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[[caption-width-right:300:"Ethel, how do you say 'We're from Queens' in British?"]]

->'''James Lipton:''' In that picture.. Kelly's grandfather invites the entire gang to Hawaii for summer holiday.
->'''Dustin Diamond:''' Yes! The thing about that-
->'''James Lipton:''' [interrupting] They expect a marvelous time at the beach, sans Mr. Belding. They arrive.. and discover Mr. Belding is there as well, don't they?
->'''Dustin Diamond:''' Yes! Yes, he is! [cracking up] They didn't think he was gonna be there, but he is! That's the twist part! [laughs]
-->-- '''''Series/SaturdayNightLive''''' sketch "''Inside The Actor's Studio'' - Series/SavedByTheBell: Hawaiian Style"

In an ongoing series that normally takes place in a few fixed locations, the Vacation Episode is a one-off episode where the characters leave their familiar grounds for a well-deserved rest. The vacation will invariably be set in a faraway and exotic location for maximum impact; given the higher costs of shooting on location, the episode will often be [[StoryArc longer than usual]], to make [[ShootTheMoney best use of the budget]]. A SpecialGuest or three might also be included. Expect some jokes at the expense of the city, country or people visited, targeting NationalStereotypes, [[FunnyForeigner funny foreigners]] or a CultureClash between our protagonists and the foreigners. When jokes are made at the expense of the protagonists' own nation or culture it's MyCountryTisOfTheeThatISting.

May overlap with other types of episodes depending on the destination; for instance, a Vacation Episode to Hawaii will inevitably also be a BeachEpisode. It may also turn out to be a BusmansHoliday. Occurs in lots of anime, often as a BeachEpisode.

Also see ChristmasEpisode, BeachEpisode, RoadTripPlot, HotSpringsEpisode, and the {{Episodes}} index. Parent trope to AlohaHawaii and VivaLasVegas. Add {{Horror}} and it becomes a DeadlyRoadTrip. While in another country the characters may be there for a mission, a task, a quest or a search.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/LoveHina'' spent most of its time in the Hinata Inn, but had a BeachEpisode and a few other trips.
* Likewise ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', both manga and anime.
* ''Manga/OuranHighSchoolHostClub'' had the occasional BeachEpisode.
* [[Manga/KOn K-On! Movie]] is about the band going to England to celebrate their graduation.

[[folder:Comic Book]]
* ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}}'': Not really vacations, but Asterix and Obelix travel sometimes to other countries for one album, giving the creators a chance to reference various aspects of the local culture and poke fun at NationalStereotypes. They're usually there on a mission, but still act as tourists most of the time.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndTheGoths'': Germania, aka Germany.
** ''Recap/AsterixTheGladiator'', ''Recap/AsterixTheLegionary'', ''Recap/AsterixAndTheLaurelWreath'': Rome.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndTheBanquet'': Gaul, aka France. In ''Recap/AsterixAndTheChieftainsShield'' they travel to Arvernia, aka the French province Auvergne.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndCleopatra'': Egypt.
** ''Recap/AsterixInBritain'': Britannia, aka Great Britain.
** ''Recap/AsterixAtTheOlympicGames'': Hellas, aka Greece.
** ''Recap/AsterixInSpain'': Hispania, aka Spain.
** ''Recap/AsterixinSwitzerland'': Helvetia, aka Switzerland.
** ''Recap/AsterixinCorsica'': Corsica.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndTheGreatCrossing'': the USA and (very briefly) Denmark.
** ''Recap/AsterixInBelgium'': Belgica, aka Belgium.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndTheBlackGold'': Judea, aka Israel.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndTheMagicCarpet'': Indusland, aka India.
** ''Recap/AsterixAndThePicts'': Caledonia, aka Scotland.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Book 2 of ''FanFic/SterateBaboogeddon''.
* Chapters 1 and 3 of ''Fanfic/CalvinAndHobbesGetXtreme''.
* ''FanFic/MegaManDefenderOfTheHumanRace'' has episode 13, about the Lights going on vacation to Hawaii.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* After the first few seasons, ''Series/{{Friends}}'' began a pattern of making every season finale a two-parter vacation episode.
** Although with the exception of the London episode(s), most of these were filled with CaliforniaDoubling.
* ''Series/TheBradyBunch''
** The Season 3 premiere was a three-part trip to the Grand Canyon, with gold mining, ghost towns, and Jim Backus as a [[{{Prospector}} crazed prospector]].
