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[[folder: Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it? Because despite your ]]
'' [[/folder]]

[[folder: violent ]]

[[folder: behavior, the only thing you have managed to break so far is my heart. Maybe you could settle for that and we'll just call it a day. ]]
-->-- '''[=GLaDOS=]''', ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}''

[[AliceAndBob Bob]] takes things too far, either in his quest for power, revenge, or even just to win a battle. After it's all said and done, he or Alice have to ask 'was it really worth it?' In this case, it's actually a valid question, possibly for a number of reasons. Maybe [[IfYouKillHimYouWillBeJustLikeHim killing his opponent made him just like them.]] Maybe to win a friendly duel, he had to shatter his best friend's weapon (or worse, [[KickTheMoralityPet shatter his best friend!]]) In any case what Bob's done raises serious moral questions for him, and the answer isn't necessarily "Hell yeah, it was WorthIt!"

Note that the question doesn't necessarily even have to be asked, nor must it be after the deed's been done.

Not to be confused with WhatTheHellHero, which is about the character being called on for flat out evil things. If someone wins a battle, but accidentally kills their friend's sister in the process, it's this. If they intentionally do so, and are called on for it, it's that. If Bob decides it's not worth it after all, but only ''after'' the fact, it's MyGodWhatHaveIDone.

If the 'it' was something like a HeroicSacrifice, this may cause a BittersweetEnding. After all, the BigBad may be dead, but so is Bob, and that's no cause for celebration.

