[[quoteright:350:[[ComicBook/{{Carnage}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/carnbsod_8365.jpg]]]]

->''"Seeing clearer what I've done \\
I'd refuse to let things go \\
I could never once admit I'm wrong \\
And what do I have to show? \\
Seeing clearer what's at stake \\
And the things I have to change \\
I just hope I can, it's not too late \\
To get a chance to end this pain."''
-->-- '''HammerFall''', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mj6GRrYmgI "Last Man Standing"]]

Only a scant few villains work under a conventional moral framework with [[EvenEvilHasStandards standards]], fewer acknowledge the [[ItsAllAboutMe egocentricity]] implicit in the wrong they do, a distressing number are [[ShutUpKirk beyond all attempts at being reasoned with]]. And to make things worse, these also tend to be too powerful [[SortingAlgorithmOfEvil to beat]].

In these cases, the only solution is for the heroes to actively CareBearStare him into growing a conscience to make him voluntarily stop his rampage... because the accumulated [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone shame]], [[HeelRealization guilt]], and [[OutDamnedSpot mental instability]] over his misdeeds will be too much for him to bear. The heroes may not have used MindRape on him but they might as well have, because now that he has the heart and conscience of a hero he can't help but suffer a HeroicBSOD. He'll [[TearsOfRemorse weep openly]], [[DrivenToSuicide become suicidal]], and may either [[PuffOfLogic will himself into non existence]] or [[MercyKill beg to be killed.]] The heroes have basically [[TalkingTheMonsterToDeath Talked The Monster To Death]] by helping him grow a conscience.

The exact reaction depends on the villain and the weight of his sins. One that hadn't yet gotten to do much more than PokeThePoodle or KickTheDog once may survive with emotional counseling. If he [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope slipped further]]? The black hole he's become will finally crush him. Things can get really interesting if the character, through his own fault, invited in MindControl, DemonicPossession, or TheVirus, and entirely remembers all the evil things he did under its control -- that wouldn't have happened if he'd fought it off, but which he had no control over.

One unlikely, but possible, outcome is that he reacts not with unbearable sadness but ''overwhelming anger'' at the heroes for daring to make him ''"feel like this!"'' This tends to [[TurnsRed make him]] ''[[TurnsRed even more]]'' [[TurnsRed dangerous]]. NiceJobBreakingItHero.

A common subversion has the villain turn out to be so evil that when they are forced to realise all the pain they've caused they either [[ItsAllAboutMe don't care]] or [[ForTheEvulz are downright happy about it]].

Despite the intense emotional anguish this causes, Heroes can pull this with impunity since it's not killing anyone (directly, anyway), saves lives, and in the long run is a fairly elegant form of justice that may even bring about a HeelFaceTurn. Then again, they may do this knowing the effects are temporary and only do it to weaken the villain psychologically long enough to kill him. Even normal, moral people can turn evil, and they may [[IDidWhatIHadToDo reason they don't want to give him a second chance]].

Subtrope of VillainousBreakdown. See also BrainwashingForTheGreaterGood and AlasPoorVillain



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* It's impossible to tell how many of these Akito from ''FruitsBasket'' has. When [[spoiler:Hatsuharu almost beats her up for imprisoning Rin, during conversations about Shigure and Ren's relationship, when she stabs Kureno, and when Tohru falls from a cliff in front of her. She consequently goes through a very angsty, somewhat suicidal, phase. She ends up being saved from herself by Tohru's friendship and Momiji's statement that Akito should treasure the ones she cares for]].
* In ''Anime/AngelBeats'', Otonashi defeats Naoi by forcing him to face that in the end he was ultimately responsible for his own misery; Naoi's motivation stemmed partly from his belief that his life had been empty, and Otonashi forced him to realize that Naoi could only blame himself for that.
* ''Anime/MagicalProjectS'': Pixy Misa, the evil magical girl, was overpowering and about to kill the heroine but entered a BSOD when she realised she was about to hurt her loved ones too and reverted to her powerless alter ego.
* [[ArtifactOfDoom Banestone/Sesshouseki]] possessors in ''Anime/GaReiZero'' are prone to this, [[spoiler:Mei]]'s powers fail occasionally, while [[spoiler:Yomi reverts to her non-evil side long enough to realize what she's doing.]] Both have MyGodWhatHaveIDone moments during their [=BSODs=] ([[spoiler:Yomi tries to take responsibility and attempt suicide, while Mei just panics]]) until their Sesshouseki kick in again.
* ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'''s Digimon Emperor/Kaiser when he realizes that Digimon are real, and Wormmon has just made a HeroicSacrifice to stop him, the boy freaks out, throwing away his costume, crying, and screaming that he's sorry before wandering alone into the desert.
** In ''Anime/DigimonTamers'', this happens to Beelzemon, the Mega form of the human-hating Digimon, Impmon. After being granted the power to digivolve like he always wanted, Beelzemon attacked the children and destroyed one of their partners (who unfortunately, don't have the pleasure of being reborn as digi-eggs as it was in the previous series). After being defeated in battle and spared, he begins to come to realize the atrocities he had committed and wanders around, guilt-ridden, depressed and haunted by memories of what he did. After surviving what was essentially a suicide attempt (not fighting back when he's attacked by a swarm of digimon which quickly render him powerless), he eventually sets off to make things right, by first making amends with the humans he had abandoned and then by helping the others in the battle against the D-Reaper, and saving the girl who's partner he killed.
* Self-inflicted (of sorts) example with Greed in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''. [[spoiler:The second version of him, while having mostly the same personality, is at first much more malicious in keeping with the behavior of the other homunculi who are TheHeartless. After Greed kills Bido, who was the only surviving member of his former TrueCompanions after the rest were slaughtered by Bradley, Greed's memories return and Ling starts mocking Greed in his head while he's tormented by the memory of his comrade's screaming voices.]] While this also counts for AmnesiacDissonance, it fits this too, because the PowerOfFriendship is used as a weapon against him.
** [[spoiler:Envy]] experiences this when Ed points out the entire reason he was so vicious and hateful of humanity was his jealousy of their ability to rely upon one another, while [[spoiler:Envy]] was all alone. He begins weeping in frustration at having a ''human'', and the one he despised most of all at that, understand him so deeply and [[spoiler:commits suicide rather than deal with the humiliation]].
** Lust from [[Anime/FullmetalAlchemist the 2003 anime]] has a subtle but noticeable one; after [[KickTheMoralityPet killing an alchemist that reminded her of a past lover]], she loses all enthusiasm for her work. [[spoiler: When Scar dies and she realizes her boss doesn't care about [[PinocchioSyndrome giving her what she wants]], she [[HeelFaceTurn quits altogether.]]]]
* One contractor from ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'' has a renumeration of temporarily regaining her conscience and humanity every time that she uses her powers. The power in question is [[BadPowersBadPeople the ability to destroy other people's internal organs in a manner akin to Ebola]], so the regular Villainous BSOD is unavoidable.
** Havoc got a more permanent one -- after losing her powers when Heaven's Gate collapsed, she got all her emotions back. Which is a bit of a problem when your power is to create wide-scale ExplosiveDecompression, and your renumeration is to ''drink the blood of children''. The only way she got anywhere near Hell's Gate was after making Hei promise to kill her should her powers -- and her old mindset -- return.
