One book or movie becomes a phenomenon. Next thing you know, practically every book or movie of an even remotely similar genre gets a cover or a poster that ganks the design motif of the phenomenon's. This isn't just new books or movies either. Sometimes old books or movies get a re-release (in the case of movies this means a new DVD) with a new cover that does this.

Sometimes, this is a good thing, bringing new attention to a work that deserves it. More often, it's just pointless. Occasionally, it's downright [[ embarrassing]].

Distinct from just pure homage, where the cover is deliberately designed to make the viewer think of that specific work-- this is a marketing thing. Also different from tie-in covers, which exist to let [[ViewersAreMorons movie-goers]] know that the thing they saw was based on a book. (Even Twilight got those, for some reason.)

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[[ Minimalist cover consisting of one symbolic object against a dark background]].

* The aforelinked ''Literature/WutheringHeights'' cover. They've also done some [[ others]].
* The UK covers to the new ''[[ Vampire Diaries]]'' [[ bind-ups]]
* A new [[ bind-up]] of V.C. Andrews's incest classics ''Literature/FlowersInTheAttic'' and ''Petals in the Wind''.
* Aprilynne Pike's ''[[ Wings]]''. The color scheme is different, but let's see here: One lone (preferably floral) image in the middle of the cover? Check. Curly font title? Check. ''Blurb from Stephenie Meyer?'' Check.
* Cyn Balog's ''[[ Fairy Tale]]''.
* Janni Lee Simner's ''[[ Bones of Faerie]]''.
* Cynthia Leitich Smith's ''[[ Eternal]]''.
* Lisa [=McMann's=] ''[[ Wake]]'' trilogy.
* Elizabeth Chandler's ''Dark Secrets'' series and ''Kissed By An Angel'' trilogy got [[ bind-up re-releases]] with solitary ~symbolic~ items on a black background.
* Check out the [[ new cover]] for Marianne Curley's ''Old Magic''.
* Arguably ''[[ The Warrior Heir]]'' cover. Arguable, because it came out only a year after Twilight, before it really hit big.
* In a strange inversion, the [[ 2004 paperback]] of Holly Black's ''Tithe'' looks more Twilight-y than the [[ recent re-design]]. Perhaps that was intentional...
* Compare the current cover of ''[[ Blue Is For Nightmares]]'' with the [[ original 2003 edition]]. Though not vastly different, the composition is very clearly Twilight-ish.
* The ''[[ From Hell]]'' anthologies. Of course, StephenieMeyer contributed a story to ''Prom Nights From Hell''.
* Alex Flinn's ''[[ Beastly]]''
* Maggie Stiefvater's [[ Books of Faerie]]''.
* The teaser poster to ''[[ The Vampire's Assistant]]'' (based on the first three DarrenShan books). Because, hey, vampires!
* Even modern classic theological texts aren't safe! Creator/CSLewis' ''[[ Words to Live By]]''.
* Carrie Adams's ''[[ The Stepmother]]''.
* Dan Shapiro, ''[[ Delivering Doctor Amelia]]''
* A tomato flavored spin with Hans Rueffert's ''[[ Eat Like There's No Tomorrow]]''
* Susan Fraser King's ''[[ Lady Macbeth]]''.
* Melissa's Marr's book ''[[ Wicked Lovely]]'' and it's sequel ''[[ Fragile Eternity]]''
* Abra Ebner's ''[[ Parallel: The Life of Patient 32185]]''.
* Bree Despain's ''[[ The Dark Devine]]''.
* The [[ various]] [[ covers from]] ''[[ The Immortals]]'' series by Alyson Noel.
* Subverted/parodied ''beautifully'' with Jessica Valenti's ''[[ The Purity Myth]]'', which uses a Twilight-inspired cover to draw in the audience who needs to hear the book's message the most.
* Annoyingly, the [[,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU02_.jpg new Corgi covers]] of the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels look like this, even though they started this in 2004, the year ''before'' ''Twilight'' was published.
* The ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' tie-in books have been released in new [[ omnibus editions]], with covers that look suspiciously like the Twilight collector's editions (white cover, solitary object, red and black detail). Even more suspiciously, they were released at a similar time to the Twilight editions, and have been shoved in the 'Twilight rip-off' sections of UK bookstores, along with the new editions of the Vampire Diaries and Wuthering Heights.
* ''FiftyShadesOfGrey'' is a particularly interesting example of this, considering that it started out as a {{Twilight}} fanfic.

[[folder:''Harry Potter''-inspired examples]]
[[ Cover of a slightly stylized pastel portrait of the hero with the title in a fantasy-ish font superimposed]].

* Debra Doyle's ''Circle of Magic'' series not only got a [[ "Sorcerer's Stone"]]-inspired [[ facelift]], but the ''titles'' changed too.
* The ''Charlie Bone'' books-- both the [[ US covers]] and the [[ UK covers]] reflect the design of their Potter counterparts.
* Brandon Mull's ''[[ Fablehaven]]'' series.
* The [[ covers]] for ''Literature/TheSpiderwickChronicles''.
* Jack Kerouac wrote a book called Doctor Sax that came out in 1959. Look at this cover for the 2003 audio release [[]] Also note the Potterian "and the Subtitle" that got tacked on.
** To be fair, the subtitle was Kerouac's. That is an audio adaptation of a screenplay he wrote with that title.
* The covers to the ''[[ Percy Jackson]]'' series.
* Kaleb Nation's ''[[ Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse]]''
* The [[ covers]] for the ''Erec Rex'' series by Kaza Kingsley follow this pattern.
* ''[[ The Tapestry]]'' series by Henry H. Neff.
** Now, the first book bears remarkable similarities, but in later books the story shifts away from the Harry Potter franchise.
* Sarah Prineas's ''[[ The Magic Thief]]''.
* Recent editions of Creator/DianaWynneJones's ''Literature/{{Chrestomanci}}'' books, for example [[ this]].

