* [[ComicBook/XMen Beast]] (Hank [=McCoy=])
* [[TheIncredibleHulk Hulk / Doc Green]] (Bruce Banner)
* [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Mister Fantastic]] (Reed Richards)
* [[TheInhumans Black Bolt]] (Blackagar Boltagon)
* ComicBook/Black Panther (T'Challa)
* ComicBook/CaptainBritain (Brian Braddock)
* Amadeus Cho
* ComicBook/Iron Man (Tony Stark)
* ComicBook/DoctorStrange (Stephen Strange)

ComicBook/{{SHIELD}} Avengers:
* [[ComicBook/CaptainAmerica Steve Rogers]]
* ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}} (Clint Barton)
* Maria Hill
* ComicBook/WarMachine (James "Rhodey" Rhodes)
* [[ComicBook/TheFalcon Captain America]] (Sam Wilson)
* [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Invisible Woman]]
* [[ComicBook/MsMarvel Captain Marvel]]

Sunspot's Avengers:
* New Avengers:
** [[ComicBook/NewMutants Sunspot]] (Roberto da Costa)
** [[ComicBook/NewMutants Cannonball]] (Sam Guthrie)
** Smasher (Izzy Kane)
** Manifold (Eden Fesi)
** ComicBook/BlackWidow (Natasha Romanoff)
** ComicBook/SpiderWoman (Jessica Drew)
** Shang-Chi
** Validator
** Pod (Aikku Jokinen)
** Zebra Kids
** A.I.M.
* [[TheMultiverse Multiversal]] Avengers
** [[TheMightyThor Odinson]]
** [[SquadronSupreme Hyperion]] (Marcus Milton)
* Ex Nihilo
* Starbrand (Kevin Connor)
* Nightmask ([[OnlyOneName Adam]])
* Abyss

The Cabal


[[folder:I Wanted to Call This Five Nights at Strickland Propane but There's a Fan Fic With that Name Already So Five Nights at the Alley]]

-->''"be afad. be very very afad."''

'''''Five Nights in the Alley: Shock and Terror: The Horror of Arlen, Texas, Part VII: Final Fantasy''''' (Referred to as ''Five Nights in the Alley'', abbreviated as FNAA officially) is a short humour game based on ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' and inspired by ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys''.

This is set in a world where ''King of the Hill'' is a global success and massive name plastered on to absolutely everything and gained several big-name theme parks. It's this verse's version of Disney. You are Elroy, the "beta tester" of sorts to a new attraction in a park that's opening up: The Walk of Propane, where several robots of Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill make their way from the alley over to Strickland Propane and try to fight the players off, though without causing physical harm to them. Unforuntately, Elroy learns that this place is haunted, and they very well intend on killing him in [[ShapedLikeItself horrific ways of horror.]] So he hides out away from the attraction, into Hank's House, while trying to contact management that these robots or... costumes are ''not'' acting like themselves. Armed with the oddly-placed blast doors capable of withstanding a nuclear explosion (in a building that ''isn't''), Elroy must defend himself while conserving power on his attraction, or he'll get fired.

It gained a sequel where things work a bit differently. Each camera view has access to an electricity-powered gun or wall that slows down or barricades the foe respectively, at the cost of draining a lot of power. These ''need'' to be managed so that more than one of them doesn't make it to the camera access point at a time, and when that happens they can simply be warded off with either having out charcoal (which fools the new threats for some reason) or by holding out propane (which fools most of the old threats, Bill being the exception as he must be warded off as he was last game). If at least one of each group hits the room at nearly the same time, it would be impossible to fool them both, and thus game over.

