->''"By the way, Denton, stay out of the ladies' restroom. That kind of activity embarrasses the agency more than it does you."''
-->--'''Joseph Manderley''', ''VideoGame/DeusEx''

''As soon as any editing tools are created for a video game, players will make either pornographic, profane, or phallic content.''

This tends to take three forms:

# Abuse of in-game functions, such as camera angles, VirtualPaperDoll features, or even [[HelloInsertNameHere the ability to rename characters]].
# {{Game mod}}s designed for questionable purposes, such as "nude mods" or other questionable user-designed content.
# [[LevelEditor Custom level designs]] that are decidedly NotSafeForWork, such as phallus-shaped levels.

Back in the bad old days of video games, almost any one who could code up a video game that could run on the Atari 2600 or the TI-80 ''did,'' and this led to a great deal of UsefulNotes/{{Shovelware}} titles - and yes, Rule34 applied in spades. WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd did an entire episode dedicated to 8-bit versions of this trope. Definitely NotSafeForWork (or sanity).

This is a video game subtrope of RuleThirtyFour, cousin of VideoGameCrueltyPotential. Compare PowerPerversionPotential, ThirdPersonSeductress, TheRuleOfFirstAdopters. Can be used as a form of PoorMansPorn. May lead to [[WhyFandomCantHaveNiceThings staff nixing player-created content]] if abused in online settings, especially if the game is meant to be family-friendly.


[[folder:Action Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/LollipopChainsaw'', you can actually get an achievement for trying to look up the player character's miniskirt.
* Even internal development teams are not immune. When UsefulNotes/{{Intellivision}} programmers working on ''TRON: Solar Sailer'' noticed that the Intellivoice module had an odd way of pronouncing the vowel in "can't," they decided to use the four-letter word in an unreleasable joke game, which consisted of a talking title screen pasted on to a hacked version of ''Astrosmash'' with the missile launcher and flying saucers replaced by genitalia.
* ''VideoGame/WarioWare: D.I.Y.'':
** Lets you make your own "microgames", and it wasn't long before people made ones themed after getting boners.
** If you have a Pixiv account, you can see the sheer variety of porn microgames out there for the Japanese version, ''Made in Ore.''
** One player made a ''subversion'' of these sorts of games. The microgame features a cute {{Moe}} girl with two hotspots--her breasts, and her hand. Grope her... and she gets [[MegatonPunch crazy mad at you]], resulting in a failure. Touch her ''hand,'' and she gives you a cheerful high-five--success!

[[folder:Action-Adventure Games]]
* In the ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamSeries'', there is the possibility of zooming and observing, from "interesting" angles, female characters such as Harley Quinn and Catwoman.
* In the NES game "The Last Ninja" it is possible for the player's (male) ninja to enter the women's washroom. If you move around and click randomly (you can't see where they are moving past the door, but the camera moves around indicating they are moving) you may eventually even get a powerup, after hearing a toilet flush. Take from that what you will.
* In LEGO Star Wars II, or any LEGO game with the Character Creator, it is possible to use the character editor to make naked characters.
* In a similar vein, in ''VideoGame/{{Okami}}'', Amaterasu [[PaperThinDisguise must design and wear a paper mask]]....
* In ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'', you can make your character have ridiculously large breasts or dick, depending on his/her gender. If you create a Fem!Boss, you can get piercings that cover her nipples, and a pair of underwear (that you change to match the color of her skin), so you can now have her run around town 99.9% [[WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife completely naked, with no clothes on]]. Alternatively, you can get a standard nude mod to remove the mosaic and add textures. Enjoy, pervert.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0C59h1nlwg It has not gone unnoticed.]]
** Even the developers have thought of this and have a giant dildo as a weapon in this game.
* Since first game of ''VideoGame/TombRaider'', male players have performed in-game actions to make Lara Croft repeatedly say phrases and view closer camera angles of her bust and her butt.
** Back when Core was still running the series, a FanNickname for positioning Lara in the corner was "boob angle", since the camera spun for a while, after which it centered on Lara's bosom.
** Out of all the nude mods, few got the game's developer's attention other than that of Tomb Raider, resulting in the shutdown of the "Nude Raider" website.

[[folder:Board Games]]
* It is very common to see a phallus-shaped city in ''TabletopGame/{{Carcassonne}}'', though this is (usually) due to simple happenstance with what tiles get drawn.

