->'''Drew Carey:''' "Bad Choices to Make When Your Genie Grants You Three Wishes."\\
'''Colin Mochrie:''' Uh, two Cokes and some chips.
-->-- ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway''

A comedy trope where, quite simply, a character is given an opportunity to MakeAWish or [[ThreeWishes three]], and completely wastes them on something stupid and/or frivolous. [[SatiatingSandwich Sandwiches seem to be a particular favorite.]]

A lot of times, this will be used to circumvent {{Jackass Genie}}s or {{Literal Genie}}s, since with a smaller reward from a wish, possible negative consequences from the reward will also generally be smaller. If this ''works'' and the person who wished for something small ends up happier than the one who wished for ten bajillion dollars and a mansion full of Playboy models, then expect AnAesop on greed and being satisfied with simpler pleasures in life.

Even wasted, these wishes can be subject to BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor.

Also see MundaneWish, when the wish is ''intentionally'' mundane because the wisher doesn't need or want anything grandiose.



* Australian advertisements for Arnott's "Tim-Tams" chocolate biscuits:
** A guy and girl stumble upon a magic lamp, releasing a genie who grants them three wishes. The girl wishes for a packet of Tim-Tams that never runs out. The genie informs them they have two wishes left, to which the guy responds, "Then we'll have two more of those."
** In a later version, the guy immediately wishes for a hot blonde movie star, who promptly appears. Annoyed, his girlfriend suggests they take a hike. Both disappear -- Oops! The [[WhereDaWhiteWomenAt handsome black male genie]] suggestively tells the girl she's got one wish left, and is rather disappointed when she wishes for the never-ending Tim-Tams.
** [[ZigZaggingTrope Zigzagged in a third version]]; a bunch of girls find a genie who declares that he only grants "worthy" wishes. The girls wish for the never-ending Tim-Tams, then run off to enjoy them, completely ignoring the man who reminds them that they still have two more wishes.
* In an [=M&M's=] commercial, Red and Yellow are transported to a small deserted island where a guy is getting his three wishes granted by a genie where he already used the first two on a sports car and a group of cheerleaders. Red lampshades this at the end wondering why the guy didn't just wish for a boat.
* In a Swedish commercial for Aladdin Chocolates, three tourists are visiting a bazaar and one of them -- while the others are distracted -- accidentally releases a genie from a lamp. The genie says they get three wishes, but the tourist is so stunned by the experience that he can only say "Aladdin!" ([[IAmNotShazam presumably thinking that's the genie's name]]) and gets a box of chocolates. The second tourist turns around, sees the genie, and exclaims "Aladdin!" as well, and gets another box. Then the third tourist turns around and the thing repeats again. Task done, the genie flies away, while the tourists stand there with their chocolate (which they don't even seem to have noticed) and shout for the genie to come back because they're supposed to have their wishes granted.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'':
** Girls are able to have one wish granted in exchange for being made into {{Magical Girl}}s. Mami suggests that they could even wish for something silly like cake. Played straight in [[spoiler:the first timeline, in which Madoka became a Magical Girl in order to save the life of a cat -- to be specific, the cat in the OP.]]
** According to [[AllThereInTheManual supplemental materials,]] [[spoiler:Nagisa Momoe/Charlotte had a wish to share cheese with her dying mother. Upon realizing that she could have used this wish to ''heal'' her mother (which she apparently didn't wish for because she didn't believe it could be done), she rocketed past the DespairEventHorizon and immediately became a Witch.]]
* Seen in ''Manga/HayateTheCombatButler'', where Nagi's mother is telling a young Nagi about wishing on a shooting star... and she proceeds to wish on one for manju buns. Nagi chastises her.
* In ''Manga/AhMyGoddess'', when Tamiya unintentionally summons the demon Mara, who offers him a wish, he thinks she's an ordinary human who sneaked in and tells her to "get the heck out". She tells him that's an uninspired choice for a wish and then vanishes.
* A chapter of ''Manga/NagasareteAirantou'' nets youngest character Yuki three wishes. She uses the first to make herself bigger, the second to go back to normal after the genie in question makes her taller without actually changing her figure, then uses the third wish to age herself up properly. She learns after the last that wishes put on people only last until sundown, so the second wish to restore her back to normal was wasted. Everyone else who got wishes at the time either wasted them on treats or went the MundaneWish route.
* In ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'', when Miaka is told she can make three wishes, and they can be for anything she wants ([[spoiler: [[SecretTestOfCharacter Not really]])]], she thinks about typical teenage-girl desires (popularity with boys, being thinner). Later, she starts to think about things like making her and Yui friends again, being able to pass her high school entrance exams, getting home safely, and even for Nuriko to be happy. [[spoiler:She ends up actually using her wishes to 1) resurrect Yui, 2) give Tamahome the power he needs to kill [[BigBad Nakago]], and 3) restore peace and order to the universe.]]
* ''Franchise/DragonBall'':
** In ''Manga/DragonBall'', the Red Ribbon Army is collecting the eponymous artifacts so they can use their wish-granting powers to TakeOverTheWorld. However, it's revealed at the end of that arc that their diminutive leader actually just wants to use the balls to wish himself taller. TheDragon gets so pissed off about this that he guns down his boss and takes over the organization.