* AcceptableBreaksFromReality: The bathroom design makes no sense. You seem to be in a stall by itself that has both a clear view of the blast doors and, somehow, the ability to close both of them. But from an actual bathroom stall you would have no control over even one door, except for the stall door. Which is useless against everyone who isn't Bill.
* AdultFear: ''Parodied''. The game over screen just reads "You get fired from your job -- the true horror that could happen to you."
* AffectionateParody: No malice is intended to either ''Five Nights at Freddy's'' or ''King of the Hill''.
* AffiblyEvil:
** Hank is nice enough to give you advice in the first three days of the first. For the fourth, however, he just tells you "u better gid gud rite nao" and for the fifth, "[[spoiler:This really plays however you want it to. If you wanna make it hard for yourself, be my guest!]]"
** [[spoiler:The Nepeta Horde is all-in-all pretty cheerful as they gun down the player character's location in either game]].
* AntiFrustrationFeatures:
** ''All'' enemies are programmed to leave a very set, very short amount of time after the door is shut on them, returning to their start point [[spoiler:or disappearing entirely in the case of the "secret" enemies (Golden Hank, Nepeta, and Marge)]] and taking a bit before starting up their cycle again. You do not have to worry about anybody camping out by the entrance. This is also helped by how, unlike the first ''Freddy's'', you cannot still see the character's shadows when the lights are used while the doors are closed.
** Relatedly, you can't even use the lights while the doors are shut. This is to prevent accidental power waste.
** The sequel doesn't do a bad job at letting you know whether to have a propane tank or a bag of charcoal out for a given threat. All of the "toys" start out in a location that has a sign with a picture of charcoal by it, the alley guys likely are standing by one with a sign of propane on it, both pictures on the signs look almost identical to the graphic when placed by. With this, even someone who knows little to nothing about ''King of the Hill'' count figure out what to do. Bill's method is explained to you, [[spoiler:Animatronic-Nepeta makes a return to let you know that she's the only old enemy that leaves you alone with charcoal, Golden Hank should still be obvious and he's essentially a stronger Hank, and with Shadow Marge you're told through a brief and cryptic hint]].
* ArtifactTitle: Inverted. In the first game, you're not in an alley, but a bathroom. In the second, your location is an alley. That has Dale's portajohn in the middle of it.
* AscendedFanon: Sort of. The mechanic for warding off the enemies works similarly to how people guessed the mask would have worked in ''Five Nights at Freddy's 2'' pre-release. Namely, the new enemies will leave you alone for one setting, while the old ones target you for the other. The exceptions can be batted away with either the door or raising and lowering the monitor ''really'' quickly.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: [[spoiler:The Nepeta army turns out to be drawn like this when not pixellated in the sequel. Their clothes are painted on in both games and Fan eventually confirmed that they have nothing underneath. In the kill screen in the first game in particular, the "lead" is extremely close and everything should be visible before her mouth stretches out and obscures it]].
* BodyPaint: For some reason, Hank is said to have the uncanny ability to near-instantly tell whenever someone is wearing paint, no matter how good the illusion looks. [[spoiler:This does not come up with the one character who does wear body paint -- well, several characters. The Nepeta Army's shorts and shirts are painted on. In the sequel, pixellation implies that they have nothing underneath, and WordOfGod confirms that this is the case in both games]].
* BringMeMyBrownPants: The player character is in the bathroom so that he doesn't crap his pants at the '''terrifying terror'''.
* CatScare: The jump scares are, at worst, very strange yet not alarming at all. Here is a grand list of jump scares:
** Hank has his face from [[ this]] {{Memetic|Mutation}} image (minus the background) flying after you.
** Dale's head is inexplicably replaced with a velociraptor's. Which roars at the player character.
** Boohmauer's head is on a giant spider, except he's perpetually bored looking. For the "jump scare," a poorly-photoshopped picture of Spiderman with Boomhauer's face comes flying after you.
** Bill just akwardly stares at you before doing the jump attack.
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank's jump is the exact same thing as regular Hank's, just colored gold]].
** [[spoiler:Nepeta has a surreal one involving her mouth opening really wide and hitting you with a bus full of Scrappies]].
** [[spoiler:Peggy simply beats Elroy with her sign]].
** [[spoiler:Marge just lunges at the player]].
* ChekhovsGun: [[spoiler:Oh hey, there's an animatronic of Peggy Hill. Looks an awful lot like Balloon B-- wait. Did it just move?]]
* ClicheStorm: This game parodies this by having random blood everywhere for no reason as well as other common horror tropes being parodied.
* DamnYouMuscleMemory: An intentional example. In the first ''Freddy's'', Foxy can be stopped with the left door. Here, Bill acts similar to Foxy down to coming from the same side, except he opens the "regular" doors (referred to as blast doors for some reason even they appear to be ordinary bathroom doors) and is only stopped by closing the door to the stall you are in. You cannot access the blast doors whilethe stall door is closed. To add insult to injury, the bathroom stall door works on absolutely no other threat in the game, including the secret ones.
* DaylightHorror:
** The game takes place in the day. Averted in that it mostly doesn't try to be scary, [[spoiler:though secret characters Marge and Nepeta dip into SurrealHorror territory, especially with the latter's attack screen]].
** The sequel takes place in the open sunlight, instead of before where you were within a (brightly-lit) restroom. The contrast is even bigger here, as if the power fails, there's still a very light and sunny area ahead of you. (Unlike the restroom of the last game, which turns nearly pitch-black.)
* DemonicPossession: Not in the way you think. [[spoiler:It's implied that the vast majority of characters posses the people working here, given that the reasons for being fired when caught by Hank, Dale, Bill, and to some extent Boomhauer matches up a little with their personalities]].
* DifficultySpike:
** Day 2 in the first game, where you go from having two extremely inactive enemies to two far more active enemies and a new threat (Bill) that works differently. Then comes Day 3, where Hank and Peggy are introduced and Golden Hank may be spotted. And Day 4, where Hank adapts some of Bill's behavior, Golden Hank changes a bit too, and two new threats can be found, all while Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill are still after you. Basically every day is a drastic departure from the last, but the transition from Day 1 to Day 2 is especially notable as the former is practically effortless.
** In the sequel, Day 3. The second day is like the first, but with slightly more active characters. Come Day 3 and suddenly the old and new enemies use the Vent Intersection to ''switch paths'', which definitely aids in the dreaded double-team up and can cause a bit of confusion.
* DisproportionateRetribution: Some of the reasons for being fired. If Hank's the catcher, you get fired for selling charcoal.
* DramaticUnmask: Dale does this near the very beginning of the game. He has a velociraptor's head underneath.
* DroppedABridgeOnHim: In the sequel, Peggy only appears as a head resting on the self of the portable toilet the character is stationed in. This head can move around a little, but that's about it and she can't directly harm you.
* EasterEgg:
** Beating the custom day at given presets awards you with something on the bathroom table (except for [[spoiler:the gold star on the save file and the poster of Nepeta, the former is on the main menu and the latter is hung on the mirror]]). You can click on the nose of the Hank one and hear "Propane." [[spoiler:Same applies to the Golden Hank figurine, except the sound for that is reversed]].
** If you see a Nepeta-looking animatronic in the place of Peggy's position, switch the camera ''immediately'' over to 9 Rivers, where they start. [[spoiler:You can see the army in its starting state and, more importantly, one of the clone (who appears to be of a purple-blood color) applying the finishing details to her painted on shorts, embarassingly looking at the camera]].
* EasyModeMockery:
** In both games, the "preset" (it's not on the scrolling screen of presets) where everyone is set to 0 is labeled "Wuss mode."
* EvilLaugh: Hank tries to pull this off... but it's just some sound clips of his canonical self laughing.