[[folder:"The Other Boleyn Girl"-inspired]]
[[ Historical fiction of heroine in period dress, partially obscured]].
* Other PhilippaGregory examples: [[ The Queen's Fool]], [[ The Virgin's Lover]]
* This [[ article]] discusses this trope in regards to historical fiction novels starring heroines. "Elizabeth Chadwick, a prizewinning British novelist who writes biographical fiction about the medieval English nobility, found that her sales more than quadrupled after her publisher commissioned a redesign with what she personally termed the "headless bodice" look."
* [[ The Last Wife of Henry VIII]]
* [[ The Last Queen]]
* [[ The Alchemist's Daughter]]
* [[ Her Mother's Daughter]]
* Has even extended past the Renaissance era royalty/nobility genre. [[ The Widow of the South]]

[[folder:The Da Vinci Code-inspired examples]]
[[ A cover that looks as if it has a strip ripped away to reveal a secret document/scene, calligraphic fonted title optional.]]

* Elizabeth Kostova's ''[[ The Historian]]'' about the "true story" behind Bram Stoker's ''Dracula''.
** And then the subsequent [[ repackage of Dracula]] was a Trend Cover of The Historian!
* Gregg Loomis's ''[[ The Julian Secret]]'' and ''[[ The Pegasus Secret]]'', complete with a blurb comparing it to ''The Da Vinci Code''.
* Compare the [[ 1992 cover]] of J.G. Sandom's ''The Gospel Truths''. And the [[ 2007 re-release]]...
* Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore's ''[[ The Last Secret]]''.
* Paul Christopher's ''[[ Michaelangelo's Notebook]]''.
* David Gibbins' ''[[ The Lost Tomb]]''.
* [[ Sam Bourne's covers]] bear a noticable resemblance to the [[ UK edition]] of ''TheDaVinciCode''.

[[folder:ComicBook-inspired examples]]
* Penguin has been hiring respected comic book artists to do covers on their [[ Classics line]].
** Web Comic ''Unshelved'' [[ noticed this too]].
--->'''Dewey:''' Arrggh! I got marketed to!!
* Charles Burns's cover to Zadie Smith's [[ The Book of Other People]].
* Sean Beaudoin's ''[[ Fade to Blue]]''. Justified in that comics play a role in the story.
* [[ Laini Taylor's novels]] have cover art and illustrations by her comics artist husband Jim Di Bartolo.
* Chris Ware drew the poster for the 2007 film ''[[ The Savages]]''.
* The posters to ''AwayWeGo'', ''Year of the Dog'', and ''Surfwise'' all have a cartoonish quality to them. Small wonder, they were all designed by [[ the same company]], who also handled the posters for several comic book movies, including ''Film/ThreeHundred'', ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'', ''Whiteout'', and ''Film/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles''. Ironically enough, those posters do not use comics imagery to sell the film.
** ''AwayWeGo'' always struck me as inspired by ''Juno'''s credits sequence, with the markered-up photocopy look.

[[folder:Other Examples]]
* Cracked covered the movie/DVD side of this trope in this article, [[ 5 Ways Hollywood Tricks You Into Seeing Bad Movies]].
* Check out the poster of ''Film/{{Inception}}'' [[ as compared to the poster for]] ''Film/TheDarkKnight''. Partially justified in that both films were directed by Creator/ChristopherNolan.
* In the Noughties, desaturated advertising images (with heavy shadows and exaggerated blacks) came into vogue, to the point where the effect is being overused everywhere, as of 2011. It became so popular that when Photoshop CS5 came out, it included a new tool specifically for creating this effect (Image>Adjustments>Vibrance).
* Variation: DavidBowie notes in the retrospective book ''Moonage Daydream'' that after ''The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars'' hit big, his older albums ''Space Oddity'' and ''The Man Who Sold the World'' were rereleased with photos of him as Ziggy on the covers. The albums were folk rock and Music/HeavyMetal respectively (as opposed to the GlamRock of Ziggy), but "All this fuss actually put ''Oddity'' in the US Top Twenty, years after its original release."
* The DreamworksFace was born from this phenomenon.
* ''PrivateEye'' has recently started a column about this phenomenon called "Bookalikes", although they occasionally branch into other media such as album covers.
* FiftyShadesofGrey has tons of these, even with similar titles.
* The various Penguin books. Interesting in that ''all'' of their books have the same style of cover which are collectively updated once every few years. So by just looking at the cover, you can guess when a book was printed even if you can't see any other distinguishing feature.
* The ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'' Collector's Edition DVD [[ case and menus]] evoke a ''Franchise/StarWars'' DVD.
* Compare the posters of ''Film/IronMan3'' and ''Film/ThorTheDarkWorld''. Both feature the eponymous heroes clutching their respective lady friends in the center, with their foes overlooking them, and their allies off to the sides.