[[{{Trope}} Trope]]s are storytelling devices and conventions. They are the methods, concepts, conventions, and means by which writers, filmmakers, game programmers, and anyone else who tells a story uses to do so. They may be brand new and seem trite and hackneyed; they may be 1,000 years old--or older--and seem fresh and new. [[TropesAreNotBad They are not bad]]; [[TropesAreNotGood they are not good]], they are simply tools that a creator of a work of art uses to express their ideas to the audience. A good artist can use tropes that they think will advance their story and produce something unique and different, while a great artist can take tropes that were old when Plato was alive and make people think that the story is also unique and different. Or they can take a bumper crop of brand new tropes, or old ones, or a mixture, and produce a piece of excrement that people think is garbage. Again, tropes are not good, and are not bad, they are simply the tools of storytelling.

Basically, tropes are the entire point of this site. Here is a list of indexes--split into conceptual groups. At the bottom of each trope page you will find a convenient '''next''' and '''previous''' link that will make following a particular concept fun. You may, however, want to take along a supply of NarniaTime.

%% If an index doesn't fit under these four indexes or their sub-indexes, place it in the Other Categories folder %%
!Main Indexes:
+ '''GenreTropes'''
+ '''MediaTropes'''
+ '''NarrativeTropes'''
+ '''TopicalTropes'''

!!Other Indexes:
+ {{Administrivia}} %%Just so that this page appears on an index.%%
+ ArtisticLicense
+ AudienceReactions
+ BooksOnTrope
+ ABouncySpringyIndex
+ CameraTricks
+ TheContributors
+ CreatorSpeak
+ {{Creators}}
+ DerivativeWorks
+ EuropeIndex
+ {{Fandom}}
+ {{Formats}}
+ {{Genres}}
+ InformationDesk
+ JustForFun
+ LanguageIndices
+ LawsAndFormulas
+ {{Media}}
+ MetaConcepts
+ MoreLikeAFootnoteThanAnythingElse
+ {{Networks}}
+ TheOldestOnesInTheBook
+ OmnipresentTropes
+ OverdosedTropes
+ {{Snowclones}}
+ SpoileredRotten
+ StockRoom
+ ThereAreNoIndexes
+ ThisIndexDoesNotExist
+ ThisIndexHappenedOffscreen
+ ThisIndexHasLeftTheBuilding
+ ThisIndexIsOnPurpose
+ ThisMightBeAnIndex
+ TropeOverdosed
+ {{Tropes}} %%Just so that this page appears on an index.%%
+ TropeTropes
+ JustForFun/TropesOfLegend
+ TruthInTelevision
+ UniversalTropes
+ UsefulNotes
+ {{Works}}