* ExcusePlot: The closest thing this has to any explanation whatsoever is that this is some sort of daytime horror attraction turned bad. Though you're not told why you're normally fired instead of killed.
* {{Expy}}: All of the main antagonists function just like a FNAF character from the first game:
** Hank is Freddy himself. He doesn't come out until later in the game (specifcially, Day 3 in Hank's case), hides stealthily, bypasses the blindspot, and is the face of the game in spite of spending most of it inactive. Unlike Freddy, he can come from either side and is the only antagonist to do so. He's also who comes after you when the power goes out.
** Dale is Bonnie: The first active, stationed to the right of Hank, and attacks from the player's left, while often appearing to teleport around the rooms.
** Boomhauer is Chica, going from the right end and not advancing as often as Dale.
** Bill is Foxy. He must be checked in a regular balance to keep him from sprinting over, and his starting location is different from the other's.
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank is actually ''not'' like Golden Freddy. He can be seen in the regular cameras and appears to stalk around the player regularly, except that like Normal Hank he bypasses the blindspot]].[[note]]Reportedly Golden Hank's behavior was based on what the maker thought Golden Freddy was like after only reading a few lines of description at the time and only looking a little bit in the game. He thought that you could walk around, hide in a room, and shut the door using a finite power supply, and had to hide out from the animatronics while you caught glimpses of them. And Golden Freddy would have wandered just Freddy himself, just a lot more deadly and having an unclear spawn position.[[/note]]
** Not related to FNAF, but [[spoiler:Marge Simpson's design resembles a ShoddyKnockoffProduct doll of the character. Funnily enough, because of this she might be the only character who is even remotely disturbing]].
** [[spoiler:Peggy has a similar design to BB, complete with being by a balloon vender. However, the sign she's holding is for hot dogs. And it's spelled wrong. Later, there's a chance of seeing a Nepeta animatronic hallucination that also resembles BB]].
** In a strange way, the new "toys" counter to each of the older alley guys, such as going active around the same time and being the most likely (but not always in those pairs) the pairs to double-team you. There's Hank and Bob, Dale and Fry, and Boomhauer and Peter.
* FanDisservice:
** For reasons unknown, fat, balding, middle-aged Bill is permanantly naked. He finally puts on some clothes in the sequel... but he undresses before gunning you down.
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank is likewise in the nude. He's easier to look at than Bill, but that's not saying much. In the sequel, his pose when he's seconds away from attacking looks like something Aikuro from ''Anime/KillLaKill'' would make]].
** Out a context, [[spoiler:an aged-up alien with a decent build and clothes ''painted-on'' is one thing. But said alien not only swarming the map with copies of herself, but also opening her mouth really wide and then making a '''bus''' full of disliked characters fly out of it, all while giving a dead-eyed expression? Weird. Worse in that said "painted" on clothes could really be blood]].
* FeaturelessProtagonist: The ending reveals that the player character of the first game is named "Elroy," and that's all that's known about him. [[TakeThatScrappy Keep in mind that Lucky's real first name is Elroy.]]
* FinalExamBoss: Hank. Once he goes active in the later parts of the week, he behaves like both Dale and Boomhauer at first, then adds Bill's charge move down ''either'' alley on Day 4.
* FourIsDeath: An accidental in-universe but intentional out-universe example. The fifth night is "unfinished" (in reality the game was always intended to end on four nights), so the total night count rounds up to four.
* FreezeFrameBonus: The words "be afad. be very very afad." appear just before the beginning of every day.
* FullFrontalAssault:
** Bill charges at you naked.
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank, a nude statue of Hank, invokes this trope]].
** [[spoiler:The Nepeta Horde is heavily implied to do this, with all clone's (and the original's) clothes looking to be painted on. And what, if anything, she wears underneath was left ambiguous before the need to pixellate them in some camera views and WordOfGod confirms that it's nothing]].
* GagCensor:
** Bill is censored by a winking smiley face.
** In the sequel, [[spoiler:Golden Hank has a ''huge'' yellow BishieSparkle covering his nethers when he enters the Alley]].
* GameOverMan: Losing presents you with a "you're fired" screen, followed by a picture of [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} Calculon]] with the text "Your playthrough was so terrible I think it gave me cancer!" [[spoiler:When losing to Nepeta, Calculon's head is replaced by Karkat's and another line to the message is added]]. The second game tosses a pair of "Deal With it" shades on him, [[spoiler:and replaces his head with Porrim's (with shades) for some reason. Underneath is jade-colored text that reads "And I'm ''no+t'' the cancer tro+ll, that is an achievement."]]
* GiantSpider: Boomhauer's head is on a spider that is roughly human-sized.
* GISSyndrome: The only settings that aren't taken from ''King of the Hill'' are 9 Rivers (a generic gold course, also from Google) and the restroom Elroy is situated at (originally drawn, if through bad MS Paint graphics). This makes the characters stick out like sore thumbs and pretty hard to ignore. A later update is supposed to avert this more, with all of the backgrounds being of a matching MS Paint.
* GoMadFromTheRevelation: This is implied to be Elroy's fate when caught by [[spoiler:the Marge Simpson doll]].
* HopeSpot: Unlike ''Five Nights at Freddy's 2'', once an enemy is in the "office" of the game, you cannot just post-entry swap out the given item. Well, you can, and that may ''look'' like it fools them, but after leaving they will ''always'' come back.
* HumanoidAbomination: [[spoiler:The Marge doll in the first game is the only enemy that has no explanation for her appearance whatsoever (the Nepetas might have made some sort of DealWithTheDevil, the main KOTH characters are just jerkass animatronics, and Golden Hank is a retired statue that's equally jerkass). In the sequel, she's gone... but replaced by '''Shadow Marge'''. If not fended off against, she will cause the screen to fake-glitch out before giving what can be summed as a Purple Screen of Death, followed by jump-scaring the player and forcibly closing the game]].
* TheJuggernaut: '''Nothing''' can get between Bill and taking a shit. In the first game, he forces your nuclear bomb-resistant blast doors open if shut, and in the second, he can pass through electric barriers and guns that zap electric shots completely unharmed (though you still get some power returned from them. Usually not enough to make the purchase if Bill is the ''only'' threat you are against).
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall:
** The reason for being fired by Peggy is "playing a ''Five Nights at Freddy's'' clone."
* LiteralAssKicking:
** In both games, the 5 > 6 PM scene is marked by a dancing 6 gif kicking a dancing 5 gif out of the way.
** In the sequel, the enemies try to kill you this time around. This is your fate if met against Hank.
* LivingStatue: [[spoiler:Golden Hank. Peggy is likewise an animatronic that is alive]].
* MalevolentArchitecture: Just why the hell are there two completely different entrances to the restroom from two completely different sides, anyway? It's not like navigating the theme park version of Hank's house will take ''that'' long to get from one side to another.
* TheManyDeathsOfYou: Not quite a death, but the pink slip upon loss presents a different reason for being fired for each enemy.
** Hank: "Caught selling charcoal."
** Dale: "Working with the Illuminati, government, and aliens to overthrow Canada."
** Bill: "Hurting my feelings by insulting my cooking."
** Boomahuer: "Odor."
** [[spoiler:Peggy: "Playing a ''Five Nights at Freddy's'' clone during work hours."]]
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank: "Caught selling [[BlackSpeech eodfn'vshhfk]]."]][[note]]Literally "black'speech" ran through a Caesar Cipher.[[/note]]
** [[spoiler:Marge Simpson: "Signs of decreased sanity; babbling inconherantly about a fictional character coming to kill you."]]
** [[spoiler:Nepeta: "Attempting to fornicate with the "Peggy" animatronic."]]
* MoodWhiplash: For the most part the game's lighthearted and doesn't take itself seriously... but then there's the power running out. The restroom becomes almost pitch-black, more realistically shaded, and you see Hank's feet ''right in front of you'', going darker the farther up they are so that everything above Hank's legs is obscured by shadow and is hard to distinguish from the background. And... nothing. For about ten seconds. ...But then his regular jump scare happens which takes off any tension. Worse though is if the stall door is closed: It delays the time a bit (useful later into 5 PM) but Hank ''knocks'', still silent, before forcefully opening the door.
