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This is the fun aversion or supplement to the BottomlessMagazines trope. Sometimes the gunslinger has to have a [[CoolButInefficient cool (if not practical)]] way of reloading to show how badass he is.

Usually the Unorthodox Reload involves a lot of unnecessary and complicated choreography. In others, it involves incredible, mostly impossible, feats of physics that if attempted in reality, would either not work, jam the firearm in question or result in grievous bodily harm.

Reloading a firearm is actually a deceptively complex procedure, and must be done carefully. If done improperly the gun may jam or malfunction. At worst you could hurt yourself.

See also OneHandedShotgunPump, UnorthodoxSheathing and UnorthodoxHolstering.


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Alucard from ''Manga/{{Hellsing}}'' uses his teeth to pull back the slide on his pistol and chamber a round (either one) after setting in a magazine. Don't try this at home, kids, unless you have jaws of steel.
** In the [[GeckoEnding finale]] of TV series he also used telekinesis to pull a magazine from across the room. He didn't catch it - it went straight into the gun.
* Yukimi from ''Manga/NabariNoOu'' also does this once. It's [[JustifiedTrope justified]], though, because [[spoiler:he only has one arm]] and can't reload his gun any other way.
* Rushuna Tendou from ''Anime/{{Grenadier}}'' stores extra bullets in her [[VictoriasSecretCompartment considerable cleavage]] - when she needs to reload, she [[{{Gainaxing}} somehow manages to eject the exact number of bullets from there]] and then scoops them out of the air with her revolver. While ''[[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning spinning]]'', '''and''' performing GunKata to dodge bullets (as in forty villains, all firing at her with modern rifles). And she isn't the only character able to do that.
* Rally Vincent in both the Manga and Anime of ''Manga/GunsmithCats'' has at least one scene in either version of the series in which she reloads her CZ-75 pistol by dropping a fresh magazine onto her foot (a necessity in the manga, with one broken arm as the result of an accident) and then kicking it up into the magazine well of the gun before popping the slide release to chamber a round.
** Worth pointing out that the anime version had her balancing an empty mag on her foot that she'd ejected. She just caught it with her off-hand after flicking it back up and tucked it into her jacket - presumably because it was cheaper than leaving it behind and buying a replacement.
* In one episode of ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' Revy reloads one of her pistols by loading a magazine into it using her teeth. While still firing at her opponents with the other one.
* Signum of ''Franchise/LyricalNanoha'' casually flicks a Cartridge - basically something that resembles a bullet but is just storage for an extra burst of magic - into the chamber of her weapon in the second episode of the second season.
* Guido Mista of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' fame reloads his revolver by tilting his head down. The bullets come out of his hat. He only does this during battle where a quick reload is required, though. Otherwise he reloads by hand.
* Train Heartnet in ''Manga/BlackCat'' is probably the epitome of this, in that he throws bullets up into the air, cracks open his revolver, so that the handle flips back (its a custom weapon in this case, so at least that bit is somewhat feasible[[note]]and in fact actually was the way some revolvers were designed to reload, known as a "top break" design[[/note]]) then times a hand flick so it snaps back into position with the bullets grabbed in the revolver chambers.
* Blush from TheWestern manga ''Manga/EtCetera'' can [[FastestGunInTheWest fire his guns so fast that it seems it all came from a single gunshot]]. In fact, characters claim to hear only one gunshot even though as much as 12 shots can have been fired. Because he uses all of his ammo in an instant, he carries ''pre-loaded'' cylinders on his belt, and simply pops the empty ones off and "reloads" entire cylinders to use.
** Swapping cylinders was a reasonably common way of reloading at some points in history, for those gunfighters who could afford spare cylinders. Particularly those who favored the Remington 1858 New Army. Creator/ClintEastwood reloads that way in ''Film/PaleRider'' (using an aforementioned 1858, albeit one converted use cartridges). Probably the fastest way to reload a six-gun until the invention of the speedloader.
* Used in one chapter of ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple'', when the titular character's father Genji attempts to "rescue" his son, hauling away his son in one hand while blasting away at the masters of Ryouzanpaku with his rifle Rotowski. When weapons master Shigure gives chase, she notes that Genji won't be able to reload his weapon singlehandedly. A single panel later, he does exactly that.
* Jo's mechanical holsters in ''Anime/BurstAngel'' also double as magazine dispensers.
* [[PrivateMilitaryContractors Mana Tatsumiya]] from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' does a magic reload.
* [[TheGunslinger Kanna]], of ''BakumatsuKikansetsuIrohanihoheto'', who [[GunsAkimbo dual wields]] [[RevolversAreJustBetter revolvers]], and reloads using speedloaders.
* In the first episode of ''Anime/MazinkaiserSKL'', Ryo throws two fresh magazines towards the enemy, where they stick into the ground.[[note]]The bases of the magazines are bladed so Kaiser can use the guns as hand axes by gripping the barrels.[[/note]] Then he reloads normally, charges the enemy while firing, and as soon as he's out of ammo he ejects the spent mags and dives to the ground, reloading using the mags he threw there earlier.
* Sato from ''Manga/{{Ajin}}'': During a battle with the [[SWATTeam Special Assault Team]], [[MagnificentBastard Sato]] makes use of "quickloader" tubes to rapidly reload his pump-action shotgun.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* In ''Anime/AppleseedExMachina'', the cyborg Briareos stores spare magazines inside his [[ArtificialLimbs cybernetic forearms]] making reloading his GunsAkimbo a trivial matter.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/TheRundown'', the character played by Dwayne Johnson flips [[GunsAkimbo two shotguns]] up-side down and backwards and then snaps them between his arms and torso to pump them in an instant. Earlier in the movie, he inverts this by ejecting a magazine to make his target slip on the floor.
* ''Film/BulletProofMonk'' plays with this trope, using the unorthodoxy as a combat technique in and of itself. Chow-Yun Fat empties two pistols, ejects the magazines, and spins to kick the empty magazines at some {{Mooks}}.
