''A list of tropes that deal with different aspects of treasure.''

See also: BejeweledTropes, TheGildedIndex, LuxuryTropes, and RichPeople.


+ OneMansTrashIsAnothersTreasure

* AllNaturalGemPolish: Freshly mined gems that look like they came straight from a master jeweler's workshop.
* AllThatGlitters: Something seems or is said to be treasure, but isn't.
* BrokenTreasure: A treasured possession is broken or lost
* CheapGoldCoins: People spend solid gold coins like they were pennies.
* CityOfGold: A fabled city made of and filled with gold and treasure, where even the paupers are stinking rich.
* CrystalLandscape: Gems, jewels and crystals dominate the landscape.
* DeathByMaterialism: Your obsession with the treasure leads to your KarmicDeath.
* DragonHoard: A treasure guarded by a dragon.
* EdibleTreasure: The treasure is actually food.
* FriendOrIdolDecision: When you can only save the treasure or your companion and you must choose one.
* GoldFever: The allure of gold drives everyone crazy.
* GoldMakesEverythingShiny: Gold and golden colors used freely to make things look better.
* GoldSilverCopperStandard: A setting where gold, silver and copper coins are the main units of money.
* InexplicableTreasureChests: Chests full of treasure pop up in the oddest places.
* LootDrama: An item or treasure so precious and rare that it will cause any party that finds it to devolve in infighting.
* NaziGold: Large amounts of gold stolen and hidden by the Nazis, still awaiting discovery.
* PirateBooty: Troves of gold and jewels plundered by pirates and buried in faraway places to await discovery.
* TastyGold: Testing the purity of gold coins by biting them.
* TreasureChestCavity: Hiding treasure inside someone's body.
* TreasureIsBiggerInFiction: In fiction, gems are a lot bigger and gold a lot less heavy than in real life.
* TreasureMap: A map leading to hidden treasure.
* TreasureRoom: A room full of heaps and heaps of treasure.
* TrophyRoom: A room full of trophies and prizes.
* WorthlessTreasureTwist: The treasure turns out to be worthless or just plain not there.
* WorthlessYellowRocks: What we think is very valuable, other people find worthless.