** In its successor ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', the remains of Frieza's army have resurrected their warlord after robbing the Dragon Balls from Pilaf's gang. When informed by the dragon that they have two wishes left, they start to contemplate reviving Frieza's relatives as well, when Pilaf's minions Mai and Shu jump in and wish for ice cream and a million [[FictionalCurrency Zeni]], respectively. Thanks to these wasteful wishes, the army leaves without further issue and Pilaf's gang, who have been reduced to {{Butt Monkey}}s in this series, are happy to escape with what they have, plus their lives.
** A variation occurs later in the series, where Bulma meets Lord Zuno, the wisest person in the universe, and is granted three questions. She wastes two of them, the first by saying "Only three?!" and the third by asking him to confirm the information she got from her second question. Jaco gets one question and asks what Bulma's bra size is, in order to prove that Zuno is legit; she gets mad at him for squandering the question, but he points out that she's worse because she wasted ''two''.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/{{Seconds}}'', upon discovering just how well the mushrooms work, Katie abuses them to hell in the following ways:
** One revision is used to rewrite Katie getting way too drunk during dinner and getting a little too personal with the other employees.
** A second revision is used after coaxing Andrew into having sex with her, which she describes as having her cake and eating it and [[MindScrew also not having it and not eating it too]].
** Another still is used to reverse her binge watching a whole TV series in one night and getting too little sleep.
* When various villains from DC were offered anything for their souls by the demon Neron in the ''ComicBook/UnderworldUnleashed'' crossover, ComicBook/TheJoker wished for a box of cigars. It's up for debate as to whether this was wasted or not, as there is no doubt that Joker was going to hell anyway, and he makes it clear that they're good cigars.
-->'''Joker:''' They're Cubans!
* A variation in ''ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog''. In issue #35, after Sonic collects his one billionth power ring, he's taken to a special zone where he meets the Ancient Walkers. The third says he may ask him one question. Sonic, without thinking, says "Only one?"

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* In an installment of Art Sansom's "The Born Loser", said character Brutus Thornapple releases a genie from a magic lamp, who grants him one wish. Brutus off-handedly says "I wish Gladys [''his wife''] could see this!" The genie immediately turns into Gladys who says, "You called me?"

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* The ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' Ask Blog, ''[[http://askudonge.tumblr.com Just a Useless Bunny]]'', has [[http://askudonge.tumblr.com/post/22637751907 this post]].
-->'''Question:''' If a little creep comes and says he is called [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Kyubey]], and wants to make a contract... What would you wish?\\
'''Reisen:''' I would wish for him to LEAVE.\\
'''Kyubey:''' Okay. [[DealWithTheDevil Contract sealed]].\\
'''[[ButtMonkey Reisen]]:''' WAIT! THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!
* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'':
** ''Dragon Ball Z Abridged: The World's Strongest'': After fifty years of searching, [[TheDragon Korchin]] finds all the dragon balls and summons Shenron, whereupon he wishes for him to... Melt the ice off of his front lawn. Shenron is understandably nonplussed, and suggests Korchin instead wishing for the power to remove the ice himself. Korchin accuses Shenron of being lazy and pawning all the work off on him.
--->'''Korchin:''' I'm sorry, is this a little unorthodox?\\
'''Shenron:''' ...Just a little, yes.
** It should be noted that Shenron ''really'' hates these kinds of wishes. When Kochin got his wish, Shenron ripped a hole in the ozone layer in retaliation. Earlier, in ''Christmas Tree of Might'', Krillin wished for "the perfect Christmas tree" instead of restoring the desolated forest; Shenron rerouted an evil Saiyan and his entourage to plant a tree that sucks up all the Christmas joy in the world as a means of granting that wish.
--->'''Shenron:''' ''[after wish is granted]'' Oh, don't thank me... [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor 'tis the season of giving.]]
** Before this, Guru once asked Nail to gather the Dragon Balls and "wish up a Plasma Screen TV." Nail does not because that would be a misuse of their power. It also revealed in ''Lord Slug Abridged'' that Guru also once used the Dragon Balls to mail a letter because Namek had no postal system.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/WakkosWish'', plays this for laughs. Wakko loses a haypenny early in the movie, and resolves to find some way to get the town what they wants. When he finally gets the titular wish, Wakko wishes for ''two'' haypennies. This also turns out to be a SelflessWish, as those haypennies grant the wishes of all the other characters, save [[ButtMonkey the mime]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventuresHowISpentMyVacation'', Hamton's family and Plucky hold their breath and make a wish while going through a tunnel, where if one holds his breath the whole time, the wish will come true. Plucky, who wished to be in [[SouvenirLand Happy World Land]], is the only one who is unable to hold his breath the whole time, but he thinks that the others didn't get their wish either, until Hamton reveals that they made the same wish they always do, "to be a happy and loving family forever and ever". Considering they already wished once for something to last forever, they didn't really need to wish for it again.
