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The ''Sonic Zombie'' series is a collection of videoes made in GarrysMod by Balenaproductions detailing, Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog and some friends... [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin fighting zombies]]. The twist being that the videos are of blatant, intentionally poor quality: There's still a splash of effort mixed in, but present are several invocations of SpecialEffectsFailure, ThrowItIn, and the characters "move" primarly by being flung around like ragdolls. [[CharacterDerailment Nobody acts or sounds like themselves.]] It's obvious that this is being done for laughs, as [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbeuJSH-gE4 he can animate pretty well.]]

!! The series, in order of each video's publish:

* ''Sonic Zombie Apocalypse 3''
* ''Sonic Zombie Thing 2''
* ''Sonic Zombie Dairies part 3/12''
* ''Sonic Zombie Origins''[[note]]Prequel to all of them: Chronologically first, but it's easier to understand if they are viewed in this listed order, since ''Vengeance'' directly references ''Origins''[[/note]]
* ''Sonic Zombie Vengeance''
* ''Sonic Zombie in Space''
* ''Sonic Zombie Doom Ship The Movie''

!! The Tropes

* ArtifactTitle: Except for the first video, the zombies are usually shooed away in favor for some other MonsterOfTheWeek, and they themselves have been getting less and less focus. Lampshaded a few times in ''Doom Ship'', which is also the only one that doesn't begin with a zombie attack. (Since each individual video ''does'' but moves on to something else, it could be said that the "Zombie" part of the title is an ArtifactTitle for each video.)
* AscendedExtra: Cream goes from SacrificialLamb in ''Origins'', to not appearing in ''Vengence'', to ButtMonkey in ''Space''. [[spoiler:But come ''Doom Ship'', and she's the only surviving clone that tags with Eggman, and it's said that -- as with Shadow and Knuckles earlier -- she was picked to join the characters because of viewer popularity]].
* CharacterizationMarchesOn: It's clear that this series hasn't found its footing in the earlier installments.
** Sonic's gimmick was that he spoke in a robotic voice, and had an obsession with advertizing. Now, he's a {{Jerkass}}, with his Pizza Hut love being the only thing he has in common with his old self.
** Tail's Mexican shtick started out just with a vocal gag, but now he's a full-on Flanderized stereotype. His voice was also higher.
* ChekhovsGun: ''Doom Ship'' has a couple.
** [[spoiler:The dolphin that occasionally makes an appearance, which comes to save Knuckles at the end]].
** [[spoiler:Vector's Sweedish meatballs, which are used to give the sea monster diarrhea]].
* DeathIsCheap: When it looks like a character will die, they usually don't. ''Space'' finally explains this by virtue of them being clones, but in turn it never explains where the clones came from or why on earth Blaze would have clones of them all.
* DeusExMachina: Twice in ''Space'':
** They get to space in the first place because Rouge asked the maker of the video to spawn a spaceship.
** Eggman is defeated by a giant monster (that resembles Silver's transformation from ''Vengeance'') rising up from nowhere and eating him.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness:
** ''Zombie Apocalypse 3'' is very different from the following videoes. It doesn't even hit the ''five'' minute mark, the narrator's voice is calmer, the none of the characters really had their characters established yet, it ends on a cliffhanger that's pretty abruptly retconned, and it's overall clear that not as much effort was put into it as he later videoes.
** The first two videoes take place in G Mod Big City, a location that has not been used since. And the first two share a location, which will become unusual since, as said under OncePerEpisode, they keep changing what area they visit.
** Now that Knuckles is a part of the regular cast, his absense in the first three videoes is this.
* MinimalistCast: Not counting the zombies, the character selection was pretty limited in the earier videoes.
* OncePerEpisode:
** Shrek will appear at least once an episode from ''Origins'' to say something, calling Knuckles "donkey." This is because Knuckles is made to sound like Donkey's voice actor. Originally, it was just once, but as of ''Doom Ship'' is can now be twice.
** Each video takes place on at least one different map.
* OurVampiresAreDifferent: Vampire Knuckles, who is formed from his beast-transformation being hit by a bomb.
* PottyEmergency: Caused by Vector's Sweedish meatballs.
-->'''Shadow:''' I'VE. GOT. TO. SHHH(bleep)TTT!
* SequelEscalation: Whether by intent or not, each video is getting longer than the last. It might get to the point where some of the future installments have a movie's length to them.
* StatusQuoIsGod:
** It becomes increasingly obvious that none of the five main characters are going anywhere anytime soon. Interestingly, a new status quo is made in ''Origins'', that adds Knuckles and Cream to the roster but kills off both of them to explain their absense in the other videoes. Knuckles comes back in the very next video (yet chronologically he had a three-video absense) and [[AscendedExtra becomes a new addition]], while [[spoiler:as of the end of ''Doom Ship'' Cream (or, a clone of her, but who isn't a clone?) is also part of the group.]]
** The zombies aren't going anywhere.
* StoppedNumberingSequels.
* StylisticSuck: The descriptions openly admit that this is done poor on purpose, as a parody.

