This is an index of tropes that are about taboos as such, rather than ''issues'' that can be considered taboo.

Compare ThatWhichMustNotBeIndexed.
!!A list - tropes that are squarely about taboos
* GayPanic
* JesusTaboo
* NuclearWeaponsTaboo
* OurNudityIsDifferent - showing your X is taboo.
* TheScottishTrope
* YourNormalIsOurTaboo

!!"B list" - tropes that have a component of being about taboos
* AlienBlood - black blood makes violence easier especially on MechaMooks, Taboo of enemies you can sympathize with.
* BloodlessCarnage - blood is taboo, violence is okay.
* BuryYourGays
* FamilyFriendlyFirearms: Realistic weapons are taboo.
* JesusWasWayCool - a taboo against portraying Jesus in a negative light, a taboo that doesn't necessarily extend to God.
* KissingDiscretionShot - don't show kisses!
* MoralGuardians - and the taboos should ''remain'' taboo, thank you very much.
* OnceAcceptableTargets - making fun of these used to be OK, but now is taboo.
* PleasePutSomeClothesOn - a trope about characters getting embarrassed because of a nudity taboo.
* SexIsEvilAndIAmHorny - a character being destructive because his sexual urges clash with his internalized sexual taboos.