** A trick also used (with a single gun) by Alice in ''Film/ResidentEvilRetribution'', replacing "mooks" with "zombie".
* ''Film/{{Equilibrium}}'': Preston has spring-mounted magazines in his sleeves that automatically reload his weapons. He also has bottom-weighted mags that he tosses into the middle of a group of enemies. After charging into them and emptying his magazines, he ejects the empty ones and slams the guns down into the mags on the floor.
* ''Film/{{Ultraviolet}}'' takes this even further, instead of mechanical devices the main character has little wrist-mounted portals to pocket dimensions that feed bullets into her guns.
* ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}''
** ''Film/TheTerminator'': During the police station shootout scene, the Terminator reloads its assault rifle by flipping the used magazine upside down, where it had taped a fresh one to the other side.[[note]]TruthInTelevision , though discouraged, as the down-facing magazine can get dirt jammed into it, or get bent and fail to feed if it gets hit.[[/note]]
** ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay'':
*** The T-800 would cock a lever-action shotgun by flipping it over his fingers while using the other hand to handle a motorcycle. You can tell they used two different props for that scene: one with a larger loop to flip and another with a regular sized loop to fire with. In real life, flip-cocking would snag the wielder's fingers and probably break them (this almost happened during filming, when Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger grabbed the standard-lever prop for a flip-cocking shot), though it's obviously not a problem for a HollywoodCyborg with a titanium steel endoskeleton.
*** In the climax, Sarah Connor does a OneHandedShotgunPump because her shoulder is injured. [[TheCastShowoff Because Linda Hamilton really was in good enough shape to pull that off.]]
* Creator/JohnWayne flips his weapon when cocking a Winchester lever-action rifle in several of his {{Western}}s, notably in his very first scene in ''Film/{{Stagecoach}}'' (1939); in the climax of ''Film/TrueGrit'' he combines this with GunsAkimbo on horseback. He actually had a Winchester custom made (with a larger loop and shorter barrel) to facilitate this.
* In ''Film/BramStokersDracula'' (the movie with Creator/AnthonyHopkins as Van Helsing and Gary Oldman as Dracula) Quincy P. Morris the Texican cowboy stereotype flip-cocks his rifle in much the same manner. One handed. While riding a horse. Then again, he IS from Texas!
* Ramón Rojo in ''Film/AFistfulOfDollars'' casually does the half-cycle spin at the beginning of the final showdown.
* The OneHandedShotgunPump is parodied in ''Film/HotShotsPartDeux'': Ramada pumps and shoots her shotgun [[OneHandedIsCool with one hand]]. When she pumps it for the third time, however, the gun rips off the grip and conks a mook in the head. She then tosses the grip at another mook, knocking him out, too.
* During the hospital shootout in ''Film/RushHour3'' Zhang Jingchu picks up a magazine and somersaults over a mook to give the magazine to Jackie Chan who then jumps on and rides on a cart in order to load the magazine into Chris Tucker's gun.
* In the film ''Film/LaraCroftTombRaider'', Lara has magazines strapped to her thighs by their bases, allowing her to simply swing her guns down onto them , and a special backpack that lowers them behind her in pairs, allowing her to just jam the guns behind her back and presto, instant reloads.
* In Creator/LucioFulci's ''Film/TheBeyond'', a character can be glimpsed dropping a bullet down the barrel of his weapon. This was, however, a joke by the actor which slipped into the final cut.
* Check out this over-the-top scene from the Swedish action-comedy ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVSOMAraWx0&NR=1 Kopps,]]'' justified by the fact that it is a day-dream sequence.
* Two characters do this in ''Film/PomPomAndHotHot'', an unusually titled 1992 Hong Kong film. Shooter Yin, the boss of the two leads, does near magical reloads on two separate occasions. On the first, he empties a revolver of spent shells, than grabs six loose bullets and throws them all at once perfectly into the chambers. Later on, he has a gun magazine knocked out of his hand, so he flips his leg sideways and kicks it back up - straight into his pistol. A villain in the film manages to SPIT a bullet into the chamber of his revolver at another point in the film.
* Expert marksman and GunFu practitioner Agent Zero from ''Film/XMenOriginsWolverine'' solved the dilemma of reloading while dual wielding by tossing up his two pistols into the air from behind, then pulling out two magazines and simultaneously catching both pistols onto them... IN SLOW MOTION.
* In ''Film/{{Zombieland}}'', Tallahassee prepares an unorthodox technique when luring zombies to a kiosk for his last stand. He stands all his pistol magazines up on a counter, then reloads when necessary by ''slamming his pistols onto the counter''.
* In ''Film/KickAss'', Hit Girl, while fighting in a corridor, throws two new magazines out in front of her, then, while running, and slides her pair of guns over the new magazines that are more-or-less hovering in the air and happen to have rotated perfectly to be pointed to lock into place. The move was done for real, the only trick being a disabled magazine-lock in the SIG P232, as this pistol usually has a magazine release on the heel of the grip, making one-handed reloading impossible. According to Miss Moretz she exercised the move for days, and got it right on the fourth take.
* In ''Film/HawkTheSlayer,'' the character Ranulf loses a hand, rendering him unable to reload his crossbow in a normal fashion. He compensates by using a self-loading crossbow with an entire magazine of bolts. This isn't your garden variety (i.e. real world) [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeating_crossbow repeating crossbow]] though, this is your terrible B-movie repeating crossbow - basically a submachinegun that fires arrows.
* ''Film/OnceUponATexasTrain'' has a scene where Cotton and his gang of {{Young Gun}}s are standing in a line, waiting for the combined force of retired outlaws and Rangers to make an appearance. As the camera pans across them, each one flip cocks his Winchester in turn.
* PlayedForLaughs and taken to the extreme in ''Film/TopSecret'' when Chocolate Mousse front-loads an assault rifle. Yes, he pours gunpowder down the barrel.
* Unusual variation in ''Film/NewPoliceStory'': Jackie is in a GunStripping competition with the BigBad, as a CallBack to one he failed in the beginning of the film. While his opponent is still faster, Jackie is able to cheat by popping a round into the chamber directly while assembling his gun, allowing him to skip loading the magazine. His opponent sees this happen, but since he's just a bit faster, [[OhCrap it's too late for him to try the same trick]], forcing him to finish assembling his gun before he can load it.
