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->''"I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose''\\
''Drinking fresh mango juice''\\
''Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes''\\
''Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun"''
-->-- ''Series/RedDwarf'''s EndingTheme

The final shot of a story is a character relaxing on a sun lounger with a fruity UmbrellaDrink, looking [[HappyEnding pleased with himself]] on a sun lounger. Most likely wearing a colourful [[HawaiianShirtedTourist Hawaiian shirt]] amid a sea of HulaAndLuaus. Neither of which is to say this is [[HollywoodGeography actually supposed to be Hawaii]] (which would be a ''really stupid'' place for an American to [[RunForTheBorder flee to...]]) -- it's more likely to be somewhere in LatinLand or the [[WelcomeToTheCaribbeanMon Caribbean]]. British media has its own variation, usually involving the Costa del Sol, a famed retreat of British gangsters, or even Blackpool, where many Scottish gangsters avoided heat. More modern works will substitute Thailand or the [[{{Qurac}} UAE]].

As far as music goes, either [[StandardSnippet "Aloha Oe"]] or something generically calypso will be playing in the background.

This can serve as a WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue for a KarmaHoudini villain, in which case a triumphant EvilLaugh is rather likely. It's also commonly {{Invoked|Trope}}, or {{Discussed|Trope}} by characters who never ultimately manage to fulfill it (having clearly [[GenreBlindness never heard]] of {{Retirony}}, OneLastJob or the UnspokenPlanGuarantee).

This is the natural result of a successful RunForTheBorder.

'''As this is an ending trope, spoilers will be unmarked below!'''


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Manga/HunterXHunter'': [[spoiler:At the end of the Chimera Ant arc we get to know that Diego, the dictator of East Gorteau, has been enjoying a peaceful retirement in the countryside for 30 years. The Diego killed by Meruem was a BodyDouble.]]
* One episode of ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex'' had the team doing a heist in order to complete their mission. The end of the episode has the team lounging on a beach reflecting on their success... until the boss shows up, turns off the hologram projector, and tells them to get back to work.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''Franchise/SpiderMan''
** In one story, Mysterio's ultimate goal when he takes over the Maggia is to grab as much money as he can, and "buy an island in the tropics where I can sit under palm trees and drink things out of coconuts". At the end of the story, Mysterio is taking a sunbath wearing a colourful [[HawaiianShirtedTourist Hawaiian shirt]] under the palm trees... [[SubvertedTrope of an enormous sign at his department roof]], thinking about how much he hates Spider-Man.
** In another, the epilogue is [[EpilogueLetter in the form of a letter]] sent by [[DatingCatwoman Black Cat]] from the safety of such a refuge.
** After the first battle between the original Hobgoblin and the original Green Goblin, we get an epilogue where Hobby is sitting on a tropical island with no extradition treaties, sipping a cocktail and happy to retire on what's left of his original fortune. Given that at the start of the story he'd been outed and in jail, it's considered a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for the character, and [[Comics/SpiderGirl any time]] [[Creator/DanSlott he's returned]] it's been as a pure MagnificentBastard.
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}}''
** The storyline ''Heart of Hush'' ends on this note. Comicbook/{{Catwoman}} is relaxing at a resort while recovering from getting her heart ripped out, recording a message for Hush explaining how she got her revenge.
** Another story, made by creative team of ''ComicBook/TheLongHalloween'', has the story's secondary antagonist, a BlackWidow who almost got her claws into Bruce Wayne, chilling on a beach in South America, planning her next 'conquest'...[[ParanoiaFuel until someone passes a note along from Batman]].
* ''Comicbook/TheSandman'': The "Season of Mists" storyline ends with Lucifer, who has resigned his job and closed up Hell, sunning himself on an Australian beach. He even admits that God's sunsets are pretty nice.
* ''Comicbook/TheLosers'': The surviving Losers are somewhere with palm trees, apparently off the agency's radar. When Stegler tries to recruit them for a new unit to fix the company's mistakes, [[spoiler: Jensen]] declines him quite decisively in a SplashPage.
-->'''[[FlippingTheBird Fuck you, company man.]]'''
* Played with in the ''ComicBook/AstroCity'' story "Show 'Em All": The Junkman, having pulled off the perfect crime, gets his tropical epilogue before the story is more than two-thirds over. Then he realizes that the problem with pulling off a crime so perfect that nobody knows who did it is that ''nobody knows who did it'' (which is a problem because he became a supervillain in the first place to make a point about what people like him are capable of), and goes back to have another go.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* The surviving mercenaries in ''FanFic/RespawnOfTheDead'' eventually wind up in a coastal Mexican town.