* ''WesternAnimation/DuckTalesTheMovieTreasureOfTheLostLamp'': Webby uses her first wish on a baby elephant, while having [[RealityEnsues nowhere to hide it where it won't be seen]]. She uses another wish to bring her toys to life, with no way to control them. In both cases, Webby's wish starts causing havoc, and one of the nephews has to use one of their wishes just to undo the damage. Not that the nephews are much better, wishing for things like hang gliders, train sets and giant ice cream sundaes.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' movie ''Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island'', after the treasure map that controls the wishing well is accidentally destroyed by Daffy and Yosemite Sam, the well gives them, Speedy Gonzales, and the Tasmanian Devil three wishes before bidding them farewell. Daffy decides that Speedy gets dibs on the first wish, himself the second, and Sam the third. Speedy wishes for a burrito and Daffy gets angry, wishing the burrito was on his nose. Daffy then decides that Sam should do the humane thing and use the final wish to get the burrito off Speedy's nose, but Sam beats Daffy to the punch, having already wished for a new pirate ship so he can get revenge on Bugs Bunny before he could come back and get them off the island, much to Daffy's chargin.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In the original ''Film/{{Bedazzled|1967}}'' (1967), Stanley is using the seven wishes he's traded his soul to the Devil for to win the girl of his dreams. After a few wishes haven't panned out, he wonders how she's doing, absently sighs "I wish I was a fly on the wall" and before he can take it back.... George doesn't quite play fair with him. At one point he asks Stanley if he'd like a raspberry parfait. It's only at the end that Stanley learns that was one of the wishes.
* In the ''Film/{{Bedazzled|2000}}'' (2000) remake, Elliot wishes for a Big Mac and a Coke as "a test". The Devil simply takes him to a [=McDonalds=] and makes him pay for the meal because "there's no such thing as a free lunch". This eventually becomes a minor plot point, similar to the parfait example above. Strangely, this happens ''before'' Elliot signs the contract. It can be assumed that the contract also counts wishes granted before it's signed.
* In ''Film/{{Zathura}}'', there is a card called Shooting Star, which grants a wish. When Walter got one of these cards and had to come up with a wish fast, he panicked and wished for a signed football... signed by Brett Favre. Which, admittedly, was a better use of his wish than the alternative: [[spoiler: it turns out that the astronaut is Walter's future self, from a timeline where he had used the Shooting Star wish to erase his brother from existence.]]
* In ''Film/TheNeverendingStoryIITheNextChapter'', Bastian uses wishes on all sorts of stupid things like the ability to juggle. Even more wasteful, at one point he wishes for a staircase, then finds it only goes up so far, so he wishes for the rest of the staircase ''one step at a time''. Did we also mention [[TooDumbToLive that Bastian ''loses'' a memory for every wish he makes]] (though to be fair, he didn't know that at the time)?

* An old tale tells of a farmer who gets three wishes. Excitedly, he wishes for a string of sausages and runs home to tell the wife. She gets mad that he wasted one wish and accidentally wishes for the sausages to be attached to the end of his nose. They have to use the last wish to remove them from his nose.
** Another, much older version has God in mortal disguise ask for food and lodging at a rich man's house and being turned away. He goes next door to a poor man's house and is welcomed with open arms. The next morning He reveals His divinity and says the couple can have three wishes. They make two simple wishes (good health and daily bread, and a guaranteed spot in Heaven) and God asks them if they wouldn't like a nice new house. Soon after, the rich man sees the new mansion and putting two and two together, rides after God and begs Him for three wishes as well. Suprisingly, God agrees, but warns him to be careful. On the way home, the rich man's horse starts to act up. "Stupid nag, I wish you'd break your neck!" Strike one. He then starts to lug the expensive saddle home, thinks of his wife who's probably having tea and cake in the shade, and bitterly wishes that the saddle was stuck to her ass. Strike two. When he gets home, his wife is rather insistent that he use the last wish to get the saddle off her ass. Strike three.
** Creator/CharlesPerrault wrote a version of that fairy tale in verse, translated by Christopher Betts as "Three Silly Wishes". In his version, the husband foolishly wishes for a sausage, and when his wife berates him for wasting a wish, he angrily wishes it onto ''her'' nose. He leaves the decision about the third wish up to her, and she decides she would rather stay poor and beautiful than be a queen with a sausage-nose for the rest of her life.
* In the American folktale ''Wicked John and the Devil'' the titular Wicked John (whose one redeeming trait is his hospitality) gets three wishes when he puts up an angel for the night, and frivolously wastes them on spiteful things that stop people from messing around on his property. However, the trope is subverted when all three of these things are used to fend off the Devil when he comes to claim his soul...and in fact makes the Devil so scared of him he won't even let him in Hell after he dies! [[WanderingJew Of course, heaven doesn't want him either...]]

* There's a joke where a drunk finds a genie, wishes for a bottle of beer that never empties, then wishes for two more.
* There is a variety of the joke where the drunk asks the Golden Fish for a half-litre of vodka, then for another one, and a third one too... at which point he then eats the Fish. As the ghost of the Fish shows up to ask why the Hell would he do it, he explains, you need a snack to go with the vodka, don't you?
* There is a well-known joke regarding this trope that goes something like this:
--> Three friends who have been lost in the desert for days come across a genie's lamp and rub it at the same time. After being freed, the genie promises to grant them all one wish. The first man wishes he lived on a tropical island surrounded by beautiful women. The second man wished he was a successful business man in the big city. The third man says, "I'm lonely, I wish my two friends were here."