* In ''Film/TheQuickAndTheDead'', Herod's guards have a habit of spin-cocking their Winchesters.
* In ''Film/TheBoondockSaints'', [[BigBad Don Yakavetta]] can be seen loading a revolver before flipping his wrist to cause the cylinder to snap shut. While common in movies, doing so in RealLife will warp the arm holding the cylinder and eventually cause a misfire due to the gun being misaligned.
* In ''Film/TheExpendables'': Played with - Barney reloads his M1911 normally, he just does it incredibly fast. With enough practice, any experienced shooter can do it, too. Now, doing it while being shot at by fifty men with assault rifles in the open...
* In ''Film/TheGoodTheBadTheWeird'', Don-wo spin-cocks his Marlin lever-action rifle at several points, most notably when he is [[HorsebackHeroism charging into a fight on horseback]] or swinging from a rope and so has one hand otherwise engaged.
* Towards the end of ''Film/{{Valkyrie}}'', Von Stauffenberg, knowing that he is about to be arrested, loads up his Walther PPK. Because he is [[AnArmAndALeg missing a hand]], he pushes the slide against a nearby desk to assist him in chambering a round. The real Von Stauffenberg was known to use a prosthetic to perform this function.
* ''Film/JohnWickChapter2'': When in close-quarters combat with an assassin, John realizes his shotgun is empty. So he uses it to physically pin the mook to the wall, reloads while the mook struggles futilely, and then shoots him.
* ''Film/TheDarkTower'': Roland pulls off some very impressive reloads with his revolvers, including rapidly dropping individual bullets into a spinning cylinder, trailing his open cylinders along his belt as he pushes bullets into the chambers with his thumbs, using speedloader rigs on his belt to reload quickly, and even catching two moon clips in mid air with both of his guns cylinders before quickly opening fire.

* [[Franchise/TheDarkTower Roland Deschain]] can (or at least could) reload one of his revolvers with one hand while firing with the other.
** This is theoretically possible if you drop it into a hip holster that can hold a break-top revolver while it's open. If anyone's badass enough to do that while under fire without dropping rounds everywhere, Roland probably is. We should assume this is maybe the most efficient way to reload a revolver, but takes maybe 20 years of obsession to be able to learn.
* Subverted in ''Literature/{{Nation}}'' when Mau takes note that Cox must reload with two hands.
* Literature/PrinceRoger in Creator/DavidWeber/ and Creator/JohnRingo's ''We Few'' does a quick reload in a hyper-real MMFPS that fools his potential allies into thinking he used a cheat. Actually [[spoiler:he palmed the replacement magazine.]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In "The Big Bang Job" episode of ''Series/{{Leverage}}'', Eliot secures the magazines of his [[GunsAkimbo twin pistols]] by pressing them against his hips and pulls back the slides by holding one pistol upside down over the other so he can hook the rear sights together and pulls the pistols in opposite directions. This example is made even more interesting by the fact that Eliot DoesntLikeGuns.
* Creator/SteveMcQueenActor would frequently flip-cock his "Mare's Leg" (a shortened 1892 Winchester rifle with a loop lever) in the Western TV show ''Series/WantedDeadOrAlive''.
** This was the same gun (literally the same prop) Zoe used in ''Series/{{Firefly}}'', and she cocked it this way at least once.
* Chuck Conners used the flip-cock method for his rifle in ''Series/TheRifleman''. The rifle had a custom, circular loop to facilitate the flip-cock.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' 4th edition, the "Two-fisted shooter" feat allows you to, among other things, reload a hand crossbow with one hand, solving the GunsAkimbo problem. Exactly ''how'' you do this is never explained, and left up to the player's imagination (perhaps using the rest of this page for inspiration).
** It is technically possible to do this in 3rd edition as well, with two feats (rapid reload and quickdraw). According to a literal interpretation of the feats, you put one crossbow away, reload the other, put that away, take the first one out, reload it, and pull out the second crossbow. [[SuperSpeed All in the time it takes]] [[TalkingIsAFreeAction to discuss combat tactics]].
*** This is one of many reasons the number of free actions you can take is largely DM's discretion.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'', the spiritual successor of Dungeons and Dragon's 3.5 edition, lampshades the above while taking it one step further. A gunslinger archetype, the Bolt Ace, of sufficient level gains an ability called Inexplicable Reload - as long as they have [[ManaMeter at least one point of Grit,]] their crossbow is always considered loaded and ready to fire at the beginning of his or her turn thanks to unconscious muscle memory making the action essentially automatic. Additionally, this grants further benefit to the Rapid Reload feat, reducing the reload time for a crossbow, normally a free action, [[UpToEleven to even less than that.]]

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Franchise/{{Doom}}''
** UrExample in {{FPS}} games: the [[ASpaceMarineIsYou space marine]] in ''VideoGame/DoomIIHellOnEarth'' always fires two and loads two when using the [[SawedOffShotgun super shotgun]].
** For a later example, ''VideoGame/{{Doom 3}}'' also has the normal shotgun's animation loads two rounds for every one depicted, and the submachinegun has a very [[CoolGuns/SubmachineGuns un-P90-like]] reload involving a hinged receiver. The ''Resurrection of Evil'' DLC also brought back the super shotgun and its "fire two, load two" nature, though at least in its case the Marine visibly reloads one shell at a time.
* ''Franchise/DevilMayCry''
** Nero in ''VideoGame/DevilMayCry4'' has a similar revolver-reloading technique to Rushuna (above), substituting his gun hand for the cleavage because the other arm is immobile in a sling.
** Lady was into this trope first. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgrTU241hzI See?]]
** Dante reloads his twin pistols by [[BottomlessMagazines magically creating more bullets inside them.]]
* The Security Officer in ''VideoGame/{{Marathon}}'' can not only equip and use two double-barreled shotguns at the same time, which is badass enough by itself, but he ''flip-cocks'' them like in the examples above. The implausibility of this is lampshaded in the manual.
