from each-other and the rainbow twelve's status. (Meaning that both of them can be Dark-tinted, )

Labostoep is always located near Dekstop, but it is not recommended to go there without endgame equipment. Neither Dekstop nor Labostoep have any counterpart biomes. Each of the main fourteen biomes also has some mini-biomes; the ring will have one of each, the farther biomes may have all, some, or even none of their respective mini-biomes. However, the green biome that starts is part of the initial ring of the fourteen will ''always'' have a Forest Temple. This is also the only "dungeon-like" structure in the game, as Water said that he did not want to fall under the "cliche" of pyramid-like structures in the desert or any temples in the jungle.

!! Dark Biomes

Despite what the name would imply or the sinister names of the individial biomes, Dark biomes are not necessarily evil at all. However, they are somewhat more difficult compared to their Neutral counterparts.

!! Light Biomes

Light biomes are not necessarly "good" and even more difficult than their respective Dark counterparts.

!! Grayed Biomes

Grayed biomes are "mechanical" in terms of their general nature.

!! Orange Biomes

!! Yellow Biomes

!! Chartreuse Biomes

!! Green Biomes

!! Spring Green Biomes

!! Cyan Biomes

!! Azure Biomes

!! Blue Biomes

!! Violet Biomes

!! Magenta Biomes

!! Rose Red Biomes

!! Red Biomes

All three "red" biomes are high-temperatures wastelands with a fire and lava theme.


EI & ''Binding of Isaac'' (Major spoilers for all expansions of ''Isaac'')

Ninthee & Mom:
* The not-anywhere-near-final final boss
* Possibly insane, possibly has a point about you being a demon
* Shouts your name a lot

Lilith & Mom's Heart/It Lives:
* Takes place in a really bizarre arena idea
* Eventually cuts the bullshit and fires lasers
* MAKE YOUR CHOICE (except Lilith offers four choices, and you can go back and do other ones -- hell, you ''have'' to in order to get Singularity to start assimilating shit)

Tintael & Isaac:
* Holy-ish themed
* Fights kind of like you, except not really at all
* Location is Not-Heaven

Zhadiissa & Satan:
* Unholy-ish themed
* Been helping you throughout the game
* Location is Not-Hell

Tintatta & ???:
* Photographs & zombies
* Associated with chests (in this case, Tintatta gives you a giant chest that explodes with cash)
* Fight against your dead counterpart

Zhadiiyya & Lamb:
* Blackouts & bones
* Lower than alt-hell

''(Note to self: Names based on "Tone" for one of the other two routes. That's mixing a color with gray.)''

Fatephinal & Hush:
* Suffocation (In Fatephinal's case, her mask resembles this)
* Found in freaky blue area with faces everywhere
* Isn't going anywhere for a long time

Floakazh & Ultra Greed (well, also, in EI's case, there's six other "Ultra Sin" bosses so to speak (and its "Ultra Pride" is different from the Edmund-miniboss)):
* Money
* Associated with wanting lots of shit

Kristie & Mega:
* Locked away distantly
* Fucking huge
* "The true-ish final boss ''almost'' except not really"

Singularity & Delirium:
* The true true TRUE final boss
* Involves getting a lot of the game's shit being thrown back at you at once
* Insanity (in Singularity's case, he was a project built out of Ninthee's insanity)

Basically, "final" boss wise it's kind of a ripoff of ''Isaac'' although it's not really a ripoff in any other way.


'''HRT-9,''' better known by her self-designated name '''Ninthee''', is a major character and the final boss prior to the HRT Explosion. She has the highest stats out of anyone prior to the Explosion (All of which are sets of nines, which is both in reference to her number and how video games tend to cap states in sets of nine), and is widely considered the hardest boss of the first half.

* Location/Biome: Infinity Amusement Park
* Primary Weapon: The Four Walls
* Health: 99,999
* Attack: 999
* Defense: 999

!! Gameplay


After the battle, as usual for Charged Emazhes, a prompt will appear asking the player to either ignore her or recruit her. Unlike most of the other Charge battles, Ninthee will gain her "second wind" if you chose ''ignore'', and will immediately join the team upon clicking recruit. She will not warn of this if the player clicks "recruit" immediately, but she will say it if they click "ignore."

Each time the player selects "ignore," Ninthee will keep telling them that they have absolutely no benefit strategy-wise from kicking her off the Band, as her second wind will only act as a follow-up to a difficult battle without any rest in-between, will not drop anything, and will not give the Band a powerful new recruit. She says that the only possible reason anyone would pick ignore is to attempt to prove her wrong. Even after picking ignore enough to initiate her on-foot battle and then defeating her, she will triumphantly assume that Carlson and Lizzen would simply "come back anyway" before zipping through the ground and disappearing in the game until Kristie's defeat.

If Ninthee is recruited, on the other hand, she will gladly join with the Band


[[caption-width-right:300:A comparison between world maps immediately before (left) and after (right) fighting Ninthee and triggering the HRT Expansion on the same playthrough. Note the large amount of alien planets in the background of the latter.]]

-->''Choose your fate.''\\
''The Emazh population has skyrocketed!''

The '''Second Half''', also less-formally known as '''the HRT Expansion''', is a major change to the world following Ninthee's first defeat.

!! Start

After beating Ninthee's four walls, each of them will glow in a respective symbol corresponding to a major Second Half character/route.


'''Material''' is a general group of collectables that can be used to create a collection of items. Most of the game's items are made from material, although certain rare ones -- like the swords that make up the Rainbow Soulbound --

!! First Half

|| '''Name''' || '''Location''' || '''In-Game Description''' || '''Notes''' ||
|| Bronze || Dekstop || || ||
|| Iron || Dekstop || || ||
|| Data-ite || Infinity Amusement Park || "You feel the warm hold of Ninthee embracing you." || The strongest first-half raw material in the game ||

!! Second Half

|| '''Name''' || '''Location''' || '''In-Game Description''' || '''Notes''' ||
|| Purity || Immediately After Beating Ninthee/ || "" || ||
|| Shade ||
|| Tint ||
|| Tone ||
|| Ignorite || Slowdeath Core || "You feel the cool hold of Fatephinal approaching you." || ||
|| Originium || Labostoep || "It feels like the very creation of the universe itself." || Endgame material for some of the strongest weapons and armor of the game ||


'''Singularity''' is a Second-Half, post Fatephinal/Kristie boss that serves as the final boss of ''Emazh In''.