** A variation goes like that: The third guy is the boss of the other two, and wishes "that those guys are back at work after lunch break!" The Aesop: Let the boss talk first.
** A [[RussianHumour Russian variation]] goes that the guys are stranded on an island when they catch the Golden Fish (the Russian equivalent of the genie). The first two merely wish to be home; the third wishes for "a bottle of vodka and for those two guys to come back here," playing on the Russian consensus that three is the ideal number for communal drinking (in Soviet times, a bottle cost 2 rubles and 87 kopeks, so if each person contributed a ruble you could get the bottle and 13 kopeks' worth of snacks).
* A somewhat lewd joke about a bear and a rabbit who both gets three wishes:
-->'''Bear:''' I wish all the other bears in this wood were female.\\
'''Rabbit:''' I wish for a motorcycle.\\
'''Bear:''' I wish all the bears in the nearby woods were female too!\\
'''Rabbit:''' I wish for a motorcycle helmet.\\
'''Bear:''' In fact, I wish all bears in the world except me were female!\\
'''Rabbit:''' I wish this bear was gay. ''[drives away]''
* Two men are adrift in a lifeboat, when one of them finds a bottle. He rubs it, out pops a genie who grants him one wish. The man wishes that the ocean was whiskey, the genie grants this and disappears. The wisher is ecstatic, only to see that his companion is glaring daggers at him.
-->"You ''moron''. Now we have to piss in the boat!"
* One that is particularly cruel (some variations have the genie start to cry when they hear it) is the man that gets a wish and, after going on and on about his neighbor having a cow (or some other precious animal, and on some versions even a wife and children), refuses the genie's suggestion to ask for a cow of his own (on some versions it being asking for at least two cows) and wishes for his neighbor's cow (and/or everything the neighbor loves) to drop dead.

* In ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' the assassin Jaqen H'ghar offers Arya [[ThreeWishes three]] very specific "wishes" in order to pay the [[IOweYouMyLife life debt]] he owes her for saving him and his two associates. Specifically, she can say three names, and he will kill those people. As is traditional she ends up wasting the first two on a petty tormentor and a soldier who, while vile, was no worse than several of the others. Only after doing so does she realize that she could have said ''anyone'' and she should have killed the enemy commanders. Her third wish is evidence of a true GuileHero at work -- [[spoiler:she says Jaqen's name, and promises to take it back only if he helps her to release her friends from prison, which will technically involve killing several people. After she does so, he considers his debt paid, but is obviously impressed at her cunning. The third wish is also wasted, as the people they free turn out to have been captured in a TrojanPrisoner gambit and would have escaped anyway.]]
* In "Lester", Creator/ShelSilverstein takes the classic Aesop about greed and turns it UpToEleven. The story goes that a young boy encounters a goblin that grants him one wish. The boy, in his greed, wishes for two wishes, which he gets, surprisingly enough. So with each wish, he wishes for two more wishes, giving him four wishes. And with each of those wishes, he wishes for two more, giving him eight. This goes on for some time, until the boy dies, presumably from old age. All that's left of him is a humongous pile of unused wishes. The narrator of the story then invites the reader to take a few, and warns the reader not to "waste your wishes on wishing."
* One short story in ''Curses, Inc.'' has a teenage girl meet a witch who can grant wishes at the cost of a year of the wisher's lifespan for each wish. Despite this cost, the girl gets greedy and makes an enormous number of increasingly frivolous wishes, including a wish for beauty that the witch herself says that she's already pretty enough to not need and a wish to undo her first wish to have a boy love her after she grows bored with him. The story, as you can probably predict, ends with her dying ignominiously.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': {{Lampshaded}} when Gendry asks why Arya didn't tell Jaqen H'ghar (see Literature above) to kill King Joffrey or Lord Tywin. "You could have won the war!"
* The quote above comes from a ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' game of "Scenes From A Hat" where the players had to come up with "Bad Choices to Make When Your Genie Grants You Three Wishes"
* In an episode of ''Series/MyHero'', George brought in SantaClaus to give his friends one present of their choice. Most of them made serious suggestions despite not believing it was really Santa, but Piers thought the whole thing was ridiculous and sarcastically asked for a jigsaw. Santa then gave everyone exactly what they had asked for, and refused to let Piers change his choice.
* In an episode of ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' Sabrina's diminutive StalkerWithACrush Roland gets [[NewJobAsThePlotDemands a new job]] as a {{leprechaun}}. Sabrina grabs him which makes Roland contractually bound to give her three "Wish Coupons" (instead of the traditional pot of gold, which was apparently phased out). Sabrina immediately uses the first one to make Roland go away, Salem convinces her to use the second to allow him to become human again for a week and she ends up carelessly saying "I wish Roland was here to help" while holding the last coupon when things go badly.
* In "Je Souhaite" of ''Series/TheXFiles'', Anson Stokes found a LiteralGenie and his first wish was that his boss would shut the hell up. Poor Mr Gilmore really got smooth, unbroken skin where his lips had been before.
