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[[caption-width-right:350:Pizza is TotallyRadical!]]

->'''Twig''': You have any more Nuka Cola?\\
'''Old Man''': I got Sunset Sarsaparilla?\\
'''Twig''': That's '''not''' Nuka Cola.
-->-- ''WebVideo/FalloutNukaBreak''

A character is partly defined by a Trademark Favorite Food that he or she craves and eats, all the freakin' time. Usually in a way that makes you suspect that they're addicted to the substance. If they're a OneNoteCook, they'll typically be good at making it.

Sometimes justified if the item is a PowerUpFood for the character.

When a character exhibits an obsession for food that corresponds with a stereotype for his race or culture, it is usually considered a DiscreditedTrope unless played to lampoon the stereotype.

See Also: StockAnimalDiet, which applies this to an entire species of animal, and HollywoodCuisine, which applies this to an entire culture. Also MustHaveCaffeine, the coffee-specific version; for Brits as often depicted, this is SpotOfTea. If the answer is "every food", you have a BigEater. If it is "everything, no matter if food or not", you have an ExtremeOmnivore. A specific, sometimes overlapping version of this trope is someone who has a SweetTooth. If they talk about that food all the time, they're ObsessedWithFood. For a darker and more specific version look at ImAHumanitarian. See also ImpossiblyDeliciousFood. May overlap with ComfortFood in cases where the comfort food is the character's TFF.

Compare YourFavorite and DrinkOrder. Contrast with DoesNotLikeSpam. If a BigEater character passes up on their trademark favorite food, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness it's a sign that things have gotten serious]].
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* {{Machinima/Supermarioglitchy4}}: Mario prefers spaghetti; he loves it so much that [[BerserkButton he goes mad if he hears any trash talk about spaghetti]].
** [[spoiler:[=McShyGuy=]]] ([[spoiler:a major character in "Cooking with Bowser and Mario!" and "Ssenmodnar 7", respectively]]), or the "Crazy Toast Guy", goes crazy over toast as well.

* Long Wei and strawberries from ''Manhua/InfinityGame'', as he apparently carries boxes of the stuff around with him.
* Ma Teng from ''Manhua/RavagesOfTime'' is rarely (if ever) seen without his bowl of noodles, and Liaoyuan Huo love steamed buns so much that he has his own shop [[spoiler: which also serves as a front for his true profession of assassin]].

* The Dagda of the mythological [[Myth/IrishMythology Irish]] clan of gods the Tuatha de Danann had such a liking for porridge that the one of the four mythological treasures the gods were said to have given mankind (other than a spear, a sword and the Lia Fáil) was his magic cauldron that sated even the harshest of critics. He was even incapacitated by the enemy who made him so much porridge he was unable to resist until he crawled away with an embarassingly large belly.
* Kappa in Myth/JapaneseMythology love cucumbers. One way to keep someone safe from Kappas was to carve their name into a cucumber; if a Kappa accepts it, they won't harm that person. The maki roll with cucumber in it is even named kappa maki after them.
* {{Kitsune}}, also from Myth/JapaneseMythology, are particularly known for loving abura-age (a type of sweetened, fried tofu), Inarizushi (pouches of abura-age, stuffed with vinegared rice and sesame seeds) and azuki beans. Abura-age, in fact, has become so well-associated with foxes that udon with abura-age is called kitsune-udon.

* Unsurprisingly, a spinning pizza disc features prominently in the ''Pinball/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' pinball machine.
--> "Serious pizza!"
* Donuts are heavily featured in Creator/DataEast's ''[[Pinball/TheSimpsonsDataEast The Simpsons]]''
* The Dude's White Russian from ''Pinball/TheBigLebowski''

* The {{Wild Samoan}}s loved raw fish.
* According to [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]], watermelons used to be the go to example for black wrestlers in the fifty states, so his dad Rocky Johnson wouldn't eat it on camera. Of course, The Rock's favorite food is pie. Wrestling/YoshihiroTajiri's favorite food is "Pune Tongue" but nobody knows what the hell that is.
* Pineapples for Royal Hawaiian in Wrestling/{{GLOW}}. She was seen eating two at once at practically every show she was on.
* Wrestling/JerryLawler and Coca-Cola.
* Pepsi for Wrestling/CMPunk, his finishing move was even called the Pepsi Plunge.
* Shrimp cocktail for Prince Nana, [[MemeticMutation which this website's impoverished user base probably knows nothing about]].
* Wrestling/JoeyRyan and blow pops. There are few lengths he won't go to get, or retrieve one.
* Mister ZERO credits whatever success he achieved in Wrestling/{{Chikara}} to coffee.
* Portia Perez is said to like cookies (and Muppets) and nothing else.
* Apples for Wrestling/{{Carlito Colon}}, Wrestling/{{WWE}} onward. As long as he is not confronted by someone who does not wish to be cool that is.
* Wrestling/{{Boogeyman}} and worms.
* All the money Wrestling/MattHardy made wrestling in WWE is worthless, except to buy him grapes.
* Wrestling/JohnCena and Fruity Pebbles, his face was even put on the cereal box.
* Wrestling/LanceStorm and Tim Horton's coffee. While it is an entire restaurant chain rather than a type of food, the fact that Lance has a map specifically laid out to get him to the nearest Cracker Barrel in the continental US bears mentioning too.
* Before cookies, Nicole Savoy needs tacos.
-->"Dear downtown Sacramento, F u and your $30 street tacos. I'll starve homie."