* NoSell:
** Bill can run through the blast doors and outright force them open temporarly (which, unfortunately for the player, uses ''more'' power than just keeping them closed. And yes, he opens both, the left on his way in and the right on his way out). The only line of defense against him is the stall door, which is useless against everyone else since they already know where you're located.
** In the sequel, the Nepeta Horde is completely immune to the electronical defenses. The guns refuse to target them for some reason and they can pass right through the barries as if they weren't there.
* NonIndicativeName: The game actually takes place during the ''days''. This is not forgetting about lighting -- the clock goes from 12 ''PM'' to 6 ''PM'', all cameras clearly have a day sky in the background, and the word "night" is written in quotes.
* ObviousBeta: Parodied. There isn't a fifth night/day -- instead, there's just a message saying "Fifth day will be here soon you guys but until then have this and it's just the fourth night anyway but harder." And then it cuts to the victory screen. Apparantly it's going to be a custom night in a later release (which is just going to be the "seventh" -- it "skips" over #5 and 6), which also kind of plays this straighter.
* OldShame: Fan claimed that while he did not mind the bare-bones idea, he hated how much of a knockoff of the first game it turned out layout-wise, with the only unambiguously new mechanic (the stall door and how you can't access the blast doors or lights) was only remotely useful against one person or delaying a jump scare for some seconds. The only reason why it's getting a sequel instead of all focus being put on ''Five Days at the Meteor'' was to give a variant of FNAA some way of being original and distinct from any of the FNAF games.
* OverlyLongName:
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank, the Fan Game's Obligatory Golden Freddy Knockoff Who is Also Gonna Kick Your Ass. Senior Manager, Strickland Propane]]. This is supposedly his actual name in the upcoming custome night update.
** [[spoiler:Peggy Hi-- PEGGY HILL NEE PLATTER, SUBSTITUTE TEACHER OF THE YEAR THREE YEARS IN A ROW, 1987, 1993, AND 2023. CHOKE ON THAT, SUCKERS]]. And yes, it's also written ''exactly'' like that, complete with the interruption.
* PaletteSwap:
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank's jump scare is just Hank's with a gold filter over it. Averted with the man himself, who uses original sprites]].
** While revision plans are supposed to change this, currently both allies look identical aside from being reflected and the west one is given a mild blue tint while the east one is tinted yellow. This also makes Hank's house look like it has two back openings and no front openings.
* {{Pixellation}}: In the sequel, [[spoiler:this is applied to Nepeta whenever her or a given clone is close enough to the camera (for "farther" shots, BarbieDollAnatomy is used instead), as her clothes are painted on and she has no underwear underneath]].
* ProductionForeshadowing: [[spoiler:Play your cards wrong on the fourth day, and you could spawn an army of Nepeta Leijons (her regular self and what appears to be several bloodswaps) following after you. A FNAF-based game where the opponents are all Nepeta bloodswaps has been in progress at the time of FNAA's release]].
* SequelDifficultyDrop: In spite of introducing three more "alley-like" threats, the second game is far easier as you can pretty much control the rate the enemies reach you with a proper strategy, and fighting off foes with the electro guns could give you ''back'' some power if used right (whereas the electronic walls never really replenish as much). All threats are either fended off with the charcoal/propane holding or by closing the portapotty door on time, neither of which takes power. If not for the enemies specifically being coded to double-team on you and the necessity to use strategy to keep them seperate, the camera would be almost entirely optional.
* SequelHook: Night 4's phone call? "Got no time to read reviews, WHILE I'M WORKING ON THE SEQUEL!" This is the entirety of the phone call, by the way.
* ShoutOut: There's only two phone calls in the game, and both of them involve ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'' quotes.
* StylisticSuck: The game never, ever takes itself seriously or even tries to be scary, with the possible exception of [[spoiler:the creepy Marge doll, and even then that's only because the toy it's based on falls into the UncannyValley. In the sequel, Marge's horror factor is ramped ''up'' via Shadow Marge, who is mostly shadow and her face is highly distorded into a SlasherSmile]].
** This is evident even in the newspaper, where the amount you get paid is so large (or, more accurately, improperly fitted, since the number's end can be seen) it ''flies off of the paper and just floats over the air''.
* SurrealHorror: [[spoiler:Nepeta's kill screen. She tilts her head to the side, her lower mouth stretches all the way to the floor, and... a bus containing Scrappy, BB, and Jar Jar Binks comes flying out. And the cause of being fired is that Elroy attempted to... do things with the Peggy Hill animatronic. Just what the hell is that]]? Her attack screen in the sequel is somehow even weirder.
* TakeThat:
** Ahem, [[Film/{{Birdemic}} Shock and Terror, you say?]] Likely this and not a ShoutOut considering said movie's infamy.
** [[spoiler:Nepeta's kill/"fire" screen involves characters that are mostly hated. There's Jar Jar Binks, Scrappy-Doo, and... BB, likely referring to his status before he was rescued in ''Freddy's 3''. There is also a mirror on the bus, possibly representing the player character as Lucky, another [[TheScrappy Scrappy]]]].
* TheThemeParkVersion: This takes place in a KOTH-themed theme park. This explains why there's allies on ''both'' sides of Hank's house, and why Tom Landry, Strickland Propane, and 9 Rivers all appear to be within short walking distance of eachother (based on the map layout, not the enemies teleporting there) and Hank's house.
* ThisIsGonnaSuck: Before the start of every night, you see a message labeled "Hank's advice," where he tells you some of the game's mechanics. Which are also grammatically correct and spelt right. The one for the fourth night? Just "u better git gud rite nao."
* ToiletHumor: You are permanantly seated on a toilet. In both games. The only reason why Bill even knows you're in there is because he keeps drinking tainted beer, and happens to catch you if you fail to close the door on time. (In the first, he ducks into the neighboring stall. In the second, he runs to another portable toilet just offscreen behind your's.)
* TooDumbToLive: Bill, for repeatedly drinking beer that's pretty bad for him. He fails to realize that it ''might'' be tainted. By the second game, he ''still'' hasn't learned his lesson. But due to how either of them work, this becomes more along the lines of "Too dumb for ''you'' to live."
* TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture: [[spoiler:Peggy's title]] implies that this takes place somewhere around the 2020s at the very least.
* UncannyValley: Invoked. Invoked, invoked, invoked, invoked, ''invoked''.
** Golden Hank is drawn with more detailed shading than everyone else and far more facial lines.
** The Marge Simpson doll, although the sequel forgoes this alltogether in favor for Shadow Marge, who instead just looks "ordinarly" creepy.
** The new animatronics/costumes/robots for the sequel, which resemble Bob Belcher, Philip J. Fry, and Peter Griffin crossed with the "Toy" animatronics of ''Freddy's''. Well, sort of. All three of them are borderline palette swaps of eachother and all bear extremely weird facial expressions that by all means should not be on human robots if not nothing whatsoever and bring to mind the Elegy of Emptiness Link statue of all things.
* YouAreAlreadyDead:
** As a given, the power going out when it's not late into 5 PM. In both games.
** Both a "propane" enemy[[note]]Hank, Dale, Boomauer, and Golden Hank[[/note]] and a "charoal" enemy[[note]]Toy Bob, Toy Peter, Toy Fry, and for some reason the Nepeta Army (the latter of which is hinted at by her animatronic self holding up a sign with a picture of charcoal on it[[/note]] entering the alley at the same time. Bill, frustratingly, might as well count for a third faction, as if either of aformentioned groups sees you with the door closed at any point they ''will'' go in for the kill, and no matter which is set on the shelf, Bill won't like either if the door is open.