A subtrope of PyrrhicVictory. See also PyrrhicVillainy, for where the ''villain's'' actions are definitely ''not'' worth it. If a character's actions or victory eventually result in him being bored because of it, then you have a case of VictoryIsBoring. Compare AndThenWhat.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Anime/AfroSamurai Resurrection,'' after Afro kills [[spoiler: Shichigoro in front of his adopted son Kotaku,]] ''the show itself'' compares him to the villain of the first season, with flashbacks to Afro's father being killed. ''Afro'' makes the comparison at the end, [[spoiler:leaving the Number 2 headband in Kotaku's hands with a quiet "Whenever you're ready."]]
* The ending of ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'' is a great example of this applied to a HeroicSacrifice. The manga seems to answer: "Yes, it was worth it." The anime ''seems'' to agree with the manga, but acknowledges the severity of [[spoiler:Rosette]]'s sacrifice to a greater extent.
* ''Manga/{{InuYasha}}'': When Sesshomaru comes across Rin's dead body in the Underworld while undergoing his mother's test and discovers that the Tenseiga [[ItOnlyWorksOnce can't bring her back to life a second time]], he's so heartbroken that he promptly throws the sword to the ground and curses it, outright stating that ''nothing'' he could have gained was worth losing Rin. Once he's learned the [[ComesGreatResponsibility lesson]] his parents needed to teach him, Rin is resurrected to ensure she didn't have to suffer for Sesshomaru's mistakes.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* Previously [[HoYay/ComicBooks very close]] teammates, the [[ComicBook/CivilWar last conversation]] between IronMan and ComicBook/CaptainAmerica has the latter in a cell, awaiting trial, and asking the former, "Was it worth it?" Later, an opportunistic villain assassinates Captain America on his way to trial, and Iron Man, confronted with his body, finally answers the question. Was it worth it? [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone No]]. [[PyrrhicVictory No it was not]].
** Even worse, the fracture between the heroes left them unprepared to deal with [[ComicBook/WorldWarHulk an extremely angry Hulk]], [[ComicBook/SecretInvasion The Skrulls invading Earth]], and [[ComicBook/DarkReign Norman Osborn being in charge]].
** Later averted after Tony erases his memories and, after reading about Civil War, proclaims that he would do it all again. Maria Hill, who was on his side during Civil War and now firmly believes that it wasn't worth it, walks out, leaving him to yell about her having sided with him.
* ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'' ends with [[spoiler: Ozymandias successfully completing his plan to create world peace, but at the price of millions of lives]]. His face, after Dr. Manhattan tells him before leaving the galaxy, "Nothing ends, Adrien. Nothing ever ends," suggests he's asking himself whether it was worth it.
* In a comic by Joakim Pirinen, a young boy has murdered his mother and almost made it look like suicide. The cop investigating asks him, as he is about to be taken away:
-->'''Inspector Liikanen''': But why did you kill your mother?
-->'''Boy''': To become [[AbusiveParents happy]].
-->'''Inspector Liikanen''' (gently): Are you happy now?
-->'''Boy''' (breaks down in tears): No...
* In an early arc of ''ComicBook/BirdsOfPrey'', which chronicled the first meeting between ComicBook/BlackCanary and ComicBook/{{Huntress}}, the adventure was summed up thusly:
--> '''Oracle:''' "You travelled five thousand miles. You hooked up with a loose cannon--possibly psychotic--vigilante who doesn't place much value on life...and a world class felon. You stressed my network to the max. You faced the world's deadliest martial artist. [[WomanScorned All to get back at a guy who]] ''[[WomanScorned didn't call you]]'' [[WomanScorned the next day]]. Was it ''worth'' it?"\\
'''Black Canary:''' "[[WorthIt Yeah, it was]]."
* At the end of ''ComicBook/TheLongHalloween'', in light of of Harvey Dent's transformation into Two-Face and his subsequent killing of Carmine Falcone, Franchise/{{Batman}} and Jim Gordon have this moment.
-->'''Batman''': The promise that we made to bring down the Roman. [[PyrrhicVictory What it cost us.]] [[FaceHeelTurn Harvey...]]
-->'''Gordon''': If you're asking me "Did the good guys win?" Yes, the good guys won, Batman. But, I won't know if it was worth it for a very long time...
* ''[[Series/{{Angel}} Angel & Faith]]'': Nadira spends most of the first season's run [[RevengeBeforeReason singlemindedly obsessed]] with getting revenge on Angel/Twilight, Pearl, and Nash for their slaughter of her Slayer squad, of which she was the SoleSurvivor thanks to Willow's intervention. In the final issue, after being nearly burned to death by Nash and killing him in turn with Faith's help, Faith tries to comfort Nadira by assuring her she had finally gotten her revenge, but Nadira just tells her that it was never worth it in the first place.
* After Loki called her out on her plan ([[spoiler:It involved allying herself with an evil future Loki, to damn the young one to a life of evil and villainy hated and feared by all to ensure Asgard's golden future.]]) in ''Comicbook/LokiAgentOfAsgard'':
