This is what happens when a trope normally is a PetPeeveTrope, but one particular example doesn't trigger the usual BerserkButton, or the reverse, when a SugarWiki/FavoriteTrope is done in such a way as to hit said Button.

Why? Well, for the non-annoying example of a Pet Peeve Trope case (which is the one for which we'll be providing examples) there are a few possibilities:
* It could be because the [[JustifiedTrope justification]] is actually logical (there's a RecordNeedleScratch in the trailer, but it's a movie about an actual Vinyl record shop in the 1960s).
* It could be because the subtext that's normally present in the trope is avoided (yes, he is a [[MightyWhitey British lord raised by a native South American tribe]], but he repeatedly claims to not be as good a hunter as most of the men of his adoptive tribe, and this is (mostly) borne out by what we see; he's still good enough to beat the bad guys, though).
* It could be because the context requires the trope. (Sure, the BlackDudeDiesFirst in the war film, but that was what exactly happened in the [[BasedOnATrueStory real-life battle the film (scene) is based on.]])
* It could be because the trope is used in a [[DownplayedTrope very understated way]] (yes, that character is very clearly [[CreatorsFavorite the author's pet]], but he's only on screen for maybe two scenes per episode at most).
* It could be that it's being used in a sufficiently unusual way (it's not BlackComedyRape; it's RapeAsDrama being [[KickTheDog played by the rapist as comedy]]).
* It could be a case of an IntendedAudienceReaction (we're supposed to find the {{wangst}}y teenager [[TheScrappy annoying]], so that we understand when TheHero finally starts yelling at him).
* It could be because the UnfortunateImplications normally associated with a trope are cancelled out by another (a FauxActionGirl is paired with a genuine ActionGirl to show that competence isn't tied to gender).
* It could just be so well done that we forgive the writers (ActuallyPrettyFunny).
* It could be some species of [[DeconstructedTrope deconstruction]] of the trope.

No examples, please. Given that this is an AudienceReaction derived from another Audience Reaction, specific examples in the main page would be [[FlameBait problematic to say the least.]]