[[folder:Fighting Games]]
* The Japanese version of ''VideoGame/BloodyRoar 3'' infamously had a code where a player could enter debug mode, which allowed the player to pose the game's models however they wanted. Enter screenshots of the female characters in some rather risque positions. The code to enter the mode was removed in the American and European releases of the game.
* ''[[VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}} Darkstalkers 3]]'' features a character palette editor. Since Felicia is already [[VaporWear technically fully naked]], it doesn't take much to change her white fur into the same color as the rest of her skin, and the name editor allowed quite a bit of space to name your new naked catgirl something fairly lewd as well.
* ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive'' has always featured some pretty revealing outfits, but ''Dimensions'' actually included a "Showcase" mode, which allowed you to pose "figurines" of all the fighters in various locations and positions and take pictures of them. In full 3D. This mode actually got the game [[NoExportForYou pulled before release in Sweden]] due to backlash over the possibility of taking racy pictures of some of the underage fighters.
* ''[[VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcom3 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3]]'' featured a slightly less extreme example. The character model viewer allows players to control the X, Y, Z, and rotational axis in order to examine all the characters during their default fighting stance. Felicia is the example once again, as a player can zoom in quite far to take a ''really close'' look at her underside... or her massive breasts as they jiggle in all her idle-stance glory.
* The ''{{VideoGame/MUGEN}}'' engine makes it possible to import character bootlegs from any 2D fighting game. There are enough nude retextures, some with x-rated animations, to repackage into a 2GB partial conversion. And then there are maps with names like 'Palace of Porn', filled with scans of hentai and porn.
** The Slime OriginalCharacter. All of its attacks transform it into a long appendage that goes to some very sensitive places. And it turns into a nude woman when struck.
** There are also Yoshi edits that revolve around the vore fetish.
* The ''VideoGame/SoulSeries'', specially the fourth installment, had some pretty risque outfits for characters, whether they be original or a custom look for already existing characters, which meant you could have some rather {{stripperiffic}} looks for any of the characters.
** ''[=SoulCalibur=] 5'' has "Specialised equipment" for the character creator, which can be placed ''anywhere'' on the body, and includes things like horns and arrows. Guess where some trolls like to place these things. The ability to apply stickers, in conjunction with a form-fitting rubber unitard, also means trolls making lots of naked women.
* Amiibo with the fact that you can set their name. Most notably in [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros. For Wii U/Nintendo 3DS]]. Expect to hear about people who have named their Donkey Kong Expand Dong, for example.
** Speaking of [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Super Smash Bros. For Wii U]], a new stage was added as a free DLC called "Miiverse". This stage is similar to Battlefield, but sometimes Miiverse posts will appear supporting the characters that are on the match. Never go to this stage as Zero Suit Samus or Donkey Kong... though even if you don't, you will probably see at least one crudely-drawn penis or scrawled obscenity.
** Even at the basic level, it's not hard to create Miis with inappropriate names that bypass the name filters.
** Both ''Brawl'' and ''for Wii U'' have stage editors. It didn't take long for the perverts of the gaming world to start making penis-shaped stages, and for them to start sharing said penis-shaped stages on ''for Wii U''.

[[folder:First-Person Shooter]]
* ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps'': It is possible to create your own emblem to put onto your gun. Of course, since you can make any shape with some imagination, it doesn't take a genius to see where this went...
** Thus leading to the horrible humiliation of getting killed over and over by a guy whose clan tag is [c==8] and who has a dick as his emblem.
* All Creator/{{Valve|Software}} [[GameEngine Source engine]] games that have a multi-player feature allowing players to upload images and spray them on the wall. The immediate result should be obvious, but where it gets interesting is in the MetaGame: ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'' snipers using porn sprays to [[DistractedByTheSexy lure players into a killzone.]]
** Or in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOR3snVKW0E spies with the Cloak and Dagger using this for an easy backstab.]] (Note that this link has done it rather tastefully.)
** {{Griefer}}s have taken advantage of this as well by using images from [[ShockSite shock sites.]] They usually just Squick their own team.
* Ever played the multiplayer of good ol' ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' and ''VideoGame/CounterStrike''? Servers got overrun by players with... [[CrossesTheLineTwice interesting names]], including gems like "Condomising Proorgasmer", "Lesbian Syphilitic Spanker", and "Prostituted Paderastive Freak".
** Also, there's {{punny|Name}} player names like "Isaac Cox", "Anita Bang" and also "I. P. Freely".
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'':
** In the development stages of ''VideoGame/Halo3'', the possibility of letting players draw their own emblems was considered. However, the idea was quickly scrapped when ''the dev team'' found ''themselves'' branding their characters with badly drawn penises. Now, emblems can only be made of predefined shapes.
** In any of the games, limiting emblems to predefined shapes won't stop anyone from abusing them to make lewd images. The less said about the missile icon, the better.
* Mercy, the CombatMedic of ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'', can fly and two of her skins (Witch and Winged Victory) have [[MagicSkirt non-magical skirts]] with no ModestyShorts underneath. Plus, with either of those skins equipped Mercy's Battle Angel highlight intro has her flashing her panties at the camera.

* ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'' had Architect Entertainment, a tool for making player-created content. You could create missions using existing enemy factions such as the [[{{Stripperiffic}} Carnival of Shadows]], or modify costumes to create (effectively) nude [=NPCs=], but beating up nude women was about the limit of what players could manage. Then, the developers released the "sports" costume pack with the "pushup" emote, followed by the in-game unlockable "faint" emote...
* The seal point bakeneko costume on ''Website/GaiaOnline'' just happens to have its main fur color match ''very'' closely with some of the normal avatar skin colors, and happens to have several parts which can be worn separately. When it was new, this resulted in the occasional user having their avatar --wearing the seal point top and bottom, but not the corresponding ears, tail, whiskers or facepaint-- running around in the various games on the site, apparently completely naked aside from the resulting cat paws.
* If [[http://www.polygon.com/2015/5/31/8694629/cock-blocking-costs-are-a-big-drawback-to-kid-mmo-success-says-lego this article]] is to be believed, this may be the main cause of the spiraling costs which led to ''VideoGame/LegoUniverse'''s shutdown. An entire team of moderators was hired to check every single user-submitted creation, banning every offensive/NSFW creation that got submitted. It got too much for both the moderation team and developer Glass Bottom Games's bank account, so they decided that the best course of action was to just shut the game down. Makes sense when ''one of the developers themselves'' was caught building a dong in the game. [[note]]Fox related a story of a developer internally building Lego dong, and very nearly being fired for it. The dev was dicking around in his own property, Fox said, but a kid "wandered into it during a kid test." It was a "four alarm fire to find who built the penis," she said.