-->'''Freyja''': "[[spoiler:King Loki.]]" When you came to this time, you promised a '''golden future''' for Asgard. ''Now I find I question the '''price''' of gold''.
* ''Franchise/GreenLantern:'' [[spoiler:the Black Lantern Arin Sur asks her husband Sinestro this when they fight through the streets of Korugar, asking if he's happy with what he did to Korugar, and himself, in the name of peace.]] It's one of the few times Sinestro isn't capable of speaking, he can only stutter out "I... I don't...". It's hard to say if this is due to genuine doubt on Sinestro's end or [[spoiler: due to his wife being the one asking.]]
* ''ComicBook/TheLifeAndTimesOfScroogeMcDuck'': A recurring theme throughout the series is the question of whether or not what Scrooge gains is worth what he gives up in exchange while pursuing his goals. His earlier escapades have him suffering for little if any substantial gain while his later endeavors showcase that the pursuit of wealth has directly cost him anyone to share his life with, be they family or friends. By the end of the series Scrooge has wound up as recluse who achieved his goal of becoming the richest in the world but has lived in complete isolation for years.
** There is only one incident where Scrooge finds a definite answer to this question, during Chapter 11 where for the first and only time Scrooge chooses to make a profit dishonestly. As a result of forcibly driving a tribe off their land so he can buy the rights Scrooge drives away his family, his own conscience won't let him ignore what he's done, and revenge from one of the tribe members literally haunts him for years which eventually costs him one of his most valuable discoveries ever. Scrooge got what he wanted but the price was so steep that he decides ''no'' it wasn't worth it.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/GameTheoryFanFic'' has Nanoha pondering this, after all the pain and suffering everyone went through because of the quest to revive Alicia. [[spoiler:But in the end, Alicia is brought back successfully, and Nanoha decides that it ''was'' worth it.]]
* Used spectacularly in [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/109581/1/i-did-not-want-to-die/i-did-not-want-to-die I Did Not Want To Die, ]]and it is heartbreaking because the protagonist had so much to live for, and he chose to go to war, where he is about to DieAlone hundreds of miles from home. Combined in HesitantSacrifice in that he laments that no, it wasn't worth it.
* ''FanFic/EscapeFromTheHokagesHat'': Sakura asks if begging Naruto to bring Sasuke back to Konoha was worth it. While Naruto accomplishes this, Sakura finds the answer is no, because she gets to see Naruto brought into the hospital with part of his chest and right arm either bleeding, burnt '''AND''' melting. As she states herself: "It wasn't worth ''this''."
** [[CuteMonsterGirl Isaribi]] is offered two options to cure her [[HalfHumanHybrid "condition"]] by Tsunade. Option 1 doesn't change anything but prevents her body from poisoning itself. Option 2 makes it possible for Isaribi to control her transformations but she has to live near the ocean (and swim in it '''EVERYDAY''' for a couple of hours so the sea water can break down the poison in her body). In her haste, she picks option 2 and realizes too late that she effectively traded freedom just to fit in with people and [[GildedCage has effectively chained herself to the ocean.]]
* Spoofed in the Australian FanFilm ''WebVideo/StarWarsDownunder'', about a battle against the evil Darth Drongo who's stolen all the beer on the planet. After defeating Drongo, our hero ponders whether it was all worth the death and destruction, but thinks it was after [[SeriousBusiness downing a cold one]].
* ''[[FanFic/BoundDestiniesTrilogy Wisdom and Courage]]'': Link finds himself arguing with both Navi and Tatl over whether or not using the Fierce Deity's Mask to beat Veran is worth the risk of losing his soul to it. Navi and Tatl insist that it ''isn't'' worth it, but Link is prepared to do [[GodzillaThreshold whatever it takes]] [[YouAreWorthHell to keep Zelda safe]].
* ''FanFic/TheLegendOfSpyroANewDawn'': [[AntiVillain Deadlock]] has spent most of the fic obsessed with vengeance on Spyro and Cynder, because it was due to the raid on the Dragon Temple the night of Spyro's hatching that Deadlock's husband and unborn eggs perished, and because Dark Cynder killed all of her elder children during the war with Malefor. At the very end, she has Spyro and Cynder at her mercy and is about to kill them... but her adoptive daughter Cyros jumps in the way of her [[FireIceLightning triple element Fury]] and is critically injured. Deadlock is left in tearful remorse over this fact and agrees with her other adoptive child Pyrus that her revenge was never worth ''this.''
* Lunarian warrior Shoutoku is asked by [[FanFic/IcedFairysANewWorld Tenshi Hinanai]] if her revenge is worth the death of the Lunarian civilization, the attempted genocide of humanity and youkai, and most importantly, the murder of Tenshi's OnlyFriend. When Shoutoku admits the answer is no, and tries to kill herself, Tenshi decides to show her ''[[CruelMercy exactly]]'' what she thinks of her...