--> '''Durandal:''' I won't waste my time trying to explain the loading mechanism to you - your primitive mind could never grasp its complex nature.
** There are several popular theories among ''Marathon'' fans as to what this mechanism is. The best is that spinning the shotgun around its lever generates electricity, which is used to teleport shells into the chamber.
* The protagonist in ''VideoGame/AdventRising'' apparently reloads all guns by twirling them around Western-style... including ''rocket launchers''.
* In the ''VideoGame/{{Killzone}}'' games, virtually all of the Helghast weapons have an interesting or unusual reload animation (especially evident in ''VideoGame/{{Killzone 2}}'') because the Helghast seem to prefer large cylindrical magazines over plain straight or curved magazines. For just one example, the magazine of the [=StA18=] Pistol is identical that of the to a Russian-made PP-19 Bizon submachinegun, as is that of their SMG.
** To their credit, the Helghan weapons hold more ammunition than the equivalent ISA weapons. While the standard assault rifle holds 32 rounds, the Helghan assault rifle holds 40. However, this is offset by the fact that the recoil for the Helghan weapons is cylindrical instead of straight up (that is, when you shoot, the bullets will eventually go ''around'' the target instead of ''above'' it, which makes no sense whatsoever [[RuleOfCool but doesn't need to]]), also Helghan automatic weaponry is less accurate at longer ranges compared to their ISA counterparts.
* In the game ''VideoGame/{{Stranglehold}}'' the only time Inspector Tequila ever reloads is when he is about to unleash his barrage attack.
* TheSquad in ''VideoGame/CliveBarkersJericho'' uses a TimeyWimeyBall to turn back time to a point when their weapons were already loaded.
* ''Half-Life''
** The ''VideoGame/HalfLife1'' mod, ''The Specialists'', made with an action movie flavor, features several different kinds of guns that can be taken akimbo. The more unusual reload animations include putting both guns into one hand to load new magazines simultaneously, or simply [[ThrowAwayGuns dropping the guns]] and pulling new ones out from off-screen.
** The ''Opposing Force'' expansion to ''Half-Life'' has Adrian reloading the M249 SAW by taking out the box, opening the cover and removing the old chain like usual but instead of placing the first bullet in, he throws part of the new chain onto the open chamber which is a waste of ammo as some of the bullets would obviously not be fired (even though you still have 100 new rounds anyways since it also plays in OneBulletClips). This is more jarring as you're playing as a trained marine.
** The ''VideoGame/HalfLife1'' mod ''Wasteland'', based off of post-apocalypse games (particularly ''Fallout''), allowed mix-and-match pistols. The most memorable reload animation was that of the Colts akimbo: ejecting both magazines, and then sequentially tossing the guns up in the air to have a free hand for the new magazines.
*** The sequel mod ''The Wastes'' toned the akimbo combinations down a bit, but empty dual wielded pistols would reload by tossing two fresh magazines into the air, flipping the guns over and catching the fresh mags in each gun's empty magazine well.
*** Similarly, the mod SMOD for ''Half-Life 2'' brings in a [[Franchise/TheMatrix Matrix]] feel. Including dual pistols and [=SMGs=]. They reload the same way, in which the character will ''spin the guns around their fingers'' and use centrifugal force to pull the spent mags out, and then ramming in new ones. [[MemeticBadass Pretty damn badass.]]
* In ''VideoGame/MaxPayne2TheFallOfMaxPayne'', both Max and Mona can reload their weapons when they're in BulletTime by spreading their arms out and doing a quick 360-degree spin to eject the used magazine. This is the only way to quickly reload many slow-loading guns, such as the sawed-off shotgun (which normally takes a long time when you're slinging lead with bad guys).
* In ''VideoGame/TheDarkness'', the Darkness Guns are reloaded by ''standing in shadow.'' Also, you reload your dual pistols by simply tossing them away and drawing another pair. Unusually for a videogame, this does waste any ammo in them. In a late-game shootout, a retired mobster, who is missing his legs and 1 arm and thus can't fight, is still helping by loading guns for you. He chambers the first round using his teeth. It's impressive to see, honestly.
* Everybody in ''VideoGame/{{Killer7}}'' uses some trick to reload ''absurdly'' fast: Con Smith (1:40) uses his ''feet'' to help him [[http://youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0OGLPFUV0 reload.]]
** Except KAEDE. In fact, this is one of her two balancing measures (alongside GlassCannon): she deals good damage and has a scope, letting her nail the enemy's weak spots from long range with consistency, but she reloads at a realistic pace - which in this game means it takes forever. It takes forever and a ''day'' if you reload while still aiming, as she fumbles the reload.
** Dan and MASK both get upgrades during the course of the game that let them reload faster than they could before. This is accomplished by speeding up the part of the reload where they dump the fired rounds, then [[BottomlessMagazines skipping the part where they load in new ones]].
* In ''VideoGame/BloodRayne2'', the twin magic handguns used by the titular half-vampire, called the Carpathian Dragons, are powered by ''blood''. They have spikes on the front, and are reloaded by ''stabbing'' someone. If they run dry, [[CastFromHitPoints they feed on the firer's]] LifeMeter.
* ''Franchise/MetalGear''
** ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'''s Revolver Ocelot doesn't reload in ''that'' strange a way... except he talks about it in such a way that implies that he really ''loves'' to reload in the middle of a gunfight. In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater'', when he first tries a revolver, he rambles on and on about how great it feels to [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything slide the cartridge into the chamber]] and how he's "[[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotSymbolic never felt a tension like this before]]". ''Creepy''.
** Early in ''Snake Eater'', Ocelot's attempt to perform an odd reload method simply to look awesome backfires utterly - he tried pulling the slide back after exchanging magazines even though there was still a round in the chamber. However, he releases the slide too early, catching the previous round halfway, and the gun jams (and thus gets him soundly and embarrassingly thrashed by Naked Snake). He switched to revolvers instead afterward on Snake's advice, which had the added benefit of ensuring something like that would never happen again.