* Cyrus in ''PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure'' has a BSOD for most of a chapter when he realizes that his grand plan to fix the world (by [[InTheirOwnImage destroying and rebuilding it]], natch) only managed to summon a pair of very angry gods whose fight will destroy everything ''without'' any hope of revival. Even near the end when he manages to get his act together, the impact of all this leaves him drained to the point where one of his officers has to help him stand.
** Colress gets one in the anime after his mind control machine breaks. He gets better.
* Tsubame Otorii of ''Anime/CyberTeamInAkihabara''. Since her introduction, she acts as the Dragon to the BigBad, easily defeating the Cyber Team girls in every encounter. [[spoiler: In episode 20, Tsubame is dragged home by Hibari. She spends the entire episode slowly breaking down while watching how Hibari's family interacts with one another, eventually suffering a Villainous BSOD and freakout by the credits, followed by a HeelFaceTurn in the next episode.]] The episode is also one long TearJerker, as we see how horrible a childhood Tsubame actually has had up to this point.
* In ''Manga/TokyoTribe 2'', Buppa has one of these in episode 10 when [[spoiler: Mera stabs him in the face.]] He stays in that state for nearly an episode before seeing Sunmi snaps him out of his BSOD. When someone points this out, he simply denies that the BSOD even happened.
* Anemone of ''Anime/EurekaSeven'' begins this after her [[spoiler: second failure against the Nirvash, due to her fear that Dewey will kill her for [[YouHaveFailedMe failing]]. This causes her to do nothing but lie down in her bed when she isn't fighting, and she gets worse after finding out Dominic went AWOL.]]
* In the 11th LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya novel, [[spoiler: Kyouko Tachibana has one when she realizes how bad the goal she's been working toward really is, and when her two teammates decide that they want to KILL Haruhi to accomplish it. This naturally leads to her HeelFaceTurn.]]
* Agahnim the wizard has one of these, in [[Manga/TheLegendOfZelda the Akira Himekawa manga]] of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast''.
* In ''Anime/{{Gankutsuou}}'', Fernand Morcef's response to losing virtually everything he has worked and sacrificed for [[spoiler:including and especially his conscience and morality]] due to Edmond Dante's successful revenge is taking down his planet with him as he crashes and burns. [[spoiler:Even if it means rejecting a LastSecondChance offered by his wife, despite the fact that it was his LoveMakesYouEvil for her which ultimately caused his StartOfDarkness]].
* AntiVillain Coyote Stark from ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' has two of these. A powerful but lonely arrancar who considered the other Espada his TrueCompanions, Stark can't bring himself to try in his fights after his immediate peer [[NumberTwo Barragan]] is killed, but his companion (and other half) Lilynette snaps him out of it, convincing him to avenge Barragan instead. [[spoiler:In the anime, however, Lilynette's consciousness is destroyed by TakingTheBullet for Stark, which clearly destroys his will to fight, and to live; moments later, Stark's opponent and GoodCounterpart Kyoraku cuts him down as well.]]
* ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'': T-the sky! It's falling! [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!]]
* ''Anime/TheBigO''. After receiving a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech and as he is being assimilated by his [[GiantRobot Megadeus]], Alan Gabriel's mech ''Big Duo'' scrolls on its main screen, "CAST IN THE NAME OF GOD [[spoiler:[[BaitAndSwitch YE GUILTY]]]]".
* In ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'', Degwin Zabi suffers this after [[spoiler:his youngest son, Garma, is killed.]] By the end, he's had enough of the war and wants it to end. In the anime, he attempts to broker peace [[spoiler:only for Ghiren to blast him and General Revil with the Solar Ray]]. The novel of the series, however, doesn't give him that chance - he can only watch as the rest of his children get plucked off before [[spoiler:Char takes over.]]
* In ''Anime/SpaceBattleshipYamato'', Comet Empire series, in one of the episodes close to the end. Leader Desslock had earlier accepted a commission from Prince Zordar to defeat the Star Force, so he pins the Yamato by teleporting mines over to surround it. To escape, the Yamato executes a small warp and rams Desslock's ship. Deputy Captain Derek Wildstar boards the Leader's ship. The two of them face off on the bridge. Desslock slowly levels his pistol at Wildstar, while goading Wildstar to shoot him. But Wildstar, already injured earlier, falls to the deck while drawing his. His love interest, Nova, dashes out of hiding, grabs the pistol, blocks Desslock's aim, then aims Derek's pistol at Desslock. Moments later, she drops the pistol, places Derek's head in her lap, and comforts him while he remains semiconscious. Desslock gets his Villainous BSOD as he witnesses Nova's simultaneous display of extreme bravery and extreme devotion. It makes him change his mind about pursuing the Star Force, he declares to Nova that the war between Gamillon and Earth is over, and he offers her advice on the Comet Empire's one weak point in its mobile fortress. Doubles as a ''CrowningMomentOfAwesome'' AND a ''CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming''!
* Seto Kaiba of ''Anime/YuGiOh'' had one of these as well, over the course of the first half of the second series' first season. Back then, prior to the end of the first episode, Kaiba didn't take dueling seriously at all and believed that power was the only way to win a game. Then he received a big shock when Yami summoned Exodia the Forbidden One and obliterated all three of his Blue-Eyes White Dragons (which at the same time led to Mokuba using a "ThisCannotBe" line) and afterwards used Mind Crush on him. Ever since then, Kaiba came to realization that he didn't know who he himself was anymore, and began to seek redemption. He eventually learned that Mokuba was taken prisoner by [[AffablyEvil Pegasus]] and went to rescue him only for both's souls to be captured by Pegasus later... until Yami finally won his duel with him with [[ThePowerOfFriendship the help of his friends]].
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' loves this trope, with several villains having emotional breakdowns upon being forced to confront and admit to [[MoralEventHorizon the]] [[AMillionIsAStatistic things]] [[TheMole they've done]]. Further complicating things, the series is fond of [[TragicVillain Tragic]] [[AntiVillain Anti-Villains]] with unknown motivations or goals, who are just as desperate and [[BecomingTheMask emotionally conflicted]] as the heroes.
** [[spoiler: Annie Leonhart]] breaks down more than once, when forced to confront the innocent lives lost due to their actions. [[spoiler: The first time, at Trost, she begins apologizing with a vacant expression to the body of her friend, Mina. The second time, she is horrified when she sees her fight with Eren has crushed civilians]].
** Overcome with stress, [[spoiler: Reiner Braun]] breaks down and confesses to their crimes. Breaking down in tears, they claim to have just been [[TykeBomb stupid kids]] that didn't understand anything and worries their friends have made them weak. But even though their moral compass has been lost, they conclude they've [[IHaveComeTooFar come too far]] and have no choice but to see things through. [[spoiler: He's later revealed to have experienced such guilt over his actions that he suffers from episodes of TraumaInducedAmnesia]].
** [[spoiler: Bertolt Hoover]] finally breaks down when confronted by the others, who invoke ThePowerOfFriendship in an effort to defuse the situation. [[spoiler: He begins to cry TearsOfRemorse and admits to having been happy during his time with them, but knows his actions cannot be forgiven. Still, he refuses their LastSecondChance and tells them he doesn't have a choice]].