** Season 4 started with a three-part family trip to Hawaii, where the kids toured the local beaches, got involved with a cursed tiki, and ran into Don Ho and Vincent Price.
** In the final season, one episode took place almost entirely at King's Island, a ThemePark near Cincinnati, Ohio.
* ''Series/ILoveLucy''
** The show had an entire ''vacation StoryArc'' that ate most of the fourth season and leaked into the fifth. It pretty much inflated every aspect of this trope to fit -- especially, since it was a trip to Hollywood, the SpecialGuest part.
** Also later in the fifth season, the tour through Europe.
* ''Series/FamilyTies'' has the TV movie ''Family Ties Vacation'' where the Keatons went to England[[note]](the movie has not, apparently, been shown in the UK due to ChannelFour not running the entire series)[[/note]].
* ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle''
** {{Subversion}}: one entire episode was built around the family stuck in a traffic jam on their way to the vacation.
** PlayedStraight: the previous episode was them at a water park. The traffic jam episode was the drive home. And the B-plot with Dewie was a 2-parter.
** Another played straight, but also played 'with': Malcolm and Reese try to snealk off to 'Burning Man' only to be caught by their parents...who decide it sounds like a delightful family vacation. Reese embraces the spirit of Burning Man, Lois does too yet still acts like its a family fun time, Malcolm gets into it in a sense but can't completely let go, Hal tries to act like its any other vacation but his conservative nature and hatred of the free spirited nature of the festival makes him hole up in the RV (the other people thinking he's making a live art piece about pretenciousness), and Dewey....is forced to do everything Hal doesn't want to.
* ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch'' had a two or three part season finale in some sort of beach resort.
** Also, an episode at Disney World.
* ''Series/MarriedWithChildren''
** There were three episodes (actually, a three-part episode) in England (ironically, the series wasn't running on British TV at the time!).
** And the two-parter in picturesque Dumpwater FL.
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'', Season 8, episodes 14-15. No sharks were jumped, literally at any rate.
* ''Series/{{Blossom}}'' kicked off a season with a five-episode storyline (basically a TV movie, which was how it was originally shown) in Paris.
* {{The Movie}}s of certain seventies {{Brit Com}}s, for instance ''Series/AreYouBeingServed'' (Spain), ''Holiday OnTheBuses'' (holiday camp) and ''Series/WhateverHappenedToTheLikelyLads'' (caravanning). More recent examples are the ''Series/HarryEnfieldAndChums'' movie ''Film/KevinAndPerryGoLarge'' (Ibiza) and ''Series/TheInbetweeners [[Film/TheInbetweenersMovie Movie]]'' (Crete).
** This was parodied/invoked in ''Series/TheLeagueOfGentlemen's Apocalypse'', when Pauline suggests that a possible plot for the ''League of Gentlemen'' movie might be that all the characters go on holiday together.
** In the 80s and 90s, it was more common as the ChristmasEpisode, such as ''Series/OnlyFoolsAndHorses: Miami Twice'', or ''[[Series/OneFootInTheGrave One Foot In The Algarve]]''. These were sometimes criticized for having nothing to do with Christmas.
* The TeenNick shows tend to have one every year.
* Series/HannahMontana also has one every year.
* ''Series/FullHouse'' had episodes of the family going to Hawaii and Walt Disney World.
* ''Series/ModernFamily'' does this (roughly) OnceASeason: the family have visited Hawaii, a Wyoming ranch, Disneyland, Palm Springs and in the [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin episodes of the same name]] UsefulNotes/LasVegas and UsefulNotes/{{Australia}}. It's usually made a point that vacation episodes of the show are filmed on location, and are often double episodes or season premieres/finales.
* ''Series/HeadOfTheClass'' had the class go to Moscow, the first American show to film there.
* ''Series/SesameStreet'' had a series of episodes where the characters went to Puerto Rico to visit Maria's family. Also, there were one-hour specials like ''Big Bird in China'' and ''Big Bird in Japan''.
* ''{{Roseanne}}'' had an episode where Dan and Roseanne go to UsefulNotes/LasVegas, featuring nonstop gambling and a visit with Wayne Newton (and a Wayne Newton impersonator). Another episode featured a trip to Walt Disney World.