* The game deals a lot to ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', which [[CrackFic (pretty much]][[InNameOnly indirectly)]] is one of its biggest inspirations:
** Alexia/Alexander is '''not''' intentionally named after show creator Alex Hirsch (Water says he just picked the first "A" names that came to his mind and stuck with it), but '''Force''' Forest takes that part of its name from '''Gravity''' Falls. There's no such pun of the name, though.
** One of the yellow-haired Charges is dealing with a manor being haunted by a ghost that can turn people in to pseudo-wood. Beth is '''[[LargeHam considerably]]''' different from Pacifica (or any Northwest, for that matter), but it's otherwise the same
** [[spoiler:During the minute you have control over the humans between Kristie's defeat and the proper Singularity fight, the "apocalypse" he initiates has him causing a giant cross of yellow-ish energy in the sky that resembles Weirdmageddon.]]
* ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'' also gets its share:
** Water admits that everything from the battle with Ninthee onwards rips off the chapter structure of ''Isaac'' from the Mom battle onwards: You beat a boss, which gives you a number of options. Then there's another "standard" level (well, actually, anywhere from one to ''fifteen'' depending on how many, if any, of the Spatial Temples you go through before hopping to the Parallel Pocket) before that option actually determines where you'll go next. The order is a bit switched around here -- there's also a blue area associated with dying, but that must be visited ''after'' the "split," while in ''Isaac'' it's before. After all of that, you get to assemble a key that opens the door to a giant mega-boss, and from that is a battle against the grand TrueFinalBoss with the default form of a giant head that tests your skills against everything else in the game. There's also optional bosses based on the Sins, albeit super-boss versions of all of them. The greed one even has the largest butt, a reference to Ultra Greed's infamous ass.
** In ''Isaac'', the Polaroid and Negative both say "Fate chosen" when picked up. In ''Emazh In'', beating Ninthee -- giving you the four options to help in the ElementalRockPaperScissors for the mid-Second Half -- gives a message saying "Chose your fate." (Although you can get and craft the other three items in the same run, ''after'' you've beat their respective bosses ''Mega Man'' style.)
** The "Cihyimkay [CMYK] Tri-Beam" that Ninthee has a 1/3 chance of dropping is basically Brimstone from the game mixed with a triple shot. Lilith ''and'' Fatephinal can both drop similar, but more powerful items.
* [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} The closest the world has to a Santa Claus Emazh is robotic, someone who has extremely strict naughty/nice standards and obsessed with laser guns.]]
* Ninthee is basically a {{Cthulhumanoid}}. [[VideoGame/{{Terraria}} One of her pixel-images portrays her with her eyes having mouths, and her brain (which is just floating independantly) as having a heart with an eye inside it. She's also the landlady of the Lunar Sector of Infinity Amusement Park, making her a sort-of Moon Lady. Or, if you select HRT-9 to be the male Ninthan, a Moon Lord.]]


* AlienSky: Comes in to play during the Second Half -- a ''bunch'' of planets suddenly show up really close to Vista, and stay there for the rest of the run. They grow in number after each major "checkpoint" (beating a Spatial Temple, beating Lilith, beating one of the Extremes, beating all of the Extremes, and beating Fatephinal).
* AprilFoolsDay:
** The April 1st of 2027 update featured a new "Because You Guys Didn't Think the Original was Hard Enough" difficulty to Arena Mode, where every single enemy in every single wave was replaced with then-TrueFinalBoss Fatephinal. In addition, certain rooms would contain "DLC Boxes," which supposedly [[BribingYourWayToVictory charged a ridiculous amount of a new currency that required a comically large amount of real-life money]] (attempting to follow the link the game gives you just leads to a fake error message with Ninthee saying to come back tomorrow). Finally, the joke update added the option to have "Events!!!" which were a TakeThat at poorly-thought out random events that only really screw over the player (one such event was that you might ''randomly '''drop dead'''', in a game where your characters otherwise never die; another caused the game to fake-crash and then actually '''close itself''').
* ArcWords:
** "Imagine," fitting with the game's themes of [[ComplexityAddiction complex thoughts.]] Ninthee will go on and on about imagination, and most of the Charged [=HRTs=] have a similar obsession over it -- regardless of their actual personalities. Olivia and both of the human leads are also big daydreamers. Hell, the title sounds like it -- "Emazh," the less-technical term for HRT units, and "In" a shorthand for "is now in place for a plan." In other words, your fight command is "Imagine."
** "Singularity" is also one. The initial villain Ninthee constantly talks about trying to cause one. On the Second Half, several otherwise unrelated major bosses will bring it up even when another word would suffice, and [[spoiler:the ''True'' True Final Boss of the game is named Singularity. And he's trying to ]].
* InfinityPlusOneElement: ''Emazh In'' has so many of these that it might as well be the first game to have its own page to itself. To give a very brief, overly simple summary:
** Data (which is generally a unique hot pink, but can be solid or energy) is, bar none, the strongest element in the First Half. You only have access to it in the "last" (you're generally encouraged to do a pure biome, a dark biome, a light biome, and a toned biome, then Infinity Amusement Park -- you can go through the other biomes or even skip some, but the IAP is your end-of-First-Half target) area of the First Half. It gives ridiculously strong armor and can floor all fourteen of the original elements and all of their counterparts. Don't get too exited: Ninthee, the boss of this area, is drastically more difficult than any other First Half boss. [[SuspiciousVideoGameGenerosity You will]] ''need'' that Data. But then...
** The Second Half introduces stronger ''fifth'' space-themed variations of the original fourteen elements, but even those are curbed stomped by Parallelite. The stuff found in the Parallel Pocket, and its .
** Then there's the smaller circle of ElementalRockPaperScissors: the embodiments of the four "color varieties" themselves. Pureness, Shade, Tint, and Tone (the third is not to be confused with Light, one of the earliest elements you have access to). They're faux-"holy" or "unholy" elements, except spread out in a really weird four-way manner. Each of these could slightly beat what they're effective against, but completely stomp everything below them, including Data to a lesser extent. But then...
** Beating the main boss of each of those events nets you pieces to a drill-craft that sends you to Slowdeath Core. The place is practically an inversion of the Infinity Amusement Park, and thus its respective element is an inversion of Data -- Ignorance/Ignorite. Blue metal stuff that ''also'' shifts its appearance and phase.
** Beating Fatephinal, the Charged Emazh running the Slowdeath Core, ''finally'' grants access to Labostoep's inner buildings. (Labostoep itself could be explored, in brief, since the beginning of the game.) From there, you'll find the '''true''' Infinity +1 Element: [[spoiler:Originium. Apparently, it's a substance that has the power to cause entire big bangs, although for a number of obvious reasons you can't do this in the game.]]
** While not an "element" so much as a combination of them, anything associated with rainbows tends to be exceptionally powerful. The best possible health configuration is twenty-four rainbow hearts. Things associated with rainbow usually involve bringing
* JackassGenie:
** Genie/djinn-like Emazhes
** For a meta example, Water himself. Keep bugging him to add something in the game, and chances are he'll make it shitty for fun. He also overlaps with LiteralGenie, as asking him to add gore in the game (although most of those requests were jokes) prompted him to give some animal enemies the ability to "gore" you (really just a fancy alternate ramming attack) as well as small triangular pieces of land. As a joke, asking something along the lines of "remove the option to play without the shadow suits under the Emazhes' outfits" will result in him responding with "So you want me to make less-modest Emazhes mandatory now?"
* MagikarpPower:
** You know those elemental swords you've been gettig across the First Half that seem cool at first, [[OvershadowedByAwesome but feel like they become beans]] before you're even at the Infinity Amusement Park? Yeah, keep on to them. Once you get all twelve, they can be merged together to become the Rainbow Soulbond, a sword that deals ''fuckloads'' of damage (even to Second Half bosses up until '''Fatephinal!''' This means that, if you get it early enough, you can cheese more of the Second Half/Post-HRT Explosion) and can summon a extremely powerful ghostly image that alternates between the main twelve Charges as it deals one powerful attack after another. The best part is that it automatically attacks enemies with whatever element they are specifically weak to, for twelve different elements, making them also deal extra damage to anyone who isn't purely weak to one of the "other" elements. (Which is a lot, even for residents not tied to the main twelve.)
** Don't treat any [=HRTs=] who have Abilities related to fast-typing like trash or fodder right away. If you've got Electrostone and can build your own electronics, suddenly they're fast hackers that can whip up some of the best weapons in the game electronically.
* QuicksandBox: The only real requirements you're given for the First Half is that you need to start at Dekstop and eventually get to the Infinity Amusement Park somehow. You can tackle ''any'' of the surrounding biomes in ''any'' order. While this was made in mind so that future runs will not feel so same-y, it can be overwhelming for new players. First-timer players are recommended to do them in the alphabetical order of their Charges. (Well, the Charges of their Neutral biomes -- if your nearby green biome is Dark or Light, you're out of luck.
* VariableMix: While ascending the inner StarScraper[=s=] of Labostoep, the theme goes through four variants that slowly turn it from a calm, "busy city theme" to a theme that would be more fitting for some grand godly battle. [[spoiler:Considering how you ''are'' about to go to fight, for all intents and purposes, (mechanical) God herself (or himself, depending on settings), this is more than appropriate.]]
* WorldOfHam: It's more obvious when it comes to the bosses than the regular-grade [=NPCs=], but just about everyone is pretty hammy as far as the dialogue boxes can portray. And they ''do'' go pretty far in portraying a lot, thanks to the game's liberal usage of PaintingTheMedium.

