Although some people think [[TVTropesWillRuinYourLife TV Tropes ruins lives]], others decide to channel their love of Wiki/TVTropes into more constructive pursuit, namely, making [[TheMerch merchandise]]. While most of these are just some tropers trying to have fun, these products have official affiliation with TV Tropes and some of the profits are used to help keep TV Tropes running.

If you're looking for fictional products, check TropeCo/TropeCo
* [[ TV Tropes merchandise]]: T-shirt, mug, mousepad, the usual stuff.
* [[ The Periodic Table of Storytelling]], a cool poster that lists lots of tropes as a periodic table.
** An updated version by the same artist has been [[ released]].
* [[ I Know Tropes]], a quiz/trivia app for iPad/iPhone. There's also a [[ free]] version.