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{TMNT}}'', Leo and Raph have a grudge match, in which Leo is the dominant fighter, but Raph breaks his swords when he decides to take it to the line, and Leo is consequently captured not long after.
* In ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda2'', the Soothsayer, [[BigBad Lord Shen's]] adviser and ParentalSubstitute asks him if, in the end, everything he's done will be worth it. While he says it will, even Lord Shen seems to wonder rather it will be or not.
* In ''Disney/{{Zootopia}}'', when Judy is reprimanded by Chief Bogo for behaving like a CowboyCop, he sarcastically charges her with:
-->'''Chief Bogo:''' Abandoning your post, inciting a scurry, reckless endangerment of rodents. But, to be fair, you did stop a master criminal from stealing two dozen moldy onions.

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* The question in ''Film/{{Dogma}}'' "Was Wisconsin ''really'' that bad?", an eternity there as opposed to destroying the entire universe and making war on God to get home.
* ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}''
** The ending of the original ''Film/Godzilla1954'' has the main surviving humans wondering if using the Oxygen Destroyer was worth the HeroicSacrifice of [[spoiler:[[EyepatchOfPower Dr. Serizawa]]]] and worrying that another Godzilla may appear.
** Given that ''Film/GodzillaVsDestoroyah'' featured ''two'' Godzillas, a technology extremely close to the Oxygen Destroyer [[spoiler:(Serizawa sacrificed himself to keep something like that from happening)]], and a monster created by the use of the original Destroyer, the answer seems to be "No."
* At the end of ''Film/HamburgerHill'' there is a sign reading: "Hamburger Hill... Was it worth it?"
* In ''Film/TheGreatEscape'' [[spoiler: Hendley is informed by the SBO that 50 of the 76 escaped POW's have been executed, but the escape itself caused havoc behind the German lines, tying up thousands of troops that would have been utilized elsewhere. Hendley asks of all his dead friends, "Was it worth it?" and is told "It depends on your point of view, doesn't it?"]]
* In ''Film/AmericanHistoryX'', the ArmorPiercingQuestion that convinces Derek Vinyard to stop being a Neo-Nazi skinhead after he's been sent to prison for killing a black guy is ''"Has anything you've done made your life any better?"''
* In the film ''Film/{{Excalibur}}'', Arthur ends up in a fight "to the death" against "a knight who is not [his] enemy" for a bridge he could "easily ride around," and ends up not only almost killing Launcelot, but, more importantly (to him), shattering Excalibur. Luckily, the Lady of the Lake forgives him and mends the sword.
* Marge Gunderson in ''{{Film/Fargo}}'' asks Grimsrud if "a little bit of money" was really worth all that murder.
* ''Film/SpyGame''
** The stories told in it about the efforts of one long-time CIA agent, Nathan Muir, and his protege Tom Bishop, show the extreme lengths and sacrifices they will go to accomplish their objectives - the film itself is very much the "stale beer" flavor of SpyFiction (as opposed to "martini" flavored glamorous ones like Franchise/JamesBond).
** Implied and lampshaded by Bishop in the debriefing of a mission in Beirut to assassinate a terrorist leader, where after going to such great lengths to get the target's family doctor to apply a poison to him during a check-up (including persuading him to turn on him in the first place by bringing up his murdered family and Bishop rushing him through war-torn streets to get him to his appointment at an apartment building before they lose track of him) only for Muir to call in their back-up plan...[[StuffBlowingUp a huge truck bomb that blows up the whole apartment and kills everyone there.]] The objective was accomplished, but...
-->'''Bishop:''' We got a [[PrecisionFStrike fucked-up]] barometer for success, don't we?
* ''Film/TheMonumentsMen'': President Truman asks whether the two Monuments Men who died would have considered their deaths worthwhile. Despite having said to the men earlier in the movie that their deaths weren't worth a piece of art, their commander says that they would have.
* In ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'', as Older Erik lies dying in the BadFuture, he laments to Charles about all the time they lost to ideological and political differences when they could've been close friends and fighting alongside each other instead. Considering their [[AfterTheEnd current circumstances]], it looks like it wasn't worth it. [[{{Understatement}} At all.]]
-->'''Magneto''': All those years wasted fighting each other, Charles... To have a precious few of them back...
* From 1985 film about corporate life, ''Head Office''.
-->'''Jane Caldwell:''' Don't fall for it, Jack.\\
'''Jack Issel:''' Fall for what?\\
'''Jane Caldwell:''' For the lie we keep telling ourselves. We do the dirty stuff to get the power. It'll give us all the good things we really want. [[TheDarkSideWillMakeYouForget Then we get the power, we can't even remember what goddamn thing it was we wanted it for in the first place]].

* In Creator/BenCounter's ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' Literature/HorusHeresy novel ''Galaxy in Flames'', [[spoiler:Abaddon]] expected to feel "savage joy" at [[spoiler:Loken and Torgaddon]]'s deaths. Instead he just feels empty. Though his reaction to [[spoiler:Aximund]]'s MyGodWhatHaveIDone and TearsOfRemorse is that he needs to be watched.
* In Chris Roberson's Imperial Fists novel ''Sons of Dorn'', Captain Taelos knows, objectively, that sacrificing the scouts [[WeNeedADistraction as a distraction]] was a sound move, but he finds the cost very bitter.
* In the Creator/DaleBrown novel ''Wings of Fire'', Patrick [=McLanahan=] says this after the Night Stalkers receive very large paychecks for the mission where [[spoiler: Paul was killed and Wendy went missing.]]
* At the end of Creator/LarryNiven's ''Literature/RingworldsChildren'', Louis Wu has lost his son and the woman he was in love with to the depths of space, never to be seen again. Billions of sentient beings on the Ringworld itself were on the verge of madness, and Luis, himself, forced himself to voluntarily give up his status as a Protector-stage human in order to safeguard everything and everyone he cared about. It had to be done, but he hated it.
* In ''Literature/TheOnesWhoWalkAwayFromOmelas'', each individual must decide whether UtopiaJustifiesTheMeans - and [[PoweredByAForsakenChild with good reason, too]].
* This is a running theme in Creator/IainMBanks's ''Literature/TheCulture'' series. The Culture fought a war with the Idirans in ''Literature/ConsiderPhlebas''. The ethics and ramifications of the war were still being discussed up to ''Literature/TheHydrogenSonata''.
* ''Literature/TheBible'': Mark 8:36
-->For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''. As detailed in Literature/ArchmaesterGyldaynsHistories is "The Dance of the Dragons". Over a century before the events of the main story (ASOIAF starts in 298 and TDOTD took place in 129-131) Viserys I wanted his daughter Rhaenyra to succeed ahead of his son from a later marriage despite the inheritance laws of most of Westeros favoring sons before daughters. However after his death his son was crowned Aegon II, leading to "The Dance of the Dragons", a major civil war in which most of the dragons and Targaryens were killed, including both claimants. Rhaenyra's son Aegon III then became King and shortly after this the last of the line from Viserys' last marriage died out. Aegon suffered from depression, partially from seeing the death of his mother, and the dragons died out during his reign. To cap it all off the stigma against females inheriting the Iron Throne remained, as when Aegon's sons died without issue his brother Viserys II took the throne ahead of Aegon's daughters (Aegon and Viserys could claim male line inheritance due to their father being Viserys I's brother [[IncestIsRelative Daemon]]).

