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[-[[caption-width-right:200: The difference between you and him? [[Film/MenInBlack He makes this look]] ''[[Film/MenInBlack good]]!'']]-]

These are the absolute coolest variety of CoolShades. Rather than those frightfully ''dull'' elliptical, [[LennonSpecs circular]], or square lenses, the lenses in these shades are in the shape of scalene triangles, joined at one point and with the shortest sides resting on the bridge of the nose. They are often, but not always, worn by lowlife hoodlum characters. There's even an {{emoticon}} for them: ◥▶◀◤

Aren't they cool?

A variation is for robots to have their actual eyes in this shape. This serves no purpose other than looking [[RuleOfCool cool]].
!!Examples -- sunglasses


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Kamina of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' starts off with a pair, and everybody gets in on the act towards the end of the series. They've become so associated with him and considered such a defining trait that "Kamina shades" is a very common term used to refer to this style of sunglasses.
** It's also rumoured that if ''anybody'' puts on Kamina's shades, they will instantly be promoted to MemeticBadass status. It's become a [[MemeticMutation meme]] to Photoshop Kamina's glasses onto various [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/re-epic_7450.jpg people]], places, [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/00652/news-graphics-2007-_652218a.gif flags]]...which, well, instantly promotes them to MemeticBadass status. It even fixes hated characters such as [[http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/8116/naaaah.png Starchild]].
*** The shades have become so iconic in their role of turning the wearer into a MemeticBadass that in some circles the shades ''by themselves'' have gained MemeticBadass status.
** They became an AscendedMeme in ''VideoGame/{{Super Robot Wars Z}}2'', where equipping them to a pilot gives them a huge starting will boost.
** [[spoiler:Simon tops it off towards the end of the series, with his shades becoming ''star-shaped''! ( which is like the original, with three pointed tips added)]]
*** And topped off once more with [[spoiler:Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann]] in ''Lagann-hen'' which manifests '''galaxy-sized Kamina's shades'''. No, that's not a typo there.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' has an example that predates Kamina's: Ash's Squirtle has a pair that he whips out every now and then, which signifies his role as TheLeader of the Squirtle Squad (the other Squirtle instead wear LennonSpecs). So do various members of Team Rocket, especially Meowth.
* The title character of ''Manga/BoboboboBobobo.''
* Franky from ''Anime/OnePiece''.
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Old Man Zangetsu wears a wraparound variety of these.
* Toguro the younger in ''Manga/YuYuHakusho''.
* Knight Shoemach/Osamu Sugo from ''Anime/FutureGPXCyberFormula'' wears those when he's racing. It is also to keep his real identity a secret so he can catch up on Smith.
* A Gazimon is briefly seeing wearing a pair in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure''. And by "briefly" we mean that Taichi accidentally broke them with a soccer ball to the face shortly thereafter.
** [=SuperStarmon=] of ''Anime/DigimonFrontier'' and ''Anime/DigimonXrosWarsTheYoungHuntersLeapingThroughTime'', as well as Starmon of ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'', perpetually wear them.
* Akane from ''Anime/VividredOperation'' puts on these types of shades when she tries to disguise herself in Episode 3. The kicker? They are the ''Exact'' [[https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-GSHPwqOkofw/VaeOcss2PlI/AAAAAAAAk8w/0OZlTlmlp60/w346-h194/wfegrhtjyujhngbfvd.PNG same shade of red as Kamina's]].
** Her grandpa does the same in episode 6, also the exact same shade. The kicker, he says this quote:
-->"[[spoiler: Just who the hell do you think I am, Private Momo!]]"

* Cartoonist [[http://www.kazcooke.com.au/ Kaz Cooke's]] AuthorAvatar.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/VideoBoy'', the eponymous protagonist of an [[http://www.internationalhero.co.uk/v/videoboy.htm Italian superhero comic]] from the late 1980s, sports green triangle shades as part of his costume.

* Hottie from FanFic/Hottie3TheBestFanFicInTheWorld wears pink Triangle Shades.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Pointed shades are built into the helmets of [[Series/KaizokuSentaiGokaiger GokaiSilver]] and [[Series/TokumeiSentaiGoBusters Red Buster]].

* Machinima/Supermarioglitchy4sSuperMario64Bloopers [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this trope a few times:
** Bowser puts on a pair and breakdances after successfully cooking Italian ravioli [[ItMakesSenseInContext with just Doritos]] in ''Cooking with Bowser and Mario 2!''.
** Peach after poisoning [[VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine Toadsworth]] in ''Toadsworth's how to-Princess''.
** Yoshi wears a pair in ''Yoshrooms'' while attracting another Yoshi, [[DownerEnding only to be beaten up by said blue Yoshi]].
** We also have triangle shade-wearing Series/{{Teletubbies}}. For example:
*** Dipsy while in the crowd cheering and dancing with [=SMG4=] in [[spoiler:''APRIL FOOLS'']].
*** Dipsy again in ''Tubbie TV'' while "getting it on with the ladies". This happens a second time at [[spoiler:the very end of the blooper]] when the Teletubbies celebrate.
*** Tinky Winky (briefly) in ''The 12 idiots of Christmas''.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'': Calvin once tried to convince his mom to buy him a [[color:green:BRIGHT GREEN]] pair of these. Became HilariousInHindsight when TTGL came out, prompting a lot of crossover fanart.