** From Snake's side of things, rather than reloading the M37 a shell at a time, he pulls a cylinder full of shells from his hip, places one end into the shotgun, slides his hand up the length of it to load the shells into the gun, and then pumps it to remove the cylinder and chamber the first shell. This is an actual method of reloading shotguns, but it's rare outside of shotgun competitions, as far as other games with pump-action shotguns are concerned. This method appears again in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker''.
** Snake gets the weirdest reload in the series in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'', where due to a glitch he mimes reloading the long barrel/scope [[HandCannon Desert Eagle]] while holding an ''entire second Desert Eagle'' in his other hand instead of just a magazine.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil''
** ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil4'' features the [[AKA47 Broken Butterfly revolver]] which Leon reloads in a pretty badass way. Since it's a break-open revolver, he flips down the barrel to break it open, unloads the spent bullets over his shoulder, ''throws'' three bullets into it (regardless of how many he actually has to reload) and flip-snaps it shut. What makes it awesome is that, even without a reload speed upgrade, that procedure takes about ''two seconds''.
** It returns in ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil5'', and you can see that Chris is actually loading the bullets two at a time.
** If the player attempts to reload the Chicago Typewriter (one of the three special weapons with [[BottomlessMagazines infinite ammunition]]) while wearing the Mafia suit, Leon instead fiddles with his hat and [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall sighs annoyedly]]. Unless you do it four times in a row, in which case [[RuleOfCool he tosses his hat in the air, catches it, and poses dramatically.]]
* The now-defunct MMORPG ''VideoGame/TabulaRasa'' generally used fairly realistic reloading animations, but a few months before it was canceled they added [[GunsAkimbo dual pistols]] based on popular demand. They were reloaded by simply spinning them, Western style.
* ''VideoGame/S4League'' is full of this. Just about every weapon is reloaded by doing something that looks cool, regardless of whether any new magazines or ammo is even involved.
* ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'' has the Active Reload function, in which the player can reload their gun more quickly if a button is pressed at just the right moment, as well as gain a temporary increase in damage. If they miss however, the gun jams and reloading takes longer than usual. Note that the standard (long) reload is actually an orthodox reload, as the character goes through the motions of carefully inserting more ammunition. The active reload is the Unorthodoxy, where the character circumvents procedure for speed.
** The flip-cock is also used when the action reload fails on the shotgun, and after unjamming the shell, thew character will flip the weapon around ([[RuleOfCool for no reason]]) and ready it.
* ''VideoGame/PerfectDark''
** The Maian weapons all reload by putting an orb of goo into them. The gun's side just sucks it into itself.
*** Even more amazingly, the Phoenix and Callisto [=NTG=] are reloaded with standard handgun and submachine gun bullets, respectively. Apparently Joanna crammed a magazine into the orb before sticking it in the gun offscreen.
*** Also, the Cyclone seems to be reloaded by running an extremely long stripper clip through an electronic hopper mechanism.
*** Many of the animations for reloading show Joanna to have inhuman abilites - for instance, while reloading a single Falcon 2 (a standard semi-auto pistol) in less than one second [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DpCellB_UQ would be possible]] (though not likely at the consistency with which an FPS protagonist burns through ammo), when she's using [[GunsAkimbo two of them]], she ''still'' manages to reload both of them in ''the same amount of time''.
** Continues in ''Perfect Dark Zero'', which included wonderful bits like the one-hand shotgun pump, propping up the bolt-action sniper to reload it one-handed, and locking back the bolt of an [=MP5=] with the end of the old magazine.
* As a by-product of ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' star Master Chief's ability to go Guns Akimbo in ''VideoGame/{{Halo 2}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Halo 3}}'', he can reload either gun at any time with one hand, ''even while firing his other gun!'' What's more impressive is that he can do that [[UpToEleven while climbing]] [[LadderPhysics a ladder]]. [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] in the ''Anime/HaloLegends'' short ''The Package'', where it is shown that Spartans store extra magazines in compartments in the armor on their thighs, and they just slam the guns down on them to reload. Which does not explain the "climbing a ladder in half-ton armor while using your hands to reload and/or shoot" bit.
* In ''VideoGame/GoldenEyeRogueAgent'', every single-handed weapon in the game can be dual-wielded, and the player character can reload any combination at will. With specific timing on pressing the reload button, he reloads dual-wielded Jackal .357's by tossing the magazines into the air, and slamming them together between the pistols. Reloading other combinations simultaneously has him dropping the magazines, lowering the guns off-screen for a second, and then spinning the pistols by their trigger guards as if he has two extra hands located off-screen doing the actual loading and unloading.
* ''VideoGame/UnrealIITheAwakening''. The Drakk Laser Cannon. The ammo pods look like tiny mechanical octopi and ''load themselves into the weapon'', inserting their tentacles into a number of holes on the surface of the gun.
* ''VideoGame/PlanetSide''
** Ancient-Tech weaponry, which both plays straight and averts this trope. While the [[http://planetside.station.sony.com/images/manual/maelstrom.jpg Maelstrom]] reloads by swapping out a small module near the front, the [[http://planetside.station.sony.com/images/manual/spiker.jpg Spiker]] pistol reloads by swiveling the top of the gun once the side orbs are tapped, and the [[http://planetside.station.sony.com/images/manual/Radiatorcolor.jpg Radiator]] is reloaded by what looks like tickling the bottom.
** Vanu Sovereignty and Terran Republic rocket launchers; each one is about the size of your body, and you somehow manage to reload it when the magazines are on the ''back'' of the shoulder mounted launcher. The Terran one is a bit more forgivable as it is top-loaded, meaning you could just tip the launcher down and pop a new magazine into the receiver at head-level, but the Vanu laser cannon is a bullpup with the magazine mounted on the underside ''behind'' the user's shoulder. It would be physically impossible to reload the gun without twisting it upside down around your shoulder. Apparently, Vanu soldiers have rubber arms, else the rocket launcher would go through their head when reloading.