!! The YMMV

* BigLippedAlligatorMoment:
** Shrek's appearances.
** ''Diaries 3'' has Spiderman and Mario appear out of nowhere to try to stop Silver. It fails.
** Batman appears out of nowhere in ''Origins'' just to vanish as quickly, and Wreck-it-Ralph makes a similar appearance as with Spiderman and Mario from the prior video.
** A group of characters appearing becides Sonic near the end of ''Doom Ship'', all to basically say variations of "This is bad" in his voice.
* CrossesTheLineTwice:
** A lot of the humor in general, particularly the racial kind, can border on this.
** Tails attacking Charmy with explosive diarrhea in ''Doom Ship''. It wouldn't nearly be as funny if it wasn't portrayed as a ''giant explosion'' of alien blood.
* {{Squick}}: The origin of the zombie virus. [[spoiler:Big was working at a fast food store, where he scratches his ass and handles the food without washing his hands. And that's what started the virus]].

!! ???? (I Know this would Normally be Trivia but I'm not Sure if it's True or not Yet)

* WhatCouldHaveBeen: ''Space'' ends with the crew on an island, which sets up the premise for the next video taking place on that island. However, ''Doom Ship'' completely skips over that, and HandWave[=s=] it by saying that Tail's actions got them kicked off.


[[folder:HOPEFULLY what this trope list is for will be out soon. The first chapter at least]]

* AmbiguouslyHuman: Greenlit and her disciples. The former is shrouded in mystery in general, while the latter four are technicolor and have oddly-calm reactions to everything
* BadassInDistress:
** Steven is captured twice: Once near the beginning, by a part of the Mindscape [[spoiler:later revealed to be each Intervention Group member's doubt in him personified]], and once through chapters 5 and 6. Both times, the group comes in to save him.
** Even Pearl and Amethyst [[spoiler:are eventually taken in when their "gem cigarretes" suddenly generate vines that immediately trap them. It takes Garnet hijacking them to set them free]].
* CallingYourAttacks: Each of the group's signature FinishingMove[=s=]:
** ''Ice... Drill... '''BREAK!'''''
** '''Errupting Impale!'''
** '''Pyramid's Tomb!'''
** ''Claw of Heck!''[[note]]Later renamed ''Claw of Hell'' once Peedee does it himself. Steven was just trying to make himself look more appropriate.[[/note]]
* ChekhovsGun: Back in the first chapter, upon first entering the Mindscape, the Group is attacked by a flying, pink petal with an eye on it before they properly reach the "ground." Mindscape-Garnet swipes it, then drills straight below to put it back where it presumably came from.
* EldritchLocation: The Mindscape. ''Especially'' the core, [[spoiler:a fairly unstable "mash" of all five of their thoughts, that initially stays as a keep to hold in the source of the 'scape, but after Jared and Hugreen tamper with it, it becomes the border to their space arena]].
* {{Foreshadowing}}:
** Read the beginning of each IG member's finishing move, when Steven plays them out. Now, go to chapter 6, where the person he "teaches" them does them. [[spoiler:Notice how there's less repeating letters, less formatting, and overall less emphasis when Steven cries out their names? He's not that enthusiastic. It shows that he was faking his "think big" hero-mentor role and actually thought deep down that they ''couldn't'' make it through the trials alive.]]
** Not just that, but [[spoiler:whatever powers the five swords, the IG uses to make their attack bigger. Steven never does this. The power is implied to work similar to Spiral Energy, if not being the exact same thing, which runs on how much someone believes in themselves. Steven was doubting himself the whole time, but when the IG was replicating his attacks, he had gotten them to have more faith in themselves.]]
** [[spoiler:The members of the Intervention Group only found their swords after a boost in confidence. Guess who gets his last.]]
* MindScrew: The "office" scene during the trip down Lars's section of the Mindscape. According to WordOfGod, it was based on a very trippy dream he had that was apparantly kind of about the fic, or at least a bizarre version of it.
* XMeetsY: ''Steven Universe'' meets ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiDreamTeam'' meets ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''.