* ''Series/TheJeffersons'' went to Hawaii in a four-part episode arc.
* ''Series/SavedByTheBell''
** The series finale has Zack and Kelly married in UsefulNotes/LasVegas.
** An earlier episode has Kelly's grandpa inviting everyone to his hotel in Hawaii for summer vacation.
* ''JonAndKatePlusEight'' went to Hawaii to renew their wedding vows.
* Season 3 of ''Series/MyWifeAndKids'' started with a three-part episode in Hawaii, with stops in New York, Chicago, Denver and other cities before they arrived (two days later).
* The Spanish dramedy ''Series/AquiNoHayQuienViva'' had one that doubles as both a BeachEpisode and a PoolEpisode.
* In season 3 of ''Series/BoyMeetsWorld'', Topanga wins a trip to Disney World. Cory follows her to make up with her.
* ''Series/StepByStep'' had two of these: one in Hawaii and one at Disney World.
* ''Series/TheMonkees'' episode "The Monkees in Paris" where the guys walk off the set tired of the same old scripts and go to Paris.
* ''Series/GossipGirl'' season four sees Blair and Serena enjoy their summer vacation in Paris (filmed on location).
* Subverted in a first season episode of ''Series/CriminalMinds''. It starts with the team getting time off and Elle and Morgan going to Jamaica (?). They promptly discover a dead body and the rest of the team is called in.
* ''Series/HomeImprovement'' had two, one where the Taylor family goes to a lake house, and one where Tim, Jill, Al, Heidi and Wilson go on a rafting trip for Tim's birthday.
* ''Series/TheLateLateShow'' spent a week in Paris, with Creator/CraigFerguson and Creator/KristenBell visiting popular tourist destinations and eating dinner with Creator/JeanReno.
* ''[[Creator/DavidLetterman Late Show with David Letterman]]'' spent a week in London (which also marked the only time the series saw the light of British terrestrial television - [[Creator/TheBBC BBC2]] aired those episodes). Johnny Carson and Bill Maher also had UK jaunts.
* Steve and the kids win a trip to Universal Studios Orlando on ''Series/TheSteveHarveyShow''. Regina tags along because she's always wanted to ride The Hulk rollercoaster, and Cedric uses the trip to give Lovita a honeymoon.
* In the second-season ''Series/TwoBrokeGirls'' episode "And the Bear Problem", Caroline, Max and Andy go on a weekend trip to a cabin.
* Bravo always sends ''Series/TheRealHousewives'' on at least one group trip for [[RuleOfDrama drama]] and [[HilarityEnsues hijinx]].
* ''{{Series/Emergency}}'' had "Welcome to Santa Rosa County", where the paramedic duo tried to go on a fishing trip in another California county, but work followed them.
* ''Series/BarnabyJones'' had a "Nightmare In Hawaii" in the final season, where J.R. ([[Series/{{Dallas}} not that one]]) was framed for murder. This episode averted CaliforniaDoubling by being filmed in the 50th state (this being a Creator/{{CBS}} show, [[Series/HawaiiFiveO that was]] [[Series/MagnumPI to be expected]]).
* In season two of ''Series/TheGoldenGirls'', Dorothy, Rose and Blanche visit an unnamed BananaRepublic country, and wind up stranded on what appears to be a DesertedIsland.
* ''Series/RootIntoEurope'': In this comedy series about a British couple visiting various European countries each episode is set in another country, namely France, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Episode 3 of ''LlamasWithHats'': Carl enjoys himself rather more than Paul does, as Paul's day is ruined by Carl toppling a South American Government and pushing people into a giant fan.
* WordOfGod has said that after the first one, the commercial specials are done whenever WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic is in need of a break from proper reviewing.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/NiHaoKaiLan'' episode, "Ni Hao's Trip to China" is a textbook example. It's a double-length episode where everyone visits Kai-lan's great-aunt in China, tries various new things, and meet a newborn baby panda.
* ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventuresHowISpentMyVacation'', where all the ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'' characters leave Acme Looniversity for various vacation-related hijinx.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''
** The Simpsons have visited many locations over the years, usually because of a quest, a mission or some incident, but they still act like tourists while being there, visiting the country's hot spots, and meeting the locals. All while the creators have fun referencing all the stuff that particular location is (in)famous for, with NationalStereotypes included. Examples of such episodes where usually a large part of the plot is travel related:
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS3E2MrLisaGoesToWashington Lisa Goes To Washington]]'': Washington D.C.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS9E1TheCityOfNewYorkVsHomerSimpson The City Of New York Vs. Homer Simpson]]'': New York City
*** Which they end up visiting a lot more in later seasons despite Homer's horrible experience there. [[LampshadeHanging Bart even suggests buying a house there already]].