* In an episode of ''Series/PeeWeesPlayhouse'', Pee-Wee uses his Jambi wish of the day to bring Reba the Mail Lady to his playhouse to mail a letter for him. The other characters point out he can just go to the mailbox on the street corner and mail the letter himself, but he ignores them, and makes the wish. As it turns out, it's Reba's day off. Later in the episode, Pterri runs away after Randy convinces him that Pee-Wee doesn't like him. Pee-Wee asks Jambi to grant his wish to bring Pterri back, but Jambi tells Pee-Wee he already made his wish for the day, and that wishing isn't the true way to bring your friends back.
* In a two-part episode of ''Series/PowerRangersTurbo'', the MonsterOfTheWeek is a genie called Wicked Wisher who creates three wishing coins for [[BigBad Divatox]]; unfortunately, her idiotic henchman Elgar wastes one of them by wishing for a new hairstyle. In a way, ''all'' of them are wasted. She uses one wish to [[ForcedIntoEvil turn the Blue Senturion evil]], and he becomes a potent threat for a while, but the third coin is lost in Angel Grove; the Rangers ultimately find it first (well, technically, Bulk and Skull do, and give it to them) and they use it to reverse the second wish.
* Troy from ''Series/{{Community}}'' once stated that he would use two of his three genie wishes on signed pictures of actor Creator/LeVarBurton, then wish for a million wishes... but he would probably use them all on more signed pictures of [=LeVar=] Burton.

* Related effect in Music/WeirdAlYankovic's "Everything You Know Is Wrong", in which -- given the opportunity to go to any point in history -- he chooses last Thursday night, [[MundaneUtility in order to pay his phone bill]]. (MundaneUtility indeed.)

[[folder:Puppet Shows]]
* In a ''Series/SesameStreet'' sketch from the 1970s, Cookie Monster meets a genie and is granted three wishes. He asks the genie for progressively larger trucks, hoping for one large enough to fill with a million cookies. By the time he gets a full-size truck, however, he's used his three wishes and can't ask for any cookies. Fortunately, he can satisfy his tummy anyway... by [[ExtremeOmnivore eating the truck instead]]. The storybook version this was adapted from has him instead wish for progressively larger containers -- first a dish, then a box, then a truck. As with the TV version, since he can't wish for cookies anymore, he just eats the truck, and the genie is appropriately weirded out.
* A version of the sausage story under Folklore was done as a skit in ''Series/BetweenTheLions'' (Season 1, Episode 21, aptly named "Sausage Nose"), except that their third wish kept going ("...and a new cottage, and a new stove, and a new..."). It worked, somehow.
* In Franchise/TheMuppets' skit on ''Disneyland 35th Anniversary Celebration'', Miss Piggy tells the story of how, on her first visit to Disneyland, she wanted to be Cinderella, and instead got a job cleaning the castle until her Fairy Godthing Gonzo offered her three wishes. She wishes his nose would blow up, then that she hadn't said that, and then that Gonzo would take this seriously. So, out of wishes, she ropes Gonzo into a magic-free plot to get the real Cinderella out of the picture.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Oh man. Blog/ThingsMrWelchIsNoLongerAllowedToDoInAnRPG has so many of these. See the quotes page.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/SamAndMaxHitTheRoad'', the duo comes upon a wishing well. Sam throws in a coin, asking, "I wish I knew what Max was thinking." We hear nothing but a pinging noise as the caption reads "... ..... ....... ..... ... .!" to which Sam remarks, "Well, that was a waste of money."
* In the ending of ''Pandemonium'', [[spoiler:when Nikki and Fargus finally find the Wishing Engine, a skeptical Fargus wishes for a chicken as a test. "Wish granted!"]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Elona}}'', you can be granted a wish if you're really lucky. On top of wishing for an easy-to-find item, among the things you can type into the textbox are:
** "Death", which just kills you instantly.
** "Name" lets you rename your character, which you can already do for free by pressing 'i' and then 5 on the numpad. The being granting your wish even laughs at you if you do that.
** "Sex" [[GenderBender gives you a sex change]], which [[PurelyAestheticGender doesn't affect much]].
** "Beauty" has the wish-granter say "A typical wish..." and disappear without improving your character's Charisma stat.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* A sort of example in one episode of ''WebAnimation/DickFigures'' where Red and Blue find a genie, and manage to get said genie to owe them several hundred wishes. However, Red gets into an argument with the genie over whether the number of wishes they accumulated [[InsistentTerminology should be considered a "fuckton" or a "shitload"]]. Red finally wishes for the genie to shut up, which causes it to lose the ability to talk, and thus the ability to grant wishes. It especially falls under this due to the fact that Red doesn't care in the slightest, simply remarking to a pissed-off Blue that [[ComicallyMissingThePoint he got what he wanted.]]

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/TheWotch'': Jason Grey meets a genie and, before she can even begin explaining about his having ThreeWishes, yells that [[http://www.thewotch.com/?epDate=2003-04-07 he wishes she were a redhead]]. Twice. Jason likes his redheads. Thankfully, one of the rules is that wishes can't affect the genie, so he doesn't actually use them.
* In one ''Webcomic/ArthurKingOfTimeAndSpace'' strip, Arthur releases a genie who allows him one wish. Knowing how easily the genie could [[LiteralGenie twist his words]], he wishes Merlin was there to advise him on what to say...