!! LOL

* AntiClimaxBoss:
** Golden Hank is a lot easier to fend off than either canonical incarnation of Golden Freddy. After figuring out which route he takes, just close the correct door on him.
** Marge in the first game. She outright tells you when to close the door, and is the only blindspot-bypassing enemy that lets you know in advance about this. In the sequel, however, the reflexes needed to beat her shadow self increase dramatically.
* DemonicSpiders:
** Hank himself has the unique trait of coming after you from ''either'' side. If he's not at Strickland Propane, he might be camping out in pretty much any other room in the game (despite paralleling to Pirate's Cove both Dale and Hank can be spotted at Tom Landry) and he hides surprisingly well for GISSyndrome standards. And the new update to the game will have it own drawn backgrounds, which are made to specifically have good hiding spots for Hank.
** [[spoiler:Golden Hank, the game's way of punishing you for being over-reliant on checking either alley and only either alley for threats. Take everything Hank has, remove the 9 Rivers and Tom Landry cameras... except make up for this by making him extremely fast. Chances are inexperienced players wouldn't even know he's ''there'' until after losing to him more than once and wondering why A: The Hank image looks gold-washed, and B: Why Hank appears to be the attacker when he's still standing at Strickland Propane]].
** In the sequel, Bill is a ''lot'' more threatening this time, mainly since the method for fending him off now outright ''conflicts'' with the method for fending off other characters instead of making them more inconvenient. Though thankfully he, Peter, and Boomhauer gives you a chance to swap out to the proper item before going in for a kill.
* EnsembleDarkhorse actually sorta ego stroking:
** The game's incarnation of Nepeta. Currently only spawns on one day, and not when Marge is around (since Marge's summoning restrictions are a lot less strict[[note]]at any time, with anyone at the point, while Nepeta only spawns when Peggy is gone ''and'' after checking on Bill too frequently[[/note]]), so finding her even in the current final level is rare and dependant on not one but ''two'' canonical Scrappy (Peggy). However, she has a very unique attack method, the strangest kill screen and post-fire message out of anyone, is the only crossover character who doesn't look like a doll from hell, she and her clones are implied to attack with only painted on clothes, and she's the only female character who at least isn't in the UncannyValley. (Compared to plush toy Marge with a weird expression and Balloon Boy-like Peggy with sonic.exe eyes.)\\
Fan eventually admitted that he didn't even really like the character (preferring Feferi and especially Equius at least, out of the minor trolls) and the only reason she's even in the game is to continue his RunningGag of switching the importances of the most and least important trolls. Vriska would barge herself into major moments in canon, ergo Nepeta would barge into completely unrelated products. This somewhat explains why she's even in this yet has a lackluster role. Fortunately, the sequel makes her appearances more frequent and indepenant on any other character.
** To a lesser extent, Boomhauer/"Spider Boomhauer" is also liked out of the "main" five enemies (they alley guys and Peggy) despite being the least threatening. Mostly because of how he manages to make giant spiders into NightmareRetardant.
** Toy Peter Griffin. Because of his frequent ''[[[{{Bathos}} squatting]]''.
* FridgeHorror:
** The setting in general.
** On the East Alley cam in ''1'', one of the boards of wood has crayon eyes and a smile drawn on it much like [[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddy Plank]]. [[spoiler:This is from the same person who made a series of StylisticSuck fan fics which were eventually "welded" by having Plank turn out to be some kind of amalgation of Nepeta and a corrupted dead Hank Hill, traveling universes and speaking to select people to do their bidding. And the question remains if it's good or evil, since at first Plank was dominated by the corrupted Hank spirit that was also, basically, Slender Man. Both Nepeta and Hank appear in this game and are equally hostile to you]]. Plank's back in the sequel.
* GoddamnBats:
** Bill is, frankly, a giant pain in the ass to deal with in the first ''Alley''. Pun unintended. He's completely unactive in the first day, but on every following day there's an invisible timer (an estimate of which can be gathered by the poses he has) that ticks down when there's a long period of time where he's not watched. Should this run out, and in Day 4 this happening at least once or the power going out is practically a garuntee, he rushes over and requires you to close the stall door. This by itself wouldn't normally be bad, except that he ''will'' end the game if he spots you ''while'' doing his business (due to the mirror on the wall), so you have to wait several seconds with the stall door closed. The thing is, while you can still check the cameras, you cannot manage to doors or light at all like this. So he's both a bit of a power drainer ''and'' a time drainer, since those seconds could be vital in the last day.
** [[spoiler:The Nepeta Horde is pretty predictable and not too difficult to avoid losing to. However, this is the only threat in the whole game which requires shutting ''both'' doors to close off, and the wait time for them to leave is inexplicably twice as long as the other characters. Due to the way the game's power mechanics work, using more than one consumption method drains power like crazy, and having all three used (which is only possible by checking the monitors while both doors are closed, or by having Bill barge through one of the blast doors -- the two combined gives a rarely-seen ''fifth/fourth'' power-drain tick) is downright suicide. Additionally, they can obscure the view of any other threats in the area, ''especially'' Hank, who more-or-less becomes impossible to spot when he's on the closer end of ''either'' alley. Which is also your last sign before he comes into the bathroom]]. Basically, don't check on Bill ''too'' often, either.
* HoYay: This gets ramped up in the sequel, where they alley guys will often double-team up with male characters from other series, Peggy is out of the picture, Marge is somehow even worse and less human-like than before, and this leaves the only remaining female(s) as Nepeta and her bloodswap clones. (And even if aged up as in this game, the thought of Nepeta with ''any'' of the adult ''King of the Hill'' characters, Fry from ''Futurama'', Bob from ''Bob's Burgers'', or Peter from ''Family Guy'' can squick out many.)
* ItsTheSameSoItSucks: [[OldShame Fan himself has this issue]] -- he didn't like how the map was essentially [=FNAF1's=], just "minus the extra hall cameras, dining area, supply closet, backstage, and with the kitchen visible." And feels that even [[spoiler:the re-tweaking of the game's "Golden Freddy" and the three new threats who can't be traced to any [=FNAF1=] enemy]] did not help by too much. The only reason why the sequel is even considered is to put a more original spin on the joke that this game is.
* MemeticMolester:
** Bill. Why else would he be naked by a ''middle school'', aside from ''King of the Hill''[='=]s general lack of many well-known locations?[[note]]His location was originally going to be his own house -- hence the giant flag post -- but Fan wanted "a large variety of areas for what it's worth."[[/note]] Which gets worse considering this is a point where [[spoiler:an animatronic resembling Nepeta's 13-year-old self also spawns]].
** This game's incarnation of [[spoiler:Nepeta]] as well.
* MostAnnoyingSound:
** Peggy's "Excusame?" When moving or attacking Elroy. On Day 4, this is almost constant as she makes a U-around the theme park in seconds flat to Hank's house.
** Hank's laugh. What's worse is that Golden Hank has the exact same sound cue, so when the latter's out too you hear it twice as often, if not overlapping with eachother (which many thought to be a glitch at first). "Uh heh heh hee hee, heh heh heh HAAAAAAAAAAAAW!"
** What's amazing about both of these is that Nepeta has ''five'' different, unique, shorter sound cues while both of the above only have one each, despite being a less-often seen character.
* TakeThatScrappy: Peggy is the only enemy who does not return in any ''threatening'' way in the second game. Instead, her animatronic head is usually on a shelf in the restroom. Clicking the nose gives her [[MostAnnoyingSound iconic]] "Excusame?"
* TheScrappy: Peggy managed to be one here just as she is in canon, only this time it's because of her extremely unfair attack pattern that violates common sense (she starts closer to the left opening yet always attacks from the right) and how a first tryer's run through amounts to TrialAndErrorGameplay. It doesn't help that in the custom day patch, as it stood (there is plans to correct this) you ''need'' to have her at least ''somewhat'' active if you want to witness [[EnsembleDarkhorse Nepeta's]] flooding the entire map with her clones. It ''also'' doesn't help that her sound cue when moving is an ''extremely'' annoying "Excusame?"
* SurpriseDifficulty: The horror factor is ''never'' there. What is there, however, is the difficulty from the original ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys'' series. When it comes to the ''difficulty'', it's a decent tribute. WordOfGod is that the first day was made "Almost completely effortless" to lower the player's guard further, then things ramp up in Day 2 and don't look back. To put it another way: There are only five cameras total, except ''all'' of them are ''vital''.
* SurprisinglyImprovedSequel: The first game was essentially a watered down, free version of the first ''Freddy's'', with only a few gimmicks to change it up and mostly involving ''King of the Hill'' characters. Then the second game mixes everything else in the form of some mild TowerDefense mechanics and by making power into a sort of currency that encourages more strategic play. Adding a lot more "lore" for what it's worth and balancing the game better (in the first, Dale and Boomhauer would often become trivial compared to Hank, Bill, and Peggy, and the three "spawnable" characters were laughably predictable) helps even more.


