{{Visual Novel}}s are a relatively new medium. They are sometimes categorized as a genre of VideoGames, as they are software-based, but given that the relationship ends here, they could also be considered another, independent medium of interactive fiction.

Some of their tropes are shared with Anime, mostly because {{Visual Novel}}s are one of the three main adaptation sources for them, next to {{Manga}} and LightNovels. See also InteractiveStorytellingTropes.

!Plot Tropes:
These are the unique cornerstones of VisualNovel storytelling that could theoretically happen in any medium, but for certain reasons, this format especially encourages them:

* {{Doorstopper}} \\
It is common for these games to be very long and complex. Normal time for these games are around a full day or two, but several games can go upwards of ''three days'' of straight playing.
* {{Eroge}} \\
The genre of {{Visual Novel}}s that have graphic sex scenes (regardless of their amount or significance in the work.)
* EarnYourHappyEnding \\
The more grimdark some {{Bad End}}s can be, the more {{WAFF}} you can expect from the ''True End''.
* FeaturelessProtagonist \\
Not showing the protagonist's face is an old tradition in the medium, even in cases, where, unlike the rest of the trope's examples, he does have a personality.
* ForWantOfANail \\
Usually, totally different routes can be started by picking up a slightly different choice in the same decision.
* GoldenEnding \\
From the MultipleEndings tradition. Usually known as 'Good End' or 'True End'. Many times it can only be achieved after [[EarnYourHappyEnding going through many Bad Ends.]]
* HaremGenre \\
This setup commonly happens, but it's less prominent than in HaremAnime, because you can focus on one girl early on.
* HowWeGotHere \\
An extremely common way of starting the story, a few days into the future.
* JigsawPuzzlePlot \\
Known in the fandom as MultipleRouteMystery
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent \\
The most common protagonist type.
* PornWithoutPlot \\
This subgenre of trashy, plotless eroge exists, but they are less likely to get English fan translations.
* PornWithPlot \\
These sort of eroge are more likely to get an English translation and get known outside Japan.
* RenaiGame \\
Romantic stories, one of the main genres.
* {{Utsuge}} \\
A genre name, meaning "Depressing game", usually based on romantic plots.

!Interactivity Tropes:
These are the tropes that the medium shares with video games, originating from the choices that the player can make during the story:

* ButThouMust \\
Things that look like choices but actually enforce a certain direction.
* CrueltyIsTheOnlyOption \\
A side effect of the {{Utsuge}} [[HaremGenre Harem]] genre, where you must ignore the tragedies of every other heroine to solve the chosen route.
* CuttingOffTheBranches \\
Usually sequels follow the ''True End'' of the original story (see below).
* DialogueTree \\
It's practically a staple, except for minor subversions and aversions.
* EarnYourBadEnding \\
The BadEnd requires a surprising amount of extra effort to reach.
* EventFlag \\
Without this, the game would be a KineticNovel. Many decisions are supposed to affect the outcome, but it is so infamous in the games that it is a MemeticMutation ("Whoops, he made the wrong choice! He set off a Death Flag!)
* MultipleEndings \\
''BadEnd'', ''Good End'', ''True End'', and ''Normal End'' are most commonly used names for them.
* OptionalSexualEncounter \\
The entire point of {{Eroge}} routes
* StoryBranching \\
The story changes depending on the player's choices in an given playthrough.
** StoryBranchFavoritism \\
There are multiple story branches but one is better developed by the creator than others.

!Adaptation Tropes:
Due to their unique narrative structure, plot, and interactive nature, the adaptions of {{Visual Novel}}s also have their recognizable quirks:

* AnimeOfTheGame \\
Usually adaptions are focusing on one route, and importing minor parts of other routes into it.
* BleachedUnderpants \\
Many anime adaptions can cut out not just the graphical sex scenes, but even the implication of sex, without heavily changing the plot.
* VisualNovelShot \\
A visual clue about the nature of the original source, in an anime adaption.