* The seer in ''Webcomic/KidRadd'' never bothers to explain that each person seeking him may only ask one question. It only comes up after Bogey has asked, "What are you?" and Sheena asked "Is it true that anyone who meets the seer is going to die?" Bogey is more than a bit upset that he wasted his question.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* A ''Creator/RoosterTeeth'' sketch has one of the guys catching a magical wishing fish. He wishes for 2 milkshakes, that the milkshake he knocked over gets restored, and that eating a magical talking, wish-granting fish wasn't against the rules.
* In the ''WebVideo/{{Smosh}}'' video [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvFVTuPqtuI Three Wishes]], Ian and Anthony are stranded on an island when they find a stoner genie from a bong. While Anthony thinks about what he wants to wish for, Ian uses all three on a flamingo lawn ornament, some microwave popcorn, and an inflatable seahorse.
* In one of his Counter Monkey stories, ''WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment'' elaborates on the time the party was cursed to turn into animals unless they found a genie (naturally, at the bottom of a dungeon. When they get there, the genie (played by Spoony, the DM) only offers the whole party one wish between them. Vegan Steve immediately wished for a Deck of Many Things. Which Spoony, without thinking, granted. [[http://spoonyexperiment.com/counter-monkey/counter-monkey-vegan-steve-and-the-djinni-of-jengai-fomogo/ Hilarity ensues]]. Moral of the story: Never give your characters wishes.
* Wiki/SCPFoundation: [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-1481 SCP-1481]] is a genie who is constantly stoned out of his mind, rendering him utterly incompetent at granting wishes. He eventually reveals that a previous master [[{{Jerkass}} used his first wish to make him this way]], [[KickTheDog his second wish to make the first wish irreversible]], and then [[ForTheEvulz just walked away without even making a third wish]].
* ''WebVideo/SMBCTheater'': Zach Weiner wastes all his wishes on Super Mario video game cheats, because he's too stoned to realize that the Game Genie is an actual genie. The flustered genie even offers him infinite wishes, but Zach is adamant about being the god of an 8-bit brick wall.
* In Part 5 of ''WebVideo/TheMisadventuresOfSkooks'', Shaggy's gathered the Franchise/{{Dragon Ball}}s in order to wish [[spoiler: Fred back to life after his numerous AmusingInjuries]]. At the last second, though, he [[DeliciousDistraction gets sidetracked and wishes for a double order of onion rings instead]], leaving Fred [[spoiler: stranded on King Kai's planet forever. [[WhatTheHellHero Neither of them are amused]].]]
-->'''Fred:''' Bitch!
* The ''Website/CollegeHumor'' sketch [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2jMsx8Aphg The Real Game Genie]] has a guy accidentally summon a genie while playing VideoGame/SuperMarioBros The guy, mistaking him for a ''Game'' Genie, uses all three of his wishes on Mario cheats, even as the beleaguered genie tries to explain that he's a real, actual genie.

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* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** One of the "Treehouse of Horror" episodes had Homer obtain a monkey's paw and use the last, potentially world-saving wish on a turkey sandwich, which he claims cannot [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor backfire on them or produce any weird surprises]]. [[DespairEventHorizon The turkey was dry]].
** Also a variation on the episode where Homer and Apu visit the Kwik-E-Mart home office to attempt to get Apu's job back. The pair are given three questions to ask and Homer accidentally uses up all three to ask if the guy they're visiting is ''really'' the head of the Kwik-E-Mart.
--->'''Guru:''' You may ask of me three questions.\\
'''Apu:''' Oh, that's good because I only have one--\\
'''Homer:''' Are you really the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?\\
'''Guru:''' Yes.\\
'''Homer:''' Really?\\
'''Guru:''' Yes.\\
'''Homer:''' You?\\
'''Guru:''' Yes. I hope this has been enlightening.\\
'''Apu:''' But I--\\
'''Guru:''' Thank you, come again.\\
'''Apu:''' But--\\
'''Guru:''' Thank you, come again.\\
''[cut to outside]''\\
'''Homer:''' Well ''that'' was a big bust. ''[to Apu]'' Is he ''really'' the head of the Kwik-E-Mart?
* ''WesternAnimation/SheepInTheBigCity:''
** An episode had Sheep find a Genie's bottle, but wastes the first two wishes wishing for fancy hats. He finally spends his third wish wishing to become human (or humanish) to get past security at the hotel his beloved Swanky (a poodle) and her owner Lady Richington is staying at, which bans sheep. However, the wish backfires because Swanky doesnt recognize him, and Lady Richington falls in love with him, leading to the rest of the episode being about Sheep trying to reverse the wish. He finally gets the Genie into giving him another three wishes and ''again'' wastes one wishing for a new hat. He finally uses the second wish to turn back into a sheep, and the third to turn Lady Richington into a sheep as revenge.
** TheStinger for that same episode has General Specific find a Question Genie who offers him the answer to any three questions. General Specific wastes all three asking if the Question Genie is ''really'' a Question Genie.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'':
** Lampshaded when Norm the Genie gets irritated that the first wish is always for a giant sandwich. When he ends up with Chester, he just gives him the giant sandwich so he doesn't waste his first wish.