!! Spooks

* Ninthee in general, even post-HeelFaceTurn. She's basically [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls .GIFfany]], except far more clever, far more subtle, far more of a mastermind, and with near limitless godly power.
** After playing your fifth run, there's a small chance that RNG would toggle Ninthee to be completely AWOL in the rainbow biome set. Instead of dropping by to comment on whatever Charge of the Week you're against, she's just gone and there
* The four Violet Biomes seem lovely at first. Then you notice that the centers of the flowers are actually blinking at you. And you realize that by being "meat-themed," the game doesn't mean "garden of animals," it means that the whole place is made out of some kind of weird purpleish meat stuff.
** The Second Half Violet Biome goes into full-blown WombLevel, except it's more like the inside of some sort of massive EldritchAbomination. The corresponding temple does, in fact, look like an organic beast.
* Pirates are extremely difficult to pacify/negotiate and are almost as terrible as real-life pirates. They're also tough as nails.
* Lilith's parallel pocket dimension is a warped area
* So you've just beaten the Four Extremes, and got that final piece for the Strange Craft! Hm... the instructions say to use it at the center of Dekstop, okay. It turns out to be some kind of giant drill-vehicle thing that sends you and your whole Band deep into the planet of Vista, and you reach a protected point along the mantle that's... some kind of blue cave? With "flames" that have screaming or agonized faces on them. And a lot of Emazhes that are incredibly powerful and refuse to talk to you until after you've negotiated with them. What the ''hell'' is this place, and why do people who want to see Kristie ultimately end up being directed ''here'' as the final step before permission to ascend her tower?
** The location is called the Slowdeath Core, and it's roughly as pleasant as it sounds. It was built because
** To say ''nothing'' of the battle with Fatephinal herself. The music slowly dies down as you get closer to her arena. Instead of talking, you just get a prompt right away -- even the menu option to challenge someone is written as "Challenge?" as if the game itself isn't sure what the fuck is going on. Accept this and she suddenly melts into the ground, as a sphere of flame with an UncannyValley face pops up and blue eyes begin appearing everywhere around the arena. ''Then'' Fatephinal finally explains who she is.
** Fatephinal is good friends with both Ninthee and Lilith, which in of itself should speak volumes about her character.
* Everything about Singularity, the TrueFinalBoss. Well, except his appearance -- he ''looks'' considerably non-threatening. Unless you count the fact that (and this isn't something the concept art portrays) he's roughly about fifteen-twenty feet tall. Oh yeah, he can assimilate the entire Emazh race, including Kristie and those that were barely created (via linking himself with the Fountain). The fact that '''Ninthee''' -- the same person who constantly teases people with divine powers, including the TopGod of them -- is afraid of him, despite being the person who friggin' created the thing.
** Perhaps the worst is the buildup. You've just beaten Kristie and could swear that this is ''finally'' the end of the game. Then a bunch of wires take her and pull her off to parts unknown, and Carlson and Lizzen are both stripped naked. You get the message: "Be prepared. The end is approaching." and the music completely cuts off. You spent the next solid sixty seconds with the option to explore anywhere else in the world, except everything's deserted and there is no music. Then you look up and notice the giant yellow X of energy in the sky, with faint numbers counting down the seconds. When it hits zero, you get Singularity's boss screen -- except instead of an even split, it's Carlson and Lizzen by themselves, facing away from the player, watching as several tentacles strike the ground and the monotonous-looking assimilated pile of Emazhes slowly fades into view.
*** The fact that the warning message that the Singularity battle is about to begin is a reference to a prank phone call from ''VideoGame/TheSims'' hardly makes this better:
** If you land an especially powerful attack on Singularity, there is a chance that he will, for a split second, shift his appearance from his "Gray Nepeta's Hat" look to a giant, pained skull. Considering who built him, this isn't surprising.
* For every run after your fifth, the game will throw in some spooky EasterEgg[=s=] if the seed number for that run is just "right." WordOfGod, [[FlipFlopOfGod at least at the moment,]] is that none of these are exactly ''canon'', but that hardly makes things better. Examples include, but are not limited to:
** Aformentioned "Ninthee does not show up at all, and the slightly changed cutscenes prove that this isn't a bug."
** "Shadow Fatephinal." If your seed has a "1" between two "6"s (in other words, has "616" in it in a way), and you're playing at night -- ''both'' in-game and in real life according to your system clock -- there is a small chance that a shadowy red-eyed figure that resembles Fatephinal would spawn in a random area (''except'' for the "safe haven" Dekstop, which would have probably been the least-eerie place to see her) and floats around aimlessly. Get near it, and it will turn to stare at the current party leader without doing anything.

!! You might notice something...

RG and "expansions:"
* Main Humans/Playable Characters[[note]]Carlson, Lizzen[[/note]]
* Emazhes/HRT Units:
** Olivia
** Main Charges[[note]][[/note]]
** Major Bosses
*** Ninthee
** Other [=HRTs=]:
*** White and Red-Cyan Biomes
*** Black and Spring Green-Rose Red Biomes
*** Second Half

!! Main Characters

[[folder:Both of Them]]

* AerithAndBob: Carlson and... Lizzen. Their prototype names (well, ''sort of'', WordOfGod is that a lot of ideas were shifted around and now these two are barely he same as their initial selves) were even weirder -- Brad and Lizzeel.
* BadassNormal: As humans and not Emazhes, they have no Abilities whatsoever. Most of their problems are solved by talking to Emazhes and getting their help, and failing that, their fists in improvized ways.
* BattleCouple: A married couple that occasionally go on adventures to break up their mundane and monotonous lives.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: Take on several extremely powerful Emazhes and canonically ''win'', [[spoiler:including the very creator of their universe.]]


[[folder:Carlson ]]

[[caption-width-right:300:Organization is the key. Division is the lock.]]

A man highly devoted to his job at the Gear Factory who also doubles as a "hunter of the strange." Lizzen manages to convince him to go along and investigate the portal leading over to the Emazh's "box" world.

* {{Expy}}:
** This is not the first of Water's protagonists to have a somewhat "sickly" look,
** His BoringButPractical mindset also brings [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]] to mind, although he's ''far'' more accepting of any "different"/"new" ideas to UnusuallyUninterestingSight levels.


[[folder:Lizzen ]]

[[caption-width-right:300:MAN, that was fun.]]