* Gene Hackman's character does this at the end of ''Film/EnemyOfTheState'', broadcasting a hilarious video message to Will Smith's television.
* Milton in ''Film/OfficeSpace'' is a subversion because he's still getting ignored, and [[HereWeGoAgain starts plotting his revenge all over again]].
* The protagonists of ''Film/TradingPlaces'' have one of these.
* ''Film/JohnnyEnglish'' has a scene like this, with a twist: earlier in the film, the title character bungles up preventing a robbery, and invents a highly improbable "villain" to cover up his ineptness. The "villain" is shown to be a real person at the end in this scene, but that's pure coincidence.
* ''Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs'' ends with Hannibal Lecter phoning Clarice from Bimini, where he's having an old friend for dinner.
* Film/TheProducers plan on having one of these in Rio de Janeiro once their scheme comes to fruition, but it doesn't work out as planned.
-->''You'll find your happiness in Rio''\\
''The beaches there are strewn with pearls''\\
''The Latin breezes always blow there''\\
''[[GettingCrapPastTheRadar And so, we hear, do the girls!]]''
* The two final conspirators in ''Film/WildThings'' are on a boat, and are assumed to be off to some sort of island paradise with their ill-gotten money.
* The ending of ''Film/{{Bullseye}}'' (1990) with Michael Caine talking with someone on the phone, telling her that she can't have her money back; she has already spent it.
* Also the ending of ''Film/BuddyBuddy'' (1981). In that one it is stated earlier that hitman Trabucco has already picked a tropical island to retire to that he intends to buy if he finishes his last job.
* ''Film/TheManWhoKnewTooLittle'' has this—only interrupted by the American agents trying to recruit Wallace.
* At the end of ''Film/TheChase'' (1994), we see that fugitive lovers Jack Hammond and Natalie Voss have fallen into this lifestyle after fleeing to Mexico.
* In ''Film/TheShawshankRedemption'', Andy Dufresne does this after breaking out of prison.
* ''Film/XXx'' ends by Vin Diesel finally travelling to Bora Bora.
* In ''Film/ThingsToDoInDenverWhenYoureDead'', the criminal group that main characters run in will often say, "Boat drinks," to remind each other of their ultimate dream: retiring to some tropical paradise to sip cocktails on a yacht. In the end, we see all of the main characters doing exactly that, except they're all dead.
* Referenced in ''Film/OutOfSight''. Karen (Jennifer Lopez) mockingly asks bank robber Jack (George Clooney) if he imagines he'll retire to some tropical paradise. He counters that he always preferred mountains.
* Kathleen Turner's character in ''Film/BodyHeat'' ends this way, whatever her name may be.
* ''Film/BurnNoticeTheFallOfSamAxe'' ends like this for Sam in [[ItsAlwaysSunnyInMiami sunny Miami]] (with an ice-cold beer in hand, no less), putting him in position to be Mike's go-to guy in [[Series/BurnNotice the series]].
* ''Film/DarkPassage'' ends with Bogart and Bacall reuniting in Peru.
* Amusingly subverted with Alec Guinness' character in ''Film/TheLavenderHillMob'': Holland is [[FramingDevice relating the story]] to a fellow Englishman in the comfort of sunny Rio, but the man is revealed to be the police officer extraditing him back to England a year after the events.
* At the end of the ''[[WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle Boris and Natasha]]'' movie, the title characters get warped back in time to the beginning of the movie. They then decide that they really don't want to go through all the grief they experienced throughout the film again, so they decide to quit their jobs and retire to Tahiti.
* Subverted in ''Film/RepoMen'', while it does end in a tropical setting, we find out that ''the entire last half'' of the movie is really a dream-sequence in the protagonist's mind, so long as his buddy can keep up the payments.
* The bank robber in ''Film/InsideMan'' brags about this plan (though it's probably misdirection), though the cop he's talking to begs to differ:
-->'''Dalton Russell:''' This time next week I'm going be sucking down pina coladas in a hot tub with a couple of girls named Amber and Tiffani.
-->'''Keith Frazier:''' Next week you're going to be showering with a couple of guys named Jamal and Jesus. And [[PrisonRape that thing you're sucking on? Not a pina colada.]]
* The bad ending to the first ''Film/WaynesWorld'' movie has the ''villain'' and Wayne's love interest end up in one together ([[FanService she's wearing a tiny bikini]] and tells him how great he was in bed last night as she hands him a drink). Then he turns to the camera and mocks the audience for expecting her to end up with a loser like Wayne. Good thing it's not the real ending.
* ''Film/DunstonChecksIn'' ends with the Grants adopting Dunston and moving to manage a new hotel in Bali. [[HereWeGoAgain And then the same hotel inspector turns up...]]
* Referenced by Zephram Cochrane in ''Film/StarTrekFirstContact''; this is what he plans to do after his warp engine makes him filthy rich, to Will Riker's amusement.
* The Australian comedy ''Film/{{Malcolm}}'' ends with the protagonists escaping to Portugal.
* ''Film/BuffaloSoldiers'': At the end Pvt. Elwood gets away basically scott-free with his crimes and ends up getting redeployed to a U.S. base in Hawaii where he can continue his schemes.