* During his climatic fight with Joseph, [[Manga/JojosBizarreAdventure Wamuu]] is tricked into a set-up that shreds his arms to the point they're only attached by a couple of sinews. He nearly goes catatonic for a while as he realizes just how badly he was OutGambitted, only snapping out of it by putting out his own eyes (forcing him to rely on other senses that can't be tricked as easily).

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* One arc of ''ComicBook/TheAuthority'' has the heroes forced to give the previous The Doctor (a mass murderer) his powers back for an hour, during which he one handedly thrashes the team. The current Doctor is berated because the old Doctor can alter time to make his one hour infinite, but as it turns out each Doctor is the sum of all previous ones, and that made the old one gain the new one's conscience. He realizes the horror he's done, begs for {{forgiveness}}, and is then killed point blank (The Authority are like that).
* In the comics, Comicbook/DoctorStrange reawakened ComicBook/{{Galactus}}' conscience, invoking this trope.
* In Devil's Due's ''GIJoe vs. the {{Transformers}}'', Serpent O.R. captures Optimus Prime to gain access to the Matrix of Leadership. When he achieves this, he becomes enlightened to just how horrible the things he's doing are, and tries to have himself destroyed. Then Cobra Commander hijacks his body from Earth, and to stop him, Hawk has to expose both himself and the Commander to the Matrix. The revelation breaks Cobra Commander's mind.
* There was one DCU story where all the people on earth were {{depower}}ed. SelfDemonstrating/TheJoker became sane as a result, and committed suicide over the guilt of everything he'd done.
* Joker also gets one towards the end of ''ComicBook/TheKillingJoke''. He genuinely doesn't understand why he couldn't break Gordon or why Batman is still coming at him. He stops smiling and pitifully asks "Why aren't you laughing?" right before Bruce smashes through a wall and brings him back to the here and now.
** He gets another one when Batman offers to try to help him recover. Joker seemingly regains his sanity just long enough to realize there's no hope left for either of them.
* The ''Creator/DCComics'' ComicBook/{{Elseworld}}s story ''ComicBook/SupermanRedSon'' ends with Superman and Brainiac leading a Soviet invasion of Washington DC. President ComicBook/LexLuthor stops Superman by [[spoiler:sending him a written message: "Why don't you just put the whole WORLD in a BOTTLE, Superman?", a not-so-subtle reference to the city of [[strike:Kandor]] Stalingrad.]] Superman immediately breaks down.
** Lex himself gets one near the climax of ''Comicbook/AllStarSuperman''. [[spoiler: After a day of having Superman's powers, and knowing they're already fading, it finally sinks in to Lex that all he's done with them is blow stuff up.]]
** Lex gets one earlier in the mainstream storyline ''The Fall of Metropolis''. With his finger on a button ready to launch missiles to destroy Metropolis in a TakingYouWithMe moment, Superman appeals to Luthor's vanity, asking if he really wants to be remembered as that kind of monster. Luthor, dying from a clone-related malady, tearfully replies "No."... Which sends his assistant, Sydney Happersen, into a VillainousBreakdown and launch the missiles himself.
* In ''ComicBook/ElfQuest'', this is [[BigBad Winnowill's]] reaction when Leetah tries to heal her, forcing her to relive her memories of how and why she turned to evil, and of everything she's done since. Too proud to spend the rest of eternity angsting and atoning for it all, Winnowill tries to kill herself.
* The Comicbook/GhostRider's Penance Stare makes a person feel all the suffering that they had inflicted upon innocents. This oftentimes leaves them catatonic.
** And he once even got to use it on Galactus.
* {{Magneto}} had a well-done example of one mixed with a WhatHaveIDone moment when he believed that he had accidentally killed Kitty Pryde (Kitty actually had just been knocked unconscious due to massive feedback between her phasing and Magneto's powers). It could well mark the beginning of a HeelFaceTurn that culminated with him some 50 issues later taking over the X-Men from Professor X.
* In ''Franchise/{{Star Wars|ExpandedUniverse}}: ComicBook/TalesOfTheJedi'', Ulic Qel Droma suffers a rather massive one when he murders his own brother in a fit of rage. Before he had only been redeemed by the delusion that he was doing the right thing. After killing Cay, Ulic finally faces what he's become and simply breaks down sobbing while cradling his brother's corpse. Ironically, crossing the MoralEventHorizon finally forced him to change for the better. Raana Tey also undergoes this. After suffering an increasing breakdown over 12 issues, committing a multitude of atrocities against the protagonist, her plans go to hell, and when she's trapped Zayne tries to save her despite all the things she's done. This causes Raana to realize that she's the villain and not Zayne, and that he is in fact not the monster she think's he is. She dies less then a minute later, and her last words are essentially a plea for forgiveness from her mistress and from Zayne.
* The conclusion of [[ComicBook/{{Knightfall}} KnightsEnd]] has Franchise/{{Batman}} force [[ComicBook/{{Azrael}} Jean-Paul Valley]] to dump his armored Batsuit to confront him then blind him with Night Vision-enhanced sunlight, forcing Jean-Paul to finally remove the mask. Weary and defeated, Jean-Paul can only say one thing:
-->'''Jean-Paul:''' "You're Batman. You've always been Batman. And I am nothing."
* In the Iron Man arc ''The Secret Origin of Tony Stark'', the rogue Rigellian Recorder robot (try saying that five times fast) designated 451 reveals he has been laboring for 500 years to place humanity - Earthlings - in a position where they can create a galaxy- or even universe-wide empire of harmony and peace. To this end he wishes them to give the ultimate deterrent to keep everyone who would destroy them at bay - Godkiller, arguably the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. The final piece was a pilot - to which end he had genetically engineered one human to be such. When Tony Stark - of course - is forced to interface with Godkiller, he and 451 discover that the system does not recognize him [[spoiler:because he's adopted]]. The interface does not work. When 451 realizes he has worked for five centuries and has directly or indirectly killed ''over 450,000,000 people'' for ''nothing'' he slumps down and stammers "One should not have acted".
* In ''ComicBook/{{Flashpoint}}'', the Joker [[spoiler:aka Martha Wayne]] is so horrified when [[spoiler:she finds out that spoiler:in the timeline where Bruce survived instead of her and Thomas, he becomes Batman (with all the misery that entails) that she loses any remaining sanity and is DrivenToSuicide.]]
* In ''Comicbook/TrinityWar'', VandalSavage tries to open PandorasBox, a box that can only be opened by someone who is either [[IncorruptiblePurePureness purely good]] or [[PureIsNotGood purely evil]]. It turns out that even Vandal, who practically invented evil as a human concept, isn't evil enough to open the box. Instead, the box's power unleashes all of Vandal's deeply repressed guilt over his sins and leaves him a weeping broken man.
* In ''ComicBook/{{AXIS}}'', ComicBook/{{Carnage}} has a conscience forced on him, and states that the agony of having killed so many innocents is almost too much for him to bear.
** Carnage gets one earlier when Deadpool convinces him that he's a ''comic book character'' with no control of his life.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the JackieChanAdventures fic ''Fanfic/QueenOfAllOni'', Jade has one after [[spoiler: Scruffy turns on her]].
* In the WesternAnimation/KimPossible fanfic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3867684/1/bSpirit_b_of_bSnow_b Spirit of Snow]]'', Monkey Fist goes through this in the present day scenes after his actions lead to [[spoiler: the "deaths" of his lover and unborn child,]] and Sensei helps him get through it. An interesting example in that he is in a BSOD from the very first chapter, and that the story is told through a series of flashbacks interwoven with the present day scenes to show [[HowWeGotHere how he got to this point.]]