[[folder:Party Game]]
* ''VideoGame/TheJackboxPartyPack''. It would be easier to count how many rounds of drawing-based games don't have at least one player drawing genitalia or breasts and how many rounds of text-input games don't have at least one player using swear words, names of private body parts, or text phalluses as submissions.

* The UsefulNotes/BBCMicro game ''Frak!'' was hacked into an infamous "rude version" which substituted two letters in the title, changed the main character's name to "The Rapist" and his KillerYoYo to... well, guess. In addition, the enemies become "Wife", "Baby", and "Whore".
* ''VideoGame/JetSetRadio'' allows you to draw your own custom graffiti. Using some modding tools for the PC port will allow you to convert images to said custom graffiti. So you now have a bunch of teenagers painting "Fuck the police!" and pornographic posters all over Tokyo-to, making the over-the-top deployment of police a ''little'' more justified.
* ''VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet'':
** It didn't take long for people to make a level that involved flying a giant penis-shaped rocket.
*** We shan't forget players putting the "Finger" item from the Monster DLC on their crotch.
** [[Webcomic/PennyArcade "Should my dong be made of wood, or stone?"]] [[{{Pun}} "Wood]] [[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2008/10/08/ would be the obvious choice."]]
* ''Videogame/SuperMarioMaker'' [[DefiedTrope defies this]] with the ability to report inappropriate courses. Also, custom sound effects, the most-likely-to-be-abused feature, are replaced when sharing online.


[[folder:Puzzle Games]]
* Creator/PeterMolyneux's ''Curiosity'': it's an app where players dig through the layers of a giant cube to get to the [[OstentatiousSecret sweet, juicy secret at the center.]] A lot of them just draw dicks or spell out curse words.
* Rest assured, when ''[[VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts}} Super Scribblenauts]]'' says you can create anything, it means it, particularly when the word "nude" is an accepted adjective (although it only colors the object the same color as caucasian skin).
** ''Scribblenauts Unlimited'' is worse, since you can take various pieces of different objects and assemble them into ANYTHING. Yes, you can attach that hot dog where you're thinking of (and recolor it to match the character's skin).

[[folder:Racing Games]]
* ''VideoGame/MarioKartDS'' had a feature that lets players create an emblem to display on their karts throughout the game, including multi-player and online. Didn't take long for nearly every player to decorate the hood of their karts with breasts and penises. You could also change your profile name, which led to some "creative" names online. Nintendo was not impressed and removed this feature after this game.
** ''VideoGame/MarioKartWii'' and ''VideoGame/MarioKart7'' introduced global online leader boards where you could show your custom Mii and his custom name to the world. Kinda makes you chuckle/lose hope for humanity when the guy with the fastest time in a weekly contest is called "Penis Man!" complete with penis face.
* Regarding the "[[LevelEditor Course Maker]]" feature in ''[[VideoGame/GranTurismo Gran Turismo 6]]'', you're free to create your own race track. Even [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Glg71lB-gSQ there's a course]] which is notoriously shaped like a [[GagPenis gigantic male genitalia]] and known by the name "[[CrossesTheLineTwice Gentleman Sausage]]".
** The description of the track itself is even more of a doozy!
--> "It's what [[Series/TopGear Clarkson]] would of done."

[[folder:Rhythm Games]]
* ''VideoGame/InTheGroove 2''[='=]s r21 update allows players to play custom songs on an arcade cabinet. Said arcade cabinet is designed to be played in a public venue. It's not unlikely that some players have used this feature to play raunchy songs in a family-friendly environment, or worse, "songs" that are straight-up porn clips. Although, that's probably a good way to be [[PersonaNonGrata permanently banned]] from the establishment.
* Early ''VideoGame/HatsuneMikuProjectDiva'' games allowed for the player to [[PantyShot aim the camera to see up the girls' skirts]]. This came to an end with ''Project DIVA F'' for the UsefulNotes/PlayStation3, in which the game ''plays a police siren sound'' and says the character cannot be displayed if you try to look up a Vocaloid girl's skirt in the Photo Studio.

* Even ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' isn't immune. The infamous, innocuous-sounding "Goblin Fortress" springs to mind. It started out by turning goblins into a OneGenderRace whose [[PlanetOfHats hat]] was apparently BDSM, then it added pet tentacle monsters and dwarven slaves and replaced the default VendorTrash with adult novelties. Then the ''fan-art'' started turning up and [[FromBadToWorse things just went downhill from there]]; [[NoodleIncident the exact details are unclear]], because the forum thread was deleted and [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain nobody who witnessed this fiasco really wants to talk about it]], but [[{{Yiff}} furry porn]] [[NoodleImplements was involved somehow]] and Toady One's masterwork adamantine banhammer tasted blood for the first time in a long while when he found out.
** Also, it's possible to add genitalia via modding. This led to an incident where one player ripped off a bandit's phallus, then beat the bandit and his friends to death with it.
** A certain former MemeticBadass Obok Meatgod had [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain the details of his exploits purged from the forum archives]] after his user modded in genitals and had his adventurer [[spoiler:rape a goblin child]]. Ew.
** Another player [[http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=86825.msg2593708#msg2593708 collected bandit dicks in a bag]], then went around pummeling enemies with the bag:
-->'''Crioca''': When the bag was full I went on a rampage, smacking people down with a bag full of dicks. It took me a while but eventually I thought "What the FUCK am I doing?"\\
'''Broseph Stalin''': Broseph Stalin's Dorf immersion scale: T/2 where T is Time in minutes it takes you to remember hitting people with severed penises is wrong. My rating? 17.
** Even without modding, it is not uncommon for players to coordinate their dwarves to create anatomically-correct monuments.
** One player in an unmodded game captured a goblin-raised dwarf in a cage trap during a raid, looted their belongings, and mounted the cage in the dining hall for decoration... only to realize later that the dwarf was a female, and he'd created a "dwarven strip club". Upon relating this to Bay 12 forums, the discussion almost immediately went to [[BrainBleach the location of beards on female dwarves]].
** The 0.42.06 update gave players control over what images they want on engravings, statues, figurines, and other in-game artwork. Naturally, players found ways to use the framework for it to imply sexual content.