* The ending of Creator/BenElton's novel ''High Society''.
* Played with in Creator/MatthewReilly's ''Literature/IceStation''. The fate of a minor character from the backstory is revealed when the epilogue zips to a South American beach, where a scavenger finds debris in the ocean from the character's crashed plane.
* In ''Literature/{{Matilda}}'', Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood move to Guam after Mr. Wormwood's [[HonestJohnsDealership car dealership]] is under investigation for fraud, and their daughter is legally adopted by [[PsychologistTeacher Ms. Honey.]]
* At the end of ''Literature/CaptainVorpatrilsAlliance'', after what initially seems to be a case of ReassignedToAntarctica, Ivan manages to alter it to this instead by realising that there's absolutely no reason why their planetary embassy needs to be in the rainswept capital rather than somewhere near the equator.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Hillary Briss in ''Series/TheLeagueOfGentlemen''.
* In ''Series/StargateSG1'', Harry Maybourne spends some time like this after being convicted of treason, though he eventually ends up opting for an off-planet exile instead.
* In the ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'' episode "[[Recap/SherlockS01E03TheGreatGame The Great Game]]", one of the crimes that Moriarty arranges and [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder subsequently has Sherlock expose]] is a character's plan to do this.
* As perhaps evidenced by the theme song, ''Series/RedDwarf'''s Lister dreams of getting back to Earth and setting up a burger bar on Fiji with his cat. Technically speaking, this is the SeriesGoal of the whole programme - if only because the main characters are so hopelessly screwed that no-one can come up with a better plan.
* In ''Series/DueSouth'' this is a DiscussedTrope. The villain, in a standoff with Fraser, brags that he'll soon be in Tahiti living off his spoils.
-->'''Fraser:''' That may be, [[RunForTheBorder but at this moment]], [[PreAssKickingOneLiner you are in the Dominion of Canada.]]
* ''{{Series/Farscape}}'' appears to do this. At the end of the final episode, John and Aeryn are on a boat in very tropical-looking waters, he asks her to marry him, and it looks like a perfect setup for a HappilyEverAfter ending. Then an alien ship [[GainaxEnding appears from nowhere and blasts them to pieces]]. The subsequent miniseries shoves them right back into the war.
* An episode of ''Series/{{Grimm}}'' involves a congregation of Seelengut (sheep people) being led by an, apparently, reformed [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Blutbad]] reverend (that's right, a wolf preaching to sheep), who is secretly stealing from the church along with his Seelengut wife. When the wife finds out that he has knocked up another Seelengut, she throws him to the angry Seelengut to be ripped apart and runs away with the money and her husband's girlfriend to a tropical beach.
* One ''Series/MidsomerMurders'' episode ends with the murderers getting away with it because the woman in their MenageATrois refuses to cooperate, enduring jail for their sake. So Barnaby shows her a picture taken of the happy couple somewhere warm having obviously replaced the woman. The episode ends with him getting a call implying she's started talking.

* Music/JimmyBuffett's song "Banana Republic" is about precisely this sort of person -- "expatriated Americans, hoping to find some fun." Buffett in general likes to present himself as such - the fact that he's extremely wealthy means it is some degree of TruthInTelevision for him.
* Subverted in the Music/ZacBrownBand song "Toes", where everything is great for the tourist... until he runs out of money.
* The TwistEnding of Music/{{Rammstein}}'s "Haifisch" video.
* The KarmaHoudini subject of ''[[Music/WarrenZevon Mister Bad Example]]'' does this twice. First he flies to Adelaide with a Monte Carlo prostitute's stolen passport, then to Sri Lanka on a Malaysian Air flight he paid for with stolen wages from his Australian opal mining company.

* Episode 246 of the ''[[Podcast/ComedyDeathRayRadio Comedy Bang Bang Podcast]]'' had Creator/BobOdenkirk jokingly saying that this was how ''Series/BreakingBad'' would end.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The "Lost and Found" adventure in ''[[TabletopGame/DiscworldRoleplayingGame GURPS Discworld Also]]'' states that, in accordance with the TheoryOfNarrativeCausality, the Howondaland trading post ''must'' contain at least one white-suited Ankh-Morporkian expat, who can never return for some unspecified reason.