A woman who works at the Wrench Factory


!! Other Humans


* AmazingTechnolorPopulation: He has green skin, which has something to do with his "Destiny Blood." Unlike the Emazhes, he's human.
* AmbiguouslyBrown: Well, ambiguously '''green''', but WordOfGod pegs that if his blood wasn't that bright blue "Destiny Blood," his skin would be a deep sort of brown. It's remarkably difficult to even tell what skin tone he's supposed to be.
* BigBadWannabe:
* DisappointingLastLevel: Invoked in-universe and out. His "hidden path" is intentionally supposed to feel lackluster and moronic, a TakeThat at poorly-written meta fiction in general and stories that suffer a huge plumet in quality near the end. Despite having a threatening form, he's a huge AntiClimaxBoss
* HatesBeingTouched: And he hates touching other people. Even the targets of his obsession. Even when he claims that he wants to kidnap Olivia, he can't even sum up the strength to so much as tap her, let alone carry her to a hideout or anything. (There's also Olivia's very strong disliking to that action.)
* MeaningfulName: It's a heavy corruption of "fun killer" in French. Considering how setting things up so that you'll face him as an endboss will lock that particular run out of the entire Second Half,
* MythologyGag: A continuation of Water's


!! Emazhes

[[folder:Emazhes/[=HRTs=] in General]]

[=HRTs=] (standing for '''H'''uman-'''R'''eplicating '''T'''era-Wisps, the acronym is pronounced the exact same way as "Heart"); also informally called Emazhes

* AerithAndBob: Names can range from really weird fictional ones like "Teldisamet" to ordinary ones like "Jane." This isn't even a random-generation thing -- the first Charged Emazh in the game you'll encounter is named Ninthee, and the two after that are Olivia and Alexia.
* CastOfSnowflakes: They are all procedurally generated in appearance, and there are a ''lot'' of possibilities, all of which are in any given run in the game (but RNG randomizes where you actually ''find'' them aside from some key plot characters). They can have any skin, hair, eye, or even ''nail or blood'' color of the rainbow; a number of body types; extra or less limbs and/or eyes; and some kind of additional feature(s) like wings or the like.
* CensorShadow: There's a noteworthy dark patch on each and every one of them between their legs, which is especially noticeable as they could go around naked. Even with Olivia's default outfit, it's possible to get glimpses of it. WordOfGod is that whatever they've got between their legs is up to interpretation.
* PurelyAstheticGender: Whatever gender you select for them collectively, or whatever you pick in the complicated customizer (only available after beating [[spoiler:Singularity]] (or whatever the final boss was in older versions)), or through randomizing all the genders, has no effect on gameplay at all.
* ShamelessFanserviceGirl: Ninthee is the ''only'' Emazh in a completely full suit, and her outfit is unique and specifically referred to in-game as hers (although you can get multiple copies of it as a uniform -- it doesn't change much, being a vanity item).
* ThemeNaming: Mostly with the first nine from HRT-1 to HRT-9, which are number-based in some way:
** HRT-1,
** HRT-2, HRT-3, and HRT-4: Respectively Dubvissia, Ineieah, and Muutspihda are named after ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'' items that respectively allow Issac to fire two, three, and four tears at once. (20/20 with the pickup line "Double Vision," Inner Eye, and Mutant Spider.)
** HRT-9, "Ninthee," is a corruption of "nine" with an addition to "make it sound faux-cute." WordOfGod is that any resemblance to "Nintendo" is coincidental -- Water just mentally corrupted "nine" to sound vaguely like a non-human name and stuck with the first result.


[[folder:HRT- (Olivia / Oliver)]]

[[caption-width-right:300:M-me? The Band ''leader''? Okay, I wasn't expecting that...]]

-->Ability: Energy bullet generation

The first ''friendly'' HRT that the human couple meets and, as of 1.4, the only noteworthy non-Charged Dekstop resident.

* BewareTheQuietOnes: Water makes it a point that Olivia might be a bit socially awkward, but she is ''not'' some kind of helpless little animal. Given enough energy and she could defend herself with mini-BulletHell patterns, and she's significantly powerful even for someone Uncharged, let along someone that's only 19.


!! Charged [=HRTs=]

[[folder:In General]]

* ElementalPowers: Most of the important onces you come across have Abilities relating to the elements. First Half ones are generally physical to some degree, while Second Half ones are more "abstract" elements.


[[folder:Green-Biome Guardians]]

!! Alexia (Female Option)/Alexander (Male Option)

-->Ability: Mastery over plant generation

A plant elemental/dryad HRT in charge of a given Neutral forest named Force Forest. She's intended to be the first Charged HRT first-time players encounter (excluding the scripted beginning with Ninthee).

* BitchInSheepsClothing: She initially seems like a benevolent ruler and her place comes off as practically a forest utopia with easy, high-paying jobs that only require you to work tiny shifts two days a week. Hell, she even indirectly saves you after nearly being captured by [[{{Yandere}} Ninthee.]] However, she has a rather irrational hatred towards ''any'' of the other charges -- she mostly attacked Ninthee out of this same hatred, and not because of Ninthee's actual actions. Attempting to even negotiate with someone outside of her domain, or expressing any interest at all in actually trying to talk to Kristie, is grounds for losing your job. ''Then'' there's her belief in only fighting for yourself if approved to it and using a defense army otherwise, but she gets out of that fairly quickly.
* GardenGarment: Just wears one leaf and a handful of vines by default. Has a "formal wear" that's more like a log being worn as a dress (yes, even for Alexander)
* {{Expy}}: Of Professor Rose from Water's earlier ''run:gifocalypse'' under Great Pikmin Fan, with more emphasis on the "follow ''exactly'' what I believe in or I'll turn against you at the drop of a hat."
* {{Jerkass}}: It might not be obvious at first, but she's this towards other Charged [=HRTs=]. It's still not initially obvious as she mostly acts rude to ones that kind of deserve it, but she also attacks decent leaders that don't seem to be doing anything wrong. Once your army/[[InsistentTerminology Band]] has more Charges in it, she comes off as much meaner until CharacterDevelopment finally kicks in during the Second Half.
* MrExposition: Moreso than Olivia, your actual Emazh companion for most of the game. She's the one


A "dark" plant elemental/dryad HRT in charge of Dark forests/Darkwoods, which regardless of exact location is named .




[[folder:Spring Green-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Cyan-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Azure-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Blue-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Violet-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Magenta-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Rose Red-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Red-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Orange-Biome Guardians]]

!! Droyzzka (Female Option) / Droyznot (Male Option)

* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Take in mind that she too is Charged. Despite coming off as a ditzy hippie, she can still make mountains out of nothing and crush you with them in just as little effort.
* TheStoner: Implied, at least a FantasticDrug version of this.


[[folder:Yellow-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Chartreuse-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:White-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Black-Biome Guardians]]


[[folder:Spatial Temple Keepers (Second Half-Biome Guardians, Part One)]]

!! In General

After beating Ninthee, the Fountain will produce a huge surplus in Emazhes, who will also quickly extend the world so that it spans multiple planets. This is designated as the "Second Half" of a given run, which sees a huge increase in difficulty and mechanics. One of the first features of the Second Half is that the initial fourteen biomes would now have giant celestial-themed temples spring up, each led by a Charged Emazh that serves as a ''significantly'' stronger variation of the initial fourteen elements.

* WakeUpCallBoss: You thought ''Ninthee'' was bad? To give you an idea, ''this'' is the point where even experienced players may sometimes die on their runs


[[folder:The Four Extremes (Second Half-Biome Guardians, Part Two)]]

!! In General

Technically, there's eight of them, it's just that they are split in to four "paths." Each representing the general "type" of colors that the main First Half biomes (Infinity Amusement Park aside) come in: the "regular" color ("Pure,") dark ("Shade"), light ("Tint"), and slightly grayed/dulled ("Toned"). For every First Half boss you beat, one of the former of their respective groups may appear with a sort of mobile shop to give you exclusive items.

After beating Lilith and getting the second piece of the Kristie Key, you finally find out that these four forces are at a sort-of "cold war" with one-another. You must

!! Tintael

!! Tintatta

!! Zhadiissa

!! Zhadiiyya


!! Major Bosses

[[folder:HRT-9 (Ninthee / Ninthan)]]

-->Ability: Using data of fictional characters to bring them to life.