* In the ''Manga/DeathNote'' fic ''FanFic/ShadowOfTheValley'' Light has one when he sees a grave robber defacing [[spoiler: L Lawliet]]'s grave.
* In the ''Manga/DeathNote'' fic ''FanFic/ACureForLove'' Light after he [[spoiler: loses L]] in both the deleted scenes and in the main story. It's the variation where "the villain becomes ''more dangerous''" as Light goes off the MoralityChain.
* In [[FanFic/EquestriaAHistoryRevealed Equestria: A History Revealed]], Luna suffers from a particularly bad one after her forces' defeat at the Battle of Canterlot, when she finally realizes the magnitude of what she had done in initiating the Equestrian Civil War. This inner conflict acts as the perfect catalyst [[spoiler: for the Nightmare forces to possess her and complete her transformation into Nightmare Moon.]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fic ''FanFic/MagicalPonyLyricalTwilight'', the Mane Six nail [[spoiler:Prescia Tessarossa]] with the Elements of Harmony. The next chapter, we find out that [[spoiler:she's locked up onboard the ''Asura'', healed mentally and physically, but broken down to the point where she begs Twilight to kill her.]]
* Another ''Friendship Is Magic'' example happens in ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/90557/why Why?]]'', which elaborates on Discord's one from canon and makes it an even bigger example; when Discord realized how much it hurt to almost lose a friend, he realized [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone what it must have felt like for the Mane Six]] when he broke their friendship apart.
* [[Manga/DeathNote Light]] has one in the [[BlackComedy darkly humorous]] CrossOver ''[[http://dn-kink2.livejournal.com/1491.html?thread=1178835#t1178835 Vigilante]]'' when he learns a shocking truth about Kira's latest victim:
-->'''Light:''' Ryuk, I killed .... Franchise/{{Batman}}.
* [[http://tavoriel.deviantart.com/art/Mr-Harrison-please-388577881 This]] FanArt of ''Film/StarTrekIntoDarkness''.
* In ''Fanfic/PonyPOVSeries'', this is often the reaction of [[SuperPoweredEvilSide a Nightmare]] being purified and returned to sanity.
** [[spoiler:[[TrueFinalBoss Nightmare Eclipse]]]] experiences this when [[spoiler:her parents, turned into plants by Discord but then supercharged by earlier events restrain her so the heroes can finish her off, just like Shady did to Discord in his first defeat and Fluttershy's spirit did to bring down [[OneWingedAngel Odyne!Fluttercruel]]. The realization that she truly is NotSoDifferent than her hated enemy Discord leaves her ''catatonic''.]]
*** [[spoiler:Her CoDragons experience this as well when it's revealed they survived Eclipse's defeat and were spiritually purified.]]
** [[spoiler:Queen Chrysalis]] gets hit ''hard'' with this when [[spoiler:her plan to [[AGodAmI become an Alicorn]] by being hit with the Elements of Harmony [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor succeeds, but completes her better than she expected]], giving [[TheSociopath her]] a ''heart''. This more or less drives her ''insane''.]]
* In ''WebAnimation/TurnaboutStorm'', Sonata ignores Trixie at first, and when she complains, says Trixie is nothing but a loser who pretends to be great to make herself feel better. Trixie spends almost a half-hour staring at the ground in shame after that, though she eventually pulls herself together.
* In one of the last chapters of ''Fanfic/TheVow'' (an AlternateUniverseFic about ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda2''), [[VillainProtagonist Lord Shen]] is shown to have been in a broken-hearted state for days after [[spoiler:sending away [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes his newlywed wife Lianne]] to [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy give her a chance to be happy]] rather than be chained to him on his dark path]]. He mostly broods in silence on his lost loved ones and [[WhatHaveIBecome the choices that have brought him to that point]]. Only the routine of preparing for his conquest of China keeps him moving at all, and when the time comes to set sail, he doesn't bother to gloat to the imprisoned Furious Five like he does in canon. The sudden attack by [[NinjaMaid Jade]] brings him out of this somewhat.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* The air conditioner in ''WesternAnimation/TheBraveLittleToaster'' delivers a HannibalLecture and when the other appliances tell him to ShutUpHannibal, has a breakdown and spontaneously combusts. Also, when he is repaired by his owner, he actually seems to feel a tinge of remorse.
* Gru, the [[AntiVillain Anti]]-VillainProtagonist of ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe'' goes into a deep depression after his [[TheDragon Dragon]] Dr. Nefario sends the girls he's adopted and just recently bonded with back to the orphanage so that he could focus on their plans to steal the moon.
* Scar in ''Disney/TheLionKing'' undergoes a very brief one when Simba returns, mistaking him for Mufasa (his tone implying guilt or at the very least fear):
-->'''Scar:''' Mufasa? No, you're dead...
* In ''[[WesternAnimation/TheLEGOMovie The LEGO Movie]]'', President/Lord Business undergoes one when [[spoiler: Emmet tells him that he ''is not'' the bad guy.]]
* In ''Disney/SongOfTheSouth'', Br'er Fox has one at the end of the "Tar Baby" sequence: a sickly look on his face after Br'er Rabbit tricked him and hopped off. Br'er Bear silently clubs the fox on the head, knocking him out, then walks off, leaving the fox lying there.
-->'''Uncle Remus:''' ''(narrating)'' So now it's Br'er Fox's turn to feel humble-come-tumble. But ol' Br'er Bear, he don't say nothin'. And Br'er Fox, he lay low. Mighty low.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The film adaptation of ''Film/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'' does have Voldemort briefly experiencing the trope whenever his horcruxes are being destroyed (in one instance, when he was bombarding Hogwart's barrier with spells, after firing a huge beam from his wand upon a horcrux being destroyed, he stares in shock, looks at his arm, and leaves without a word. Both the movie and the novel also imply that this is the reason why Harry and his friends were able to track down the remaining horcruxes.
* The ''Film/GhostRider'' movie fits this trope, since the BigBad was soulless (and thus immune to GR's Penance Stare) until the movie's climax.
-->'''Ghost Rider:''' A thousand souls to '''BURN!!!'''
* In ''Film/TheNeverendingStory II'', Bastian beats [[AnthropomorphicPersonification The Emptiness]] by wishing she had a heart. The result is that she is filled, and as she realizes what she's done/is doing, she weeps [[SwissArmyTears a single tear]] that [[PuffOfLogic undoes her]].
* The Operative from ''Film/{{Serenity}}'', when shown what the Alliance did at Miranda.
--> '''Mal:''' They take you down, I don't expect to grieve overmuch. Likely to kill you myself, I see you again.
--> '''The Operative:''' You won't. There is nothing left to see.
* ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'' (''specifically'' the film): [[spoiler:Ozymandias appears to be going through one of these the last time he's seen on camera. He lets Nite Owl beat him, without even the slightest move to fight back this time, and then wanders over to watch the others leave while staring into space, stoop-shouldered and weak-looking. It's a bit complicated, given that his mass murder actually saved the world from a greater threat, but unlike in the comic, he can't just calmly meditate on his utopia, and in the sped-up footage showing New York being rebuilt, it's possible to pick out Veidt Enterprises building equipment taking care of things.]]