[[folder:Role-Playing Games]]
* It's easier to count the non-pornographic mods for ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' than it is to count the porn ones. Ranging from the typical nude skins, to fully modeled penises for the men that you can select length, circumcision, erect or non erect, penises for the monsters, the dog, the female monsters, replacing the current tame sex scenes with graphic hardcore sex, adding new graphic hardcore sex and more.
* There's a '''huge''' number of "adults-only" mods for {{Creator/Bethesda}} [=RPGs=] ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIIIMorrowind Morrowind]]'', ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]'', ''VideoGame/Fallout3'', ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' and now ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]''.
** ''Skyrim'' in particular has among the most realistic and titillating looking nude mods (both female and male, and both armored and unarmored), especially for those who are able to set their game's graphics details to the maximum (so it can be viewed up close with the free viewing camera, great for those who want to take screenshots), and one mod site, Skyrim Nexus, has plenty to choose from (fortunately such mods hosted there have restricted access, requiring registration and opting to be able to view adult content). Only a portion of those mods are adult, but there ARE a lot of them.
*** And now, ''Skyrim'' even has mods that can enlarge female characters' breasts and [[SexyWalk give them a more hip-swinging walk]] (as well as throw in a GirlyRun animation for added fun).
*** And to top it all off, a group of ''Skyrim'' modders [[IncrediblyLamePun came together]] and created the [[http://www.loverslab.com/forum/49-sexlab-framework/ Sexlab mod]], which is in fact a large and robust library of animation scripts for all sorts of acts of sex, along with some [[ImmodestOrgasm voice files]], and it even includes a configuration menu. This would allow modders making sex related mods to focus on their mod's themes (which could range from combat sex and assault, to slavery and slave trade, to mere consensual sex between lovers) without having to create their own animated sex scenes, instead referring to the library for all that. For all its intents and purposes, one can't help but hand it to these guys for this level of SugarWiki/GeniusProgramming.
*** A utility mod gives other mods flexible access to the underlying Havok physics engine, most notably allowing parts of character and creature meshes to be handled by the physics engine in lieu of fully static animations. Its only popular use? Bouncing breasts. And, from the same site that brought you SexLab above, swingin' schlongs.
* ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'''s developers planned for this. The game averts HelloInsertNameHere; your [[RobotMaid Robot Butler]] will actually say your character's name in dialogue and there are over a thousand names to choose from, including things like [[http://youtu.be/3NV-XBau2Lc Boobies and Fuckface]].
** The game has a new feature to the Fallout franchise, settlement creation, which comes with a bunch of pre made walls. Naturally it did not take long for players to start making phallic symbols out of wood floors, [[http://youtu.be/bxSw6iDSujg lighboxes]], and buildings.
** As with all modern Fallout games, people have come out with nude mods.
** You can make your companion walk around in his or her underwear by equipping and unequipping the right Apparel in the right order. It is of note here that people in The Commonwealth wear briefer underwear than people in the Capitol Wasteland or the Mojave.
* Yes, there are plenty of ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' mods where the fugly underwear is swapped out for something a little easier on the eyes. Nude Bastila and Handmaiden mods are easier to find, but there are just as many for the guys. The nude male mods, though, tend to be passed around on invite-only forums and lists.
* ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptunia'' allows players to use pictures stored in their [=PlayStation=] 3 units for "R/W disc" special attacks -- even pornographic ones. ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaMk2'' allows Nepgear's CPU outfit to be customized via the Costume Canvas system, and "nude mods" have been made. ''VideoGame/HyperdimensionNeptuniaVictory'' extends the Costume Canvas system to the other [=CPUs=] and the CPU Candidates, allowing even more perverted potential.
* ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights'' saw some of this, ultimately driven off the giant parody-shaped cliff with a module titled "Sex and the Single Adventuress" (there is a ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2'' remake as well). No matter what she wears, the provided character always has exposed breasts with simple jiggle physics modeled in, and the whole plot involves sleeping with every male you find in the game. Given that character models cannot actually touch meaningfully outside of combat, the entire area while the scene happens is blacked out with [[OrgasmicCombat outlandish noises]] thrown in.
** There actually is a hakpak that adds sexual poses and animations to the game called the [[http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Hakpaks.Detail&id=7306 "Intimate Animations Suite"]] (Page lacks screenshots, so it's sort of SFW). They can be scripted into cutscenes by module creators. The module "Save The Princess!" uses this hakpak.
** Like all games, ''Neverwinter Nights'' can be modded, but out-of-the-box it comes with a feature for creating your own campaign or even making an altered version of the default campaign.
* ''{{Franchise/Pokemon}}'' games manage to have some of this, despite Nintendo's censorship and language filters. For example:
** In ''[[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald]]'', some wags managed to make racy phrases with the prefabricated wordlist. Upon the release of ''[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver HeartGold and SoulSilver]]'', the word "snatch" was removed from said list, presumably in order to keep female trainers from declaring "I just wanted everyone to look at my [[CountryMatters snatch]]!" Some players have used this to change the Trendy Phrase in Dewford Town to [[{{Hentai}} "ADULT ANIME"]] or "ADULT TOYS".
** A age-old DoubleEntendre goofery with Pokémon of phallic/yonic design with moves like Harden, Lick, Bounce, Pound, and other such moves that could be questionable in context of their combinations, topped off with creatively suggestive nicknames. Seedot in particular is able to learn Growth, Harden and Explosion. [[http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/869862-pokemon This particular Machamp]] danced straight past language filters.[[labelnote:Explanation]]It's a Japanese Machamp, and its name translates to "Homo Festival". Its only known move is Dig. The Japanese name of Dig roughly means "Dig a Hole", but the way "ana" (hole) is usually written can also be read as "ketsu" (buttocks). "Horu" means "dig" in the context of the move name, but is also a slang term meaning "to have anal sex with (between men). In short, it's a creature somewhat resembling a large muscular man, nicknamed "Homo Festival" and its only move is to fuck a guy in the ass.[[/labelnote]]
** In ''VideoGame/PokemonXAndY'', some particularly creative players have abused the PR Video feature in Lumiose City to have mock {{Immodest Orgasm}}s. They have also exploited the free-rotating character models of the Pokémon in the Pokédex and petted their Pokémon in inappropriate places in Pokémon-Amie. [[note]]Not only that, some Pokémon actually ''like'' being pet there - [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar make of that what you will.]][[/note]] [[labelnote:However]]Pokedex camera free-rotation was modified in ''Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire'' to prevent the player from rotating the camera underneath Pokémon for nefarious reasons, such as getting an [[PantyShot upskirt shot]] of Gardevoir.[[/labelnote]]
** Another mild example from ''X and Y'' happens right at the start of the game, where your new friends ask you if you want them to address you with a nickname. For a Dom/sub twist, have them address you as "Master" or "Mistress". Especially Shauna, whose ShipTease becomes more amusing with this in mind.
** Even after the filters for names containing inappropriate words were put in place, there's still the odd creature named "[=SuckMy=](.)(.)" or "8==D" going around on Wonder Trade.
** As well as hackers uploading waves of Diancies, Jirachis and other event mons (normally untradable, via GTS but removing the ribbon allows it) named "FUCK YOU" to the GTS.
** Since this is a kids' game, it's natural for older players to want adult-oriented hacks. One popular ROM hack of this type for the GBA games is the very mature FRLG mod "Pokémon My Ass."
** There's a popular GameMod for the ''VideoGame/PokemonOmegaRubyAndAlphaSapphire'' that gives May a big bust.
** Put together a team of Unown, arranged such that the letters each of them represent form a naughty word that's six letters or less.
** ''VideoGame/PokemonGo'', [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids being a smartphone game not for kids]], didn't have filters yet as trading hadn't yet been introduced. When a feature where players can have their team leader appraise their Pokémon was added, it included comments on the size of larger or smaller than average mons. You can probably guess [[BreakingTheFourthWall where that went fast]].
-->'''Team Leader''': Your Penis is just colossal! It's the biggest we've ever seen!
*** Of course, the 'it's the tiniest we've ever seen' was also meme'd incessantly, cue ClusterFBomb thrice.
** The Pokémon photo-taking booths in ''[[VideoGame/PokemonUltraSunAndUltraMoon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]]'' have allowed players to create a variety of imaginatively naughty photos, such as one of the boys being caught on camera smacking the butt of their Phermosa.
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' has Mara, the infamous GagPenis demon. It also has Arioch, a demon that has what amounts to a [[VaginaDentata gaping vagina with teeth]]. Both can be found as enemy demons and as fusable allied demons. Conclusion: Mara vs. Arioch battle.
* In ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII'' you meet an NPC called Rosabeth of Melfia, who's clothed in tattered rags. She asks you if you have any spare clothes for her to wear instead, which you can [[VirtualPaperDoll help her with]] by dropping any pieces of armour you like on the ground for her. Unsurprisingly, a ''lot'' of people like to look for the sexiest combination of armour pieces possible for her, with one common option simply being giving her the [[http://i.imgur.com/9aFrVQi.jpg Desert Sorceress Set]][[note]]a set of armour so intentionally {{fanservice}}y that equipping the chestpiece will actually [[BreastExpansion increase the cup size]] of any female character who wears it[[/note]].
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' went way out of its way to [[AvertedTrope avert]] this, at least for the North American release. The Scan spell shows details of an enemy, on a screen that also includes a rotating model of it. Many players don't realize that the game controls can be used to rotate the model at will, on two axes. Many players also don't realize that Scan can be cast on player characters, because this serves no purpose. But the developers certainly did. Rotation of Selphie's model is restricted--she is the only character that wears a short skirt.
* Also averted in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV:'' Most of the character models in the MonsterCompendium can be zoomed and rotated, but the model for Shiva is fixed. For those unfamiliar with recurring characters in Final Fantasy games, Shiva is an ice goddess dressed in a bikini.
* Even before the full release of ''Videogame/NierAutomata'', players have fun spotting the best shots of [[RobotGirl 2B]]'s ass, or using the "Self Destruction" to destroy her dress and leaving her skirtless. In the finished game, if the player tries to get a look up 2B's skirt while it's intact, she'll notice after a moment and [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall kick the camera away]].
* The already NSFW game ''Corruption of Champions'' allows the PlayerCharacter to have ''multiple penises'' if they are a man or [[EverybodyWantsTheHermaphrodite hermaphordite]] of various species such as horse, dog, cat, shark, etc. and of [[TeenyWeenie various]] [[GagPenis sizes]]. As the game measures penile and vaginal size (and looseness for vaginas and anuses), having multiple dongs allows you to have the perfect size for your partner. But be careful, too big of a prick means no sex and if it gets too small you have to say goodbye to it.