* ''Pinball/DrDude''[='=]s bright orange shades.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Mouser from ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2'' and Boshi from ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'' wear them, almost identical to Squirtle's, as mentioned above.
* Teddy from ''VideoGame/{{MOTHER|1}}''.
* [[VideoGame/FZero Captain Falcon's]] mask counts, as do those of [[EvilTwin Blood Falcon]], [[EvilOverlord Black Shadow]], and [[TimeTravel Phoenix]].
* Proto Man from ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' similarly wears these as part of his helmet. The official art heavily implies that he wears ''[[http://megaman.wikia.com/wiki/File:Helmetless_Protoman.png another]]'' set of Triangle Shades under the ones on his helmet.
* You can buy a pair in ''VideoGame/{{Transformice}}''.
* ''VideoGame/GhostTrick'''s Sissel has a pair of these. [[spoiler:Yomiel, the person whose body Sissel mistakenly thought was his, has these too.]] These carry on even after [[spoiler: Sissel [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NJikFH0erM#t=1m37s loses Yomiel's image]] and reverts to the blueish blob shape all ghosts start out as and Yomiel seems to have drawn a pair of triangle shades onto his "face" after [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NJikFH0erM#t=0m50s pulling a body together]] out of random items he found in the submarine.]]
* Some of the ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' games feature triangle shades for your character to wear.
* Kamikaze Bomber from ''[[VideoGame/{{Bomberman94}} Bomberman '94]]'' and Metal Bomber from ''[[VideoGame/SuperBomberman Super Bomberman 3]]'' wear them. For a lesser-known example, Carat Diamond wears them instead of his round shades in the story manga in the ''VideoGame/SuperBomberman'' guidebook.
* Milky Nezumi from ''VideoGame/NezumiMan'', since he's a ShoutOut to [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]].
* Whereas Dr. Eggman from the ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' series sports a pair of pince-nez sunglasses, his EvilTwin Eggman Nega wears triangular shades.
* Tatsu of ''VideoGame/XenobladeChroniclesX'' got a pair of these as a memento from his father, who was selected as a yearly heropon.

* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': Dave's Bro sports "dumb pointy anime shades", as John calls them; [[Creator/AndrewHussie the comic's author]] has denied this being a ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' reference on several occasions. Dave himself wore a pair of his own for most of his life, but swapped them for the aviators Creator/BenStiller wore in ''Film/StarskyAndHutch'' which John gave him as a thirteenth birthday present. [[spoiler:The post-[[ResetButton Scratch]] counterpart of Bro,]] Dirk Strider, also wears his own [[GogglesDoSomethingUnusual computerized specs]], which themselves [[spoiler:hold Dirk's "Auto-Responder" an ArtificialIntelligence based off Dirk's own consciousness.]]
* ''Webcomic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'': [[spoiler:Bishified Commander Badass]] has a pair. They come in handy for [[spoiler: slitting Final Form Gackt's throat]].
** As does [[spoiler:VideoGame/DukeNukem]]. He looks remarkably similar to Dirk above.
* ''Literature/TheManWhoWasThursday'': Triangle shades are used in a webcomic version of the story to make a character look sinister.
* Buwaro of ''Webcomic/SlightlyDamned'' wears a pair in [[http://hyenafu.tumblr.com/post/155083238024/patron-renduras-dream-of-a-slightly-damned-rock this non-canon piece of art drawn by the author]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* While not in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' itself, they're worn by Princess Cadance in one of the non-matching pictures from the printable ''[[http://wedding.mylittlepony.com/pdf/Wedding_CadancePerfectMatch.pdf Princess Cadance Perfect Match]]'' activity.
* In ''WesternAnimation/Ben10Omniverse'', [[spoiler:Bullfrag]], one of Ben's transformations, wears a pair.
* Sugilite of ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' has a pair. Partly to cover up (most of) her ExtraEyes.

!!Examples -- eyes

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'': As if the humans having them wasn't enough, the [[HumongousMecha Gunmen]] also sport triangle shade-shaped optical receptors. And, as if ''that'' is not enough, [[SerialEscalation Gurren Lagann sports humongous triangular shades over his triangular eyes]].
** And the final kicker is that Gurren/Gurren Lagann's shades can be used as an ImprovisedWeapon, being used as a sort of boomerang by Kamina and Simon, as well as the first strike of their FinishingMove, the Giga Drill Breaker!!

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/ABCWarriors'': These robotics warriors enjoy this trope. Depending on their current bodies, at least a few of the titular robots have them at any one time. Hammerstein and Mek-Quake are the most fond of theme.
* Franchise/{{Batman}} villain Mr. Zsasz has these in his original appearances, although [[DependingOnTheArtist this was dropped in the late 1990s]].

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Many of the robots in ''VideoGame/{{Descent}}'' have eyes like these, plus GlowingMechanicalEyes.
* [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Krookodile Krookodile]] of ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' has markings around his eyes that resemble triangle shades, leading him to be called [[FanNickname Kaminacroc]] by fans.
* [[SuperRobot Ultra-V]] from ''VideoGame/{{War Of The Monsters}}'' has these in glowing yellow.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The character designs in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' were influenced by those of ''ComicBook/ABCWarriors'', and that famously included the eyes.
** Soundwave's visor is ''literally'' the shape of Kamina's shades! Prowl's is close. ThePowersThatBe say it was indeed ''ComicBook/ABCWarriors'' and not ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' that was the inspiration.