* ''Film/SawIII'' was supposed to have this. Jigsaw was to awaken on his makeshift hospital bed, and realize to his horror that for all his life before the films, for all his warped intent to try to make people reflect on what they've done with their lives, all that anyone would remember him as is a monster and a killer. The thought, naturally, was to have occurred too late in the film for him to do anything to save the current protagonist, leaving the man weeping and too weak to move. WhatCouldHaveBeen, indeed? A slasher movie villain feeling remorse for his crimes could arguably have redeemed the series from shallow {{Gorn}}.
* ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'':
** Cutler Beckett suffers this in his final moments in ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanAtWorldsEnd'', when both the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman actually flank both sides of his ship: When he witnesses this, he couldn't even give the order to fire, as he was rendered virtually catatonic from witnessing it, and could only reply in a very soft but shocked tone "It's just... good business...", and [[StrollingThroughTheChaos walked, not ran, but walked]] as his crew abandoned ship and his ship was being destroyed, and couldn't even react when the flames from the ship exploding engulfed him.
*** This is despite the fact that his ship has more guns than the ''Pearl'' and the ''Dutchman'' put together. On the other hand, the ''Dutchman'' can't be sunk. And really, if a pair of ghost ships suddenly stopped fighting each other and decided to team up against ''you'', [[OhCrap soul-crushing fear]] is an understandable reaction.
** Davey Jones tried to avoid this by removing his heart.
** Barbossa's in the first movie is nicely understated. The apple may be a bit much, though.
** Blackbeard when Jack reveals that he gave the the chalice with the mermaid's tear to Angelica instead of him.
* In ''Film/SweeneyToddTheDemonBarberOfFleetStreet'', the eponymous VillainProtagonist have one during [[SanitySlippageSong "Epiphany"]]. He goes into a heartbreaking one after [[spoiler: he realizes that he killed his wife.]]
* Darth Vader in the ''Franchise/StarWars'' saga could be said to be in one for the entire Original Trilogy. The unenergetic, almost catatonic way he goes about his duties is quite a contrast to the fiery passion he had before [[DespairEventHorizon Padme's death.]] It takes seeing his son brutally tortured by the Emperor to finally snap him back to his senses.
* In ''Film/{{Skyfall}}'', Silva is at last about to fulfill his RoaringRampageOfRevenge, as he holds the mortally wounded M in his grasp and puts his gun to her face...before he starts crying and puts the gun in M's own hand, presses his temple against hers, then guides the gun to her other temple, and he begs her to kill them both with the same bullet.

* Caine from the ''Literature/{{Gone}}'' series, during the period between ''Gone'' and ''Hunger''.
* Galbatorix in the final novel of ''Literature/InheritanceCycle'' ...and how! Eragon channels his AppliedPhlebotinum to force Galby to understand the suffering his actions has caused - a whole century's worth of it. Galbatorix promptly turns himself into a literal nuclear bomb, complete with earth-shattering explosion and massive radiation fallout.
* MemorySorrowAndThorn [[spoiler: have the Storm King suffer this as the climax of the last book.]]
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'', it is mentioned that a Horcrux can be destroyed and a [[OurSoulsAreDifferent Soul]] made whole if its creator feels enough regret, which may be fatal to him. In a twist, it is done the old-fashioned way after all.
** On the other hand, in ''The Tales of Beedle the Bard'', one story ("The Warlock's Hairy Heart") does end this way. It has commentary from Albus Dumbledore explaining it.
* Subverted in the Literature/{{Discworld}} novel ''Discworld/WyrdSisters'': Granny Weatherwax attempts to defeat the Duchess by pulling down the mental dividers that keep her from thinking about the horrors she's committed -- and the Duchess recovers almost immediately, announcing that [[ForTheEvulz she's perfectly fine with who she is, enjoys her work, and would happily do it all again given the chance]]; in fact, the only regret she has is not having done even worse things.[[note]]Arguably she's not really an {{Expy}} of [[Theatre/{{Macbeth}} Lady Macbeth]]; rather, she's closer to being [[Theatre/TitusAndronicus Aaron]].[[/note]] Luckily Nanny Ogg, who's even more of a CombatPragmatist than Esme, was ready with a MundaneSolution in the form of [[TapOnTheHead the nearest blunt instrument.]]
** Since [[TheGrimReaper Death]] tends to show up after people have been disconnected from all their glands and after death has stripped away any rose-tinted glasses villains may have had about their actions, he's been known to induce a few. Mr. Tulip gets a big one in Discworld/TheTruth (although he's probably better off than his associate Mr. Pin who didn't repent).
* When InspectorJavert from ''Literature/LesMiserables'' finds that Jean Valjean, while still a criminal, is a ''good person,'' Javert simply cannot reconcile his previous black and white system of morality with this demonstration that all along he had been wrong in his belief that what is lawful and what is right were one and the same. He [[DrivenToSuicide jumps off a bridge]] and drowns. His final song in [[Theatre/LesMiserables the musical]] is essentially a summation of his Villainous BSOD.
* Very common in ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' among people tainted by Chaos, when Chaos ceases to blind them:
** In Creator/SandyMitchell's Literature/CiaphasCain novel ''Cain's Last Stand'', the Sisters of Battle completely lose control after Jurgen's blank status frees them from mind-control; they jump to their deaths.
** In Creator/JamesSwallow's Literature/BloodAngels novel ''Deus Sanguinius'', Arkio's first words when he is DyingAsYourself, "Brother, WhatHaveIDone?". He is deeply moved by Rafen's ManlyTears, and while quite certain of his own damnation, begs Rafen's forgiveness.
** In Creator/GrahamMcNeill's Literature/HorusHeresy novel ''False Gods'', when Horus mortally wounds Temba, Temba recovers from the Chaos taint, realizes the scale of his betrayal, and [[TearsOfRemorse sobs]].
** A hideously dark version in Age of Darkness. A failed CareBearStare attempts to [[spoiler: turn Kharn of the World Eaters back to the loyalist side. It fails when Kharn realises this, but the important thing is that the loyalist Thousand Son who tried knows that Kharn will now always live with the knowledge that siding with Horus (and Chaos) was wrong and that he could have willingly turned back. The loyal Thousand Son briefly wonders what effect this will have on Kharn in the future before dying. 10,000 years later and Kharn is well known for being psychopathically angry (even for a World Eater) and, most interestingly, perfectly willing to slaughter his own comrades...]]
* Much of ''Literature/DeathStar'''s cast go through a HeelRealization by the time [[EarthShatteringKaboom Alderaan is destroyed]], and most of them go on to [[DefectorFromDecadence defect]]. Tenn Graneet, the head gunner on the Death Star, didn't, but he found that pulling the trigger brought him misery beyond his ugliest dreams. At the Battle of Yavin, the superlaser actually was ready to fire, but he stalled desperately until Luke's proton torpedoes hit home.
--> He wouldn't be able to walk on a street on any civilized planet on the galaxy; people wouldn't be able to abide his presence. [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone Nor would he blame them]]. He couldn't stop thinking about it. He didn't believe he would ever be able to stop thinking about it. The dead would haunt him, forever. How could a man live with that?
* In ''Literature/CrimeAndPunishment'', [[ManipulativeBastard Svidrigailov]] has a HeelRealization, [[PetTheDog gives his money to charity]] and [[spoiler: becomes unhinged and commits suicide in public.]]