[[folder:Simulation Games]]
* ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' games have a character named Blanca who will occasionally show up in the player's town. Players are free to give her a face if she doesn't have one, or "rearrange" her face if she does. Now, faces that Blanca already has are downloaded from Nintendo's servers and faces that any player draws are inadvertently uploaded to Nintendo's servers, so long as the console has internet connectivity. The game also doesn't check to see if the player drew on a valid face, and Nintendo doesn't do random sampling checks on the faces uploaded to the servers. Net result: Blanca can shown up to your town a few dozen times. With a penis doodled onto her face.
** ''Animal Crossing'' also allows for custom designs, and flags are one. Welcome to perverted designed flags and paintings.
** Sometimes the characters will let you change certain parts of their standard dialogue, such as greetings or the character's VerbalTic. Players have been known to make these characters greet everybody by saying "Let's make out!", among other things. There's also the possibility of naming your town "My Pants", leading to the game saying "Have fun in My Pants!" upon startup.
* In the Homebrew scene for the UsefulNotes/Xbox360 ''Kinect'', if you know where to look, there exists games where you can reach out and manhandle cute girls using the Kinect's ability to track your hands and body movements.
* ''VideoGame/TheOregonTrail'' gave players the ability to put custom messages on tombstones for other settlers to find whenever one of them died (usually from dysentery). Apart from a few with "Pepperoni and cheese", a ShoutOut to an old Tombstone Pizza commercial, most ended up with obscenities.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oec2VYYXbxE This]] playthrough of ''VideoGame/RockStarAteMyHamster'' names the band "Faggots In Jail" and gets a song named "Gary Glitter Is A Shitter" from an album named ''Used Tampax Selection'' to peak at #4 on the singles chart.
* ''VideoGame/SecondLife'' is full to the brim with the trope. Being an MMO styled game with heavy customization, you'd be lying to yourself if you claim to have never seen another player with a huge dong flopping about on his avatar.
** Even the Sandbox sims on the Teen Grid were spammed with giant used [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids feminine hygiene products]], complete with [[BrainBleach particle effects]]. Back when the Teen Grid existed, adults were blocked from accessing it, so everyone who saw this [[AdultFear was underage]].
* ''VideoGame/TheSims''
** Hacks remove the mosaic blur over naked sims. Everyone is [[BarbieDollAnatomy smooth like Ken and Barbie]] by default so of course, people made mods for ''that.'' Along with... well, let's just say there's whole websites worth of X-rated Sims stuff (''Sims 2'' in particular.)
** Generally, the first mods for any game of ''The Sims'' will involve removing the Mosaic Blurs. Mostly because this is actually the ''easiest'' thing to mod over. Stuff like [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUFsRXrAkQk this]] or [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xfck4VX1pc&feature=related this]] (both SFW) come later.
** Invoked in [[http://www.dorktower.com/2001/03/17/comics-archive-123/ this]] ''Webcomic/DorkTower'' strip
** With the 'boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true' command it is possible to make any adult Sim pregnant by any other Sim. That includes getting pregnant by relatives, male pregnancy, getting pregnant by children...
** Fat admirers have created patches that make the women fat.
*** Starting with The Sims 2, this is a vanilla feature.
** You can customize the breast size of female sims and butt size of all sims in The Sims 4 by clicking on those parts and dragging them.
* This rule has been acknowledged for the ''VideoGame/{{Spore}}'' creature creator. It made the game's online feature family-unfriendly because players got to see alien races by other users, but didn't get to choose which ones they see. To put it another way, say hello to walking penises, crawling penises, flying penises, monsters with penises, [[SerialEscalation penises with penises]][[note]][[UpToEleven Or giant penises with huge penises with smaller penises on them]] [[RefugeInAudacity with a little buzz saw on the smallest ones]][[/note]], and creatures in the form of two people copulating. And the occasional breasts. This is so prevalent it has its own name - "sporn", a portmanteau of "Spore" and "Porn".
** You ''can'' forbid monsters that are risqué or you just don't like from appearing on your computer. If enough people ban a monster, it will only be used by the creator (local host only). You can also turn off sharing for monsters that are walking cocks if you create one. There used to be an achievement for having one of your creations banned from the game servers, but it was removed when the developers realized that rewarding players for unleashing these horrors was a ''terrible idea''.
* There are mods for ''VideoGame/StardewValley'' that will make your farmer, the female [=NPCs=], and one of the male [=NPCs=] nude. You can also change your livestock and/or artisan crafting stations into nude bondage slaveboys. One particularly infamous mod adds ADateWithRosiePalms to the schedules of all the eligible bachelors.
* ''VideoGame/TomodachiLife'' has a [[SyntheticVoiceActor speech synthesis system]], which makes abusing [[HelloInsertNameHere the Miis' customizable names]] much funnier since you can actually hear the dirty words (and in a game that was meant to be appropriate for kids, too). Also, you can have the Miis sing with customizable lyrics, and people obviously made them [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAXLK3pHfp8 sing about sex]]. Of course, you can't type dirty words proper (it's a Nintendo game, after all), but a few workarounds (such as "shiit" instead of "shit") [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lt11fhOpauk will allow your Miis to swear without it sounding unnatural]].

