Tropes having to do with [[TheUndead the undead and undeath]]. Not necessarily related to {{Undead Horse Trope}}s. Not to be confused with TheLivingDead, which is about living actors portraying corpses.

Not to be confused with BackFromTheDead.

Compare SkeletalTropes.

'''[[SubTrope Sub Indexes]]:'''
* TropesOfTheLivingDead (all things zombie)
* VampireTropes (all things vampire)
* HauntedIndex (all things ghost)

'''Assorted creature and character tropes'''
* BoyMeetsGhoul
* DemBones
** SkeletalMusician
* {{Dracolich}}
* FleshGolem
* FrankensteinsMonster
* HeadlessHorseman
* {{Mummy}}
* {{Necromancer}}
* NonHumanUndead
* OurBansheesAreLouder
* OurGhoulsAreCreepier
* OurLichesAreDifferent
* OurWightsAreDifferent
* UndeadChild

'''Assorted general tropes'''
* AnimateDead
* ArmyOfTheDead
* BigBoosHaunt: Generic RPG "haunted house" level.
* BurnTheUndead: Fire is effective at destroying undead.
* CameBackWrong: Can be the reason for undeath.
* ChillOfUndeath
* DeadAllAlong
* TheDeadCanDance
** VampireDance
* DeceasedAndDiseased
* TheDisembodied: Can be argued to be a form of undeath.
* EatingOptional: They often have urges to feed despite not really needing to.
* FateWorseThanDeath: Undeath in general is often depicted as this.
* FearlessUndead
* FireKeepsItDead: Burning corpses keeps them from becoming undead.
* GhostLights
* GhostlyChill
* GhostlyGape
* GlowingEyelightsOfUndeath
* HorrorHunger
* ILoveTheDead
* TheJaywalkingDead
* LevelDrain: Common effect of undead enemies in [=RPGs=].
** MaximumHPReduction
* TheNecrocracy
* {{Necromantic}}
* NonHumanUndead
* OxymoronicBeing: They are the "living dead", after all.
* PerpetualMotionMonster: Despite often craving [[ThePowerOfBlood blood]], ''braaains'', LifeEnergy or other foods, the undead don't need to eat and can keep going until permanently killed.
* RemovingTheHeadOrDestroyingTheBrain: The go-to method for killing zombies.
* ReviveKillsZombie: "White" magic and healing items harming undead creatures.
* SlidingScaleOfUndeadRegeneration: Some undead rot, others don't, and some can heal.
* SuicideBySunlight
* TurnUndead
* TheUndead
* UndeadLaborers
* UndeathAlwaysEnds
* UndeathlyPallor
* WhoWantsToLiveForever: Eternal undeath can be just as sucky as eternal life.
* ZombiePukeAttack: Zombies are so gross they make each other sick.
* ZombifyTheLiving: From living to undead without passing through dead first.