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Subtrope to PlantTropes. An index gathering tropes related to trees.

!!Growing here you will find:


[[folder: Tropes about individual trees: ]]

* ArborealAbode: A house in a hollowed out tree.
* BridgeLogic: Instant bridge: just kill a tree.
* CatUpATree: Call the fire department! Our cat needs rescuing!
* ParachuteInATree: When a parachuter gets stuck in the branches on the way down.
* PlayingATree: The easiest role in the play.
* {{Treants}}: Sapient creatures resembling large, humanoid trees; often wardens of nature.
* TreeBuchet: Instant catapult: just add tree.
* TreeCover: A tree is often the perfect object to hide behind.
* TreeTrunkTour: Video game level taking place inside a tree.
* TreeVessel: A tree used as a spaceship.
* TreehouseOfFun: A classic location for childhood fun.
* WatchOutForThatTree: When swinging on your jungle vine, try not to collide with the scenery.
* WhenTreesAttack: In which normally inanimate plants get up, walk around, and attack!
* WiseTree: Ancient, sentient tree full of knowledge and good advice.
* WorldTree: A fantastic tree huge enough to reach from ground to sky, or to hold up the world.


[[folder: Tropes in the forest: ]]

* BonsaiForest: Tiny trees out of scale with the surroundings.
* DontGoInTheWoods: Out-of-the-way deep woods as the scene of horror stories.
* GrowsOnTrees: When trees produce "fruit" that ain't fruit.
* HungryJungle: It's deadly, dangerous, sweltering, and hostile.
* TheLostWoods: Vast, ominous, looming old forests.
* TreeTopTown: A whole village of treehouses.
* WildWilderness: When it's a forest.