* In ''TheVoyageOfTheJerleShannara'', Grianne Ohmsford, aka the Ilse Witch touches the Sword of Shannara, which forces her to accept the truth about herself--namely that she's a manipulative, backstabbing bitch who has built her entire life on a lie. She ends up going comatose from the shock, and doesn't recover until near the end of the final book.
* Elizabeth Bathory in ''Literature/CountAndCountess'' upon realizing that her closest handmaid has betrayed her and Vlad has stopped writing back to her. Her letters become notably shorter and more frantic before altogether stopping.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Almost happens to a heartless giant in ''Series/TheStoryteller''. The young hero goes on a FetchQuest to locate the giant's heart (his source of weakness- otherwise, he's invincible). When the hero finds it, he briefly threatens the giant, but decides instead to have mercy and give it to the giant, who already had some NobleDemon qualities, so that he may feel remorse for his evil deeds and change for the better. Then, the hero's less-heroic brother grabs the giant's heart and [[HeelFaceDoorSlam smashes it]].
* ''{{Buffyverse}}'':
** This is exactly what the Gypsies did to Angel after he killed a daughter of their clan. The curse turned him into the FriendlyNeighborhoodVampire he is today. But only after a century of being paralyzed by guilt at all the atrocities he'd committed.
** There is also an unintentional example happens at the end of ''Buffy'', season 5. Tearing down the walls between dimensions allows Glory to feel Ben's human emotions, for some reason. She... isn't happy.
*** It's the tearing down the separation between Glory and Ben that's the problem. He's getting her ruthlessness and self-absorption, she's getting his caring. Neither one is happy about it.
** The Mayor suffers a brief one when he finds Faith in a coma.
---> '''Mayor:''' "She's going to be all right. She'll be all right. She'll be all right."
*** It also leads to the [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness only slip]] in his polite, AffablyEvil demeanor when he runs into Angel and Buffy a few minutes later, he makes some very angry threats and refers to her as Angel's "whore".
* Arguably, Sylar in ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' goes through this in the first-season episode 'The Hard Part.' It doesn't take.
** Happens again in Season 4. [[spoiler: As of the end of the show, it seems to be taking just fine.]]
* In ''Series/NinjaTurtlesTheNextMutation'', the revealed 5th (and female) turtle named Venus with some rather spiritual abilities, turns Shredder's mind against itself. His suddenly activated conscience angrily wills Shredder into submission and destroys the Foot Clan. This is likely one of the reasons most fans say the series [[CanonDisContinuity never happened.]]
* Dukat in ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' has a particularly bad one while the Federation is retaking the eponymous station. His lieutenant shoots his illegitimate mixed-race daughter Ziyal when she admits to helping release a group of terrorists (who happen to be main characters) from prison, and the episode ends with Dukat in a cell huddled in a corner talking to the absent Ziyal, still somehow convinced she is devoted to him. [[SubvertedTrope Ultimately, however,]] this only made Dukat a more dangerous antagonist. Acknowledging Ziyal as his daughter cost him his marriage and saw him [[IHaveNoSon formally disowned by his mother]]; she was all the family he had left, not to mention [[MoralityChain one of the few people who could moderate his ruthless streak]]. Without her, [[TheUnfettered he has no voice of reason and nothing left to lose.]]
* [[MagnificentBastard Malcolm Tucker]] is finally driven to one in series 3 of ''Series/TheThickOfIt'': "I USED TO BE THE FUCKIN' PHARAOH!"
* The Doctor in ''Series/DoctorWho'' uses this with many, many villains. Azal in the Daemons is a particularily good example.
** Most memorably, this trope was used to give the titular character in [[TheLoneDalek "Dalek"]] an AlasPoorVillain moment.
** Cassandra has one in her second appearance, when her continuous body-surfing lands her inside the body of a leper. She very suddenly [[BreakTheHaughty realises what it's like]] to ''actually'' suffer.
** Arguably, [[spoiler: The Master at the end of "The End of Time". "Get out of the way."]]
** The Doctor himself also falls victim to this at the end of "Waters of Mars".
** [[TheScrooge Kazran Sardick]] in a Christmas special that is sort of an AffectionateParody of ''Literature/AChristmasCarol''. The Doctor takes it UpToEleven by being both the Ghost of Christmas Past AND Christmas Future, in an attempt to modify Kazran's past in order to make him a [[MindScrew better person in the present.]]
* One episode of ''Series/{{House}}'' had a patient who was a psychopath. Sociopath. Well, one of those 'paths. She had no problem with cheating on her rich husband (whom she was only using for his money), drugging people to cause them to make themselves look bad, and lying to try to get one of her doctors in deep trouble, among other things. Then they fixed her underlying medical condition and the lack of empathy and conscience wore off, resulting in this trope.
* Mr. Wolf, the AntiVillain leader of a team of hostage-taking bank robbers, has one late in ''The Kill Point'', after his TokenGoodTeammate goes nuts from a combination of PTSD and gangrene and gets himself shot by the cops.
* Dr. Kelso from ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' isn't (usually) so much a villain as a boss playing the role of [[GoodCopBadCop Bad Cop]] with his underlings, but one episode of Season 5 definitely shows this happening to him. The episode states that it's a well known fact that no matter what happens at the hospital, the second Dr. Kelso leaves the building all his cares vanish. In this particular episode, Kelso promises Dr. Cox to allow Cox' patient (who is a really great guy) a spot for testing a new drug that should save his life. Later, Kelso bumps that patient off the drug trial in favor of a much richer one. Later we learn that Kelso's patient lives while Cox' dies. When [[WhatTheHellHero Cox angrily confronts him]] over this, [[ShootTheDog Kelso replies that it was a necessary evil]]; the rich guy donated a ton of money to the hospital afterward, which allowed Kelso to reopen the pre-natal ward and rehire Elliot. However, when Kelso leaves the hospital that night instead of going straight into being happy and cheerful, he has a moment where he just looks around in [[TearJerker heartbreaking]] sadness. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9UGIilzr6Q See it for yourself.]]
** To compound things, Kelso sees some other doctors walking towars him, and tries to [[StepfordSmiler fake his usual happiness and cheery attitude]], making one [[FridgeLogic wonder how many other times he's gone through a similar BSOD]].
* In ''{{Series/Breaking Bad}}'', Walter White is struck by one in the episode "Ozymandias," following the death of [[spoiler:Hank Schrader.]]
* In the final episode of ''{{Series/Supernatural}}'''s eighth season, Crowley, after having been [[spoiler: repeatedly injected with the purified blood of Sam Winchester, breaks down into what appears to be uncontrollable stream-of-consciousness babble ending with a fervent declaration that he deserves to and only wants to be loved. Later in a moment of calm, he sincerely asks Sam where he could even begin to look for forgiveness for all he's done.]]

* One interpretation of Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" is that it's about a spy-turned-killer having a self-inflicted Villainous BSOD moment.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mj6GRrYmgI "Last Man Standing"]] by HammerFall:
-->Seeing clearer what I've done \\
I'd refuse to let things go \\
I could never once admit I'm wrong \\
And what do I have to show? \\
Seeing clearer what's at stake \\
And the things I have to change \\
I just hope I can, it's not too late \\
To get a chance to end this pain

* One parody of ''TheGrinch'' had him die of a heart attack when his heart "grew three sizes too large" after witnessing the Whos' good cheer.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The Dark Angels in TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} have a Psyker power available (in the main tabletop game it was solely used by their most {{Badass}} Librarian, Ezekiel) that causes this. And can cause a [[AxCrazy Greater]] [[UnstoppableRage Daemon]] [[TheBerserker of]] [[BloodKnight Khorne]] to break down in InelegantBlubbering over every single misdeed he's ever done.