[[folder:Sports Games]]
* This trope is the reason that, ever since the ''VideoGame/SmackdownVsRaw'' games have had online play capability, they have prohibited logos from being placed on the lower bodies of created wrestlers.
* When the create-a-wrestler mode in the Videogame/WWEVideoGames series got advanced enough to allow the addition of shapes and patterns to [=CAWs=], it wasn't long before players started making nude female [=CAWs=] with nipples made out of patterns. WWE tried to put a stop to this by disabling adding patterns to female CAW torsos in ''WWE [=SmackDown=]! Shut Your Mouth'', but players hacked the ability to add them back into the game with a VideoGame/GameShark. ''[=SmackDown=]! Here Comes the Pain'' stopped the fun for good by causing torso patterns to go ''behind'' the female [=CAW's=] breasts.
* There was a VideoGame/GameShark code for ''WWF War Zone'' which enabled female wrestlers to wrestle topless. They even had nipples.

[[folder:Strategy Games]]
* As with ''Total War'', ''VideoGame/CrusaderKings'' allows you to pair off characters in rather scandalous combinations. [[ParentalIncest Parent/Child]] and [[BrotherSisterIncest Brother/Sister]] are explicitly forbidden by game mechanics (unless you're following certain religions, then such pairings are encouraged), but not [[IncestIsRelative First Cousins]], [[{{Squick}} Uncle/Niece, Stepparent/Stepchild]], or [[BrainBleach Grandparent/Grandchild]].
** The real fun thing? All but those last two were probably moderately common [[ValuesDissonance at the time]].
** One patch introduced a trait to allow certain characters to prefer incestuous relationships, specifically to make things easier for the people making the ''[[Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire Game of Thrones]]'' GameMod.
** A (probably) unintentional one: Another mod introduced a sequence of events that allows homosexual characters to become lovers. Certain events in the base game fire for any lover pairing, and the modders [[GoodBadBugs forgot to insert the proper gender checks for these events]], resulting in [[MisterSeahorse male characters becoming pregnant and having children]]. The later official ''Way of Life'' DLC does have checks to make certain the lover that gets pregnant is female... but, at release, not for making certain the lover that ''made'' them pregnant was male.
** As with "The Old Gods" DLC, it is possible, and even encouraged, to marry close kin if your religion is Zoroastrian. This DLC also added concubines, which are {{sex slave}}s for all purposes and intents.
** The "Conclave" DLC adds horses as characters generated by a certain event. Normally, they spawn with a trait that prevents them from marrying or reproducing. An [[GoodBadBugs exploit]] allows horse characters without this trait to be generated, [[BestialityIsDepraved enabling them to marry and reproduce with human characters]]. [[https://imgur.com/a/K1utf One player used this particular exploit to restore the Roman Empire as a Viking horse]].

[[folder:Survival Horror]]
* In a moment of partial DevelopersForesight, in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' you can use your gun crosshairs to look up Ashley's skirt and she will immediately cover herself and call him a pervert. However, this reaction seems to purely be triggered by the positioning of Leon's face, meaning that even if the ''camera'' can see just fine, she won't cover up if there's no line of sight directly tracing towards Leon's eyes. Hilariously, this can also lead to false positives, where, say, Leon gets called a pervert for having his severed head land eyes-up under Ashley.
** In the remake of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil'', you can unlock Jill's miniskirt outfit from ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil3Nemesis'', allowing you to see upskirt in some cutscenes.

[[folder:Turn-Based Strategy]]
* In many of the ''Videogame/TotalWar'' games, it's quite easy to turn your royal family into an incestuous nightmare with siblings marrying each other and elderly uncles marrying their relatives the moment they come of age. The first ''[[VideoGame/MedievalTotalWar Medieval]]'' game will automatically create father/daughter pairings for you with surprising frequency. Particularly Squicky (even ''comparatively'') is when the age of the father creates the horrible realization about the maximum possible age their child can be. You can make your own father-daughter pairing as well - wait until you get a new king, and then marry him to a princess. She'll register as his daughter.
* ''VideoGame/XCOM2'''s ''War of the Chosen'' expansion adds a photobooth feature that allows you to make [[JoinTheArmyTheySaid recruitment posters]] featuring your soldiers. The posters will show up in-game, plastered to walls in Resistance settlements. Players quickly realized that with strategic camera angles, certain poses, and the shirtless customization option, they could make posters that [[SexSells appeal to mankind's baser instincts.]] Alternately, you can replace the contents of your photobooth folder with whatever you like (i.e., porn) and it'll show up instead.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* You can add a [[UsefulNotes/{{BDSM}} D/s]] twist to any dating sim or visual novel with a faceless protagonist simply by naming them "Master".
* ''VideoGame/Heartache101SourIntoSweet'' lets the player mod a RomanceGame with graphics, storylines, and music. It may be easier to create [=NSFW=] content with ''Heartache 101'' rather than creating a unique game with UsefulNotes/RenPy or other tools.

