Whereas some video games give you a WalletOfHolding in which you can eventually stash more money than you ever could use, other games aren't so generous about letting you have the money you need to buy that really useful item, no matter how good you are at beating the coins out of {{Money Spider}}s. When there are useful items on sale for more than your standard wallet can hold, you need a Wallet Upgrade, which can be any sort of item (which you may have to buy at no small cost) or even an in-game event that raises the amount of money you can carry on yourself.

Related to {{Cap}}, which usually describes a hard limit.
* Most later games in ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' series have wallet upgrades that let Link carry more rupees.
* In ''Golvellius'', Bibles increase the maximum amount of gold Kelesis can carry.
* ''VideoGame/TheGuardianLegend'' has Red Landers.
* In ''VideoGame/BioShock2'', researching thuggish splicers can increase your wallet cap from $600 to $800.