!! Appearance

Hank resembles himself from the original show, with the exception of his jump scare. This uses the image of himself from a freak-out sequence Dale has, where his mouth is outstretched in a twisted laugh.

!! Appearance

Dale, at first glance, seems to have his canonical appearance, but once he goes active his head turns out to be a full mask of sorts. In reality, he has a green velociraptor-like head that otherwise seems to lead to a normal body. There is some gradation between the green dinosaur head and Dale's pale tan skin, implying that it's a smooth, natural translation.

!! Appearance

Bill starts out looking like his canon self, except he begins situated to the post of a giant flag (a reference to an episode where his towel dropped while he was defending a flag from Kahn). When he goes active on later nights, he moves from this and still lacks clothes. When attacking the player or running down the West Alley, a yellow smiley face graphic is over his frontal bits, presumably a censorship image and not what he really looks like.

!! Appearance

Boomhauer, like Hank and Dale, starts out resembling his canonical self when seen at Strickland Propane. However, after going active, he flips from Dale: While Dale retains his normal body but has a different head, Boomhauer inexplicably has his head on a spider-like creature. Notably, he constantly looks bored throughout this.

!! Appearance

Unlike the other four canonical ''King of the Hill'' characters, Peggy's starting appearance differs greatly. She instead looks like a small, plastic replica of herself holding up a pair of balloons with one hand and a sign reading "hod dogs" [sic] in the other. As with the newspaper text in the opening, the words on the sign are improperly angled (appearing straight while the sign is facing off a few degrees) and they partly stick off of the sign. This effect also makes her shine, implying that she is an animatronic or something of the like. When going active, the balloons dissappear in all other camera views unless she returns to her starting place at Tom Landry Middle, and her eyes become filled in with black and have red dots, with poor MS Paint blood dripping from them. The sign also disappears for all views except her jump scare, where she appears to hit Elroy with the sign.

!! Appearance

Golden Hank appears to be a nude statue of Hank Hill, constantly situated in a position where he appears to be bending over ala the famous sculpture known as the "Thinker." Unlike the Thinker, while one hand is on his lap, the other is holding a tank of propane, and instead of a rock, he appears to be seated on a grill. His head is always facing the camera the player is looking into, and he is always angled so that his privates are facing away from the camera, leaving it ambiguous as to if he is anatomically correct or not.

!! Appearance

Marge Simpson's appearance is based off of [[ this]] knockoff of the character. She has yellow-goldenrod skin, a knee-length green dress, and blue hair that sticks straight up in a tube-like shape. She wears blue shoes and her arms are perpetually sticking to the sides (except for her jumpscare). She lacks the red necklace, likely also a trait of the doll. Her nose and ears are both short and small and her lips are large with lipstick, perpetually turned to a smirk. She has yellow-tinted eyes that are constantly half-closed.

!! Appearance

All Nepetas look similar to another in the game aside from some color-related variances. Aside from this, they resemble themselves from the [[strike:canceled]] project ''Five Days at the Meteor'', looking somewhere around their late teenagers or early adults. They have gray skin, slightly messed-looking hair and large orange eyes with big black pupils. All of them bear small orange horns that are shaped like cat ears, and lakc their hats and shoes. They at first appear to be wearing black tops with leo signs of their respective blood color on them, along with black bike shorts, but [no, I didn't like typing the following] closer inspection and switching the view fast enough to CAM 5 when summoned imply/reveal that both articles are painted on. Not only do the colors appear smeared in general, especially with the signs, but said camera view shows what appears to be one of them applying the finishing details to the shorts and looking at the camera, embarassed. When attacking the player, instead of an actual attack the olive blood/"leader"'s mouth will simply enlongate until it reaches the floor and a bus containing Scrappy-Doo, BB, Jar Jar Binks, and a mirror will rush after Elroy. (All except the mirror are characters infamous in their respective fandoms at a given time.)

What triggers them is what appears to be a doll-like animatronic that bears a greater resemblance to Nepeta's canon self, which replaces Peggy's position on rare moments in Day 4. She has her regularly-seen outfit on, including the coat, blue hat, and matching shoes. Unlike Peggy, who starts off holding balloons and a sign that confusingly reads "hod dogs," the Nepeta toy is holding out tubes of paint/possibly technicolor blood in one hand and a sign reading "Shipping!!!!!!!!! :33" in the other. Like with Peggy only moreso (partly due to the greater number of characters), the text on the sign does not fit with the sign itself, is of the wrong angle, and falls off the sign entirely. Worse in how the signs themselves are almost the same size.


!! Behavior

Peggy is first spotted in the far left background of Tom Landry Middle, CAM 4, behind Bill's location. After this, she oddly enough does ''not'' go down the West Alley, but instead crosses over past Strickland Propane and tends to stay there for a few minutes. She only enters Strickland Propane if Hank, Dale, and Boomhauer are all gone, which is confirmed to be coding to get around the fact that the game currently lacks assets of Peggy being by the store along with the others. She does not enter 9 Rivers, but goes towards the East Alley. Unlike the main KOTH characters, she does not have two "phrases" per alley. Peggy bypasses the blindspot and will get Elroy "fired" shortly after being spotted in the East Alley, requiring an immediate blast door-closing.

