Steven has can Fuse with humans. The concept alone sounds interesting, and Steven and whatever other human he Fused with could develop a closer relationship because of it. During the show's run, he's only used it to Fuse with Connie.

''I'll go alone''

''And never speak of you again''

''We depend, on you''

''We depend, on [[ you]]''

The Disney Villains and Friends is a TV Show Debuting in 2017

* FiveBadBand: The Group of Main Villains Always Swaps out Members
** Group 1
*** BigBad: Jafar
*** TheDragon: Captain Hook
*** EvilGenius: Hades
*** TheBrute: Ursula
*** TheDarkChick: Cruella De Vil
** Group 2
*** BigBad: Hades after The Other four are defeated for awhile
*** TheDragon: Clayton
*** EvilGenius: Maleficent
*** TheBrute: Horned King
*** TheDarkChick: Madame Madusa
** Group 3
*** BigBad: Maleficent after she traps Hades in The River Styx
*** TheDragon: Shan Yu
*** EvilGenius: Captain Hook
*** TheBrute: Sykes
*** TheDarkChick: Rourke who is the first to die in the groups final mission
** Group 4
*** BigBad: Horned King
*** TheDragon: Jafar
*** EvilGenius: Cruella De Vil
*** TheBrute: Sykes
*** TheDarkChick: Clayton