* Popcorn was the favorite dish of the characters of the canadian kids show from the 90s ''Series/ChickenMinute''.
* The fraggles of ''Series/FraggleRock'' absolutely adore raddishes, to the point that they'll steal Doozer scaffolding if the have to (doozer building materials are made from raddish juice).

[[folder: Radio]]
* Vera Sackcloth-Vest in ''Gloomsbury'' has a fondness for buns that sometimes stops ''just'' short of ICantBelieveItsNotHeroin territory.

[[folder:Stand-Up Comedy]]
* {{Creator/EmoPhilips}} seems to really like coleslaw if his stand-up routines are anything to go by, sometimes with stories loosely relating to one another via the food. He also has a [[http://www.emophilips.com/writings/emocopia/121 recipe for coleslaw]] on his website [[spoiler: detailing a failed attempt to make the dish and culminating in getting rich enough to just [[MundaneLuxury buy nice deli slaw]].]]
* JimGaffigan has made a very successful career basing a large percentage of his jokes around his favorite food, going as far to title one of his books, ''Food: A Love Story''. However, nothing with get a larger reaction from him than bacon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CaK9bjLy3v4
* Gabriel Iglesias is known for joking in his routine that the reason he drinks diet Coke despite already being a big guy is "so I can eat regular ''cake''". He's apparently started getting gifts of cake from fans.

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
* One ''TabletopGame/{{Paranoia}}'' mission introduces two Gamma-clearance citizens (cloned from two of the original programmers of The Computer) who maintain the core systems - and occasionally organize missions to the Outdoors to go scrounge up more Twinkies and Coke.
* An odd mechanically-enforced variation of this appears in two ''TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness'' lines:
** In ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem'', as Blood Potency increases, a vampire's options for nourishment decrease. They start out being able to drink any sort of blood, then it becomes "human blood only", and then it reaches a point where the only blood that can nourish them is ''[[FoodChainOfEvil the blood of other vampires]]''.
** In the second edition of ''TableTopGame/WerewolfTheForsaken'', werewolves lose the ability to eat whatever they want and become strict carnivores upon hitting Primal Urge 2. As this increases, their diet becomes increasingly refined; from meat, to raw meat, to the flesh of other carnivores, before finally reaching a point where only Essence-impregnated flesh will sustain them. Which means the werewolf is now capable of eating only humans, [[FoodChainOfEvil mages, spirits or other werewolves]].
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''
** In all editions, the bulette is portrayed as a predator who tends to prey on anything that moves; the 1st Edition, however, says that it's favorite prey is halflings.
** Halflings draw the short straw again in the 4th Edition in regards to the nalfeshnee, demonic overlords notorious for being {{Villainous Glutton}}s. They regard any creature weaker than they are as edible, but halflings are their favorite.
** The ''cat of Felkovic'' is a variant of the Onyx Cat ''figurine of wondrous power'', designed to fight vampires. It must be fed by its user, and prefers cooked pork, which is not coincidentally a food its creator enjoyed.

* In ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'' Ron (and Harry) love Red Vines. Likely a reference to ''AudioPlay/WizardPeopleDearReader'', where we are told that Ron loves Twizzlers.
--> What the hell can't they do?
* In ''Theatre/MyFairLady'', Eliza has her chocolates. It can be interpreted that Professor Higgins denying Eliza her chocolates is what makes her snap and sing "Just You Wait", plotting his ''death'' in a gleeful ImagineSpot.
* The schoolboys in ''Theatre/LesMiserables'' have a thing for wine, especially Grantaire to the point of being told to [[VerbalTic put that bottle down]].
* In ''Theatre/{{Cats}}'' Skimbleshanks likes a drop of Scotch in his tea, and Gus the Theatre Cat will tell stories for 'a toothful of gin' Naturally {{Fanon}} tends to exaggerate how much they love their respective drinks.
* In ''Theatre/{{Company}}'', there's Joanne and her vodka stingers.

* Sine from ''Toys/LittleAppleDolls'' adores apples. When [[DeadToBeginWith she was alive]] she used to live by an orchard. Oddly she isn't described as actually enjoying the ''taste'' of apples, she just likes apples period. She would count them, write poems about them, and even talk to them (she's a little girl so it isn't ''too'' weird).

--> ''...Damn it, these are all good, but the uj cake is gone.''