!! Behavior

Golden Hank is summoned by repeatedly flipping the camera back and forth between the West Alley and the East Alley in either Day 3 or Day 4. During the latter, Golden Hank has a random chance of spawning just by looking into the East Alley in general, which is indicated by the poster of him appearing. After doing this about five times, the poster of Hank in the east will transform into one of Golden Hank, and he will spawn by 9 Rivers. From there, he will either pick the West Alley or the East Alley and start moving ''fast'', the camera briefly cutting to static to reveal a different phrase of him down before he warps into the Hill Residence and gets Lucky "fired." The respective blast door must be closed nearly immediately. After this, some banging will follow and laughter in Hank's voice will confirm that he has left.

When "fired" by Golden Hank reaching Elroy's location, a unique screen preceeding the "fired" screen appears reading "In hindsight it looks like he's taking a dump on the grill. Oh well. -- GPF" This is refering to Golden Hank's design.

!! Behavior

When checking the 9 Rivers camera on Day 4, there is a low chance that instead of a steak, the television located to the far right will show a closeup of Marge's face. From there, she will always appear in Strickland Propane, with her face obscuring most of the camera view. From then on out, whenever the camera is switched away from her location or lowered and raised, she will teleport down the West Alley. Unlike the other characters, she has ''three'' different "phrases" in the given hall. On the third, the player must ''immediately'' close the left blast door if it's not already down. She is holding a sign saying "This is the part where you shut the door" while viewed in the final phrase of the West Alley. When checking the lights at this point, she ''will'' arrive in the Restroom and cause a game over.

Marge will not spawn if the Nepetas are on the map and visa-versa. The reason for this, or even if this is intentional in-story and not due to limitations, is unknown.

!! Behavior

When looking at Tom Landry Middle after Peggy has left, there is a chance in the fourth day that in her normal starting place will be a similar-looking animatronic of Nepeta's canonical self. (This is too prevent players from checking Bill's location too often, as Bill's timer only goes active when he's ''not'' looked at.) From then, an army of an indeterminable, possibly infinite number of Nepetas will first spawn in 9 Rivers (coming from a location off the right end of the camera view), although you have to switch the camera ''immediately'' to see them in the starting position. Similar to Marge Simpson, they move much slower while the "lead" (the one often in front with a green sign) is being looked at, though unlike Marge they ''do'' move eventually. From there, they "snake" around the entire map, first going down the East Alley, then always looping back up it for reasons unknown (each of those is a different "phrase"), then to Strickland Propane, then to Tom Landry Middle, and finally there's two "phrases" by the West Alley. After this, the "lead" dissappears from camera view and the part of the cluster by the East Alley will be into the house, as with the section in the West Alley. From here, ''both'' blast doors must be closed. There will be knocking from both sides, and the entire swarm will vanish soon after without a trace.

The Nepeta animatronic seems to correlate with the army's movement to a limited degree. It will disappear when they have moved from 9 Rivers out to the East Alley.

Despite the map eventually being infested with Nepetas while she is active, Hank, Dale, Boomhauer, Bill, Peggy, and even Golden Hank still function identically (if partly obscured by the crowd and a bit harder to spot), however Marge Simpson will not spawn while the Nepetas are out. The same applies visa-versa, and it is unknown if this is an intentional story move or simply a game limitation.

Like Golden Hank, Nepeta's game over screen has some unique elements to it. First of all, before the "you're fired" there's a message in green text reading ":33 < fodderized by 'canon fodder' / :33 < you wouldn't last a night at my place" and the "Your playthrough was so terrible I think it gave me cancer" screen replaces Calculon's head with Karkat's and adds "GET IT I'M THE CANCER TROLL" on the bottom in gray text. (Though the rest of the message is unchanged.)


A template (for ''2'') would look like...
* Name[[note]]As given by the Custom Day Entry Screen[[/note]]: Toy Bob
* Full Name[[note]]Official in-game name[[/note]]: Toy Bob Belcher
* Gender: Male
* Species: Animatronic Human
* Starting Location: Crossover Land (CAM 4)
* Starting Time: Day 3, ~2 PM
* Fooled By: Charcoal

* Name[[note]]As given by the Custom Day Entry Screen[[/note]]: Nepeta Army
* Full Name[[note]]Official in-game name[[/note]]: The Nepeta Leijon Bloodswap Clone Brigade
* Gender: Female
* Species: Troll/Possibly Troll-Wraith
* Starting Location: Mega-lo-Mart (CAM 5) (Spawn trigger), Vent Intersection (CAM 3) (Proper starting area)
* Starting Time: Day 4, any time (commonly 12-1 PM)
* Fooled by: Charcoal


!! Gameplay

!!! Hank Hill

Hank's behavior changes drastically after ten. If his AI is set to zero, then he does not move at all, much like the first two days. At one through ten, he will occassionally go down either the west or east alley, but still give plenty of time to be spotted and closed on. He will also be in Tom Landry or 9 Rivers, but will never do his quick attack. The higher levels of this interval have him behaving somewhat like a slower Golden Hank, with him charging down the halls and warping even when being watched (which, as almost always, means he disables the camera for a split-second). From eleven to twenty, however, he behaves as he does on Day 4, where at any of the three farther cameras he may make a face indicating that he will do a quick, Bill-esque run down the nearest alley (or the alley that corresponds to whichever eye is open, when making the face in Strickland Propane) requiring a quick shut of the doors.

Hank will always be the attacker if the power goes out, the only variable being if Bill is also on the run while the power fails. If this happens, then he'll wait until Bill finishes before going in, buying the player more time if they are close to 6 PM.

!!! Dale Gribble and Jeff Boomhauer

Dale and Boomhauer are almost identical in their behaviors aside from which direction they come from. It may at first seem like Dale is the naturally more aggressive one of the two based on the four proper days, but this is apparantly false. In about the first seven levels, they will often move backwards several rooms (or even back to Strickland Propane) and rarely attack, and on the lowest levels they only attack about once in the night (when appears to be random, but the average starting time is around 2-3 PM). Somewhere around the 17-20 range, they will often skip rooms and go from Strickland straight to the far end of the alley, which encourages checking on it frequently. When set to the same levels, Dale and Boomhauer will often come at the blindspots at the same time if observed around equally. When set to 0, the respective attacker will never move from his spot in Strickland Propane.

Regardless of the setting, the blind spot wait time is the same. This also applies to the other enemies who give you an opertunity to shut the doors on them.

!!! Bill Dauterieve

Bill is confirmed to operate on two invisible timers: A shorter one that resets every time he is looked at, and a longer one that only depletes when the shorter one hits zero and only resets after he attacks. The AI levels correlate to these timers, with the exception of level zero, where the former is infinite (the latter is only a split-second, as a joke).

On the highest level, his "shorter" timer is only about three seconds, and the "longer" one measures at about seven. Regardless of the setting, his run speed is always the same and the amont of time he spends in the next-door toilet before leaving is likewise constant.

!!! Peggy Hill

Peggy's behavior across the difficulties are not very clearly distinguishable from one-another outside of levels zero, one, and twenty, though in levels 13-20 she will be noticably fast.