[[folder:Wide Open Sandbox]]
* ''VideoGame/GarrysMod'', a famous ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' sandbox mod, allows you to build contraptions using models from assorted Creator/{{Valve|Software}} games to do obvious things such as making giant dongs or poorly putting ragdolls into sex poses. The game's official site used to be littered with pornographic contraptions and images before constant complaining from the Facepunch community led to them being cleaned up. The pornographic uploads are borderline extinct on Facepunch. Other sites? Not so much.
* Even ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' has been hit by this. [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Golden cock and balls]], anyone?
** And some people have made naked character skins and have modded the ingame paintings into porn.
* ''VideoGame/NoMansSky'' lets players explore a vast galaxy full of planets and lifeforms they can name... Knowing how Spore turned out, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K6t77a9Rw0 this was inevitable]].
* In ''VideoGame/{{Roblox}}'', it was inevitable that people were going to make sexual stuff, and have done so despite it being strictly banned. Whenever a place with sexually explict content gets found by frequent users of the site (usually the forums) it tends to get deleted within a few hours at most. Additionally, after the ColbertBump which was initiated around late 2015, some parents went to local news stations and told them about their child stumbling upon possible predators though these reports started over a year later.

* Just to show that the immature mind will make use of the smallest degree of creative freedom, a popular clan-tag is [=[=][[spoiler:~c=8]][=]=] (Spoilered to protect innocent eyes from the horror of a crudely drawn ascii phallus.)
** Similarly used in countless ways to abuse the HelloInsertNameHere function of games, or usernames or titles.
* Online drawing-chain games such as Website/{{Drawception}} and Website/DoodleOrDie have players drawing something, then allowing someone else to describe it, then a third player drawing the description, and so on and so forth. There's little to no limit as to what can be drawn, so to say that people will sometimes draw sexual organs, porn, or fetish art instead of what the prompt tells them to draw is a massive understatement. Unlike most other examples, this is heavily frowned upon (particularly on Drawception), as most of the time the suggestive material winds up derailing promising chains and is seen as immature.
* In the early days of UsefulNotes/{{Arcade Game}}s, high score screens would ask you to enter your initials after getting a high score. Naturally, some people would enter ASS, SEX, FUK, or the like. Most later arcade machines have code to block such initials.
* There are tons of ROM hacks, mostly for [[UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem NES]] games like ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros'', ''VideoGame/RiverCityRansom'' and ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon'' that change all (or most) of the graphics and text into graphics and text of a sexual or gory nature. [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking And then there's the hacks that just turn characters into Wilford Brimley]]. [[http://www.i-mockery.com/romhacks/ Read up on them here.]]
* An [[InvertedTrope inversion]] is something called ''[[http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1264/ Joji Fuku O Kite (Little Girls Wearing Clothes)]]'' which was made from the old unlicensed nudie game ''Idol Shisen Mahjong'' featuring pictures of women who strip for the player between levels. ''Idol Shisen Mahjong'' in turn is actually an early hack of ''Tiles of Fate'', in which the prize for beating levels was being shown conquering various parts of China. In ''Joji Fuku O Kite'', the prize is... well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin pictures of fully clothed little girls]]. They don't even pose pruriently or anything.

!!Fictional examples

* ''Literature/SnowCrash'' mentions that one can make one's Metaverse avatar a giant talking penis, and that people have done so.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/{{Friends}}'' episode "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel," Chandler plays ''VideoGame/PacMan'' and fills the high score table with dirty words[[labelnote:*]]They couldn't show it because ''Pac-Man'' in real life only saved one high score and never asked the player for initials.[[/labelnote]].
-->'''Monica:''' You think this is clever?\\
'''Chandler:''' Well, you know, they only give you three letters, so after A-S-S, it ''is'' a bit of a challenge.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'':
** In the 3DS review:
---> '''Yahtzee:''' I did check and it is extremely possible to make a Mii that has what looks like a cock for a face. It's equally possible to name him "Señor Coquonface" and make him your [=StreetPass=] ambassador who greets everyone in the vicinity with the phrase "I'm watching you!" in block capital.
** From his review of ''VideoGame/TabulaRasa'':
---> '''Yahtzee:''' Mindful of the fact that the duty of a beta tester is to try and break the game, I decided to test out Tabula Rasa's obscenity filter by naming my creation Gareth Gobulcoque.
** In any game with construction abilities, he'll inevitably build a giant penis, as in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' and ''VideoGame/FromDust''.
** In the 3DS ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'' review, he chooses the name "Fuck me", which, as he points out, is already the subject of [[ChickMagnet most of your conversations with female characters]] (although he also mentioned that his main reason for doing so was to get Navi to say "Fuck me, it's cold!" when he got to the ice level).
* [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/comicsandcosplay/comics/stolen-pixels/5625-Stolen-Pixels-53-Hidden-Treasures ''Stolen Pixels'']] has a (fictitious) in-game example: the prince from VideoGame/PrinceOfPersia2008 jumps from a cliff and gets saved by Elika--all in order to look down her shirt in the process. The player doesn't get to look, but gets an achievement instead.