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A StockPhrase. Comes in three versions:

''Something to Hide'': The CorruptCorporateExecutive, rock star or other celebrity on a TV show is asked a rather uncomfortable question, and doesn't want to damn himself in front of thousands of witnesses armed with video recorders;

''Have Some Decency'': Rarer is when it's an offence to human decency - it's not something that should be filmed and used as entertainment.

''Blocking The Fourth Wall'': This covers all the other times, when the person just wants the camera crew to stop sticking a camera in his face.

In any case, the plea is the same: "Look, TurnOffTheCamera". Very much TruthInTelevision.



[[folder: Blocking the Fourth Wall ]]

* {{Paparazzi}} in general.
* It was said by Bree in an episode of ''Series/DesperateHousewives'', after she tried decorating a croquembouche on a TV interview and failed miserably. Specifically, she said, "Turn off the damn camera."
* This is also used in {{Mockumentary}} BlairWitch-type movies, and the cameraman always has some feeble answer, like "People will want to know" or "It keeps me sane," to justify the inevitable payoff of his 1st-person death scene.
* Appears in Reality Show outtakes when someone is upset. Probably after someone says, "ImNotHereToMakeFriends".
* In the fictional documentary "Under the Hood", part of the ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'' movie universe, the Comedian says to get the camera out of his face, and the voiceover says he is unavailable for comment.
* Used on several occasions by Terrence in ''KateModern'', and memorably by Rupert in "The Last Work".
* On ''TopGear'''s Polar Special, Clarkson tells May to turn off the in-car camera just after they've hit a large ice block and are getting out to look at the damage, presumably to make room for a whole heckuva lot of profanity.
* Brock Lovett says it in ''{{Titanic}}'', after failing to find the diamond in the safe at the beginning of the film.
* [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Meg Griffin]] says it once she's had her fill of the family's reality show.
* VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV does it in one of its cutscenes.
* Played with for a MindScrew effect in ''Film/TheNines'' during the "Reality Television" segment, which shows parts of an in-universe documentary series about the creation of a TV show. After having fallen out with Melissa [=McCarthy=] over replacing her as the star of his show, writer/show runner Gavin storms out onto the street and tells the camera man that he isn’t doing the reality show anymore. [[spoiler:The MindScrew comes in the form of Octavia Spencer looking toward the camera and asking, [[WhamLine "Who are you talking to?"]] Gavin looks at where the camera man had been; the audience still sees him from the camera’s perspective, but nobody is there.]]


[[folder: Something to Hide ]]

* Used by the CEO of Little Chef when Heston Blumenthal confronted him about his 'nationwide' rollout of Heston's new menu... over ''three'' cafés.
* [[Series/ThirtyRock Liz Lemon]] and Tracy Jordan go through gymnastics trying to keep their feuding off Angie's reality show.
* A variation in ''Series/{{NCIS}}'': A news network makes it look like Gibbs is pulling this in response to a question regarding a supermodel's death on a Marine base; in reality, Gibbs was never asked the question, and he only ended the interview because a reporter [[MustHaveCaffeine spilled his coffee]].


[[folder: Have Some Decency ]]

* Invoked by Creator/TerryPratchett in a BBC documentary about his Alzheimer disease.
* Used in the ''Series/StargateSG1'' episode "Heroes" when [[spoiler:Dr. Frasier]] dies.
* In ''Film/DieHard2'', the reporter pushes the camera down when the [=McClanes=] reunite, partly to highlight that she is better than the guy from the first movie.
* Done on a season 9 episode of ''Series/TheOfficeUS'' by the sound guy (who got in trouble for it later) when Pam started crying after a big argument with Jim.