** In an episode, Crocker teams up with Norm the genie but instead of simply wishing Timmy to Mars ([[StatingTheSimpleSolution as Norm suggests]]) or simply wishing to have a fairy in his possession, he wastes his wishes on parts for ridiculous traps that backfire on him. Norm allows Crocker to wish for more wishes -- which he does by wishing for them three at a time -- and continues to waste them.
** While many of Timmy's wishes seem wasteful, they don't qualify because he has unlimited wishes. In fact, it's actually [[SuperpowerMeltdown bad for the fairies]] if he doesn't constantly wish for things.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AladdinTheSeries'', a young peasant girl gets a genie and asks for a sandwich. Fortunately, since the genie in question is [[BenevolentGenie benevolent]] and the girl did not use the word "wish", the genie encourages her to instead make the much-less-wasteful wish to never go hungry again.
* In a sketch from ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'', Oprah promises to fulfill everyone's dream and asks a member of her audience, "What can Oprah do for you?" The man is surprised, and asks for a pastrami sandwich. She tells him to look under his chair, and lo and behold, he finds a sandwich. She then tells all the other audience members to check under their chairs, and they all pull out boxes containing keys to brand new cars. The man who got a sandwich is disappointed.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/PawPaws'', Dark Paw does this. For his first wish, he asks the genie to eliminate the totem. For his second wish, he asks that the princess and Brave Paw be eliminated. Finally, he says offhandedly, "I wish I could see the look on their faces!" and the good bears return.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': Peter goes to the Mafia's Don, since it's the Don's daughter's wedding (and the Don can never refuse a request at his daughter's wedding), intending to ask to have the price taken off his wife's head. Peter then gets distracted, and instead asks for a piece of tiramisu.
* One ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyAndFriends'' episode starts with the discovery of "The Magic Coins", each of which grants one wish. Most of these are quickly used up so that they don't have any easy way to counter it when one of the baby ponies [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor wishes away the rain]] after a sudden shower spoils their picnic.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants'' episode "Shanghaied", when Patrick learns that the Flying Dutchman will grant them three wishes, he exclaims "I wish we had known that earlier!" In one of the {{Alternate Ending}}s, Patrick used the third and final wish on a pack of gum.
* The MTV animated short ''Genie Junkie'' was built on this trope. A total couch potato had freed a genie from her bottle, making her his slave and bound to grant his every wish... and his every wish turned out to be for things like a fresh glass of cherry coke, or that she change the channel on the television, or that she do his laundry, or get him a new bag of Cheetos. The only "extravagant" thing he ever asked her for (if you could call it extravagant) was a plate of the shrimp combo advertised in an in-universe seafood restaurant commercial, because man that looked good and he was hungry...
* In ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'', God appeared at the turn of the millennium in "Are You There, God? It's Me, Jesus" and offered to answer exactly one question before returning to heaven. While the adults were brainstorming the best possible question, Stan butted in and [[ItMakesSenseInContext demanded to know why he hadn't had his period yet]]. The adults were not amused.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheTick'' was at one point allowed to ask one question of his deepest subconscious, which could answer any mystery in life. He asked "How's it going?". He got a thumbs up. His spiritual guide is not amused.
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'':
** In the episode "The Limit", Finn and Jake escort some Hot Dog Knights through a dangerous maze, with Jake over-extending his stretching powers along the way. When they get to the wish-granting entity who lives at the middle of the maze, the two knights who managed to make it to the center wish for a cardboard box and to "[[TooDumbToLive blow up. I mean, get big.]] ''[blows up]''", while a thoroughly exhausted and worn-out Jake wishes he wasn't so hungry and gets a sandwich.
** In "Jake the Dog", Prismo ''refuses'' to grant Jake's initial wish for a sandwich and just makes him one since he's a NiceGuy and he doesn't want Jake to waste his wish.
** In "Wake Up", Finn and Jake return to Prismo to wish to see Finn's dad. Since they already used up their wishes, they brought Shelby to make the wish for them. Shelby wishes for a pony for his girlfriend instead.
* A season 2 episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheClevelandShow'' has Junior offhandedly mention that he had wished for "Salty Meat Sweat", despite the fact that the [[BenevolentGenie genie]] ''warned'' him against it. He regrets it.
* The ''WesternAnimation/DangerMouse'' episode "Where There's A Well, There's A Way" zig-zags this a bit. DM and Penfold are searching for the mystic inkwell of Merlin the Magician, where DM plans to make a wish by flipping a coin into it that "the forces of evil are overwhelmed" while Penfold wants to wish that he is the world's greatest secret agent. The villain Copperconk Cassidy intervenes, and during a scuffle, Penfold loses his glasses and Cassidy accidentally gets knocked into the well. Hearing the coin drop, Penfold picks it up, mistaking it for a loose glasses lens and says "I wish this stupid well had never existed!" The inkwell vanishes in a puff of smoke.
* The WesternAnimation/BugsBunny cartoon "A Lad in His Lamp" has Bugs wishing for a carrot from Smokey the Genie. He asks for two to make sure he's real.