The first Emazh our heroes come across. One of the Single Digits, she

* AllYourPowersCombined: Her "Data element" attacks sort-of resemble and flip the general appearance of (if while all remaining the same hot pink, both for stylistic choices and so as to not completely burn the eyes of the people playing the game) the "main" twelve First Half elements.
* AmbiguousDisorder: Between her general obsessive personality, her need for "assimilation," bizarre self-portraits that look almost nothing like her, and the way she describes herself as "seeing colors in everything" (WordOfGod confirms that she does have synesthesia, but this particular thing is something else), it's implied that she sees the world in a vastly different way than most people do. Based on the confused reaction from Olivia, this isn't an Emazh thing, it's a Ninthee thing.
* BigBad: She's the reason Carlson and Lizzen are stuck in the Emazh world to begin with and constantly taunts them throughout the game. Unusually, she's still this long after your actual battle with her -- if you chose not to recruit her,
* BoringButPractical: Her favorite method of attacking is to send a complete square or rectangle, wall-to-wall, of her "Data beams" and have it sweep across the given room. It's unavoidable by normal means (hopefully by that point you have party members that can help you parry, teleport, etc) and hurts like a son of a gun, but it's not particularly ''flashy''.
* CharacterTics: She often stands (and, while floating, lying down) with her arms crossed behind her back, backs of her hands to her stomach, with her index and middle fingers stuck out together while her other fingers are curled in. When you finally get to the Infinity Amusement Park, it's revealed that this is something she does to her civilian Emazhes when expecting a salute from them.
* {{Cthulhumanoid}}: What ''part'' of her OneWingedAngel battle form looks like. Her octopus-like traits first seem like a nod to her inspiration (and hentai jokes), but as the First Half of the first (successful) run goes on it becomes increasingly obvious that it's actually more of a Cthulhu reference.
* DiscOneFinalBoss: She's the force that's been hunting you down the whole game, has some remark on all the major Charges you come across, and sits in an ominous floating amusement park high in the sky. Is she the final boss? Of 1.0, yes. Of every other update, ''not even close.''
* {{Expy}}:
** She's basically [=.GIFfany=] from ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' if she was a mastermind manipulator and the BigBad (in a way). Both are pink-haired sociopathic digital/robotic-like beings that will do anything in their power to keep the target of their obsession to keep playing their game. Fitting as ''Emazh In'' basically started off as Water's attempt to take a [=.GIFfany=]-centric ''Gravity Falls'' fan fic and make it its own thing, as he felt that said story edged way too closely to InNameOnly territory by having a ton of original characters yet only seven canonical characters doing anything of note.
** Water said that most of the major Second Half bosses are inspired by major bosses in ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac''. She's not a Second Half boss, but she's the "Mom" of the bunch -- the DiscOneFinalBoss, beating her offers a choice (in this case, one of the four shard sets),
* TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou: Both her in-game model and her dialogue portraits have a bad habit of looking directly at the player when she's getting impatient or angry. In her versus splash screen, she's reaching ''across the split screen, stroking Carlson and Lizzen's chins.''
* HateSink: WordOfGod is that practically everything she says to Carlson and/or Lizzen in the First Half is designed to get ''you'' angry. She'll always comes out triumphant, no matter what you do. Show that you're not a friend of the way Emazhes settle things by not recruiting that many Charges to your party and just generally trying to get to her place with as small of a band as possible? She'll call you edgy and thank you for getting rid of anyone that could potentially "get in the way" of her goals. Do the opposite, try to show her ThePowerOfFriendship or... something by going out of your way to befriend each and every Charge until you're pretty much vastly overprepared for fighting her? She's aware that some of the Charges and indeed Emazhes in general can be a bit jerkass-y, so she'll think that they've been softening you up and you'll eventually just find her as "friend material" because you're a doormat. Try attacking her after her battle? She'll call you pathetic [[AMillionIsAStatistic for focusing more on your "relatable hate" while she was actually a great leader to the millions in her place, and for letting other, more questionable Emazhs off the hook.]] Spare her and try to befriend her? ''That's '''exactly''' what she wants out of you. To think she's a good friend.''
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: She's the main reason why ''Emazh In'' is considered a meta game without ever actually, directly breaking the fourth wall or having the characters aknowledge they're in a video game. (Except for [[WrongGenreSavvy Dave]], but [[RunningGag nobody likes Dave. Fuck Dave.]]) She fights you through four solid structures arranged in a wall called the "Four Walls," talks an awful lot about being lost in fiction, her Ability is bringing fictional characters "to life," some of her talk portraits are directly facing the player instead of being at a 45 degree angle, and she seems to talk about "humans and Emazhes" more like players and characters. The way she words that Carlson and Lizzen will "always just come back" also sounds like she's talking about players starting new runs, and she seems to be aware that you "losing" doesn't always mean the end. Despite this, she doesn't ever actually break the fourth wall, and WordOfGod confirms that she cannot.
* OpeningTheSandbox: ''Inverted''. After beating her, the game becomes somewhat more linear for the Second Half. There are more "checkpoint bosses" that you have to face in a certain order (Lilith ''must'' be defeated to gain access to the Four Extremes; you beat one of the bosses there, than their stronger counterpart in the biome's deep counterpart; beat all four of those to fight Fatephinal, who gives you the key to Kristie's place, and beating Kristie adavances the plot foreward so that [[spoiler:Singularity starts trying to assimilate everyone]]), and only four "major paths" in contrast to the initial twelve/fourteen.
* TheReveal: She leads to several.
** This one edges to a LateArrivalSpoiler, but the designation "HRT" meaning "'''Human-Replicating''' Tera-Wisp" implies that they were created by humans. No, it's actually the other way around. [Might flip that around after all...]
* {{Yandere}}: She has a really obsessive attatchment to both Carlson and Lizzen, and will do whatever it takes to convince them to stay with her. Unlike a number of yanderes, however, she prefers trying to be subtle and break them down mentally. Once you finally Challenge her at Infinity Amusement Park, ''then'' she breaks out the "toys."
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Pink. Considerably more reddish than Olivia's, despite otherwise (considering the sheer variety in Emazhes) looking human.
* YourPrincesIsInAnotherCastle: In 1.0, an exit portal to Earth will spawn after beating her. In 1.1 through 1.3, she'll simply tell you that the portal is elsewhere (either with Lilith, after clearing all the Extremes, or with Fatephinal, depending on the version). In 1.4 onwards it's played the straighest, as she'll simply give you Kristie Key Piece '''1''' out of three. Lilith and Fatephinal have the other keys.


[[folder:HRT- (Lilith / )]]

-->Ability: Customizing a "parallel" pocket dimension and making portals that lead to and from said dimension.


[[folder:HRT- (Fatephinal / )]]


A very mysterious Emazh that only shows up after beating the four Extremes -- as they hold the pieces to a craft that drills down in to her area. She holds the third and final piece of the key to Kristie's house.


[[folder:HRT-0 (Kristie / Kristahn)]]

-->Ability: Automatic high skill knowledge in the Abilities of all other Emazhes.

The creator of the Fountain that gives birth to all other Emazhes. Despite living at the top of Labostoep's tallest building, and said building being part of an apartment with a live and active population, very few people have seen her in millennia. Ninthee seems to be one of them though, so go "ask" her!

