Stefan Gagne, also known by his Internet moniker of "Twoflower" (after the Literature/{{Discworld}} character) is a writer who releases most of his works for free on the Internet. He has done {{Fanfiction}}, original works, and several adventure modules for the 2002 NeverwinterNights. He also created and operates "7seas", a popular fishing game on SecondLife.

He is known for making sweeping {{Deconstruction}}s of fantasy and {{Anime}} tropes without falling into complete bleakness, but he always makes his heroes [[EarnYourHappyEnding earn their happy ending]].

List of works:

* FanFic/SlayersTrilogy
* SailorNothing
* {{Penultima}} series
* Literature/UnrealEstate
* HeXCoda
* ElegiaEternum and ExcrucioEternum
* Literature/{{Anachronauts}}
* Literature/CityOfAngles