Web 2.0 refers to the proliferation, starting in the late 90s/early 2000s, of more interactive, technologically advanced websites, as opposed to the static text pages (with an occasional image) that had previously dominated the net. In a technical sense it means that Javascript support in mainstream browsers has finally gotten good enough for companies like Website/{{Google}} to build services such as Gmail, [=GoogleDocs=] and other Javascript applications, and that XML has finally moved out of the lab and into real applications like RSS.

!!Example technologies sometimes referred to as Web 2.0:

* Collaborative, user-edited websites (like Wiki/{{Wikipedia}}, which began in 2001, based on the wiki technology which began in [[Wiki/PortlandPatternRepository 1994]]),
* {{Blog|Tropes}}s and other online communication tools (like Website/LiveJournal, which began in 1999),
* Style sheets, separating content from format (CSS, 1998),
* Syndication systems (RSS, late 90s)