* AllYourPowersCombined: Basically her Ability. Anything any other Emazh ever created can do, she can also do that, except usually at a higher skill level. It's noted that ''she'' takes her Abilities from ''them'', and not the other way around (where the Abilities are each single-powers that she has) -- Kristie had no such massive control over the elements, magic, etc until she made the Fountain.
* AstralFinale: She's battled in space, and her house is a StarScraper that also serves as the absolute highest structure on the initial Emazh planet.
* BrownNote: Subverted. Ninthee mentions that the one mortal who looked at her naked from the front died from the sight, but this is just BS. [[spoiler:Ninthee isn't ''lying'' -- said guy just had a weak heart to begin with.]]
* TheDreaded: A number of paintings seen throughout the game, particularly in the art-obsessed jungle biomes, depicts her as a massive shadowy figure with a meanacing zig-zagging mouth and wide eyes. She's considered someone that can put fear into even lesser gods, and even Ninthee seems to be a bit nervous when her name comes up. [[spoiler:Ultimately subverted. She's actually pretty friendly. Although she still ''is'' damn-near omnipotent.]]
* TheEeyore: Holy hell, is she depressed. Always a downer at all times and always blaming herself for every single thing that goes wrong. [[spoiler:Being indirectly linked to the total extinction of ''three'' seperate attempts at creating life from a distance without much of a real way to ''actually'' bring the individual people back can do that to someone. She does finally cheer up near the ending]].
* EleventhHourRanger: [[spoiler:She's only recruitable literally seconds before Singularity rises. And beating Singularity ends the run. You ''could'' try running the hell away from him once his event is initiated if you really want to toy around with having the Top God on your army, but you can't really do much else since all of the regions are deserted of Emazhes as they're part of the assimilation. You could, however, end up with her in your army in the Band Select mode, although as you could customize your standing Band this obviously does not give you any achievements.]]
* {{Expy}}:
** She's one of [[VideoGame/{{Undertale}} Asgore Dreemurr]] battle-wise. [[spoiler:She prevents you from leaving when the fight starts and refuses to look at you while attacking, throws stronger variations of past attacks at you, and the key is being more violent than usual in the game.]]
** WordOfGod is that a chunk of her came from the [[VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam Zeekeeper.]] Namely, rainbow-ish deities that hav disappeared for a long time [[spoiler:and completely subvert the way one would expect a god to act]].
* FaceFramedInShadow: The top half of her face is always in shadow in some way during her battle, keeping her eyes covered.
* FourIsDeath: ''Inverted''. [[spoiler:Humanity as we know it was her fourth sapeint creation, not counting the Emazhes. It was the first (''so far'') to not end in a total apocalypse. And it's definitely the first to survive for more than a few thousand years.]]
* IJustWantToBeNormal: She ''really'' doesn't like the idea of being '''the''' top being in the universe.
* {{Leitmotif}}: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aS8_N3CIB4M "You Know You're Fighting the Maker of Your Universe, Right,"]] her main battle theme. It starts off as a slow, somber piano piece that quickly goes through several other genres (a collective remix of various past biome themes), before finally ending on a lengthy rock guitar piece. There are two remixes of the piano portion: One when Alexia first talks about her, and a different one when exploring her house. Everything else is unique to the battle.
* MarathonBoss: Has 496 '''octodecillion'''[[note]]496,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000[[/note]] hit points and a number of healing moves (though these can all be prevented). Even with top-tier equipment, you're gonna be in space for a while.
* TheOlderImmortal: The first... ''nine-ish'' or so '''digits''' of Emazhes are pretty old in of themselves, except Kristie -- the maker of the whole race -- has them all beat by more eons, apparently existing before the universe itself.
* TheOmniscient: Downplayed. As Abilities related to knowledge are transplanted into her head as soon as those Emazhes are made, she knows a lot of stuff. About everything. And has ''the'' most accurate future predictions. Yet still, not even her predictions are certain, and if one is told about it, they are much more likely to change it. (As future-prediction goes by the rules of ''Film/{{Next}}'' -- Once you see it, it changes, because you know how it goes and will try to make it different. There is no SelfFulfillingProphecy in ''Emazh In''.)
* PerpetualFrowner: The only time she ever really smiles in-game is during the good ending.
* PointOfNoReturn: Once you challenge her, you either lose that run or you make it to the end of it. There are no other options. She even specifically warns you that you cannot go back after selecting to battle her.
* RealityWarper: She mentions that she can easily tear into and create entirely new dimensions like ''nothing''. And can and will do exactly that in her battle.
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Her outfits may seem modest compared to most of the other Emazhes, until you see that they all ''only cover her from the front. The back half is completely bare''. Not that this is seen in much in-battle -- she's always making sure to face you.
* TomTheDarkLord: Her name is a fancy alternate spelling of "Christie." Not ''quite'' the name one would associate with the creator of everything (WordOfGod is that ''[[UsefulNotes/Jesus those]]'' parallels were completely unintentional, and her name is actually based on picking a similar name as ''Carrie'', another ''SBIG'' reference).
* TopGod: Charged Emazhes are considered gods by many people, and most of the ones you meet have skills that can be described as ElementalPowers on steroids. Kristie is the goddess ''of them'', and as the creator of her own world and many more -- including Earth -- she ''definitely'' fits the goddess mark.
* WalkingSpoiler: Being technical TopGod and the penultimate boss of the entire game pretty much earns that spot right away. Hell, even the fact that she's not the ''final'' boss -- especially as the game implies that if she even ''is'' seen or fought, it'd be at the very end.


[[folder:'''Spoiler Character!''']]

!! Singularity (Unofficially "HRT-∞")

A robot designed by Ninthee to make for a "single expanding experience of fun." Unfortuantely, Ninthee's request to him ended up accidentally being the one thing she was trying to ''not'' make him do.

* AmbiguousGender: Due to not being a HRT/Emazh, you cannot customize/randomize his gender. He never specifies anything other than a plural "we" after assimilating everyone, but HRT-9 will refer to him as the opposite gender of what you picked for her... despite looking exactly the same no matter what.
* AssimilationPlot: What he ultimately ties to do. Assimilating humans proves to be a bit harder -- this is his only weakness.
* BlueAndOrangeMorality: He genuinely thinks that the entire population being downloaded together and preserved in a machine that links them up with the virtual world is the best possible outcome for everyone, even if it means letting the rest of the world go to rot, even if it means taking people against their own will. Once he has is explained to him that this is a bad idea, he's a genuinely nice guy considering how his creator... isn't.
* DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu: He also assimilates Kristie, who is more-or-less the god of ''Emazh In''[='=]s world.
* {{Expy}}:
** WordOfGod is that, while he's never been a ''Franchise/{{Castlevania}}'' player, he took the design of "several nude humanoids clustered to one being" from Legion. This is not Singularity himself, but rather the end result of his assimilation.
** He actually somewhat resembles a gray, gigantic version of [[Webcomic/{{Homestuck}} Nepeta's hat]] with different facial features. Years ago, under GPF, Water wrote ''Paper John: Sticker Star'', where Nepeta's Hat was the final BigBad and had a transformation that involved CombatTentacles that resembles Singularity.
** ''run:gifocalypse''-wise, he's basically [=.GIFfany=] from the [[DownerEnding "Special Ending"]] variation of chapter 13. A ridiculously powerful being that assimilates those of its related species and ultimately tries to pull in the human that started it all in to the mass as well.
* FanDisservice: Given that the whole game is a giant middle finger to "against their will"-type {{fanservice}}, it's fitting that the one character that can invoke ClothingDamage does so in an extremely creepy way -- he's a near-emotionless droid that hooks everyone up to each other in a "machine" where they basically become a gigantic zombie-like blob with GhostlyGape[=s=].
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** He appears right there, in peson, on a table in the Infinity Amusement Park on the first visit, unfinished. Regardless of whether or not you even ''challenge'' Ninthee, if you leave and come back, he's gone.
* FullFrontalAssault: He strips anyone he assimilates as well as the two human protagonists. So his assimilaties pull this off, ''as do'' anyone that fights him. It's a full-blown naked finale.
* TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers: Unless you count Dave ([[AntiClimax and most people wouldn't]]), he's the only major boss in the game that is neither not another HRT. He's played with in a completely different manner than the other bosses -- instead of putting your skills to the test, you're stripped of everything but up to three items and you have to ''rebuild your army from the ground-up'' as you undo his assimilation. Even his "boss split-screen cut-in" is completely different from everyone else's -- instead of a ''Binding of Isaac''-inspired split screen with your army on the left and the boss on the right, your crew shows up tiny and in the foreground, while six of his tentacles drop down, his eyes shine from the background, and the assimilated army slowly fades in to view.
* NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast: Would you ''really'' like to be hooked up to some living machine named '''Singularity?'''
* NiceGuy: If you remove the whole "I'm gonna trap everyone in a computer program" aspect (which you ''do'' after beating him), he's a pretty decent guy... robot... thing.
* TheNudifier: Noteworthy in that he's the ''only'' thing that involuntarily causes targets to lose clothing, in an effort to avoid the game having straightforeward ClothingDamage.
* TrueFinalBoss: As per WordOfGod, while expansions are still likely, what isn't is that they'll have someone that replaces him for this title.



