Weird US began as a local magazine Weird [[{{Joisey}} New Jersey]], which reported on the weird things that occur in [[PlaceWorseThanDeath the Garden State]]--from peculiar road signs, [[HauntedHouse Haunted Houses]], Cursed villages, Cryptozoology, street art, museums, in/famous people who live/d there. Literally, anything.

They eventually compiled the better stories into a book entitled ''Weird New Jersey'', of which there is now a second volume.

Then they thought: "[[CaptainObvious Hey, there's 49 Other States!]]" and began publishing Travel Logs on the weird places you can go in the United States.

Tropes Featured Include:

* RealLife - The places. Every Haunted House, Mystery Tunnel and Strange Artifact.
* UrbanLegend - What the series chronicles, in more detail and more fun than any publication this troper has seen.