->"''I'm surprised it doesn't come with a CD of V8 engine noises!''"
-->-- '''[[Series/TopGear Jeremy Clarkson]]''' regarding the Tesla Roadster

In real life, there are many different kinds of engines. They all sound different, depending on their construction, operation, and even how the intake and exhaust are routed. While there are general "base" noises each kind of engine makes, the V8 engine is the most unique in sound. Because of the lore of V8 engines, [[http://www.machinedesign.com/archive/mystery-why-v8-engines-sound-so-euphonious the inherent music-like quality that stems from both cylinder banks having to fire at different rates that makes them two base frequencies instead of just one]], or maybe because [[TheSixties they are just a little behind the times]], TheCoconutEffect comes into play, and oftentimes film makers overdub the sound of a mundane car so it sounds like it has a V8. This, somehow, is more realistic for viewers who know nothing about cars.

[[UsefulNotes To be noted:]] the ''classic'' V8 burbling sound is almost always generated by 90-degree odd-firing V8s with cross-plane crankshafts usually associated with American Musclecars. Any other V8 design, from the flat-plane Ferrari or Maserati engines to the high-rpm Lotus Esprit V8, and especially V8 UsefulNotes/FormulaOne engines before 2014, sounds different.


[[folder: Comic Books ]]

* In ''ComicBook/SinCity'', the sound of a V8 engine is said to be vastly different from the sounds of other engines.


[[folder: Film ]]

* Played with in ''Jeremy Clarkson's Thriller'', where he creates a [[HotPursuit movie chase scene]] with a Mini Cooper and a Renault Twingo, both tiny 4 cylinder hatchbacks, and both overdubbed with V8 soundtracks. Special mention goes to this one for also synchronizing the exterior and interior sounds perfectly to the action.
* Averted, of all franchises, on ''Film/TheFastAndTheFurious''. Not necessary when all your 4 and 6-cylinder engines have so much customization they hardly even resemble their original counterparts anymore.
* TheRemake of ''Film/TheWarOfTheWorlds'' has the first generation Dodge Caravan, in all its fake woody panel, 4-cylinder engine glory, speeding away in the beginning thrumming out the sound of a V8.
* ''Film/BackToTheFuture'' was a prime offender. The [=DeLorean=] normally has a V6 (the [=PRV6=]), but the example used for filming had a flat-six engine from a Porsche 911 dropped in when they found the stock engine would struggle to hit 88MPH in a reasonable timeframe. They ''still'' dubbed V8 noises over it.
** Flat engines (easily distinguished in flat-fours like Alfa-Romeo 33 or Porsche 356 / Volkswagen Beetle, the greater the number of cylinders the less specific the noise is) have their own unique sound due to alternately-firing cylinders on both sides, a doof-doof-doof noise.
* ''Film/NeverBeenKissed'' does this with Josie's Buick [=LeSabre,=] which has been modified by Rob to have Tiki Post liveries. In the scene in question, he pulls off to the sound of the [[StockSoundEffect V8 Burnout]].
* Justified in ''Film/{{Bullitt}}''. Both cars involved in the famous chase scene were actually V8-powered - the villains' Charger used a 440ci (7.2L) Magnum V8, while [=McQueen=]'s Mustang [=GT350=] was powered by a 390ci (6.4L) V8.
* Averted and played straight at the same time in the short film [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C%27%C3%A9tait_un_rendez-vous C'était un rendez-vous]] director Claude Lelouch dubbed the sounds of his ''[[UpToEleven V-12]]'' Ferrari 275GTB over the V-8 noises of the Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9 actually used to film the sequence. It wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't dubbed very fake-sounding tire squeals as well...


[[folder: Live Action Television ]]

* ''Series/TopGear'' has been accused of this, and in the episode when Clarkson and May had to make a Volkswagen ad for the Scirocco Diesel, they apparently "enhanced the sound" in one of the commercials, and were called out for it by the advert producers.
* ''Series/GoldRush'' seems to use the sound of a carbureted V8 that doesn't want to shut off while various large, diesel engine powered machines are seen being shut down. Diesel engines ''never'' make that noise.


[[folder: Pinball ]]

* Averted in ''Pinball/{{Corvette}},'' which uses engine sounds from a real Chevrolet Corvette (reportedly a 1963 Grand Sport).


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* The Skyguard anti-air buggy in ''VideoGame/PlanetSide'' makes a heavy, burbling V8 noise when idling and revving, which stands in stark contrast the crappy diesel-sounding four-banger engines in the other buggies, which are ironically, faster than the big V8 Skyguard.

* ''Videogame/{{The Crew}}'' uses same V8 engine noises for whenever you enter or exit safehouse or tuner shop and during all cutscenes. While at least 1/3 of the car list avert this by actually being V8-powered cars, it doesn't stop your Mini (or Pagani, for the other end of the scale) from sounding like they have race-modded Hemis in them once in a while.


[[folder: Web Originals ]]

* Part of what makes [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEROVWDp3n0 this]] Creator/FreddieWong video so awesome is the dubious overdubbing of real vehicle sounds and effects.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]
* [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons The Simpsons]]' iconic pink sedan often uses this sound; {{Justified}} in that the vehicle itself is based off mid-70's sedans, specifically the Plymouth Valiant, which was known for sporting a hefty V-8 under the hood.

[[folder: Real Life ]]

* The ultimate RealLife aversion of this will likely always be classic Indianapolis 500s, where the sounds of competing engines of different designs (most notably numbers of cylinders) could be and were regularly commented on not only by motorsports journalists present from both radio and television, but also the fans in the stands.
* Enforced with some modern German luxury cars in order to appeal to customers. Especially diesel engines are supplemented by sound actuators, which are supposed to compensate for the acoustic deficiencies. However, gasoline engines as well employ them increasingly in order to avert the sound downgrade which comes in conjunction with the trend to downsizing. While they don't necessarily create V8 noises, this is specifically the case for high powered six-cylinder diesel engines of BMW and Audi (with more than 221 kW/300 hp). Funnily enough, the Mercedes-Benz M 152 DE 55 and the Audi 4.0 TFSI engine, while being genuine V8s, make use of this as well, because they feature cylinder deactivation for improved fuel economy. In that operational mode, in addition to suffering from reduced engine balance, the common V8 sound is lost due to the increased time between power strokes. The utilisation of the actuator avoids this.
* Owners of [[RiceBurner ricers]] will often try and make their cars sound like this, by means of the infamous "fart can" exhaust.