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* The murders on ''Series/ColdCase'' are sometimes these, as the suspects killed the victim because of something they thought was important at the time.
* ''Series/Studio60OnTheSunsetStrip'' episode "The Christmas Show":
-->Danny Tripp: Was sleeping with him for that information really worth it?
* ''Series/DoctorWho'' example from "Dalek", when the Doctor confronts a villain:
-->'''The Doctor''': I could have killed that Dalek in its cell. But you stopped me.
-->'''Henry van Statten:''' It was the prize of my collection!
-->'''The Doctor:''' '''YOUR COLLECTION?!''' Well, was it worth it?! Worth all those men's deaths?! Worth Rose?!
* At the end of ''Series/{{Torchwood}}: Children of Earth'', in order to defeat the 456, Captain Jack has to [[spoiler:kill his grandson]]. He can't live with himself afterwards (ironic, given he's immortal) and leaves the Earth.
* ''Series/BabylonFive'': In the fourth season, while the Centauri are ending their occupation of Narn, Vir and Londo talk [[spoiler: about Vir's killing of Cartagia]].
-->'''Vir''': "What was it all for, Londo? What was any of it even for?"
* The pilot episode of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' ends with Sheppard asking Weir if the hundred or so people he saved were really worth reawakening the Wraith.
* In ''Series/{{Merlin}}'' Morgana has a [[DreamingOfThingsToCome dream of the far-distant future]], one that implies that both she and Arthur die on the battlefield. She reaches for Merlin standing above her, who asks her: "Is this really what you wanted, Morgana?" Oddly, when these events play out in real-time, no such question is asked of her.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'', a MythArc episode "Redux II": Agent Scully is dying of cancer and her brother Bill accuses Agent Mulder that it's his fault, summarizing and ridiculing his quest for the truth and uncovering the conspiracy as search for "little green men".
-->'''Bill Scully''': I've already lost one sister to this quest you're on, now I'm losing another. *struggles to hold back tears* Has it been worth it? To you, I mean. Have you found what you've been looking for?
-->'''Mulder''': No...
-->'''Bill Scully''': No. You know how that makes me feel?
* In ''Series/BreakingBad'', Walter laments how working in the drug industry has caused his wife to fear him and keep their children away from him and says that the meth empire he's building is all he has left to be proud of. His partner, [[AntiVillain Jesse]], calls him out on this but it doesn't work.
-->'''Jesse Pinkman:''' Mr. White... is a meth empire really something to be proud of?
* In the First Season Finale of ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'', part of Coulson's ToThePain speech to [[spoiler: Ward]] is to let him know that part of his punishment will be to sit in his cell and wonder if it was really worth it to throw his lot in with HYDRA and a crazy cyborg mentor.
* In Season 2 of ''Series/{{The 100}}'', Clarke's [[CharacterDevelopment character]] [[StoryArc arc]] is built around her trying to save her people, but doing so many horrible things to other people in the process that, in the season finale, she can't take any pleasure in having finally succeeded, and can't even bear to be around the people she's saved, their faces constantly reminding her of the evils she committed for their sake.
* Roshuo from ''Series/KamenRiderGaim'' is responsible for the near extinction of his species because he adopted a SocialDarwinist mentality in which he allowed the strong to rule over the weak. Sadly, the "strong" were a bunch of sadistic monsters, who unfortunately are the only other ones left living of his species. As a result, Roshuo is the only sane being left in a broken world forever regretting his mistakes.

* Music/{{Sabaton}}: What's the [[TitleDrop Price of a Mile]]?
* Music/EricBogle's song about UsefulNotes/WorldWarI "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda". As the old man sits on his porch, watching the veterans march past every ANZAC Day, he muses:
--->The young people ask, "What are they marching for?" and I ask m'self the same question.
** His other famous song, "Willie MacBride", has the words:
--->Did you really believe, when you answered the call,\\
Did you really believe that this war would end war?\\
For the sorrow, the suffering, the glory, the pain,\\
The killing and dying were all done in vain,\\
For Willie MacBride, it all happened again,\\
And again, and again, and again, and again.
* Music/TaylorSwift asks the question in "Should've Said No".
-->I can't resist\\
Before you go, tell me this:\\
Was it worth it?\\
Was she worth this?
* Lazlo Bane's "I'm No Superman" ([[{{Series/Scrubs}} Yes, that one]]) talks about personal sacrifices people make to succeed professionally, and asks:
--> You've crossed the finish line\\
Won the race but lost your mind\\
Was it worth it, after all?
* Music/{{Queen}}'s "Was It All Worth It?", is essentially this trope as a song.
-->Was it all worth it?\\
Giving all my heart and soul and staying up all night\\
Was it all worth it?\\
Living breathing rock n'roll, a godforsaken life\\
Was it all worth it? Was it all worth it?\\
All these years
** But ultimately, at the end of the song Freddie proclaims ''"Yes, it was a worthwhile experience!"''

