Walter Huston (1884-1950) was a respected character actor who played mostly hard-working middle-class types such as Sam Dodsworth in ''Film/{{Dodsworth}}''. However, he was much more versatile than this suggests; to whit, his single most famous performance was his Oscar-winning turn in ''Film/TheTreasureOfTheSierraMadre'', in which he seemed to channel WalterBrennan and defined the "grizzled old prospector" stereotype for generations to come. On stage, he starred in the original production of ''Theatre/KnickerbockerHoliday'' as Stuyvesant.

Huston is probably better-known these days as the patriarch of ''the'' Hustons, including his son [[Creator/JohnHuston John]], and his grandchildren [[Creator/AnjelicaHuston Anjelica]], [[TonyHuston Tony]] and [[DannyHuston Danny]].