[[folder:Adored By The Network: Toonvision]]
* The biggest example of network adoration would be ''Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ''. It went from being confined to the ''Xtreme'' block of programming to the only show used as schedule filler, [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwing over everything]] from ''VideoGame/{{Tamagotchi}}'' to former network darling ''Bistrosity'', and having marathons for every occasion from Thanksgiving to Easter, despite only having 52 episodes. It got to the point where the show would cycle through all its episodes ''every month'' (and sometimes in ''one week!''). It finally ended when the rights to the show expired in 2016, but despite that, Toonvision marathoned every episode in existence before it left the network for good just to give it a proper send-off.
* Following the departure of ''[[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ Powerpuff Girls Z]]'', the new favorite seems to be ''{{InsaniWorld}}'', which took over ''Powerpuff Girls Z'''s slots on the network following its departure despite only having 13 episodes (however it has 26 segments).
* The first example would be ''WesternAnimation/{{Gumby}}''. The series would often have marathons for occurrences such as MLK Day, and would eventually run until 2008 before becoming one of the first examples of being [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwed by]] ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''WesternAnimation/ReBoot'' was the ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' of early Toonvision along with ''Gumby''. It would marathon frequently wherever ''Gumby'' didn't fit, and the two shows would frequently take up the entire schedule.
* Original series-wise, ''Bistrosity'' was the first network darling; airing marathons whenever the network had an excuse and being run up to '''6-7 times a day''' in its prime and even ending with a movie that wrapped up all the plot threads before being screwed by ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' a few years after it stopped making new episodes.
* ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyokoEvolution'' was treated extraordinarily well by Toonvision unlike Creator/CartoonNetwork's handling of [[WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko the original show]]; it was even ''hyped up'' by Toonvision with a countdown timer not only running on Toonvision itself, but on After Dark as well (given that ''Code Lyoko'' appeals to a majority of After Dark's viewers, its no surprise). It's also one of the very few shows that ''wasn't'' screwed by the network's undying love of ''Powerpuff Girls Z'', as it went on to air every episode with each one massively hyped up in the timeslot of Wednesdays at 7pm, with repeats the following day at 5:30pm before the Thursday night premiere block. For the last few episodes of the series' run, it also aired a repeat as ''the first show on After Dark''. Leading up to the final episode, Toonvision marathoned every episode of not only ''Evolution'', but ''the original show'' as well, even ''preempting'' After Dark; the only time Toonvision has done so (not even the ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' send-off preempted the block).
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Freakazoid}}'' was served well through its 9 years on Toonvision, whether it was on the main schedule or the network's ''Xtreme'' action block. It got good promotion and several marathons, even though they weren't even ''Bistrosity''-level amounts of marathons.
* Following ''Anime/{{Hamtaro}}'''s screwing by Cartoon Network, the show moved to Toonvision where they proceeded to show the remaining episodes of the original show followed by the three sequel shows with heavy promotion and even marathons to allow people to catch up. It continues to rerun to this day, despite being confined to early mornings.
* ''Family Values'' was ''Bistrosity'' 2.0 during its time as a first-run program, with the network using any excuse possible to marathon the series. And it eventually came to dominate the schedule until it ended in 2011.
* During the remainder of 2005 (November & December) and most of 2006, Toonvision would play the TV movie ''WesternAnimation/FurbyIsland'' using every possible excuse from Valentine's Day to the Fourth of July. Since Thanksgiving 2006, ''Furby Island'' has not been played by the network and it has been revealed that they have wrote the movie off as of 2007.
[[folder:Screwed By The Network: Toonvision]]
* Toonvision's biggest screw was that of ''WesternAnimation/TheAlvinShow''. It premiered with [[InvisibleAdvertising little to no promotion]] and they didn't even air all the episodes. The show also changed timeslots erratically through its entire run, going from 3pm weekdays to 6am to ''exclusively'' on Saturday mornings at 6am, before being removed from the schedule. It was removed from the network website and they pretend like the show never aired in the first place. However, it ''did'' end up moving to Toonvision Classic, who has treated ''Alvin'' much more nicely.
** This has become Main/HilariousInHindsight as when the 1983 ''[[WesternAnimation/AlvinandtheChipmunks Alvin and the Chipmunks]]'' began airing in 2008, it was treated ''much more nicely'', having weekday timeslots for nearly ''two years'' until it became a victim of the network's everlasting love of ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''WesternAnimation/SabrinaAndTheGroovieGoolies'' was never liked by the network. It went from weekday airings to the same fate as ''The Alvin Show''; placed at 6:30am exclusively on Saturday mornings following ''Alvin''.
* When the sexual allegations against Bill Cosby hit in December 2014, ''WesternAnimation/FatAlbertAndTheCosbyKids'', which had made a return to the network a few months prior, was given a deliberate screwing over, going from healthy weekday morning slots to airing at 6am on ''Sundays'' before being removed for more ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' reruns.
* Whenever Toonvision can get its hands on ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'', they ''never'' seem to treat it well. It first appeared on the schedule in 2004 following its removal from Cartoon Network, and it was relegated to early morning slots unlike other shows such as ''The Centurions'' and ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}'' before its removal in 2005. When it came back in 2014, things were initially better for the series with it having multiple weekend timeslots and one weekday slot...for a month, at least, until it suffered the same fate as ''Alvin'' and ''Sabrina'' in favor of more reruns of ''Powerpuff Girls Z''. It has since returned to Creator/{{Boomerang}}, who doesn't treat the show that well either.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheMarvelSuperHeroes'' has been treated horribly by the network ever since the first run ended. When the second run began, it would only show one episode ''every three months'', either at 6:00am on Saturdays or before After Dark began on Sundays. When the rights expired, the network didn't even bother to renew them, and not even its nighttime block After Dark could save the show (many fans of After Dark had genuinely enjoyed the show).
* ''Anime/GForceGuardiansOfSpace'' is the ''Smurfs'' of action cartoons when it comes to Toonvision. It ran exclusively at 3am on Sundays (before After Dark was around) from when it began airing in 2001 to when it was taken off in 2002 after just a few months. The show returned in 2007 as one of the starters of the ''Xtreme'' block of action programming, where many hoped it would do better...only to be screwed by none other than ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''Manga/{{Black Butler}}'' got this treatment during its final few months on Xtreme. It went through heavy censorship and was reduced to 10:30pm, the last timeslot of the block, with no reruns, with no plans by Toonvision to air the even more brutal second season of the show.
* ''The Original Dolphin'' was the Main/NetworkRedHeadedStepchild of the first slate of Toonvision's original programming, having the shortest run of the three originals and being taken off the air rather quickly. It was fortunate enough to make a comeback to the schedule when Toonvision was celebrating its 10th anniversary, however it was taken off after two weeks for [[Main/NotMeThisTime surprisingly not]] ''[[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ Powerpuff Girls Z]]'', but ''Ghostly Rock''.
* ''Psychotional'' is to date the only Toonvision Original Series to have been screwed ''while it was still airing''. Revolving around a group of convicted felons' daily lives at the Psychotional Correctional Facility, the show caused a massive uproar due to being marketed as a kids' show. Despite garnering a large cult following, the show was buried at 10:30pm in the Main/FridayNightDeathSlot and was cancelled after one season. The cult following of the series kept it from being written off and it continues to air on After Dark to this day.
* ''Insanity From the Mind of John Doe'' was Toonvision's answer to Cartoon Network's ''WesternAnimation/{{Mad}}''. It failed to capture ''MAD'''s audience and was cancelled and written off after one season. And yes, it was replaced with ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' reruns.
* After ''Family Values'' ended, it went from being ''Bistrosity'' 2.0 to the ''Smurfs'' of Toonvision original programming, changing timeslots erratically until it was overtaken for more ''Powerpuff Girls Z'' reruns.
* Toonvision's attempt at a preschool block, Funhouse, was hit ''bad'' by this. It started in September 2010 airing weekday mornings from 7am to 3pm. While it was definitely nice for people who didn't carry the Nick Jr. channel and couldn't access either Nickelodeon or Disney's preeschool programming, fans of Toonvision's other programming were ''not'' happy about its long airtime. Eventually, the network began changing the timeslots to odd ones such as Tuesdays from 6am to 7am to Saturdays from 6am to 6:30 am (containing nothing but 15 minute shorts) every other week. It was finally put to rest in June 2011, with Toonvision airing no preschool programming since then.
* ''Naruto: Shippuden'' was treated harshly by Xtreme, airing at 10pm from May 21 to June 25, 2011, making it through only ''six episodes'' before having its timeslot moved erratically from anchoring the block at 7pm to being buried in the middle at 9:30 until the block itself was cancelled on August 18, 2012. ''Shippuden'' was quickly ushered off for (unsurprisingly) more ''Powerpuff Girls Z''.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''. Where do we begin? Hasbro gave Toonvision the rights to broadcast reruns the show due to low carriage of Hub Network/Discovery Family, but Toonvision made it their business to ensure that no one except ''really'' hardcore fans would ''ever'' have a shot at seeing the show. Not only did it frequently change time slots a la ''The Alvin Show'', but they would frequently take it off the schedule for as long as ''three months''! Eventually, [[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ what happened next should be obvious]], and it ended up moving to ''Toonvision Classic'' of all places, which has even ''less carriage'' than The Hub!
* ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'' seemed to be the most despised show the network ever brought to Xtreme. It was part of the launch lineup, but compared to shows such as ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' and ''Series/{{Zixx}}'', Xtreme made it their business to run ''Xiaolin'' into the ground. The block's programmers hinting that Toonvision executives ''forced them'' to air the series probably doesn't help matters.
* ''Furby Island Adventures'' was screwed over in its final season due to the decline of the ''Toys/{{Furby}} 2012'' line. The network assumed that since sales were declining, people would quit watching the show (even though it was still getting spectacular ratings rivaling those of Cartoon Network's ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitansGo''), which is odd considering how its about the ''Furby'' of all things. While initially placing it at the tail end of the Friday night premiere block, the network ''destroyed'' the show's ratings by placing new episodes at 10:30am weekdays with no advertising whatsoever in the middle of the last season's run and dragged it on into oblivion. When it finally ended in June 2015, the ''minute'' after the final episode aired, the network removed the show from its schedule, replacing it with [[Anime/DemashitaPowerpuffGirlsZ the obvious]].