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS1E11TheCrepesOfWrath The Crepes Of Wrath]]'': France.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS6E16BartVSAustralia Bart vs. Australia]]'': Australia.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS17E8TheItalianBob The Italian Bob]]'': Italy.
*** ''Bart Of War'': Canada.
*** ''Recap/TheSimpsonsS13E15BlameItOnLisa'': Brazil.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS9E20TheTroubleWithTrillions The Trouble With Trillions]]'': Cuba
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS16E12GooGooGaiPan Goo Gai Pan]]'': China.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS12E17SimpsonSafari Simpsons Safari]]'': Africa.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS17E17KissKissBangBangalore Kiss Kiss Bangalore]]'': India.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS15E4TheReginaMonologues The Regina Monologues]]'': United Kingdom.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS20E14InTheNameOfTheGrandfather In the Name of the Grandfather]]'': Ireland
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS10E23ThirtyMinutesOverTokyo 30 Minutes Over Tokyo]]'': Japan.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS21E16TheGreatestStoryEverDohed The Greatest Story Ever D'ohed]]'': Israel.
*** ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS24E21TheSagaOfCarl The Saga Of Carl]]'': Iceland.
** Before they had gone everywhere on the planet they had one of these where they went to the beach for a week, using Flanders's beach house.
** Early in the first season, they rented an RV and went camping. It crashed down a cliff at the end of act one, leaving the Simpsons stranded in the woods.
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/FostersHomeForImaginaryFriends'' [[{{Deconstruction}} deconstructs]] the "packing up and getting to the airport" part of a vacation, [[SubvertedTrope much to the dismay of those]] who were expecting "Foster's Goes To Europe" to, well, [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin go to Europe]].
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Chowder}}'' 's "The Vacation" occupies its time with Chowder getting stuck in Mung Daal Catering's bathroom and the others trying to get him out.
* That episode of ''WesternAnimation/CowAndChicken'' that spends its entire runtime on a plane... [[spoiler:that turns out hasn't even taken off yet.]]
* One "Thunder Lizards" segment on ''WesternAnimation/EekTheCat'' was about Bill and Scooter actually inventing the concept of a vacation.
* The ''WesternAnimation/{{Rugrats}}'' did a couple vacation episodes, as well as [[SequelGoesForeign a vacation]] ''[[WesternAnimation/RugratsInParis movie]]''.
* ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong'': Jake Long will always have some magical emergency even during what would otherwise be vacation episodes.
** "The Long Weekend": His Dad took him into a camping trip, where Jake ended up having to save a village of sprites.
** "Feeding Frenzy": The Longs were visiting relatives in Florida and a gang of magical sharks caused mayhem.
** "The Hong Kong Longs": The Longs went to Hong Kong for a two-week vacation. It was also the time for all dragons on Earth to meet at Victoria Peak and the Dark Dragon captured Lao Shi to force Jake to slip a mind-controlling potion to control all dragons. This was also the only episode of the series to have no scene in America.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants'' did a whole series of vacation episodes.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}'' had a song called "I'm Mad!" where they go on a car trip.
* The children's channel Creator/{{Noggin}} had a song called "Are We There Yet?", about how exciting a vacation can be.
* OlderThanTelevision: The ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'' episode "Neapolitan Mouse" features Tom and Jerry on vacation in Naples, Italy.
* The third TVMovie of ''WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom'', "Reality Trip", dealt with Danny planning to go on a cross country trip for Summer with Tucker and Sam. While they do get to, they also have to deal with Freakshow's return, their families getting kidnapped, having to hunt down three mystical gems, and Danny's SecretIdentity being revealed to whole world.
* ''WesternAnimation/TimeSquad'' had a later episode where despite being on the job and called to help out Sir Henry Morton Stanley in the heart of Africa, they all ditch him to have a vacation of their own.
* ''{{WesternAnimation/Arthur}}'' had the episode "Arthur's Family Vacation" where Arthur has to come along with his family to an ocean side vacation despite his wishes to spend his summer at camp.