* In ''Theatre/TheGoldenApple'', Ulysses goes through this after he ultimately obtaining the titular MacGuffin at the cost of losing all of his friends. He decides that he's learned his bitter lesson and there's nothing left for him now except to return home.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Fable}}'', after you kill Jack of Blades, and have the opportunity to get the Sword of Aeons, your sister gives you a short speech, asking if striking her down would be worth it for the power. It's up to the player whether it is or isn't. [[spoiler:Canonically, you don't kill her. She's the same Theresa as the one in [[VideoGame/FableII various]] [[VideoGame/FableIII later]] [[VideoGame/FableTheJourney entries]].]] Of course, with the expansion it isn't worth it at all unless you're already cartoonishly evil, as refusing to kill Theresa results in a short sidequest to gain an equally powerful sword.
* In Blue's story in ''VideoGame/SagaFrontier'', after killing Kylin for the gift for Space magic, Mei-Ling asks "All this for the Gift?" A very valid question, as apparently, Kylin maintains a paradise for all children that exists which gets destroyed on his death.
* ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'' has [=GlaDOS=] ask "Well, you found me. Congratulations. Was it worth it? Because despite your violent behavior, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart." However, she is asking it in the context of attempting to save her own skin (figuratively speaking) from a test subject who has gone OffTheRails and is trying to destroy her. It isn't until the second game that we find out that Chell's actions may have inadvertently made things much, much worse.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'': After manipulating and backstabbing his way to the top, [[spoiler:Delita]] is king over a land that finally has peace after a ''decades'' long war, but the last cutscene has him wondering this very question.
--> "Ramza, what did you get? I..."
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' poses this question when [[spoiler:Tidus fades from existence]] after the heroes defeat the big bad. They decide that it was indeed worth it, but [[spoiler:Yuna's]] regret over the situation has a big effect on [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2 the sequel]].
* ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheColossus'': To explain it would ruin the game, though the feeling does stand over every [[YouBastard victory]] over a Colossus as well, with the possible exception of [[BattleInTheRain Malus]].
* Glenn and Janus from ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger'', in BOTH directions.
* Shepard (as in you, the player) from ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' can throw this at Mordin, asking him accusingly if upgrading the genophage, a thousand-year-old bioweapon which reduced the fertility of the ProudWarriorRaceGuy, was really worth it. For the record, he says [[spoiler:yes. Though by the time of ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', his answer has changed to an emphatic no.]]
** Shepard also gets confronted by a human reporter with a distinctly anti-alien bias, who demands to know if [[spoiler:spending human lives to save the Council in the previous game was worth it]]. Shepard's responses consist of either completely flooring the reporter [[TheDeadHaveNames by telling her she's disrespecting the dead and their sacrifice]], [[TalkToTheFist or flooring her with a fist to the face]].
* At the end of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', if you side with the Templars, [[spoiler:and your sister Bethany is in the Circle, you have the option to stand up for her alone after killing her teacher and most of her friends. If you defer to Meredith, her last words are "I hope this was all worth it, sister/brother." Then Meredith runs her through.]]
* At the end of ''VideoGame/MakaiKingdom'', [[spoiler:Seedle]] sarcastically asks Zetta if becoming the strongest Overlord was worth [[spoiler:his former pupil and lover Salome slowly and willingly killing herself by feeding him all of her {{Mana}} energy]].
* All but spelled out by ''VideoGame/NieR'''s [[MultipleEndings endings A and C]], as [[spoiler:Nier tries to enjoy his life with Yonah, having sacrificed so much for her]] in the former, and mourns [[spoiler:Kainé's death]] in the latter. ''Heavily'' implied [[PlayingThePlayer to the player]] in Ending D.
* At the end of ''VideoGame/GodOfWarIII'', Kratos finally gets his revenge having killed everyone who ever wronged him...but by that point he realizes just how much of his misery was his own fault. He also finally notices the devastation he wrought upon the world during his campaign for vengeance and he's been changed enough to actually give a damn about it.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Soul Nomad|AndTheWorldEaters}}'', we have the [[DarkerAndEdgier Demon Path]] ending where [[spoiler:[[CanonName Revya]] [[SuicidalCosmicTemperTantrum destroys the world]]. After the deed is done, you get one last line to read: ''It doesn't matter. It was fun''.]]
* In ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'' the player is given two options at the end: [[spoiler:go after Killbane]] or [[spoiler:rescue Shaundi, who is about to be killed in a terrorist attack STAG had set up to blame the Saints on]]. Choose the former and you get the bad (good?) ending, where [[spoiler:Shaundi dies, the Saints are blamed as terrorists, the Boss is asked if it was worth it (s/he can't answer) and STAG attempts to destroy Steelport during her funeral, then the Saints basically go terrorist when they fight the army off.]]
* In ''VideoGame/ArcTheLad 2'''s ending, [[spoiler:Arc and Kukuru are dead, along with much of humanity. Elc is left to question why the hell he even bothered.]]
--> '''Elc:''' [[spoiler:"It makes me wonder what we were fighting for. Arc died, and for what? So we could inherit this desolate and hopeless future? We didn't stop the world from ending, we survived it. And now we are left with nothing.]]