* In ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'', Harry sort of half-heartedly tries this on Voldemort, who almost falls for it. He catches himself in time, though, and [[spoiler:Harry kills him the old-fashioned way. He gets better.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* President Eden, the BigBad of ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' has [[spoiler: a quite literal]] one of these upon finding out just how insane his plan really is. Eden, being [[spoiler: an AI supercomputer]] [[AIIsACrapshoot didn't understand]] he was trying to destroy the very remnants of America he thought he was rebuilding, and as a result either shuts down or self-destructs depending on how the player handles the situation.
** Sadly, the dialogue for the final confrontation with Eden wasn't written particularly well, so that unless you look ''really'' closely, it just seems like you tell him he sucks and should die, and he just agrees with you for no reason.
** The same can be done to the [[BigBad Master]] in the original ''Fallout'' game, in which he will commit suicide if you reveal to him that his plan is doomed to fail, having realized how crazy its plan really was and guilty over what it did in order to undertake it.
* You have to do this to Giygas in ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER|1}}'' by singing a lullaby his human mother sang to him. This drives him insane and he vows to return with much more power. In fact, when he does return, he becomes so powerful, he transforms into [[EldritchAbomination the Giygas we know from]] ''VideoGame/{{Earthbound}}''. NiceJobBreakingItHero.
** This is a [[EpilepticTrees possible explanation]] for how you win the final battle in ''Earthbound'', as well: [[spoiler:the prayers of all those you have met overwhelm the ultimate evil within him, and he tears himself apart in realization of what he is.]]
* In ''Franchise/MassEffect'', the penultimate boss and Dragon of the first game [[spoiler: Saren]] can be talked into taking his own life [[spoiler: when he is forced to understand his plan to help save a fraction of the galaxy is the means by which BigBad [[SapientShip Sove]][[EldritchAbomination reign]] is controlling him. His final words are, "Thank you, Shepard."]] In addition, Matriarch Benezia [[spoiler: heroically gives herself a villainous BSOD during her boss battle. Handwaved as having sealed away some part of her mind.]]
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', you can also [[spoiler:talk the Illusive Man into shooting himself by making him realize that he's nothing more than a pawn of the Reapers.]]
* ''VideoGame/TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland'': GhostPirate [=LeChuck=] has a brief one during the ending when he DidNotSeeThatComing. ([[spoiler: Governor Elaine, whom he was going to marry, is revealed to have escaped and the one in the wedding dress is two monkeys]]) He just utters lines such as: "Hey...", "What..." "How...". But he recovers quickly.
* When you finally catch up with Takahisa Kandori in ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei: VideoGame/{{Persona}}'', he's realized that he's gotten everything he's ever wanted and it ''absolutely sucks''. He's demotivated to the point that Nanjo has to needle him about how he's achieved his nigh-godhood through borrowed power in order to prompt the requisite boss fight.
* Another [=MegaTen=] game, ''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor'', has this happen to [[spoiler: Naoya]] in [[MultipleEndings the Law ending]].
* For a rare literal example (or at least lampshading,) in the Xbox 360 version of ''MarvelUltimateAlliance'', defeating M.O.D.O.K. results in a "Blue Screen of Death" achievement.
* In ''VisualNovel/MagicalDiary'', after [[FalseFriend completely crushing the PC's heart]], [[spoiler: Damien]] goes through one of these, causing him to run away and live in the woods for a month.
* The game ''You Find Yourself In A Room'' believes that its hatred and anger toward humanity and torment of yourself as you play is fully justified because it's a superior emotionless being disgusted by the flawed entities that created it. You then get a chance to point out that hatred and anger are actually emotions. This trope results, as it falls into a despair in which it simply lets you go, finding no more meaning to its life.
* ''VideoGame/{{Infamous 2}}'': in the Evil Ending, [[spoiler:John White, aka: "[[PersonOfMassDestruction The Beast]]", becomes so weary from the death and destruction following his rebirth as a super-powerful Conduit that he no longer has it in him to carry out his plan to "save" humanity by setting off Ray Sphere explosions to uplift Conduits at the expense of normal humans. He bestows his powers upon Cole and lets himself die, leveling New Marais in the process.]]
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'': Golbez fleeing from Cecil after the first fight is heavily implied to be that of a Villainous BSOD (presumably, he retreated out of the shock that [[spoiler:Cecil was his younger brother]]).
* Queen Grimhilde (from ''Disney/SnowWhite'') suffers this trope during the battle with her in DisneyVillainsRevenge, which causes her to destroy the mirror before being killed herself.
* In ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3'', when Yoshiro, Emperor of the Rising Sun, learns that the technologically-enhanced war machine that was the Japan he ruled only came about from [[MakeWrongWhatOnceWentRight the Soviet Union messing around with history]], he becomes disenfranchised and steps down from the throne.
* [[spoiler: [[VillainProtagonist Walker]] ]] in ''SpecOpsTheLine'' undergoes one of these when he discovers [[spoiler: Konrad has been DeadAllAlong. What he thought was the real Konrad was an illusion, created by his mind in conflict with itself and acting as a sort of conscience. How Walker reacts to this development depends on the player; he can either [[DrivenToSuicide commit suicide]], or "shoot" the illusion of Konrad and radio for a backup team to continue his original mission of evacuating Dubai. Once they arrive, he can attack them and [[SuicideByCop lose]], attack them and ''win'', or lay down his weapon and go home, a broken man.]]
* ''VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'': If you side with the Imperials in the Civil War quest and [[spoiler:kill Ulfric Stormcloak]] before finishing the main story, you can encounter him later [[spoiler:wandering the mists of Sovngarde]]. He's utterly distraught because he's come to realise that [[spoiler:his rebellion against the Empire was actually ''feeding [[EldritchAbomination Alduin]] with the immortal souls of his own people''.]]
* ''Videogame/WorldOfWarcraft'': The only way to stop Algalon the Observer from [[spoiler:pushing the ResetButton on the whole world]] is fighting him with such tenacity that he realizes there may be something more to these "imperfect" creatures that battle him, whereas his employers' perfect creations would've failed. As he does, he thinks of the endless worlds he ''actually'' [[spoiler:destroyed for the Titans to rebuild]], thinks over how much ''they'' would've loved life, perhaps as much as his opponents do, and surrenders from sheer guilt.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Warning: this comic is not safe for sanity. They have no nudity, but there is a lot of adult content on the site in terms of language and subject matter. In Something Positive's bonus story, Super Stupor, specifically pages http://www.superstupor.com/sust12272010.shtml and http://www.superstupor.com/sust12282010.shtml , a villain goes through a BSOD when the hero he captured to keep him from interfering in the villain's plans for his arch enemy [[DumbassHasAPoint points out the]] [[TooDumbToLive sheer stupidity of his plan]] before it goes off.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* On WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment, Dr. Insano had a brief one after creating the Son of Insano, and cried about how his MadScience never comes out right. His son quickly cheers him up by wanting to help him TakeOverTheWorld, ending the moment and turning it into a CMOH.
