Real life scientist and engineer who has taken up writing hard scifi[=/=]MilitaryScienceFiction. Often collaborates with Creator/JohnRingo. He is also a star of RealityShow ''Rocket City Rednecks'', along with his father, nephew, brother-in-law, and best friend.

* Warp Speed
* The Quantum Connection
* The Literature/TauCetiAgendaSeries:
** One Day on Mars
** Tau Ceti Agenda
** One Good Soldier
* Von Neumann's War
* An Introduction to Planetary Defense
* Back to the Moon
* From the Literature/IntoTheLookingGlass series (the title book was solely by Ringo):
** Vorpal Blade
** Manxome Foe
** Claws that Catch
* Alien Invasion: How to Defend Earth
* Human by Choice