[[folder:A New Trope/Potential YKTTW, Maybe]]

ModestyLeaf [...]

Note that this only counts if the leaf is an active part of the character's "outfit." SceneryCensor done with plants does not count, or regular-grade HandOrObjectUnderwear.

!! Examples


[[folder: BlueKirby10]]

[[Tropers/BlueKirby10 BlueKirby10.]] There. I'm making this.


There's a number of differences.

The biggest is the immortality, or lack therof. All Spring Races normally can endure very powerful situations, and stop physically aging somewhere around 25, while [[HumanAliens Vessians]](? I'm still not sure about the name) age and die like normal humans, both natural and from attack. But apart from that, Vessians actually probably have more variety. Like, they definitely can have glass-like skin, or other materials for their parts, while I'm not sure if the same should apply for SR humans beyond having traits that might be found in other animals instead.

* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** There were also brief plans for an addition to the main cast named "Parasite," who was [[ADogNamedDog named as such because he appeared to be a leech]] that kept latching onto some of the humans, until he eventually gained enough of their Spring Race-ness from sucking their blood that he grew into a humanoid. It would then turn out that he was really an [[OurAngelsAreDifferent "angel"]] created directly by Joe and to observe humanity, who grew independance from the material he got from them. He would have made a heroic sacrifice in the final battle. He was cut for quite a few reasons, although curiously enough, the top reason was fear that he would become a Scrappy.

!! The original script contains examples of:

* ChekhovsGun: Link is given a "ring of life" by his grandmother, which is used to save Zelda from falling rocks.
* SuddenlyVoiced: The Triforces can apparantly talk.

!! (Original script YMMV)

* TheScrappy: Eian, at least he's described by the creators of the animation as "greatly disliked" in their special version of the third video. Partly because of his style of cracking "jokes" makes him extremely unfitting to the story.


* AdaptationExpansion: The shorts add a few sequences when there were none in the original script, like the dancing Triforce of Courage scene, or

* PutOnABus: In "the Done," [[spoiler:Kamina, Cortana, Denise, and Kaitana are ''literally'' put on a bus as they quit Hecksing, explaining their absense in ''Ulumate'' proper even though it starts out less than a year after this chapter. Rip's leave is explained on the fact that she willingly left them earlier after getting into a little conflict with Alucard, stating never to join them again until after Alucard is dead. Sure enough, that's what happens in less than a year fic-time. Cortana not being with Kamina when he's as the Chief in ''Ulumate'' is explained by how she was assigned a different task, and Kamina going to New York to stop Homer Simpson was originally just an emergency. Kaitana and Denise's current wereabouts are unknown, although the fact that they shared a bus with aformentioned Spartan and his AI might either answer or raise some questions, or do both]].
** [[spoiler:Denise and Kaitana are confirmed to make a re-appearance sometime in season six of ''Housestuck'', as with possibly Kamina and Cortana]].

* In-universe in ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', where the FCC goes overboard in censoring television. Which includes censoring Dick Van Dyke's name, and putting a censor bar over a bikini top which makes the character in question look topless.