** The [[HandCannon Commissioner and Underboss revolvers]] in ''Planetside 2'' split their ammo chambers in half along each side of the gun, which are then both reloaded by separate speed-loaders. Interestingly, it doesn't matter how the chamber is orientated from firing, it will ''always'' split in half along the gun's centerline. However, if 3 or less shots have been fired, only the left side of the chamber is reloaded.
** The Vanu Sovereignty's "bolt-action" sniper rifles in ''[=PS2=]'' will blast out their side-mounted battery packs every time they are fired, which are then smacked back into place when the user cycles the "bolt". Reloading all Vanu weapons replaces the side-mounted battery in a ridiculously complicated screwing motion. Players using the VS pump-action plasma shotguns individually slide in what appear to be [[AbnormalAmmo Energizer AA-batteries]] into the bottom of the gun.
* In ''Western Outlaw'' and ''VideoGame/DarkestOfDays'', you get equipped with a muzzle-loading revolver. Since muzzle-loading each individual round would take way too long for gameplay purposes, your character simply pulls out the cylinder and pops in a new one every time they reload (even though the model of revolver in ''Darkest of Days'', at least, doesn't actually have a hinge at the point where the game-model is shown to have one).
* Any time the Boss reloads dual-wielded pistols or [=SMGs=] in the first two ''VideoGame/SaintsRow'' games, s/he just spins them around without actually touching the mags or even any ammo. [[RuleOfCool It's that kind of game.]] Reload animations in ''[[VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird The Third]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/SaintsRowIV IV]]'' all actually ''look'' like reload animations, but upgrades allow you to speed up how fast the animations play out and get back to the shooting quicker.
* Everybody in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' can be seen loading physical ammunition pulled from their HyperspaceArsenal into their weapons and for the most part look like it can be pulled off in real life, at least from the player's perspective. However, there are many exceptions, and every class has at least one unorthodox reload animation, though some in the list are presumably bugs and [[ModelDissonance oversights]]. The community goes to great lengths to create reload animation [[GameMod mods]] to correct these.
** The Scout reloads his pistol by dropping the magazine out, flipping it on his finger by the trigger, inserting a new mag in, and completing the spin. Due to an oversight, he doesn't insert or eject anything from the Lugermorph when he reloads it, only pats the grip of the gun.
** The Soldier jams four rockets at once into the front of his tube-shaped launcher's barrel.
** Again due to the same oversight, the Pyro doesn't insert any shells when reloading the shotgun and Reserve Shooter, appearing to flick the air underneath the gun.
** The Demoman's pipe grenade launcher has a four round magazine, but the in-game model quite clearly has ''six'' chambers (this is for game balance reasons; letting him shoot six grenades between reloads was deemed overpowered). On top of that, the barrels never rotate in the loading animation--he's stuffing all those grenades into the same chamber, Soldier-style (although they ''do'' rotate when firing). The Loch-n-Load, Loose Cannon and Iron Bomber all use the same reload animation as the Grenade Launcher, so the Demoman doesn't actually slide the grenades into the barrel.
** When the Engineer reloads the Pistol (same pistol as the Scout's), he jams a new magazine in backwards. As with the Scout, he merely pats the grip when reloading the Lugermorph.
** The Medic's line of syringe guns have BottomlessMagazines... of syringes. He still has to load air canisters (which function identically to box magazines as far as the player needs to be concerned).
** The Sniper's bolt-action rifle in-game just seems like it has a bottomless magazine, but "Meet the Sniper" shows it's a single-shot. He just reloads every single bullet by hand in the time it takes to normally operate a magazine-fed bolt-action.
** The Spy uses both hands to reload his revolver, which is fine... unless he has also activated the Invis Watch on his left wrist (which also appears on-screen), making him appear to have three hands. Additionally, when he reloads some of his unlockable revolvers, it has the same oversight as the Lugermorph; he doesn't put any bullets in the barrel, nor do any bullets eject. And on one revolver, the Enforcer, the Spy's ''left hand'' disappears instead of the bullets, which levitate into and out of the chambers of their own accord.
* Although the GunPorn first-person shooter ''VideoGame/{{Black}}'' doesn't exactly have ''unorthodox'' reloads, if its most detailed aspect is its guns, the second most detailed aspect are said guns' reloads. ''Every single'' reload completely blurs the focus of anything past your gun and the hand that is hold it, essentially forcing you to pay attention to your normal, albeit slightly exaggerated, reloads. It's averted if you're under fire, though, in which a quick, no-nonsense reload occurs.
** With the speed-loading revolver, Jack spends a full second staring at the new clip before inserting it.
** Jack tips the M16 magazine's top towards him to see whether there is ammo inside.
** The [=MP5=] has him smacking the new mag against the side of the gun to line up the cartridges right before inserting it.
* There was a button in ''VideoGame/ThePunisher'' video game for the Xbox that let you kill practically any normal {{Mook}} with a melee/point blank attack with whatever weapon you're currently holding. For one of the shotgun melee kills The Punisher hits the barrel of the shotgun to the guy's gut and uses the victim's own terrified grip on the forearm to help him load another shell with another jab forward, to eventually blast the poor guy in the stomach.
* In ''VideoGame/MondayNightCombat'', the Sniper reloads both his sniper rifle and his SMG behind his back.
* ''VideoGame/{{Battlefield}}''
** ''VideoGame/{{Battlefield 3}}'' has the reloading animation for the AN-94 and AEK-971. The player character grabs a new magazine, then uses it to hit the magazine catch on the gun which causes the old magazine to fall, then inserts the new magazine.
** ''Videogame/BattlefieldHardline'' includes a number of silly EasterEgg reload animations with a ~0.01% chance of occurring. The RO-933 is reloaded by dropping the magazine, then a hand pops up from the side of the screen and hands you a new one. The .410 Jury is [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sG4O9lVst7Q&t=7s reloaded]] by [[GunTwirling spinning the entire weapon about your finger]] while flicking shells into the chambers with your left hand - including one which is flipped the wrong way and [[WrapAround wraps across the screen]]. There's also trying to load the warhead of an RPG the wrong way. When reloading the AKM, the player uses [[Franchise/StarWars the Force]] to put the fresh magazine in. Don't forget making the [[AKA47 Bald Eagle]] perform a disappearing act.
* ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty''
** When reloading(empty) dual M1911 pistols in ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps Black Ops]]'', the character will reload both guns by dropping the magazines, loading in new magazines (off-screen), and ''flipping the guns over'' to pull the slide back.
** The FAL in ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare 2'', the FAL OSW and AN-94 in ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps2 Black Ops II]]'', and the KN-44 in ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps3 Black Ops III]]'' all get a similar reload: the character removes the old magazine by smacking the release lever with a new one before inserting that ([[GoodBadBugs with the new mag clipping through the trigger guard on the way in the MW2 FAL's case]]).
** The ASP in ''Black Ops'', the P99 and [=G36C=] in ''Modern Warfare 3'', the Five-Seven and SWAT-556 in ''Black Ops 2'', and the AK-12 in ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyGhosts Ghosts]]'' all get another similar reload, where the character grabs the new magazine first, brings it up next to the old one, then in one quick motion removes the old one and tosses it away while inserting the new one.
** The ''Call of Duty'' games from the fourth on all include the "Sleight of Hand" perk in multiplayer, which allows players to reload their weapons in half the time it normally takes. In the case of ''Black Ops 2'', this is replaced with the "Fast Mags" attachment, in which the player uses physically-possible methods of reloading their weapons faster, such as taping magazines together (like with the dual mags attachment in the first ''Black Ops''), letting them drop free instead of taking the time to put them away, and hitting bolt catch levers rather than pulling charging handles.
** At one point in ''Modern Warfare 3'', Captain Price reloads his M4 during a quiet moment. Since he's currently holding his left hand to a headset to talk to Nikolai, he hits the mag release, then drops the rifle to let it hang freely as he grabs and inserts a new magazine one-handed.
** The IMR assault rifle in ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyAdvancedWarfare Advanced Warfare]]'' is a speculative future weapon that uses an attached 3D printer to create new ammunition on the spot -- the "reload" animation has the player pulling back the charging handle, causing the printer to whir to life and print a whole mag's worth of rounds that are automatically loaded from there. They can be seen cycling into place through a small window on the side of the gun. The raw material, on the other hand, comes from a canister of liquid matter attached to the stock.
* The [=MP5=] in ''VideoGame/KillingFloor'' has a similar reload to the FAL from ''Modern Warfare 2'' above, with the bonus of an added HK Slap.
** The Flare Revolver, rather than using speedloaders like the .44 Magnum, has its entire cylinder removed and replaced with a new, fully-loaded one when players reload. When [[GunsAkimbo dual-wielding them]], the player slams the barrel of the first revolver down on the second to break it open, before breaking open the first via grabbing the barrel with their other hand.
* The [=MP7=] in ''VideoGame/RedSteel'' has the same basic reload animation as the Mini-Uzi (replace the magazine, pull back the charging handle), except for this gun Scott decides to use his ''mind'' to pull the handle back (likely because the [=MP7=]'s handle is in a different location than the Mini-Uzi's and they didn't want to put much effort in a different animation for it).
* The Franchise/{{Terminator}} in ''Terminator 3: The Redemption'' flip-cocks his shotgun after every shot as in ''Film/Terminator2JudgmentDay''. Even more unorthodox, the shotgun in question this time ''isn't lever-action.''
* Reloads in ''VideoGame/EarthDefenseForceInsectArmageddon'' range from orthodox to just plain weird. The Battle Armor reloads most weapons by making a weird sort of arm-pumping motion, for instance - though with the other hand taken up by the shield projector this is somewhat understandable. But no matter which Armor you use, they all make [[NoisyGuns quite a racket when reloading]].
* ''VideoGame/SeriousSam'''s revolvers are loaded by shaking the cylinder loose, and then shaking it right back into place without actually putting in new ammo. [[JustifiedTrope Justified]] in that the revolvers have [[BottomlessMagazines techno-magical ammunition replenishers]] and refill empty chambers with fresh bullets.
* ''VideoGame/BioshockInfinite'' doesn't show it onscreen, but Booker's method of reloading any weapon one-handed, flying through the sky, without looking at anything he's doing must be pretty interesting.
* Similarly, Subject Delta in ''VideoGame/BioShock2'', who reloads not only all of his weapons but his plasmids (which for Jack entailed injecting a syringe full of [[ManaPotion EVE]] with his other hand) singlehandedly, so that he can still use whatever he has equipped in his other hand if necessary. All we get to see is some variation on his arm going BehindTheBlack briefly and returning.
* While ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' has relatively normal reloads for the most part, ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' definitely has some unusual reload methods.
** In both games, some weapons have detachable cylinders. In ''1'' it's the case for revolvers, while in ''2'' that goes for Jakobs sniper rifles.
** Tediore takes the cake on weird reloads, however, as reloading involves [[ThrowAwayGuns flinging your gun at an enemy]] while a new, full one is digistructed into your hands. The gun you threw then acts like a grenade and explodes. Tediore rocket launchers effectively become an additional rocket when reloaded.
** Maliwan is a close second, though. Their snipers have top-break receivers with the mag nestled inside, pistols and rocket launchers have triad-shaped battery packs for magazines that stay exposed and are inserted from the side (in the case of launchers, the reload is not done until [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning it does a spinning motion]]), and SMG's have either a [[EverythingsBetterWithSpinning constantly rotating wheel magazine that has to be cranked upon insertion]], or in the case of cheaper models, a battery-like mag that fits imperceptibly into the side of the gun and can only be ejected by running a finger over a specific portion of the receiver, like one would a mobile device's touchscreen.
** Hyperion also deserves a mention for how their weapons load. The magazines to all of the weapons they make (pistols, SMG's, shotguns, and sniper rifles) load in through the top, parallel to the body of the gun. Each of them are reloaded by the magazine's back end being ejected so the shooter can pull it out and insert a new one. The scopes on the sniper rifles even slide forward to expose the clip before ejecting it through the top.