On level 0, she will be completely stationary as she was in the first two days. On 1, she will often move to Strickland Propane and stay there for several in-game hours, and will sometimes but ''rarely'' go to Hank's House (this is likely a way to get around Nepeta's summoning conditions). Regardless of the setting, she usually attacks soon after being spotted far down the East Alley. Level 20 has the unique element where she will often attack seconds after the night begins and require an immediate closing of the right blast door, then resume her regular if highly difficult behavior.

!!! Golden Hank Hill, Marge Simpson Doll, and Nepeta Leijon Army

All three of these threats are mainly controlled by how often on average they would be summoned. On level 0, none of them are summoned at all regardless of the frequency in checking their respective spots. On level 20, looking in their camera almost has a one-in-two chance of putting either of them on the field.

Like the normal Hank, Golden Hank adds a new element in levels 11 and higher, where instead of being summoned by flipping the camera back and forth between allies, he can be triggered just by going to the East Alley cam at random. At levels 1-10, the number of times that are required to flip back and fourth to summon him decreases, and it's at only two flips per alley from 11-20. On those levels, either random luck on the east or definitively swapping through west and east play a factor.

The Marge doll will always first be seen by 9 Rivers on the television. Regardless of the setting, she will not spawn when Nepeta is around. Aside from the AI level mainly being the frequency of the summoning, on levels 17-20 she moves notably faster both when she is and isn't being viewed, but other than that her behavior is highly predictable and can be determined when she's around.

Even when set to 20, the Nepeta army will not spawn if Peggy is at Tom Landry or if Marge is summoned. Aside from the randomness factor, the behavior and leave time are all the same.

It is recommended to intentionally summon the Nepeta army in the 8/20 setting, since the Marge doll will, on average, attack more frequently and require more of the doors closed, which uses up more power regardless of the general strategy otherwise.

!! Modes

|| '''Preset''' || '''Hank''' || '''Dale''' || '''Boomhauer''' || '''Bill''' || '''Peggy''' || '''G. Hank''' || '''Marge''' || '''Nepeta''' || '''Reward''' ||
|| 4/20 "Yep" || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || Alamo beer can ||
|| "Night" of Misfits || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 10 || 20 || 20 || Marge doll ||
|| Married With Children || 10 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 5 || 10 || 0 || Dale figurine ||
|| Cool Single Guys || 0 || 0 || 20 || 20 || 5 || 0 || 0 || 20 || Boomhauer figurine ||
|| Annoying, No? || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || Bill figurine ||
|| Scrappy "Night" || 5 || 0 || 0 || 5 || 20 || 5 || 20 || 0 || Peggy figurine ||
|| Hanky Panky || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || Hank figurine ||
|| Tank Wipe || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || Gold star ||
|| Char-king || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || Nepeta poster ||
|| Full Tank Hank || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || Golden Hank figurine ||

* '''4/20 "Yep:"''' Bears resemblance to the 4/20 mode from ''Five Nights at Freddy's''.
* '''"Night" of Misfits:''' Covers all of the characters who do not directly correspond to a [=FNAF1=] enemy's behavior, all of them turned to full level except for Golden Hank (likely due to his increased difficultly overshadowing the other three). Marge and the Nepeta Horde still cannot be active at the same time.
* '''Married With Children:''' This mode can be good practice for managing both the "traditional" enemies along with Marge and Golden Hank.
* '''Cool Single Guys:''' An inverse to Married with Children. In addition to managing Boomhauer, this mode is good for practicing finding the perfect way to check on Tom Landry Middle to avoid either Bill or Nepeta's wrath. Boomhauer himself also trains for general "standard enemy" watching for Full Tank Hank. (Note: Despite not being single, Peggy is still active in order to make Nepeta spawn. A possible replacement mechanic that lets Nepeta still spawn even when Peggy is in her start point is considered.)
* '''Annoying, No?''' Though this does not really help with 8/20, this mode can easily be beaten with careful observation of Bill's post (as Nepeta will not spawn, but there is consideration of changing the [=AI=] of this preset to give her a 5). Checking the allies is only necessary when Bill himself is on the run. This preset may be removed or altered alltogether in a later revision. (Note: Named after how both characters are difficult to manage.)
* '''Scrappy "Night:"''' Works as preparation for a milder Hanky Panky. Peggy is easily the biggest threat, but Marge can be avoided by checking around Tom Landry, then if Peggy isn't there the East Alley, then Strickland. If she is not in either camera, she is likely hiding in 9 Rivers. (Note: Named such since both Marge and Peggy have some dislike by their respective fandoms, and Golden Hank is annoying in general. Hank and Bill are ''only'' included for balancing and to distinguish that mode from an easier Night of Misfits)
* '''Hanky Panky:''' The two Hanks play eachother off. Spotting his regular self in the alley will often trigger a spawn of his golden self. This is beaten with careful listening on sound cues.
* '''Tank Wipe:''' An easier pre-set of the full difficulty mode. Clearing it gives the second gold star on the selection menu. (The final one is gotten from clearing all presets.)
* '''Char-king:''' A more challenging pre-set of Tank Wipe.
* '''Full Tank Hank:''' Named after a quote in "Mega-lo Dale," this is the hardest possible preset.

* Trivia: The Golden Hank figurine does not actually resemble Golden Hank, but is the regular Hank colored gold. Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer likewise resemble their canonicaly selves, while Peggy and Nepeta's reward-appearances are based more on their FNAA selves.
* You can "honk" the Hank figure's nose, but the sound produced is "propane." Golden Hank likewise can be "honked," yet the sound is Hank's but reversed.

!! Modes

|| '''Preset''' || '''Hank''' || '''Dale''' || '''Boomhauer''' || '''Bill''' || '''T. Bob''' || '''T. Fry''' || '''T. Peter''' || '''G. Hank''' || '''S. Marge''' || '''Nepeta''' || '''Reward''' ||
|| The Good Ol' Days || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || Alamo beer can ||
|| Shiny Metal Ass || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 5 || 0 || 0 || Stand of all the "Toys" ||
|| Odd Ones Out || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 10 || 20 || 20 || Shadow Marge doll ||
|| Grillin' and Chillin' || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 10 || 0 || 0 || Hank figurine ||
|| Something Something Future || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 10 || Dale figurine ||
|| And then These Guys || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 20 || 0 || Boomhauer figurine ||
|| So Lonely... || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 0 || 0 || 20 || 0 || 20 || Bill figurine ||
|| Lawn Care || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || 5 || Gold star ||
|| High School Football || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || 10 || Nepeta Army Poster ||
|| Manager Mode || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || 20 || Golden Hank figurine ||


# Oucher Glass
# In the Final

* Trivia: The first and last chapters are both named after something from the ''Mario & Luigi'' series: The first, an enemy from ''Superstar Saga'', and the last, the name of the song that plays during the final boss of ''Bowser's Inside Story''.

Why? Well, why not?