* ''Deckchairs'' by Jean [=McConnell=] is a collection of one-act plays that are all designed so they can be performed with two actors and a couple of deckchairs. One of them, "Last Post", ends with a con artist sitting in a deckchair somewhere tropical enjoying the proceeds of her latest scam.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/BanjoKazooie'' features an ending sequence with our heroes relaxing on a tropical island somewhere.
* ''VideoGame/{{Illbleed}}'''s good ending shows all the heroes (who have just won a ton of money at the titular AmusementParkOfDoom) lounging on a beach together.
* Possibly that easter egg {{Fanservice}} picture in ''[[VideoGame/{{Gauntlet}} Gauntlet Legends]]''.
* If the player amasses a tidy sum as an independent commander in ''VideoGame/MechWarrior 2: Mercenaries,'' they will get this as an ending after the Battle of Tukayyid cutscene.
* ''Franchise/CrashBandicoot''
** Suggested by Dr Neo Cortex in the bad ending of ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot3Warped'' as an idea or what to do now that he's been beaten yet again, shortly before [[TheManBehindTheMan his boss, UkaUka]] reminds him they could still triumph by getting all the gems.
** The trope turns up as the bad ending for ''Videogame/CrashBandicoot2CortexStrikesBack''; Crash and Coco sit on a beach with one of the [[{{Mooks}} crabs]] from the first game, and discuss what happened to the [[KillSat Cortex Vortex]].
* More of a Tropical Prologue, unless you count it for the previous game, but the PC title 7.62: High Calibre begins with your mercenary crew lounging on a beach before getting the call to action.
* ''Videogame/RockBand 3'' plays this straight after you complete the tour modus. Your band presumably dies in a plane crash while they really just faked their deaths to escape stardom and enjoy their wealth in some tropical paradise.
* If you lose the game ''MariosTimeMachine'', then [[BigBad Bowser]] will do this.
* ''VideoGame/BadMojo'' ends with the protagonist and his long lost father using a bunch of stolen money to retire to the Carribean.
* {{Discussed|Trope}} between Commander Shepard and Garrus in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', and Zaeed will ultimately be shown enjoying his retirement as such assuming he survived the events of the game. Depicting the entire crew in this setting seems to be a pervasive theme for dozens of pieces of fan art in an effort to [[FixFic fix the controversial ending]].
* In ''Videogame/MaxPayne 3'', the last scene is one of Max, having both successfully kicked his alcoholism and brought down Victor Branco's conspiracy, drinking a soda and watching a CoincidentalBroadcast about Victor's death at a beach in Bahia, at peace with himself for the first time in a long time.
* A NonStandardGameOver for ''VideoGame/{{Rayman 2}}'' has Rayman accept a ton of money instead of the PlotCoupon and living life in a tropical paradise surrounded by money.
* Inverted in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'': Mario spends most of the game on a tropical island... under arrest for a crime he didn't commit. It's only at the end of the game that he's finally released and gets to vacation there like he wanted.
* ''[[Franchise/CarmenSandiego Where in the U.S.A. is Carmen Sandiego]]'': If the player loses by capturing the wrong member of V.I.L.E., the game ends by showing the acquitted villain enjoying a tropical vacation.

* The cast of ''WebComic/BobAndGeorge'' pulled their own variation of a TimeTravelEscape by faking their deaths and retiring to Acapulco. See it [[http://www.bobandgeorge.com/archives/070728 here]].
* ''WebComic/IrregularWebcomic'' example: [[http://www.irregularwebcomic.net/540.html here]].
* In ''WebComic/{{Sinfest}}'', [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2006-12-07 Satan assures Slick that Hell's like a tropical getaway.]] [[http://www.sinfest.net/view.php?date=2004-01-28 He opted for the real thing, himself.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* At least two ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' shorts "WesternAnimation/AliBabaBunny" and "The Abominable Snow Rabbit" end with WesternAnimation/BugsBunny lounging on the beach at wherever he was going before missing that fateful [[WrongTurnAtAlbuquerque "left turn at Albuquerque"]] (Pismo Beach in the former short, Palm Springs in the latter). "Mutiny On the Bunny" ends with Yosemite Sam rowing Bugs to Rio in a rowboat, the latest part of a promised trip around the world.
** In the CompilationMovie ''WesternAnimation/DaffyDucksQuackbusters'', Bugs keeps asking to go to Palm Springs. Guess where he is in the WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue?
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'' titled "The Worry Men" features the Mad Hatter admitting that he's been thinking of retiring from crime, purchasing an island out in the middle of nowhere, and opening up a sun-bonnet shop.