* Mecha-Freeza gets a ''literal'' one (we see his point of view, then a few seconds later a BSOD appears on the screen) after [[spoiler: Super Saiyan Trunks]] cuts him in half in ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' Episode 33. Justified in that he had various cybernetic attachments implanted into his body.
* Vegeta has one during his playthrough of ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' in the ''LetsPlay/TwoSaiyansPlay'' series. While playing he [[EvilCannotComprehendGood is completely baffled by Toriel's selfless kindness]], and begins getting attached to her even as he [[EvenBadMenLoveTheirMamas starts reflecting on how much he misses his own long dead mother]]. At the end of the playthrough, when he is forced to fight Toriel and kills her, he quits rather than play the game further, then can be heard breaking down and sobbing in the background before the video ends.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''Comicbook/GhostRider'''s "Penance Stare." Especially notable when he used it on freakin' [[PlanetEater Galactus]] in the ''WesternAnimation/FantasticFour'' cartoon.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls''' nemesis, Mojo Jojo, has one after realizing that [[spoiler: while he was still The Professor's lab assistant, he inadvertently created the Powerpuff Girls]].
-->"[[spoiler: [[MadnessMantra It was me. It was me. It was me. It was me.....]]]]."
* Demona from ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' goes through a very temporary one at the end of the four-part "City of Stone" when [[TheHero Goliath]] and [[TheFairFolk the Weird Sisters]] force her to realize that all of her [[FreudianExcuse Freudian Excuses]] were ultimately the results of her own actions, whether overly suspicious or outright evil. The shock is enough to make her reveal the access code that will foil her own evil plan. [[IgnoredEpiphany Despite reverting back to evil form and denying her fault in anything right afterward]], many consider it a TearJerker.
-->"The access code is...''[[spoiler:alone]].''"
* In ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', most villains never quite get the point; Zhao, for example goes to his death without compromising, but Azula's VillainousBreakdown appears to contain a little of this. AntiVillain [[HeelFaceTurn Zuko]] never quite goes into BSOD, since he has gradual CharacterDevelopment instead, although his BattleInTheCenterOfTheMind VisionQuest sort of resembled this.
** Pre-series, Iroh after the death of Lu Ten and breaking the siege of Ba Sing Se would probably be seen as this by the Earth Kingdom, although he'd apparently been struggling with his father's goals for some time, since he lied about the dragons and had presumably already joined the Order of the White Lotus.
* The guy who encouraged Palpatine to go into politics has one of these in ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken StarWars: Episode III'' when he realizes the tyrannical rule Palpatine has imposed over the [[TheEmpire former Republic]]. However, just as he raises his [[RayGun blaster]] to his head to [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone commit suicide]], his attention is [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny suddenly diverted]] by WheelOfFortune.
* For hundreds of years, Nox from ''WesternAnimation/{{Wakfu}}'' has been killing many, many living beings and taking their [[LifeForce Wakfu]], with the ultimate goal of [[spoiler:travelling back in time to see his dead family again, with the side effect of [[ResetButton undoing every atrocity he has committed in the name of this goal.]]]] In the end, [[spoiler:he ''wins'', but all of his accumulated Wakfu is only enough to travel 20 minutes into the past.]] Hit with the realization of everything he's done, and that it was all for naught, he can only sit still, silently weeping in the wreckage of his HumongousMecha. The sight of the BigBad crying silently is unbearable even to Yugo, the hero, who stops the enraged Sadida army from enacting their vengeance. [[spoiler:When he recovers, he teleports away to commit suicide on the graves of his family.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'':
** Baby Doll gets one of these when confronted with a funhouse mirror that ''somehow'' shows her what she might have looked like but for her [[NotAllowedToGrowUp growth issue that has preserved her]] as a [[OlderThanTheyLook Shirley Temple looking toddler.]]
** In "Judgement Day", it is heavily implied that [[spoiler:Two-Face]] experiences this in his final appearance. [[spoiler:He developed a third personality called The Judge, one that even he isn't aware of, and while in Arkham Asylum in the ending of the episode, Two-Face is deliberating in a court in his mind and, while staring blankly, pleads guilty.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** One episode has [[ShrinkingViolet Fluttershy]], of all ponies, is charged with the less than enviable task of reforming [[MadGod Discord]]. Knowing it will be a difficult undertaking, and despite the protestations of her friends, she proceeds to treat Discord with kindness and allows him a measure of free reign with his magic. In return, he pretends to go along with it to [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate her.]] At a dinner with the rest of the group, Fluttershy reveals that she's come to see him as a friend, surprising everyone, especially Discord himself. When a calamity of his making arises, she reveals that she knew all along that something like it would happen, and confronts Discord with his bad behavior by stating that they are not friends any longer.
-->'''Discord''': You think you can just boss Discord around? You think I'm going to turn all this back because you say so? [[BecomingTheMask Because if I don't, I'll lose the one friend I ever had?]]([[HeelRealization reflective pause]]) ''[[{{Touche}} Well played, Fluttershy. Well played.]]''
** Followed up in "Twilight's Kingdom", when the new villain, Tirek [[spoiler:convinces Discord that [[WeCanRuleTogether they can rule together]]. Then once Tirek is powerful enough, he turns on Discord and [[EnergyAbsorption steals his power]], [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness leaving Discord in shock]]]].
--->'''[[spoiler:Discord]]:''' I had magic ''and'' friendship, and now I don't have either.
** Diamond Tiara reacts this way in "Crusaders Of The Lost Mark" after her only friend, Silver Spoon, rejects her due to being bullied one too many times.
** Subverted in the Season 5 finale. Twilight Sparkle ''tries'' to defeat Starlight Glimmer this way by dragging her to the present that is now a [[BadFuture post-apocalyptic wasteland]] due to Starlights actions, and while it almost works she instead convinces herself it's merely a trick. Instead Twilight has to convince her they can teach her to make new friends to [[HeelFaceTurn turn Starlight around]]. The BSOD set in at that point, as Starlight stops responding when they return to the present, not saying anything until she is finally called in to hear what the Mane six have decided about her.
* At the conclusion of the ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime'' finale Predacons Rising, Megatron is free from Unicron's control, and he and Starscream have the Autobots at gunpoint.
-->'''Starscream:''' "Your new battle-armor will take things to the next level, my liege! Together we will reunite all Decepticons, and once again grind Cybertron under your mighty heel!"\\
'''Megatron:''' "NO!!"\\
'''Starscream:''' "What?! Why?"\\
'''Megatron:''' "Because I now know the true meaning of oppression... and have thus lost my taste for inflicting it."\\
'''Starscream:''' "(chuckles nervously) You've clearly been traumatized, master. A good power-down and a stroll around the smelting pit will put you back in touch with your inner warlord--"\\
'''Megatron:''' "Enough! The Decepticons are no more, and that is final."
* In the ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery", Dipper [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech rips into]] local AlphaBitch Pacifica Northwest and her parents for doing nothing to stop a 150-year-old curse that their ancestors brought upon their family because [[LackOfEmpathy they simply didn't give a damn about the common folk]]. The next time Dipper sees her, she's left a [[HeelRealization self-loathing]] [[BreakTheHaughty husk of her old self]], fresh from the realization that her whole ancestry is comprised of nobody but apathetic liars, cheats, and frauds.
-->"You were right about me... I ''am'' just another link in the world's worst chain."