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'': Corsac and Fennec Albain [[spoiler:pulled the strings to have [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Adam]] take over the White Fang and kill Sienna Khan to advance their own goals, and carried out his orders to assassinate Blake's parents. In the end, all they manage to achieve is getting Fennec killed, getting Corsac arrested, and turning all of Menagerie against the White Fang. When Saber Rodentia - Ghira's bodyguard - asks Corsac this very question as he's being taken away, Corsac just hangs his head, indicating that no, it wasn't worth it.]]

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/PennyAndAggie'', the ambitious, slick, social-climbing Stan wins the election for class president (important to him for his college applications), but at the cost of the only serious relationship he'd ever had. When Aggie tells him he'd better be ready to face the consquences of choosing "power over love and friendship," he responds sadly, "I kinda have to be...don't I?"
* In ''Webcomic/AMiracleOfScience'', {{Mad Scientist}}s are seemingly asked this a lot. In a [[EvilGloating less-than-coherent explanation to his girlfriend]], Dr. Haas quotes from the Bible passage above: "What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Well, he [[ComicallyMissingthePoint profits by]] [[WorthIt the entire world]], [[SanitySlippage for starters]]." But despite all that, it's interesting to note that Dr. Haas [[WouldNotShootACivilian never harms or deliberately endangers a civilian]], even when this costs him a great opportunity to take out the protagonists. Apparently some things are ''not'' WorthIt to him.
* In ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'', Klaus's [[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20071203 attitude]] to the pain he suffered getting to the window, and the real risk that doing so paralysed him for ''life'', it would still be worth it after seeing his son pull off that CrowningMomentOfAwesome.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog'' ends this way for [[spoiler: Billy/Doctor Horrible]].
* In one ''[[Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse Global Guardians]]'' story, the local team of heroes manage to divert a nuclear missile that would have incinerated Vancouver into exploding far out over the Pacific Ocean... where the EMP from the detonation knocks four commercial airliners out of the air to crash into the sea with no survivors. Afterward, a reporter asks the team how they can live with themselves after effectively murdering nearly 1200 innocent people. They never do answer the question.
* ''Literature/{{Worm}}''
** [[spoiler:Taylor]] becomes TheUnfettered in pursuing the defeat of [[SerialKiller Jack Slash]] and his Slaughterhouse Nine in order to prevent the prophecized end of the world, going so far as to [[spoiler: shoot a child held by Jack that could have caused the end.]] In the end, though, after [[spoiler:she ultimately fails]], she questions whether it was worth it and decides that it wasn't.
** At the end of the story, [[spoiler:Contessa]] asks Taylor if she feels that the actions she resorted to [[spoiler:to stop Scion]] were worth it. Even though [[spoiler:she was successful this time, Taylor feels it wasn't worth it.]] She doesn't regret [[spoiler:saving the world]], but she wishes she could have found another way to do it.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In the Robin vs. Speedy fight during the ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' episode "Winner Take All", Robin wins, but snaps Speedy's bow while doing so, in what had been a friendly match. After Robin celebrates his victory, Speedy asks this before being teleported away. An odd example, as both Robin and Speedy had both explicitly expressed that they'd do anything to win, and Speedy's bow didn't seem particularly irreplaceable (in fact, it inexplicably is repaired by the end of the episode).
* Macbeth in ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}''
** He uses Revenge as the 'it': "Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. And I have waited nine hundred years for this meal." However, Goliath points out to him and his nemesis Demona that every time either of them has attempted to get revenge, it only made their lives worse. "What profit vengeance?" [[WordOfGod has been described by producer]] Creator/GregWeisman as one of his favorite themes.
** Subverted when it's revealed in "City of Stone" that his true goal isn't really revenge. He knows his life is a wreck because of his pursuit of revenge, [[DeathSeeker and he just wants to end it]]. It's just a bonus that he can only die if he and Demona kill each other.
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated''
