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A seinen mangaka. His works include vast amounts of {{postcyberpunk}} SceneryPorn with neat building structure due to the fact that he studied architecture. [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff He's also gained a large cult following in Germany.]] Aside from the more famous series he's written, he's made several one-shot comics, including ''Blame Academy'', a HighSchoolAU parody of his own series and 5 Wolverine comics published by Creator/MarvelComics.

A ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' fan, he was quite inspired by that series' megastructures, and was doubtless quite happy to write and illustrate part of ''TheHaloGraphicNovel''.
!!Series he's written

* ''Manga/{{Blame}}''
** ''[=NOiSE=]'', which is a prequel to the above.
* ''Manga/{{Biomega}}'', which is not.
* ''[=Abara=]''
* ''Manga/KnightsOfSidonia'': His newest feature, which is currently ongoing. Not to be confused with ''Music/KnightsOfCydonia'' by Music/{{Muse}}. Some translators romanize it as "[[SpellMyNameWithAnS Sidonia]]" to avoid this confusion.
* ''Comicbook/{{Snikt}}''
!!Tropes related to TsutomuNihei:

* AbortedArc: Has become slightly infamous for this - several of his one-shot works were intended to be pilot episodes for their own series--but for [[ExecutiveMeddling one reason]] or [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny another]] they never came to fruition.
* AuthorAppeal: Absurdly scaled architecture, powerful weapons, [[{{Transhuman}} transhumanism]], and bears.
* ArtEvolution: Especially notable over the course of ''Manga/{{Blame}}'', his longest manga.
* {{BFG}}[=/=]HandCannon: [[AuthorAppeal Loves]] exceptionally powerful ones at that. Most of the guns he comes up with can easily be described as being about "[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill misapplied force]]". In other words, guns way, way, waaaaaaaay too powerful to justify use on a person. The most (in)famous example is likely the Graviton Beam Emitter, a weapon about the size of your average Glock. It's so powerful that it doesn't quite fit under the umbrella of HandCannon, more as a WaveMotionGun.
* BioPunk: Nihei really likes to blur the distinction between mechanical and OrganicTechnology. In ''Manga/{{Biomega}}'', this is done to [[UpToEleven such a degree]] that after a few volumes, the distinction becomes more or less ''meaningless''.
* {{Cyberpunk}}: ''Literature/{{NOiSE}}'' being a fitting example.
* DullSurprise: A common criticism leveled at his rendition of human characters.
** Finally averted with ''Manga/KnightsOfSidonia'', where main character Tanikaze is blazing with emotions up to humorous level. Other characters tend to be more stoic but nevertheless often show surprise, happiness, shock and even mass cheering. Tanikaze still takes the cake with his hilarious expressions.
* DecompressedComic
* TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt: Nearly all of his manga take place during or after Earth has been destroyed in some creative way.
** Blameverse: Deconstructed to build a DysonSphere.
** ''Manga/{{Biomega}}'': Turned into a giant wormlike thing.
** Gaunaverse: Consumed by the Gaunas.
* HumongousMecha: Show up in short stories ''Zeb-Noid'' and ''Winged Armor Suzumega'' and the new serial ''Manga/KnightsOfSidonia'' seems to be Nihei's take on the typical Mecha story. Strange in that its mechs lack the technorganic quality that has come to define the author's work.
* {{Mukokuseki}}: Most of his manga have several distinctly Asian-looking characters, although considering the trans-human leanings of most of them, this could often be more an issue of personal taste than ethnicity.
* PostCyberpunk
* SilentSceneryPanel
* SceneryPorn
* SceneryGorn
* TheVerse: The Blameverse, so far consisting of, in rough chronological order:
** ''Literature/{{NOiSE}}''
** ''Manga/{{Blame}}''
** ''Blame^2''
** ''Netsphere Engineer!''
*** ''Abara'', ''Manga/KnightsOfSidonia'' and a short HumongousMecha piece called ''Winged Armor Suzumega'', also known as ''The Armored Insects Sphingidae'' may also have some connection, as all feature aliens known as Gaunas, though they're somewhat different in each incarnation, ranging from spiny, shape-shifting humanoids in ''Abara'', to giant fetus-like monsters in ''Sidonia'', while in ''Suzumega'' it's not exactly clear what they're supposed to be. Dialogue in ''Suzumega'', referring to a "Planet Vanishing" and ''Sidonia'''s premise of being an evacuee ship from Earth, which was destroyed by the Gaunas also apparently allude to the events of ''Abara''.
*** Then again, it could be he's just pulling an Creator/HPLovecraft and reusing names and themes to create the impression of a Mythos.
* WordOfGod: He has cleared the confusion--''Manga/{{Biomega}}'' is not in the same [[TheVerse 'verse]] as ''Manga/{{Blame}}''.