* ''Videogame/FarCry3BloodDragon'' has some pretty silly reload animations. When reloading the Fazertron, Rex twirls the magazines between his fingers for some reasons and when reloading the Galleria 1991, he flips the shells into the slot as if they were quarters.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'': The reload animation for the pump, sawn-off, and bullpup shotguns shows the player inserting only one shell, [[OneBulletClips regardless of how many the player fired.]]
** This actually isn't very new to the series. The shotguns in ''[[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV IV]]'' had similar reloads, except the player inserted two shells instead of one.
** At least ''V'' has the most realistic animations in the series. Another one of ''IV'''s reloads was for both assault rifles, which were reloaded via racking the charging handle without even touching the magazine.
* The "Beta Shotgun" in the Steam version of ''VideoGame/{{Postal 2}}'' is one of the few weapons in the game to not do the classic BottomlessMagazines thing and actually require reloads. However, the reload consists of the Dude grabbing all six shells at once and smashing them into the open ejection port of the shotgun, only one of which actually goes in and the other five scattering away from the gun.
* Depending on where she stops in her attack combo, Linkle from ''VideoGame/HyruleWarriors'' resets the bows on her dual crossbows at the same time with either the holsters for her crossbows on her boots, or with bows of the opposite crossbow.
* ''VideoGame/{{DownWell}}'' allows you to reload by [[GoombaStomp jumping on an enemy.]] Landing on the ground also does this.
* ''VideoGame/EnterTheGungeon'' Shows the reload animation on many of the guns, from twirling revolvers to reload them, to the Fightsabre, which parodies the Lightsabre from ''Film/StarWars'', as you would expect, when you reload it, it swings around and deflects any projectile back at the enemy.
* With the various amounts of characters with different firearms, ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'' has plenty of weird ([[RuleOfCool but cool-looking]]) reload animations.
** [[CyberNinja Genji]] throws Shuriken fed through his robotic forearm. After throwing them, he loads more directly ''through'' his hand.
** [[TimeMaster Tracer]] just spins her Pulse Pistols on her fingers, they blink a blue light, then are instantly reloaded. Being Tracer, she might have just rewound time for her guns to when they still had bullets in them.
** [[AnIcePerson Mei's]] Endothermic Blaster has a reservoir of coolant in the back that gradually empties as she depletes her ammunition, and a small canister of (presumably compressed) coolant on the side. Mei reloads simply by giving the canister a brief twist, pinkie adorably outstretched.
** [[TheEngineer Torbjörn's]] ammo for his Rivet Gun, contrary to what you might expect, is actually extremely hot slag. He reloads by pouring a small cupfull of molten metal directly into it.
** Roadhog's Scrap Gun doesn't really have any bullet chambers; he just sort of crams [[AbnormalAmmo a fistful of scrap metal into his gun]] and that seems to work.
** [[DiscoTech Lucio]] ejects what looks like a vacuum tube out of his Sonic Amplifier, then pulls out a new one while spinning it in his hand, slamming it inside.
** [[LightEmUp Symmetra]] summons a HardLight sphere, then feeds it into the side of the Photon Projector. No adding in a magazine or even opening any parts of her gun, she just floats a HardLight sphere into it.
** [[WarriorMonk Zenyatta]] simply recharges his [[EnergyBall Orbs]] by briefly meditating.
** Reaper completely forgoes the concept of reloading and just [[ThrowAwayGuns pulls out an endless supply of shotguns]] [[TrenchCoatWarfare from his trenchcoat.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{STALKER}}'', bizarrely enough for a FirstPersonShooter [[FacklerScaleOfFPSRealism so far into the realistic end of the Facklers scale]], has one in the PK machine gun. When reloading, no player character ever flips up the lid to swap the belts; all they do is replace the underside box, connect the new belt to the side of the gun and rack the bolt. The previous belt just vanishes into thin air.
* In both games of the ''VideoGame/{{Metro 2033}}'' franchise, Artyom reloading the revolver is an interesting inversion in that it's an extremely quick no-nonsense action composed of exactly four movements[[labelnote:+]]swing out the cylinder, drop the spent cartridges, shove a new batch in and re-slot the cylinder[[/labelnote]]. When most games have lengthy, GunPorn-y reloads for their revolvers, seeing a PlayerCharacter that reloads his ''faster than many can reload a magazine-fed pistol'' is quite unusual.
* In ''VideoGame/NotAHero'', Bunnylord uses teleportation to dispose of used weapons and produce new fully-loaded ones.
* ''VideoGame/{{Paladins}}''
** Zhin uses a FlamingSword filled with burning oil, which he flings at his enemies with each sword swing. When his sword runs out of oil, he refuels it by pouring more oil onto it, reigniting the flames.
** Buck normally reloads his shotgun one shell at a time, but when uses his ultimate, he simply spins his shotgun and it somehow fully reloads.
** Mal'Damba's weapon is a [[ImprobableWeaponUser cobra that spits venom and shoots out healing eye-lasers]]. He "reloads" it by throwing it in front of him (which stuns) and then a new one slithers up along his arm.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The Master Chief in ''WebAnimation/{{Haloid}}'' kills a group of Elites with a shotgun, mixing fancy pumps of the shotgun with martial arts.
* This [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT9SFfnqMGQ particularly unorthodox reload]] has to be seen to be believed.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Slugterra}}'': Diablos Nacho reloads his blaster by slamming it against the bandolier of canisters on his chest.
* WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack: X9 and the other assassin robots from his era had small little claws under their sleeves. After they'd empty a cartridge, they eject, and the claws come from under the sleeves and put in new ones.

[[folder: Real Life]]
* As demonstrated [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRCjY-GtROY in this video,]] lots of competitive shooters are focused on speedy and efficient reloads of their weapons. A lot of range exercises and competitions score on both speed and accuracy, and feature more targets than can be accounted for in a single magazine. An extra .05 on the clock could mean the difference between first and second place.
* It's possible to chamber a Glock pistol with only one hand, as demonstrated [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JT4zJ-BfEM here]]. Not exactly practical for most people, though, since it requires a great deal of upper body strength to pull off.