** In an episode, an upgraded Prowl beats (clone) Starscream. Unfortunately there's a lot of collateral damage - including a torn down tree and broken bird eggs, earlier that day he made it a point to protect a similar nest on Dinobot Island. Seeing these, Prowl realizes what a total asshole he's being.
** A similar theme was used in [[WesternAnimation/TheTransformers the G1 cartoon]], when a beautiful woodland glen was wrecked when Autobots and Decepticons fought over possession of the pool of Blaster-reflecting electrum at its center. The final scene has the Autobot Beachcomber glumly viewing the devastation and saying "We won", in tones that embody this trope.
* Parody/subversion in the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Casa Bonita", where Cartman effectively holds Butters hostage for over a week in order to take his place at Kyle's birthday celebration, which is being held at the eponymous establishment. In the final scene, a cop asks Cartman if it was worth making the town panic, alienating his friends, and going to juvenile hall. Cartman dreamily responds [[WorthIt "Totally." ]]
** In the season 12 episode, "Canada on Strike", the entire population of Canada goes on strike after being disrespected too many times by the Americans. Their reward for their strike was $3,008 in Bennigan's coupons and gumballs, according to Terrance and Philip, while also noting that Canada lost $10.4 million. As a result, the Canadians banished World Canadian Bureau President Stephen Abootman, who started the strike, from Canada.
* A Subversion in ''WesternAnimation/HotWheelsBattleForce5'' during the second season finale "Unite And Strike!" [[BigBad Krytus]] asks [[BigGood Sage]] if it was worth freezing the entire Red Sentient civilization just to stop his multiversal conquest. Sage's response is that Krytus was such a threat to not only the Blue Sentients but the entire multiverse that [[GodzillaThreshold she had no choice]] but to resort to her NuclearOption. Krytus responds that she was absolutely right, not that he cares.
* In the end of Season 2 of ''WesternAnimation/{{Wakfu}}'', [[spoiler: [[BigBad Qilby]]]] is asked whether his crimes, primarily causing the near-total genocide of the Eliatropes, were worth it (by the only being that still remained somewhat sympathetic to him, no less). His answer? "[[ItsAllAboutMe Yes, yes, for me it was.]]"
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''
** The villain Discord does this to ''[[spoiler: himself]]'' in the episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On". [[spoiler: As he taunts Fluttershy for believing in him, he asks if she really thought he'd give up his WorldOfChaos for her friendship. As soon as he says it, he realizes the answer is: yes, he is willing to give it up for her.]]
** ''The Cutie Remark Part 2'' has [[spoiler:Twilight]] perform a nonverbal version of this to [[spoiler:Starlight Glimmer to stop her MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight revenge plan: she grabs onto her after the latest change Starlight made and drags her back to the BadFuture the change created (which was the ''worst'' one seen so far) in hopes showing her the consequences of her revenge would convince her to stop. While it takes time to sink in fully, [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone Starlight's expression then and her demeanor]] after her HeelFaceTurn makes it clear that no, it wasn't worth it at all.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** [[BiggerBad Firelord Sozin]] asks himself at the end of his life if [[spoiler: making the world [[WellIntentionedExtremist a better place]] by [[WhiteMansBurden spreading Fire Nation culture]]]] was really worth the [[KillEmAll genocide]] [[PerfectPacifistPeople of the Air Nomads]], [[WhatASenselessWasteOfHumanLife the deaths of thousands of both his people and those of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes in the war,]] [[spoiler: and betraying Avatar Roku, his best friend as he was growing up, leaving him to die when he could have saved him. He somberly concludes that it was not.]]
** Sozin's great-grandson, Zuko, spends the entire first half of Season 3 asking himself this question. After three long years, he's finally welcomed back to the Fire Nation, has his [[AbusiveParents father's]] approval, and pretty much everything he wanted all along. The only thing he had to do was betray his uncle who had given everything for him. After much soul-searching, [[spoiler:he comes to the same conclusion Sozin did. The big difference is Zuko has the opportunity to make things right and [[HeelFaceTurn he takes it]]]].
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': In the episode "Wasted Talent," Lois, desperate to beat her snobby rival Alexis Radcliffe in a piano competition, discovers that Peter is a piano virtuoso when drunk and thus enters him in the competition, keeping him constantly wasted in the process. Lois does indeed win first place, but finds it a hollow victory, openly acknowledging that she put Peter's health in jeopardy for her own selfish need to win.