* A WesternAnimation/WoodyWoodpecker cartoon has Woody granted three wishes from a tiny leprechaun woodpecker. The first gets Woody in all kinds of trouble with the law, so he uses the second wish himself back home. The third wish he uses to tell the leprechaun to "GO TO BLAZES!!!" The leprechaun descends to Hell, where ol' Beelzebub was expecting him.
* The ''WesternAnimation/WanderOverYonder'' episode "The Picnic" cumulates in this when, after winning his battle with Emperor Awesome, Lord Hater has the once-in-a-millenium chance to wish for anything he wants, which he wants to wish to be the ruler of the entire galaxy. However, Wander, who's sightseeing and oblivious[[note]][[ObfuscatingStupidity most likely]][[/note]] to Hater's plan, keeps interrupting him to take photos. Hater, fed up with Wander yells "I'd wish you'd leave me alone for five seconds!" The Celestial Being nonchalantly grants it and ignores/is unable to grant Hater's request to "do over." Cue collective FacePalm from both armies.
-->'''Celestial Being:''' Yeah okay, I can swing that.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/SofiaTheFirst'', Amber stumbles upon a wishing well that offers her three wishes. Considering that she's a princess, she probably didn't need to wish for a new tiara, especially since she already has a whole closet full of them, but that's what she did.
* Not exactly a wish, but in ''WesternAnimation/The7D'' episode "Knick Knack Paddy Whack," the Glooms steal The Pearl of Wisdom, which will answer one question once its shell is opened. After a scuffle with the 7D, Grim finally gets the shell open and wonders where Hildy is, so she can ask her question. The pearl takes this as his question, answers it, and promptly closes again.
* In the episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'' with Thromnambular, the Wishing Skull, Nergal Junior actually benefits because he does this, seeing as Thromnambular is a JerkassGenie who tends to twist and pervert wishes so they end up bad for the wisher. Junior can't decide what to wish for, and eventually says that [[DidISayThatOutLoud he wishes he knew what to wish for]]; Thromnambular grants the wish and leaves (as in, letting him know what he wanted to wish for, but not actually giving him a chance to wish for it). And he was the one who probably got off the lightest - at least he knows what he wants.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheRealGhostbusters'', a guy hates chickens so much, that he actually summons a demon to make [[DealWithTheDevil the standard bargain]] in exchange for ridding the Earth of them. The demon actually tries to talk him out of it, saying he can grant him immortality or rulership of a fairly large country, but the guy insists. (Later, the demon is so humiliated at having to grant such a silly request, he [[EnemyMine enlists the help of the Ghostbusters]] to void the contract.)
* In the ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episode "Blendin's Game" the time traveler Blendin from the episode "Time Traveler's Pig" challenges Dipper and Mabel to a DeadlyGame because they stole his time travel device, if they win however they will get a wish from [[PhysicalGod Time Baby]] that no matter what is immune to TemporalParadox. The twins want to use this as a SelflessWish to help their friend Soos meet his father. Soos ends up using it as a MundaneWish to clean Dipper and Mabel up afterward. Blendin is scandalized that Soos would waste a priceless "Time Wish" in this manner. We later learn he ''also'' wished for a piece of infinite pizza (that is, the pizza slice always regenerates when Soos eats it)...which Blendin agrees was an excellent use of the wish.
* Towards the end of the ''WesternAnimation/DonkeyKongCountry'' episode, "Orangutango", King K. Rool wins a dance contest hosted by Cranky Kong, where the grand prize is one wish from the [[MacGuffin Crystal Coconut]]. While K. Rool tries to decide what to wish for, Klump does a dance involving jumping jacks, which has annoyed K. Rool [[RunningGag throughout the episode]]. K. Rool then screams, "[[NoIndoorVoice I WISH YOU WOULDN'T DO THAT!]]", [[StatusQuoIsGod causing the Crystal Coconut to grant the wish, then float back to its safe]].
* In the ''WesternAnimation/TwoStupidDogs'' episode "Where's the Bone?", the dogs, while searching for Little Dog's favorite bone (which is on his head the whole time), come across a genie, who offers to grant three wishes for them. Little Dog wishes he knows where his bone is, and the genie tells him it's on his head. Little Dog, ignoring this, wishes that the genie put him down. He then wishes he and Big Dog have left the area and they're teleported away.
* ''WesternAnimation/HeathcliffAndTheCatillacCats'' episode "Wishful Thinking", Mungo finds a GenieInABottle and basically wasted all his wishes in bad phrasing.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/DragonTales'', Ord finds a shell on the beach that he learns can grant wishes after he wishes for a hat like Max's and gets it. His discovery of the shell causes all of his friends to bombard him with requests for wishes of their own which causes him to become angry and thoughtlessly wish to be somewhere far away from them. When this wish teleports him into a locked castle that he's forbidden to ever leave, he panics and wishes for all of his friends to be with him, only to be told by them that not only could he have [[WhatAnIdiot just wished himself out of the castle]] instead of trapping his friends in it too but the shell grants only {{three wishes}} and he just used up the last of them.
* The Season 3 ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'' episode "The Ricklantis Mixup" has [[AlternateSelf Fat Morty]] offer his Panini Maker to the Wishing Portal for "a million sandwiches."