* HilariousInHindsight:
** The game's development was of ''Rebirth'' and was worked on before ''Afterbirth''. With that in mind, some of the elements are... surprisingly prophetic. The alternate chapters to the Basement and Caves are, respectively, a water-themed sewer area and a mine with a lot of fire and lava. In other words, a switch of the Burning Basement and Flooded Caves. Then there's [[spoiler:Corpse, a dead version of the Womb... as the hidden "Blue Womb" ended up being.]]

!! ''Undertale'' Spoilers... Kind of (StylisticSuck stories)




[[folder:N(arut)o Mercy]]


Kyu just kind of stared at him for a while, but then shrugged and went "Okay." and started walking towards the exit of the cave.


"Don worry." Kyu answered. "I got you covered. Guaridan angel/fairy, after all."

She walked past Naruto as he approached and got closer to sasuke and said "Yeah you bet your ass I'll be after taking control of her ass too. Because why leave just one person un-controlled in my new dictatorship-- uh... I mean clan restoration. I'LL BE THE GREATEST HAREM MASTER LORD IN--

A loud slam. Some kind of giant cave door neither Naruto nor Sasuke noticed before was closed.

And Kyu was still inside the fighting room, being the one that closed it.

Then she started adjusting what looked like locks to it.

"Manners. Makth. Man." She said as she locked it more. Then she turned to Naruto. "Do you know what that means?"

"It means you're trying to be a smartass! STOP! I DON'T LIKE THAT!"

Kyu began chuckling. "Look Naruto. I'll give you the same option I gave all those other tweens that... well, tried to take over something like you are and I had to be the ''last'' resort to stop them. Just put your weapon down, dismiss your spell, and I totally won't make you cry. Otherwise... well..."

She began laughing a lot.

"You'll ''really'' not like what happens next. And let's just say... you only get '''one''' shot at this. You might think you have unlimited tries, but I can read a Peggy Sue when I see one."


"Yeah... keep thinking you're 'so close,' it'll make this job of mine a ''lot'' easier dude."


He rushed after her but then her eyes got that Light Sharingan thing Sasuke also gained and she gave a thumb's down like before. Suddenly, Naruto turned blue and found hiomself getting yanked harshly towards the ground. Then a bunch of these spike things with hearts for the tips stuck out of the ground, but kind of went through him like a ghost and was only doing damage in a weird one-at-a-time way.[[/quoteblock]]


Yeah I searched that on spriters-resource and found out about some strategy-RPG thingy where the lead character and his units(?) could also be naked. It's apparently a Japan-esclusive series and comedic, but that's all I know about it from that. Also, eggs are involved.

* ItMakesSenseInContext:
** Almost anything by the Professor.
--->"No, they are not cockroaches wearing people-clothes, WE ARE PEOPLE WEARING COCKROACH-CLOTHES!"


At a time when most movies began with [[Film/SupermanTheMovie lengthy credits sequences,]] the movie Film/{{Cocoon}} began with only its title and nothing else.

''Zelda'': I have twenty hearts! Now I'm practically invincible!

''Terraria'': I have twenty hearts ''and'' the best available armor! Now I actually stand a ghost of a chance against this midgame boss!

* TheyKilledKennyAgain:
** His track record of [[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Alucard]] [[FanFic/HecksingUlumateCrconikals "Badguy:"]]
*** This somehow even extended to his playthroughs of ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' -- the dwarf he nicknamed after Alucard is the first one to die. In his first-ever playthrough overall (according to him), ''and'' in
** [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill:]]
*** Alucard has at least survived one ''SBIG'' installment. Hank has technically survived ''none'' of them, after some given ret-cons and the like occured[[note]]His cameo in ''Carl Stevens Universe'' was erased in the rewrite, for one[[/note]] and if you include him being DoomedByCanon.